Update Labor Day on our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team, UGA Top 10, SEC SEC SEC, SEC Network Nielsen Ratings, # 107 QB Hutson Mason vs Brice Ramsey

The Georgia Bulldogs probably move up into the Top 10 late today.  Neither the AP Poll nor the Coaches’ Poll were updated Sunday.  The NCAA did update its stats and Hutson Mason is # 107 in yards per completion, which is what was expected, given that his long completions are of the 4-yard variety.

Our Special Teams, as expected once we saw them destroy Clemson who prides itself on its Special Teams’ play, are now ranked at the top of all categories – except in kick-offs where we stand alone of the games I saw Opening the 2014-2015 season, as the only team incapable of kicking-off into the back or out of the End Zone.  Surely, there is a soccer player, or walk-on who can kick-off out of the End Zone, or at least put it at the very back of the End Zone.  You saw what happens when a team kicks their one kick-off short 4 or 5 yards only into the End Zone, when Todd Gurley II took that lone one short kick-off to the house.  So much so that Dabo named by his 2-year brother before playing wide receiver at Alabama, pooch kicked the ball to keep it away from Todd Gurley II.  Their kicker had stymied Todd Gurley II on kick-off returns by kicking the ball out of or at least to the very back of the End Zone on all other kick-offs.  Thus, Todd Gurley II could not return those.

Ohio State drops in the Polls; what a cupcake schedule they play.  And, look silly doing so.  Wins ?  That ain’t no freaking win Ohio State, you wusses. Again. How is Urban Meyer looking after he left Florida when all his great players went to the NFL, up there in the frozen tundra ?  You Northerners make me puke.  Speaking of cupcakes, Oklahoma State is and was an UnRanked Team, and Florida State, who did not suspend Jameis Winston for anything yet – God Almighty – is not going to repeat.  All they beat last season was # 2 Auburn and # 9 Clemson to win the MNC.  This season, UGA would have to beat by Stark Contrast Alabama or Texas A & M, or both, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, Florida, Georgie tek, Missouri, and # 3 and # 1 in the play-offs if those are not Alabama or Texas A & M already we might have faced-off against.  On the same subject of cupcakes, Georgie tek played Wofford.  Did Wofford look good, or Georgie tek not ?  I confess we don’t turn on those Georgie tek “games” unless they’re losing, then I gloat as is proper.  When’s the Stamford game, or is it Samford ?  Are they a Rival yet for the continuous nearly entire Mark Richt era NCAA Probation 3 times since 2005 in Football Georgie tek ?  Talk about making me PUKE you high-and-mighty NCAA Probation in Football, again, Georgie tek.  Sentences, Georgie tek, comma on NCAA Probation again in Football again all of 2014-2015 season again – would be in every AJ-C article if The Georgia Bulldogs were the 1.  And, you damn well know it.

Mark Bradley apparently was not allowed to “travel” 60 miles to Athens, but every other AJ-C sportswriter was, so Mark Bradley has a column about Georgie tek beating Wofford and not one damn freaking word about UGA over Clemson.  What’s the deal Mark ?  Being punished, are you ?  Not allowed to join the rest of us in Athens for Opening Day ?  That’s a rhetorical question, Mark Bradley – a very thin-skinned son of a bitch in the 1st place.

Nielsen Ratings for the national tv audience determined to be larger than the Rangers game, show that the audience was very large, but Nielsen is not going to rate any SEC Network Game or Event or Show all season long.  Excuse me Nielsen, afraid to hurt the ratings of your wuss Power 5 Conference team you went to ?

SEC is SEC, and we sure have a lot of hangers-on who want to lump themselves together with us as what THEY call the Power 5 Conferences.  That’s bullshit.  The other conferences are not in the same ballpark as The SEC and they damn well know it.  You know you are reading a pro-other conference sportswriter when they report on NCAA college football and fail to even subliminally mention the absolute dominance of The SEC.  West Virginia has all this speed they whine.  Really ?  Why’d The SEC beat them.

