Kirby will be criticized again next year 2017 for not practicing putting them in the game and letting the freshmen play THIS YEAR. Why ? “The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play. That’s what we’re selling.” Kirby

“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


Why will Kirby be criticized because he is selling that which he knows he does not want to do.  Play freshmen. Because they will kick-ass next year this 2016 freshmen class – wasted as they ALL everyone are all season game 8 next.


You’re too conservative Kirby.


It all started with his criticizing of Jacob Eason and stating that he could NOT tell who was better Greyson Lambert or Jacob Eason – so he gave Jacob Eason not one single snap all Spring with the # 1 unit and WAS STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit all Fall Practice too except for 9 practices, not preparing Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit and they with him.   2 weeks Kirby gave Jacob Eason snaps with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING AND ALL FALL.  Were they the last 2 weeks even in the Fall ?


Hell no.


The last entire week of Fall Practice ONLY Greyson Lambert got snaps with the # 1 unit.


In fact, Monday and Tuesday AFTER the North Carolina win, Kirby not only did NOT recognize Jacob Eason as 1 of the top 8 best players but in fact STILL had Greyson Lambert practicing with the # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday Nicholls State game.  Why did we struggle ?


Then he had his issues with injured running backs and NEVER put in Brian Herrien.  Cameo appearances only for Brian Herrien is down right criminal.  Kirby said Brian Herrien needed to learn to block somewhat better.


Ben Cleveland redshirted.  I mean Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  This is your TOP OFFENSIVE LINEMAN HELP you added for 2016.  And what did you say ?  You said that your OL sucked 2016 Kirby.  That’s right.  But Ben Cleveland is the ONLY recruit 2016 who will NEVER SEE THE FIELD.


And with THIS BLOCKING WE JUST SAW by the OL against Vandie.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


Wide Receivers ?  Kirby stood-up tall and answered the question about Mecole Hardman Jr. saying that Kirby WOULD play him if after 4 or 5 practices Kirby saw him as Elite.  Well Kirby this is GAME 8 now boy coming-up.  Not 1 punt return not 1 kick-off return not 1 pass not 1 hand him the ball.  Has Kirby played him at defensive back where Kirby said he has slotted him at ONLY ?  No sir.  Redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr. for SEVERAL GAMES until Mecole Hardman Jr. became UNGLUED and HAD IT OUT with Kirby.  Now, he gets 1 play per game tackling on special teams ONLY.


Do we have to break-down the ENTIRE freshmen class 2016 ?


All Kirby has done is to in public put-down berate admonish chastise and lambaste EVERY freshman ALL YEAR and still GAME 8 has not played them when what do we know ?  Well ladies and gentleman after ALL Kirby did and said to Jacob Eason, I do believe that Jacob Eason has PROVEN KIRBY INCORRECT on his analysis of him and that Kirby did not know what he was doing with Jacob Eason and that Kirby did NOT prepare Jacob Eason AT ALL. Not.


Hasn’t he ?


So where the HELL are the freshmen Kirby ?


Where ?


3 passes you threw all year is all Kirby has allowed Charlie Woerner to catch.  3.  Game 8 next week.




Riley Ridley had only 2 passes thrown to him before last week.  2.  Seriously Kirby ?


Isaac Nauta ?  Do you spread him out wide and fill-in your hole at receiver with the glut of Tight Ends as I called for January 12 Kirby ?  No sir.   Isaac Nauta has started only 1 game all season as our top threat for catching passes.  Isaac Nauta has been BENCHED not starting EITHER of the LAST 2 GAMES.  That is how bad this misuse of our Freshmen Class # 7 nationally has been.


Kirby has thrown the ball 30 times to Isaiah McKenzie and half that to Isaac Nauta.  Just damn.


There is not 1 NFL talent scout who would agree with that twice as many throws to Isaiah McKenzie and half as many to Isaac Nauta.


Sony Michel Game 8 next he has 11 catches all season.




2 passes all season long until last week is all Kirby has thrown to Javon Wims.


Why say you need receivers Kirby ?


You will not play the ones you do have.


Jackson Harris has 1 pass all season thrown to him.  Honestly, I see Jackson Harris as one of the very best.


Elijah Holyfield has 5 rushes and 1 pass thrown to him Game 8 next.


I swear to God Kirby.


David Marshall was not even allowed to play against vols.  It’s NOT just the offense.  It’s not just the offense and special teams.  It’s across the board that Kirby MISTREATS his freshmen.


In public.

In practice.

In games.


Kirby does NOT prepare his freshmen.  Then throws them in for a cameo appearance and they do very WELL.  Kirby yanks them.


Benches them.


Mecole Hardman Jr. has 2 assisted tackles Game 8 next.  No rush.  No catch.  No punt return.  No kick-off return.  Are we ANY good at ANY of those ?  No sir.  Is Mecole Hardman Jr. someone by GAME 8 you might have considered help at ANY of those Kirby ?




Kirby does not recognize Mecole Hardman Jr. as ANY help whatsoever at PR KR WR RB not even to play in the secondary as db.  2 assisted tackles all season game 8 next, both plays on special teams.  Really really truly awfully wonderful talent evaluation Kirby.



Talent recognition.

Talent recognition at positions of need.


Let’s see, we’re bad at running the ball, bad at catching the ball, bad at blocking, bad at kick-off return bad at punt return, bad at kick-off no let kicker, bad at well… I think you get the picture.


Never crossed your stubborn I Hate Freshmen mind Kirby.


Roquan Smith did not even start against vols or Vandie.  Oh we LOST both of those Kirby ?


Roquan Smith leads the defense Kirby behind Natrez Patrick and he CAN NOT START for you Kirby half the games this season ALREADY ?  Seriously Kirby.  WTF ?


Half the games Trenton Thompson has NOT STARTED EITHER Kirby – same as Roquan Smith.  Excuse me Kirby ?  Trenton Thompson did not start against vols or Vandie BOTH LOSSES as well.  WTF ?  Trenton Thompson is our # 3 leader on defense and half the games SAME AS WITH ROQUAN SMITH Kirby has seen fit to bench them.


I am certain I speak for ALL these men Kirby that when you THINK YOU ARE MAKING A POINT to them to so mangle your year and their season by BENCHING THEM that you Kirby sir are HOLDING OUR TEAM BACK.


You did not start Mo Smith against Vandie Kirby.  We LOST.


What were you doing Kirby ?


Making a point to Mo Smith that you are in charge ?




Less than half the games you have even let Julian Rochester start.


Excuse me Kirby Julian Rochester is a STARTER Kirby.


Julian Rochester after Kirby says he can tell after 4 or 5 practices if the guy is Elite, did NOT start 4 of the 7 games.  WTF Kirby ?  Are you THIS BAD AT TALENT EVALUATION ?


Yes.  Yes, you are this bad at talent evaluation Kirby.


As a head coach, you are the WORST talent evaluator I have ever seen Kirby.


Do NOT write to me that Kirby is SELLING to 2017 recruits – which clearly is the # 1 best recruiting class UGA has EVER HAD – that there is opportunity to come-in, practice with the # 1 unit, be prepared to play, and put in the games more than just casual off-the-cuff cameo appearances and then BENCHED.


I would make Kirby sign a document have it notarized and make him present it to the press that I get snaps practicing with the # 1 unit, that I am prepared to play with the # 1 unit, and that I get in EVERY GAME all season long in the 1st quarter for more than a cameo appearance, or I would NOT sign with Kirby – if he told ME that he is selling the concept to everyone who has not yet committed of early PT- if Kirby told me that I can come-in and play right away.


