“I will say that for those of you who claim to detect a rise in my level of cynicism about Georgia football you may have a point.” bluto . Am I seriously bluto not supposed to remember what you SAID and DID even unto the END and BEYOND even until now about Mark Richt this senator of NOTHING but bluto ? “It’s hard for me to accept that Smart escapes that history other than as the result of sheer blind luck” and ENDS-UP BEING A GOOD COACH.

“I will say that for those of you who claim to detect a rise in my level of cynicism about Georgia football you may have a point.”  bluto

“Greg McGarity’s track record as an evaluator of coaches when it comes to hiring and firing.” bluto

“In light of recent comments I’ve seen here questioning my support for Kirby Smart.”  bluto

“To suggest that I’m rooting for him to flop out of a sense of cynicism or bitterness arising from Mark Richt’s dismissal”

“I don’t have time to sit through a mediocre four-year run and then wait to see if the next guy is the one to pull the program’s proverbial nuts out of the fire.”

“I simply don’t see how the 2016 season is worthy of being exempt from criticism on just about every level.”

“There’s the process that led to Smart’s hire. Feel free to dismiss it in your enthusiasm – whether that’s due to Smart himself – the importation of the Process – Richt’s dismissal – or some combination of the three – but I’m not of the same mind.”

“It’s hard for me to accept that Smart escapes that history other than as the result of sheer blind luck” and ENDS-UP BEING A GOOD COACH.

Now we’re finally getting to the nitty-gritty of it bluto you have repeated yourself for YEARS that Mark Richt was NOT worthy of criticism – GET ON THE BUS – don’t CRITICIZE Mark Richt – he’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE – he will STILL BE HERE TODAY you said AFTER the Florida loss 2015.  Mark Richt does not deserve the criticism.  He’s fine.  Best coach ever for us.

MORE of the same CONSISTENT point from you senator of NOTHING bluto – please NOTE you did not like the process that Mark Richt was FIRED with and say so AGAIN year and a half later now today. Nor do you like the process of hiring Kirby Smart as the replacement after FIRING MARK RICHT.

So it does not surprise ANYONE that you would be CONSISTENT on this point and STILL WHINE about us NOT having Mark Richt.

THAT is ALL you have EVER DONE.


Stick this up your God Damn lying ASSHOLE bluto.


So you’ll have to forgive me if I seem a little more negative at times than you’d prefer. You’re not Kirby Smart but don’t take it personally on his account.”

I don’t bluto. I take it that you are CONSISTENT on your point that YOU want Mark Richt here that you :

“Don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” you said November 2015 AFTER losing to Florida.

“Can’t deny that it was decision to fire Mark Richt that couldn’t be justified.”

“And again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”

We got it bluto.

Trust me.

We’re not confused in the least.

This is ALL consistent with your WHINING about Mark Richt being FIRED.

Hey bluto – I was RIGHT about Mark Richt being FIRED – wasn’t I Bluto all these years dumbass son of a freaking bitch LIAR.

Get OVER it bluto.  You were WRONG. I was RIGHT ALL ALONG.  You’re STILL WRONG.


( https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/why-i-whine/ )

Am I not to remember what you SAID and DID even unto the END and BEYOND even until now about Mark Richt this senator of NOTHING but bluto ?

Tell me it’s not true.


You are so FULL of SHIT bluto you piece of shit LIAR bluto senator of NOTHING.




( https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/why-i-whine/ )


You indeed proven WRONG about Mark Richt and still a year and half later can not bring yourself to say the truth that you were WRONG ALL ALONG.



247Sports.com says Kirby has Five (5) guys coming-in in 2017 recruiting class who can help us. 247Sports.com Jake Rowe ? 5 sir ?

That is the single most asinine statement I have ever read Jake Rowe.  No one looks at our recruiting class 2017 and surmises we have FIVE (5) players who can help us.


No one in the entire country.


You work for 247Sports.com Jake Rowe.


Would you like to check-back with me on that statement say after a few years ?


This BY ALL MEASURES is the # 1 recruiting class The University of Georgia has EVER assembled because it contains 15 judged to be by your own site’s standards top 100 players.


I wonder about you Jake Rowe.  I really do sir.


That has to be a typo ?  15 not 5 ?


No.  You actually name the only 5.


Good Lord son.

