Obviously, all of us would like to see Mark Richt be as successful his third 7 seasons here, as he was in his first 7 seasons here.

As we embark upon Mark Richt’s third seven-year period here at UGA, we have all come to love the man and what he stands for.  He is an excellent role model.  He is a fantastic recruiter.  He was more successful when he first got here than any Bulldogs’ coach.

I consider those who still brag on his coaching, not his recruiting, over his most current 7-year period here, to be what is holding him back.

In his first seven year period here, I said frequently that his coaching staff would be his downfall.  He had guys out of their knowledge base, coaching that which they did not even play themselves because well they fit in with Mark Richt’s own ideals. He eschewed anyone affiliated with the NFL, and shunned any such from joining his staff.  He said as much.

We won.  We won big.  We were certainly by all measures, elite.  We did not win it all, but we were certainly elite.  We beat the top teams.  We did not beat all the top teams, but we did win games against top teams.  We went on the road and won.  We beat teams who went to the bowl games those years.  We beat top 25 teams, as measured by what they actually accomplished those seasons in the final polls, not what they were ranked at game time in week 2, only to not even make a bowl game.  We got top recruits.  We had a dynamic offense.  We played great special teams, and played our top players at the key positions on the special teams.  We stockpiled talent, and sent them in droves into the NFL.

That was his first 7 years here.


Since, has been anything but acceptable.  We lose on the road against teams making the top 25 these latest 7 years.  We lose to bowl teams, in fact only beating 54 % of the teams who even went to a bowl game these latest current 7 years by stark contrast.  We lose to far less talented teams.  We lose all too often nowadays to teams we should have beat the shit out of.  We still recruit very well.  When we leave Sanford Stadium, we lose.  We cannot beat the top teams.

Through it all, we have had a small vocal community of Bulldogs’ fans who call anyone who dares to offer up this realization of the truth of the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era as he enters his 15th season this up-coming season, Mark Richt haters.

How could anyone hate Mark Richt ?  There is not a more beloved man on this planet.

His coaching results for his high-class recruiting have been piss poor the most recent 7-year period.

This latest 7-year period, hopefully over now, has been marked not only by bad press of mounting losses, more than 4 losses a season average for 7 seasons damn it, but also this most current 7-year period of Mark Richt here has been marked by horrid off-field strife.  It has grown exponentially – these ongoing off-field woes and bad press for Mark Richt’s recruits, for which he is given such high praise and rightfully so for bringing here to our storied program.  We got down to only 72 remaining signed scholarship recruits to play in our last game against Louisville a couple of months’ ago now.  He had none who went early in the NFL Draft 2014, yet of the 118 he signed to play against Louisville with a redshirt season the latest 5 years, he suited-up only 72.  16 of our signed scholarship recruits in 2014 alone were either arrested, or suspended, or kicked-off the team in 2014.

Good Lord.

We have seen Mark Richt on the sidelines basically change from the man he once was when he first got here his first 7 years here of high energy emotionally charged, to a guy who seems resigned to failure, or no longer wants to be here coaching.

He even just recently admitted that he in public can tell us that here at Georgia, we adhere to something more important than winning.

This from the young gun we hired who said when he beat the # 4 vols in 2001 that he had knocked the lid off this program, and winning was going to be a staple for us.

Well, although it was not a staple that year 2001 we beat the # 4 vols because we lost 4 games 2001, but winning certainly was a staple here for the next 6 seasons.

Then, something happened.  I have my theory on that, if anyone is interested.  And, all of a sudden, overnight, Mark Richt was a changed man after 2007.

We had the # 1 rank pre-season in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls because of the momentum he had built here in winning.  And, it all fell apart that very night we I guess the players felt EARNED that # 1 rank.  20 players that very night both polls ranked us # 1 for the 1st time in preseason history for UGA, went out and CELEBRATED.

We never recovered from all the off-field mayhem, culminating with one injured player in the all the bar room brawls, actually beating up St. Mary’s Hospital.  That’s right.  He attacked the hospital building.

