12 SEC Bowl Games including 8 ranked teams top 25 SEC SEC is king of bowl games again 2018-2019 season while ACC has only 2 ranked teams

12 SEC Bowl Games including 8 ranked teams top 25 SEC

9 Big-10 Bowl Games including 4 ranked teams top 25 Big-10

7 Big-12 Bowl Games including 3 ranked teams top 25 Big-12

7 Pac-12 Bowl Games including 3 ranked teams top 25 Pac-12

11 ACC Bowl Games including 2 ranked teams top 25 ACC

47 Bowl Games by Power 5 Conferences

30 Bowl Games by Group of 5 Conferences

3 Independents’ Bowl Games (either Clemson ACC or Notre Dame 1 more)

New Year’s 6 Bowl Games 4 SEC 2 Big-12 2 Big-10 1 Group of 5 1 Pac-12 1 ACC





Roquan Smith unanimous All-American 1st Team Butkus Award winner therefore College Football Hall of Fame Roquan Smith has 91 tackles in the NFL at 236 lbs. 34 inch vertical leap 4.51 in 40-yard dash at 6 feet one inch 1st Round NFL Draft Pick # 8 overall selection has Chicago Bears on his back at 8-4 who are 1st in NFC North (compare THAT with Falcons 4-8 who are 4th in South NFC.) Bears have Leonard Floyd outside linebacker and Roquan Smith inside linebacker.

Thought you should know 91 tackles with 4 more games before the play-offs.



UGA # 46 Georgia Tech # 35 best colleges in America according to U.S. News and World Report 2019 rankings – so now that Georgia Tech has RELAXED its academic standards why is that Georgia Tech has signed only 1 of the top 50 best football players in the state of Georgia each of the last 4 years ? Why is that ? I mean Georgia Tech is NOT Princeton or Harvard but # 35 while UGA is UP to # 46. Seems EQUAL to me nerds. Meaningful degree ? You barely are ranked ahead of The University of Georgia or don’t you bother to keep-up with the TRUTH up-to-date ?

Geoff Collins is going to relax the standards at Georgia Tech even further.  Expect The University of Georgia to bypass the Georgia Institute of Technology in Academic Prestige because one is headed down and the other up.

You have NOT played football at Georgia Tech starting 1957 so why act like you have ?


Where is your hair Geoff Collins ?  Why do you spell your name the English manner Geoff and not Jeff like every other American ?

Geoff Collins was 15-10 at Temple.


Temple with that horribly easy schedule of Temple.

# 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 The University of Georgia vs the # 35 best colleges Georgia Institute of Technology :  https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities


The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are  67–41–5 against Georgia Tech.


Georgia is # 15 and Georgia Tech # 49 in won/lost records FBS football starting 1957 :




Temple beat a bunch of cream puffs and cupcakes – NOT Georgia.


Temple wins under Geoff Collins 2018 Maryland who was 5-7


Tulsa who was 3-9


East Carolina who was 3-9


Navy who was 3-9


South Florida who was 7-5 and


UConn who was 1-9


Geoff Collins Georgia is NOT UConn boy.


Or do you have bigger fish to fry Geoff Collins ?


Georgia Tech played 6 teams playing in a bowl game this 2018-2019 season.


Texas is the # 11 team UGA has played who is playing in a 2018-2019 bowl game.


Temple played only 7 teams who made it to a bowl game this season compared to UGA 10.


Geoff Collins is NOT going to beat Georgia.


Is he ?


Well nerds ?




Nick Saban voted for Oklahoma # 4 not Georgia – so why the bullshit that he thought we deserved to be in the top 4 ?

Hey Nick Saban you dumbass son of a bitch when they asked you to vote for the top 4 to be consistent you have to vote for Georgia # 4 because Oklahoma played the # 40 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule this 2018 season while UGA played the # 3 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule.


“Georgia is one of the 4 best teams in America 2018.  I am voting for Oklahoma # 4 because Oklahoma is # 4 and NOT Georgia.” Nick Saban quotes back-to-back today on the same God Damn day.


Take your medicine you old coot.


I sure as hell want to play your senile ass again Nick Saban you dumb shit.



I’d like to weigh-in on Urban God Damn Meyer and while I am at it Ryan God Damn NOVICE Day and the SLEEZEY way they BOTH handled the abuse of a wife they BOTH KNEW ALL ABOUT and BOTH LIED ABOUT. And this Tom Herman guy who turned Georgia DOWN. Don’t forget the Texas coach Tom Herman was Zack Smith’s boss for more than a decade. And so too was Ryan Day. No this isn’t over with spousal abuse and who knew what when and for how long. Tom Herman Ryan Day Urban Meyer Tom’s wife Urban’s nurse-wife. THEY ALL KNEW for 15 years Courtney Smith was abused by her husband. Don’t tell me this SHIT they didn’t.

Here you God Damn liar Urban Meyer stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE Asshole boy.




and the horses you BOTH came in on.


I hope ALL the prospects decommit from Ohio State.  F Ohio State.


“I did not come to Ohio State for the education.”


No shit Sherlock.


“I want to thank the buckeye nation for ripping me a new asshole and suspending me for 3 God Damn Games just because my wife told me about my longtime assistant beating-up his wife repeatedly.  I am therefore quitting for health reasons (AGAIN) like I did at Florida University affectionately known as FU.”


Ryan Day is NOT READY to be a head coach and certainly NOT at Ohio State.


So take that Ohio State.




Does this mean this is the end to the scandal then that Urban Meyer’s registered nurse wife caused ?


Uh  no sir.


Now starts round number two asking Ryan Day now.


Right ?


Ryan Day not only was Zach Smith’s boss before he was fired but Ryan Day goes all the way back to Florida as Urban Meyer’s coach there as well.


So Ryan Day KNOWS ALL ABOUT Zach Smith as well.


He too could and obviously should be part of our on-going 2019 INVESTIGATION of not just Urban Meyer but of Ryan Day.


So it doesn’t end for Urban Meyer and it does end for Ryan Day.


I can ASSURE you.


Expect to hear that Ryan Day is put on leave by Ohio State University and expect fully that Ryan Day KNEW ALL ABOUT Zach Smith…

because Ryan Day was his boss for 10 years so Ryan Day absolutely knew about Zach Smith’s abuse of his wife.



We ran the ball 39 times for only 153 yards and only 1 touchdown. THAT is not imposing our will. 6 penalties for 50 yards. 3 times we punted the ball out of the end zone and once they returned a punt for 36 yards. We missed a field goal. They forced us to return their kick-offs 4 times on which we gained only 67 yards only 16 yards per kick-off return. And we were only 5 of 16 on 3rd down. We faked a punt and gained only 2 yards on 4th and 11 handing them the ball on a short field score tied 3 minutes to go and had wasted a time-out to give them time to call a better play on offense so they scored on that too. We gave up 5 touchdowns. They ran for 5 and a half yards per carry. We ran for 3 point 9 yards per carry. Aside from J. R. Reed a 3-star Mark Richt recruited converted tailback was our leading tackler. We let their back-up QB once again run roughshod over us. We had no answer defensively for Jalen Hurts nor did we have any answer offensively in the 4th quarter. We brought in a back-up QB to disrupt our offensive momentum none of which was on the ground. They stuffed our running game. Why did they win ?



I heard some discussion that we kicked their ass.


28-35 that is not what I saw.



Kirby needs to quit meddling with the offense and special teams. He doesn’t have any experience making those play calls and isn’t any good at it nor which personnel to have out there when. He looks really bad making those decisions all 3 years. THIS BLOG has pointed this out every single year.

“Pre-snap it was open.  D’Andre Swift was uncovered.  Then I Kirby sent the back-up quarterback out there who disrupted the offense every time I sent him out all game long did not call for the ball to be snapped.  If he snaps it we have it.  When he waited ten seconds they covered D’Andre Swift and there wasn’t a back-up plan to that play any longer.  I never did call time-out or send my offense out on 4th and 11.  I just let the wrong personnel call the most important call of the game and left them out there when it was clear the window of opportunity for the play to work had vanished.  Then we gave their former starting QB the short field which he promptly ran it in to beat us.”  Kirby Quote


Kirby Quotes




Last time we played Texas they were # 2 and us # 7 they undefeated 11-0 Jan 1984 and we beat their asses 10-9 in the Cotton Bowl 1983-1984 bowl games

Maryland 5-7 is not even in a bowl game 2018 and they beat Texas who will have 5 losses after we beat their sorry asses.  Tom Herman turned-down this Georgia Bulldogs’ job and is now Texas’ head coach instead.


College Football Playoff Poll # 15 Texas and # 5 Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Sugar Bowl January 1.