What are the Rangers ?


The SEC Network had more audience than the Rangers’ game.


I am not into Censorship and refuse to support it.

If you have a sports’ site and want to control something, go have some kids.  The Internet is Free.  If you charge for information free on the Internet, I will not support that failed model, either.

If Boise State Ole Miss drew 2 and a half million, then Texas A & M South Carolina drew over 4 million.

Results of the survey show clearly that Hutson Mason is no Kenny Hill.  We do have quarterbacks who can throw the deep ball and Mark Richt commented that with the lead, he could afford to send Isaiah McKenzie back to field a punt, but could not bring himself to bring in Brice Ramsey for even one play, even a damned hand-off.

That’s bullshit Mark Richt.


Sports Overdose has a index of Bulldogs’ news, but insists on only showing those who limit the readership of their articles by having Insider news, like we cannot find that information on the Internet with Google.  Sure we can.  And, do, dimwits.


Stats for the 2014-2015 College Football Season are being provided by the NCAA at this URL Link, if you would like to update your Favorites with it :


Obviously, Georgia is going to look very good on this.  We played supposedly a top team, a team I said we’d beat by 16 and Las Vegas said we’d beat by more than a TD, but instead had to have Nick Chubb’s 2nd TD called back to not be 52-24.

But, Mark Richt could play Isaiah McKenzie quite a bit frankly, but not Brice Ramsey.  And, Jacob Park reports he is being redshirted.  It is quite apparent that we’re going to need to throw the ball downfield this season with all these great teams we’ll have to beat.  And, it is more and more clear that Hutson Mason’s 7-yard wide and underthrows on all the interference calls marks him as as weak an armed quarterback in all of the entire NCAA :

# 102 QB yards per completion Hutson Mason out of 109 Quarterbacks.  God Almighty that jumps off the page.


Doesn’t it ?

Spare me your excuses, please.

Face it.

Be a man for once in your damned friqin’ wasted life.

Do we, or do we not need to throw the ball deep all season ?

When in the Hell, if up enough for Mark Richt to send Isaiah McKenzie back to return punt, are we going to play some of all these Top 10 Quarterbacks who continue to flock to Mark Richt ?

What the friq does it take, Mark Richt ?

We’re :

# 99 in Passing Offense

Well, if your QB cannot throw the ball far enough on required in good games against good teams deep balls, you will be # 99 in Passing Offense, whether you spend the entire 1st Half having him throw 4-yard passes, or not.

So, what’s wrong with playing Brice Ramsey a series, Mark Richt ?  I see right through this.  You don’t want anyone to 2nd guess you or have any sort of QB controversy.  We’re UGA.  You play him, and we shall compare them, right ?

Hutson Mason is not like DJ Shockley whom I understand with Herschel Walker was at the game.  DJ Shockley played every game from the day you redshirted him, and his Dad, not DJ, said he would transfer if you Mark Richt did not guarantee he would play every game.  Hutson Mason is the one who threatened transfer to South Carolina State, which would be about all except the old regime at FSU who would’ve even given him a scholarship, and they too only for a roster spot to practice against.

Brice Ramsey did not come here for that.

Neither did Jacob Park.

Other than DJ Shockley, Mark Richt you have FAILED MISERABLY to prepare a back-up QB.  The experience with Hutson Mason last season proves he can’t help us on a 4th Quarter down by 4 points less than 2-minutes’ series.  Quit the pampering of Hutson damn Mason, Mark Richt, and get off your ass and put Brice Ramsey in the damn ballgames.

I played db, so I do believe I know a QB when I see one.  Frankly, all of us do Mark Richt.  And, that includes you son.  I was correct pre-game that Zach Mettenberger and not Joe Cox should have played at Okie State.  I was correct pre-season that Joe Tereshinski III should not be our starter but Matthew Stafford the # 1 NFL Draft Pick who came to us as such because of his sister here.  And I am right about Jacob Park who says you said he’s redshirting and about Brice Ramsey whom you refuse to allow to get on the field in damn BLOW-OUT for even 1 damn series even – that BOTH are better Quarterbacks than Hutson Mason.