  1. # 2 Athlete Nationally *DeAngelo Gibbs 4.52 Nike 40-yard dash 6’ 2” 204 lbs. Grayson # 13 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 40 overall and # 3 Safety by 247Sports.com Composite # 10 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation  Signed Enrolled 1-9-17 
  2. # 2 Safety *Richard LeCounte 4.51 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 1″ 186 lbs. Liberty County Hinesville # 39 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 27 overall by 247Sports.com Composite # 11 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
  3. # 3 QB *Jake Fromm 6′ 2″ 203 lbs. Houston Warner Robins # 29 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 46 overall and # 3 PRO QB by 247Sports.com Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
  4. # 3 Running Back *D’Andre Swift 5′ 9.5″ 214 lbs. Philadelphia Joseph’s Prep School # 35 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 36 overall and # 4 RB by 247Sports.com Composite
  5. # 4 OG *Netori Johnson 6′ 3.5″ 348 lbs. Cedar Grove # 82 overall and # 5 OG prospect nationally 2017 by 247Sports.com Composite
  6. # 6 ILB *Nate McBride 6′ 2″ 225 lbs. 4.53 in 40-yard dash 10.5 in 100 meters Vidalia # 92 overall and # 2 ILB prospect nationally 2017 by 247Sports.com Composite
  7. # 7 OT *Isaiah Wilson 6′ 7″ 350 lbs. Brooklyn New York # 49 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 32 overall by 247Sports.com Composite # 2 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation
  8. # 7 OLB *Walter Grant 6′ 4″ 235 lbs. Cairo # 93 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com
  9. # 8 DE *Robert Beal 6′ 3.5″ 234 lbs. Norcross IMG Academy Bradenton FL # 74 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 81 overall and # 5 DE by 247Sports.com Composite # 4 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation
  10. # 9 Athlete Nationally Tray Bishop 6’ 3” 185 lbs. Terrell County # 129 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 4 Athlete Nationally by 247Sports.com Composite
  11. # 9 ILB Monty Rice of James Clemens High in Madison ALABAMA 6′ 2″ 228 lbs. Nike 40-yard dash time 4.62 ! the # 221 best overall prospect nationally regardless of position 2017 by Scout.com 4-Star Scout.com obviously with that size length and speed and Scout.com ranks Monty Rice the # 9 Inside Linebacker in the nation 2017. Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017
  12. # 10 OLB Jaden Hunter 6′ 2″ 212 lbs. 4.81 Nike 40-yard dash Westlake Atlanta # 136 overall prospect nationally 2017 by 247Sports.com Composite
  13. # 11 OT *Andrew Thomas 6″ 4.5″ 318 lbs. Pace Academy # 68 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 74 overall and # 12 OT by 247Sports.com Composite # 38 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation
  14. # 12 OT *D’antne Demery 6′ 6″ 304 lbs. Brunswick # 92 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com
  15. # 13 DT Devante Wyatt 6′ 3″ 298 lbs. 4.59 in 40-yard dash Towers # 230 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com
  16. # 14 nationally overall JUCO # 2 JUCO OT *D’Marcus Hayes 6′ 5″ and 320 lbs. Madison Central Mississippi JUCO # 5 JUCO overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 14 nationally JUCO by 247Sports.com Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017 
  17. # 14 OG Justin Shaffer 6′ 5″ 346 lbs. also Cedar Grove # 243 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com
  18. # 16 CB *William Poole 4.52 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 179 lbs. Hapeville College Park # 46 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation # 180 overall prospect nationally 2017 by 247Sports.com Composite
  19. # 18 DE *Malik Herring 6′ 4″ 265 lbs. Mary Persons # 84 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation # 150 overall prospect nationally 2017 by 247Sports.com Composite
  20. # 19 WR Mark Webb also Philadelphia 6′ 2″ and 195 lbs. # 134 overall and # 20 WR prospect nationally 2017 by 247Sports.com Composite
  21. # 19 WR *Jeremiah Holloman 6′ 2″ 195 lbs. with 4.48 time 40-yard dash Newton High # 98 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation  # 135 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com # 131 overall and # 19 WR by 247Sports.com Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-17
  22. # 22 WR Trey Blount 4.36 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 2″ 192 lbs.  also Pace Academy # 252 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com
  23. # 53 WR Matt Landers 6’5″ long 192 lbs. Wide Receiver from St. Petersburg FL also offered Scholarship by Florida Auburn FSU Louisville Kentucky Miami of Florida Mississippi State UNC Notre Dame Ole Miss Pitt West Virginia and Michigan for jump-balls from Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm with good hands and covers a lot of ground quickly with long strides as a Red Zone Weapon with 4.68 speed in the 40-yard dash Nike time !  Take that from 6′ 5″ and vertical leap of 33 inches.  That is 110 inches off-the-ground to top of the head before adding his arms and hands higher than 140 inches off the ground for those 5′ 9″ cornerbacks everyone has.  Matt Landers reaches 11 feet 8 inches on his jump-ball.  How is a 5′ 9″ cornerback going to cover that ?

* 15 players documented here as ranked in the Top 100 when there are 3300 joining 130 FBS teams 2017.


5 guys coming-in who can help us ?  Hogwash 247Sports.com.






Kirby gave Starts to ten (10) players 2016 who never played for Mark Richt and I see this class as having 3 times the number 247Sports.com says can help the team.  15 at least who are top 100 players in the nation Jake Rowe by your own site’s admissions.  Your site references the rankings by ESPN RecruitingNation Rivals Scout.com and your composite of THOSE RANKINGS 247Sports.com.  You have written about college football recruiting for MANY YEARS Jake Rowe.  I have read them Jake Rowe sir on multiple sites.  You let me down more than you hit the nail on the head Jake Rowe.


You make us click 6 times to read which 18 of our 23 you think are of NO HELP to this team.




5 sir ?  247Sports.com Jake Rowe



Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosts the Super Bowl 2019 LIII 53 and the National Championship Game THIS 2017 SEASON called the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship Game next January 8 but the Georgia Dome has ONE MORE REMAINING Falcons’ game against Green Bay whom the Falcons beat here at the Georgia Dome 33-32 October 30 against Aaron Rodgers who has been Super Bowl Champ before.

This will be Atlanta’s 3rd time hosting the Super Bowl 2019.


With a pinwheel opening roof our new stadium here in Atlanta has a 58 feet tall 1100 feet long LED circular display board around the circumference of the open-roof design which is 3 times the size of the EverBank Field display board completely encompassing the entire playing field including end zones.


There is an unobstructed view of Atlanta’s skyline from the field with premium boxes behind the team benches field level and a 100-yard bar stretching the entire length of the field in the upper concourse at a cost estimated now to be the most expensive stadium for any sport ever built anywhere in the World.


Arthur Blank did this for us here in Atlanta a city of more than 7 million.  He the most prominent sports’ fan here in Atlanta by far.


Our new stadium will also host the 2020 NCAA Men’s Division 1 Final 4 NCAA Basketball Tournament March Madness Big Dance.


The playing surface will be GreenFields MX 3-Star Turf System as there is not enough sunlight for grass with all the purposes of Arthur Blanks’ palace.





There is this Super Bowl this year first and the Falcons must beat Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay to play in the Super Bowl LI 51.

Behind Richard Smith Defensive Coordinator and Kyle Shanahan Offensive Coordinator, Dan Quinn who was Defensive Coordinator for Seattle Seahawks before being hired by Arthur Blank, now is 20-13 at his first-time head coaching position including 1-0 in the NFL Playoffs.


The spotlight shines brightly on Kyle Shanahan.


Son of Mike who was 3-time Super Bowl Winner including one for San Francisco as their Offensive Coordinator and 2 as head coach Denver Broncos.


Kyle is on a meteoric rise to follow his head coach Dad.


This year’s Super Bowl is in Houston with Lady Gaga.


Kyle has been here two days short of one year as Offensive Coordinator Atlanta Falcons after resigning his same position with Cleveland January 2015 when he categorically refused to coach Johnny Manziel as the Starting Quarterback.