Toneil Carter rushed for 252 yards last year 2017 but did not play 2018.


Tom Herman suspended Toneil Carter for their bowl game last year and he hasn’t played since.









# 69 Passing Offense and # 67 in Penalties were the 2 areas that hurt us the most this season. We have 1 bowl game to improve our weak areas this year so let’s go win our bowl game and cap a really good season. “CFP committee got it right.”

Kirby’s team was # 67 in penalties per game and we had a ton called every game. They hurt us.


We did not do well on net punting kick-off coverage nor punt return coverage.


# 69 Passing Offense seriously hurt us the most this season.


But we spread around our weakest areas with the # 101 Red Zone Defense giving-up scores nearly every time an opponent got inside our 20-yard line.


And of course as everyone knows we were # 101 on sacking opponents’ quarterbacks too.


# 116 at tackles for a loss we just didn’t get in opponents’ backfield much all season seemingly by design.


The rest of it we did fine at really. It is just these areas which cost us the most this season. We did however make mistakes coaching and substitutions again for the third year in a row of  3 years for Kirby.  Kirby DID have to answer year 3 for his coaching mistakes and substitutions so there is THAT while THIS BLOG was all over Kirby on this all 3 years here making rookie mistakes a head coach at UGA.


For the third toughest schedule in the nation it was a good season where we did a lot right. We have more work to do in these areas if we are to be playoff winning team.


You just can’t give away so many different areas of our team and allow our opponents to take advantage of us in all these different weaknesses we demonstrated frankly every week all season.


We get one bowl game this season so let’s go out in style guys as a solid team needing to be improved in just these handful of areas even if it is just only a God Damn 4-loss soon to be 5-loss God Damn Texas bullshit hose job team we get to play as the # 5 team in America who played the # 3 toughest schedule in the United States of America.  And as for Chipper Towers’ crap that the committee got it right – here stick this up your God Damn dumbass asshole Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Oklahoma. We beat Ohio State.  We beat Clemson.  In fact we nearly beat Alabama twice.  Our consolation for ALL THAT ?  Chip Towers telling us committee got it right. FU Chip Towers you are so full of shit boy.


“CFP committee got it right.”






I wanted to play MICHIGAN # 7 not Texas # 15. This is ALL so much bullshit

What a God Damn hose job all around on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Oklahoma.  We beat Clemson.  God Damn it we had Alabama beat last year and this year.  So much bullshit committee. Now NOT MICHIGAN but God Damn Texas with their 4 God Damn LOSSES.  Bullshit.



This is BULLSHIT. Notre Dame Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is not even top 25 at # 32 while UGA is # 3 hardest schedule in the nation. Committee says THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR then move others ahead of us with just plain God Damn Weak Ass Schedules. Oklahoma # 40 SoS. Ohio State # 82 SoS.



Official NCAA Strength of Schedule 2018-2019 season.  Who cares what Oklahoma or Ohio State did against cupcakes, or Notre Dame for that matter ?



Georgia Bulldogs deserve to play in the college football playoffs 2018-2019 season because we can beat Notre Dame and we can beat Oklahoma and because we can beat Clemson.

The fact is however that Las Vegas says # 1 consensus Alabama beats us by 13 and a half points while we’re # 4 consensus.


Here is why : Passing Offense : Alabama 332 yards per game # 6 nationally while UGA is only # 72 at only 221 yards a game.


Saturday 4 p.m. Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium CBS.


Alabama leads the all-time series 25-39-4. Alabama’s Nick Saban will not discuss that he is in. I think you can expect him to say that the loser of UGA Alabama should be in the playoffs. The reality is that The SEC Championship does not matter to Alabama’s inclusion and is all there is for a chance for Georgia despite UGA playing the toughest strength of schedule of all college football playoff hopefuls.


# 46 ranking as top colleges U.S. News and World Report Georgia

# 129 ranking as top college U.S. News and World Report Alabama


The SEC East is the toughest division in college football and we’re 9-5 versus The SEC West this year.


We have to pressure Tua and sack him to win and we’ll have to stop the run. We’ll have to change the Kirby narrative of run first down run second down pass 3rd down with 36 percent passing plays 2018 for Kirby.



Well SEC Championship Game tomorrow SEC Champions against defending national champions (ONLY because the Big 10 officials STOLE the GOD DAMN GAME from The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.) Revenge ? Hell NO. There ain’t no God Damn Revenge or NOTHING ! # 46 best University U.S. News and World Report Rankings UGA vs # 129 Alabama college

We’ll be there.


Are you going ?


Alabama fans are ALL folks with NO TIES to Alabama at all whatsoever.  They are just only merely folks who like to root for a winner so they pick Alabama to be a fan of so they can feel good about themselves rooting for “their team.”


Georgia Bulldog fans grew-up being Bulldogs.  Our parents were too.  We didn’t pick Georgia because Georgia is good.  We picked Georgia because it is our school.  It is our particular right of possession or privilege we have from birth.  It is our birthright to be Georgians to be Atlantans to be Georgia Bulldogs.  If I have to explain to you that we consider ourselves The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs then you are NOT from here don’t know jack shit about us or our history and are NOT Georgia Bulldogs.  You might have picked us to root for but that is only because we are The # 11 team in wins all-time in college football.  We play Alabama very well and as well or better than EVERY OTHER GOD DAMN TEAM.


Speaking of school The University of Georgia is a LOT better than Alabama college.


Comparing Athens to Tuscaloosa is a wild comparison since NO ONE in their right mind would choose Tuscaloosa.


Then there is the state right ?


Alabama vs Georgia as states.  Alabama has no football players and no high school football compared to Georgia.


Our mountains are real mountains.


Our beaches are real beaches.


Our high school football is real high school football.


Compare The University of Georgia with the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.  A parent told me recently that there was no way their child was going to Tuscaloosa to go to college.


There are the Atlanta Falcons.  The Atlanta Braves.  Atlanta Hawks.  What has Alabama got ?




The entire state of Alabama such as it is doesn’t offer a God Damn thing.  Yes I am putting shit on Alabama.  Everyone does.  And with good damn reason.


Alabama sued Georgia stating that Chattahoochee River which STARTS INSIDE GEORGIA and goes through Lake Lanier then Atlanta and THEN ALABAMA is Alabama’s river and that we do not deserve to take ANY of that water for our needs even though it is our God Damn River.


They LOST that suit.


I told you they have no leg to stand on.


I was right about that as I am about EVERY WORD of this post.


The entire state of Alabama has a grand total of 4 point 8 million population.


Just the city of Atlanta has 7 million by itself.


Alabama ?


You have got to be kidding me right ?


The state of Georgia is MORE than TWICE the population of Alabama.  Nearly 11 million live in Georgia while Aladamnbama has only 4 point 8 million population.  You know why that is ?  Because we are TWICE the place to live and have a better education and better jobs and better University and better sports and better high school sports and better professional sports and better mountains and better beaches and better world-class city and better culture and more money.


That’s right.  Alabama does NOT compare to my home where I live where I grew up where I root for my alma mater like my entire family and ALL our friends.


Our restaurants blow away restaurants in Alabama and ALWAYS have.


Don’t talk to me about Bar-B-Que if you can’t even spell the word.


Yes Bar-B-Que is pork.  Stick it up your God Damn dumbass asshole that you don’t eat pork.  I do.  You are a fool.  I would put bacon on EVERYTHING.


I eat grits.  I don’t eat for breakfast that which I would eat for dinner : potatoes.


Atlanta is THE movie capital and the arts capital and THE music capital of the WOLRD.  We are the Empire State.  We are the leading area for THE SOUTH.  This is it !  Our culture includes literature such as Lewis Grizzard.  What is your God Damn Problem ?


Charley Trippi Fran Tarkenton Hines Ward Herschel Walker Dominique Wilkins Bill Goldberg Teresa Edwards Pat Dye Terrell Davis Bubba Watson Champ Bailey Kevin Butler. Excuse me we have a LOT more of the better athletes for a lot longer than Alabama.  Who the hell said Alabama did anything besides spend the money to get the top coaches and players at Alabama ?  No one.  Alabama is not better.  Alabama does not DESERVE to be considered better than Georgia.


When Dad retired from the Marine Corps he came to Atlanta because THIS is the hotbed of college.  He wanted all 7 of us to get a college degree and felt that THIS is where we would all be able to do that.  The University of Georgia system is the best for college education compared to Alabama.  What bullshit you sit there and compare The University of Georgia system and the University of Alabama and don’t say one is ranked number 46 and the other number 129.  That is because you don’t know that.  I do.  I got my education here.  I never heard you say you did.


What does Texas have to do with ANY of THIS ?  Nothing.  Alabama ?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


Atlanta.  The South.  Georgia.


