Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either. Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the OL 2017 either. # 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the 2017 OL either. Kirby says he is COMFORTABLE with THESE DECISIONS.

Kirby expects camp to begin like spring practice ended — with Isaiah Wynn at left tackle, Pat Allen a left guard, Lamont Gaillard at center, Solomon Kindley at right guard and Dyshon Sims at right tackle.


You figure it out.


Here are MY 2017 UGA Georgia Bulldog OFFENSIVE LINEMEN :


  1. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby.
  2. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  3. D’Marcus Hayes  # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  4. Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either.
  5. Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the OL 2017 either.
  6. # 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the 2017 OL either.  Kirby says he is COMFORTABLE with THESE DECISIONS.


In other words NOT A SINGLE ONE of the ones Kirby is comfortable with would be playing but these six of mine instead.


Did you get that ?



“If we have to go out there and win SEC East 3 times to get respect that is what we will do” Florida Gators Martez Ivey 2 time champion SEC East despite the utter lack of an offense and despite all the news on the recruiting trail of how great UGA just is 2017 which prompted me to pick UGA to WIN SEC Championship 2017. Then there is Duke Dawson : “We take it as something that fuels the fire. It kind of puts a chip on our shoulder because we’re still not getting respect. We ask ourselves what else do we have to do to earn that respect? I guess if we keeping winning they’ll start to realize it.” I am sorry Florida Gators but if you look at your performances under Jim McElwain and think you have won something or been even reasonably great pardon me but that is NOT THE CASE and you should know that. Yeah you beat Georgia. So what ? Even Vandie beat Georgia. That does NOT make you great. You’re just NOT. And have NOT been. And will NOT be 2017 either. Wake up.



Ahkil Crumpton. If I were a receiver I would look at all the drops 2016 and come here.

43 yards per kick-off return

rumored 4.39

31 yards per punt return

Temple thought they had Ahkil Crumpton who was going to be in what was Kirby’s first recruiting class 2016.


Clearly the scholarship is available with 3 slots opened-up with an arrest and 2 failed to qualify.


This assumes he has qualified yet no one concedes Kirby has Ahkil Crumpton.


It just made no sense to me that any WR would watch the tape and watch our receivers drop pass after pass and us with Brice Ramsey Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason and not come here.


Talk about an opportunity.


Again this also presupposes that (1) Kirby plays Ahkil Crumpton and that (2) Kirby plays his 2016 and 2017 OL signees but assuming Kirby is as smart as we all know he is and feels the heat as he said he does apologizing for 2016 as unacceptable Kirby said of his performance I still guarantee SEC Championship however miffed that makes Florida Gators.



Kirby # 6 recruiting 2016 and # 3 recruiting 2017. Kirby is even # 2 recruiting 2019. So what is the problem now that Kirby is # 52 officially for next year 2018 ? What does # 52 for 2018 say about Kirby’s commitment to the recruits themselves ?

# 6 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2016

# 3 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2017 # 2 ranked class

# 2 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2019

# 52 ranked recruiting class Kirby 2018


What is wrong with this picture ?


Kirby loses 20 who started for him after this 2017 season so the openings are there big-time after this 2017 season for recruits yet Kirby is # 52 for next year despite this drop-off in talent after this season with all these openings.


THIS is what is wrong with this picture.


This is quite the statement by the 2018 prospects to Kirby that Kirby just does not make positive statements about his 2016 recruits nor his 2017 recruits and frankly that Kirby has done all he can do to NOT play either.  Kirby is going to have to FIX THIS 2017 by PLAYING his 2016 and 2017 recruits because after this season all he is going to have are our 2016 and 2017 recruits – unless of course Kirby does in 2018 that which he has FAILED to do 2016 and failed so far to do 2017 either and that is PLAY HIS DAMN FRESHMEN – a  particular problem ONLY Kirby suffers from in 2016 fifty years after freshmen were not allowed to play.  Then maybe if Kirby PLAYS his freshmen from 2016 and 2017 here in 2017 then maybe Kirby can finally get some 2018 recruits.


Right now that is NO on all 3 accounts.


Nowadays Freshmen either make or break your team.  If you don’t play them your team SUCKS and if you do then your team is FAR BETTER OFF than if you do not.


Instead at The University of Georgia we have dimwits who call themselves our fans who say Oh don’t start a freshman at Georgia for God’s sake – no freshman ever did diddle-e-squat in The SEC ever.


What total hogwash.


Yet THIS is where we are 2017.  Kirby either plays his 2016 and 2017 OL recruits or frankly Kirby’s entire career is on the line.


We suffer as fans of a program here at Georgia holding our program back having NO EXPECTATIONS of our program and settling for mediocrity.


I don’t know what YOU call 37 losses the latest 9 years but I call it AWFUL averaging MORE than 4 losses a year for 9 years and NOT GETTING ANY BETTER.


Here we are with all these hosses to play on the OL 2017 and Kirby saying EVERYTHING BUT that they are the ones he will rely on but instead itty bitty teenie weenie little guys on the OL who could not even get on the damn field last year with that crappy assed OL we trotted out there last year.  So this year they are world beaters Kirby tells us all Spring then G-Day they SUCKED like I told you they would all last year and all this year so far.


The season – this SEC Championship Season for UGA – hangs in the balance on what Kirby does and does not do to get his hosses on the OL he himself recruited here 2016 and 2017 out there playing on the OL instead of relying on the back-ups to those who did NOT get the job done 2016 and damn sure did NOT show shit G-Day either.


Contrary to the every word out of Kirby’s mouth on the topic.




ACC is a better football conference than The Mighty SEC ? Bullshit. I have heard it all now.

ACC won 9 bowl games last year. That’s nice. SEC won 6 and both had 5 teams in the Top 25. Starting 2000 the stinking ACC has won twice. Two only. ACC is a better football conference than The Mighty SEC ? Bullshit.


While SEC won 6 bowl games and had 5 ranked teams last year and while ACC won 9 bowl games and had 5 ranked teams last year the ACC certainly has NOT demonstrated they are the better football conference by any means whatsoever.


It’s hogwash with but 2 wins starting 2000 for the stinking ACC. I was the first to congratulate the ACC on last year when both teams ended the season at 14-1 Clemson winning with one second on the clock beating Alabama but the ACC is the best football conference ?


Oh come on.


No one believes with 2 wins in college football starting 2000 that the ACC is the best football conference because the ACC won 9 bowl games last year. No.


Clemson lost to Pittsburgh who is a 5-loss team who was NOT RANKED by ANYONE.


The ACC has one of the worst attendance records and has not competed for the top recruits of all the conferences in the nation.


The ACC fails to win its bowl games. Nice that the ACC won 9 bowl games last year.


SEC won 6.


Both 5 ranked teams.


One 14-1 team lost to another 14-1 team on the last one-second play – the one who lost to a 5-loss team won.


The year before last the ACC went 4-6 in bowl games. SEC 9-2.

The year before that the ACC went 4-7 SEC 7-5 in bowl games.


The year before that the ACC went 5-6 SEC 7-3 in bowl games.


4-2 ACC 6-3 SEC the year before that Bowl Games.


6-3 SEC 2-6 ACC bowl games the year before that.


4-5 ACC 5-5 SEC bowl games the year before that.


6-4 SEC 3-4 ACC bowl games the year before that.


6-2 SEC 4-6 ACC bowl games the year before that.


7-2 SEC 2-6 ACC bowl games the year before that.


6-3 SEC 4-4 ACC bowl games the year before that.



Typically then the ACC has 2 maybe 3 top 25 teams while The Mighty SEC has 5 maybe 6 top 25 teams and while The Mighty SEC wins more bowl games and has higher attendance plus far better recruiting validated by higher NFL Draft numbers and higher recruiting rankings.


There is NO COMPARISON of the ACC to The Mighty SEC in football.


Nice try.


10 of the national championships in football starting 2000 are SEC teams while the ACC has 2. Live it up. You aren’t close to the best.


10 of The Mighty SEC conference schools spend MORE than one hundred million dollars in expenses alone annually. Ten. (10.)


The ACC does NOT have this clout.


10 SEC schools claim forty (40) national championships in 1-A FBS Collegiate football.


Our games are the games EVERYONE watches every week.


You won a game. Congratulations. Act like it has happened before for God’s sake.  Do not take this opportunity to brag that the ACC is a better football conference because for once the ACC won a damned game.  That’s weak ACC.





It’s NOT the offensive line which must come through for The Georgia Bulldogs to have the kind of SEC Championship Season I have guaranteed for us 2017 but Kirby who MUST play them. If Kirby drags his feet with his OL he recruited here 2016 and 2017 signing classes and does NOT instantly put them out there this season is shot and so is Kirby’s career. 2018 after Kirby loses 20 starters here at UGA after this 2017 season will be a bad year for Kirby because it has to be given the fact that Kirby will lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season. So it is all or nothing for Kirby 2017. This year. This SEC Championship year. Kirby either plays the OL he recruited here and signed here 2016 and 2017 or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t then the SEASON IS SHOT and so is Kirby’s career. Yeah he is a young man. Yes he can do ok in 2019 not 2018 but 2019. But by then he will have pissed-off EVERYONE by not playing his recruits. Yes they are raw. They STILL are Kirby’s ONLY HOPE for 2017. He either plays those Hosses or he can kiss goodbye this great gig.


Here are our teams who ended the season UNRANKED not ranked in ANY Top 25 this latest season for Greg McGarity starting now his 7th season as AD : 1-Football 2-men’s basketball 3-women’s basketball 4-volleyball 5-men’s golf 6-soccer 7-softball 8-men’s cross country 9-women’s cross country and 10-baseball. The 10 double-digit unranked teams for this latest season includes all the high profile sports here at UGA – all unranked in ANY top 25 for the latest season.