Since then, we have played like shit.

I’d like to point out again, if I may, that the problem we have around here are the fans who act like what has happened since that night following the 2007 season, is acceptable.

The average won/lost rank # 37 for UGA these latest 7 years here with our # 8 average Scout.com recruiting ranking for Mark Richt.

Since we did not make the polls at all 2009, 2010 or 2013, three of the latest current 6, half the time, we have to look to something other than the final AP and Coaches’ Polls to determine what our average ranking for the latest 7 years of the Mark Richt era.


I choose the won/lost record because in fact we have averaged the # 8 Scout.com recruiting rankings.  So, I shall put up our ranking in won/lost based upon our # 8 Scout.com recruiting rankings to see if this Major Article    http://www.rantsports.com/ncaa-football/2015/02/22/mark-richt-must-legitimize-georgia-bulldogs-football/   is correct or not.


Shall we ?

# 18 won/lost for 2008 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 53 won/lost for 2009 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 74 won/lost for 2010 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 27 won/lost for 2011 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 08 won/lost for 2012 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 56 won/lost for 2013 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 21 won/lost for 2014 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 37 Seven years’ worth of won/lost rankings based on avg. recruit rank # 8


We average the # 37 won/lost record these latest current 7 years despite our # 8 average Scout.com recruiting rankings.


Mark Richt recruits well and coaches poorly.  Very poorly.












Mark Richt does a fine job of recruiting, and a piss poor job of coaching the recruits up.

Major Article, the 1st you see at the top of Google Search : Georgia Bulldogs’ Football. It says that Mark Richt must make legitimate his recruiting rankings by winning.

Mark Richt is NOT getting the job done, despite his recruiting.  He just isn’t.  I believe he does not care about winning, because this is exactly what he told us just a few scant weeks’ ago now.  Mark Richt said, here at Georgia we adhere to something more important than winning.  Bullshit we do.  Losing more than 4 games a season for the latest current 7-year period is totally unacceptable, and yet he’s done this with the average # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking.  These recruiting rankings are verified by 2 facts.  One, Mark Richt has 82 NFL Draft Picks, so the NFL agrees with the recruiting rankings, too, don’t they ?  And, two, while Mark Richt has languished here now his 15th season for us, the average national championship coach during Mark Richt’s tenure has averaged being there only 3 and one half years.  The national championship coach on the Mark Richt watch has also averaged the # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking.  So, why is it that we cannot and they can win the national championship ?  What is it we are doing incorrectly, that they are doing correctly ?

Mark Richt apologists do all they can do to censor any discussion of all this wasted talent here at Georgia.

But, the problems here will not be fixed by recruiting even better recruiting classes.  We waste talent here with Mark Richt.  All too often, we keep a guy on the bench while playing favorites, instead.  For example, this now wasted 2014-2015 season now over, we shall see that both Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park are both NFL combine talent.  Hutson Mason, # 88 nationally in passing 2014, certainly is not at the NFL Combine, is he ?

We got down to only 72 of the latest 118 signed scholarship recruits here at Georgia, who got to play in the bowl game against Louisville.  That’s deplorable, inexcusable, and the root of all of our problems here at UGA.  This loss of talent, our attrition rate, has caused us to lose to 10 teams who were not ranked these latest 7 years – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, if you will.

And, it’s not just the losses to lesser teams either.  We’ve beat these latest 7 years only 54 percent of the teams who even went to a bowl game.  It’s sad.

We cannot beat the average teams, stumble on our collective faces against the top teams, and lose to the lesser teams.

We no longer can win on the road against ranked teams away from Sanford.


We’ve beat only 4 of the latest 25 games against teams who ended up higher ranked than us these same latest 7 years – The 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.  In staunch contrast to what he did the 1st half of his career here at UGA 2001-2007.  After 2007 has been nothing like what he did his 1st 7 years here.