You’re going to have to play BOTH, Mark Richt.  You are doing nothing but delaying the inevitable.

And, our inevitable comparison as soon as you do.

Aaron Murray made the roster.  Then, a contract was signed for KC QB after that.

UCLA is a pretender, as usual.  That is also proven.  As is, Baylor and Ohio State.  These 3 teams will NOT make the 4-team play-offs.  Therefore, UGA moves into the Top 10 tonight.

Todd Gurley II Show

It’s my understanding that Todd Gurley II is not 1 of the 4 best performances of the Opening Day.

What’s that shit ?

All he did was score 5 Touchdowns, 4 he scored himself and 1 he twice pushed Hutson Mason over the Goal Line after Hutson was stopped.

Todd Gurley II officially had 17 touches.  Both Coaches played keep-away from Todd Gurley II.  He had 15 rushes for 198 yards and 3 Touchdowns, one catch, and another 100-yard kick-off return for another Touchdown and his famous shoving of Hutson Mason for his only score of the day.  He played cheerleader on the sidelines for our awesome defense, although truth be told Clemson is not a very good offense and they have few players they deem capable of playing.  What’s that all about ?  It was plain for all to see in the sweltering heat that Gainesville’s Deshaun Watson was the best quarterback, a beast, this day on our beautiful campus.  On an aside it sure is great that Mike Adam$ is no longer messing with us.

I do not understand why we throw the ball.  Hutson Mason threw one long pass, and it was 7 yards wide of the target thrown for all he was worth.

On the day, Hutson Mason did well.  He fumbled once, but collected it himself, was sacked once which is a huge improvement around these parts for us recently, and completed 70 % of his passes a total of 18 completions for 131 yards.  Anyone else at QB would have completed something deep, but hey Hutson Mason did what he needed to do.

And, what was that ?

Confuse all us at the game that we would not give Todd Gurley II the ball, like it he a decoy, and then after halftime, just have a Parade for Todd Gurley II.

And, what a second half it was.  Nick Chubb was the crowd favorite.  He’s destined.

Keith Marshall recovered a fumble, ok they wiped that out, but other than that we continued to use him off-tackle while many others were brought in to go wide.

Listening to the after game shows in the traffic and rain was a lot of fun going home.  All these heroes. Sony Michel ripped off key plays again and again, and is quite the tandem for Nick Chubb after this season when Todd Gurley II takes his Heisman to the NFL.

Quayvon Hicks did very well all day.  Isaiah McKenzie lite up the crowd too.  We loved it !

328 yards on just 41 carries. Only 41 because the whole 1st half we threw 4-yard passes and set-up for the dramatics late in the game when we quit that shit and ran instead.

Yeah !

I don’t know how much better the guys could’ve played.  Honestly, it reminded all of us of 2007 Hawai’i BCS Bowl Win.

We feel, of course, that we won the game for the team with our cheering.  We do that so well !  Every 3rd Down, we were all over Clemson from the stands.  We made them waste time-outs and we discombobulated them.  Some of our Best Players obviously were keyed into us.  We feel we made a difference !

I know we did.

Michael Bennett, Jay Rome, Chris Conley, Jeb Blazevich and Kenneth Towns got in on the on-field celebration receiving – I just wish we could’ve stretch the field more on the dink-downs.

Seems that is what we were looking for, dink downs.

Our kick-off returns were awesome, our punt returns too – way to go Reggie Davis !

And, how about little Aaron Davis earning a Scholarship with his Interception when he jumped the route right in front of us.  I yelled he’s jumped the route, and right then, he had it !

Brendan Douglas got in the act, too.

We emptied the bench.