You can’t say you are a Georgia Bulldog and always have been except to say that it is your God Damn BIRTHRIGHT to be a Georgia Bulldog.  Did you get that ?  Well did you punk ?


Nick Saban does NOT have one God Damn thing to do with Alabama.  He’s not an Alabamian.


I’m a Georgian.


My Dad was a Georgian.  My Dad’s dad was a Georgian.  My Dad’s dad’s dad was a Georgian.  It is my God Damn BIRTHRIGHT to be a God Damn Georgian.


Stick THAT up your God Damn asshole dumbass.


We started colleges here in the United States.  We are the Capital of College Football and ALWAYS have been.  This is the history of collegiate football.  Did you hear that ?


The only footnote mentioning Alabama about Bear God Damn Bryant is that he DIED in Tuscaloosa. They paid him to come there.  THAT does not make him an Alabamian.  Bear Bryant did well at Kentucky and Texas A&M so they BOUGHT him.  THAT is not Bear Bryant’s birthright to be an Alabama fan.  His ONLY claim to Alabama is that he DIED there.


There is NO difference with Nick Saban.


We let Alabama hire these guys and compete with them with Ray Goff and God Damn Mark Richt.


THIS IS OUR HERITAGE to go beat Alabama.  It is what we are and what we do and that which we have ALWAYS done.


This is our birthright.


Theatre Under the Stars.  Foy Fine Arts Building.  Campus in Athens.


We think you’re stupid to root for Georgia Tech or Clemson or South Carolina or vols or Auburn or Florida or Florida State or Miami of Florida or Alabama.  I understand they all have feasted on OUR TALENT here.  Kirby is FIXING that isn’t he ?  That’s right.  We look down our collective noses at you fools.




Don’t try to tell me that Notre Dame is better than us or Penn State is or Southern California is.  No they ARE not and you know it.  The only claim Ohio State has is they are abusers of what is right and wrong and God Damn CHEATERS.


Ohio State plays in an easy conference of so many God Damn CUPCAKES that the conference sucks.  When they expanded they did NOT add top teams but easy wins for their Big 10 teams.  No one in that conference deserves to be in the playoffs.


Big 12 has no team deserving of being in the playoffs.


Pac-12 who has not won the national championship in football since 1972 does not have a team capable of beating Alabama or Georgia either.


None of those 3 do.


Big 10 Big 12 and Big Pac-12 all 3 do not have a single team capable of beating EITHER Georgia or Alabama  AND furthermore the ACC has only 1 team and they can’t beat Alabama or Georgia either.  The players who were going to Clemson NOW STAY HERE in-state at Georgia.


Clemson does not have our players we have been signing from here they used to from here when we had Mark Richt.


The SEC East has been determined to be the best division of college football.


Did you get that ?


Well did you punks ?


I say AGAIN that we beat Clemson.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Ohio State.  We beat Oklahoma.  I understand the ONLY way you get to play for the national championship is that we LOSE to Alabama so you are rooting for Alabama.  All fans of places like Ohio State and Oklahoma root for Alabama.  Forget you.  You know we beat the shit out of you.  We have played a better strength of schedule than all of these other “schools” and yes we lost to LSU at their house by 20 points which is a LOT better than you can say.


We have to beat Alabama.  You can’t.  We have to.  How fair is that that you get to back in because we have to and you not only can’t but LOSE to us ?


# 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 The University of Georgia vs the # 129 best college the University Alabama at Tuscaloosa :  https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities


Yes Alabama holds an edge against Georgia in football and head-to-head. Guess what ?


You didn’t have SHIT to do with it.



What do you have to do to be the team who beats Alabama this year ?

  1. stop the run
  2. pressure Tua
  3. mix up when you are passing
  4. not run the ball every down giving away it’s a run
  5. we passed 36 percent of our plays 2018 passing plays
  6. run first down
  7. run second down
  8. pass 3rd down
  9. that is NOT going to work against Alabama change it up
  10. get the ball out FAST when we are passing it
  11. keep our mouths shut between now and our last game
  12. even if we beat Alabama we’ll have to beat them again 2018-2019 season
  13. you said we didn’t have win LSU players read that you were scared of LSU
  14. I told you we could NOT afford to lose to LSU
  15. now our backs are up against the wall we have to beat Alabama
  16. we can beat Clemson Notre Dame and Oklahoma –
  17. that is not who we’re playing
  18. we have to beat Alabama
  19. as in anything you have to WANT to win
  20. you’ve got to WANT IT !
  21. our special teams are going to have to make it happen for us
  22. forget that Big 10 officials stole NC last year from us against Alabama
  23. focus on what we did right in that game and do it again
  24. get after Tua – this sit back and let him pick us apart doesn’t work
  25. does it Kirby ?


No one is “knocking Alabama out of the top four.” Bleacher Report’s Joe Tansey is full of shit saying that today. A loss by Alabama and they are still in the college football playoffs. It is every conference’s worst nightmare that Georgia could win because both Georgia and Alabama would once again make it instead of their conferences. I thought The “SEC was supposed to be DOWN” well punks ?

“Tua Tagovailoa the left-handed sophomore proved in last season’s national championship that the pressure of big games doesn’t get to him.  And Tua’s ability to produce in clutch moments will be the difference-maker Saturday as Alabama marches on to the playoff.”


Georgia’s players have proven that the pressure of big games doesn’t get to us and we are able to produce in clutch moments.


I have never heard of Bleacher Report’s Joe Tansey.  This is why.  Bleacher Report’s Joe Tansey is full of shit.


Had the God Damn Big 10 Officials not stolen the national championship from OUR PLAYERS last season we would have won the game Bleacher Report’s Joe Tansey.


We had the game won by several touchdowns until the Big 10 Officials gave the game to Alabama.


THAT is what EVERYONE saw last year Bleacher Report’s Joe Tansey.






SEC East as it turns out is BETTER than SEC West and not just the 9-5 head-to-head. The facts are Vanderbilt South Carolina and vols are BETTER than Arkansas Auburn and Ole Miss. And frankly Georgia Florida Kentucky and Missouri are BETTER than LSU Texas A&M and Mississippi State. But Alabama has been the best team in the nation for quite a while now going all the way back to 2008. Is this Nick’s swan song ?

Nick Saban has been so much better than everyone for a decade and now 2018 too.


He’s lost half as many games as Ohio State and Clemson and won 25 more games than both of them during this timeframe at Alabama 2008 until now.


Despite what Kirby has done for us his 3 years here Georgia Bulldogs are # 15 in won/lost record starting 2008.


Perhaps you remember 2008 ?


Mark Richt was ranked consensus unanimous # 1 preseason for the first time in UGA history 2008.  AP and Coaches’ Polls had Mark Richt # 1 in the nation 2008.


Our players went out that night and CELEBRATED.


22 of them got arrested.  One even beat-up the hospital.


We were in brawls all over town in every bar.


Then we played like shit.  Then every poll dropped us worse in the rankings despite winning.  Then we faced Alabama and were supposed to beat Alabama and Nick Saban.  Then the # 8 Alabama came to Athens against us the # 3 undefeated both teams.


It was 31 to NOTHING at halftime Alabama embarrassing Mark Richt on national TV.


We NEVER even scored 31 points in the game.  The game was OVER at the half.


I wanted Mark Richt fired.


8 years later I got my way.


Despite your bullshit that I should not say that.


Sure I should.


I was right.


Mark Richt who was winning 80 percent of his games quit caring about winning.  He said he cared MORE about winning the players over to Jesus than winning in football.  He said he was NOT MEASURED by his wins and losses and that none of that mattered. He won 2 and lost one game from that day forward when he fell behind at home as the FAVORITE to win against Alabama 31 to nothing at the half.


Winning 3 losing 1 became winning 2 losing 1 from there on out.


I wanted Mark Richt fired.


I was right.


He was fired.


8 long excruciating years later thanks to YOU.


You tried to shut me up.


You failed.


I got Mark Richt FIRED.


He gave-up trying to win.


Acted like we were a Church.


So here we are on the precipice 11 years later and somehow I don’t see a 31 to nothing happening at half now do you ?


“Mark Richt is our best coach EVER.”  This is the bullshit you told me at the time.  Remember ?  Well do you punks ?


Mark Richt averages 9 wins a year for 15 years in 15-game seasons for the top teams.  I said  that sucked.  You told me that was awesome.  No it wasn’t dumbasses.


145 wins in 15 years is NOT averaging 10-win season now is it you piece of shit liars ?


Easily you can see it is NOT.


145 divided by 15


NOT EQUAL TO 10-win season average


yet there are 15-game seasons for the top teams.


Mark Richt was NOT THAT starting 2008.