What was your take-away from the 2 Major Events we watched today the Falcons’ GREAT win over Seattle in the Play-Offs when Seattle beat Falcons at HOME in Seattle in week 6 and our Georgia Men’s Basketball losing for the 14th time in a row down there in Florida ? Why do we play the game in JAX every year against our # 1 Rival ? What did you write about today about these 2 Major Sporting Events for us ?

As I watched these 2 major events today the Falcons’ rousting victory and Florida beating us for the 14th time in a row down there I feel compelled to write about what my take-away is from the 2 major events today.


The Falcons just LOST at Seattle week 6 this year.


Now they rout them at HOME here in Atlanta.


Did you hear anyone bragging on the Gator Bowl compared to Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz stadium tonight watching the Falcons dominate one of the best NFL franchises Seattle ?


EverBank Field JAX is ranked the # 26 worst stadium in America by Athlon Sports :



Picture the difference in the two NFL franchise’s stadiums ? Jacksonville and Atlanta.  Night and Day.

Once Ted Turner SOLD-OUT to go to Montana and buy that state out with his spoils we have not had good sports here or any effort to until now with Arthur Blank.


The Gator Bowl was opened with the name Jacksonville Municipal Stadium and now nearly a quarter of a century later it is one of the very WORST FOOTBALL STADIUMS in the nation. The renaming rights were sold to a since questionable bank of just 3700 employees who have major lawsuits against them as their investors lost $ 50 million dollars.   Not EverBank their investors lost $ 50 million dollars. EverBank is NOT ranked one of the better banks. EverBank only does $ 883 million in revenue puny by banks standards.   Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium cost $ 1.7 billion so far.  That’s twice what EverBank DOES in revenue.  Who ever heard of EverBank ?  No one.


EverBank does NOT have a 5-Star Rating as a bank by Bauer Financial.




– Opened in 1995 has not hosted a major event after 2005. Will NEVER host a major sporting event until it is torn down and new Stadium built for Jacksonville’s Major Sporting Event EVERY YEAR which is us The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs coming to THEIR hellhole of a city for our game against OUR # 1 Rival.


– Cost: $121 million





Compare that puny amount the city of Jacksonville can come-up with to the $ 1.7 billion Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz football stadium cost for example.  After the exciting Atlanta win tonight in the play-offs against Seattle Matt Ryan is now 2-4 in the play-offs.  We have so many more entertaining places to go right there at the new Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium than in all of drawn-out Jacksonville. It’s a bad deal for us to have to go there to Jacksonville as the only main event that stadium hosts.


Compare still having to play the game in JAX to the experience of having it at the new stadium for football Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium ?


Does this venue compare to Sanford OR Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium ?


Hell no.


So why is the game there every year ?


For us ?


– Capacity: 67,246


– 75 luxury suites


JAX lacks the bells and whistles that have been required components of most modern stadiums. The entertainment value for the fans just doesn’t add up. Lacks frills and excitement as a venue. EverBank Field is too boring. It is a simple perfunctory stadium. No one wants to go there. There is NO hope of getting a new stadium built anytime soon because EverBank does not have the resources to and the city is not a destination anyone wants to go to. Hosts the annual Gator Bowl every year. In fact when EverBank bought the naming rights to the Gator Bowl on their own WebPages they called it bought the naming rights to the Gator Bowl.


Site of the annual World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party 6 hours away one-way for us where we are not even allowed to host prospects removing The Georgia Bulldogs # 1 Rival from EVER playing at our house. The lost revenue each season in Athens has cost UGA the ability to expand the field to keep-up with other lesser programs who have used the revenue from their games at HOME against their # 1 Rival to expand their stadiums beyond Sanford Stadium on the world’s best college football campus.


The economic impact to the Athens Economy has been devastating to us on many levels.


  1. Losing $ 25 million in Revenue having the game at Sanford every other year in the WLOCP.
  2. Losing economic impact to # 1 College Football Town of $93.7 million* every 2 years no Florida.
  3. Having sad home schedules for which we all pony-up so much money to watch 6 cupcakes.
  4. Some schools get-in 9 “home” games for their team vols for example do so frequently.
  5. Never play our # 1 Rival at home.
  6. Our coaches have ALL STATED that playing there is a DISADVANTAGE for our players.
  7. The humidity is such that it is a huge difference compared to Athens causing us to show-up not acclimated to their climate.

*$93.7 million 2016 Economic Impact to the city of Athens # 1 college football town for NOT having Florida every other year based on this December 2016 Economic Impact Study listed here at this URL Link :




N.B. college football is twice the number of fans of NFL NBA and ANY OTHER SPORT.  It also is the MOST EXCITING SPORT and my own personal hobby.


I personally believe we would find the Economic Impact on Athens to be in excess of $ 93.7 million every other year.  It’s Florida.


Starting 1990 we have played there at the GATOR BOWL 24 times and won 6.

The Gator Bowl is in the middle of nowhere with nothing around it like EVERY other stadium.

The only team who embraces the stadium IN ANY SPORT are the Florida Gators which reside about an hour away.

Some stadiums are less equal to the others. This is one such. Some stadiums are glorious palaces to football’s honor. This is NOT one of those.

This is more of a depressing hole in the ground in a hellhole of a city.

This is one of the Doldrums of stadiums where even where we have to park is just all wrong even with it situated where there is nothing you can do pre-game or post-game nearby.

The stadium doesn’t even look particularly special.

The NFL franchise is very much in doubt because one JAX should NEVER have been awarded an NFL franchise as a dump of a city and because two no one wants to go to their stadium. This is a failed NFL franchise hanging-on by a thread.

Even the Gator Bowl has suffered where it once had prominence among Bowl Games because the stadium is now several decades out-of-date.

It was not a prominent top-tier stadium when it was built nearly a quarter a century ago now.

They have needed a new stadium in JAX but frankly can not afford to build one with the NFL franchise itself daring to move out to a different newer nicer fancier stadium elsewhere. If you were Birmingham and built a top-notch stadium the franchise would move there in a heartbeat. Maybe someone would even go the games in Birmingham.

