2 more games ?






Classic Dawg blogs we do not deserve it yet and he’s right. We take care of Auburn & SEC CG December 6, it will take care of itself. Won’t it ?

You said it correctly that we do not deserve it yet.  I think we could beat Oregon.  Of the games we have coming up against Auburn and then The SEC West Champion who will be # 1 at that time, and could be Auburn again, are the salient games.  No one, outside of ourselves, sees the flaws and has the questions about Auburn that we have – although we have them at home which is not good in this South’s Oldest Rivalry.

There is the bowl game after that, and again, I am hoping for Oregon because I firmly believe we can beat them.

One of my biggest issues with the BCS was that Mark Richt was given only 2 BCS Bowl Games he Won – a 5-Loss # 24 FSU in 2002 when we were the # 3 team in the nation in every single solitary poll and # 19 Hawai’i 2007 when again we were the # 2 team in the nation 2007.

That’s HOGWASH !

So, to summarize your points and mine, we deserve FAR BETTER than the bloody BCS offered up to us, and I certainly hope to see the Play-Off Bowl Line-up to include Georgia playing some team such as Oregon.

If they do as the BCS 2-team Play-Offs, and find the Selection Committee spending all Mondays and Tuesdays between now and December 7 ( presumably that Sunday night and not Monday and Tuesday again the final Selection Committee Poll ), and then pit their # 4 vs their # 1 and their 2 against their # 3, and leave all the other bowls to do their trophy for everyone approach and match-up # 5 against # 28 and # 6 against # 22 and # 7 against # 19, I THEN will be all over the Selection Committee for the same bloody reason I spent what was it 17 years criticizing the BCS.

College Football does not end at # 4.  # 5 deserves a quality opponent, not a 5-loss # 23 FSU or a # 19 Hawai’i, but some team who beat # 21 Clemson or whoever it ends up we did beat.

Our schedule has worked against us, as it turns out.

We have really beat no one except for Clemson and they no one they beat at all.

That’s what plays against us.

And, the fact that we ONLY play Auburn before The SEC Championship Game.

If we find a PASSING GAME between now and December 7, the Selection Committee shall have no recourse except to put us in the Play-Offs, which just might be against Oregon, because with a Passing Game, we do not lose to South Carolina who has no Pass Defense and we knew that full well and absolutely prior to going to Columbia, and if we have a passing game, we could win the game against Auburn and we could win The SEC Championship Game.

I appreciate you making this post, Classic Dawg.


I do not give a hot damn if we are ranked # 11 today.

Well, it’s Florida week at the Gator Bowl we’ve been to 25 times against our # 1 Rival who sucks again 2014 at 3-3 who is fixing to be 3-4 losing record !

JAX is not a place anyone would got to for a vacation, and certainly not in November.   The stadium leaves much to be desired, and is no comparison with Sanford Stadium.  Our beautiful campus is always a source of great pride and rightfully so, but JAX, instead ?  Hell no.  We stayed at the Desota Beach Hotel over on Tybee Island and eaten at the Flying Fish we enjoy because we can walk there from the Hotel.  We like the room because with a view of the Atlantic Ocean from our balcony, the staff is friendly and courteous, and the drive down I-16 is still nice after finally being built.  We stayed in JAX too, the Hell Hole.  For our money, however, it’s still more a destination for vacation to go 95 miles South to Daytona Beach, where the restaurants are even better and the hotels have a far wider choice.


Florida is not a very good football team.  We were told by the jort-wearing crocodiles’ fans that their offense would be far superior this season because they got Kurt Roper as their Offensive Coordinator when I felt they should have replaced their head coach.  I asked them in reply : How is Kurt Roper going to make guys who have never done a thing, all of a sudden, a great offense ?


# 108 on 3rd Down Conversions FL, UGA # 44

# 82 on 3rd Down Conversion Defense FL, UGA # 14

# 67 Fewest Penalties Yards per game FL,  UGA # 56

# 121 on 1st Downs by Offense FL,  UGA # 85

# 118 on Kick-Off Return Defense FL, UGA # 41

# 100 on Kick-Off Returns FL, UGA # 19

# 111 Punt Return Defense FL, UGA # 4

# 5 Punt Returns FL,  UGA # 33

# 50 Sacks Allowed FL, UGA # 28

# 28 Sacks FL, UGA # 43

# 59 Rushing Offense FL, UGA # 14

# 92 Passing Offense FL,  UGA # 110

# 95 Passing Yards per Completion FL, UGA # 100

# 22 Rushing Defense FL, UGA # 13

# 26 Passing Yards Allowed FL, UGA # 48

# 58 Turnover Margin FL,  UGA # 1 Nation’s Best !

# 68 Winning Percentage FL, UGA # 10 and # 8 Coaches’ Poll # 9 AP Poll


http://stats.ncaa.org/rankings/ranking_summary Click URL Link, select football, select FBS, select Florida.


This is not a good football team, are they ?


