Red & Black today says the latest “seasons haven’t gone as well as the Georgia football team would have liked with disappointing losses.”

“…something has happened in many of Georgia’s games to cause disappointing losses.”

“Senior Linebacker Jordan Jenkins thought there was an underlying issue in the team’s setbacks.”

“I’m getting on to guys when they’re messing up and I’m getting on to them beforehand versus waiting til it’s too late, because when we had the program guys come in, they told me that I have leaderships qualities, but I always wait until it’s too late to do anything. I’m starting to get rid of that quality about me.”

Now is the time for all good Bulldogs’ fans to support our team’s leaders in doing something about all these mounting disappointing losses every year.

Ahead of time, we have to get the players and the coaches to GATA.

To tell them collectively what THEY TELL US.

That all this losing is unacceptable.

UGA Pro-Day a big huge flop

Here are the highlight performances :


Hutson Mason only a 28 ” vertical leap and only 4.79 in 40-yard “dash.”  Hutson Mason, whose number one criticism by Mark Richt all year long was that he could not throw the deep pass he reminded us after every game, elected NOT to try to do even one bench press.  No one will even invite him to an NFL camp.  He will not be drafted.  He will not be given any even free agent contract.  Slow, not athletic and no arm is no way for our Starting Quarterback, handed the job without competition as was Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox, and both of them found in fact NFL Quarterbacks playing their understudies here for Mark Richt.


Johnathon Rumph turned in the dead last worst performance on bench press with only 17 reps.  He also turned heads with his only 30 ” vertical leap, quite poor as well.  Ran a 4.74 in 40-yards, way too slow.  These numbers insure he gets not even a free agent contract, and will not be drafted.


4.53 in 40-yard dash for Corey Moore, far more respectable but NOT fast by any means, and 32″ vertical leap which is not all that great, either.


Todd Gurley II, whom we were told long ago that he would compete, and that he was looking forward to competing in Georgia’s Pro-Day, did not.  This sets up his lawsuit against the insurance company The University of Georgia “hired” for Todd Gurley II for loss of value – drop in selection below # 8 – in the 2015 NFL Draft, and his lawsuit against Mark Richt personally for leaving him in with a 3 TD lead to get a 4 TD lead with 5 minutes only remaining on the clock when the following week, Mark Richt took Nick Chubb out quicker than that.  This also was a game in which Todd Gurley II had already been injured and was not only nursing that injury still but also was compensating for that injury.  A game in which he had NOT played in 6 weeks’ time, a month and a half.  And, a game he had already had more carries than any other game.  He also had a 100-yard TD kick-off return called back after he ran that out too, only to see the flag afterwards not during.  It as well was a cold day.  It was a bitter cold day.

David Andrews only had 27 bench press reps.  He wanted and needed more.  This hurt him in the NFL Draft, not helped him.  I always thought he would be drafted, now I am unsure.


Kostas Vavlas 36″ vertical leap was almost up there in the good range.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that that was the best any Bulldog could do yesterday.  Sad.  You have to love this guy for actually being the smartest on the team, and with the best vertical leap.  Always on the Dean’s List and Honor Rolls, he hopes to get into medical school.  I would bet on that.  He was a walk-on here.  Down to only 72 to suit up for the last game, the Belk Bowl, of the 118 signed scholarship recruits Mark Richt signed who with redshirt like Vavlas could’ve played in the Belk Bowl, Vavlas played every game for 3 years on special teams.  Despite his best performance for us yesterday, he will not be drafted and not offered a free agent contract but that does not diminish this man’s accomplishments in our classrooms, where his real future lies anyway.  Imagine this guy beat out all these highly touted recruited signed scholarship recruits of Mark Richt.  Just imagine ?  Good for him.  4.75 in the 40-yard dash, he out ran Starting Quarterback Hutson Mason, but then again, who did not ?  22 bench press reps beat out Ray Drew (only 18), Watts Dantzler (only 20), Corey Moore (only 19) and Jonathon Rumph (only 17.)