Don’t you dare write that bullshit to me for me to read as you ALL are doing right now.  Don’t you dare try to pass that off to me.


I am not buying that bullshit.


Kirby is AFRAID to put them in lest they SHOW him up for having NOT PLAYED them while we are # 75 at every aspect of a football team.


Kirby is TRYING to make a point to them by not playing them.


Instead what Kirby has done is to MAKE MY POINT when if he ever puts-in his freshmen class this year, we will start winning and quit all this losing.


“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


How can that be true, Kirby ?  You don’t play FRESHMEN by policy.


How can a prospect buy-in to that total bullshit Kirby ?


I certainly am not falling for it.  I know 2017 you will not let any freshman talk to anyone, practice with the # 1 unit, play in the games, prepare him at all – NOT ONE.


We can look forward to seeing these 2016 freshmen in 2017.


And 2017 recruiting class in 2018.



Recruiting does not mean a hill of beans, if you don’t put them in the game and let them play.

We are using the same recruiting shtick next year 2017 recruiting signing date as we used 2016 signing date and that is that there is opportunity to play here at Georgia as a freshman.


Wouldn’t Kirby have had to have played some freshmen this year for anyone to believe that ?


Come here and no matter how badly we need you here, we will chide you and refuse to let you play as a freshman and we’ll also gag you.


No wonder there is a lot of opportunity here to play early as a freshman.  Even next year because he won’t let them play this year to show everyone how much depth he does have.


Kirby has a great recruiting class 2016 and has steadfastly refused to play ANY of them.  NONE OF THEM.


If he ever did, we would kick some butt.


Next year, he will play the freshmen as sophomores.


Then the good ones of this 2016 class will leave the year after next.  So the best ones you will really only see for 2 years with nothing but cameo appearances 2016 season – wasted as freshmen – EVERY ONE OF THEM.


Next year when this year’s class finally gets RECOGNIZED for what they are and get to play football finally and really help us, he will CATEGORICALLY REFUSE to play the even better 2017 class because they will be freshmen.


He will hold press conferences where he tells us where each of next year’s 2017 signing class is weak.  All of them will be chided in public.




How do I know that ?


Because only that has gone on all year 2016.


This is NOT how I envisioned 2016 game 8.


It has stymied his recruiting for 2017 right where it is for a LONG TIME NOW.


He better start playing his freshmen.


By the way, I would have practiced Jacob Eason ONLY with the # 1 unit January 12.


I would have STARTED Brian Herrien game 1 vs North Carolina and been cautious with Nick Chubb.  Brian Herrien was the ONLY running back healthy for North Carolina.  38 carries for Nick Chubb after THAT 3 ligament surgery.  Criminal.  He’s not been the SAME since.


We’ve just steadfastly refused to play freshmen.


And what’s up with this all we have is Isaiah McKenzie ?


Why Ben Cleveland with the sorry OL we saw vs Vandie in the last game still redshirted when he leaves to NFL with his best friend Jacob Eason after the year after next.  WTF ?


Mecole Hardman Jr. was redshirted for SEVERAL GAMES to begin this season and he had a come to Jesus meeting with Kirby and now gets to play one play on special teams each game TACKLING people NOT kick return or punt return both of which we SUCKED AT again vs Vandie.


Mecole also has not been handed the ball once.  Nor thrown to once.


Nice use of the # 1 athlete in the nation Kirby sir and his WASTED freshmen year.


Are you afraid to let us see how good Mecole Hardman Jr. is Kirby so that he doesn’t make you look bad because you said you would and then game 8 STILL HAVE NOT.


And thanks too Kirby for having such a out-of-sync offense too Kirby because of your feet-dragging about Jacob Eason.


I swear if you say one more word Kirby about your hating on your freshmen crap, I will really get this out there so as to CHANGE YOU KIRBY.


You hard-headed stubborn pig-headed hater of all freshmen Kirby.


MARK MY WORDS these freshmen this year will have a GREAT NFL DRAFT the year after next when the top ones leave early.  This is 2016.  You SAW what Jacob Eason was despite all the B.S. from Kirby and nothing but dragging his feet – kicking and screaming.


What my real concern is now game 8 is that Kirby will NOT play his even better recruiting class 2017 next year, EITHER.


And to think Kirby guaranteed us about Mecole for example that after 4 or 5 practices he’d recognize if he is Elite or not and play him on special teams and offense.  No, he has NOT.


It’s ALL been a recruiting shtick he is employing again 2017 already.


Game 8 next our # 1 Rival.






It doesn’t mean you will play as a freshman.  Ask any of those who are freshmen this year and report back to me.





How do you make Southern Fig Preserves? When the football season is over, I will be out.

Buy brown turkey fig tree.   Small is fine.  They grow very fast and will have more fruit every year.  If you can not find brown turkey fig tree, any fig tree will be just fine.  They will just be smaller figs.  If you know someone with a big one, root one down low with spade being certain to get the roots – by pulling on them and cut them as long as you can on the root and then plant them immediately.


Plant 1 fig tree front yard and 1 back yard so that you spread out the risk from squirrels and birds.  Fig trees like a lot of water but not hard-streamed because you will knock off the small green figs.


Once you see a fig turn not green and not the yellow color they get next, but the brownish red color, pick it. Wash them by putting them in washed sink and fill with water.  Put loosely in plastic grocery bags with stems still on them.  Store them in the refrigerator, and pick the ones which ripen the next day and do the same until you have a batch.


They will continue to ripen in the kitchen if you want them slightly darker by putting them on a paper towel on the window sill.  Birds and squirrels are no problem then.  I see lots of folks having trouble having any figs left to pick.  They do not do this step.  Pick them when they change color.


At the end of July in Atlanta you will harvest so many figs that you should get 100 lbs. of figs on 2 trees after a few years.  I tug on the taller limbs to bring them down so I can pick higher-up figs.  I prune them so I can mow under them – so I have a lot of limbs very high up.


As with any fruit or nut tree, you want to insure you keep the area under the fig trees clean.  It attracts bees elsewise.  Yellowjackets will make a hole in the ground and take-up residence. Then you have to buy a yellowjackets’ killer with a long stem plastic nozzle and go out before sunrise and put it into the hole to eradicate them.  Smoke is also a deterrent so you can use smoke to make picking the figs easier.  And Wasps will be everywhere from the time the morning is warm until dusk.   Keeping it clean under the fig tree helps prevent these issues. Pecan trees, you can not tell what you have if you leave old pecans under the tree right now when they are all about to drop.  So for different reasons you must keep fruit and nut trees clean under the trees before harvest.


You are going to need a pup ladder and 2 layers of clothes and half a day to pick them all.  Use mosquito netting they sell cheaply at Walmart to protect yourself from bees.  I wear a hat and wrap mosquito netting around my head.  The ripened figs on the tree eaten by birds and squirrels leave behind a small amount of very ripe figs which bees will swarm you for mid morning to nearly dusk.  You have to pick figs every day.  And you have to throw figs away far from tree which are half eaten.  No shorts.  Wear gloves.  Long sleeves shirts and jeans. Tuck socks into the jeans at the shoes.


When picking figs do not stand on the limbs or they will come loose from the bottom of the tree and spread-out too much.  I pull the limbs down and pull the figs off in a motion that breaks the stem without damaging the fig tree either.  And you will want to run hard nozzle under the fig trees to cut down on bees.  This will clean the land under fig trees of over ripe figs.   I find one tree or the other gets hit pretty hard by the birds and squirrels.  You may need 3 trees with one in the side yard.