We wore them down with the run.  Why we didn’t start that way, was that we were paid good money to play the Keep-Away Game with the Clemson Coaches the whole 1st Half from Todd Gurley II.

I do not know when I saw freshmen just really stand out like tonight.  I mean we were so proud of you’ens !

I hope that you could hear our Love of You when you came in, and we all stood up and screamed !

Our Kick-Offs were weak; they always are.  When they kicked-off the ball went deep, except the one about 5 yards in the end zone Todd Gurley II took to the house.

3rd Down Conversions was key to the game and that’s why all of us felt we affected the outcome, because in the 2nd Half, we shut Clemson down while earlier in the game they were making those and we were just passing 4 yard tosses and keeping Clemson in the game.

I said 16 points, and never expected such a great showing from so many in the game.

Tim Kimbrough is the Man !  I have been watching him closely, and I really think he’s All-SEC in my book.

Quincy Mauger # 20, did you see that guy all day ?  Man, he had one whale of game !

And, how about Sony Michel on Special Teams ?  God Almighty, that man can get it on !  I am so torn who is my favorite of the 2, Nick Chubb or Sony Michel.  Sony/Nick Nick/Sony – I am so proud to have them both on our team !  This is going to be so fun !

This Day – with all of this – this was the Todd Gurley II Show.

Clemson had no answer.  They have no running game and are playing the wrong quarterback, as all of us in the stands were so glad they stuck with Ohio’s Cole Stoudt instead.  He’s no match for the beast Deshaun Watson.

Well, we have 2 weeks now and then Columbia to play the Gamecocks.  We’re ready; I presume they will be.  I would feel a lot better about that, had we instead of having Nick Chubb’s TD called back on motion that we had played Brice Ramsey and let him throw some.

It was going to be 52-21 before they took that score off our scoreboard.  Why in the Hell did we not play Brice Ramsey 1 series there at the end ?

What’s that all about ?

We watch team after team get several QB on the field, and we never do.  I don’t think we’re doing that right, not bringing in Brice Ramsey twice their damn score and then some.

What kind of a lead do we have to have to USE some of the Top Quarterbacks in the nation we recruit every year, Mark Richt ?

Damn son.

Our OL seemed to be great for what I could see of it.

This was just a complete game.  As complete a game as I can recall.  I said pregame Clemson would be handed its hat and drop from the polls, and we just ripped their heads off.

No, that was our guy who lost his helmet – and, kept going.  I gave Nick a standing Ovation for that 1st Down try by him – I mean what a damn beast Nick Chubb is.

Clemson gets the top guys in this state more rarely than we go to South Carolina and steal their top players, while we rack-up in-state here, too.

South Carolina !

South Carolina !

South Carolina !

Are we going to stick to these 4-yard dinks every 1st Half and then unleash the kids to run roughshod over, around, and through them the 2nd Half every game ?

Sure makes it exciting.  I’ll give the coaching staff credit for that.

We have so many great players.

Love to see them play.

This game was between fewer top players and a host of top players.  This game had to be the way this game came down.

No don’t give me this crap that several hundred yards rushing on only 15 carries for 3 rushing Touchdowns, another 100-yard taken to the house Kick-Off Return and Shoving Hutson Mason twice over the goal line for his only score on the day is not Heisman Moment # 1.

You guys are full of shit to not include  Todd Gurley II’s efforts as Best of Opening Day !

Work on our Special Teams’ Kick-offs or get someone in there who can send it out of the back of the end zone.  Bring in back-up QB and have him throw the ball 50 yards on target.  Stretch the field like that.  And, don’t play keep-away like you’re being paid by the Clemson coach to use his strategy of keep-away the whole entire 1st Half from Todd Gurley II.

That’s a short list.

And, this game is in the books as our most complete ballgame in many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many years.

South Carolina, here we come !

Kenny Hill buys 600 Aggies’ fans several thousand dollars’ free Ashley Furniture

Cost of the insurance for Ashley Furniture, Aggies’ sponsors, $ 150 thousand.