In a long run of not good football teams we’ve played 2014, Florida stands out.  Last season, you recall they went the entire season of 2013-2014 not beating a single team who even went to a bowl game.  They suck.  One Florida fan replied not only that their Offense would be great 2014 having added Kurt Roper to their talentless Offense where high school offensive players go to never be heard from ever again in their lifetime, but that Florida did beat a team who at least made it to playing in a bowl game : lowly Toledo.  Excuse me, I pointed out, Toledo did NOT play in a bowl game 2013-2014, as I studied before I made the statement that Florida did not beat a single team all 2013 season who even WENT to a bowl game – let alone won it.


We chase opposing Quarterbacks, but actually getting them on the ground, we’re not actually accomplished at that.


As bad as Florida’s Offense is again this season as I said it would be all along, we’re actually WORSE Passing the damn ball than they are.  Imagine that !


There is nothing that really stands out as the key to this game, as there is no key to a game against such a vastly inferior football team.


All those recruits, and they still have – even with Kurt Roper – a hideous offense.


We have not beat anyone, and have played a long string of just nobodies – including most especially 4-4 South Carolina and now 3-3 Florida.


Why do you think everyone MAKES the point that The SEC East is DOWN ?


vols 3-4 certainly are worse than both Florida and South Carolina, if that possible even.  I expect the vols to lose at South Carolina while we are stomping Florida, and the vols already lost to Florida and to us.


These teams are NOT the measure of UGA.


Are they ?


That’s like talking about Mark Richt’s consistent record against Georgie tek – like that any measure of our football program either – now, isn’t it ?


Lose to a team like this Florida squad, and you have serious bad press the likes of which will not be lived down.


Florida hates us.  We’re their Rival.  We never really caught on to that fact.  They believe, and their fans believe, that it is their birthright to beat us.  No.  No, it is not.


Is it ?


We’ve gone down there to JAX the Hell Hole, many times, and just as this season – on paper – there was no contest who the better team is.



Florida cannot make 3rd Downs and they cannot stop anyone from converting them – although their defense is good until 3rd Down.  Their special teams, mostly, suck.


And, to think, I thought we were bad at 3rd Down Conversions.


We are.  Florida is way worse.


And, penalties I have spoken about all season again, for us – as bad as we are, Florida is way worse at that too.


I have said how poorly we have made 1st Downs all season and again, rightfully so.  Florida is so bad at this, as to render any discussion on this point pre-game as moot.


I have made the point that our Kick-Off Return Defense has been poor because until last game, we did not kick the ball off far enough back into the End Zone; but again, Florida is so bad at Kick-Off Returns’ Defense that criticizing us on this point for the sake of gaining our attention to these points for the up-coming games against top teams nationally that criticizing  our own Kick-Off Return Defense before this game, would seem to be beating a dead horse – if we ever get finished playing all these nobody opponents all season long and continuing this game once again.


But, is it ?


We’re still bad at all these areas.


Aren’t we ?


The fact our hapless opponents have not taken advantage of all these areas for us, except for Steve Spurrier with his hapless 4-4 record, is of no consolation.


The facts are, Mark Richt has lost 8 games to teams who even with their win over us, did not make either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll for the season.


We’ve got real problems.  Florida will not expose them.


Our Defense will shut down Florida’s Offense.  Florida cannot win when they do not score.


We still have no Passing Offense, and Florida does have a Defense against both the Pass and the Run.  This the very type of Defense I have warned of all season long : a Defense that packs the box and forces our QB to throw the ball into their stout Pass Defense.


I think we will throw interceptions.  I think we will get to JAX to get acclimated to the humidity and temperature a scant few hours before kick-off.  I think we will play in a dilapidated old worn-out run down rinky-dink stadium where they play the Gator Bowl every year with fans for the opponents who actually think Will Muschamp will be back if he can finally live-up to his Guarantee Multiple Times that he would BEAT GEORGIA !


I think our Passing Offense will be exposed as what it is, again.  We’re a joke Passing the damn ball.

Here we are Tuesday and no TGII, just TGIII.


Hutson Mason has seen us lose and beat Florida here.  I have seen much more.  Florida knows that this game is like Georgie tek playing us every year.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Las Vegas has us a 2 Touchdown Favorite.


Imagine that !


Auburn looms, and thereafter the # 1 SEC West team for us in The SEC Championship Game.  Getting there is NOT the goal.  Nor, is simply getting there acceptable.  I have little expectations that we can beat the top teams nationally, but I would love to play Oregon in a Bowl Game.  I am certain we would beat Oregon.


Auburn is in the thick of their schedule now, not that losing to Mississippi State 2 weeks’ ago now, was not the thick of their schedule too.  Auburn will be beat-up by the time they have to face us, and this finally a home game for us.


We’ve been on the road forever.


1st it seemed we played all the games this season at lovely Sanford Stadium.


Now, it’s been so long since we played on our beautiful campus, that I wonder what it looks like ?


At least, we got to play one “game” at home all this long October : Vanderbilt like they the same team without James Franklin in what was then last season his 3rd and final.  Yeah for that !


A month and a half between home games for us : Vanderbilt to Auburn.  Vandie Oct 4 and Auburn Nov 15  !


We can look ahead, if we like.  It’s been this type of schedule all season, as it turns out.


Our win over last place in The SEC West Arkansas is the only win by any SEC East team over any SEC West Team.