But, if you pick the figs every day when they turn brown, the squirrels and birds will not have made up their mind to eat that fig yet.  They want them really to be just before fall off the tree ripe.  That is too late to bring them into the kitchen and wash them off and see which ones need to sit on a paper towel on the window sill for a day because you will not win that battle trying to get them just at the perfect moment.  That is all they have to do is to eat.  They have nothing better to do than that.  You will lose.

If you find one half ripe and half green – those never turn ripe and must be discarded far away from the tree.

Walmart also sells a mosquito net hat for $ 1.50 in camping goods.  Don’t pick figs without it and wear a hat underneath.  Fruit flies and other insects you can not see will eat you alive picking figs.  Figs are great.  But unfortunately not just for us.  Why wear 2 layers of long sleeves shirts and a T-Shirt under all that  and long pants with something layers of underwear and maybe gym shorts on top of the blue jeans ?  They will get through one layer.


Pick figs for 59 years and you will see what I mean.  I cringe to think about picking figs.


You are trying to cover yourself up completely every inch or you will itch and have to stop picking and take a hot shower for relief.  Hot water will draw the itch out and frankly nothing else works.  Leave any skin visible and you will pick figs for about 2 minutes before you just have to stop.  Even with all these layers, picking them every day – some days I find I have to stop for that day and go use-up all my hot water.  It’s that maddening.  Trust me.  If you are going to make figs someone needs to tell you this.  All of this.


When ready to make the fig preserves, get a soup kitchen pot.  This is a pot which is 20 quarts.


This will not fit eye of stove and 8 hours of boiling will mar the surface of your stove, so cook on propane on screen porch.


Without one of those large pots there is no need to plant 2 fig trees.  You’ll have too many.    Stem the figs.  Wash out the kitchen sink put the figs in and put cold water on them.  Wash them.  Take a serrated metal utility vegetable knife (not sharp) in your right hand and pick out a fig with your left.  Hold the stem near your right thumb and cut.  I can wash and cut 22 lbs. of figs in half an hour.   Some years I cut the figs in half and I think I prefer them that way.  Put the figs in a measuring cup and when full put in pot and write it up as one cup.  You need half as much white sugar as figs so you have to measure them before putting them into the large soup kitchen pot.  This method of washing them will just leave water all over the figs no matter how much you drain them.


Fig Preserves require 5 ingredients. 1- a shake of salt.  2- a Small amount of lemon juice in bottle.  3-water (careful not too much.)  4- half as much sugar in measuring cup as 5 -figs.


However, if you wash them as I you will have more than enough water on the figs.  And if you use sugar substitutes, you have to cut way down on the water.  You can add water to them as they nearly boil slow simmer.  But you really can’t get water out later. It lengthens the time to cook if you add too much water because you are trying to make a fig syrup.


Measure :


8 cups figs washed and stems removed

4 cups of white sugar (brown sugar and sugar substitutes will require maybe half the water)  If you are using other sugars other than white sugar the package must give you equivalents to this recipe which is why I break it down several ways for you herein, so that you have half a much sugar as figs.

1  cup cold water will give you a good syrup (if you wash then cook, use almost no water – just be careful not to burn the bottom by stirring every few minutes entire cooking time)

Shake some sea salt on top

1 Tablespoon liquid lemon juice

Turn the burner on where you can turn it up to get it up-to temperature, but then quickly turn it down to medium low for 3 hours or longer depending on how much water you have to turn to syrup.


Do not let it boil.


Stir every 15 minutes or so with long wooden spoon so you stir it up from the bottom so it does not stick.


Boil your jars lids and rings and keep them hot.


Use a $ 1.50 canning funnel also found at Walmart by the Ball jars.


I wear a pair of oven mitts which are made of what looks like rubber for high heat.


A jar grabber found beside the Ball jars is really not necessary with these gloves to fill the jars but you really can not possibly get them out of the water vat after you fill the Ball jars with fig preserves without a jar grabber.  You can not get a hold of the jar.  I can hold the bottle in my left hand and ladle the figs into the funnel to the Ball jars.  Remember that you are getting rid of germs in the water bath and many sites will warn you of these dangers.


Wipe the jar.  Place the hot lid on the jar.  Put the ring on the jar.  Tighten.  Heat that in a second 20-quart pot of all water this time a long time.  The longer the better.  The lemon juice really helps in this process but 3 minutes is not long enough.  45 minutes is recommended to insure safe storage of the figs.  You can spend all day doing this.


Let them cool.


I refrigerate mine then.


Throw the lids and rings away after each year and remind everyone to return the jar.


I toast bread in the morning, spread butter on it, and then put figs on it with my coffee.  Yum !


If the figs are mushy when you stem them you do not need to cut them in half, because when you put them in the jar they will spread well anyway.


Mine are gone before Winter gets here.  I am making my second batch now.  I picked figs this morning and I just picked figs tonight.


I just picked 11 lbs. of figs from the 2 mature fig trees this morning and another 11 lbs. of figs tonight. I could pick that many figs frankly every day if I wanted to.  I just can not stand picking them.   This measured 23 pints of figs for 22 lbs. which is 46 cups.  I used quart Ball jars.  I did the same exact totals last weekend too and that filled 12 quart Ball jars.  I am making the same recipe tonight and could do it again if I want next weekend.  Or let the birds squirrels bees and neighbors have them.  I find they like my fig preserves better each year but they last a day or two at the most before I get my Ball jar back.  I pick the figs for as many days as it takes to have what I think will fill one 20-quart soup kitchen pot.  Some days near the end of July early August there are so many figs I could still pick but it is beyond my endurance to handle being bit any more than day and just have to stop.


These are delicious.  This is all well worth the effort.  If you ever got a jar of these, you would go pick them yourself and see just how easy this recipe is – although I have never seen a recipe that really spells-out the steps.  Everyone assumes you know how to put figs in a jar or how to pick them or what to wear or what to do about insects or how to grow or which tree to buy and how many trees.  They give you mixed measurements of dry to liquid.  They put junk in the figs which ruin the taste.  They don’t tell you how to safely store the fig preserves.  I had to learn this the hard way with mom’s and Aunt Mary Lee’s guidance.  When I go look for a recipe, frankly there is not a complete one anywhere.  I have written all this down.  I use recipes.  I do not cook without recipe. You only make fig preserves once a year.


This is a simple straight-forward Classic Southern Fig Recipe.


Yes, I have tried many variations.


If you pick the figs daily and then make them in batches like this you will spend a good 8 hours making a batch from washing them to finish.  Cooking times vary depending on the amount of water you need to boil down to make the syrup.


So for :


46 cups washed stemmed halved figs 22 lbs. I over-filled each cup because of space between the raw figs

23 cups white sugar

4 cups cold water or less (I wash my figs last moment so really add about no water)  Once it starts to simmer, the figs which have loads of water in them, will make it obvious how much water you need.  Until then you can not tell and can easily draw this cooking time out trying to make it into a syrup.

6 shakes of sea salt

6 tablespoons liquid lemon juice which is 3 eights of a cup less than half a cup which is 3 ounces.  You can use real lemons and slice them thinly which in the syrup taste great by themselves.  Lemon slices should be put into the fig preserves in each jar to assist in making certain that you do not have germs in the jar.  The acid in the lemon helps.  I just use lemon juice.  I don’t care for lemon slices on my fig preserve toast with coffee each morning.  Lemon is too acidic to my taste in the mornings even if it is prudent from germs point-of-view.