Unranked for Greg McGarity’s latest season :


  1. football
  2. men’s basketball
  3. women’s basketball
  4. volleyball
  5. men’s golf
  6. soccer
  7. softball
  8. men’s cross country
  9. women’s cross country
  10. baseball


Because Greg McGarity has predicted SEC East Championship 2017 while I have guaranteed SEC Championship 2017 in football Greg McGarity states that he should not be fired today.



Who gets to criticize the recruiting for 2018 by Kirby ? Are prospects feeling that Kirby DID NOT prepare his freshmen class 2016 and lost 5 games as a DIRECT RESULT thereof ? Is it KIRBY who has the MOST TO PROVE 2017 with all this talent # 5 most talented team nationally Kirby trots out there 2017. Some player has MORE to prove than Kirby ? ARE RECRUITS holding back 2018 FROM KIRBY ? Well are they ? 247 Composite has Kirby at # 51 and says Kirby REALLY only has 1 ranked commitment 2018.

After the recruiting class Kirby signed for last year one would have thought Kirby would be further along 2018 now but he is not.  Is this an indictment of Kirby by the prospects ?


I saw one blog here yesterday stated hey is it this player or that player who has the MOST TO PROVE 2017.


I think it is Kirby.


I think the prospects are sending the mandate that it is Kirby.


I have guaranteed SEC Championship for Kirby 2017 with top 5 most talented team in America.


But 2018 is surely looking AWFUL frankly isn’t it ?


And why is that ?


Why is it states that all Kirby has for all of 2018 recruiting is one (1) ranked commitment ? # 745 player a TE committed to Kirby last night.


Remember last year when Kirby had 15 commitments from Top 100 players ?


Well he has one of the top 325 for 2018 now and yet Kirby will have the MOST NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season with 20 starters gone for Kirby from this 2017 team next year 2018.


Are recruits saying that it is IN FACT KIRBY who has the MOST TO PROVE 2017 and not some UGA player ?



NCAA Probation of Ole Miss shows 21 NCAA violations 17 of which Hugh Freeze is head coach so February 2017 Ole Miss self-imposed NCAA postseason ban on Ole Miss due to these alleged NCAA violations 80% of which are Hugh Freeze head coach. Why would Ole Miss AGREE with NCAA postseason ban 2017 if these are just alleged NCAA violations ? Hugh Freeze 19-21 losing record at Ole Miss in The SEC. In his 5 seasons at Ole Miss Hugh Freeze AVERAGES 5 losses per year 25 losses. NCAA says Level 1 Offenses include cars provided on a free loan to two players. NCAA also says Laremy Tunsil’s step dad was given $ 800 by Ole Miss booster. NCAA says hotel owner in Oxford provided hotel to Laremy Tunsil’s mother and his stepfather Linsdey Miller. Ole Miss went 5-7 last year but BEAT Kirby Smart in fact they were ahead 45 to nothing before Brian Herrien scored twice late.

This is what The SEC media days were all about for Ole Miss 2017.


Compare Georgia to Ole Miss.


“In a 154-page response to the NCAA Ole Miss announced that it had self-imposed the loss of 11 total scholarships in football over a four-year period from 2015-18 including a reduction of three initial scholarships in each of its next three recruiting classes – which would allow the school to sign a maximum of 22 players in each class.”


You really had your team prepared for that one Kirby.


45 to nothing.


Let’s see now.  That is Jacob Eason’s fault right ?





College Football News says we LOSE to vols and LOSE to Auburn 2017 : “There’s absolutely no excuse. There’s too much talent, too much depth, and too much upside and potential not to get to the SEC title game. The SEC East isn’t going to be that great. Don’t win it, and the season is a disaster.”

Preview 2017: SEC Team-By-Team Predictions For Every Game




“The Georgia Season Will Be A Success If …

It wins the East. There’s absolutely no excuse. There’s too much talent, too much depth, and too much upside and potential not to get to the SEC title game. Whether or not the Dawgs are good enough beat Alabama – or whoever gets by the Crimson Tide to get to Atlanta – is going to be up in the air, but the East isn’t going to be that great. Don’t win it, and the season is a disaster.”


Preview 2017: Georgia Bulldogs








Georgia Tech is on NCAA PROBATION today – repeat offender – July 2011 the NCAA put Georgia Tech on NCAA PROBATION stripped of its 2009 ACC football title fined $100 thousand dollars and found it failed to meet its NCAA membership by one cheating and two covering it up. Then July 2014 the NCAA found Georgia Tech AGAIN on NCAA PROBATION in football and in both men’s and women’s basketball. REPEAT OFFENDERS TODAY Wednesday 12 July 2017.


Had this happened to The University of Georgia this would have been FRONT PAGE NEWS every day for the these last entire 6 years.





So we are the MOST OVERRATED team in college football and have not done diddle-e-squat in 37 years now but we have the most NFL Draft Picks and average the 2nd best in recruiting rankings while all the while averaging MORE THAN 4 losses a season for 9 years now and counting. So Chipper Towers writes an article that HE THINKS we need to STOP and celebrate Herschel Walker more today. THAT IS EXACTLY that which we SHOULD NOT DO.

Wake up numbnuts.


This is what our fan base is nowadays.


Brag on our recruiting.


Wave flags about NC 37 years ago with Herschel Walker.


Ignore we average MORE than 4 losses for 9 years and counting.


Slap each other on our backs and act like we are great.


Tell anyone who says WAKE UP that THEY need to tone it down be happy everything is fine wait until next year before this year has even begun.


We became the new Clemson after 2007 and the reason is our fan base are pussies.  We have NO EXPECTATIONS.  We are happy in our ignorance.





LET’S KEEP WORRYING ABOUT HERSCHEL WALKER 37 years later and telling each other wait until NEXT YEAR like we always do. There is NOTHING WRONG with that again this year : Jesus Christ lighten-up eveything is fine. When can we shut the hell up about wait until next year and let’s stop and praise Herschel Walker again 37 years after he left to go to Texas. Now Chipper Towers wants to talk about Herschel Walker today again. For these last 9 years we’ve LOST 37 games an average of MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 years and counting now. Is it ok if we talk about NOW ? Not wait until 2018 next year. Not talk about Herschel Walker again 37 years later. But 2017 us with top 5 team in talent and SEC Championship 2017 season. Get with the program folks.

After this season we will lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks. 20 who started here at UGA will be GONE after this 2017 season. Do you want to explain how our roster will be improved in the next 2 – 3 years then ? It can NOT be.

When are we going to quit talking about Herschel Walker as fans here at UGA ?

When pray tell ?

It has been 37 years since he gave us our last NC.

37 years of mediocrity.

The last 9 years we have 37 losses.

37 losses for latest 9 years is MORE than 4 losses a season.

Let’s concentrate on 2017.

NOT next year.

NOT 37 years ago.



2017. 2017 we are Top 5 nationally in talent.

There is NO HONEYMOON for Kirby AGAIN 2017. He has to produce with all this talent.

He needs to show he can do something with offense and special teams as he has already shown us he knows defense just fine.

I was SURE this was a JOKE url link when I saw that Chipper Towers wants us talk about Herschel Walker AGAIN 37 years later.

On the very eve of this 2017 season of such promise.

I am GUARANTEEING an SEC Championship season 2017.

2018 ?

Not going to be the year that 2017 is. It can not. Not after we lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks and lose 20 who started here at UGA after this 2017 season.

Figure it out folks.

Herschel Walker is GONE.

As a program we are NOT getting the job done.


Jesus Christ Chipper Towers.  Shut the F up.


I consider our own fan base our biggest obstacle to success for we as a fan base want to just talk about Herschel Walker 37 years later and brag on our recruiting and NEVER SAY we average MORE than 4 losses a year for these latest 9 years – or like that is Mark Richt’s fault and he gone with Kirby 5 losses.




Join ME on THAT.


How about THAT instead ?


Everything is fine.


Give it a couple of years.


Never mind that Kirby has top 5 talent in the nation 2017 season and then he loses 20 who started here after this 2017 season with the MOST NFL Draft Picks nationally after 2017 season.


Wait until NEXT YEAR when we are  depleted roster compared to THIS 2017 roster.




Some God Damn FOOLS calling themselves COLLEGE think DUKE with a LOSING RECORD of 474-493-31 who has a 4-8 record in football bowl games all-time is a BETTER football school than UGA. They also think TCU is too. TCU. TCU is # 63 all-time in football wins and also has a LOSING BOWL RECORD of 15-16-1 but TCU is a BETTER FOOTBALL PROGRAM than UGA according to COLLEGE FACTUAL rankings. Bullshit college When TCU and Duke compare to The University of Georgia in COLLEGE FOOTBALL let me know until then shut the friq up. Wisconsin is # 42 in wins all-time in football and THEY TOO are better at Football than UGA as well. You are SO FULL OF SHIT college factual .com. Baylor who is # 88 all-time in football wins is ALSO better than UGA in football with a grand total of 12 bowl wins ever. Baylor. Clemson and Georgia Tech are BOTH better in football than UGA too. Here stick this up your God Damn Asshole college non-factual .com


If that is an example of the best you can do college then just give it up and quit.




Do NOT talk to me about how ALL THESE HOSSES ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE are MOVING-UP the depth chart. Good Lord Kirby. Start your BEST PLAYERS. You know Kirby ? The ones you RECRUITED on the OL 2016 and 2017.