How else do you accumulate an average of more than 4 losses a season for 7 seasons and counting, with the average # 8 Scout.com recruiting rank ?

So, here you have it once again, that the national media says Mark Richt must make legitimate his recruiting classes and get out there and get after it.  Not, just say, oh we were so close.  Yes, we were so close in…

2002.  But, in 2002, we let an unranked Florida team, a sorry ass team, beat us when Mark Richt could not calculate despite all his talent, how to make a single 1st down on 3rd Down Conversions.  0 for 13.  Close 2002 ?  Excuse the living hell out of me, that was excruciating.  Wasn’t it ?  We ended-up # 3 in all the polls.  Why was that ?  Because Mark Richt was unlucky 2002 ?  Come on.  You can say it.  What was it 2002 ?  The damned loss in Jacksonville to a horrid Florida team coached by Ron Zook no less.  Ron Zook outcoached Mark Richt despite Mark Richt’s superior talent 2002.

2007.  Give me a break we were so close 2007.  Where were you 2007 ?  Do you not remember what happened 2007 ?  We got our hats handed to us by a underwhelming vols’ team, beat us to a pulp by 3 TD.  And, we lost to unranked South Carolina who lost 6 games, should have been 7 losses for USCe 2007, and they did not even play in a bowl game 2007 season.  Shit, we blew it 2002 and 2007, didn’t we ?  We ended up # 2 in the nation in the polls.  Why was that ?  Duh.  Duh, bloody damn duh.

2012. Is this the year Mark Richt made his legitimate claim as great ?  Make the most of his talent 2012, did he ?  Coached well ?  Not just recruited well, but coached well 2012 ?  We lost to South Carolina 7-35.  Four (4) Touchdowns South Carolina beat us by.  Great Scott !  Then, we get to play Alabama, have the ball on their goal line with a few ticks remaining, and fling the ball toward the goal line on a do or die, one shot deal.  3 times Aaron Murray asked Mark Richt do we spike it ?

2005.  2005 was great year ?  Really ?  We ended up the # 3 SEC team in EVERY POLL.  We ran down to Jacksonville, and Mark Richt bragged to us that Joe Tereshinski III was our best QB.  He was, in fact, the only QB we could’ve played who could have lost to that hapless Florida team 2005.  We lost to Auburn.  Then, we go to the Sugar Bowl here at the Georgia Dome, and before we all could sit down in our seats still booing Mike Adam$ and his wife pre-game, it was 0-28.  Four Touchdowns again.  And, against West Virginia.  My God !

We’re not ready to play football.

We have loads of talent.

How in the hell does the # 9 team in the nation, with the average # 8 Scout.com recruiting rankings lose to the average # 52 recruit rankings of Georgie tek ?  How in the hell ?

How did we lose to 2 more unranked teams in Florida and South Carolina ?  How does the # 9 team lose to any of these 3 teams in the season just ended ?  Let alone lose to all 3 ?  How ?

For starters, our QB was outplayed by their QB all 3 games.  All 3 games Hutson Mason LOST THE GAME FOR US.

You Mark My Words : Mark Richt wastes talent telling us we adhere here at UGA to something more important than winning.  Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey will BOTH be at the NFL Combine.  If we had played either 2014, we never would’ve lost to those 3 far less talented teams 2014.

It’s what we do.

Waste Talent.




And, this article this morning, says Mark Richt has to get after their asses.




And, when you go to the damned Mark Richt Apologists’ Dawgbone, what do you find ?




Not one freaking URL Link to this article.


Shame on you The Dawgbone.


Bullshit The Dawgbone.

Let’s look at the national champions, shall we ? CMR avg # 8 recruiting class same as the NC avg every year, but while their head coach has been there 3 and a half years before they win The NC, Mark Richt is starting his 15th season here without NC with the same talent they had. What does that tell you ?


2014 Ohio State.   Scout.com recruiting rank 2014 # 5, 2013 # 1, 2012 # 3, 2011 # 6, 2010 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Urban Meyer 3rd year as head coach.