Cook 3 hours or longer on medium low stirring every 15 minutes until you have a syrup.  You will get these quantities correct from this recipe on sugar half as much in a measuring cup as in same measuring cup of figs.  You will probably end-up with too much water and may need to cook for 8 hours instead of 3 hours to get the water to boil-down enough to have the syrup.  It is a fine line between burning the bottom of the pot without enough water, and waiting all night for it to turn to syrup because you put too much water.  If you are stirring the pot however, frequently, you can tell if it is too thick and easily add a little water until it is not too thick when stirring it.


Since a pound of white sugar is 2 cups I used 11 and a half pounds white sugar for 46 cups of figs.  You have to measure this or you will not have syrup.


You may need to drain the water out of the pot before adding water to it to see that there might be cups of water already in the pot following this recipe.


The way I do this is again I wash the figs in clean sink and put them into a measuring cup and mark-up 1 cup figs so I know to use half cup sugar filling the measuring cup up over the top to allow for space between raw figs.


Therefore I added 4 cups since when I measured I already had 2 cups of water from washing the 22 lbs. 46 cups of stemmed figs.  You are not going to do that step of measuring how much water you have in the bottom of the pot, but I do.  So I know there is a ton of water in the bottom.  If you add too much water it could take 8 hours or longer simmering to evaporate enough of the water to make the fig syrup.  I figure if you follow this recipe that you will need to add no water to the recipe and will have a beautiful lovely syrup.  You want to have a syrup.  Syrup is the water.  Too much water, never get syrup.  Too little water, burn bottom of pot.


Big pot too big for eye ruins stoves.  Heat for 3 hours or longer is transferred from the outside edges of the pot to the painted surface so as when I make boiled peanuts I do use propane on screen porch.  Or a smaller pot that fits the eyes of the stove I am using.  This is why I broke-down the exact quantities for you so you can make smaller batches.  I like making them all at a time and mine are wildly popular.


You can begin picking figs at the very end of July in Atlanta.  October 21 and it is 87 degrees outside today.  You can wait no more than one day between picking figs or you will lose them to the animals notably birds and squirrels however if you have planted 2 fig trees one in back yard one in front yard, you will find the tree that they do not hit as hard has more than enough figs for you after about 3 years of growth.  Mature fig trees grow and grow so you do have to prune them before they start the new year’s growth.


My mom taught me how to make Southern Fig Preserves she and Aunt Mary Lee.  Since mom made dinner for 7 I had mom teach me all her recipes.  Want to know how to make Squash Casserole ?  Sweet potato soufflé ?  Beef stroganoff ?  Lasagna ?  Prime Rib of Beef ?  I worked my way through college at Georgia as a chef.  I was in charge of 60 employees.  Everyone in tipped services reported to me.  But I ran it from the kitchen until I closed the kitchen, then on the floor.  Then the office. Then the bank.  I can serve 600 people at a time.  Chef Gurley Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills taught me and I taught everyone else myself.   After college all I did was computers, travel, and Georgia Bulldogs !  I have a lot of fun.  My Dad said that I had to get out of kitchen work but honestly were it not for him I would have stayed in the kitchen.  I love it.


I keep the majority of the Southern Fig Preserves I make so every batch I get 6 quarts or so out of the 12 quart jars I make using this exact recipe every year.  I find myself adding-in less and less water each year to speed-up cooking time.


I spend so much time picking the figs and cooking fig preserves that I encourage my friends relatives and neighbors if they want more than 1 jar they should follow the recipe here from my mom and Aunt Mary Lee.  It is gruesome getting the figs off the fig tree.  If they want to eat them raw after I have been picking figs, I hand them a grocery plastic bag and tell them to pick their own.  It’s that much hassle from the ants bees spiders and general itch picking figs.


When the football season is over I should be out.  So when Practice starts for football that is when you can begin this process.  I just had Southern Fig Preserves on buttered toast with my coffee.  Southern Fig Preserves and Georgia Bulldogs’ football go hand-in-hand.




“Mark Richt should not have been fired.” “I don’t agree with firing Mark Richt.” “Mark Richt will do great coaching anywhere.” “Mark Richt was great coaching here.” “Every kid’s Dad wants his son to play for Mark Richt.” “We want Mark Richt at our Gala to end the season.” “We are holding a vigil for Mark Richt” after he was fired. “Let Mark Richt coach us in the bowl game so he can get to 10-win season” like 29 teams did unranked in the Final AP Poll half the time his last 8 years 4 of his last 8. Four teams who won 10-game seasons 2015 were unranked 2015. Mark Richt’s best win 2015 was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn. All Mark Richt needs is a 10th Coordinator – not his fault. “You can make a good case that Mark Richt should not have been fired.” “Jacob Eason coming here is contingent upon Mark Richt still being the coach here.” Why are you still writing about Mark Richt when he was fired with cause 11 months ago. “Mark Richt is the best recruiter and will win the national championship in 2015 or 2016” losing 22 seniors (Dream Team) who lost 24 games their 6 seasons here 4 per season average all 22 who STARTED for Mark Richt. “It will be Mark Richt’s crowning glory 2016 to win the NC. All he lacks.” “I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job” AFTER Florida game 2015 we were ALL told ad nauseam. “He isn’t going anywhere.” “You’re not as good a Bulldog fan as I” you told me while NOW we find out you don’t even go to the games but are in here at game time posting how great Mark Richt is again and disagreeing with posts that Mark Richt lost it after 2007. You said I “cannot deny that it is a decision which can not be justified to fire Mark Richt.” “Mark Richt did NOT deserve to lose his job.” You bullied me for 8 years on the Internet with all this. You would NOT let me say it. You wanted NO ONE to read my posts making these points that YOU SAID ALL THIS. “He isn’t going anywhere.” Mark Richt with average # 7 recruiting rankings LOST to unranked teams EVERY year and LOST to the top 15 teams # 45 nation after 2007 losing 18 of 24 big game loser wasting his talent who all left went to NFL and did GREAT there. You made quite a bit of PREDICTIONS to me. “Guarantees” you said. “Take it to the bank.” Bank on it. “I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program without Mark Richt.” “I am now a fan of Miami of Florida and guarantee he will do great there too.” “I have 2 tags on my truck now one for Georgia and one for Miami.” “Should Richt be fired? To answer this we should look at 2 things: 1. How are we recruiting? 2. Is the program headed in a positive direction? I feel good about both of these questions.” Mark Richt LOST 11 of 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl as our head coach. Mark Richt BLOWN-OUT by UNRANKED opponent AGAIN 16-37 last night.

Excuse me, Mark Richt UNRANKED in the AP Poll and UNRANKED in the Coaches’ Poll beat Florida agricultural and mining, beat FAU whatever that is and beat Appalachian State college and has lost to 3 teams in a row – multitudes of unranked teams beating Mark Richt in a ROW now this morning.


Mark Richt update.  Mark Richt lost again last night against another unranked opponent.  4-3.


I told you so.


16-37 blown-out by unranked opponent.


For 8 years you made the North End of a South Bound Horse out of yourself about Mark Richt.  So pardon me if I point-out where he actually is since you BRAGGED on Mark Richt ALL of 2016.


You’re STILL bragging on Mark Richt 11 months later.




# 98 in penalties. # 77 fumbles lost. # 120 kick-off return defense. # 103 net punting. # 70 punt returns by us. # 82 sacks allowed. # 71 sacks by us of them.



Interview with Kirby

Kirby : Thanks Thomas for your call.

me : I am humbled Kirby sir.

K : Do you think since it’s Thursday now that you could give it a rest about Vanderbilt ?

me : I have not spoken about Vandie since Sunday Kirby.

