“PREDICTING 11-1” before SEC Championship Game : “The Audible: Another reason the Georgia Bulldogs are an all-time flop” – Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel FOX SPORTS . COM


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Why is that ?

Manifesto on Mark Richt

-86 NFL Draft Picks – 2nd most in the nation # 1 SEC

-# 8 Average recruiting rankings Scout.com – also 2nd best in nation # 1 SEC

-not taken us to 1 single bowl game on the National Stage everyone watching

-let alone win one

-either forgets to recruit WR, or OL, or QB, or TE, or RB or DL or DB every year a hole

-plays favorites like Joe Tereshinski III Starting QB not Matthew Stafford

-seen on sidelines with no emotion, listless, no answers, no ideas

-no special teams coach like 100 of his rivals do

-no special teams – worst in the nation now for years and years

-does not even practice special teams in G-Day Game even

-had DE blocking on punt, completely different skill set from requirements

-spent all week Alabama week telling his players to NOT BE FIRED UP

-that his job is to see to it that they are NOT fired up, motivated

-accomplished that, again

-has his team not ready to play all too frequently

-roster mismanagement was down to only 72 scholarship recruits of 118 signed 2014 bowl

-stays in the bad press

-clueless on discipline with brawl his players tried to start before AL just as up there Clemson

-one of the worst at penalties and penalty yards with no discipline

-Isaiah McKenzie should’ve been suspended for Alabama not fumble the punt then


-lies repeatedly

-habitual liar

-attempts to control what we think

-never head coach before

-did not choose which QB to start at FSU

-was not trained to be head coach by Bobby Bowden who was fired at FSU

-Erk Russell runs rings around Mark Richt getting players to GATA

-SEC “championship” 2005 but finished # 3 of just SEC teams every poll

-SEC “championship” 2002 but SEC down only # 14 Auburn 4-loss team ranked with him Coaches’ Poll

-3rd longest streak no SEC title in our history dating back to when SEC formed 1933

-every year loses to unranked teams, inexplicable losses, every year sometimes several

-# 5 best athlete recruit said Saturday that Mark Richt did not have his team ready to play

-told us “there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia”

-no, there isn’t

-Religion is his problem, conflict of interest

-more than $4 million annually for this ?

-give him 3 more years of this because Jeremy Pruitt is the answer to CMR no good as coach?

-Jeremy Pruitt to tell team to not be fired-up ? Decide on QB ?  Decide scrap old-style Offense ? Hire Special Teams’ Coach ? Make team practice special teams at G-Day Games not worry about injury like a wimp ?  This is football and he our coach.  No coordinator is going to bail his ass out unless as CEO he gives all that up ?  Even then, who is going to prepare his back-up QB ?  This is just bullshit to get us to wait 3 more years of frustratingly nothingness.

-considered # 1 college football job in nation

-# 55 best college GT # 36

-# 7 best stadium

-# 1 Party School

-# 1 with most cash on hand any school

-# 3 state to send high school recruits to Power 5 Conferences

-no in-state competition for this state’s recruits, none

-6 National Championships in football 1927, 1942, 1946, 1966, 1968, 1980

-Wally Butts 2, George Woodruff 1, and Vince Dooley 3

-3rd best in SEC at SEC championships in football

-15th season

-14 other coaches won NC with same # 8 average recruiting ranking on his watch head-to-head

-other 14 NC coaches at their school 3 and one-half years on his watch

-states that it would be a disaster if he was only known as a football coach

-no Fire from Mark Richt, none

-clueless stubbornness which is not a Christian trait

-not at all, in fact, just the opposite

-worst won/lost average vs recruiting ranking average & NFL draft picks in the nation

-coaching is getting more from less as definition

-Mark Richt does it the right way, rather lose than do it wrong way ?