Benefit of the promotion, one million in August sales the best month in 8 years’ in business.

Picked to LOSE by 10 and a half points, instead they beat the lamecocks by 24.

The insurance company thought they could go with the odds, even though this the 1st game of the season for both teams, when both teams are ranked in the polls.

Insurance companies, boobs of college football Las Vegas odds, obviously do not know that Las Vegas puts lines on bets so as to insure the MOST BETS, not what they think the score will be.

The cost of the million dollars in furniture is $ 500,000, and the cost of the insurance is $ 150,000.

The profit from the sales is $ 500,000 less the cost of the insurance, so Ashely Furniture pocketed a third of a million in profits in August alone.  If they did that all year long, Ashley Furniture would pocket $ 4.2 million in profits annually.


And, the insurance company would find whatever nincompoop there made a bet on a college football opening game, fired.

Kenny Hill, great googly moogly, inaugural SEC Network Brent Musburger broadcast – South Carolina embarrased at home

Kenneth Wade Hill Senior pitched in 2 games for the Cleveland Indians in the World Series Championship by the Atlanta Braves 1995, once as the losing starter and once in relief, both games of which the Braves won.  The year before in 1994 for Montreal Expos Ken Hill went 16-5 with a 3.32 ERA.  14 seasons Ken Hill pitched for 7 different teams with a 117-109 record and 4.06 ERA.  Standing 6′ 4″, Ken Hill is long.

Kenny Hill is considerably shorter at 6′ 1″ and was rated the # 4 Dual-Threat QB in the nation and 4-Star by both Scout.com and Rivals.  LSU was considering Kenny Hill.  Texas A & M was his best offer.  He threw for 511 yards on 44 of 60 over 73 % completion percentage and no interceptions, 3 TD passes.  He also ripped off nifty run ability.    Ole Miss throttled Boise State who has not fared as well against big-boy competition nowadays and has fallen-off like some others have in the Peach Classic, while Vandie dropped their game.

But, the story of Opening Night is Kenny Hill of West Palm Beach Florida.  Ken still wants him to be a pitcher for Texas A & M next Spring too.  But, Kenny Hill won the State Championship in High School and is an accomplished Quarterback, although at 210 lbs carries enough weight, but just isn’t tall enough.

Far and wide, Texas A & M was said to have no chance against South Carolina; but damn that’s a program who has it going on since joining The SEC.  They have done everything I ever said they would recruiting players in that rich state to play in The SEC.  I knew that would be a boom for them, and frankly, they’ve out-recruited even Mark Richt again for 2015 as well.  This is a program who goes on the road and with a chip on their shoulders out to prove they aren’t a 1-trick pony, Kevin Sumlin their coach said afterwards on the Inaugural SEC Network Broadcast with Brent Musburger.

Kevin Sumlin, rumored to Texas and to Southern California, has been courted by NFL, and currently is making $ 3.1 million  12 % less than our own Mark Richt when Kevin Sumlin signed a 6-year extension with Texas A & M.  Kevin was Starting Linebacker his entire playing career and coached under Bob Stoops as Offensive Coordinator and several years as Assistant Head Coach under R.C. Slocum there.  He’s 21-6 for an impressive 78 % Win Percentage because he named Johnny Football his Starting QB and because he named Kenny Hill his replacement, and his recruiting prowess is only starting.  Thought to have lost too much talent, he’s reloaded !  511 yards passing tonight by Kenny Hill is the All-Time Texas A & M Record.

Mark Richt was once this good, and even better.  Kevin Sumlin is now.  His teams have been ranked 4 years in a row now.  He has the nation’s # 2 best recruiting class 2015 behind only Alabama with Mark Richt’s most impressive recruiting class ever here 2015 at # 3.