K : I am redshirting Ben Cleveland because I spoke with him and told him where he needs to improve.

me : You need help on the OL and he is going to NFL with Jacob Eason after 2018.

K : I am glad you brought-up Jacob Eason Thomas.  I have been playing him exclusively and you were on a longtime agenda about me doing so.

me : Yes Kirby but why did you not let him have any snaps with # 1 unit all Spring to have a well-oiled offense by now game 8 coming-up ?  And none in Fall until 3 weeks before kick-off ?  And then yank him the last week Fall Practices ?  And then yank him when he WON the UNC game for you ?  And then give Greyson Lambert the snaps with # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday before Nicholls State ?

K : I asked for this interview.  Not you Thomas.

me : No sir.  This is my dime.  I called you.  You sent me an e-mail and asked me to call this number.

K : I gave you my number to clear the air.

me : No sir.  You gave me your number Kirby because you want to tell me you are in charge.  And that I should not be harping on Vandie when we are trying to build a program here better than 4 losses a season the last 8 when I am (1) not subject to your 24-hour rule and (2) I am asking Kirby sir about (a) freshmen (b) offensive play calling and (c) special teams.  Why couldn’t we have had this conversation before now Kirby when you might have learned something from our questions as fans and done something about at least one of these glaring issues with you and your inexperience and frankly unprepared to be head coach paid the salary of one and getting nothing close to it.  So many seasoned coaches proven as head coach we could have had and now LSU gets one and we can’t ?  We should give up football.  Set us all loose free to the wind without a football program at all with this Greg McGarity cat in charge and he the worst AD we’ve ever had all sports across the gambit not the least of which is now you on top of all the other growing concerns about Greg McGarity installed as a puppet replacement by Mike Adam$ for his other puppet replacement red panties do you even know who I am jumbotron don’t drink and drive leaving today’s game.

K : I am talking about freshmen.  I played Jacob Eason like you wanted me to Thomas.

me : No sir.  I have no answer from you Kirby sir that if you are playing Jacob Eason, then why did you not prepare him as I said you should have January 12 ?

K : Because I considered Mark Richt had chosen Greyson Lambert as # 1 QB.  I want to play the more seasoned guys.

me : Fair enough but since you brought it up, you have done that across the board haven’t you Kirby sir ? Shying away from freshmen sir ?

K : Sure.  That is my policy.

me : Even if you have a real need at the position and even if you have seen him in 75 practices and in game situation as well Kirby game 1 vs UNC ?

K : Well I did change on Wednesday Nicholls State and went to Jacob Eason then.

me : No sir you did not Kirby sir.  You yanked him in Nicholls State and put in Greyson Lambert AGAIN.

K : I am coach.

me : But why then Kirby this predilection sir against freshmen ?

K : I thought Greyson Lambert had better command.

me : He was losing by double-digits when you finally put in Jacob Eason to bail you and Greyson Lambert both out or you lose to UNC.

K : I did not lose to UNC.

me : Why is that Kirby sir ?

K : Because I am in charge the coach I won.

me : Kirby sir this is really about all your freshmen too isn’t it ?  Not just Jacob Eason ?  You want to tell freshmen that you are in charge right Kirby ?  Show them ?

K : Yes, my Daddy was a high school coach and he taught me that Freshmen lose games.

me : When was that ?  Decades ago Kirby sir ?

K : Well yeah.  Jacob Eason has lost 3 games.

me : No sir he won every game except Ole Miss.  How did you fall behind 48 to nothing in that game ?

K : I am not talking about Ole Miss.  That is 24-hour rule of mine.

me : You talked about winning North Carolina game Kirby.

K : I am coach.  I am in charge.

me : So when it suits you there is no 24-hour rule ?

K : I am coach.

me : Kirby let me ask you this sir : When Nick Chubb had surgery did you think 38 carries 1st game back was good for him ?

K : The doctors cleared him Thomas.

me : The doctors expected you to run the 1 guy 38 times Kirby ?

K : I had Sony Michel too.

me : No sir Sony Michel had broken arm.

K : Well that is all Mark Richt left me.

me : No sir, you recruited Brian Herrien.  Why not play him some instead of running ragged these 2 injured guys ?

K : Brian Herrien is a freshman.  I have played him some.

me : Not really Kirby.  He got only a cameo appearance in Vandie loss.

K : I am not discussing Vanderbilt because of my 24-hour rule.

me : You’re kind of defensive aren’t you Kirby ?  I mean you did ask me to call you, right ?

K : I thought I could do you like the press and tell you what to ask and not ask ?

me : No sir my readers expect me to ask and to negotiate an answer from you.

K : My answer is that Brian Herrien is not better than Sony Michel and Nick Chubb.

me : Even with both of them coming-off injuries Kirby ?

K : When healthy they are the best 2 running backs in The SEC.

me : That’s the point that they were not healthy either one so why rely on them ?

K : I get a mulligan for 2016.  I want to save Brian Herrien for his senior year.

me : Kirby he will be gone after 2018 like a good bit of your recruiting class this year.  He is leading the team in rush per carry but you refuse to play him much.  Yank him back out as soon as he has a great run and none of the others are running the ball well early-on this season.  Seriously Kirby you ran a guy who clearly is NEVER going to be a running back on 4th and 1 to lose the game and kept-on keeping freshman Brain Herrien and freshman Elijah Holyfield on the bench.

K : Well after 4 or 5 practices I can tell if a player is Elite or not and play him on offense get him the ball then.  I want our 2 horses returning to get all the snaps really.  I moved a lot of guys around yesterday.

me : More bad things have been happening running the ball because you are in 2nd and long all the time Kirby.   Sony Michel is better out in space and you send him in and make him run right up the gut too.   And, you saw Mecole Hardman Jr. 60 practices Kirby and still had not played him.  And, yeah now before game 8 you made wholesale changes to a dozen guys and now have tied-up your coaching staff teaching ALL of them a new position.  But, you have done so Kirby sir without any move of any impact player to do anything about winning 2016.  They were cosmetic changes and why I asked if I could do this short interview and see if I couldn’t actually get you to answer the questions rather than kowtow to your demands that you can run roughshod over the rest of the press out there Kirby.  You made no move to get any of your freshmen class into a position to play them Kirby sir.  You said you would.  You promised them you would and sold it as a reason they come here 2016 and now again 2017 that you obviously have holes and need help and they can get immediate playing time.  Your idea of PT and mine, differ sir.  Isaac Nauta ?  Why not spread him out wide ?  Your receivers all drop the ball and the one good receiver you could sign you whiffed-on losing out to California Golden Bears and their # 76 recruiting class Kirby.  Julian Rochester why hold him back ?  Riley Ridley – didn’t he catch the ball against vols Kirby ?  Why he forgotten man at receiver ?  Charlie Woerner you have thrown all of 3 passes to. Why keep the logjam at TE when they are ALL better than the receivers you do play, when instead you could get your best 11 out there on offense at one time ?  Javon Wims Kirby ?  Why isn’t he played more ?  Everyone is dropping Jacob Eason’s passes, aren’t they all Kirby sir ?  Solomon Kindley you ripped the redshirt off of 4 games into the season for one game.  Now that is all he gets is one snap all year ?  Why all this misuse of your 2016 signing class at least # 7 nationally Kirby sir ?  Michail Carter you stole from Alabama the last moment.  Why can’t he get more PT too Kirby ?  What are you doing Kirby ?  David Marshall.  Tyler Clark.  And now you have 2 starting linebackers at least one of whom is going to be suspended for the rest of the season.  Why have him practice like you are Kirby when # 1 Rival Florida is next ?  Don’t you EVER practice the guy at the position you KNOW you have to play him at anyway ?  You make no sense for such a great student who made all A here at Georgia Kirby.  This has to be by design ?  You are purposely scuttling this 2016 season.  Alabama in 2007 was on Probation.  You have no excuse for ANY of this other than your hatred of freshmen.