-he did extremely well 2001-2007 and did it the right way then

-he is still same nice man now, but loses

-has not been the same coach since Kathyrn Richt diagnosed with cancer

-won 80 % of his games exactly prior to kick-off with Alabama 2008

-68 % winning percentage since

-was win 4 lose 1 great

-now win 3 lose 1 mediocre

-Todd Gurley II said last year he was tired of losing and being mediocre

-every year he has our team not ready to play in games, again and again, year after year same thing

-# 11 All-Time in Wins Georgia Bulldogs

-was # 6 nationally beating teams who played in a bowl game that season 1st half CMR era 35-17

-dropped-off to # 20 since at 34-28

-was # 7 nationally beating ranked teams for the year 1st half his career here 17-15

-dropped-off to # 24 since at 11-24

-was # 7 nationally beating ranked teams time of game 1st half his career here 24-14

-dropped-off to # 26 since not even in the top 25 at just 16-22

-ranked NOT one of the top 25 college coaches football by Sporting News 2015

-never had us National Stage end any year like Wally Butts did so often and Vince Dooley did

-2-9 as visitor vs top 25 teams for the season after 2007

-2-14 vs Top 10 for the season after 2007

-5-9 vs our # 1 Rival Florida many of the losses to sorry Florida teams compared to his talent here

-never lost a single game by more than 3 touchdowns 2001-2007

-lost six (6) times by more than 3 touchdowns after 2007

-in an 8-year funk as head coach

-had he done his 1st half his career here, what he’s done since would have been fired

-has supporters who only say he is nice guy

-want their son to be coached by him

-you want your son to be a loser, which is all he’s done after 2007

-you want your son to be told it is job of head coach to demotivate his players before Alabama game ?

-says dumbass stuff

-college degree Miami, where he NEVER played

-antiquated old-style out-of-date offense he brought with him here in 2001, not changed

-can not convert on 3rd downs nor beat his way out of a wet paper bag against everyone

-can’t beat the top 25 time of game

-can’t beat the top 25 end season

-can’t beat even teams who play in bowl game that season

-loses to cupcakes

-11 losses after 2007 to unranked teams either time of game or for season AP or Coaches’ Polls

-he can’t beat shit

-poses on national TV Prime Time staring at ground, no ideas, for world to see as coach

-has only 1 reputation is nice guy who cannot win the big games

-shit, he cannot win shit anymore, big games ?  be happy to beat a bowl team

-cushy damn job

-no blog allows discussion of his religion as a plus or minus (it’s holding him back)

-supporters basically have no retort to any of this, only call for ban anyone dare say it

-TheDawgbone.com posted URL Link to MY BLOG October 7

-6-15 away from Sanford 28% win percentage only vs ranked teams for the season after 2007

-“what I do is not what I am. If I become just a football coach then you’re asking for disaster.”

-“My identity is in Christ.  That gives me peace NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS HERE.”

-does not consider himself a coach

-loathes coaching

-is going to quit

-does not respect college football coaches

-does NOT consider it a worthy calling

-this season called put up or shut-up season for CMR by state senator Bluto GTP Get the Picture

-Great Exodus of 20 mostly starters after 2015-2016, this season

-wait until next year ?

-for what ?

-Hell to freeze friqin’ over ?

-# 19 with # 8 average recruiting ranking and 86 NFL Draft Picks playing 4 cupcakes 1 time of game # 13

-known for “Pulling a Richt, again” in a big game

-known for “Georgia’d another game against a less-talented opponent”

-over $ 4 million dollars a year until 2019

-maybe The SEC will be down again by then ?

-he has no other hope of small wins even

-not won 1 big stage bowl game nation watching us, let alone played in 1

-only BCS Bowl Game wins # 23 FSU 5-loss team 2002 and # 19 Hawai’i 2007 – both 1st half career here

-bragged after beating # 4 vols 2001 that he’s knocked the lid off # 11 All-Time wins program

-for his 8-4 in 2001 now mind you knocked lid-off this program


-not smart

-says dumb shit stuff every day

-clueless as coach

-Religion is his problem

-hell raiser as kid where he lied and did what he wanted to do like he lets our players here do

-not Christian up-bringing like all of us

-finally saved one day by Bobby Bowden when 1 of their players died

-until then, not a Christian

-meaningless bowl game for Mark Richt 15 seasons in a row now

-DISNEYdawgs.com fans who call this our Savior

-best we can do

-who would coach here ?  any top 25 proven coach, any NFL coach

-Hells Bells, go to Candler School of Theology & hire one of their aspiring preachers to coach us

-pegged all off-season as the most notorious underachiever with the most talent

-called the Charlie Brown of college football who coached his team and always lost but nice guy

-loses games he should not every stinking year

-our recruiting is getting better ?