It appears as a little cheesy stadium sitting by itself.

The tarps are certainly an eyesore.


It’s just not a classic stadium.


It’s a morgue going to the games there and has been for MANY YEARS now.


They’ve tried to put lipstick on the pig but the stadium sucks.


The bathrooms are awful.


The food you can buy is no good.


The view from the stadium inside and out is drab.


They could give-away 2 free Coca-Colas 2 free hot dogs 2 bags of free boiled peanuts a free parking pass to entice someone to come to the rickety old stadium and still no one would.


It’s depressing to go there.


Our WLOCP game there is in November hardly when you want to be in a pool people piss in.


The design is too wide.


If your seats are mid-field you are WAY away from the field in the upper deck.


There is no proximity to anything. JAX is the largest square mile city in the world which is NOT an advantage to going there where NOTHING is nearby.


It’s always raining and even when it is not it is a very poor tail-gating experience compared to say on campus in Athens.


If you are trying to tail-gate in a lot shielded by the overpass even there you are there by yourself with the parking lots EMPTY. It’s no fun.


It’s almost a thousand square miles. It’s just too spread-out.


Yet there are only 800 thousand who live there. What does that tell you compared to the 7 million who live here in Atlanta ?


That NO ONE wants to live there. That’s it’s NO GOOD there.


That the place doesn’t OFFER ANYTHING.


There are no parks there.


It’s not pretty.


The roads are horrible and not well kept.


The police are not friendly.


WE are the major event for the hellhole.


Jacksonville is nearly a thousand square miles while Riverside Park is only 11 acres. Eleven.


Riverwalk is only 2 miles of a 1000 square miles for the hellhole city Jacksonville.


The St. Johns River is not a pretty river in fact it looks poorly maintained to everyone.


Jacksonville is only the # 47 largest local TV market so even the folks who live there don’t watch the games from the stinky stadium.


Only the # 46 largest radio market Jacksonville pales in comparison to Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium for example.


Our game the WLOCP is more important to their economy than the Gator Bowl which began there in 1946.


There are only 2 shopping malls in Jacksonville. Two. And they are BOTH graveyards with poor choices because no one goes to either.


There is no MLB baseball team in Jacksonville.


There isn’t even a NBA basketball team there.


There is NOTHING there in JAX except for our game.


The Gator Bowl has certainly fallen-off in prominence as a Bowl Game.


Like I say it is OUR GAME AGAINST OUR # 1 RIVAL which is THE Major Event of the “city.”


Such as it is as a city.


They built the stadium 1995 over two decades ago coming-up on quarter of a century old for the NFL franchise and should NEVER have been awarded it. It will go away soon. Any day now.


Because of the stadium.


And because of the city.


Jacksonville is an Atlantic Sun Conference city.


Atlantic Sun.


Laugh out loud.


The airport is 13 miles away from the city and has less than 100 flights a day. Seriously. We have ten times as many people through our airport here in Atlanta than Jacksonville gets as tourists all year long.


The hellhole no one wants to go to and where nobody lives.


With no mass transit unless you count a 30 mph monorail with 8 stops.


JAX raised its taxes to pay for improvements there so every dollar spent helps make Jacksonville what it NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE compared to say Atlanta for example.


Jacksonville Landing is 126 thousand square feet that opened just before the Gator Bowl stadium to support the Gator Bowl trying to make the hellhole JAX into a tourist destination.  A tourist trap for their FAILED NFL franchise. 126 thousand square feet. Puny. This is a tourist trap. Built as a tourist trap 3 decades ago and designed to be a tourist trap.


126 thousand square feet is two (2) acres. My yard is bigger than that.


Parking is across from the Landing not at the Landing.


The Landing is a little itty-bitty poor designed tourist trap built as a tourist trap and out-of-date by 3 decades now. Underground Atlanta built in 1869 is no longer viable but we support the Landing as Dawg Fans on what is the biggest event the entire city has. Us.


Now 3 decades later Jacksonville is TRYING to RE-INVENT the Landing. This means they are TALKING ABOUT IT BEING OUT-OF-DATE not that they have done A THING about it. Rape the tourists. Keep the profits do nothing.


Like the whole city.


It’s a joke. The “city” and the stadium. Keeping us there every year is a detriment to our football program and boon to Florida’s and to THEIR ECONOMY there – NOT here.


We put our players at a disadvantage to the detriment of what is in our best interests.


For them.


No other reason.


As their biggest event.


Jacksonville’s BIGGEST EVENT.



Athens Georgia is # 1 college football town. Auburn was never played at home for us. We played Georgie tek yellowjackets every year in Atlanta. Auburn was Columbus.

We played 23 of 24 games in Atlanta against Georgie tek yellowjackets from after the eighteen hundreds until several years after we had joined The SEC. We won 8 of 24 games. Some neutral game.

We played Auburn in places like Macon Atlanta Columbus Montgomery Savannah for 59 years until last in 1958. We lost not only the last 6 in Columbus but lost all the games in Montgomery never won in Savannah won only twice in 4 games in Macon and won only 4 of the 12 games in Atlanta.

We did the same with Alabama trying best as we could not to give Athens any revenue.

We also did the same with North Carolina again let’s play them anywhere but Athens.

Tradition ?

The tradition for UGA is to play our games NOT at HOME and we fixed that with every team save one.

World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. I was the poster boy.

We all know why Florida fans want the game to STAY down there. We even have those of us who have been to JAX 25 times like I have for the game who paint some picture about themselves which disregards our coach saying every year before going down there that it is a disadvantage to him and to his team – no matter how popular our coach may or may not have been.

Now our Athletics’ Director who is STILL HERE who used to work on the staff at Florida and could answer the tough questions on this if pressed from the Florida point of view, has us at our worst in all sports we’ve ever been since he took-over at the behest of Mike Adam$ – nothing but a puppet and NOT that popular right now however high he steps. And he has capitulated on JAX as well.

We’ve lost 14 times in a row now playing our # 1 Rival in Florida in men’s basketball.


If we can NEVER beat Florida we will NEVER achieve shit in ANY sport.

Mark Richt did NOTHING BUT COMPLAIN about playing Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl and then promptly went-out and lost 11 of his 16 games there.