Someone named Trisdan Askew only recorded 8 bench press reps.  How embarrassing.  He would’ve been better off, not competing in bench press, like Hutson Mason who maybe can’t do even 8 – not from what I’ve seen of his 4-year dink-down passes only.


This is the worst Pro-Day  we’ve ever had.  Sorry assed performances.  The good news is that these guys are gone.  The bad news is that they played so much when they were here, averaging more than 4 losses a season.  Duh.


Good luck to you guys.  You’re going to need it.

That’s a really good coaching staff Mark Richt finally has hired here.

Let’s hope and pray that he lets them call the shots, including giving-up calling time-outs, plays to run, players to play and to not play, coaching them up – not putting them all to sleep, playing special teams like we intend to play our starters and like we give a shit, and put the coaching staff in charge of discipline of their respective units as well.


These have been very weak areas for Mark Richt the latest 7 years of 29 losses – averaging MORE than 4 losses a season for 7 years now.


What we’ve been doing, is NOT working.


Empower each position coach to make ALL decisions for their unit.


We have recruited a wealth of talent these most recent now 8 seasons, including this one, so Mark Richt’s coaching staff – best he has ever had here – have plenty of talent to work with on their unit to maximize winning.


OC should decide on the offensive game plan, starter at QB, all discipline, plays to run, who plays and when and where they play, who does not play, time-outs on offense, and motivation of the offense.


DC should decide on the defensive game plan, all discipline, who plays and when and where they play, who does not play, time-outs on defense, and motivation of the defense.


Kick-offs should be considered DC in charge of everything.

Punts should be considered DC in charge of everything.


Field Goals and when we settle for one, Returning punts and returning kick-offs should be the responsibility of the OC totally – everything.


We need to do something to mix this up.


Because this is unacceptable averaging MORE than 4 losses a season for 7 years and counting.


I look forward to the G-Day Game.


I understand Schottenheimer is preparing two (2) quarterbacks at a time.  Guess what ?  Mark Richt NEVER considered that.  Every OTHER coach has though.  This is really really good for the quarterbacks, and will insure we get future signees at that position too, not to mention when 1 quarterback is out to lunch for a game, we actually could put the other one in.


Platoon the quarterbacks until 1 proves himself to Schottenheimer, not Mark Richt.  Schottenheimer should recognize a QB when he sees one.  No more of this trophy for everyone bullshit.  Mark Richt has DEMONSTRATED that he does NOT know who should be the QB here.  I presume that was NEVER his role at FSU to determine who would and who would NOT be playing QB, because he is God Awful at it.


One game, for example, mid-season last year, our Starting QB had his helmet knocked-off for mandatory sit out a play minimum.  The “back-up” not OTHER QB, had to be told to go in, had to find his own helmet, ran BACK to Mark Richt to be told something before going into the huddle, and had NO CLUE what play he was to run.  None.


Bad coaching all around.


Delegate and be CEO Mark Richt.  You’re weak at all these decisions, and I believe you have finally hired yourself the coaching staff I have been trying to tell you to hire this entire time.


And, by God Above, you have each coach actually coaching the unit they played on themselves in college.  Novel friqin’ idea.


I presume the prayer circle is a might shy of what it has been, but here at UGA, we adhere to NOTHING but winning – not some higher goal than winning bullshit Mark Richt.

Andy Landers takes early retirement at 62, saying the play this season is not tolerable.

Amazing what Andy Landers accomplished for us all, in a such a crappy-assed gym.

Not that anyone could be bothered to relate the press conference, and AJ-C Chip Towers tried to CHARGE to read his story on Andy Landers, but what Andy Landers said is that he does not teach attitude and effort, and that this team demonstrated neither.


I said this team could not shoot, and those who could, did not get the ball to shoot it.


One would think that if you are the beat writer for your rag, that you could be bothered to tell the truth of what Andy Landers said to the press about his meeting with the staff, and then the players.