2013 Florida State.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2013 # 16, 2012 # 11, 2011 # 1, 2010 # 8 2009 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 11.   Jimbo Fisher 4th year as head coach.


2012 Alabama.  Scout.com recruiting rank # 2012 # 2, 2011 # 7, 2010 # 4, 2009 # 1, 2008 # 1.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 3. Nick Saban 6th year as head coach.


2011 Alabama.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2011 # 7, 2010 # 4, 2009 # 1, 2008 # 1, 2007 # 22.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Nick Saban 5th year as head coach.


2010 Auburn.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2010 # 5, 2009 # 13, 2008 # 18, 2007 # 6, 2006 # 9.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 10.  Gene Chizik 2nd year as head coach.


2009 Alabama.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2009 #1, 2008 # 1, 2007 # 22, 2006 # 18, 2005 # 16.    5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 12.  Nick Saban 3rd year as head coach.


2008 Florida.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2008 # 10, 2007 # 1, 2006 # 2, 2005 # 11, 2004 # 8.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Urban Meyer 4th year as head coach.


2007 LSU.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2007 # 5, 2006 # 7, 2005 # 19, 2004 # 2, 2003 # 2.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Les Miles 3rd year as head coach.


2006 Florida.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2006 # 2, 2005 # 11, 2004 # 8, 2003 # 4, 2002 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 9.  Urban Meyer 2nd year as head coach.


Now, for Georgia Bulldogs.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2015 # 4, 2014 # 12, 2013 # 8, 2012 # 14, 2011 # 4, 2010 # 21, 2009 # 4, 2008 # 5, 2007 # 17, 2006 # 4, 2005 # 4, 2004 # 6, 2003 # 11, 2002 # 9.  15 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 8.  Mark Richt 15th year as head coach.


National Champions averaged the # 8 recruiting class, while Mark Richt averaged # 8 recruiting class.  National Champion head coach averaged 3 and a half years as head coach when they won the national championship on Mark Richt’s watch head-to-head, while Mark Richt is starting his 15th season this year without.


Mark Richt averages the same recruiting ranking as the national champions have and while their head coach averages having been there 3 and a half years before he won the national championship, Mark Richt is starting his 15th season without a national championship.


If coaching is defined as getting more from less, then Mark Richt is as far to the other end of the scale as God could possibly put him.


You can verify this recruiting ranking by Scout.com by checking it against NFL Draft Picks and what you find is that while Mark Richt has had MORE THAN ENOUGH TALENT here to win national championships by Scout.com recruiting rankings, you also find that the NFL also agrees with Scout.com rankings with Mark Richt’s 82 NFL Draft Picks 2nd best nationally in the Mark Richt era – on his watch.


I am told I am a poor Bulldogs’ fan because well, I research this stuff we all know off the tops of our heads anyway, and put it down here for all to see that in fact Mark Richt is not going to win a national championship by recruiting better classes because he has by God had every bit as much talent as in fact the national champions have had, but while he has been here 5 times longer than they were there as their head coach on his same watch, he just has gotten less from his recruits – wasting talent.


We waste talent across the board.  Roster Mismanagement.  We have not been beating the top teams now in many years and we lose recently as well to far less talented teams than we have.  We cannot win away from Sanford, either.


And, so now, I turn you over now to your censoring DISNEYdawgs.com and their blogs of bullshit of how well we’re doing and how this year’s recruiting class or certainly next year’s will get Mark Richt national championships like all these other coaches who do it 5 times faster than he has already.


We’re failing, and the national fans and national media know this intuitively off the top of their heads.


We’ve had the talent.


What we have as well is a coach long in the tooth here now 15 seasons this season, and he has zero prayers of winning the national championship 2015, either, does he ?


Mark Richt wastes talent.  Mark Richt recruits very well.  Mark Richt recruits national championship talent, and gets less from them than coaches at their schools 5 times fewer years than he has been here now.