-had Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford, Jarvis Jones, Bacarri Rambo, Justin Houston, Drew Butler, Renne Curran, Max Jean-Gilles, Greg Blue, Thomas Davis, Sean Jones, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, David Pollack, Boss Bailey, etc and never had us once in a single bowl game end any year on National Stage

-what the hell do you want ?

-how the freaking hell is some recruit going to fix him as a damn poor coach with tons of talent ?

-more talent ?

-talent has been the problem here?

-you are that stupid?

-Georgia is not a great job ?

-who the hell do you think buys into that ?

-what about the mess the vols went through ?

-Jesus Christ some of his WORST LOSSES have come at their hands

-what the friq would you bring them up for as an example of what might happen ?

-averages MORE than 4 losses a season after 2007, seven years and counting

-more losses coming this year

-his goal is to MAKE IT TO THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, everything will take care itself then?

-he has NOT WON The SEC Championship 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

-if this is his measurement, you are a fool defending him with his results

-Jeremy Pruitt is the answer ?

-give him 3 more years with Jeremy Pruitt ?

-Jesus Christ, Jeremy Pruitt will be gone by then

-who do we wait to bail his ass out then in 3 years from now ?

-somebody else who is supposed to do what Mark Richt cannot, has not and will not do ?

-let’s ban everybody from discussing Religion !

-that will fix it

-let’s ban everyone whose posts we do not agree with ?

-that will fix this shit

-let’s call someone names and edit their post or delete it when they reply ?

-that will get us headed in the right direction ?

-we are headed in the right direction ?

-we ARE NOT, just beat by team we favored to win against at home giving up 5 unanswered TD

-last season, lost to 3 far less talented teams

-DISNEYdawgs.com Mark Richt Apologists are dumber than he is

-and that my friends is SAYING SOMETHING

-because he’s a fool

-conflicted about this religion shit he never was brought up in

-like ALL us

-Goody Two-Shoes

-no FIRE

-aliens beamed REAL CMR up after 2007 when Kathyrn cancer, cloned him, sent down 1 without fire DNA

-“Man never is, but always to be, blessed.”  Voltaire from my English lit class at UGA

-did you know that 39 Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Game (Super Bowl) trophy ?

-this state kicks ass now, and through history but Mark Richt can not coach them up once, not once

-there is NOT 1 blog you can name that has NOT criticized Mark Richt as football coach nowadays

-not 1

-he knows what the hell, he’s doing ?

-or, in fact the fan in Macon was right ?

-thinks Cam Newton could never be his QB here, just recruited as tight end he told Cam Newton

-Knowshon Moreno he redshirted so we could get to watch him 2 years only

-those 2 years in the Big Games got him the ball 14 times on the average, 14

-orders pooch kick so team who considers us their # 1 Rival and wrote song about it, and would rather beat us and lose every other game all year long, us with 3 point lead, so they get the damn ball on the 43-yard line with 13 ticks on the clock.

-has Heisman Trophy Running Back 1st Round NFL Draft Pick Top 10 overall in the draft, is winning by 3 Touchdowns 5 minutes to go.  The guy has been injured earlier in the game.  He has not played in 6 weeks. It is cold.  Real cold.  He has had a 100-yard kick-off return already in the game.  He has more carries than in his entire career already.  And, he leaves him in so that he can RUN THE DAMN SCORE UP BY 4 TD.

-he gets interception against a cupcake at their 4-yard line, losing by less than TD, on the road, their fans so sure the game lost that the field is covered in debris. Have to stop game to clean it up.  He has a QB who has not run a foot in 5 years here.  A QB who has yet to throw the ball farther than 4 yards and same Heisman Trophy Top 10 NFL Draft Pick.  And, calls for him to be a decoy while his FAVORITE is called to run around, which he cannot do on a sprint out, which he can not do, and if nothing there, throw it through the end zone, which he can not do.  So, he ditches it at his feet, and we lose, instead.  Snatching defeat from the hand of providence.  Getting a loss when the game handed to him on a damn silver platter.  And, all he can say, is I am sorry.  I made a mistake (again.)  I should have pounded it with Todd Gurley II instead.