A little trip down memory lane for you God Damn fools known as Mark Richt Apologists…


Kirby is averaging 10-win seasons PLUS and it goes to averaging 11-win seasons if he can beat Alabama Saturday not at our house but Atlanta.


Mark Richt did not do that.





Passing Offense : Alabama 332 yards per game # 6 nationally while UGA is only # 72 at only 221 yards a game. THE FACT IS THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE in the 2 teams. We are NOT CLOSE to their passing game. Not close. Yeah Alabama is better than us across the board defense offense every little thing but Passing Offense Alabama blows us out of the water. Yes we have a good pass defense but we don’t pressure their quarterback and we only have shut down secondary on half the field. If you are looking for the difference – then this is it : Alabama # 6 nationally passing the football and Georgia # 72. Who was the dumbass who told ME that the top teams NEVER can pass the God Damn Football ? Darriel I am talking to you boy.

His name is  Darriel aka dumbass.



12-win mark for 9th time in last 11 seasons Alabama leads the all-time series 25-39-4 while Las Vegas says # 1 consensus Alabama by 13 and a half points over # 4 consensus UGA. Alabama is already in and UGA must beat Alabama to join Alabama in the playoffs Saturday 4 p.m. Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It does not matter that we are # 4.  We were always in with a win over Alabama who is a 13 and a half point favorite – a huge no respect margin.  If that happens then we are playing Ohio State in Sugar Bowl.  Texas does not deserve us and I don’t want to play Oklahoma twice in a row while Michigan does not deserve us but if it can’t be Ohio State then I would take Michigan if their huge no respect 13 and a half points margin is right.  We play Alabama as well as any team in the nation and we would beat Clemson and would beat Notre Dame but this is not what this is about.  We have to beat Alabama but they don’t have to beat us to be in the playoffs because they beat 3-loss LSU 29 to nothing while LSU kicked our butts 16-36 at their house.  Either we beat Alabama or we are OUT.  Not fair.  Is what it is.  It’s not fair because I am certain we beat Clemson and know we beat Notre Dame too.



Georgia destroys Georgia Tech who simply could not stop UGA today while Michigan LOSES at # 4 to move UGA into the College Football Playoffs at # 4 however UGA still MUST beat Alabama Saturday while Alabama can afford to lose to UGA and STILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. I told you Michigan would lose didn’t I ? I told you I was NOT WORRIED about Michigan didn’t I ?

I told you Michigan would lose.  I told you I was NOT worried about Michigan being ranked ahead of us because their tough game was at the end of the year.  Michigan just had an easy schedule.  We beat Michigan too and I called THAT as well early this year that we would beat Michigan 2018 and that Michigan would NOT be in the playoffs because other teams too would beat them.  They did. I was right.


I tell you now again we can beat Clemson and we can beat Notre Dame.  Clearly.  Both of them lose multiple games in The SEC 2018 I assure you.  Clemson and Notre Dame are on borrowed time.  There isn’t a team in the ACC and Notre Dame should have lost several games too if they played in The SEC 2018.  That neither did play in The SEC 2018 is just setting them both up for the fall.  They both fall.  We beat both as plain as day.


Those 2 teams are in with Alabama and the only question is whether it will be Georgia joining them by beating Alabama or whether it is someone else backs-in because we FAIL to do that which we MUST to beat Alabama.  Someone we beat like Oklahoma.  So it’s Georgia Alabama Clemson and Notre Dame.  Or it’s we lose and Oklahoma gets in who we would beat once again obviously.


We are going to have to beat Alabama to win a national championship.  Get used to it.


It was a stomping by Jake Fromm’s offense today and we’re going to need that Saturday to have ANY HOPE of getting close to Alabama.


Alabama might have been surprised by UGA last year but Alabama is going to be ready for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs this year.


I called The SEC Championship for Georgia last year pre-season and every week all season.  This year I NEVER HAVE.


Bring on Alabama.  I love playing Alabama.  Win and we’re in the playoffs and so would be Alabama with our win Saturday over them too.


Lose and we’re out which is not so with Alabama.  Alabama is playing with house money Saturday.


Our backs are up against the wall thanks to losing to LSU and frankly having our butts beat by LSU who was SHUT-OUT 29 to nothing by Alabama while LSU lost 3 games this year.


2 conferences are wasting their time playing conference championship games since Big 10 and Pac-12 are both of them on the outside looking-in…




And the Big XII is out of the playoffs too if we can knock-off Alabama.  Otherwise a team we beat Oklahoma is in the playoffs when we easily and handily beat Oklahoma.  It’s a shame but that is what this is all about.  It’s our fault.  3 other teams beat LSU and they slaughtered us at their house.  Alabama loses a game like that every year.  Let’s let THAT be Saturday !


None of the teams in the Big 10 nor the Pac-12 deserve to be playing in the playoffs and so they won’t.  The truth of the matter is that Georgia 2018 can beat Clemson 2018 and Georgia 2018 can beat Notre Dame 2018.


The facts are that to win a national championship we’re going to have to beat Alabama and maybe twice in the same year so we might as well buck-up and get her done.  We play Alabama as well as any team and always have as well.  Alabama is not a better school is not from a state with better players and should not be a better football program but they are because they had the # 1 recruiting class 6 years in a row until Kirby dethroned them this year.


Beat Alabama !


Auburn beat Alabama last year 2017 while Auburn lost 4 games.  Clemson beat Alabama the year before 2016 while Clemson lost 2016 to a lousy 5-loss Pittsburgh.  Ole Miss beat Alabama the year before that while Ole Miss too lost 3 games that year too 2015.  The year before that 2014 Alabama lost to Ole Miss again who lost 4 games 2014 and Alabama in 2014 lost to Ohio State who lost a game 2014.  Alabama can be beat.  You know what you have to do to beat Alabama.  Let’s go do it !  Alabama lost 2 games again in 2013.  Alabama lost in 2012.  Alabama lost in 2011.  And Alabama lost 3 games in 2010.  The facts are someone has beat Alabama every year except 2009 and the year before that in 2008 Alabama lost 2 games.


Alabama can be beat.  You just have to make your mind up and want it.


We proved we can beat Alabama last year when the God Damn Big 10 Officials STOLE the national championship win over them from us.


We can beat Alabama.



Big 10 is OUT of the College Football Playoffs. Pac-12 is OUT of the College Football Playoffs. No MATTER WHAT B1G and Pac-12 are BOTH out of the college football playoffs no matter who wins their STINKING conference championships.

It does NOT help us.  We have to beat Alabama but we are IN TODAY at # 4 prior to Conference Championship Games Saturday.


The Big XII is also OUT of the college football playoffs since both Georgia and Alabama are ahead of Oklahoma.




Last year’s 13 wins ties most wins ever by UGA team. Today would be win # 11 with 2 games maybe 3 remaining. This year’s senior class can notch win # 42 at noon today against 11 losses with the most ever 44 wins with again 2 more games maybe even 3 more games (if we beat Alabama next week.) All that out the window if we don’t beat 7-4 Georgia Tech fresh off NCAA Probation for habitual systemic CHEATING caring about nothing but their hatred of UGA even in their fight song.

66-39-5 two wins by every player Georgia Tech could find from any team in America and not even students at Georgia Tech during both World War I and World War II not included.


There are 17 rivalries with more games played than Georgia against Georgia Tech who have played 112 times, such as Georgia Auburn for example who have played each other 122 times which finds only 2 rivalries with more games played.


The 2 rivalries which have played more than the 122 times Georgia Auburn has played are Cincinnati against Miami of Ohio hardly the tradition of Georgia Auburn and Minnesota Wisconsin again hardly the tradition of Georgia Auburn.


Last year Georgia won our 11th game against Georgia Tech in-route to our 13-win season beating Georgia Tech who ended their season with the loss 5-6 on the year.


Georgia Tech would like nothing better than to revenge that loss.  Any year is a success if they beat UGA no matter what else happens against everyone else combined.  We have no such motivation against the nerds as it would be better if we didn’t play them at all as they haven’t played football over there on the flats starting 1957.


Georgia Florida comes next for Georgia rivalries with 95 games because Florida wasn’t a school or something along those lines FU argues.


As to why Georgia Georgia Tech hasn’t been played more than it has you can thank the God Damn Cheaters at Georgia Tech for that.


Can’t you ?


We have EVERYTHING to lose.


We have NOTHING to GAIN playing Georgia Tech.


They’re an unranked CUPCAKE.


We’re top 5.


10 times we’ve been top 5 playing Georgia Tech.  We won all 10 such games.


2016 Georgia Tech was UNRANKED.

2017 Georgia Tech had a LOSING RECORD.

2018 Georgia Tech is UNRANKED.


Georgia Tech is and remains a CUPCAKE.