There is NO QUESTION that we could play HARD-BALL with the Gators about this game and FAIL to take advantage of doing so. We negotiate like wimps.

It takes us 6 hours a tank of gas a cheesy motel room and bad seats in a decrepit stadium with temporary seats in a city I don’t enjoy like I do even in Daytona Beach an hour away with far better accommodations and restaurants and a far nicer beach. So why THERE instead of Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium for example ?  The DeSota Hotel in Tybee Island I prefer as well to all the cheap-ass bug-infested motels in JAX. And that also is a far better beach with again better restaurants too at Tybee Island than JAX. All the places I really love to go on Vacation by stark contrast and certainly NOT 2 days before November with it 46 degrees when no one wants to be in the stadium pool – supposedly the one claim to fame of the venue.

It’s just not our idea of a vacation spot.

So why purposely then totally disregard our coaches and players state they are at a disadvantage – not the least of which is again it was 46 degrees this latest season game day here and expected to be 90 degrees game time there. How can we prepare for that ? It is giving the Gators a decided advantage in us trying to acclimate to the humidity showing-up on Thursday. A day and a half while they live in that Hell Hole.

So that you can take a vacation in November in that God-Forsaken parking lot where we are even mistreated where we park.


Still I have been to the Hell Hole 2 dozen times to watch the game.

I feel like we are targeted the trip down there and mistreated in the Hell Hole when we finally get there worn-out.

4th and Dumb. Now that was a fun time to go. I said I was studying that week-end then was zoomed-in-on 3 times on TV. I maintained it was not I. But I came home with the 4th Down marker, which when we stormed the field, I stuck inside my # 17 jersey and walked-out with it between my legs straddling it very nicely thank you.

Las Vegas gives you a + 3 points home field advantage.

In Athens that is supposed to mean at least that. Over time, there is no question that we play better at home than not – and certainly giving-in to ANY advantage against Alabama, Georgie tek yellowjackets, Auburn, North Carolina and the Gators is a decision which long-since has been clear to MANY of us.

Why fix Auburn, North Carolina, Georgie tek yellowjackets, Alabama and leave the Gators as it is ? Because THEY want it there ?   The Florida Gators. Yeah them and our own fans who don’t give a rat’s ass about OUR Team as long as they get to party November in that awful place – like it is good for our players and coaches because the fans have fun in a different place.

Count me and many others like us, out.

I do not want them getting our revenue any longer.

Let them spend half the time coming-up here and giving us their revenue for say the next 50 years ? Or, at least home-and-home. Forget Atlanta. Athens.

If THEY want to play their game against US there at the site of the annual Gator Bowl, that is fine.

But our year is at SANFORD Stadium.

Or at Arthur Blank’s new palace. Look at what Arthur Blank is doing for sports here in Atlanta ?  Compare that to all the entire city of Jacksonville and what THEY do there by stark comparison ?

This is what I saw this day in sports.

Florida is a Favorite because the game is THERE.




Mark Richt lost 11 of his 16 games at this site so he wasn’t going to win there. He told you that. He told you for 15 years that HE was a disadvantage there.

It’s the BIGGEST GAME of the YEAR for US and for the city of Jacksonville.

How stupid can we be ?


Thanks Arthur Blank for what you are doing for this city’s sporting events.  Sorry Florida Georgia is NOT one of them.  And on the same day we watched our men lose for the 14th time in a row down there in Florida playing our # 1 Rival there in men’s basketball today.


I sure wish we’d wake-up and do something about this injustice.


This is the impression this day’s 2 major events left on me.


What did you see today ?  That JAX should host us as their # 1 event for the entire city all year long ?





USA Today says Bulldogs Win SEC East 2017 with 6 SEC teams ranked Preseason USA Today Poll Top 25 and of course Texas A&M is the 7th best SEC team 2017 Preseason so says USA Today Preseason Top 25 Poll just released. SEC Down ? I don’t think so. ACC better Chip Towers AJ-C ? Only 4 ACC teams Top 25 for 2017 Chipper ole boy – not that I understood your comment today that “And by and large I think the SEC still plays the best football overall.” AJ-C DawgNation Chipper Towers says. If you are saying The SEC is DOWN Chipper Towers then say that. If you “think The SEC still plays THE BEST FOOTBALL OVERALL” then say that. It’s one or the other dumbass. It’s NOT POSSIBLE to be BOTH. Jesus Christ. By the way all preseason polls but 1 say UGA Wins SEC East 2017 while College Football News ranks UGA # 7 for 2017.

It’s pretty aggravating Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation to read you say that The SEC is down and the ACC is better then read you say in the same post that it is NOT TRUE and in fact :


“And by and large I think the SEC still plays the best football overall.”


What do you tell yourself when you write such utter nonsense Chipper Towers ?


You’re so full of shit that you think you can GET AWAY with this yet AGAIN ?





You’re a wishy-washy son of a bitch Chipper Towers and always have been and always will be because you’re stuck being one of THOSE pussies. Be a man. Have some conviction. If you believe something then tell us you believe it. If you don’t then tell us you don’t. Don’t sit there contemplating your God Damn navel telling us BOTH you believe this and then in same freaking article TAKE IT ALL BACK and say you think the complete opposite contradicting your own friqin’ self saying “by and large you think The SEC still plays the BEST FOOTBALL OVERALL.”


Which is it Chipper Towers ?


Last year it was the B1G all year long was BETTER than The SEC. I debunked that. Now you write it is the stinking ACC oh wait no it is not it is “STILL The SEC.”




ACC what a damn joke.


Oh. Wait. You said that Chipper Towers. Make up your God Damn MIND contradictory bastard.


You can’t have it both ways.


It is or it isn’t.


It isn’t or it is.


It’s NOT both.