-he does not know when to play a top talent when we hand him one.  And, he does not know when not to play the top talent.  So, after this year when 20 mostly all the starters leave after this season, he has the # 2 best QB come in next year; and you say let’s wait, we’re getting better at recruiting; wait until next year.

-Mark Richt always does that, not playing his best players.  This is nothing new for him.

-you are so full of shit as to render your bullshit excuses for Mark Richt nothing more than fodder for me to put shit on you on my blog, daily.

-thank you for that.

-I needed a good laugh after he has made a joke of our program for now 8 years in a row.  And, make no mistake about it that it is YOUR FAULT.  I have been all over this numbnuts for 8 solid years.  All 8 of which after 2007 mind you now which you have stood idly by and attempted to shut me up on it.  Now, you have written that you get it.  That he’s your coach and you will not now or ever criticize him: Then, in the same freaking post, you are idiotic enough to say to me of all people that YOU CRITICIZE THE COACH you just finished saying you would never criticize.  That only you can criticize him and certainly not ANYONE ELSE.  That’s really smart gal.  I put my foot down the night he was ranked # 1 pre-season in the nation consensus Coaches’ and AP for the 1st time in history of our program, and 20 of his recruits went out and celebrated.  1 even beat up Athens Regional Medical Center.  The damn building he beat up, celebrating. THAT was the last straw for me.  Here you are all these 8 years afterwards now, and you still think you can ban, censor, edit, delete or otherwise shut my ass up on this.

-How’s that going for you, by the way ?

-dumb shit



-college degree but never played


-silly-assed stubbornness and hang-ups about Religion

-sorry-assed coach after 2007

-86 % of all fans say they have begun to lose faith in Mark Richt

-Is Mark Richt getting the job done now ?

-“no one is happy to see their team be looked at like they’re a joke every year & CMR pointed at”

-Mark Richt ton of talent, not done shit with it after 2007

-if his coaching staff is better now, why did he beat # 11 Alabama 2002 at their house ?

-Mark Richt nice guy, not much of a football coach conflicted conflict of interest wife cancer

-lost it

-he does not want it

-we do

-he doesn’t

-URL Link to every fact here on this site is underneath the Category you question fact of on the right here beside EVERY post you click.  Don’t be lazy for this nice guy is NOT the answer.  Is he ?  His wife seems fine to me, so why all the conflict of interests for our over $ 4 million dollars a year ?  Because he is stupid.

JonDawg, one of the many Mark Richt Apologists on Get the Picture – state senator Bluto’s blog of come-on blog post titles to get you to click them, CALLS ME A NAME today because I said something about Mark Richt. I shall reply to that JonDawg, sir.

Oh, I see.  You think you can dish it out, but that I cannot because by God, I spoke out about your dipshit hero Mark Richt who in fact has had the # 8 best talent in the nation as measured by his average Scout.com recruiting rankings and as verified by his 86 NFL Draft Picks – both 2nd best in the nation – while the 1st half of the Mark Richt era was so great and for which I spoke highly of him, and the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era is marked by a huge drop-off from # 7 to # 24 vs top 25 for the year rankings opponents, drop-off from # 7 to unranked in the top 25 any longer vs top 25 time of game opponents, drop-off from # 6 to # 20 in beating teams who go on to a bowl game that season as opponents, drop-off from 80 % win percentage kick-off 2008 vs Alabama down to 68 % since, drop-off with 11 losses to unranked teams time of game or season AP or Coaches’ Polls since, and drop-off from 0 losses by more than 3 TD to 6 ?