If you look at the guys who could NOT even win the job last year on that horrible offensive line and pick among them for your STARTERS 2017 then 2017 will be the END for Kirby.


Trust me on this.


There is NO SECOND HONEYMOON for Kirby 2017.


2018 features a completely depleted roster compared to 2017.


It is 2017 which has us with the TOP 5 in the NATION talent.


Then after 2017 we have the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS in the ENTIRE NATION.


Then 2018 is NOT THE YEAR.





Don’t talk to ME about NEXT YEAR or how well the great OL recruited by Kirby 2016 and 2017 are moving-up on the depth chart.  START them now.


Kirby just does NOT get-it on offense.


Kirby IS SAYING he is going to START those little bitty guys who could NOT even win the job over last year, over those who departed from here after last season who SUCKED.


How is THAT moving-up the depth chart ?


It IS instead an indictment on Kirby’s inability to EVEN RECOGNIZE talent on the Offense.





Kirby when you are GRUFF with the press and mean to all your players telling everyone how BAD THEY ALL ARE well son that only works when you are NOT 8-5. When you are NOT losing to Vandie a losing record opponent whom themselves lost to 3 other cupcakes but their Vandie coach beat Kirby and Vandie coach cried on OUR FIELD Kirby. So NO that shtick does NOT work for you Kirby. NOT. You need a new signature behavior Kirby for THAT ONE has become OLD on YOU Kirby and doesn’t work for you. No one wants to hear a coach who loses to Vandie whine that this player does THIS wrong or that. No one wants to hear a coach who loses to losing record Vandie act up and be animated with the press every press meeting. Try to blend-in Kirby. Its not working for you Kirby. Moreover it does NOT FIT. THAT act just does NOT WORK for you Kirby. Try something else. We’re ALL tired of it Kirby. Get a new act Kirby ! One which fits your record.

Forget you could not even beat 7-loss Ole Miss Kirby.  Forget you couldn’t beat Florida or even the vols Kirby.  Forget you lost to Georgie tek yellowjackets with their average # 52 signed scholarship recruit rankings to give their coach too not a losing record at Sanford Stadium Kirby.


You LOST to Vandie for God’s sake Kirby – so quit acting so tough with the press EVERY press meeting Kirby and cease with the act that this player needs to do this or that to finally be recognized by you Kirby as a player deserving YOUR RESPECT Kirby.


We’re ALL TIRED of it Kirby.





“When the SEC media gathers Tuesday to meet the Georgia football team Jacob Eason won’t be among the delegation representing the Bulldogs. In a sea of important players for Georgia one player stands out. Eason is more likely to be great than to be just average. Georgia’s most important player of 2017: Jacob Eason.” So says Seth Emerson clearly The preeminent Bulldogs’ beat writer for some time now. If Seth Emerson says Jacob Eason is Georgia’s Most Important Player and that he is More Likely to be Great than to be average you can take it to the bank that IS who the man Jacob Eason is.




The 2006 UGA recruiting class is STILL A JOKE compared to this updated 2017 recruiting class even MISSING # 12 OT… D’antne Demery arrested….. and now # 8 DE… Robert Beal and # 13 DT Devante Wyatt… both not enrolled yet

  1. # 2 Athlete Nationally *DeAngelo Gibbs 4.52 Nike 40-yard dash 6’ 2” 204 lbs. Grayson # 25 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 40 overall and # 3 Safety by Composite # 10 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation  Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
  2. # 2 Safety *Richard LeCounte 4.51 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 1″ 186 lbs. Liberty County Hinesville # 43 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 27 overall by Composite # 11 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
  3. # 3 QB *Jake Fromm 6′ 2″ 203 lbs. Houston Warner Robins # 28 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 46 overall and # 3 PRO QB by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
  4. # 4 Running Back *D’Andre Swift 5′ 9.5″ 214 lbs. with 4.43 Nike 40-yard dash Philadelphia Joseph’s Prep School # 37 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 36 overall and # 4 RB by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  5. # 4 OG *Netori Johnson 6′ 3.5″ 348 lbs. Cedar Grove # 82 overall and # 5 OG prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  6. # 6 ILB *Nate McBride 6′ 2″ 225 lbs. 4.53 in 40-yard dash 10.5 in 100 meters Vidalia # 92 overall and # 2 ILB prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  7. # 7 OT *Isaiah Wilson 6′ 7″ 350 lbs. Brooklyn New York # 42 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 32 overall by Composite # 2 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  8. # 7 OLB *Walter Grant 6′ 4″ 235 lbs. Cairo # 93 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  9. # 8 DE *Robert Beal 6′ 3.5″ 234 lbs. Norcross IMG Academy Bradenton FL # 74 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 81 overall and # 5 DE by Composite # 4 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017 rumored 7-6-2017 that he has not enrolled yet
  10. # 9 ILB Monty Rice of James Clemens High in Madison ALABAMA 6′ 2″ 228 lbs. Nike 40-yard dash time 4.62 ! the # 221 best overall prospect nationally regardless of position 2017 by 4-Star obviously with that size length and speed and ranks Monty Rice the # 9 Inside Linebacker in the nation 2017. Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017
  11. # 10 OLB Jaden Hunter 6′ 2″ 212 lbs. 4.81 Nike 40-yard dash Westlake Atlanta # 136 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  12. # 11 OT *Andrew Thomas 6″ 4.5″ 318 lbs. Pace Academy # 54 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 74 overall and # 12 OT by Composite # 38 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  13. # 12 OT *D’antne Demery 6′ 6″ 304 lbs. Brunswick # 92 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017  arrested did not join the team
  14. # 13 DT Devante Wyatt 6′ 3″ 298 lbs. 4.59 in 40-yard dash Towers # 230 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017 rumored 7-6-2017 that he has not enrolled yet.
  15. # 14 nationally overall JUCO # 2 JUCO OT *D’Marcus Hayes 6′ 5″ and 320 lbs. Madison Central Mississippi JUCO # 5 JUCO overall prospect nationally 2017 # 14 nationally JUCO by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017 
  16. # 14 OG Justin Shaffer 6′ 5″ 346 lbs. also Cedar Grove # 243 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  17. # 16 CB *William Poole III 4.52 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 179 lbs. Hapeville College Park # 46 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation # 180 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  18. # 16 CB Tray Bishop 6′ 2″ 185 lbs. Terrell County Dawson # 113 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite # 156 overall # 10 CB Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  19. # 18 DE *Malik Herring 6′ 4″ 265 lbs. Mary Persons # 84 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation # 150 overall prospect nationally 2017 by Composite  DL  Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  20. # 19 WR Mark Webb Jr. also Philadelphia 6′ 2″ and 195 lbs. # 134 overall and # 20 WR prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  21. # 19 WR *Jeremiah Holloman 6′ 2″ 195 lbs. with 4.48 time 40-yard dash Newton High # 98 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation  # 135 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 131 overall and # 19 WR by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
  22. # 22 WR Trey Blount III 4.36 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 2″ 192 lbs.  also Pace Academy # 252 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  23. # 24 CB Ameer Speed 6′ 3 and a half inches 195 lbs. Sandalwood High Jacksonville Florida 4.63 in 40-yard dash confirmed Nike time 10.6 in 100-yard dash # 240 overall player nationally Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  24. # 37 Athlete Eric Stokes 6 and half feet 172 lbs. 4.47 in 40-yard dash Nike time Cornerback Eastside High Covington state champion 100-meter dash time 10.4 wow Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  25. # 42 CB Latavious Brini 6′ 2″ 180 lbs. Mater  Hialeah Gardens Florida 26th signee Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  26. # 53 WR Matthew Landers 6’5″ long 192 lbs. Wide Receiver from St. Petersburg FL also offered Scholarship by Florida Auburn FSU Louisville Kentucky Miami of Florida Mississippi State UNC Notre Dame Ole Miss Pitt West Virginia and Michigan for jump-balls from Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm with good hands and covers a lot of ground quickly with long strides as a Red Zone Weapon with 4.68 speed in the 40-yard dash Nike time !  Take that from 6′ 5″ and vertical leap of 33 inches.  That is 110 inches off-the-ground to top of the head before adding his arms and hands higher than 140 inches off the ground for those 5′ 9″ cornerbacks everyone has.  Matt Landers reaches 11 feet 8 inches on his jump-ball.  How is a 5′ 9″ cornerback going to cover that ?  Signed LOI 2-1-2017





Archie Manning says : “Jacob Eason’s mechanics were good and the ball was coming out good last weekend at the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux Louisiana. There’s no reason to believe that Jacob Eason is not going to get better and better. Kirby agreed with me when I called him to ask Kirby to have Jacob Eason come to kind of be around Peyton Manning. Peyton’s right at almost 6-foot-6 himself and there are a lot of similarities there in their style. Jacob Eason picked up some things from Peyton and from Eli Manning. That is why I wanted and asked for Jacob Eason to attend the camp this weekend being as young as he is. I am certain that Jacob Eason picked up some things. I liked what I saw from Jacob Eason as he also carries himself well on and off the field. From my observation I thought Jacob Eason did very well. One night it was in the rain and he still performed well.”

Of course Jacob Eason had his ups and downs 2016 with Kirby not preparing him with the # 1 unit until AFTER Kirby made Jacob Eason his starter.


And then Kirby’s choices on the OL left the fan base questioning that as well with the 3 big OL Kirby did add 2016 and could have beefed-up the OL with but did not.