6 SEC Preseason Athlon Sports Top 17 while only 4 ACC Top 25 :




3 SEC Preseason College Football News Top 10 while only 2 ACC Top 10

UGA # 7 that’s HIGHER than Clemson # 8 and 2nd highest in The SEC and again Winning SEC East UGA 2017 :







5 SEC Top 21 ESPN Preseason Poll Top 25 and only 4 ACC Top 21 with UGA # 2 SEC and again UGA 2017 Wins SEC East :




6 SEC Top 22 SB Nation Preseason Poll Top 25 and only 4 ACC Top 22 and only 5 ACC Top 24 with Texas A&M of course closely following the Top 25 and again UGA Wins SEC East :





5 SEC Top 22 CBS Sports.com Preseason Top 25 for 2017 with AGAIN UGA SEC East Champions UGA Wins SEC East and only 4 ACC Top 24 while only 3 ACC Top 22 :




6 SEC Top 25 Yahoo.com Preseason 2017 Poll to only 3 ACC with this ONE LONE POLL says vols Win SEC East where it would seem that everyone has just a complete fill long since over with Butch Jones but no not this one site ONLY Yahoo.






Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits beginning 2010 through 2015 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed for 2016. Kirby is FIXING THIS NOW.

Is it true that Kirby was left little talent ?


I thought that Mark Richt averaged the # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings ?


He did.


They just were not here for us.


Were Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings overinflated with Signed Scholarship Recruits who besides not winning just simply were not on the team any longer ?


Absolutely.  Here is the proof.


2013 Recruiting Class for Mark Richt was the problem ?  EVERY YEAR is the same.  Look for yourself.


It was the SAME EVERY YEAR with Mark Richt.



2010 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :



(1) WR NR Lonnie Outlaw Wide Receiver Georgia Military, failed to Qualify

(2)DT 16 Michael Thornton

(3)OT 90 Kenarious Gates

(4)QB 53 Hutson Mason

(5)MLB 74 Alexander Ogletree – suspended REPEATED FAILED DRUG TEST removed from team

(6)DT 6 Garrison Smith

(7)DE 12 T.J. Stripling

(8)DE 45 Dexter Morant – quit when he 1st got here. Unquit later. Then, flunked-out.

(9)S JC Jakar Hamilton – transferred-out Safety South Carolina State

(10)DE 52 Brandon Burrows –quit the team as soon as he got here, unquit. medical hardship.

(11)RB 25 Ken Malcome – quit, un-quit, AGAIN QUIT MARK RICHT Southern Illinois Salukis

(12)OLB 3 Alec Ogletree

(13)CB 45 Derek Owens – Transferred Derek Owens, Cornerback, Alabama State.

(14)WR 84 Michael Bennett

(15)OLB 23 Demetre Baker – arrest DUI suspended Miss St, kicked-off . South Alabama also kicked-off.

(16)OT 10 Brent Benedict Quit over Joe Tereshinski II, transferred to Virginia Tech

(17)OG 6 Kolton Houston

(18)S 59 Marc Deas – Derrick Lott announced he was transferring and Marc Deas followed the next day. Marc Deas did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(19)DE 30 Jalen Fields – failed to qualify, went to Louisiana Lafayette




2011 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :



(20)DT JC Johnathan Jenkins

(21)RB 1 Isaiah Crowell arrested suspended October 15, 2011 & November 5, Thursday 27 October failed drug test, leading rusher Florida 2 days’ later, kicked-off, Alabama State, NFL Cleveland 546 yards

(22)MLB 37 Kent Turene – failed to qualify academically. Applied to Marshall, accepted and plays there

(23)DE 6 Ray Drew

(24)OT 40 Xzavier Wardleft the team with 2 years of eligibility remaining

(25)TE 4 Jay Rome

(26)CB 7 Malcolm Mitchell

(27)S 136 Quintavious Harrow – flunked-out, transfer Garden City Community College

(28)OLB 27 Ramik Wilson

(29)CB 9 Damian Swann

(30)WR 146 Sanford Seay allegedly a felony theft kicked-off, Wide Receiver – Louisiana Tech 2014

(31)DT 50 Chris Mayes

(32)OT 28 Zach DeBell – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(33)LS NR Nathan Theus

(34)OG 41 Hunter Long – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(35)OT 23 Watts Dantzler

(36)CB 15 Nick Marshall allegedly felony theft, kicked-off.  Auburn, arrested drugs & tinted car

(37)WR 51 Justin Scott-Wesley – arrested drugs, suspended – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(38)DE 37 Sterling Bailey

(39)QB 8 Christian LeMay Kicked-off high school team senior season Transfer to Jacksonville State

(40)CB 38 Devin Bowman

(41)WR 34 Chris Conley

(42)C 6 David Andrews

(43)MLB 11 Amarlo Herrera

(44)S 20 Chris Sanders allegedly felony theft, kicked-off. JUCO transfer to Baylor.

(45)S 6 Corey Moore




2012 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :



 (46)OLB 2 Josh Harvey-Clemons –  3 suspensions kicked-off, Louisville

(47)DE 27 Josh Dawson

(48)CB 11 Sheldon Dawson violation of team rules, suspended, rumored transferring to Memphis

(49)RB 13 Todd Gurley II – admitted sold autographs for 2 years for $3,000 suspended 4 games

(50)DE 5 Jordan Jenkins

(51)OT JC Mark Beard

(52)RB 1 Keith Marshall

(53)QB 24 Faton Bauta – given QB start 2015 by Mark Richt despite not one snap at QB all year – transferred

(54)WR 52 Blake Tibbs – played 2 of his 4 years eligibility and announced transferred

(55)DT 23 John Atkins – failed to qualify went to Hargrave Military Academy Virginia to become eligible still counted as a recruit Mark Richt signed in Recruiting Rankings overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings

(56)OG 41 Greg Pyke

(57)OT 2 John Theus

(58)DT 9 Jonathan Taylor criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, arrested felony aggravated assault/family violence, kicked off, Miss St, LSU, West Vir, or Alabama, Kicked-off team by Mark Richt.

(59)DE 74 James Deloach – criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing

(60)P NR Collin Barber

(61)FB 2 Quayvon Hicks

(62)DE 18 Leonard Floyd this is the 1st time we recruited him failed to qualify academically.  This is a 4-Star Recruit everyone always said Mark Richt signed so MANY of.  No he did not.  Given credit for Signing this top-rated recruit in the nation 2012 but Mark Richt did NOT in 2012 in overinflated Recruiting Rankings did he ?