If you are at all interested in listening to what Andy Landers actually did say, which again, was NOT reported by ANYONE on any local rag, about how the gals were not playing good basketball and that that is why he quit, retiring early at only age 62, you may do so here :


It’s a 22 minute video on Official Website, but you only have to listen to the 1st answer to the 1st question, to know why he took early retirement.


Our players, our teams, our staffs, spoiled ourselves and me, and I became accustomed to playing at the highest level, and it became difficult for me – winning is not the issue – to win a 4 seed in The SEC.  It was apparent to me that we were not doing what we built this program to do.  I told our players a few minutes ago.  We talked about choices, and most of us know the obvious right and wrong – it’s easy – but, executing what is right is difficult.  I thought about it, tried to spin it, and it would not spin (Andy Landers has always called it like it is.)  It is emotional for me.  Having the conversation with our staff and with our players is the most difficult part of all of this for me; you ask such “difficult friqin’ questions.”

I have plenty of fire and energy.  Playing hard having fire and energy, you should not come to party if you do not have effort and attitude; but although I have still have lots of fire and effort and energy, we’re not playing smart.  Andy Landers refused to discuss what this program needs – not going there.  Do I have more regrets than I have good feelings ?  No.  We played in the NIT in 1981 and won it all, but not 2015 to be the 63rd best team in the nation.  That’s not what we do here.  That’s not what I am here for.  It’s not what I am used to.  Not what I expect of myself in coaching them.  Are we one of the 62 best teams in the nation ?  Sure we are, but I think it’s far fetched to think we earned a bid, with some of  the bad losses and the losing streak at the end of the season.

We are not built to play through NIT now to be 63rd best team.  Not me.  That’s not what I do.  It’s not what I expect of myself.  If you care – as long as people know that you care, they’ll do anything for you.  Through the years, we worked really really hard at that, and it became a contest to see who cared more about the players and staff here for me, and for the players to care about us too. It was a wonderful contest that lasted 36 years.

But, this team is not playing competitively.  The fans have been terrific.  ( I never missed a game on TV in 36 years. ) I watched us this year every game on TV and we were not competitive, and horrible at shooting the ball and shot selection.  We were selfish.  We did not step-up for our teammates. Everyone cried.  It’s heart rending that Andy Landers takes early retirement at 62.

Had he been given a gym in 36 years – the gym was nearly 20 years’ old and built to be a cow palace, not a basketball gym – when he started here 36 years’ ago – he could have some of the in-state top elite players here to give this team the lifeblood it was in fact totally missing this year. 

It’s devastating that this team was this bad.  21 years since he did not make the NCAA Tournament.  Only 3 in 36 years did not make the NCAA Tournament. I have little confidence that Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead will hire the right coach for our program, which is by all accounts one of the 6 best programs in the United States of America – thanks to no one but Andy Landers.  Andy Landers will not tell you that he cannot recruit the very elite players to such a gym.  I am here.  I will say it to you, for him.  There is NOTHING he can do about it.  It’s tough.  I am sad for our Lady Bulldogs that this is how we let Andy Landers down this year.  And, make no mistake about it, this team let us all down.  I wrote very little about the team.  There are very few entries by me about it, and each are marked, in the category Lady Bulldogs.  Easy to read them.  Easy to know as a letterman myself, that this team did not play smart at all.  One would have thought they would’ve had at least a competitive team – something to be proud of; but, frankly, they jacked the ball up caring nothing about our tradition.


Shacobia Barbee shot 44 %, Krista Donald shot 46 %, Mackenzie Engram shot 44 %


Tiaria Griffin shot 35 %

Merritt Hempe shot 39 %

Pachis Roberts shot 35 %

Washington,Halle shot 30 %

Haley Clark shot 30 %

Jasmine Carter shot 28 %

Terryuana Godwin shot 16 %

Erika Ford shot 28 %

Marjorie Butler shot 27 %


Our opponents shot the ball better against our DEFENSE then we did.

Michigan State is the more accomplished team. Stegosaurus is holding us back in recruiting in a huge fashion for both our men’s and women’s basketball programs here at UGA and has been for many many many years.