And then there were the wide receivers Kirby sent out there all of 2016 seemingly as well with no plan or thought even when the ones Kirby did let play receiver dropped every pass thrown to them again and again all season long especially Isaiah McKenzie who flunked-out during the 2016 season and had to turn to the NFL Draft.


All the practice Jacob Eason can get with real talent on the OL and real talent from his receivers will benefit Jacob Eason which will benefit Kirby and Georgia.  So it was smart of Kirby to tell Archie Manning sure I am happy to send Jacob Eason to your camp Archie.  Peyton and I are close friends for many years now Kirby replied to Archie when Archie asked to have Kirby send Jacob Eason to the QB camp Archie runs each year.


This is ALL yet MORE independent analysis of ABSOLUTE EXPERTS who ALL say Jacob Eason is the REAL DEAL and that the problems with Kirby’s offense are EVERYWHERE but Jacob Eason.


Jim Chaney’s play calls Kirby allowed Jim Chaney to call were novice play calls and not designed to have Jacob Eason shine at all.


I am not making EXCUSES for Jacob Eason.  Like EVERYONE else I know what I see in Jacob Eason.  I also know what I see on our OL our receivers our offensive coordinator and our head coach so far during Jacob Eason’s True Freshman Season and so far 2017 as well on ALL ACCOUNTS. and Dan Matthews of GridironNow both do a great job of sports’ reporting and are RECOGNIZED for their insights and EXPERT analysis.




HAPPY 4th of JULY. If the main problem on the field in execution of the offense 2016 wasn’t the offensive line then the OL would have blocked better for the run too and they did NOT.

Happy 4th of July !





So I think the ONLY FOCUS for Kirby this Summer is to figure out how to replace the OL , which remains, with his top OL recruits of his 2016 and 2017 signing classes because the guys who could not beat-out those who left after last season CERTAINLY are NOT the ones to play 2017.


THAT would insure The SEC Championship 2017 I have GUARANTEED.


Of course if Kirby stays the course he has headed down and starts all these UNDER-SIZED OL instead then 2017 is shot when 2018 will see Kirby working with a DEPLETED ROSTER due to having the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS in the entire nation after this 2017 season.



Kirby says we’re a young team but PHIL STEELE says UGA is 3rd in the MAJOR CONFERENCES in EXPERIENCE 2017 and trail only Auburn in The SEC.

If you consider that Phil Steele shows Kirby’s OL 2017 as the WEAKEST LINK in experience on our roster 2017 really then this is a huge ADVANTAGE for Kirby 2017.


NOT one of his weaknesses.


In fact since the OL trotted-out by Mark Richt who REMAIN Kirby’s odd choices to START again 2017 despite their diminutive stature are in fact our one weakest link on experience according to Phil Steele TODAY then really this is ANOTHER ADVANTAGE KIRBY HAS 2017 because Kirby surely should NOT be starting small OL but the stock-piled BIG BOYS on the OL he has been recruiting last year and this year.


So if Kirby learns anything from the EXPERIENCE LEVEL he has on his ROSTER 2017 then he would START the recruits from last year and this year on the OL and become a play-off contender 2017.


Phil Steele # 1 Pre-Season Magazine



Georgia has two (2) first round draft picks in the up-coming NFL Draft after this 2017 season in Trenton Thompson and Nick Chubb according to PRO FOOTBALL this morning.

And Notre Dame has two (2) offensive linemen in the first round of the NFL draft after this 2017 season as well.



We all know that Mark Richt WASTED TALENT. It is just like we did last year 2016 too. Some examples are AJ Green going ONLY 24-15 won/lost here as a player starting only 27 of his 39 games and NOW he is the NFL # 23 best OVERALL player 2017. Despite ranked RISE # 1 OVERALL PROSPECT in high school AJ Green starts only 27 of his 39 games here. So Mark Richt KNEW he had to start AJ Green MORE than 27 of his 39 games here. And we all recall as well the WASTING here TOO of Geno Atkins the Florida 5-AAAAA PLAYER OF THE YEAR in high school. ONLY to start for Mark Richt ONLY 23 starts of Mark Richt’s 39 games of Geno Atkins’ time here at UGA. Only NOW to find Geno Atkins is the # 43 BEST PLAYER in the NFL 2017 today as well. Head-scratching decisions such as THESE just stand-out in our recent head coach decisions to NOT PLAY our BEST PLAYERS and to NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE of the TALENT on our teams and SUFFER as a result. We FIRED Mark Richt for it. What will Kirby do 2017 with all this talent ranked # 5 most talented team in all of America 2017. Is Kirby going to DRAG HIS FEET again like Mark Richt did his last 8 years of mediocrity here – us with our average of MORE than 4 losses per season for 9 years now and counting. Let’s look at that to see what Kirby will do 2017 shall we ?

# 43 player overall of 1696 NFL players 2017 : Geno Atkins started ONLY 23 of 39 games for Mark Richt.   58% basically started only slightly more than half of his games here.  Now Geno Atkins is top 2% in the NFL coming here ranked state of Florida 5-AAAAA PLAYER OF THE YEAR in high school.  Idiot coaching.


# 28 player overall of 1696 NFL players 2017 : AJ Green started ONLY 27 of 39 games as well for Mark Richt.   69% basically started 2 of every 3 games here and yet now  AJ Green is top 2 % in the NFL.  Coming here ranked RISE # 1 player in the nation in high school Mark Richt was stubborn about that which he should have known better.  This blog certainly told him.  Idiot coaching.



What is Kirby going to do on our :

  1. Offensive Line 2017 after NOT PLAYING Ben Cleveland last year
  2. after ONLY giving Mecole Hardman Junior one touch all of 2016
  3. after NOT giving Brian Herrien the starts to begin last season when BOTH Sony Michel AND Nick Chubb were BOTH INJURED
  4. after NOT STARTING Jacob Eason but Greyson Lambert the 2016 season by Kirby not so smart then when Kirby had FAILED to give ANY snaps with the # 1 unit to Jacob Eason making Jacob Eason the starter ANYWAY without the requisite experience with the # 1 unit
  5. after NOT STARTING Isaac Nauta except for 5 games of the 13 games 2016 THROW-AWAY SEASON despite Isaac Nauta named the # 2 OVERALL best football player in the state of FLORIDA coming-in only to make All-America despite only 5 starts in 13 games 2016 for Isaac Nauta.



The beat goes on…


I will tell you what I think based upon what I have seen from Kirby ALL OF 2017 and that is that he is going to HOLD-BACK all his offensive linemen AGAIN that he is STOCKPILING here and play INSTEAD little guys on the OL as he has indicated he will ruining 2017 a year of such promise I Guaranteed an SEC Championship for Kirby 2017.  And I think and predict as well that Kirby will hold-back JJ Holloman as well.


Because that is what our coaches do here.


Isn’t it ?


Then they make it to the NFL and are recognized as the top 2 % of the ENTIRE NFL.


Our best players here at UGA Georgia Bulldogs certainly join the NFL WELL-RESTED.  I can tell you that.


How do we average MORE than 4 losses a year for 9 years now DESPITE ALL THIS TALENT ?


Idiot coaching.


When are our coaches going to WAKE-UP  ?




Athens Georgia named # 1 college football town by Athlon


Expert Poll: Ranking the Best Towns in College Football


1. Athens, Ga.

“Rich in musical history, Athens’ natural charm has long lured college football fans to Northeast Georgia. Bordering the evergreen campus to the North, the Downtown District is home to some of the South’s best music venues, bars and restaurants. There is a plethora of parks, trails and greenways for those who like the fresh air, but come nightfall, be sure to find your way to The 40 Watt Club or Georgia Theatre for a show. Top it all off with Five Points, a mix of mansions and fine dining.”


“It has it all. A great downtown area with a lot of great restaurants and bars, a pretty campus and my favorite football stadium.” – Pat Forde, Yahoo!








“Richt Era: 15 Years in Athens” (book): by Han Vance Big Hairy : WHO GIVES A SHIT 600 days today AFTER we FIRED HIM with cause ?


2008 until fired in 2015 for his 73-32 record an average of 4 losses a season his last entire 8 years here and 600 days ago today we FIRED him for it so today you write a book about it.  Did you SAY THAT once Han Vance Big Hairy Blawg ?


Do I need to read it to know whether you did or did NOT say that Han Vance ?  Well do I boy ?


Let me know Han Vance ?


He’s NOT our coach.  Kirby is.  Try figuring it out Han Vance.  What kind of a name is Han Vance anyway ?  You’re NOT Big Hairy Dawg.  Han Vance wanted me to write for him but I told him that I would determine what to write and when NOT HIM.


Mark Richt LOST it after 2007.  He lost a dozen games after 2007 to unranked teams.  Mark Richt was # 41 in the nation with the average # 7 recruiting ranking vs top 15 teams after 2007 losing 20 of his 27 games against the top 15 after 2007 for his last entire 8 years here for # 11 all-time wins’ program UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


Mark Richt LOST 20 of his 27 games against Top 15 teams AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll time of game his last entire 8 years making us the God Damn Laughing Stock of the entire nation with his average # 7 recruiting ranking by  He peed his pants on the national stage for 8 years and you write a freaking book about him 600 days after we fired him for it Han Vance.  Wow boy.


No one CARES about Mark Richt June 29 of 2017 when we FIRED HIM November 29 of 2015 some 600 days ago dumb shit.


So you write a book 600 days later.  Whoopee !


Good riddance to the guy – a nice guy mind you – but a bad coach after 2007.