(63)TE 18 Ty Flournoy-Smith arrested for filing false report of a crime, Tight End Alabama 2014

(64)K 7 Marshall Morgan – arrested BUI, suspended




2013 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :



(65)DE JC   Toby Johnson

(66)DE 27   Davin Bellamy – arrested DUI, suspended

(67)OT 31   DeVondre Seymour failed to qualify, at Hinds Community College Mississippi

(68)RB NR   Brendan Douglas

(69)CB 15   Shaq Wiggins arrested failure appear, suspended license.  Louisville

(70)WR 18   Tramel Terry – played one of his 4 years of eligibility at UGA then transferred to Jacksonville State

(71)S JC   Kennar Daniels-Johnson – one of a steady stream of defensive backs who just departed the program once Todd Grantham and secondary coach Scott Lakatos were hired.

(72)WR JC   Jonathon Rumph

(73)CB 19   Brendan Langley transferred-out, did not get a snap against Georgie tek

(74)RB 37   A.J. Turman – scored 2 TD each in 2 G-Day Games leading team then Mark Richt never allowed him to play and gave him not one single snap in 3 years so he quit the team and left

(75)OLB PG   Leonard Floyd this time he qualified he also overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings signing with Mark Richt 2 years after not qualifying on grades.  Bragged on signing him twice.

(76)DT PG   John Atkins – this time he came here and he was signed as recruit 2 years in a row and counted in Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings 2 years in a row overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings

(77)S JC   Shaquille Fluker – Safety – Transferred-out also to Jacksonville State for 2014

(78)S 34   Paris Bostick Mutually Transferred-out 2014 to Iowa Western Community College

(79)TE 15   Jordan Davis

(80)DE 53   Shaun McGee

(81)MLB 5   Tim Kimbrough – demoted by Mark Richt prior to last game of season 2015.  Was this because Mark Richt knew he had flunked-out on grades ?  Mark Richt never told us.  He never did on anything unless you caught him red-handed.  Only then would he come clean.  When the grades came out then Mark Richt left this for his replacement head coach to SUSPEND for the Bowl Game ineligible. After the bowl game Kirby Smart tried to get him prepared for Tim Kimbrough’s 2016 season.  But Tim Kimbrough refused to go to practice.  Then left the program rather than compete with Roquan Smith whom he did not think he could beat-out for the job.  He did not like being second fiddle to a younger player.  Now Tim Kimbrough IS GOOD and could have helped the team starter or not if he could pass his courses.  Too much work too to pass the courses ?  Once he figured-out his grades would not let him in anywhere to play his senior year he did nothing at all.  So he is eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft whether he graduated or even went to school 2016 which of course he did NOT.

(82)S 76   Quincy Mauger

(83)WR 57   Rico Johnson

(84)WR 110   Reggie Davis

(85)WR 70   Uriah LeMay criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing including cashing check of roommate, transferred to Univ North Carolina Charlotte

(86)OG 11   Brandon Kublanow

(87)C 5   Josh Cardiello – quit Mark Richt’s team transferred to UT Chattanooga

(88)CB 27   Reggie Wilkerson

(89)CB 72   J.J. Green team player, jerked around here by Mark Richt from offense to defense, Starter, transferred to Georgie tek

(90)MLB 9   Reggie Carter

(91)OT 65   Aulden Bynum

(92)MLB 38   Ryne Rankin

(93)MLB 11   Johnny O’Neal III

(94)DT 52   DeAndre Johnson Newnan Northgate High, medical disqualification

(95)DT JC   Chris Mayes

(96)S 9   Tray Matthews criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, “blessed at Auburn”

(97)QB 7   Brice Ramsey




2014 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :



(98)RB 37   Isaiah McKenzie

(99)TE 47   Hunter Atkinson Tight End – just up and quit June 18, 2014

(100)DT 13   Lamont Gaillard

(101)DE 5   Lorenzo Carter

(102)CB 100   Shaquille Jones – arrested shoplifting, kicked-off

(103)WR 185   Dominick Sanders

(104)WR PG NR Rico Johnson medical disqualification

(105)DE 19   Keyon Brown

(106)CB JC   Shattle Fenteng

(107)OG 11   Isaiah Wynn

(108)WR 51   Shakenneth Williams

(109)OT 21   Dyshon Sims

(110)OT   Kendall Baker

(111)MLB 14   Detric Bing-Dukes – Mark Richt Redshirted him 2014 so he transferred to Iowa Western then to Ole Miss

(112)QB 8   Jacob Park very good QB whom Mark Richt never gave a chance to instead he played Greyson Lambert who cost Mark Richt his job so Jacob Park transferred-out too.  Mark Richt would’ve started Jacob Park against Kentucky 2015 had Mark Richt not run him off too.  Instead of Jacob Park Mark Richt started Faton Bauta at QB when Mark Richt had not given Faton Bauta a single snap at QB all season long.  In his 1 start despite zero snaps all season at QB Faton Bauta threw 4 interceptions and was NEVER pulled. Then Faton Bauta quit Mark Richt too and left the team as well.  All of this because Mark Richt could not determine who was a good QB.  He never could.

(113)CB 11   Malkom Parrish

(114)RB 9   Nick Chubb – All America as I see it

(115)WR 109   Gilbert Johnson Wide Receiver Signed 2014, failed to Qualify

(116)OG  Jake Edwards  – also transferred-out this one to Georgia Southern unranked OG

(117)RB 2   Sony Michel

(118)TE 4   Jeb Blazevich



118 signed scholarship recruits what a joke Mark Richt signed 118 Scholarship Recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014  with all of these gone not playing for us.


2015 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :



The 2015 Recruiting Class, Darnell Salomon is arrested felony burglary on recruiting invite here July 23, 2014. Going to South Florida now ?  So the beat went on, and the losses therewith.  Comes here on Recruiting Visit to visit Mark Richt to be a Commitment to Mark Richt 2015 and got arrested on said trip to visit Mark Richt.


Mark Richt could not stay out of the bad news between his losses to top teams and inexplicable losses to unranked teams every year and all the arrests and overinflated recruiting rankings of players who just went missing here at Georgia.