Shacobia Barbee

Shacobia Barbee is such a great lady. I really hate this for her, and for all her teammates, as we dropped that game she broke her leg in, and every game since. Unfortunately, we cannot replace an irreplaceable piece. Shacobia Barbee does too much for us. Shacobia Barbee was shooting 44 % from the field for a team who shoots 37 %, and that has been the real problem, as no one has stepped-up their game shooting. We were not a good shooting team with Shacobia Barbee, and without her, we might actually miss the NCAA tournament. Unheard of. It’s a real possibility without Shacobia Barbee because those taking the shots this season, are not making them. Shacobia Barbee was leading the team in defensive rebounds, and without her, we are actually not winning the rebounding battle on the defensive glass. Shacobia Barbee was 2 to 1 assists for every turnover on a team that is one and a half turnovers to every assist. It’s glaring looking at the difference in the team with and without Shacobia Barbee, isn’t it ? And, at all the very weakest parts of the team. We’re exposed. Shacobia Barbee still leads the team in steals. What does that tell you ? Shacobia Barbee, future great WNBA player, leads the team in scoring. I am so sorry Shacobia Barbee for both of your injuries this season. The injury against Michigan State was brutal and now this injury against the vols has everyone realizing with your future, we would have to play the NCAA Tournament without you. Shacobia Barbee is a junior, and we all wish the very best for a thorough recovery. I really would’ve thought some of her teammates would’ve picked her up. But, just look at what I just typed-up here from the official stats 2014-2015 season ? Who could possibly do that ? There is not anyone ever before, and never will be again. I am trying to think of an analogy, but there just simply is not one. We love you Shacobia Barbee.

Larry Pope writes Bill King AJ-C asks if read Sports Illustrated showing UGA most NFL Draftees, high AVG recruit rankings, failure comparatively final poll results ?

“Larry Pope writes: Bill, forgive me if I missed it, but have you commented on last week’s Sports Illustrated college recruiting analysis, which shows (a) UGA has the most NFL draftees, (b) on average the No. 5 recruiting classes but only No. 15 AP poll ranking, and what that says about the state of UGA football?

No, I missed that one, but I’ve seen other analyses that compare Georgia’s recruiting prowess and reputation for producing NFL talent with its on-field results and conclude that the Dawgs have been underachievers. And you can make a pretty good case that Mark Richt’s final results haven’t lived up to expectations, particularly in recent seasons”




Speaking of recruiting, Steve Upshaw writes: Mark Richt has publicly stated a dominant offensive line isn’t necessary to win big. He said they won all those games at FSU without having great offensive lines. The Seminoles do not play in the rugged SEC. You have stated several times how the OL is a perennial problem with the Dogs during the Richt era.  As written in your most recent posting, once again there did not seem to be an emphasis on getting top O linemen signed.  Nine of the Top 10 and 17 of 20 top OL prospects in Georgia chose to leave the state. It’s pointless to despair over Mark Richt.  He is who he is, and that is a man who will never change nor adapt while everyone else around him is in constant adjustment mode and winning championships. So Dog fans, let’s get ready for another 10-win season.  I love my team and school.  That’s why I’ll be there again in section 137, row 60 hoping against all hope we’ll finally witness something different in 2015 — but I doubt it.

As I previously wrote, one of the areas I was most concerned about was offensive line, more with future seasons in mind than 2015, since those guys generally take a year or two to develop. And while Georgia did pretty well here in the latest recruiting class, it bothered me they didn’t really seem to put top priority on signing offensive linemen until after new coach Rob Sale was hired last month, when they suddenly launched on a frantic quest for prospects in that area. I think you may have touched on why this has chronically been the case under Richt — he’s convinced himself that a merely adequate OL is good enough”



“It’s hard to disagree with Thomas Brown on his point about Get The Picture blog being in fact nothing but a Mark Richt Apologists’ blog.”