We should be considering the fact that we have areas to seriously work on, for the games coming up because # 8 Coaches’ Poll and # 9 AP Poll, most certainly will be on the radar today in the 1st Play-Off Selection Committee Poll.  But, do we deserve it ?  Are we really that good that we demand attention in the Final 4 Play-Off Selection ?


Does anyone really believe we will beat the # 1 SEC West team in The SEC Championship Game ?


Show up ?


That good enough ?


Cushy job here.


No doubt.


Florida is just the next step.  Another crappy assed football opponent for us, not worthy of stepping on the same damned field with us, but they will be there and they will believe they can beat us – for it would make their season and at least make Will Muschamp feel like he delivered on his promise – the 4th try.


I do not like JAX.  I do not like the crocodiles’ program or its fans equally.  I do not like us having one less home game every year because of this shitty stadium.  I especially do not like all the cops between here and there targeting us. I do not like it when we do get there, and I like the alternative cities all better but too far away to my liking.  It’s not being there.  Being there, no treat as I see it.  I’d like our men to have equal footing and we do not have that by any measure.


We should never have lost the game in 2002 to Ron Zook, but we went 0-13 on 3rd Downs including the pass floated by David Greene over the head of Terrence Edwards who went on to the hapless Falcons the following year, now retired.  That pass was our last of the 13 Third Downs we faced.  Had we even completed that one, we win – as he was wide-ass open with nothing but turf ahead of him.  Florida would go on to be unranked even with the Ron Zook win over Mark Richt 2002 in the Final AP Poll for 2002, but they beat us.  We got to play 5-loss FSU in our BCS Bowl Game.


I’d like to beat Florida.


I’d like to beat Auburn.  I remain unconvinced of Auburn again this season as I was last.


I’d like to beat The SEC West # 1 team.


We have to play this cruddy team 1st.


Where have the obnoxious Florida fans gone ?


Hiding.  That’s where they are.  This is one of the most God Awful football teams in the nation and has been.


Will Muschamp’s Last Harrah, or last pitiful Offensive Showing for a program who prior to him, had an Offense.


Kurt Roper.


I remain unimpressed with their former Rice player, and all his stops in-between – none of which produced any wins over top teams, either.


Is Georgia a top team for Kurt Roper ?


Unfortunately, we’re on the outside looking in – because we have not beat anyone, either.


The team who wins Saturday shall not alter this fact for either team.


And, it had better not be Florida.


This is our game, and we deserve to win.  This is how we should act.


This is Our # 1 Rival !

30 carries 202 yards 161 after contact 2 TD, reception 8 yards or Bobo’s 2nd half loses to Arkansas

Cedartown’s finest 5′ 10″ and 233 lbs of really smart man Nick Chubb, a most impressive interview always, buries Arkansas behind 21 points handed to us by our Defense on Turnovers, or with that 2nd half performance by Mike Bobo, we lose this game instead of winning it by 13 points 45-32.


Ray Drew blocked the extra point on the opening drive and we went on a 38 unanswered points’ run to end the half 38-6; but the 2nd half was gruesome as penalties reared their ugly heads yet again and the offense just quit what we were doing in the 1st half and tried to sit on the ball.


Damian Swann had a great game, and we needed it with the coaching decisions such as an early for some odd reason failed on-sides kick-off, poor coaching adjustments at halftime, and failed 4th down when would seem we make those field goals, but the crowd was quieted early and left before Arkansas made a game of it; then Nick Chubb ran the clock out – again.  This type of win is not impressive, and only pinpoints our struggles against top teams – which has been ongoing now the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.  Mark Richt does this all the time, getting a lead and being complacent.  It’s a lack of coaching.


Tucker’s pride this day was Dominick Sanders who had a whale of a game.


Inside, we held Arkansas to 3.4 yards a rush on 37 rushes for only 126 yards.


Quincy Mauger on Brendan Langley’s tipped-pass and Damian Swann, both had interceptions.


Hutson Mason, who was knocked silly on a disqualifying head hit by Braylon Mitchell of North Little Rock Arkansas, early-on did well, and then at halftime, the whole team must have been told they scored 38 unanswered points to close the half, because we were asleep.


We were out-passed by a hundred yards on the day, and in rushing we had more carries at 39 and more rushing yards by nearly a hundred – so, Arkansas had more yards than we did – but the costly 2 fumbles and 2 interceptions which we scored 21 points on, made the difference.


It was a sloppy pitiful 2nd half for Georgia.

Arkansas 3-4 on the season and 0-4 in The SEC gave Georgia 6-1 and 4-1 SEC play, all we could handle.


We took our foot off the gas pedal.


It was the 16th loss in a row in SEC action for Arkansas, since replacing Bobby Petrino.


Heisman Trophy Winner at Houston 1989, Andre Ware, called the game for SEC Network and he is most impressive, and a very smart man.  His knowledge of football is 1st class, and he’s a nice guy.  The college football Hall of Fame Quarterback read the defenses for you all late evening for us, alongside Dave Neal, a local favorite voice for many sports, after he graduated from FSU.


Ramik Wilson put on a show for All-America.


Reggie Davis was wide open for a TD but Hutson Mason overthrew the ball downfield.  He had several of those today and after an impressive 1st half, went nondescript for long periods in the 2nd half, relying on the defense and in the end, Nick Chubb.  No back-up QB could take even a snap, as a result.  He had overthrows to Malcolm Mitchel and others as well.