Is that what you are trying to say weasel ?  Is that pretty much the sum of it JonDawg, that you do not have the God-given balls to say that I should not say that about our coach, you sniveling little piece of shit ?  That you can call me whatever the hell you want because you refuse to believe any of this drop-off by Mark Richt – a man of God – the 2nd half of his career here compared to what he once did do for us, long ago.  So long ago that it was then 8 to 14 years ago that he was a good coach.  That it boy ?  If I study it and come up with the truth with URL Links to all these facts, then by God you can just whine something about my mama in return – hiding your lonely ass behind your keyboard, and like I will not what twit ?

That you can censor me, or delete my post ?

That you can discredit ME ?

That I am wrong ?

That I can not rip you a new asshole with the facts on tool Mark Richt ?

That I will not have the smarts to see right through it that you wish NOT to discuss nor allow it to be discussed that which is painfully obvious from my seasons’ tickets, and would be yours too, only you do not even go to the damn games and sit there and boo with all the rest of us ?

Well, tell me boy ?

How’s that going for you ?

Censoring me ?  Preventing the whole entire freaking world from saying Mark Richt is no longer the coach he once was oh so long ago eight to fourteen years ago ?  Obsess much about your damned worthless frqin’ hero to the point all you can say is : DO NOT SAY THAT ABOUT MARK RICHT.

Not that you find some error in the calculations, but that you think he is winning the right way ?

He once did do it here the right way and won 2001-2007, and since he has still been the good guy, and done NOTHING but lose.

Mark Richt, now, after 2007, loses to unranked teams 11 of them. Loses to ranked teams top 25 for the season now.  Loses to top 25 time of games teams.  Hell, he even is likely as not to lose to any damn team who even plays in a freaking bowl game anymore nowadays.  Loses to six (6) teams by more than 3 touchdowns after 2007, when he NEVER lost any so badly before oh so long ago now.  Loses to so many and ALL the opponents now after 2007 that prior to that he was winning 4 games then losing one, and after 2007 he is winning only 3 and then losing one.  The evidence against Mark Richt with the average # 8 recruiting class is so evident, so obvious, so compelling, so true, so hitting the nail on the head with his 86 NFL Draft Picks, that all you can do in your silly-assed attempt to SHUT ME UP, is to call me names.

Get over yourself and him – Mark Richt – the REAL tool.

He isn’t who he used to be, and you will always be a lowdown rotten North End of a Southbound Horse who can not stand to discuss the facts nor have anyone dare to suggest Mark Richt is NOT the coach he was when he 1st got here.

I think you will find JonDawg, sir, that I can defend my points about Mark Richt – just as we all have found for all these years when you post and we all read your posts, that you sir, can NOT defend your precious Mark Richt at all from the on-going onslaught of TRUTH about just how bad this is, has been now 8 years, and continues to be.

Mark Richt does not want it anymore.  He has LOST his fire.  There is no recruiting that will fix this.  Talent is not the problem.  The problem is he can not coach any longer because he really thinks what he told you he thinks “there’s something besides winning that’s important here.”  Who could coach ? How about any of the real top 25 college football coaches of which he has not been one after 2007.  How about any of the NFL coaches ?  We have the most cash on hand of any program, and you think we can not afford these guys ?  That they would not come here ?  That Jeremy Pruitt is the answer when the question is what the hell happened to MARK RICHT, not Jeremy Pruitt – I mean really, Jeremy Pruitt is the answer to the fact that Mark Richt can not coach ?  No, he is not.  That is on Mark Richt.  Jeremy Pruitt is the guy on the sidelines looking like he’s asleep ?  He can fix that ?  Have our team ready to play like the top 5 athlete in the country saw with the 100 million watching Mark Richt ruin our National brand, not being ready again ?  The recruiting is the fix ?  Has talent been the issue here, or the coaching of Mark Richt ?  Mark Richt spent all week telling our guys NOT TO BE MOTIVATED, that it is HIS JOB to see to it that they are DE-MOTIVATED.  He is a dumbass losing coach and has been after 2007.  Stick it up your ass, JonDawg, sir.

So, you call me names.

Yeah, that really works.

JonDawg :

“You have GOT to be the biggest tool on the net, and it’s not even close.”