But, this night belongs to Kenny Hill and to Steve Spurrier who is quite candid about getting their butts beat, Kevin Sumlin hanging 52 on South Carolina, who never was in the game, even though Kevin Sumlin called off the dogs.

Hutson Mason ?  Is he Kenny Hill ?  (Brice Ramsey # 8 QB or redshirting Jacob Park # 7 QB ?) South Carolina’s secondary ?  Are they our secondary ?  Kick-Off capabilities proved each kicked-off to the back of the end zone, something we seem wholly incapable of doing and putting so much pressure on our Special Teams.

The 4th Quarter no sooner started than the fans in Columbia left and went home.

At that point, Ole Miss’s defense had given up but 3 points and their special teams were led by Melbourne Victoria Australia’s Will Gleeson punter who pinned Boise State deep and punted one for over 70 yards from the line of scrimmage, while Ole Miss’s QB Bo Wallace looked like crap throwing 4 first half interceptions to see their defense, led by Robert Nkemdiche,  give up but 3 points.  Perhaps you recall Robert Nkemdiche whom LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Oregon, South Carolina and Alabama also offered Scholarships to, the # 1 player in the state of Georgia 2012 ?  Now, he is 1st Team All-SEC Defensive End and a beast among boys.  Just thought you’d like these updates.

And, so once again the football world likes the system Kevin Sumlin has in his hurry-up Offense and the players therein.  Shocking.

14 of 19 on 3rd Down and 4th Down Conversions, Kenny Hill was against once stout defense South Carolina.  Great googly moogly !  Kenny Hill is considered the better quarterback than Marietta’s Anthony Jennings, the LSU QB.


South Carolina could mount no running game with no one who could spell Mike Davis, seemingly injured too frequently.

Dylan Thompson was 2 of 10 on 3rd Down and 4th Down Conversions for 20 % to Kenny Hill’s 75 %.

Trey Williams and Brandon Williams put a hurting on South Carolina’s run defense, and after falling behind 10 to nothing right out of the gate to Kenny Hill, it got worse and worse for South Carolina.


All Credit to Kenny Hill, 1-0 as Starting QB and to Kevin Sumlin, future NFL Head Coach, since Texas A & M doesn’t want to pay him.  Why don’t we hear about the NFL wanting Mark Richt, whom we pay more than Kevin Sumlin ?

South Carolina, who has never won anything ever in football, is in last place in The SEC East.


Dawgs, a prohibitive favorite over Clemson who has no offense, faces-off against South Carolina after our game tomorrow.  South Carolina is back to the drawing board after the shellacking of Biblical Proportions considered by most to be the 2nd worse loss in the history of The SEC.  South Carolina manages to do this every year.  So does Kevin Sumlin.

South Carolina’s Defense looked “silly.”


After these ratings, let’s see if The SEC Network can figure out we want to watch LIVE games ?  Now, go find the top game in some other sport and show it LIVE for God’s Sake you fools !

For my money, I’d say the Inaugural SEC Network Telecast is Kenny Hill.  Congratulations Kenny and Ken !

Damn South Carolina.  Just damn.  Kenny Hill made you look silly.  Texas A & M proved they belonged in The SEC in their 1st Home Game.  Their crowd was bloody awesome tonight, and put on one of the best post-game celebrations, ever.

They’re still partying in Columbia.

ESPN says UGA makes play-offs by beating no offense Clemson in the rain here

Oh, give me a break !  Every off-season we search high and low for someone, anyone – no matter how poorly they’ve ever done at predicting, ESPN the worst of the lot, and brag locally about how great we are.

Then, with the reality of whom it is we’d have to beat totally out of our minds, we all hit the AJ-C blogs to brag away on the staff and players’ efforts – despite the facts that we’ve lost 5 or 4 games on the average the current latest 6 seasons now and counting with more of the same 2014, and all the off-field arrests/suspensions ongoing as well.

1 of the best 4 teams in America when you lose this many games is utterly and completely wholeheartedly B.S.