Jordan Jenkins had a top game today again too and caused the 4th and 6 fumble, picked up by Dominick Sanders and escorted to the end zone by # 7 Lorenzo Carter of Norcross.


Blown coverages were seen again tonight, as on their last TD for example, there was no Bulldog in the frame in the end zone to their top receiving threat Hunter Henry who had a hundred yards receiving on 6 catches including the wide open TD.  That’s just hard to imagine, frankly.


“We’ve got a few good ones,” Mark Richt told SEC Network sideline reporter Laura Rutledge.  Indeed, Arkansas was short on the number of good players they had compared to us.


We still have never ever lost a football game in the entire history of college football at Arkansas.  We were 5-0 at Razorback Stadium on campus in Fayetteville, so they moved this year’s contest to War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock where we are now 1-0, a dumpy little stadium where only 54,959 were in attendance.  They left and went home before the comeback.


Choke-la-homa lost again, but they just haven’t done anything either.  Have they ?


We might have jumped Baylor in the polls tomorrow had we not taken our foot off the gas.  That really adds pressure on Our Defense, when Mike Bobo purposely sees what we were doing, was working, and inexplicably then throws away that book the entire 2nd half – like that is smart – and tries something else willy-nilly.


The Selection Committee saw this game.  We did ourselves no favors.  I am quite certain the DISNEYdawgs.com fake Georgia Bulldogs’ Football “fans” have some excuse against a team 0-16 vs The SEC since they hired a Big 10 Wisconsin reject to replace Bobby Petrino.  That was a long time ago, and this a weak team with no defense and no passing offense, but they out-passed us with back to his old tricks Hutson Mason – who did extremely well to begin the game.  Lack of finishing is our hallmark now, as Mark Richt as well did extremely well here to begin with, and ruined this season losing to hapless 4-3 South Carolina and otherwise in the polls today has played only 1 team compared to all the West SEC teams and all their wins over top teams, unlike us, and standing in stark contrast to us in Selection Committee’s eyes – and unlike Mark Richt the entire 2nd half of his tenure here.  It’s what he does nowadays, isn’t it ?


We benefit from the teams who were supposed to be good, in fact, not being, whom we play this entire season.  Now we’re off to yet another worthless opponent Florida.  You absolutely have to make hay when you are up 38-6 at halftime, if you want to move up from # 10 to the Top 4, when all anyone can remember is you lost to South Carolina when you had that game won by the Defense again that game, too, on the interception at the 4-yard line.  I have chronicled how Mark Richt beat the teams who made the AP and Coaches’ Polls both on the road and at home his 1st 7 years here, and how since he has failed miserably.  Beating this team does not change that, but instead points out how his efforts at coaching have failed him his most current 7 years by stark contrast.  What he did 7 years’ ago now, is of no consequence when he has done so poorly these most recent 7 years.  You can add them all up all you want.  But, you are still left with the inarguable point that he has failed to coach well now for a long damn time.  This game a perfect example.


We are like Bose State now, with one game all season against a somewhat good team, Auburn.  We better start getting after it, if we expect to win the play-off play-in game against The SEC West Champion, or we will be on the outside looking in, if we win.


You can believe that if you want, or not.  This game hurt us when we were up 38-6 at halftime and watched in horror as this hapless program utterly destroyed us the entire 2nd half 7-26.  That’s inexcusable.  Now, you go brag on them and the coaches, and get yet more of the same.


Censor that !


I shall instead point out the truth, not that you care – since you’re not a fan of this program in the 1st place.


The Prime Time portion of this nationally telecast game was a butt-kicking of the highest order 7-26.  That’s when the TV sets were turned on.  That was Prime Time, since it started at 4 pm East Coast, and dragged on and on and on because we stopped the clock with over 100 yards in penalties and not ready for Prime Time Time-outs, to make the game drag on into Prime Time.  The LSU game after us had to wait on us to fizzle out altogether. It’s embarrassing.  They motivated their players and we acted like bumps on a log with halftime adjustments. Had it not been for the defense, all Nick Chubb did for us, would have been a complete waste.  I do not see us jumping into the discussion for the 1st poll by the Selection Committee which comes out now after this performance since we have the week off.  Other than TGII, the week off is ill-timed to have us up in the thick of the discussion.  We could have been, but we quit coaching.  Didn’t we ?  And, they did coach, didn’t they ?  They motivated; we did not.


And, the only reason this is not an ill-timed therefore week off, TGII, is only because The University of Georgia has not even bothered to ask the NCAA to Free Gurley.



The NCAA is on its heels, and would’ve had to say ok had we even bothered.


I told you Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead would bungle this investigation.  It took Jimbo Fisher all of about 1 New York nanosecond to say widely and loudly, backed-up by Florida State University Officials, that Jameis Winston is a fine boy and did nothing wrong.  That’s who you compete with : these types of trailer trash schools, coaches, and players.  TGII is a fine up-standing example of someone we should have asked the NCAA to re-instate Friday 2 weeks’ ago now, if not Thursday 2 weeks’ ago, frankly.