Worst ranked Special Teams again, despite Mark Richt’s obvious talent averaging # 8 recruiting rankings. “Only counts as 1 loss, so that’s good and I think that’s the good NEWS” CMR says today but 4 TD blow-out when favored at home will not be forgotten at end of year just like 2007 voters did not forget losing 6-6 USCe and blow-out by vols 14-35 both unranked teams time of game. Any way, Ole Miss beat Alabama and now Florida put same score on them that Alabama just did on us. How’d you do getting us on National Stage 2007 Mark Richt ?

“I think that the good news is it only counted as one loss.  I mean that was enough of a game where it could have counted as two. But it was one loss. And so that’s good.”  Mark Richt’s famous quote yesterday, however the reality is that everyone has actually said that they will not forget it.  Since that was the Big Stage and everyone in the nation did watch it.  Even if they changed the channel as Prime Time came around on CBS.  And, what the nation said is that once again Mark Richt did not bring his team ready to play, again, like he always does EVERY YEAR.  Like 2007 when Georgia lost to a lousy 6-6 unranked South Carolina and then came up to play the vols and they were an unranked team too.  Mark Richt lost to both of them, while the vols’ game was a blow-out like we all too frequently put forth after 2007 – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era 14-35.

So, the 1 game loss is bullshit.  The facts are that that game counts against The Georgia Brand and make no mistake about it, we damaged the Georgia brand.  That game counts at least as 2 losses.  When everyone was talking about 2007, if you recall, the nation said but you lost to a lousy 6-6 South Carolina not even playing in a bowl game, and you got blown-out by Biblical Proportions against the vols 14-35.  Sometimes a game counts as MORE than 1 loss.  4 Touchdown beat-down in a game at home for us at Sanford in which we were favored to win.  No, that game will not be forgotten by anyone ranking Georgia at the end of this season.  And, right after Ole Miss beat them too.  And, we have to play Florida who just beat Ole Miss.

Florida not only beat Ole Miss, they beat Ole Miss by the SAME SCORE EXACTLY that Alabama beat us.

No, this season is shot to hell, Mark Richt.  You are out of it son.  Stop with the bullshit, liar.

No, this coach is flawed after 2007.


One of the biggest areas of concern every year now are his special teams, over 100 of his rivals of which have a special teams’ coach, unlike Mark Richt who does not even practice special teams in our annual G-Day Game.


2015 Mark Richt “Special Teams” :

(Note please that he has played 4 cupcakes and 1 team who was ranked # 13 at time of game.)


# 101 Punts blocked by our opponents

# 127 Kick-Off Returns by us

# 119 Net Punting by us

# 87 Punt Return Defense



# 121 on 3rd Down Conversions by our antiquated old-style “offense”

# 134 on 4th Down Conversions by us


# 72 Fewest Penalties

# 80 Fewest Penalty Yards

# 90 at sacking opposing quarterbacks 4 cupcakes and 1 # 13 time of game opponents


# 76 Fumbles committed – thank Greyson Lambert and Isaiah McKenzie team leaders

# 84 Fumbles recovered by us


# 84 Passing Offense by Mark Richt’s team against 4 cupcakes & a # 13 team time of game


# 69 Turnover Margin


No, Mark Richt does not have one of the nation’s top teams, and this team despite all the talent, is not coached well enough to make the Alabama loss his only 1 loss.  That’s bullshit.





Mark Richt said Greyson Lambert will start against the vols. “The loss triggered old questions about Georgia’s inability to win the biggest games under Richt” Charles Odum Associated Press

Greyson Lambert has had 3 shit games and 2 good games, but the 2 good games were against cupcakes. He has fumbled every game.  He cannot run.  He does not throw the deep ball well.  He does not go through his progressions, and locks onto 1 receiver. His OL line play has been stellar in front of him.  He has no sense of urgency.  He sits in the pocket longer than I have seen anyone sit back there.  And, still does not cut it loose.  He just stands there.  He is not fast.  He is slow.  He does not look the part.

Greyson Lambert is especially horrible on known passing downs.  He is abysmal on 3rd Downs.