Starting 1957 Georgia Tech is 6-5 for 61 years now of futility.


44-17 starting 1957 Georgia has won nearly 3 of out of every 4 for 61 years against Georgia Tech.




They don’t play defense and never have under Paul Johnson.  And they don’t throw the football and never have under Paul Johnson.  Paul Johnson also can’t recruit with average # 53 recruiting classes for 11 years now of 7-5 average record.




Beating them accomplishes NOTHING.


Jake Fromm is 8-3 against ranked teams and 22-3 overall as Starting UGA QB.


We are 3-3 in The SEC Championship Game but that game is not today at noon.


37 percent of our plays are passing plays 263 of 719 offensive plays.


Georgia Tech is number 127 of 129 FBS teams at stopping 3rd Down Conversions.


We’re going to kick their asses like our Daddies always have.


The God Damn CHEATERS Georgia Tech.  The series started in 1893 when Georgia Tech hired players off our UGA winning team 1892 to compete against us 1893.  They wrecked their train back from Athens hitting a freight train they ran-up on in Lawrenceville. The headlines read 1893 Rambling Wreck limps back in to Atlanta.  It’s NOT a Model T from 1914 which is the namesake of the Ramblin’ Wreck now is it ?



7-5 for 11 years at Georgia Tech Paul Johnson is 3-5 in bowl games there and NOT beating Georgia at Sanford because they have no defense and are 0-10 all-time against us when we are ranked in the top 5. # 127 of 129 FBS at stopping opponents on 3rd Down Georgia Tech can NOT stop us.

Georgia Tech has LOST to three teams who are already 4-loss teams. UGA has one loss. Tech is NOT beating UGA.


66–39–5 against Georgia Tech how again is unranked Georgia Tech going to beat Georgia ?


We average the # 3 best recruiting class under Kirby while Georgia Tech averages the # 53. Georgia is NOT losing this game.


Georgia is # 15 and Georgia Tech # 49 in won/lost record starting 1957. The nerds have NOT PLAYED football starting 1957. This is 61 years of futility for Georgia Tech. But I am supposed to believe they beat us. Forget that bullshit.


Paul Johnson is # 43 in the nation won/loss record since he took over at Georgia Tech and he put them on NCAA Probation that they only just finally got off.


6.2 wins per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech

5.1 losses per year last 61 years after 1957 Georgia Tech



Georgia Tech has gone 6-5 after 1957 in football # 49 team in the nation.


For 61 years.


But Georgia Tech beats Georgia ? Holy crap that is stupid to expect that.


Isn’t it ?


Did you know Bobby Dodd was a college drop-out who NEVER graduated from University of Tennessee at Knoxville.


44-17 starting 1957 Georgia has won nearly 3 of out of every 4 for 61 years against Georgia Tech.


# 36 Georgia Institute of Technology U.S. News and World Report rankings acting like they think that is Harvard or Princeton while UGA is # 51. Seriously nerds that is your only claim to fame ? That is all you can brag about # 36 to our # 51.




They have a 1914 Ford Model T which they TRY to call their Ramblin’ Wreck but the facts on that are that in 1893 when they cheated and HIRED our players off our team who won at football, we stoned their train returning back to Atlanta and they rear-ended a freight train with the headlines on the AJ-C reading : Ramblin’ Wreck Returns to Atlanta. It has NOTHING to do with 1914 or a Model T, but a DAMNED 1893 TRAIN.





Georgia Tech is 0-10 all-time vs. The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs when UGA is ranked in the top 5

This bullshit that Georgia Tech is going to beat Georgia is by those who are full of shit.


Now I do realize that we have NOTHING to GAIN and EVERYTHING to lose by playing Georgia Tech.


I got that.


Happy Thanksgiving.





Paul Johnson Georgia Tech coach : “I can see why the Georgia Bulldogs have a quarterback controversy.” Paul Johnson who is 7-5 every year for 11 years now at Georgia Tech. He NEVER has ANY quarterback over there.

That is why Paul Johnson is 7-5 every year for 11 years at Georgia Tech.  He never has had a quarterback because he can’t recruit one.

82-58 for 11 years.  Do the math.  7-5 all 11 years.


Paul Johnson is 3-5 in bowl games in his 11 years at Georgia Tech.  This also is because Paul Johnson NEVER has been able to recruit a quarterback at Georgia Tech let alone 2.







Monty Rice from Madison Alabama is a tackling machine and our leading tackler Starting Middle Linebacker. He was warming-up for UMass and injured himself. He is in a walking boot and crutches as you saw during the game Saturday and won’t play against Georgia Tech.

Kirby has options but anytime your tackling machine Starting Middle Linebacker is out for a triple option team # 1 rushing attack 2018 season Georgia Tech then that puts additional pressure on the guys who have been coming-in giving Monty Rice a rest.


Of course drug addict Joey Hamilton says UGA doesn’t have good linebackers anyway and his theory is that is why Georgia Tech beats Georgia Saturday at noon at our house.


We’re also missing 3 Starting Offensive Linemen too.



Georgia Tech is once again in Paul Johnson’s career one of the very worst defenses in America. Paul Johnson also has one of the very worst passing offenses in America even worse than Jake Fromm. # 127 of 129 FBS at 3rd Down Conversion Defense and # 126 of 129 FBS Passing Offense. This is what Georgia Tech is today and what Paul Johnson ALWAYS is every year.

Georgia Tech has LOST this would be its 5th LOSS of the season 2018 already.  Among Georgia Tech’s LOSSES this season are to 3 teams who have LOST 4 games already Duke Pittsburgh and something called South Florida whatever that is.


There are 2 areas where Georgia Tech does a good job one is they do not commit penalties and two is that they lead the nation in rushing.


Georgia Tech most assuredly will NOT be ranked.


Little Joey Hamilton called at his home yesterday said that he fully expects Georgia Tech to BEAT The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs # 5 in the nation consensus at 10-1 on the season so far because well UGA doesn’t have good linebackers.


Joey Hamilton was arrested on drugs and leaving the scene of the accident but he is some kind of a God Damn Hero to Georgia Tech although NOT for his arrests and NOT for his drug abuse.




The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are  66–41–5 against Georgia Tech.


Clean Old-Fashioned Hate.  We have no reason to play Georgia Tech in ANY sport especially FOOTBALL.


Georgia Tech has NOT PLAYED FOOTBALL starting 1957.


Georgia is # 15 and Georgia Tech # 49 in won/lost record starting 1957 :





Georgia Tech is an unranked CUPCAKE again 2018-2019 season.


We have EVERYTHING to LOSE and NOTHING to gain by playing the Georgia Institute of Technology once again this season.





Kirby plays 76 players. Georgia Tech next. Kirby redshirts dozen including medical redshirts : Netori Johnson Kearis Jackson Chris Smith D’Marcus Hayes Ameer Speed Azeez Ojulari Warren Ericson Owen Condon John FitzPatrick Tommy Bush Zamir White Divaad Wilson

A great time was had by all.



Justin Fields star of the game scoring 3 TD 2 passing 100 yards rushing and another TD rushing

66-27  Justin Fields has his best game.





Kirby as the organ grinder hasn’t pulled-out all the stops in the organ and frankly it’s puzzling.

Kirby has played it too close to the vest for 3 years now and today we will see Justin Fields flash.


There is NO QUESTION that Jake Fromm has led this top-rated talent-based team to top results but the facts are that all he does is pass and frankly he sucks at that by comparison.


We should be trying to show what we can do passing the ball not be the # 100 passing team every year of the Kirby Era.


It has helped our defense to be so numbingly run-oriented but our special teams and our offense could be far more dynamic than we have in Kirby’s first 3 years.


You don’t want to hear about Justin Fields again ?


Then maybe you should tell Jake Fromm to do a better job passing the ball or a better job of running the ball than he has his first two years because 2019 Justin Fields is taking Jake Fromm’s job and 2020 Justin Fields is going to be a First Round NFL Draft Pick.


Jake Fromm ?


I am NOT seeing it.


I do not believe that Jake Fromm will be a First Round NFL Draft Pick and certainly not a year early as Justin Fields most assuredly will be.


Kirby has insisted on playing Justin Fields.


So Kirby must be convinced that Justin Fields is our future or he would not be taking snaps away from our Starting QB.


The facts of the matter are that Justin Fields ALREADY is a more complete better and more polished quarterback than Jake Fromm.


Only Jake Fromm can not go early to the NFL and leave the job to Justin Fields because well he can’t run and frankly can’t pass.


He also leads the team in fumbles and sacks and someone outside of me is going to tell you how many times Jake Fromm is sacked and how many times Jake Fromm puts the ball on the ground.  It’s astounding.


Jake Fromm is not the talent that Justin Fields is.