Damn it all Greg McGarity get off your ass and ask for freaking reinstatement.  What in the Hell are you doing, instead ?


Dumbass Howdy Doody.


Quit watching girls’ tennis, or whatever you’re doing instead, and ask the friqin’ NCAA to re-instate TGII, a term I coined and stolen without credit to me by Seth Emerson.


We are not a well-oiled machine, are we ?


We look and act like nincompoops at my alma mater.


You failed to censor that either.


Didn’t you ?


And, moreover, you know it’s true.  This is why tens of thousands of you come read my blog.


Clemson won again, so we have that going for us.


It’s a slow climb back up the polls when you lose to 4-3 South Carolina, off to face Auburn now.


Fixing to be 3-3 Florida, losing 20 to nothing to Missouri, is next and the last harrah for former Georgia Will Mushchamp.  But, we have a week off to Free Gurley first before the November 1 Rivalry at JAX.


We could have made a statement today, in our efforts to move-up from # 10 to the Top 4, after that 38-6 halftime lead.  That’s what our coaches should have told us at halftime.  But, we lacked that instinct except for Nick Chubb.


4 pm their other stadium not on campus, Arkansas bragging TGII not playing by Razorback Fanatic @Bornagainhogfan also saying we have not beat any Top 25 SEC teams

Arkansas, currently 15 consecutive SEC losses, is banking everything on TGII not playing against them :


Razorback Fanatic@Bornagainhogfan 10 hours ago

“georgia could play gurley if they wanted to. They would take the risk of getting hammered later.”

You do not have a good defense, cannot throw the football a lick, and are not even playing the game on your campus but “downtown” in Little Rock – like there is a downtown in Little Rock.

4 pm tomorrow our time, your other football field will see another football team who also cannot throw the ball a lick, and we are without our Top 3 running backs, and although Mark Richt said he is standing pat and making no changes at all whatsoever of any kind, he has moved JJ Green from our Secondary back to Tailback – presumably ahead of Brendan Douglas whom he out-dueled all last season at Tailback.

I applaud this move, and remain mystified we would even begin to make the statement that we are not changing anything.

Arkansas has beat absolutely no one.  They have played 3 teams and lost all 3, and their schedule includes up-coming losses to at least LSU, Ole Miss and Mississippi State.  That gives them, with their loss tomorrow night to us a losing record again for their season.

Brought to tears about missing the extra point early-on against Alabama last week, this Big 10 reject Bret Bielema has transformed Arkansas into a Big 10 team.  They make no effort to pass the ball.  They pack the box on defense on 4th down, and figure to play the entire game against us doing that, hitting Nick Chubb behind the line.

Hutson Mason plays right into Arkansas’ game plan, being the # 1 worst Quarterback in the nation on how far his forward pass travels forward past the line of scrimmage of all SEC, Big XII, Pac-12, ACC, and Big 10 quarterbacks nationally.

We have a better defense than Arkansas by a long wide margin.

Razorback Fanatic @Bornagainhogfan  ·   5 hours ago

“All 3 of the Razorbacks SEC games were against teams currently in the top 25. Georgia hasn’t played any SEC teams in the current top 25.”

Look dimwit, you have beat no one.  Not in The SEC at 15 consecutive SEC losses and counting, and not anyone outside The SEC, either.  You suck.  Your coach cried after losing to Alabama.  You do not have his back by bragging UGA has beat no one when we have.  And, we played Clemson and Clemson is ranked and South Carolina was certainly ranked when we played them as well.    So, you brag pre-game against a team you cannot possibly beat with nowhere in the same ballpark of talent we have all over the field compared to your Podunk talent, that we haven’t played Auburn yet, and whoever is the top SEC West team in The SEC Championship Game we have already put our name in the hat to play – all of whom have beat you again and again and again and again since this crybaby took over your program.

Clemson is currently # 22 in the Amway Coaches’ Poll and we have 1,013 Coaches’ votes.  Arkansas has zero Coaches’ votes.



1,013 votes UGA great to 0 votes Arkansas is great in the current Coaches’ Poll votes, dipshit.

Trying to ignore our win over Clemson and our loss to South Carolina, while banking on not facing Mr. Todd Gurley II, is not what I would call supporting your lousy stinking football team.

Try recruiting some freaking talent !

One would think, were one a Razorback fan, that the last discussion one would start would be one where you want to highlight who you beat outside or inside The SEC ?

No.  You want to run your mouth nationally on Twitter about how we haven’t beat any SEC teams of note.  Dumbass.

You have not beat any SEC teams PERIOD full-stop.

Open mouth switch feet.

As to banking on not seeing Mr. Todd Gurley II, you beat us at our house 2010 our last meeting, when you did have a football team.

You don’t this season, do you ?

You just might want to consider these facts when you next say something to us about you banking on TGII not playing to get your 1st SEC win against ALL SEC teams in 16 consecutive frigin’ SEC games.



We run the risk of getting hammered later ?

That’s your latest salvo you fling our way, or did you suspect we would not take notice, Razorback Fanatic @Bornagainhogfan  ?

Razorback Fanatic @Bornagainhogfan  I have news for you son.  Do not concern yourself with us getting hammered later by the NCAA and you getting the NCAA to make us VACATE of our Win tomorrow over your hapless pet pigs.