15 years of Mark Richt ?  It is a tale of 2 halves of his career.  His first half of his time here he was good.  The second half of the Mark Richt Era after 2007 his latest 8-year period he was ONLY 73-32 averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire 8 years.  Telling me 600 days LATER that he did this or that is telling me about what he did NOT his entire 15 years here but what he IN FACT did here his last 8 years for which he was FIRED summarily.  He could not beat the top teams any longer.  He lost to unranked teams 1 or 2 a year all of a sudden.  He got blown-out on the national stage when he NEVER did that either 2001 through 2007.


He quit caring.


Write a book about what Mark Richt did his LAST 8 YEARS here.


Try that dumbass.




Athlon Sports ranks 64 FBS head coaches BETTER than Kirby 2017 today and 65 worse. # 30 Butch Jones vols # 53 Scott Satterfield Appalachian State # 55 Will Muschamp USCe and # 65 Kirby Smart UGA Georgia Bulldogs : “After one season plenty of questions remain about Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation.”

“After one season plenty of questions remain about Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation.”  Athlon Sports Steven Lassan ranking Kirby # 65 head coach today.


After Kirby loses 20 STARTERS here at UGA after this 2017 season 2018 will be particularly PAINFUL for Kirby so he must make hay 2017 with all this talent.  Kirby certainly will lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season.  Recruiting and Defense is ONLY part of the job of being head coach.  There are 2 more parts OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS plus some press meetings Kirby needs to improve at as well.


Kirby did not help himself having to admit that he himself said he did NOT DO WELL at ALL 2016.  And of course it is hard to argue that point with Kirby with all this talent he has.  Still 2017 promises to be SEC Championship with the Top 5 overall talent in the nation 2017 for Kirby this year.


If Kirby does NOT PLAY all this talent 2017 like Kirby did NOT 2016 then 2018 will be the end for Kirby because if you can’t win with all this talent then you have no business being coach.  I think Kirby will be ok though because I think Kirby will win 2017 SEC Championship and go better than 10-4.  Now next year 2018 is all together a lesser year than 2017 no matter what Kirby does 2017.



Zamir White ranked # 7 overall prospect nationally and the # 1 running back nationally 2018 has offers and is dearly wanted by Alabama Ohio State Notre Dame Florida Auburn Clemson Florida State LSU Ole Miss NC State North Carolina Nebraska Oklahoma Penn State Wisconsin South Carolina vols Michigan and Miami of Florida Mark Richt but Kirby Smart CONTINUES his GREAT RECRUITING and gains his commitment since we do lose Nick Chubb and Sony Michel after this 2017 season. His number is jersey # 34. He is 6′ 1″ and 220 lbs. from Scotland High who won the North Carolina STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2011. It is 296 miles mostly out I-20. Zamir White is a good-looking fine young man.

We have a ton of success in North Carolina.


I know how that STINGS to ALL the colleges in North Carolina.


We ALWAYS recruit the state of North Carolina extremely well.


Kirby CONTINUES his successes in RECRUITING.


Kirby also has a GOOD defense.


This commitment moves UGA to # 10 nationally in average rank per recruit for 2018 giving us 7 commitments so far with a full class of 25 to sign since we lose by my count 20 who STARTED here at Georgia after this 2017 season as AVAILABLE SCHOLARSHIPS.  Our average rank per recruit jumped to 3.57 for 2018.







A coach can be judged to be a good coach if he PLAYS good players.  That seems to be a secret to some that that really does make the coach seem to be a good coach when he has good players.


I tend to be technical.


This 2017 season is so important for Kirby and it promises to be I think SEC Championship ending the 3rd longest drought in our entire history.  With the 150-year anniversary of collegiate football the year after next we have a proud tradition and a great school.




More than 4 losses a season for 9 years now today has to end somewhere and 2017 is IT.




The most important aspects of the Kirby ERA are IN FACT what Kirby does against FLORIDA by fixing his offense and special teams. Kirby is not coaching well so far. His recruiting is great. His defense is fine. His OFFENSE and his SPECIAL TEAMS clearly show Kirby is NOT READY TO COACH those portions of HIS TEAM yet and he is a neophyte fish-out-of-water AT BOTH offense and special teams – losing 5 games having to make an announcement that he is NOT HAPPY with his coaching 2016. He LOST to Vandie for God’s sake – a team 3 OTHER CUPCAKES BEAT – a team with a losing record. RECRUITING ? Not Kirby’s PROBLEM. Wake-up ADMIN at FIELD AND STREET FORUM you dumbass.

The most important aspects of the Kirby ERA are IN FACT what Kirby does against FLORIDA by fixing his offense and special teams.


Kirby is not coaching well so far. His recruiting is great. His defense is fine. His OFFENSE and his SPECIAL TEAMS clearly show Kirby is NOT READY TO COACH those portions of HIS TEAM yet and he is a neophyte fish-out-of-water AT BOTH offense and special teams.  When Kirby proves he can beat Florida by FIXING his OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS then Kirby will have done that which are the most important aspects of the Kirby Era.  Until then a week of recruiting or NOT is NOT going to alter the Kirby Era.  NOT.


Dumbass piece of shit Admin Field and Street Forum.  All you do is plagiarize anyway Admin.  A week of recruiting is the most important aspect of the Kirby Era EVER.  Bullshit admin.  Bull shit.



I came across my 1975 Russell Hall Cork Bulletin board list of Night Clubs in my Summer Cleaning just now with all this rain we got. Here it is.

I checked-marked the first night club B&L Warehouse 244 Oconee 546-6860. We all went down there the first night after moving-in. That would have been 1975. I never returned nor went to the many other night clubs listed.


I was there at UGA for an education. I knew what I wanted. I was not side-tracked.  I was working full-time as restaurant manager training all the assistant managers for all 17 restaurants our chain owned at the time. Dad figured I could do better. He would pay for my college if I would go.


I kept working.


I chose to be in Russell Hall in-between Brumby and Creswell and chose the room one floor up from the basketball court. I signed-up for 7:50 a.m. class and ran them consecutively until after the noon rush at Snelling Dining Hall. Then I would return to my room and study until I was ahead in every class. Then I played basketball until I dropped. Then shower and back to Snelling for dinner. Then to bed very early with a night light studying and reading on-and-off until classes the next day including all weekends never going back to Atlanta.


I would wake-up at 5 a.m. and be the rabbit for the Track Team then shower and then go to work in the mornings for an hour or so and then go to Snelling for breakfast then classes.  I NEVER missed a class.


239 hours of all A later I made a B finally in my senior year at UGA. I went straight through including full loads every Summer.  Dean Fluellen had to approve my class schedule since I was WAY OVER-LOADED on hours.  Reluctantly at first I talked him into it and later-on he was just proud of me.  I was a Walk-On and never played.


I have $ 5 million including retirement to show for it.


The other night clubs listed ?


B&L Warehouse 244 Oconee 546-6860

Chameleon 110 Foundry St. 543-1136

Daddy’s Dollar 230 North Findley St. 543-6511

Dog House 198 W. Broad 548-9356

Embers Lounge at Howard Johnson’s 2455 W. Broad 548-1111

Episode 247 247 E. Washington 549-9574

ERA 1930 at the Station 95 Hoyt St. 549-4081

Fifth Quarter 2260 W. Broad 543-9422

Frog Pond at Ramada Inn 513 W. Broad 546-8122

George’s Place 2240 Atlanta Highway 543-9419

The Hedges 1294 Prince Ave. 543-9190

Inn Place at Holiday Inn Broad & Hull 549-4433

Irelands 1063 Baxter St. 543-9190

J&J Center 1720 Commerce Rd. 543-9335

The Last Resort 184 W. Clayton St. 546-6262

Marty’s Garter Lounge 1075 Baxter St. 543-3333

Playmate Lounge Atlanta Highway 548-9328

The Prime Time 2303 W. Broad 549-5982

Somebody’s Uptown Clayton & Lumpkin 546-6681

T.K. Harty’s at the Station 549-5052

The Other Place 450 E. Hancock 543-9424


Why point this out now that Summer Vacation is in swing ?


Because it is MY HOPE that 2017 all the players and coaches are dedicated to DOING the BEST THEY CAN DO at their studies and sports and as well STAY OUT of the night clubs.


Yes Athens is the # 1 college football town.  THAT was NOT what I was there for.



It does not take a genius to figure-out that our offense and special teams have not been properly coached and that our defense has been. Anyone watching us or rooting for us is painfully aware of these 3 distinct truths and the statistical evidence supports this general observation which includes MAINLY not playing the right players on offense and special teams. So why is this ? Do we have barriers preventing us from getting our talented players on the field especially at positions on offense and special teams ? The EVIDENCE that FRESHMEN are TOTALLY READY TO PLAY 2017 and that staffs who FULLY EMBRACE this new concept are FAR MORE LIKELY to succeed especially if the senior-laden squads find-out earlier seasons that those players JUST HAVE NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE. # 87 Offense overall nationally. # 101 Special Teams overall nationally. # 16 Defense overall nationally. Is THIS a test of Kirby’s ability to develop talent or PROOF Kirby knows DEFENSE and NOT OFFENSE and NOT SPECIAL TEAMS ?

In the NBA the new RULE allowing college FRESHMEN to play in the NBA after JUST ONE YEAR OF COLLEGE SPORTS has demonstrated that what once might have been true – about FRESHMEN not being READY to play professionally against MEN – is totally debunked nowadays in the NBA.


There is NO DIFFERENCE in the NFL.  None.


Or ANY other sport such as Baseball or Track and Field etc.


Rumors abounded that Kirby purposely scuttled his season 2016 – so that comparing when he got here with this 2017 season would give rise to HOPE among the faithful that we are HEADED in the RIGHT DIRECTION.