Clemson has no offense, so that one is easy – us winning at home in the rain by 16 points as we are forced to run the football every play instead of floating passes into the teeth of Clemson’s Defense.

South Carolina ?  Not with Hutson Mason.  Not with this staff.  Hutson Mason cannot beat South Carolina.  Heck, he isn’t even the best quarterback on THIS team, let alone that field when that field a ranked opponent that season, we as visitors at 1-11 after 2006.

2006 mind you.

That is a lot of previous knowledge about our choices and chances, isn’t it ?

The 1 game on the road we did win after 2006 vs a team ranked for that season # 13 Georgie tek, would’ve VACATED any win over us anyway, in route to what now stands as 4 NCAA Probations for Georgie tek, 3 after 2005 in FOOTBALL.

And, so since once again there is no discussion of Georgie tek, Georgia Southern University, or Georgia State High School downtown who gave up their dorms we built them to Georgie tek, here we go again.

UGA will beat :

# 9 South Carolina, we as visitor vs ranked team by the way with Hutson Mason no less

# 6 Auburn

# 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game

# 16 Clemson

# 27 Florida

# 24 Missouri

# 1 in the play-offs

# 3 in the play-offs

Oh, yeah right.  I believe that.

I watched ESPN run their special and only 1 pundit on the entire show even considered UGA as 1 of the play-off teams in this new 4-team play-off format, and he said we’d LOSE.  No one else on the show even mentioned UGA.

We will beat Georgie tek on NCAA PROBATION again, unranked for the season, again.

We will beat Clemson by 16 points and they will not be ranked for the season.

We will cost Will Mushchamp his job, never head coach material in the 1st place.

We will beat Missouri and keep them from being ranked.

Nice !

But, we’re not made of the stuff to beat :

# 1 in play-offs

# 2 in SEC Championship Game

# 3 in play-offs

# 6 Auburn

# 9 South Carolina

If you think UGA can beat these 5 Top 10 teams 2014-2015, this is where you know you’re a DISNEYdawgs.com poster of which there are so many blind head in the sand ignoring all the facts

Thanks a lot Mark Bradley, you boob !  I appreciate the laugh like we’ve been on and off the field averaging more arrests/suspensions than losses the latest 6 years and that with 5 losses or 4 losses a year.



Georgie tek put on NCAA Probation 4th time, 3rd since 2005 in football

Georgie tek, once again, is on NCAA Probation – again.  In football, again.

Also in women’s and men’s basketball, again.

Mark Richt has endured Georgie tek on NCAA Probation in Football almost nearly the entire time he’s been our coach for 13 seasons and those seasons they were not, everyone knew they would be for violations they committed those damn few seasons they weren’t.

Mark Bradley says they’re playing stupid again.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

When asked if they cheated or not, all involved admitted that they did and admitted they knew the rules and did it anyway.

It’s what they do.

Believe they are above everyone and every rule.

For example, in women’s basketball, they took every opportunity to take advantage during the recruiting process.


Significant Breach of Conduct


3 women’s basketball coaches were made aware of the violations and “made a conscious decision to not report the violations” the NCAA stated in handing down the most recent of now 4 NCAA Probation Rulings against Georgie tek.

“You can’t just cherry pick a small sample from a much larger body of work and make a fair declaration based on that.”

“You can’t just cherry pick a small sample from a much larger body of work and make a fair declaration based on that.”


Good God, DawgFaithful !


Small sample ?


The entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, now is a SMALL SAMPLE




# 23 Won Lost after 2007


Now, all of a sudden is a SMALL SAMPLE


God Almighty !

It’s the current sample.

You want us to judge him today not on what he’s done after 2007, but on what he did BEFORE THAT ?

That’s old ancient history.


I respectfully submit that judging Mark Richt on his first 7 years here is an ancient outdated irrelevant small sample from way back when, when the most recent 6 years have been so damned friqin’ mediocre.

I should be censored from saying that ?