They did not play for Mark Richt and were not available for Kirby.


How have the remaining done ?


As a DIRECT RESULT of ALL OF THIS Mark Richt signed 29 Scholarship Recruits his 2015 Signing Class.  Mark Richt would’ve signed any Scholarship Recruit 2015 desperate as he was.  Mark Richt was so desperate by 2015 Recruiting cycle to sign anyone.  He was as desperate as he was to start a guy at QB vs our # 1 Rival he was 5-10 against 5-11 at the site of the Gator Bowl who had not taken a single snap at QB for Mark Richt all season.  Any Scholarship Recruit Mark Richt could sign 2015 he did desperate as Mark Richt was 2015.


(119) DB Juwuan Briscoe abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left  unranked cornerback from Maryland

(120) DB Rico McGraw abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left 4-Star CB from TN

(121) DE Chauncey Rivers – arrested 3 times Suspended by Mark Richt kicked-off the team 4-Star DE

(122) LB Gary McCrae – failed to Qualify 4-Star LB overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings too

(123) S Kirby Choates – flunked-out an unranked Safety Mark Richt signed. unranked because of his grades

(124) Shaquery Wilson – abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left

(125) Devondre Seymour – abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left

(126) S Jonathan Abram

(127) Roquan Smith MLB

(128) Terry Godwin WR

(129) Patrick Allen OT

(130) DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DT

(131) Tae Crowder

(132) Sam Madden – has not played one snap in two years’ time so far

(133) D’Andre Walker LB

(134) Chuks Amaechi – was a 2-year Junior College Transfer so he is done

(135) Jarvis Wilson DB

(136) Rashad Roundtree ILB

(137) Michael Barnett DE – did not get one snap 2016

(138) Jonathan Ledbetter – arrested again. Kirby gave him substance-abuse treatment now playing well

(139) Jayson Stanley WR

(140) Trenton Thompson – Mark Richt only gave him 6 starts Kirby gave him 7 Starts including the last 3 in a row

(141) Michael Chigbu WR

(142) Sage Hardin OL Mark Richt Redshirted him Kirby played him one game 2016

(143) Jackson Harris TE

(144) Deandre Baker CB

(145) Natrez Patrick DE

(146) Justin Young DE – Mark Richt Redshirted Kirby played 9 games






29 Signed Scholarship Recruits Mark Richt 2015 but as with EVERY OTHER YEAR that was just overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings because they AREN’T HERE.


59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.


40 percent of Mark Richt’s Signed Scholarship Recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 fifty-nine of one hundred forty-six Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit


Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed for 2016.


When Forty Percent of your Signed Scholarship Recruits which you GOT CREDIT for Signing Here starting 2010 end-up not playing for you 59 of the 146  –  you are NOT GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TEAM.


Mark Richt did NOT sign 146 Scholarship Recruits starting 2010 to play for us.  It was 40 % worse than the overinflated recruiting rankings Mark Richt manipulated.


Figure it out.


Kirby Smart is a LOT better recruiter than Mark Richt.


Why are we # 37 vs top 15 teams starting 2010 with the average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings of # 7 ?






Mark Richt was not nearly the recruiter y’all bragged on him to be – was he ?


Mark Richt’s Recruiting was sketchy – wasn’t it ?


Why are we IN THIS MESS trying to recover from this ?


How have we done with the remaining signed scholarship recruits ?


This football program has not done well BECAUSE OF RECRUITING.  We thought we were getting the average # 7 Scout.com Recruiting Rankings but they were overinflated with players who DID NOT PLAY HERE forty percent who did not play here.


Kirby can and IS fixing this and that is ONE of the many ways a college football coach can be successful.  Did you know you can be judged to be a good college football coach because you have good players ?


It is ALSO how a coach can be FIRED to be # 7 as Mark Richt was in avg Scout.com Recruiting Rankings yet # 40 for Mark Richt vs top 15 teams.    If you lose to the top 15 teams with the # 7 average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings and throw-in losses to unranked teams in addition you get fired.


But was the talent really here ?  Did Kirby get little talent to begin with ?  Was Kirby in a hole talent wise ?


Kirby improved us over what we were doing in recruiting.  Will it translate to getting this program out of this hole ?


It was our biggest problem.  It has to help.  It cannot hurt to fix the recruiting.  A college football coach can be successful just by having better talent.


Did we really have better talent 2010-2016 or were we behind the 8-ball on talent ?  Why were we short on talent with the high average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings after 2010 ?


Because they were NOT HERE.  They did NOT play for us.  40 % of the signed scholarship recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 did not play for us.  They played somewhere else instead.  Didn’t they ?






SEC Legends is an annual Award program of The Southeastern Conference (SEC) designed to honor outstanding former student-athletes and coaches from each of the conference’s fourteen member institutions which began 1994 to Award the top student-athletes both men and women in SEC history. Who are The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ SEC Football Legends ?

Charley Trippi

Fran Tarkenton

Bill Stanfill

Terry Hoage

John Rauch

Herschel Walker

Kevin Butler

Tommy Lyons

George Patton

Scott Woerner

Mike Wilson

Zeke Bratkowski

Garrison Hearst

Rex Robinson

Eric Zeier

Matt Stinchcomb

Ben Zambiasi

Boss Bailey

David Greene

Tim Worley

John Little

Richard Seymour

Jon Stinchcomb

Jon Stinchcomb, Offensive Line, 1999-2002
Georgia offensive lineman Jon Stinchcomb made early headlines for the Bulldogs as a Freshman All-American, then went on to a stellar career capped by first team All-American honors his senior year of 2002. It was his senior season when he helped lead Georgia win its first SEC championship in 20 years, the same year he was named to the CoSIDA Academic All-America Team for the second year in a row. He also was one of 11 Division I players nationally to be named to the AFCA National Good Works Team for outstanding contributions to community service. A 2002 recipient of the National Football Foundation Post Graduate Scholarship, Stinchcomb was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft, was recipient of the Saints Man of the Year Award for 2008, and was a starting offensive lineman on the Saints’ 2010 Super Bowl Championship team