I said when Mark Richt Started this guy after he had 8 practices with the # 1 unit, that he set him up to fail.  And, us and Mark Richt right with him.  He does not know our players, the TE, the WR, the OL, the FB – nothing.  His timing is just wrong.  Mark Richt has never gone back on his chosen one at QB, except finally reluctantly, he benched Joe Tereshinski III – but, it took an act of God to get Matthew Stafford in there instead of Joe Tereshinski III, even then.  I said that Mark Richt would not go back on Greyson Lambert.

This is what we have.

Let’s study this from our up-coming opponents’ viewpoint for how they will game plan him.

They will consider tight coverage and contain type defense against Greyson Lambert, because they know he is slow and can not run.  They will not be concerned about getting beat deep.  You can zone coverage this guy, and he will just stand there with the ball.  Not many teams will really put the pressure on him back there because there is no need, if they cover tightly.

He’s a game manager.

If the other team stops the run, which all of them will ONLY TRY TO DO, this guy can not beat them.  They must stop the run.  He’s really not going to dominate good defenses with this approach.

We will lose games coming-up.

This season is shot.

After the 4 touchdown blow-out in a game we were favored to win, at home, Mark Richt said everything is on the table for changes for the vols’ game.

Now, as the game approaches, he back-tracks and contradicts himself and says everything is status quo.

“The loss triggered old questions about Georgia’s inability to win the biggest games under Richt”

Every blog on http://www.TheDawgbone.com said that the vols will beat Mark Richt Saturday.

The vols are the # 40 team in won/lost this century.

They are the classic underachievers.

Mark Richt has done nothing after 2007.

I am not in the least confused about 2001-2007.  That is ancient history.

We’re not that team because he is not that coach anymore, nowadays, by stark direct contrast.

There is no tomorrow with another loss, and another is what we have with Mark Richt’s dumbass coaching decisions, roster mismanagement, antiquated old-style out-of-date offense, no special teams’ coach like 100 of his rivals, no special teams at all again as they just suck totally and have for years as well, and his utter failure to get his recruits ready to play a game even against a team he has a losing record against.  He just has no damn fire any longer.  He does not give a shit.  Then, another loss because he no longer can beat even bowl teams, plays like shit against teams ranked in the top 25 time of game, and the real teams top 25 for the year, he loses to as well – sprinkled in with 11 losses after 2007 against teams who are not ranked in the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the season or time of game.

But, what a nice guy.

It’s what he does.

“The loss triggered old questions about Georgia’s inability to win the biggest games under Richt”


Kimberly Nash : ” I get it. I do. Georgia fans are tired of being on the other end of big time losses. It sucks. No one is happy to see their team be looked at like they’re a joke and every year it seems Mark Richt is at the end of the finger that points to the reason for that opinion. “

“I get it. I do. Georgia fans are tired of being on the other end of big time losses. It sucks. No one is happy to see their team be looked at like they’re a joke, and every year it seems Mark Richt is at the end of the finger that points to the reason for that opinion.”



Top 10 over all the country athlete, Mecole Hardman, obviously 5-Star said : “that ‘Bama came in ready to play.” Nick Saban brought his players ready to play and Mark Richt did NOT from 1 everyone considers 1 of the top 5 best football players in the United States of America

Top 10 over all the country athlete, Mecole Hardman, obviously 5-Star said : “that ‘Bama came in ready to play.”

Well, Mark Richt, Mecole Hardman said that you did NOT come in ready to play.

Let’s see, we are in your 15th season.  Not 1 of which have you so much as EVEN taken to us ANY Big Bowl Bowl game, the National Stage – everyone watching us, and once again, you have failed to have your football team ready to play.  This recurring theme for you is repeated every year where you do not come into a game ready to play.

You know what ?

That is your most stinging criticism Mark Richt.  That you do not bring your recruits in to a game every year, ready to play.  You pull this shit every year.  Last year, it was Florida you failed to bring your team in to the game, ready to play.

Is there anything worse than that for a coach ?  To have his team not ready to play.

A guy, everyone considers one of the 5 best football players in the nation, says what he saw at the game in the rain Saturday was that Mark Richt did NOT bring his players ready to play and that Nick Saban did, his.