Get over it that I have to tell you that while in your heart you know that already.


Don’t you ?


You told me Justin Fields would be redshirted this year and I told you that Kirby was quite insistent that Justin Fields was going to come-in and play for Jake Fromm.  He has done just exactly that.  I am convinced by watching them both that it is Justin Fields who is our better quarterback.





Chloe Chapman joins Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball team from Maryland looking first to dish the ball 5-star guard looks really good. I don’t have to tell you we needed this. Plays 2019 not now. Early signing period maybe 2 dozen better players in America. Every team needs a 2

I am ecstatic that we are able to reach into Maryland and pick-off one of the players wanted by EVERY team.


Chloe Chapman




Chloe Chapman is better than all the girls in the state of Georgia.




The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time.  We are supposed to sign players like Chloe Chapman but I must tell you that we NEED a new gym to uplift our recruiting for men and for women.





12 Players Kirby is Redshirting 2018 : Netori Johnson-4 Kearis Jackson-4 Chris Smith-3 D’Marcus Hayes-2 Ameer Speed-2 Azeez Ojulari-1 Warren Ericson-1 Owen Condon-1 John FitzPatrick-1 Tommy Bush-1 Zamir White-0 Divaad Wilson-0

Matt Landers (RedFr) has only played in 3 games 2018 but Kirby redshirted the # 57 nationally WR Tampa 2017 so he can play against UMass and Georgia Tech.  Georgia Tech has gotten better as the season progresses so Matt Landers might play in the 4 games NCAA allows 2018 season and still be redshirted but is not eligible for redshirt again 2018 season.  This one counts for Matt Landers who is unlikely to play in any bowl game.  It seems like a waste to me to recruit a WR never play him and maybe not be able to play him after UMass.  You only get 85 scholarships so this is a MISS by Kirby.  They do not all work out.  This one was a gamble from the start.  Kirby thought that since he is 6′ 5″ that he could catch jump balls in the end zone or for first downs.  Instead he occupies a precious 85 Scholarships and will 2019 2020 and 2021.  Matt get your degree as fast as you can like by next year.  I did that at Georgia and you can too.  Maybe Kirby can work him in more next year when we are far more talented at WR going-into 2019 than we were going-into 2018.  All Matt Landers has is his Scholarship which is NOT insignificant now is it ?


Michael Chigbu (Sr) took medical redshirt 2018-2019 season as I said Kirby would do all along.  Thanks Michael for all you did for Georgia.  Good Job !  We love you.  This did not count toward our 85 Scholarships 2018-2019 season and provided a complete and Full Scholarship which Bluto thinks is shit and which I think is worth 5 million dollars since that is what I have earned so far as UGA grad.  Of course I am NOT a lawyer.  I did take every Law Course UGA offered and made straight A every single class but that was NOT my declared Major.  I actually could have claimed Double Major in 3 different studies but claimed only one.  I had 239 hours when 185 was all that was needed.  I did this in 3 years going each Summer.  I had a 3.88 GPA at The University of Georgia.  I mention this because Senator of NOTHING Bluto says that a degree is NOT worth 5 million dollars to these student-athletes and I say it is.  In fact it is closer to $6 million dollars my degree is worth now from UGA.  I do not suffer dumb shits well.  Bluto that would be YOU boy !


The truth of the matter is that the VAST MAJORITY of our 85 Scholarship players each day ONLY have their Scholarship to show for what they did in college other than the memories of practice and sometimes games.  On the average two dozen Scholarship Players do NOT play in a game that week.  When I say play I am talking about one snap maybe on special teams as time expires.  I never got that.  But I do have my degree to which I credit rightfully so my taxable income.


D’Marcus Hayes (RedSr) has played in only 2 games 2018-2019 season.  Kirby redshirted D’Marcus Hayes 2017-2018 season last year so this is JUCO transfer last season.  If he gets snap against UMass that or Georgia Tech is his last in UGA uniform.  I hoped for more.  It didn’t work out.  Again all he has is his UGA Scholarship.  Get your degree from UGA D’Marcus Hayes.  Thank you sir !


Sam Madden (Medical Redshirt Jr no longer counts toward 85 but does keep his Scholarship 2018-2019 season in fact has one more by my count next year 2019.) Sam Madden too like all these listed in this post has ONLY his Scholarship from UGA no small feat I might add.


Justin Young (RedJr) DT played one game 2018 so far might play UMass Redshirted 2015 by Mark Richt will be Redshirt Senior 2019-2020 season when we have so much depth that we seriously are contender Playoffs next season.  Grayson.  Kirby played Justin Young 9 games 2016 and 4 games 2017.  Undersized for DL not fast enough for LB.


Rashad Roundtree (Medical Redshirt Sr no longer counts toward 85 keeps his Scholarship for this year.)


Tray Bishop Terrell County 2017 no game played 2017 or 2018 Cornerback.


Latavious Brini (rsFr) played in 3 games 2018 but already took his redshirt year DB.


Jaden Hunter Westlake played 2 games 2017 so that is redshirt year played one game 2018 and that counts as Freshman Year this year then LB.


Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018 not counted in 13 DB)




Of course I am calling for Justin Fields to hit the field Saturday against UMass and play all the second half and half the first half with Downing riding the bench to get Justin Fields his snaps and his passes.  Justin Fields looked rusty last week to me.


Kirby does NOT fool me one bit.  I have Kirby totally figured-out on who he is redshirting this 2018-2019 season : Redshirt 2018 listed with the number of games played so far up to 4 and can redshirt :

  1. Netori Johnson-4
  2. Kearis Jackson-4
  3. Chris Smith-3
  4. D’Marcus Hayes-2
  5. Ameer Speed-2
  6. Azeez Ojulari-1
  7. Warren Ericson-1
  8. Owen Condon-1
  9. John FitzPatrick-1
  10. Tommy Bush-1
  11. Zamir White-0
  12. Divaad Wilson (Fr – ACL March 2018 obvious medical redshirt as I see it 2018 not counted in 13 DB)





“It’s official! The U is Dead Under @MarkRicht!” Warren Sapp says Miami of Florida Hurricanes must FIRE Mark Richt.

I could care what Miami of Florida fans do with Mark Richt and his uninterested apathetic indifferent disinterested nonchalant uninspired attitude again. I have seen it all the last dozen years now with the guy. Now I do take exception to UGA fans telling me that we can’t take special glee in Mark Richt’s plight again. Sure we can. You made that possible you little shits. You rooted for Mark Richt and made him out to be that which he ceased to be over a dozen years ago now.






Well I told them so.


Thanks Warren Sapp bankrupt former Miami of Florida player.




There is ONLY one answer for all this for Miami of Florida fans.


It’s fire Mark Richt and try to hire a coach who was NOT just fired.


It took me 8 solid years of campaigning to get Mark Richt FIRED.


I think Miami of Florida is truly ready NOW.


Well I told them so.


They even linked to THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE that they did not make a good choice.



2-9 vs P5 opponents is what Mark Richt’s current run is.



Thomas Brown Tucker High School ruined his career taking the job to stay with Mark Richt a sinking ship taking Thomas Brown DOWN. Anyone who says I did NOT call this that Mark Richt would be in position to be FIRED 2 and half years later is full of shit. Sure I did. Right here. Didn’t I ? And I told Thomas Brown NOT to go with him too.

Miami of Florida Hurricanes have gone 2-9 over their last 11 games against Power 5 Conference foes LOSING to unranked CUPCAKE after UNRANKED CUPCAKE.  I said that would happen too.



Happy times are here again for Mark Richt fans everywhere.


Oh there aren’t any anywhere ?


Guess what ?


I told you that too.




# 5 Consensus Kirby 2018 while Mark Richt is UNRANKED 5-5. Mark Richt whom we FIRED for LOSING 4 games per season for his last entire 8 years here. 32 losses 2008 to 2015 Mark Richt. LOST 4 games in row 2016 in EASIER ACC (which is only one team anyway – – – and he doesn’t play Clemson.) Then last season after LOSING 4 games in a row 2016 Mark Richt LOST 4 games to end last year and to start this year wrapped-around. Now 2018 AGAIN Mark Richt has LOST again 4 games in a GOD DAMN ROW AGAIN. Every year it’s the SAME GOD DAMN thing for Mark Richt the dumbass and POOR COACH. We fired him from Georgia for CAUSE. Mark Richt said he wasn’t JUDGED by wins and losses. Yeah he was and is being AGAIN. Isn’t he ? You Mark Richt Apologists Miami of Florida fans are some serious dumbasses. Aren’t you sitting there STILL defending Mark Richt. Good luck with that.

Mark Richt Apologists said they were NOW Miami of Florida fans.