There is ample evidence that there generally was a LACK OF EFFORT to even get here and be a part of the 2016 season, followed by a general dragging of feet by our staff to PREPARE our team for 2016.  Therefore, we FELL BEHIND the 8-ball and never did achieve homeostasis on offense or on special teams – yet on defense we did quite well and we did a far better job of getting HELP in there 2016 on defense than we did on offense or special teams.


# 97 Passing Offense :

  1. bad OL play
  2. poor play calls sent in by a former Defensive Linemen hired as Offensive Coordinator
  3. playing of injured stars
  4. not playing healthy back-ups
  5. lack of fulfilling the receiver needs in recruiting 2016 and again 2017 for an area of OBVIOUS NEEDS
  6. a simply willy-nilly approach to sending BACK out there on a rotation basis EVERY SINGLE receiver even those MOST PRONE to PURELY DEMONSTRATE that they can’t catch the ball
  7. POOR skill-based proof that we do NOT even know HOW to catch a ball
  8. let alone we can’t run a route
  9. we can’t  block downfield
  10. we can’t even get open
  11. we do not present ourselves for a pass
  12. Of course all we were trying to do was RUN THE BALL anyway
  13. And we didn’t even practice the players who we threw to the wolves later anyway who did start for us in the passing game in the Spring or Fall of 2016.



All of THIS caused this # 97 Passing Offense nationally 2016.    THIS is BAD COACHING and is not therefore some TEST that Kirby DEVELOPS players 2017.


# 50 Rushing Offense :

  1. bad OL play
  2. poor play calls sent-in
  3. playing of injured stars
  4. not playing healthy back-ups
  5. we seemed more interested in lying to the press about our GIVEN GAME STRATEGIES of run EVERY FIRST down play than trying ANYTHING to fix what clearly was a poor coaching job of our ULTRA talented stable of running backs handed to Kirby by Del McGee and previous recruiting efforts prior to Kirby.
  6. And of course Kirby has NO PRIOR experience on offense doing anything meaningful to coach offenses ever before.


# 101 special teams :

  1. hired son a special teams’ guru like that demonstrates that he has the balls to insist on certain players STARTING for him on special teams overruling the head coach with NO EXPERIENCE on special teams either.
  2. We could not kick-off, kick, catch kicks, return kick-offs, block for kick-offs, block kicks, fend-off blocks for kick-offs by us, punt, return punts, block for punts, block punts – in short we proved beyond a shadow of the doubt as on offense that we DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING on special teams NOR offense.


# 87 Overall Offense nationally 2016

# 101 Overall Special Teams nationally 2016

# 16 Overall Defense nationally 2016


Despite a huge advantage in TALENT 2017 over the other teams nationally these underlying ISSUES remain for the new staff to prove they actually have experience in fixing ANY of this.


Or if 2017 will just be another WASTED SEASON of great promise talent-wise with poor coaching except on defense.


I am predicting an SEC Championship better than 10-4 then for 2017 and a drop-back after this 2017 season where we lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks after the 2017 season and then do worse 2018 than we do 2017 losing 20 who STARTED for us after this 2017 season.


It’s do it now for Kirby’s staff on offense and special teams or move along after the season.


There is NO REASON to WAIT until next year 2018 if Kirby’s staff continues to PROVE they can not coach ALL THIS TALENT handed to them 2017.


There is no progression or getting better 2017 over 2016 that occurs 2018 losing the most NFL Draft Picks in the nation after this 2017 season of 20 who started here at UGA after THIS SEASON.


There are no more apologies by Kirby in the off-season after this 2017 season as he did after scuttling the 2016 season personally for us that can be accepted given his Great Exodus after 2017 of one of the top 5 teams in the nation 2017 in star-power.


Put-up or SHUT-UP 2017.


# 87 Offense overall nationally.

# 101 Special Teams overall nationally.

# 16 Defense overall nationally.


Is THIS a test of Kirby’s ability to develop talent or PROOF Kirby knows DEFENSE and NOT OFFENSE and NOT SPECIAL TEAMS ?



Since we had the single most NFL Top 100 players last year and tied for the most NFL Top 100 players this year – the question is how is this possible averaging as we ARE MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 years and counting now ? 37 losses latest 9 years here at UGA.

I will tell you how this is possible.  We HAVE HAD and DO have BAD COACHING.




We’re not designing plays for our most dynamic players and calling those plays and we HAVE NOT for 9 years.  If we do not get our TOP Offensive Linemen OUT THERE blocking in game 1 we will have ANOTHER WASTED season 2017.  2017 offers so MUCH PROMISE.


The state of our football program is not and HAS NOT BEEN good at ALL averaging as we are MORE than 4 losses a year after 2007.  This is 2017.


Of the 129 FBS teams an astounding 33 teams have fewer than our 37 losses after 2007.  This with the average # 7 recruiting class for UGA after 2007 – which is the 2nd best recruiting in the nation over the latest 9 years now.


It is pretty sad that last year we had the most and this year tied for the most NFL Top 100 players and yet we AVERAGE MORE than 4 losses a year for 9 years now with 37 losses.  37


With the average # 7 recruiting class for 9 years.


Just sad.




4 losses per year would be over this latest 9-year period then 36 losses but we have 37 losses after 2007.




I am predicting and guaranteeing that we fix this this year 2017 and win The SEC Championship making the play-offs this year and therefore being better than 10-4 this season 2017.  After this season I expect us to lead the NFL in NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season with the most NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season in next year’s NFL Draft.  This is because we stand to lose 20 who have started here at UGA after this 2017 season – the vast majority seniors.



12 schools had multiple selections in Athlon’s Top 50 players for the last 50 years but UGA had only one Herschel Walker who was listed on ALL 16 ballots including Stewart Mandel Tony Barnhart Ivan Maisel of ESPN and Bruce Feldman. Herschel Walker was the top vote getter from the panel of 16 sportswriters with 9 number one votes which was three times as many as the next nearest.


6-23-2017 ranks UGA # 7 nationally for 2017 : “Everything is in place to win the SEC East and have a puncher’s chance at the title if the offensive line can rock right away. Everything was there last year too but now there’s really NO EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE DOWN THE DIVISION.”



Preview 2017: CFN Rankings No. 1 to 130


“Everything is in place to win the SEC East and have a puncher’s chance at the title if the offensive line can rock right away. Everything was there last year too but now there’s really NO EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE DOWN THE DIVISION.”



ESPN – Edward Aschoff best SEC duo and trio receivers “OTHERS TO WATCH” : “Georgia’s Isaac Nauta and JJ Holloman”

Georgia: Terry Godwin, Isaac Nauta, Jeremiah Holloman



Jon Ossoff with most of his money from California filled our damn airwaves with his bullshit and the second most of his money for all that crap was from New York. In affluent North Atlanta where President Donald Trump won by two percentage points MORE THAN TWICE that is our VOICE SPEAKING AGAIN. Despite all the shit disgruntled same-old-story Democrats fed us with California and New York MONIES telling US how to vote WE voted AGAIN as always since 1979. Citizenship for lawbreakers NOT PAYING TAXES and DRIVING WITHOUT a license is NOT MY IDEA of where we need to be and neither is someone who can’t even be BOTHERED to LIVE IN MY DAMN DISTRICT. Piss-off Jon Ossoff who says he isn’t even sure he will run in 2018 AT ALL.

You told us all day every day how Jon Ossoff would win.  He not only did not win but lost by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.  That is a BLOW-OUT loss of a liberal bleeding heart.  We hate Nancy Pelosi here in the 6th district.




All of us.


And so the democratic stronghold in California and New York send ALL their monies HERE to TELL us how to vote.


NO other ad ran.


Just Jon Ossoff.


You called my cell phone repeatedly.


You stood outside the voting place.


You sat in benches with T-shirts on outside the polling place.


And you rallied support for your side thinking Southerners are backwards stupid uneducated and needed YOU to tell US how to vote.


They even showed-up trying to vote when they do not live in the 6th district.  Why not ?  Your candidate does not even live here either.  He lives in an apartment and easily could have represented HIS DISTRICT by living here among us.  But no that is too much damn trouble for Democrats.


They told us in EVERY POLL Jon Ossoff would win and did win.


Then we voted.


They told us THEN that it is a referendum against Republicans with their tired old rhetoric.


They never did tell us that Jon Ossoff wants to give citizenship to cheating lawbreakers who do NOT pay taxes and don’t have a driver’s license.


They told us how attractive Jon Ossoff is.


They told us that Republicans would not control the House.  We have 47 more Republicans than Democrats.  47.


And the Democrats who are MOSTLY from out West and up North tell us how bad all this is.  You can’t win.  Even when you tell us how you WILL you don’t.


Jon Ossoff ?


Really ?


Nearly three-quarters of us have college degrees and make $ 160 thousand dollars a year every year.


And you bring your tired bullshit down here to our airwaves to tell US how to vote ?


I am so fed-up with your tired worn-out rhetoric of how bad all this is for YOU.


It is a BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.


It is NOT at ALL what you said it would be.


You LOST again.


Your leaders in the Democratic Party are NOT our leaders.


We’re SMARTER than that.


I have news for you in California and New York that not only are you out-of-touch but also we do NOT like your kind.  Try your tired old bullshit somewhere else.


Jon Ossoff has the lead.  Jon Ossoff will win.  Those of you who did show-up to vote were pissed-off.  You are EVEN more so now.


Jon Ossoff was defeated by MORE than TWICE that by which Hillary was here.  Make them citizens ?  Tell them to vote for you then – try THAT.  Give us YOUR GUY who doesn’t even BOTHER to TRY to live in my district ?