K : I like Isaiah McKenzie.  And, I want Mecole to focus on defensive back and when he learns that we can talk about spreading him out wide on offense.  These other freshmen too will get to play some next year as sophomores and then as juniors even more.

me : We can all see you like Isaiah McKenzie Kirby.  You were left the # 93 experienced 2-Deep by Mark Richt Kirby.  You do have other options.  He is one of 85 scholarship players.  We’re not used to having 85.  You do.  And, you clearly play 58 instead.  Why ?  You refuse to play Mecole in your secondary. You are holding back Mecole Hardman Jr. just like you did Jacob Eason and like you are Brian Herrien.  And like you are Ben Cleveland. And all the other freshmen.

K : You said it Thomas that Mecole is a freshmen.

me : Yes and gone after 2018.

K : I am playing Mecole.

me : No sir you are not.  You redshirted him for the first several games and then only cameo role on special teams but not punt returner and not kick-off returner.

K : I am in charge as the coach Thomas.

me : So you really don’t want to discuss any of your decisions on the freshmen Kirby sir ?

K : No sir I do not Thomas.

me : Ok.  Let’s discuss the Offensive Play-Calling then, ok Kirby sir ?

K : I like to run the ball.

me : It makes your defense better.

K : Yes that’s right Thomas.

me : What about your Offensive Line blocking ?  And, do you think Jim Chaney presents a positive role model for the kids.  What does he weigh anyway ?

K : We’ve struggled in that offensive line area.  We need bigger guys.  Jim Chaney was a nose guard so he’s going to be big-boned.

me : So, if you need bigger guys to impose your will and run the ball, why are you running the ball ?  As for Jim Chaney’s bones, he seems to me to have enough fat on him to weigh over 400 lbs and why was he laughing during the Vandie game losing the whole game ?

K : Because I want to run.  I think that fewer bad things happen when you run the ball Thomas.  I told Jim Chaney to run the ball.  That’s why I hired him.  He was laughing because he told me that we’re not doing well running the ball and I pointed to the scoreboard and showed our defense is holding them because we’re running the ball controlling the clock and establishing field position by running the ball.

me : You have had eight nine and even ten in the box against you Kirby.  Again, Kirby sir, you TELEGRAPH your plays are to run the ball and say so in interviews. So Jim Chaney was laughing because he was proving his point that we’re not running the ball ?  As for you say your offensive line struggles to block, do you assimilate what you say Kirby – or, are just overwhelmed with it all with so many OBVIOUS areas you are unprepared to be a head coach at sir ?  And we have established your tailbacks both had injuries.  Therefore more bad things happen when you force an offensive strategy on a # 1 unit which frankly has been very poor running the ball.  There isn’t any one part of this I want to run the ball which was fitting with your team you do have.  And you would not let the freshmen play so we don’t know if they would have helped you to run the ball.

K : I want to run the ball Thomas, ok ?  Can I do that as the coach ?

me : No sir – you’ve been unable to do that all season long sir.  You even ran the ball with a minute to go before half losing.

K : Excuse me Thomas, may I run the ball if I want to ?

me : You’re the coach.  You’re in charge Kirby.

K : Ok so that is an answered question then isn’t it Thomas sir ?

me : Yes sir.  You are going to run the football.

K : Right.

me : Even if your personnel is wrong you say to even try to do that.  Even if you are losing.  Even if on 16 first down plays, you ran the ball only 36 yards them all stuffing the box on you.

K : A healthy Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are as good as any at running the ball.

me : Ok Kirby.  Ok.  That question is answered.

K : Thank you Thomas.

me : What about special teams Kirby ?

K : I hired the son of a coach who made his living for decades on special teams.

me : So let me ask you this Kirby sir : Do you feel your area of expertise as a coach is defense ?

K : Yes.

me : And no real experience offensively ?

K : I coached running backs 2005 here at Georgia.

me : Is that your only experience ever on offense Kirby ?

K : Yes.

me : And as running backs’ coach then that 1 year, you want to run the football ?

K : Correct.

me : And special teams Kirby sir ?

K : I have not been involved in special teams until this 2016 season.

me : How is it going ?

K : Ups and downs but we are headed in the right direction.

me : You kicked-off to the 3-yard line had it returned to our goal line, returned a kick-off to your own 3-yard line and gave up 10 points those 2 plays alone.

K : We did some areas of special teams well Thomas.  I have Isaiah McKenzie human joy stick back there returning punts.

me : Yes you made 3 field goals after missing 4 of the first 7.  And you had 8 balls punted to your lousy special teams and your one punt return man bobbled two of those and let all 8 roll past him.  He uses his body to catch the ball rather than his hands.  Reggie Davis is the only guy you have to return kick-offs or some of these freshmen we have been discussing would be great choices at kick-off returning Kirby sir ?

K : See ?  We made 3 field goals.

me : Pardon me sir ?

K : We’re headed in the right direction as a team on the whole.

me : You’ve lost 3 of the last 4 games.  You like to duck questions and change the topic don’t you Kirby ?

K : Those 3 of the last 4 games I’ve lost are all beyond the 24-hour rule.

me :  Then why did you JUST SAY  Kirby that you made 3 field goals 5 days ago Kirby ?  And, what is your record Kirby sir ?

K : We are nearly 6-1.  Things happen in The SEC Thomas.

me : Kirby sir you are 4-3.

K : We could have been 6-1.

me : You are NOT 6-1 Kirby sir.  And you could have lost to North Carolina too like Mark Richt.

K : We did not lose to North Carolina Thomas.

me : Because Jacob Eason came in and bailed you out you and Greyson Lambert.

K  : Right.  Good move by me.  Right Thomas ?

me: You took him back out Kirby sir after he got the lead.  Greyson Lambert didn’t do anything.

K : I think we’re slightly stronger running the ball with Greyson Lambert.

me : Kirby sir Greyson Lambert has in his career 29 rushes for minus 39 yards and leads the team with 7 fumbles all last season leading the team in fumbles except for Isaiah McKenzie.

K : I wasn’t here last year.

me : Don’t remind me Kirby, sir.  Did you get a call from Greg McGarity November 28 after Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game ?

K : Yes.

me : Did he offer you the job ?

K : I told Greg McGarity that it would be my dream to be head coach at my alma mater and my wife’s alma mater where she starred as starting guard on our basketball team which was so good.

me : Then why did you wait 6 weeks and 4 days to show-up ?

K : I wanted to win the national championship.  I owed it to those recruits there on Alabama’s team.

me : We offered you five times your salary there to be here.

K : Money isn’t everything Thomas.

me : Money isn’t everything ?  Neither is being here to see our team, coach our team, help our team get prepared for this year.  Being here isn’t everything to you either then is it Kirby sir ?

K : This year is a mulligan.  I wanted to be at Alabama.

me : You felt we could throw-away this season Kirby, sir ?  If you wanted to be at Alabama why did you say it would be your dream to come here and coach ?  I am confused.