  1. LOST 4 games in a row 2016
  2. LOST 4 games in a row to end 2017 with the 1 to start 2018
  3. LOST 4 games in a row now 2018 too
  4. LOST 4 games season last entire 8 years here of 32 losses 2008-2015
  5. 8-5 if wins out average 9-win seasons Miami in 15-game seasons top teams


I told you so.


You said that was great averaging 9 wins a season as he is in his 3 years at Miami of Florida if he wins out 2018-2019 season averaging 9-win seasons at Miami of Florida in 15-game seasons for the top teams.  Meanwhile winning 2 of 3 at Miami Mark Richt .67 win percentage is doing far worse than Kirby who will be .80 percent win percentage after this regular season is over.


Which – – – is and which isn’t – – – great Mark Richt at Miami of Florida… or Kirby here ?


Dumbasses.  I find it utterly amazing that Mark Richt Apologists can’t bring themselves to admit that I was right from 2008 to 2015 and now until 2018.


“Oh I want my son to play for Mark Richt.  Mark Richt is a fine man.  Mark Richt averages 9/10 wins a year (in 15-game seasons for the top teams.)”  You can average 9 wins a season and not even be in the top 25.  Mark Richt was NOT in the top 25 AP Poll four of his last 8 years here – half the time.  Now he isn’t ranked at Miami of Florida in the FAR EASIER ACC only 5-5 with LOSS after LOSS to God Damn CUPCAKES.


Mark Richt NOT ranked Top 25 AP Poll :






Half the time his last 8 years at Georgia Mark Richt was an UNRANKED CUPCAKE not in the Top 25 AP Poll.   But YOU SAID TO ME that I could not criticize Mark Richt for that with the average # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings.  Mark Richt lost to 1 cupcake every year and sometimes 2.  Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games against top 15 teams.  Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in wins.  Mark Richt was # 45 vs top 15 teams his last entire 8 years here 2008 to 2015 with his stinking record of only 6 wins his last 24 games vs top 15 here at Georgia who is the # 11 team all-time.


It was BAD COACHING – same as it is at Miami of Florida.


I told you we would be better-off without Mark Richt.  You said ban my posts.  You said I did not have the RIGHT to say that.


Yeah I did.


You’re a proven dumbass still sitting there squirming in your God Damn Panties trying to dream-up some God Damn EXCUSE to defend Mark Richt even now today.


Good luck with that.


.80 percent win percentage when this regular season is over Kirby

.67 percent win percentage Mark Richt Miami Florida (LOST 12 of 36)


Lake Lanier is back to full pool and Georgia is back to winning like we always have at # 11 all-time in wins no thanks to YOU who defended Mark Richt for his poor coaching and bad record his last entire 8 years here and now at Miami too.  You just didn’t know.  You didn’t want to know.  Know this.  Mark Richt is NOT the coach Kirby is.  Dumbasses.


“A good case can be made that Mark Richt should not have been fired.”  You December 2015.

“I don’t think Mark Richt is going to lose his job at Georgia.”  You November 2015.

“Can’t deny that it was a decision that couldn’t be justified.”  You January 2016.


Frankly you are STILL making excuses for Mark Richt.


Good luck with that.





Tom Herman and trophy wife Michelle BOTH fail to DENY reports of infidelity with MULTIPLE sex partners including PROSTITUTE Masseuse and Cheerleader. Tom Herman is ONLY 61 percent win percentage at Texas 14-9 not very good. Will his recruiting take a hit now ? What does Courtney Smith know about Tom Herman’s sex life from Michelle Herman ? Can’t the sex partners easily be run down like the cheerleader for example ? And like the jack parlor for example ? How can Tom Herman TRY to IGNORE all this ? All of these alleged sex indiscretions occurred at Ohio State but what has been going-on at Texas ? I am to believe nothing ? Tom Herman turning down Georgia has already been a blessing for us. Now this…

If I were innocent of these charges I would have ALREADY have responded long before now.


Does Tom Herman think this is going away ?


Does Michelle ?


Does Courtney Smith ?


Who are these folks Tom Herman sent to discuss all this ?


Tom Herman admits he gave monies to Courtney Smith last year.  Tom Herman was at Texas last year as the head coach at Texas.


Is that hush money ?


Well is it ?


What does Courtney Smith know about Tom Herman and his sex exploits ?


Why is no one at the University of Texas all over this ?


Maryland does not even have a winning record and they beat Tom Herman this year.


Oklahoma State does not even have a winning record and they beat Tom Herman this year.


Has Tom Herman been distracted by all this ?  Is that why Tom Herman is losing game after game 2018 to lousy stinking unranked CUPCAKES ?


Michelle Herman


Why does she stay with Tom Herman ?

Everybody else knows about all this too and she stays anyway ?

Recruits taken to strip clubs.  Why has this not been brought out before now ?

Michelle Herman is it the over $ 5 million dollars Texas is paying Tom Herman that has not had you come forward on this long before now like when you and your husband were at Ohio State on sleeze bag Urban Meyer’s staff as Offensive Coordinator.  Urban Meyer was suspended for game after game after game this 2018 season for his involvement in COVERING-UP all the sexual abuse charges against Zach Smith.


Now this…


Stay tuned…



I told you to bet against Nick Chubb at your own risk. I told you in high school Nick Chubb would be head football coach at Georgia. Atlanta Falcons take Isaiah Oliver of Colorado with our 2nd round NFL Draft Pick while Cleveland uses their 2nd round pick on Nick Chubb. Nick Chubb goes for 209 yards and 2 touchdowns with no fumbles and no dropped passes afterwards saying : “I did not get picked by my hometown team. I am proud to play for Cleveland Browns with all the history and tradition of great players here.” Nick Chubb’s plays bury Falcons’ season.

Tampa Bay Bucs selected

Ronald Jones II
Football running back


before Nick Chubb was selected in the NFL Draft AFTER Ronald Jones II.


What dumb shits Tampa Bay are.






“It was in the words of Gus Malzahn a bullcrap play call to call a fake field goal against Auburn with a 17-point lead” Deshaun Davis said post-game. Excuse me Gus Malzahn told the cameras last year that Auburn had “whipped the dog crap” out of Georgia last season but Kirby can not go up 24 instead of 20. Hey Gus Malzahn quit your whining you little shit. Gus Malzahn is 1-3 against Kirby because Gus Malzahn runs his God Damn MOUTH every year. Consensus # 5 Georgia Auburn was # 24.




59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry




Kirby played 60 against number 24 Auburn as it has become obvious D’Andre Swift and Elijah Holyfield will become number 20 and 21 Bulldogs to rush for 1000-yard seasons.

1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  1. 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  2. 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  3. 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  4. 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  5. 1,547 – Nick Chubb, 2014
  6. 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  7. 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  8. 1,345 – Nick Chubb, 2017-2018 season
  9. 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  10. 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  11. 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  12. 1,227 – Sony Michel, 2017-2018 season
  13. 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  14. 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  15. 1,130 – Nick Chubb, 2016
  16. 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  17. 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  18. 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  19. 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987
  20. 818 – D’Andre Swift with at least 4 more games 2018-2019 season*
  21. 784 – Elijah Holyfield with at least 4 more games 2018-2019 season*

5 more games if we can beat Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.  We certainly HAD THEM BEAT the last time we played them before the God Damn Big 10 Officials STOLE the national championship from us.  Both Swift and Holyfield appear headed for nearly top 10 all-time for Georgia Bulldogs in rushing the football here at The University of Ground Attack.



Coach Dell McGee is MY HERO and I want him promoted to defensive coordinator when Mel Tucker is hired as head coach at Maryland which is a fine fit for him and a good job twice what we can pay Mel Tucker. You have to want what is good for your men coaching our guys.

1973 to 1985 Maryland was the # 17 best college football program in America.

1949 to 1955 Maryland was the # 2 best college football program in America.


Maryland is # 59 all-time in college football wins at

644 589 43 .522


There are 129 FBS teams # 59 is fine really.


You can’t judge Maryland by Georgia.


Georgia isn’t hiring Mel Tucker as head coach.


2 dozen reports report that Maryland wants Mel Tucker AND that Mel Tucker wants Maryland.


Why not ?


Someone is going to take the job.


And Mel Tucker is going somewhere.


Who cares who or where ?  It’s just when.  And what then FOR US ?


Wake up.


I realize that these were a long time ago when Maryland was relevant and that Maryland up and joined the Big Ten where they were placed in the East with Ohio State Michigan Michigan State and Penn State all in the East of the B1G with Maryland but the facts are Maryland is fertile recruiting ground and Mel Tucker is a Big Ten guy.  Mel Tucker is going somewhere because he is maxed out on salary as assistant coach and has to become head coach.