We are picked by Las Vegas to beat you by more than a field goal :


Your response ?

This is your best chance yet to get your 1st SEC win against anyone.

We’re 9-4 against Arkansas in our series :


And, you had a better football team all those years than you field this season.

4-0 at Razorback Stadium, you scheduled this “home game” for you to avoid seeing the Mighty Bulldogs be 5-0 at Razorback Stadium, to be at the DUMP War Memorial Stadium, instead.

This gimmick will serve only to see you 0-1 there against us now too tomorrow, son.

You play football this lost 2014 season for the hogs, like Georgie tek :


No defense, no passing game, and all you do is to try to run.

Run Defense is our strong point, son.  You play right into our hands.


Our rush defense is # 12 n the nation :


Our single biggest strength !

I do not think you can score on us.

I know we can score on your horrible defense, at will.

Our back-up talent, if Mark Richt plays them as I figure he will in this blow-out, will obliterate your sorry “defense.”

The only hope you have to even get on the scoreboard is to have us turn the ball over, unlikely since you have no defense.

Not only is our Offense twice as good as your offense, but our defense is 5 times better :


We just have way too much talent while you cannot recruit at all way out there in the middle of nowhere.

We are # 10 All-Time in Wins Major Colleges’ College Football and Arkansas is barely in the Top 25 all-time at # 24.


Bret Bielema is 0-15 in SEC play.  And, this is what you wish to discuss with Bulldogs’ fans ?

What did you expect ?

A Big 10 coach could win in The SEC ?

Yes, that is what you thought when you hired the crybaby.


In summary, we are not going to VACATE this win tomorrow night at Little Rock, not your Razorback Stadium we’re undefeated at all-time, and when your coach is winless in The SEC Conference for the 1st time in Razorback SEC history since joining The SEC 25 years’ ago now , do not discuss who we have beat in the damn conference dumbass.


We play a lot better teams than your sorry asses, big mouth bragging pre-game that you are banking on us not having TGII against you and bragging on Twitter that we have not beat any Top 25 SEC teams when you have not beat any SEC teams since you hired this laughing stock of The SEC crybaby to replace that motorcycle coach laughing stock, too, Bobby Petrino :



Faton Bauta must be moved to Tailback now Mark Richt sir. “We’re not going to make ANY changes at all,” Mark Richt brags today on ESPN. Can we stand pat instead ?

“Our game plan won’t change,” Richt said. “… Philosophically or systematically, we’re not going to say, ‘Oh, we gotta make a bunch of wholesale changes.’ We don’t need to. We don’t plan to.”


When Mr. Todd Gurley II did not play Saturday against Missouri, who has a horrible bad loss to a horrid team already this season before we blew them out and is not ranked in either poll now, there was not a single opponent we have played or will play who was in the Top 25 except for Auburn who lost.

Clearly, Hutson Mason had a wonderful game against Missouri and needed to as early on, Missouri keyed all 11 defensive players on Nick Chubb an absolute beast as I do believe before Missouri, everyone was well aware.  If you did not know that, you should have; as he has earned that all the time he has been here and long prior came with the credentials, measurables and smarts.

I still believe Brice Ramsey has to keep coming in more and more at QB, and I believe still that Mark Richt is wrong as I’ve been saying since all this started with TGII that Faton Bauta must be moved to Tailback from # 3 QB because he knows the plays, has the experience and is a better runner than any walk-on by a long wide margin.  We cannot continue to ask Nick Chubb to be a one-man tailback, although Brendan Douglas held on to the ball fine against Missouri – another in a long line of weak opponents for my beloved Georgia Bulldogs this season.

I had questions about Auburn last year.

I have more questions about Auburn this season, and see them adding loss after loss.  All the way up to # 2 though it will take a long long long time before they get dropped down to their actual true ranking, which may or may not be Top 25 at season’s end.  Clemson is a team with no offense, and has no business being ranked in the Top 25 now, but they certainly were not at game time vs. Missouri.  They lost to us and to FSU, and neither of these teams are great teams, are we or they ?  Clemson plays the weakest schedule in the nation, every single solitary year and the ACC is weak, weak, weak, weak.  What Clemson’s won/lost record is then, is pointless.

The point for my alma mater is that if we are to represent The SEC East in the play-in game for the Play-offs, with those polls due out the week after this one now, we will face tough opponents.  Tougher opponents means we need to beef up our Quarterback and Tailback positions by PLAYING our BETTER players at those 2 positions.  The rest of the team, except for the sorry special teams, are doing their jobs.

We are in the thick of it in every Top 10 with more attrition up coming given for example that the 4 SEC West teams all ranked ahead of UGA this morning in every poll still have to play each other again, again and again.

We are right where we want to be.  Well, maybe we should have never let Hutson Mason QB against South Carolina, as I called for Brice Ramsey pre-game to take advantage of their porous weak secondary – a lot weaker than even our own, and that is saying something.  But other than that loss, we in fact could not be better served being any higher ranked than we are until we face off against 2 SEC West Top 10 or better teams before the Selection Committee names the 4 teams.

Excuse me, Georgia could be one of the 4.