K : I did not say that we could afford to throw-away this season Thomas.

me : Yeah, you did Kirby sir.  You tacitly said so because you would rather be there than to get a head start on 2016.  I have never even heard of anyone being allowed to take a job and then say hey can I do this at my old job for the next 6 weeks and 4 days ?  That’s really poor commitment to your new job and a bad omen to your success here Kirby. You know Kirby ?  Your job.  Your profession.  Your calling.  Head Coach Georgia Bulldogs.  You’re top 10 on Coaches’ Kirby because you are so far behind and so over-rated as a coach without really any experience at anything except defenses and surprisingly horrible as quick determination of ANY of your players as elite.  Maybe if you had been here November 28 when you lied to Greg McGarity it would be your dream TO BE HERE you might have figured-out by now to play your freshmen.

K : I owed Alabama’s players to finish what I started there.  Ok I have made some mistakes on the field and at practice forcing the wrong plays on the wrong guys and not looking at other alternatives along with poor clock management and frankly a bad defense I set-up on the Hail-Mary  vs. the vols.  I was trying to have cover guys out there not realizing all we had to do was line end zone and keep them out knock it down that they had to pass.  But being here in November would not have helped that.

me : No, sir, you owed fiduciary responsibility to UGA Kirby.  If we fire you here because you are not ready and let you learn how to be head coach at some place like Weeber State agricultural college, would you tell them that you want to stay here for 6 weeks and 4 days finishing-up your job here before you go there and learn how to be committed to a new job and the excitement of that Kirby sir ? And you don’t know if being here 6 weeks and 4 days earlier would have helped you or not.  What we definitely do know is you showing-up here so LATE sent the message to the fan base that you really didn’t want to be here and work on THIS TEAM.  You refused to be here even after Nick Saban said you should be here.  You’re just stubborn, aren’t you Kirby ?  You want to do what you want to do.  I am glad we’re having this heart-to-heart Kirby.  We all needed to hear these answers.  Why all the ranting and raving to the press when it is clear you could have answered these questions before now, couldn’t you have Kirby ?

K : No sir Thomas.  I owed fiduciary responsibility to Alabama.  I was their Defensive Coordinator.  I recruited those kids.  I needed to finish it out there Thomas.  I hoped I would not be forced to answer these questions honestly Thomas.  You’re not like the other press.  You hang right with it and demand the answer.

me : No sir.   You just didn’t want to answer.  They tried to get you to.   You needed to get here and get a top-notch staff and find out what you have and make sure you fill the holes.  And get ready to win 2016.  You have done whatever you want to whomever you want especially the freshmen since you got here and haven’t given a hang about the energy vampire you’ve been to the freshmen class – who could have so positively affected this 2016 season now over.

K : I am winning 2016 Thomas.

me : You did not get here until January 12.  And you’ve made a ton of mistakes with time-outs and adjustments and being bull-headed.

K : I did get here January 12 and I am from South Georgia so yes we’re conservative.  I’ve made some mistakes.  Are you a city boy Thomas ?

me : You said this would be your dream job to be our head coach Kirby sir and then did not show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time sir.  And yes I live in Atlanta.  And yes you have made some mistakes Kirby and continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

K : Greg McGarity talked it over November 28 with Jere Morehead and both of them said it was ok for me to finish like I said I wanted to.

me : Nick Saban said in public it was a big mistake on your part to not be here at Georgia and stubbornly wanting for odd reasons to not be excited about your new job but do a 4th time that which you had already done 3 times.  Kirby, sir, are you saying that there was NO SEARCH FIRM ?  That on November 28 Greg McGarity offered you the job and you accepted ?  Shouldn’t we do an open records’ request and find-out just what that SERACH FIRM RECOMMENDATION DOES SAY ?

K : I saw that statement that Nick Saban said I should leave Alabama and be at my new job and I well ignored it.  I have not seen any SEARCH FIRM knowledge made public.  It should be.  All I know is I wanted this job badly and am ecstatic to be here.  Tom Herman wanted this job ?  We all knew at the time he was a top candidate for the job and that he was probably the top choice as proven head coach who might actually leave and be our coach instead of me.  There was a long list of coaches for the job I took here at Georgia and was not the only assistant looking to be promoted to our first head coaching job.  What did the search firm report actually say ?  I’d love to see that myself Thomas.  Yes do an open records’ request and my new law will get you an answer by the time the final record for 2016 is also finalized.  I hold little hope that I can win-out.

me : You’re good at that, aren’t you Kirby sir ?

K : I am good at defense.

me : There are 3 sides to the ball Kirby sir.

K : I got here.  We’re doing just fine Thomas.

me : You got here late Kirby sir and you and the team have been trying to play catch-up ever since.

K : We’re working on the culture here now.

me : No you started working on the culture here 6 weeks and 4 days after you could have.

K : We’ve got to throw the ball better that was what stuck with me about last year for Georgia.

me : So you put back in the same QB who could not throw ?

K : I was not playing a freshman QB.

me : You had to.

K : I don’t have to do anything.  I am the coach Thomas, sir.

me : Shane Beamer has done very poorly Kirby sir.

K : Shane Beamer is a great special teams’ coordinator who will do well in-time here at Georgia too. And I will be very involved in special teams.

me : You’re too involved in all aspects of the team.  Why not hire someone who is good at special teams and let him coach them since you admit you are weak in special teams’ experience yourself sir.  You are too involved in offensive play-calling telling Jim Chaney to just run the ball 16 times on first downs the last game you lost.  You know the third loss in the last 4 games Kirby ?  And not having the personnel in who can run it.  And against a stacked box.  Good Lord Kirby.  Give up some control of the small details to get a managerial overall view of the team.  Move some guys around at impact positions and change our fortunes the 2nd half of this season.  Quit making Jim Chaney laugh that he should have been doing anything BUT those 16 first downs you insisted he run on all 16 Kirby.  For Heaven’s Sake Kirby, I would have laughed at you openly to the homecoming crowd too making my point while you have some preconceived notion that WE MUST RUN EVERY PLAY because fewer bad things happen you say repeatedly Kirby.  More bad things happen when you do that – ESPECIALLY when you telegraph every play as a run.  Even on 4th down you kept the same play – Isaiah McKenzie to run.  I saw Isaiah McKenzie on the 2nd time-out there saying : “This is Vandie.  Come-on guys.  Let’s not LOSE to Vandie” with his poor body language.  You were too involved in your one player team Isaiah McKenzie ONLY to even see the negative effect that had in the huddle on all 85 scholarship players Kirby.  You should have run ANYONE but him because of that.  And what was that running play one minute before half where we all stood and booed YOU Kirby not Jim Chaney.  Instead again you act like all you have to run with or pass to is Isaiah McKenzie.  You really get stuck in your ways don’t you Kirby ?  One track mind.  You brag of making 3 field goals more than 24 hours ago today Kirby but you don’t discuss that a field goal at half would have given you the lead and therefore the win. Instead you throw a Hail Mary to the shortest smallest guy on the team with speed.  His prowess is out in space not jump balls Jesus Christ Kirby.  You had 8 more penalties willy-nilly sending in play calls and personnel that don’t fit the situation and frankly have been slow on the uptake Kirby to make necessary adjustments in-game.  You had a penalty at the end of the game that cost you the game when Jacob Eason ran to the 19-yard line red zone and had it called back.