Frankly Maryland is a good football program at 52 % win percentage all-time.  It’s Big Ten for God’s sake.  It’s DMV for heaven sake.  District of Columbia is made up of Maryland and Virginia.  They do play and follow football there.  DMV=District Maryland and Virginia.  Not every place is Georgia or Ohio State.  Maryland is a reasonable starting point for Mel Tucker.  They can double his salary and he would be happy.  We can’t match that offer.  Damon Evans red panties wants Mel Tucker and that fits his style to go after Mel Tucker.  Any way someone is going to hire Mel Tucker.  It’s a salary issue.


When not if or where is all that remains for Mel Tucker at Georgia.  So what do we do when ?  If or where doesn’t matter.


Coach Dell McGee is responsible for recruiting Justin Fields Zamir White James Cook and Brenton Cox the # 1 overall recruit # 1 dual-threat QB # 1 and # 3 running backs and # 2 strong side defensive end in the nation and Jamaree Salyer # 1 Offensive Guard in the NATION and Jake Camarda and D’Andre Swift and Andrew Thomas and Dominick Blaylock. Azeez Ojulari. Chris Smith. Elijah Holyfield.


44-year old Auburn grad whose word means something Coach Dell McGee.


I am stumping for Coach Dell McGee to be named Defensive Coordinator replacing Mel Tucker leaving to be head coach at Maryland for Athletics Director Damon Evans.


Maryland is a very good college football program and a great fit for Mel Tucker.


Best of luck to all involved.



D. J. Durkin was fired mid last week a guy who previously was the DC Florida Gators and DC Michigan. D. J. Durkin’s strength coach Rick Court was fired before this season for abusive training when 1 Maryland player Jordan McNair died early August 2018. Maryland was in the ACC and now Big 10. Their AD is Damon Evans. Damon Evans wants our DC as their head coach Mel Tucker. Mel Tucker worked for Ohio State Georgia Alabama and LSU plus extensive NFL Coaching experience after playing for Wisconsin of the Big 10.

DJ Durkin was paid $2.5 million.


We pay Mel Tucker 1.5 million.


Mel Tucker hasn’t had our players sacking opposing quarterbacks.


That has been by design.


It’s really Kirby’s defense.


$1.5 million is realty the maximum anyone pays an assistant college coach.


You can’t hold back guys like this and Maryland is a good solid football program with a  winning record all-time at 52 percent winning percentage.


They would be doubling his salary.  We are not going to match that.


Dell McGee is who should haven been made defensive coordinator and now then if Mel Tucker leaves will be in my humble opinion despite Dell McGee being an offensive genius.


We are not going to hold back Dell McGee either.


I would instantly make  Dell McGee defensive coordinator.  I thought he should have been made OC.



Dell McGee is our best coach and best recruiter.


Promote Dell McGee Kirby.






california_dawg ” I don’t understand why any Dawg fan would celebrate Mark Richt’s struggles with such glee.” You have got to be kidding me ? Right ? Mark Richt is NOT our coach. He was FIRED. What he did the last 8 years here is what he is doing at Miami of Florida. YOU TOLD ME you were now a Miami of Florida fan. I said I HATE Mark Richt and everything he God Damn Stands For.

So Mark Richt has LOST CONTROL at Miami of Florida just as he LOST CONTROL here his last 8 years.


Now Mark Richt has won 5 games over all cupcakes and LOST 7 games (including several cupcakes) of his last dozen games.


Guess what ?




Why would I take such glee that Mark Richt is winning about 2 losing 1 at Miami of Florida since he got there and that Kirby has won nearly 8 of 10 here in the same timeframe ?



Because Kirby is my coach.


Who the hell is your coach california_dawg  ?





Auburn checks-in at number 24 in the College Football Playoff Poll which is the ONLY poll to matter at all all season long until December 2 – then it never gets updated after December 2 and all the other polls then are relevant again. Their object is to determine national champion with CFP Poll but they NEVER have a poll after their CFP Poll coming-out after The SEC Championship Game.



Of course the FINAL College Football Playoff Poll for 2018 will be December 2 after Georgia and Alabama face each other in The SEC Championship Game.


Stupid shits who designed the College Football Playoff Poll do NOT have a poll at ALL after the national championship game so the final CFP Poll for this 2018 season is December 2.


In fact ALL POLLS wait from December 2 all the way until the NC Game is complete to come out with their final polls for the 2018-2019 season January 8.


Where is Mark Richt ranked in the polls this year ?


ANSWER: he’s not.




We are doing very well on 3rd Down Conversion # 10. We defend 3rd Downs ok too # 25. Our passing offense is weak at # 78. Our field goal kicker is # 10 in the nation percentage. Our rushing offense is # 17 and our rushing defense is # 35. Our Strength of Schedule is # 9 toughest in the nation. Notre Dame # 60 SoS. Oklahoma # 56 SoS.




Duke with its LOSING RECORD in the ACC beat Mark Richt and Miami of Florida for their 3rd loss in a row – like Mark Richt did last year losing 3 games in row at the end of last season too. Mark Richt has now LOST 4 games 2018. Mark Richt is a CUPCAKE. This drops Mark Richt to .6857 win percentage at Miami of Florida. I thought you said you were going to be a God Damn Miami of Florida fan now ? Well punks ? Kirby doubles-up # 9 Kentucky 34-17 to go to .7838 win percentage. Recap .7838 Kirby .6857 Mark Richt.

You God Damn Mark Richtophiles Apologists can stick it up your God Damn assholes.




Mark Richt FAILED to win The SEC Championship












Ten (10) consecutive years the 3rd longest streak UGA did not win The SEC Championship.


That’s how bad Mark Richt was when YOU SAID TO ME that YOU had become a Miami of Florida fan.


Here shove this up your God Damn asshole.


.6857 Mark Richt Miami of Florida

.7838 Kirby since I FIRED Mark Richt for NOT WINNING


One is winning nearly 80 % of his games while the other is nearly winning only 2 of 3 games in a far easier conference.


Mark Richt doesn’t even play Clemson the only team in the ACC.



It doesn’t matter if College Football Playoff Poll ranks Georgia # 4 and Michigan # 5 because for Georgia to make the playoffs we have to beat Alabama because of our loss to LSU. Alabama on the other hand is in if we beat Alabama. This is the reality.

Of course another loss by Georgia against Auburn for example or Georgia Tech would seal the deal for Kirby and prevent him from making the playoffs even if he later beat Alabama.


The facts are NONE of the teams ranked better than Georgia have played tougher schedule than UGA to-date with our opponents’ record the best of the playoff contenders so far.


47-24 combined record of our opponents to-date # 9 best nationally 2018 season so far.




2 Tennessee teams Ole Miss and Arkansas are the only 4 SEC teams to NOT get any votes in the Coaches’ Poll 2018 November 4 while 6 SEC teams are ranked and 4 more SEC teams including Auburn # 27 in the other receiving votes.

58-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry and Auburn is # 27 AP Poll too while UGA is consensus # 5 in the country.





Bulldogs bite blue pussiecats of Kentucky in the ass after Kentucky’s weeklong SMACK TALK about how they were going to beat The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Instead UGA doubled-up # 9 Kentucky to increase our Strength of Schedule to # 9

Jake Fromm was sacked 3 times again and did fumble twice again but Kentucky was no match for his passing nor able to stop our running game.


29 nothing Alabama over LSU propels # 6 UGA up one spot to # 5 while LSU who LOST to Florida adds their second loss of the season already and drops worse in the rankings than Georgia whom LSU beat at their house.


The 2 fumbles left us short of my prediction of 47 to 17 but 34 to 17 is just fine with me.


I was glad to see Kirby let the overall national second best recruit Justin Fields come in the game and at least run a couple of times.


I still say Justin Fields is our best quarterback.


The undisciplined nature of their fumbles and penalties I called pregame as well.


Benny Snell Jr. was full of shit with his guarantees pregame as I pointed-out before the game that Kentucky’s strength of schedule had only been # 58 so he hadn’t really faced the level of opponent Georgia is. Nor had Kentucky faced the level of opponents Georgia has.  So their defensive stats also were overblown.


I rightfully called ALL OF THAT for the entire last week on THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE.


Our Official NCAA Strength of Schedule increased from # 16 to # 9 now for the season so far.  Compare this to Notre Dame at # 60 Strength of Schedule. The storyline preseason was that we had an easy schedule. Now as it turns out we have the # 9 toughest schedule in the United States of America.


Yes we LOST to LSU but they LOST to Florida and now have 2 losses on the season.  So they are ranked worse than us who beat us at their house.


And because all these teams ranked in fact ahead of us have none of them played opponents who are 47-24 on the season.


See toughest schedules :