Bad job Democrats.  Bad ads.  Wrong idea.  I am sick and tired of your ads Democrats.


Take your cash back to California and to New York the number one and number two places where all those ad monies came from and BURN IT THERE dumbasses.


You LOST again.  Ha ha.  Lol.


You don’t listen – do you ?


I listen.  I studied your words.  I get it.  You do not.  There were 71 better shots for Democrats than this 71.


Who told US we lose to Jon Ossoff ?  SurveyUSA GBA Strategies/House Majority PAC (D) Gravis Marketing Anzalone Liszt Grove Research (D) WSB/Landmark Communications Trafalgar Group Revily FOX 5 Atlanta/Opinion Savvy AJC/Abt Associates


6-20-2017 at 11:35 p.m.

Best Trios in The SEC 2017 per ESPN – Edward Aschoff just now : “Number 2 best BACKFIELD trio behind Alabama is Georgia: QB Jacob Eason, RB Nick Chubb, RB Sony Michel. Chubb and Michel have totaled an impressive 5,835 rushing yards over the last three seasons, including 1,970 yards last year with 12 touchdowns. Eason threw for 2,430 yards and 16 touchdowns as a true freshman in 2016. As he continues to get more comfortable with Georgia’s offense, expect those passing numbers to increase this fall.”



Louisville is # 168 of top colleges U.S. News and World Report. Louisville AGREED with the NCAA that during a 4-year period Louisville repeatedly provided striptease and sex acts for hire and Louisville offered-up on its own to REDUCE SCHOLARSHIPS and post-season ban. Louisville further AGREES with the 4-year NCAA Probation of Louisville. Louisville states that Minardi Hall is their basketball dorm where seven (7) seventeen (17) year-old minors were provided on their scholarship recruiting visits escorts who performed these sex and striptease acts but that Rick Pitino knew nothing about any of it. Rick Pitino also states that he put his coaching staff in responsibility for what happened at Minardi Hall but the Rick Pitino coaching staff states that they were TOTALLY UNAWARE that they were in charge of Minardi Hall. The purpose of this over the 4 years was to gain a competitive advantage in RECRUITING and Louisville won the NCAA national championship in 2013 as a result recording the most victories EVER in the entire Louisville history with 35 wins with these recruits. This recruiting advantage was successful for Rick Pitino. In addition to the 7 minors provided these sex acts for hire and striptease acts in their recruiting visits over 4 years four years another 2 coaches were as well who joined them on the visits and another friend was as well and in addition to ALL THAT 10 more either student-athletes or more recruits were as well who were not 17 or younger. Good control there and nice try Rick Pitino that you put your assistants in charge of that. You LOST CONTROL Rick Pitino. Clearly. Your coaches are a disgrace to the coaching community and your university is a disgrace to all universities. ACC is disgraced in men’s basketball by the University of Louisville.

YOU are responsible for what goes on in YOUR PROGRAM Rick Pitino.  You might want to speak with your assistants about your public statement that THEY were put in charge of this by YOU because THEY state that that is the first THEY HEARD that they were put in charge of this by you.  You’re responsible Rick Pitino.  These excuses by you are reprehensible Rick Pitino.


YOU maintain COMPLETE CONTROL of your program as the head coach.  YOU are the general manager.  You are the CEO.  You are the team president.


Minardi Hall is NAMED for your family Rick Pitino so what do you mean you did not know what was going on there ?


Your football team is made-up at Louisville of our DISCARDED PLAYERS here at Georgia whom we KICKED-OFF the team here.  You have NO indoor practice facility but a joke of a partial one where you can only run through a couple of plays only and is not a complete football field even.


Louisville is # 168 in the latest U.S. News and World Report Rankings of top universities. It sucks.  You’re a joke of a college and always have been.  Now this.  And your reaction ?  We are KEEPING Rick Pitino AGAIN.  Look at your coaches.  Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino.  Good heavens.  You have NO CREDIBILITY Louisville. This is REALLY BAD for the ACC.


This covers the years of 2011 2012 2013 and 2014. Nine of the 2013 Louisville team 9 are listed on wiki with their own personal webpages for their basketball abilities. 9.


Rick Pitino is # 29 all-time of NCAA collegiate basketball head coaches in winning percentage.  He has a sordid history with the public.


Rick Pitino became head coach in 1975 at the University of Hawaii. That is 42 years ago.


As head coach at the University of Hawaii Rick Pitino committed eight (8) violations of NCAA rules for which the University of Hawaii was put on NCAA probation. The violations involving Pitino included providing round-trip air fare for a player between New York and Honolulu. And arranging for student-athletes to receive used cars in return for Hawaii season tickets. And handing out coupons to players for free restaurant food at McDonald’s. Rick Pitino was cited by the NCAA for providing misinformation to the NCAA and University of Hawaii officials. The NCAA infractions committee recommended that Rick Pitino be disassociated from Hawaii athletics. Rick Pitino – then as now – said : “I didn’t make any mistakes. I don’t care what anybody says.”


August 1 of 2003 at Louisville Rick Pitino ADMITTED he had sex at a restaurant called Porcini with the wife of his Louisville equipment manager.  Rick Pitino also admits that he paid $3000 three thousand dollars for the abortion. “The complete sex took no more than 15 seconds” according to Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino called a press conference and stated that the press “stop reporting these lies.” Rick Pitino made a statement that he apologized for THIS indiscretion. Louisville kept him on anyway. The University of Georgia would have FIRED Rick Pitino after he apologized and stated “it took no more than 15 seconds.”


Once you apologized for your personal public indiscretion you called it Rick Pitino just what sir do you mean that the press ” stop reporting these lies ? “


Rick Pitino’s reputation is what it is. And his cover-up EXCUSES are legendary.



The ACC is taking it on the nose over this as is the University of Louisville who has NEVER had a good reputation as a university in the first place as these ON-GOING issues with Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino prove.  And you snatching-up our discarded kicked-off football players has NOT HELPED you EITHER.


U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings :


# 1 Princeton

# 36 yellowjackets

# 47 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 56 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 70 Texas A&M

# 72 Baylor

# 75 Michigan State

# 82 Iowa

# 89 N.C. State

# 96 Alabama

# 97 FSU

# 102 Auburn

# 103 Missouri

# 104 Nebraska

# 105 Tennessee

# 108 South Carolina

# 109 Oklahoma

# 115 Kansas

# 121 Arizona

# 123 Seton Hall

# 127 Colorado State University

# 129 LSU

# 130 Arkansas

# 131 Arizona State

# 135 Oregon State

# 140 Ole Miss

# 141 Rutgers

# 142 Washington State

# 145 Kansas State

# 149 Oklahoma State

# 161 Mississippi State

# 168 Louisville


Your coaches are a disgrace to the coaching community and your university is a disgrace to all universities.



KIRBY QUOTE TODAY : “Let’s be honest. Georgia – if you get the best players in this state – you should be winning championships. I think we’re getting there in recruiting. I see our talent level going up. We still have some questions although we liked what we saw in the spring. We should be a team that will contend. At the University of Georgia that is the expectation. We should be a team that is favored to win the East each year. We should recruit the best players in our state which is a very productive state and develop those guys into really good players. We’re still a young team in my mind. Because over half of our roster will be freshmen or sophomores. But we’ve got some good football players coming back and I’m excited.” I agree with those statements by Kirby except on the OL where his small OL did NOT get the job done. Again. And except for young team when he loses 20 at least part-time starters after this 2017. THAT is NOT young but SENIOR-LADEN. He needs to get the freshmen on the field with them and maximize 2017. 2018 will be DOWN YEAR because we are NOT a young team and lose too much after 2017 for 2018 to be better.



Jacob Eason AND Nick Chubb picked for Heisman Trophy Winner 2017 by Fox Aaron Torres


FOX Aaron Torres



“Last year is over and that can’t be changed now.” Really ? Last year is over ? I am sorry but what I saw last year is what I expect to see this year. I hardly think anything indicates that last year was any fluke.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Jacob Eason did not get any reps with the # 1 unit until 2 weeks before kick0ff game to the season and then was thrown into the fire anyway without the experience he should have gotten given that he started all season after winning game 1 coming-in down losing and leaving the game with a lead coming from behind against a quality opponent.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Isaac Nauta did not start until game 5 then next 2 games not starting again and again then finishing All-America anyway.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Ben Cleveland was redshirted whilst smaller OL who did not get the job done was all Kirby sent out there to do the dirty work of establishing the run given that Kirby said that was what he was going to do then did every first down run the ball.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Kirby was going to redshirt Mecole Hardman Jr. then relented when Mecole himself went to Kirby and had a come to Jesus meeting only to get all of one touch all season long.

To the contrary the special teams were atrocious as if Kirby never had ever been given responsibility anywhere for special teams to prepare him to be head coach.

To the contrary the offense was abysmal running nearly every first down all year long in the face of 8 and 9 in the box against Kirby’s stated facts that “fewer bad results happen when you run the football.”

To the contrary Jim Chaney is right back in the saddle as if Kirby is satisfied with what he saw.

To the contrary Kirby struggled against all the really poor football teams and even lost to losing record Vandie who lost to 3 cupcakes but not to Kirby.

To the contrary we averaged the # 7 recruiting class for our 2016 roster and the # 6 recruiting class on this year’s 2017 roster and ended-up not ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 for the 5th time in the last 9 years more than half the time after 2007.