K : They need to do their job.  That is all they need to concentrate on.  I am in charge Thomas not you.  And I am sure I am doing well at this as head coach at Georgia.  What are you Thomas ?  What do you do ?

me : Well they aren’t, are they Kirby sir – doing their job ?  I was a computer salesman.  Now this is my hobby and frankly it isn’t any fun with a lying coach forcing his will against the grain of his personnel and acting like he can recruit this great class coming-in telling them all too the same message you gave this year’s class that they should all come here and we obviously need them so they can get early playing time.  No they can’t.  Not next year any more than this year.  All you have done this morning Thursday morning Kirby is say that you are NOT playing any freshmen.  Do you even stop and consider the negative energy that is to these or indeed any ever who are freshmen with you establishing this precedent that you prefer seasoned guys who are not as good or as talented as the new guys.  And what was this moving around of so many of your personnel just prior to game 8 Kirby ?  Late to do that ?  Why not some of these IMPACT players we’ve discussed Kirby ?  Why no moves to get any of them involved finally ?  Why same play calls and only lip-service by you toward the freshmen instead of play calls designed to take advantage of the # 1 athlete Mecole Hardman Jr. on offense for example Kirby ?  Can’t you as coach design your strategies around the talent you do have instead of just always only forcing your own will on me, on the other press, on the freshmen, on Jim Chaney to only run the ball, on Shane Beamer to just play the guys back there on special teams who Mark Richt played back there as the # 100 special teams last year too ?  What are you doing Kirby ?  Do you even know sir ?

K : “You do whatever you have to do to win the game.”  As for me moving around a dozen players including multiples I made a mistake on moving them from one side of the ball to the other, I wasn’t going to play them anyway.  Good move on my part to move them Thomas.  And I am not going to play them on the other side of the ball I moved them too either.  I want all their dozen scholarships back. I’m out and have some more guys I want to come in and help us we can sign but I’m out of scholarships for more commitments 2017.

me : You have redefined grey-shirting Kirby.  I expected that coming from Alabama.  Jerk them around make them all unhappy, sign another big class with same promise of PT and not play them either.  Par for the course.  You will have no problem having MORE scholarships Kirby.  A ton of unhappy freshmen will just leave – Ben Cleveland for example.  Frankly, any and all your existing 2016 freshmen class Kirby all jerked around like at Alabama.  Here where there is TALENT unlike the state of Alabama, we DO PLAY our freshmen Kirby.  This is 2016 sir. Across the board in every category of your team all 3 sides of the ball Kirby sir you are NOT doing what you need to do to win the games.  You purposely categorically refuse to play any freshmen Kirby.  The more you talk and lie the more I am convinced you were right in the first place to NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS Kirby.  Who told you they prepared you to talk to the press ?  You’re a freshmen Kirby and should not be allowed to speak with the press and certainly have made a grave error in smarting-off to me that you wanted me to call you this morning Kirby.  You wanted ANYTHING but.

K : “We had kids here last year that were talented enough their freshman year who couldn’t get out there because of the complexity of the scheme.  I’m going to sell the scheme as a way to lead a kid there knowing he can get to the next level once he learns it but not be stupid on my part and not have the best players out there. It is a fine line between the two.”

me : It’s a fine line between what 2 Kirby ?

K : Freshmen and having the best players on the field.

me : I thought so since you don’t play the freshmen – only if kicking and screaming you are forced to.

K : I hold private practices Thomas.

me : They all come running to us to tell us.

K : I gag all the freshmen and all the assistant coaches.

me : They all run to us Kirby and tell us everything.

K : The freshmen don’t talk to y’all because I monitor their Twitter and Facebook etc.

me : It’s a good thing you gag all the freshmen Kirby because they would be none too kind to you if you did not.

K :  I would just not play them if they did Thomas.

me : You do that already Kirby.

K : “I’m looking for great competition because there’s some young talent that may be as talented or more talented than a guy ahead of them when it comes to jumping, running fast, but maybe they don’t have as much experience. There’s great competition there. We told them yesterday nobody’s job is safe on defense or offense. This is going to be a totally competitive environment where every position is up for competition. If you don’t compete every day then you’ll be moved. We want to create that competition. I think competition breeds a little more success. We’re going to challenge those guys to compete out there. The guys that have been around and played a lot of snaps, they have no guarantee of keeping those snaps because there are some talented guys behind them and we’re going to let them play. We’ll keep it simple for them and let them go.”

me : Unless they are freshmen.

K : “I Like Jacob’s arm talent. We know that. He can make a lot of throws” I said after just the 3rd Spring Practice at Sanford Stadium.

me : Then why didn’t you give him reps with # 1 unit to have a well-oiled offense by now then ?

K : Because he is a freshmen and has room to improve.  I wanted him to not feel everything is handed to him.

me : You had no choice Kirby.

K : I am the only one who does have a choice Thomas, sir.

me : You said you want a unified fan base.

K : That is a big part of the culture here that folks want Mark Richt to be coach and not me.

me : No sir.  We offered the job to you, you said it would be your dream, then you did not show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time when we then fired him the very next day.

K : My job did not start here until January 12 and Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead said that would be fine with them.

me : Then, they both need to be fired and then after that you need to be put on a short-leash with the press, and your antics with them and made to improve your team THIS YEAR.  You better use this coming-clean interview this morning Kirby to clear the air as you say and belly-up to the questions from all of us – as you are this morning.  I do so appreciate you finally answering these burning questions Kirby sir we all have about you.  Why did you try to hide these answers sir ?  We’re all love you and respect you and want nothing but the best for you and our program.  You should not be so adversarial with all of us trying to help by asking questions.

K : This year is toast.  I might as well answer these questions, which is why I Kirby Smart head coach Georgia Bulldogs asked you to call me UGA Thomas Brown.

me : You got that right on both counts – that the season is wasted and that you asked me to call you to get these answers and that you should have and are glad you did.

K : How did Greyson Lambert having 7 fumbles last year have anything to do with me Thomas sir ?

me : Because it taught you of all folks with 3 of those fumbles against your Defense Kirby that Greyson Lambert DOES NOT make us slightly better running the ball than Jacob Eason.

K : You just want to disagree with me Thomas.

me : No sir.  I just want you to win some games and not lie to us and play the freshmen if they are better like you said you would, not punish them for being freshmen.

K : Freshmen make mistakes.

me : One Kirby you don’t have any seniors or juniors and two Kirby if you did they make mistakes too.

K : You said Thomas that freshmen make mistakes.

me : No sir Kirby what I said is that YOU SAID that if they are the most talented that you would know that after 4 or 5 practices and would play them and if on offense would get them the ball.

K : I am in charge and the freshmen can not play for me.  That is my mindset.

me : Thank you Kirby sir.  I appreciate your candor for once on questions asked.

K : You’re welcome Thomas sir.  This was refreshing to have a press conference on the phone.  I should do this more.

me : You should answer questions more Kirby.  Then we would all know where you are weak and could help you Kirby coach our team better.  What about the kicker you got Mitchell Wasson ?

K : I am in charge and we are changing the culture here which is like a steamship in the night.  Mitchell Wasson is a freshman.  I am redshirting him.

me : It’s like a steamship alright Kirby – out of date out of touch too slow to react and no plans to even try to win this year.  You don’t have a kicker who kicks the ball out of the end zone.  Does Mitchell Wasson do that or not Kirby ?

K : I will play the freshmen more Thomas.

me : Mighty convenient about your 24-hour rule Kirby where you say after the games that you haven’t seen the tape yet and then when you have the next day, is taboo to discuss beyond 24-hours.  And no, you won’t play the freshmen more this year Kirby.  And you won’t play the freshmen in next year’s 2017 signing class either.  Or the freshmen in the 2018 class.  By then, as a result, you will be gone when you had no upper class and had to play the freshmen no matter how long you stonewall everyone only now coming clean that freshmen make mistakes so even if they’re better you prefer the seasoned guys which you were afforded none of.  I do appreciate however for a brief moment in time here this Thursday morning Kirby that you did dispense for a change with ALL your non-answers.   You were better-off NOT answering them Kirby.  Boy are we in a mess for a long time coming.