We need to get Faton Bauta to Tailback immediately before Nick Chubb is injured or weakened from The SEC schedule of top teams we will have to play before the Play-Offs.  And, we need Brice Ramsey to play more QB too.

It’s a long season, and 15-game seasons for the top teams could still include us, despite our loss to the hapless South Carolina gamecocks who never in their entire history have ever accomplished a bloody thing ever in the entire history of college football.

Florida would like nothing more than to beat us.  Clearly Georgie tek is in that same boat.  Kentucky is almost a ranked team.  Arkansas gave Alabama all they could handle, but muffed an extra point early for the final margin.

Mark Richt you are just wrong as usual to say that you are going to do nothing differently, given the TGII situation and how it affects us.  We need to spread the carries around better, or we will find ourselves in the thick of the battle without a top flight tailback.  Given we cannot pass the ball farther than 4 yards downfield and that not also outside to the flats, we better do a far better job preparing ourselves now, given the now week and half before Arkansas knowing all this.

I am not going to waste words on the NCAA because the fact that they do not care about the athletes – not in the least – is why the NCAA is midstream now having reform forced upon them from The SEC.

Free Mr. Todd Gurley II

Nothing, is good.

Nothing, is good.


233 lbs. is not a baby.






Oh boy , does Nick Chubb hit.


Floyd County is and always has been 1 of my very Favorite.


In the 3rd Quarter, right after playing his best game ever Hutson Mason came up limping on a tuck and run where he slid but tangled his legs underneath with his left knee injured, CBS zoomed-in on Nick Chubb on the sidelines – just worn out.  Brendan Douglas with 47 seconds in the 3rd Quarter dives over the goal line landing awkwardly on his knee, too.  At that point, Nick Chubb who finished with 149 rushing yards on 38 carries and 30 receiving yards and a Touchdown, was already 35 rushes for 122 yards.


That the man-sized man at 233 lbs. true frosh could even return to spell Brendan Douglas, let alone gain another 27 yards to put the game away with Brendan Douglas then leading the way, makes me so proud !


2001 Mark Richt exclaimed that he had knocked the lid off UGA’s program beating # 4 vols for his 1st Road Win in the cut-down checkerboard end zone.  Well, Mizzou At The Zoo, is not a very good football team.   And, they are not in the Top 25 for this season now, already losing to Indiana for God’s Sake.  But, damn, this was a laugher.


Matty Mauch threw 4 interceptions to us, and he fumbled once, and no Bulldogs’ fans were critical of the Officials in this game.  Even with the blown facemask 15-yard gimme call when Nick Chubb had his head turned-around on the run with the football, mind you and yet no penalty called, no Bulldogs’ fans were complaining about the Officiating in this game.


Mr. Todd Gurley II, we have all read, now has everyone for us after some guy because he turned-in a guy he said he paid monies to for autographs.  Why ?  Was our OL not able to open the same holes for Nick Chubb ?  Was our OC Mike Bobo unable all of a sudden to do with what he has been handed to play with through our recruiting ?


TGII will be the 1st running back selected.


This was Missouri, another in a long line of unranked opponents, when we open the newspaper in the morning whom we’ve beat this season  –  if they are allowed to count.


I hold no such expectations of the NCAA.


Hutson Mason was terrific.  Oh, ok so he did not throw the ball downfield well again.  He did everything else well.


Very well.


Again, I know it’s Mizzou at the Zoo, who lost to Indiana for crying out loud.


You cannot even enter Indiana ESPN in Google and get a hit.  You get basketball October 11.


Losers to Maryland, Iowa and Bowling Green   –  did I spell Bowling Green correctly ?


But, the same Indiana who lost to Bowling Green, beat Missouri.


We had a great game today.


On the road today.


Not a ranked team for the season, but we dominated Mizzou at the Zoo.




Pre-game CBS interviewed Mark Richt damn his hair is graying unlike my own, and asked when do you think you will get TGII back ?  His reply was : “I do not know.”  We have a game today and that is all I am thinking about.


So what if we did not scare anyone downfield again ?  We brought in Brice Ramsey and he completed every pass and ran the damn clock out with the 5th teamer running back and back-ups all around.


Matty Mauch was sacked 3 times, hurried 10 times, and knocked down 3 more times.


Complete shut-out for the 1st time since 2002 for Mizzou.


They only had 1 play where the receiver dropped the ball to end the half, when their OL held on and tackled our awesome DL today, who just devastated a weak Mizzou offense so the catch would not count anyway, where they might even have scored.  Their receiver dropped that too, like both of the interceptions off their hands today – half of our 4 interceptions on the day.


22 of 28 for 156 yards zero interceptions, fumble after getting to the goal line on a rushing TD and a passing TD, Hutson Mason – once his left knee got mangled underneath him in a heap on his slide – called 20 of the next 21 plays runs.


Nick Chubb who had 35 carries in Cedartown in High School in Floyd County on I-75 sort of from where we live anyway, had all those carries.


5 takeaways for Jeremy Pruitt’s charges – or, those remaining anyway.


Brendan Douglas impressed me when he 1st got here the way he delivers a punch, and Nick Chubb too for the very same reason; and Nick might have more burst – not that speed is all that important for a bruising bouncing baby – when he weights in at 233 lbs.