To the contrary Kirby stubbornly dogmatically played only injured Nick Chubb and injured Sony Michel at TB behind his lousy stinking choices of small OL with 3 top big OL he recruited all redshirted except one snap between his 3 top OL recruits of 2016 and Kirby never even considered starting Brian Herrien as this blog called for July 4.

To the contrary Kirby gave Nick Chubb 32 carries his first game back after 3 ligament surgery and he was never the same thereafter.

To the contrary Kirby said and knew he needed to recruit receivers and did not 2016 or 2017 really either and now has none for 2018 either.

To the contrary Kirby has not yet figured-out how to run his first press conference without contention yet and this is year two now.

To the contrary Kirby has sent-out willy-nilly 5 receiver sets with no sense of urgency even yet to find his one pitch-and-catch combo.  We saw JJ Holloway steal the show in the G-Day Game and he too is buried on the roster and may or may not get to play some by say game 5 right ?

To the contrary not just Ben Cleveland but Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley were not used to rest the tired little OL Kirby stubbornly insisted on playing every down of every game looking like shit.  Now 2017 he bragged all off-season how the same back-ups to those guys more small guys dominated his defense he bragged to us.  What we all witnessed with our own eyes was the offensive line looks as lost 2017 as it did 2016.

To the contrary Seth Emerson sir I see nothing to indicate Kirby will start his freshmen OL he is stockpiling but instead use small itty-bitty guys on the OL again like he did last year and seemed satisfied with that too.  I mean it was a throw-away year 2016 so why can’t 2017 be a throw-away year too despite the facts that Kirby probably loses 20 guys who have started here at Georgia after this season and ends-up with the most players drafted by the NFL of all teams in the nation after this 2017 season which had better damn well be SEC Championship with all this talent wasted as Kirby did last year and is so far again 2017.


AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson  :  “Last year is over and that can’t be changed now.”



To the contrary No Seth Emerson sir last year is hardly over and it isn’t going to be changed in 2017 either.  Kirby will continue to do what he does.  What he did.  What he has done.  What he will continue to do.  I see nothing to indicate there is any sense of urgency on Kirby’s part for 2017 any more than there was for 2016.


To the contrary Seth Emerson after the NFL Draft after this 2017 season this season will be over for Kirby and you will be scratching your head why in his 14-game season 2017 with the # 36 strength of schedule with only 4 teams more talented than Kirby that he lost 4 games again.  I won’t.  What I see is what I saw and is what I expect.


To the contrary I have a sense of urgency to 2017 for SEC Championship now 2017 with all this talent and insist we send that message to Kirby.  Produce or move on.  Learn offenses and special teams on your own time.  Play the recruits you recruit not just recruit them and redshirt them.


I hear that all the time Seth Emerson that the past is the past.  The past is who you are.  Fix it if it needs fixing and quit cease and desist with the bullshit that that is history now.  No it’s not.  You never fixed any of this.


So the past is who you are and who you will continue to be.


You had better get with the program GATA and win now Kirby 2017.




Gridiron Chadd Scott whose wife is FL grad and who himself is Auburn grad states CHUCK OLIVER told him none of our 2016 players play for Alabama and one Isaac Nauta of 2017 UGA players would start for Alabama to piss-off everyone in The Whole Entire Bulldog Nation.

The cheesy post is a 3-part designed to get 2 more CLICKS to read – 2 ads to a loan company.


Yes we misused our 2016 talent and will again 2017 as all indications show Kirby will hold-back his big OL and start little guys 2017 instead.  Small OL guys who did not get the job done last year or the year before will start for KIRBY 2017.


Chadd Scott then summarizes that Chadd Scott thinks Kirby will close the talent gap with Alabama in 2018 or 2019 despite Kirby losing 20 of his STARTERS 2017 after the 2017 season.


Kirby will NOT close the talent gap with Alabama 2018.  It’s 2017 when Kirby can GET IT DONE – not for God’s sake WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR as per Chadd Scott Gridiron


I still state that Nick Saban given injuries to both Sony Michel and to Nick Chubb 2016 would’ve started Brian Herrien at Tailback for UGA 2016 were he here.


And he would’ve prepared Jacob Eason as he did Jalen Hurts unlike the manner Kirby held-back Jacob Eason not preparing him then throwing him into the fire.


And there is NO WAY Nick Saban plays THAT OL 2016 Kirby sent out there but his freshmen OL instead.


In fact I believe that Mo Smith was destined to start at Alabama 2016.  He would’ve made plays against Deshaun Watson and so would’ve Dominick Sanders.


Kirby has tons of players who with proper assessment could’ve started at Alabama 2016 and even more now for 2017.


Lorenzo Carter.

Michail Carter.

Ben Cleveland.

Brian Herrien.

Jacob Eason.

Deangelo Gibbs.

Mecole Hardman Junior.

D’Marcus Hayes.

Jeremiah Holloman

Jonathan Ledbetter

David Marshall

Sony Michel at WR

Natrez Patrick

Isaac Nauta

Cameron Nizialek

Dominick Sanders

Roquan Smith

Trenton Thompson

D’Andre Swift

Richard LeCounte

Isaiah Wilson

Netori Johnson

Nate McBride

Walter Grant

Robert Beal

Jake Fromm


No the problem is for Chadd Scott that Kirby has MORE players who would start at Florida and at Auburn than they do because Kirby has MORE TALENT than BOTH 2017 and EVERYONE SAYS Kirby plays Alabama 2017 in The SEC Championship Game BECAUSE OF ALL OF THIS TALENT.


Chuck Oliver another disgruntled Auburn grad knows that THEY do NOT have UGA’s talent today just as Chadd Scott is afraid of too. Chuck and Chernoff AM 680 the Fan.  Frick and Frack both afraid of how good Georgia is 2017.


2018 ?


Typical Auburn fan trying to get Bulldogs to think about 2018 or 2019 when 2017 we are a handful for Auburn for Florida and yes for Alabama – much more so than we will be in 2018 losing 20 I figure STARTERS for Kirby 2017 after this up-coming stellar 2017 season.


Or at least Kirby had better hope it is.


Jim Donnan bragged how good his talent was as Kirby just did yesterday for 2017 and when he did not deliver Mike Adam$ ran him out of town to the chagrin of Vince Dooley.


Yeah we’re good 2017 Kirby with all this talent now the question is will you PLAY THE TALENT such as on your OL for Sam Pittman 2017 Kirby ?  Will you come-up with some SEMBLANCE of an offensive game strategy 2017 Kirby or tell Jim Chaney run every first down all season long again ?  And will you FIND a pitch-and-catch combo for your three (3) quarterbacks 2017 Kirby or send out WR after WR like you have no clue who can catch a pass Kirby ?


In the meantime Kirby’s foibles as COACH will be the ONLY HOPE for Auburn grads for he most certainly has MORE TALENT than Auburn Florida vols and maybe is closer to Alabama 2017 than we will be here at Georgia for a LONG TIME hence 2017.


2018 ?


Have you EVEN looked who Kirby loses after 2017 Chuck Oliver or Chad Scott or for that matter Kincaid EITHER ?


All but Buck Belue AM680 the Fan has missed that THIS is Kirby’s BEST SHOT 2017 and he had BETTER deliver.




QUOTE FROM FOX SPORTS.COM Aaron Torres : “Kirby Smart lost to Vanderbilt and had way too many close calls against inferior teams. So was it a byproduct of a young coach getting his sea legs? Or a byproduct of the type of coach that Smart is? With a loaded roster that’s favored to win the SEC East, we’re about to find out. # 12 pre-season Georgia Bulldogs: Can you really trust Kirby Smart?” Fox Aaron Torres

FOX Aaron Torres best-selling book Author and Senior Writer FOX not the Bronze Medal professional boxer.


Clearly there were so MANY blunders by Kirby and STILL ARE 2017 that I have MANY QUESTIONS about how prepared to be HEAD COACH Kirby is on both OFFENSE and on Special Teams.  His recruiting is great but he has to PLAY his recruits if he wants to win AND he has to figure-out a way to either leave the offense alone or come-up with some type of an offensive game strategy – neither of which seems possible with Jim Chaney and Kirby overseeing him with no knowledge demonstrated by either.


I am not sure he wants to win.


I think he is more interested in BEING IN CHARGE.


For example : All these HUGE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN in Kirby’s RECRUITING but he SAYS AGAIN 2017 his # 1 starters getting all the # 1 reps with the # 1 unit are NOT those big OL but his itty-bitty teeny-weenie OL he inherited who have NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE instead.


Aaron Torres Fox asks the question I ask as well :


“Can you really trust Kirby Smart?”   Fox Aaron Torres




Only 2 other players in all of The SEC will have more tackles than Roquan Smith 2017 who will go OVER 100 tackles 2017 clearly then All-America 2017. “Talent is just spilling from this guy’s ears, and he led the Bulldogs with 95 tackles last year. Smith is only getting better, and as a very rangy middle linebacker, Smith will yet again be involved in a ton of plays this fall.” ESPN – Edward Aschoff



There are only 4 coaches who have won the national championship of 130 FBS coaches. Who will be the 5th ? Tom Fornelli CBS writer who calls UGA the most tortured fan base of all of college football and who says that Kirby is one of the best bets to win ONLY 7 of his first 12 games 2017 says that “Kirby Smart is honorable mention to become the 5th active head coach to win the national championship in college football.” Tom Fornelli contradicts himself doesn’t he ?



Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm BOTH make Academic HONOR ROLLS for 2017 Spring Semester along with RODRIGO BLANKENSHIP Aaron Davis Trent Frix Jackson Harris and Cameron Nizialek. Congratulations to these OUTSTANDING student-athletes playing such prominent roles on our football team too.