Imagine that baby ?


Quincy Mauger, Damian Swann, Dominick Sanders, and then Quincy Mauger again all intercepted passes, more than the entire team has done all season long.


Devin Bowman recovered Isaiah McKenzie’s punt return fumble, stripped, who came right back and had nice return on the next punt.


Mr. Todd Gurley II is only 226 lbs. for Heaven’s Sake CBS.  Nick Chubb clearly and obviously is bigger than TGII, and always will be.




Pack a punch.


Sitting on the sidelines worn out with his 38 carries without a sniff of  a fumble and 149 yards rushing and a TD, who would guess this man would drag his ass up, go back to the huddle and just run the damn clock out on Mizzou at the Zoo with 27 more bruising yards he dished-out on the day, thanks to the OL.


And, thanks to the passing game of Hutson Mason.


Mizzou had everyone keyed-on (everyone) Nick Chubb.  Hutson Mason had to pass the ball.  He had the performance of the ages.  It was a fantastic day for oft-maligned Hutson Mason.


Poor guy.


Can’t throw the ball more than 4-yards.


No respect.


But, Mizzou had a




than Hutson Mason and therein was the difference.


Mizzou was averaging 400 yards a game on offense, and turned-in 152 this afternoon.


2 were picks their WR dropped in our collective laps, but the other 2 and the fumble were caused by and turned-in by our defense.


Ok, so it was Mizzou.


Who have we played ?


No one ranked tomorrow in any poll.


Who will we have played as this season, progresses ?


Well, Auburn.


Is there anyone else ?


34-0 will turn heads, and just at the right time for the Selection Committee.


Reggie Carter decapitated Matty Mauch.


Michael Bennett made several key catches,  and Malcolm Mitchell darn it was great seeing him making those catches again today, wasn’t it ?


Jordan Jenkins’ recovery when Matty Mauch was hit his arm cocked and starting to almost go forward, confirmed, on the Leonard Floyd caused fumble, and the 4 interceptions by the defense – as well – made this game one to remember for quite a while.  Leonard Floyd is not from Floyd County, despite his great play on the ball and frankly all day just harassing the hell out of Matty Mauch.


Fun game.


Again, I know, it’s Mizzou.


Well, they beat us last year -but then again, who didn’t ?  Well, LSU did not and South Carolina did not.


We took the opening kick-off and wanted to return it, although it was 7 yards line drive deep.  As it turned out, that was the only opportunity for us to consider returning a kick-off.


Jay Rome, Chris Conley he looked dinged-up in the game to me on his reception, Reggie Davis, Jeb Blazevich again another fine game with 3 more catches all most critical, and Quayvon Hicks all added receptions today to the 11 hauled-in by Malcolm Mitchell and Michael Bennett – not even counting the 4 catches by who else ?   Nick Chubb.


After the game, CBS interviews Nick Chubb and this man always impresses me told them that we have to see how we do in the games coming-up.


This game is in the books and the 71,168 at the Zoo, all had left with 8 minutes to go in the game.


We were 12 of 21 and they were 0-7 on 3rd Down Conversions, when coming-in to the game, we only converted 35 % despite still having not played a single team ranked tomorrow.


Matty Mauch ?


He submarined a throw downfield, thinking he Gene Garber.  Oh, wait there is a wait for it now : a change-up.  We intercepted that, too.  I cannot say when I last saw a QB submarine a throw downfield.  There was 1 guy within 18 yards of the pass.  It was we, and not they for on this day, we had a complete game 34 to nothing.

Hell, we did not do that to Troy.


Mizzou ?


There is only 1 T in Maty ?


Maybe that’s his problem.


God what a day.  God Awful.


We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot ?


Mizzou is not in the same class as # 4 vols 2001 in ObKnoxiousville.


Starved as we are, however, this 1 really was an important win.  It leaves us in the thick of this yet; and while we all knew Nick Chubb well and how he would respond, it was Hutson Mason who broke Nick Chubb loose and for that, a hearty well-done sir.


Want to silence the Zoo ?


Beat the ever-loving crap out of them at the Zoo.


Want to silence the critics ?


Throw the ball downfield, open up the running game, have zero turnovers, ok another grounding call in front of Aaron Murray who I do not recall ever having one, ok several should have been picked-off, couple of  sacks, fumble at the goal line holding it after being hit until foot in the end zone and the ball, 2 settle for field goals, the 1 intentional grounding stalled drive handed back by defense on next play for the field goal that drive, Brendan Douglas 65 yards on 13 carries without a fumble too, and that is a fantastic performance.


I am not concerned with scaring teams deep.


You have to complete them deep to do that, or throw them deep to do that, and on this day against this opponent, you got your back-up in the game for even a pass play – so, this was a very positive performance by Hutson Mason.


Where did Indiana beat Mizzou ?


At the Zoo.


On a day Auburn is blow-out, Jameis Winston hears more on his previous rape charges only to hear Jimbo Fisher say oh he’s playing anyway, again, and Georgie tek lost, this was most important.


It turns heads.


That’s always a good part of the body to turn.


Not that we can turn like an owl.


This is a good day.


Thank you Hutson Mason.