Only 4 conferences have done better than The SEC in men’s basketball this season.  We were the 3rd best team in The SEC.

Michigan State has played 15 games against NCAA Tournament teams this season, and has beat Indiana, Iowa, Purdue, Indiana again, Maryland, and Ohio State.  6-9 vs NCAA Tournament teams this season.  That is a lot better than we’ve accomplished.

Mark Fox has played 8 games against NCAA Tournament teams this season, and has beat Ole Miss twice.  2-6 vs NCAA Tournament teams this season.  Our strength of schedule was actually very good at # 40 SoS and RPI rank of # 37.

Michigan State’s strength of schedule was outstanding at # 8 SoS and RPI rank, therefore, of # 23.

As you watch all these NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney games, remember that the last time we hosted an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was 44 years’ ago because the Stegosaurus is not top-notch.  Despite this, Mark Fox has taught his players he can recruit to such a outdated, not competitive venue, to play basketball.  Our team is not without talent.

Michigan State is supposed to win, but the game is supposed to be close – unlike the game against # 2 SEC Arkansas in the SEC semi-final game, who lost big time to 38-0 Kentucky, ranked the # 1 team in The entire nation.  Again.  Kentucky has a top gym.  Kentucky recruits top talent, therefore.  Players want to play there.

Only 4 conferences got more NCAA Tourney bids than The SEC.

The SEC finds only 4 conferences with a higher Conference RPI.

The SEC is tough top to bottom, and is not as top heavy as some of the conferences considered a better conference in men’s basketball 2015 than The SEC.

The Lady Bulldogs will miss The Big Dance for only the 3rd time in the entire history.  It has been more than 2 decades since we last missed The NCAA Women’s Tournament.  We will play in the Women’s NIT.  That bracket has not been released.  The Lady Bulldogs suffer from the same venue here the men do, and it dampens our recruiting efforts just as much as the football program prospers here in recruiting because Sanford stadium is considered one of the top football venues.


44 years since we hosted an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament game.


Stegosaurus gym is a relic.

Both our men’s and our women’s basketball programs recruit from Michigan.

Dayton, Portland, Omaha, Seattle, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Syracuse, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis all host the 2015 Big Dance.’s_Division_I_Basketball_Tournament

The Tournament begins tomorrow and this marks the 54th SEC season The SEC has been in The NCAA Tournament – more than any other conference.


We play Michigan State Friday 12:40 p.m. in Charlotte 192 miles.


Michigan State is making its 29th appearance and Georgia our 12th.


Michigan State made the Elite 8 last season, while Georgia lost in the Opening Round 2011 as our latest appearance.


Mark Fox is making his 4th NCAA Tournament.


Tom Izzo is making his 18th NCAA Tournament.

Michigan State shoots the ball better than we do, defends better than we do, rebounds better than we do, has a better turnover margin than we do, is more selfless with the basketball than we are, while we hold a comfortable margin over Michigan State at the charity stripe and we hold slim margins over them in blocks and steals.


We have a horrible loss to Georgie tek, who probably is firing their coach today.


We have a team who has been here with Mark Fox.


Players on this team, who seemingly could not play a hoot 6 years’ ago, now look polished on the court for us.  This speaks well to Mark Fox teaching his players to play the game, and we do not suffer off-court bad news in men’s basketball with discipline issues.


Go figure.


These players represent Mark Fox well on and off the court.


Mark Fox has 11 who have started for him this season.  He gives his recruits a chance to get in the games and make their mark.  This has been a hallmark of Mark Fox here that he lets his guys get out there and prove what they can and cannot do.  I believe all the players feel that he gives them a chance.


Basketball is much faster-paced game than football, and you need to give your players a blow in basketball.


Thornton, Marcus has learned a lot here in his 6 years here now, and looks pretty good out there.  He does have a lot of fouls as does Mann, Charles.   Both are adept underneath and high post.

Gaines, Kenny is our dead-eye-dick.

Djurisic, Nemanja also has both an inside and outside game.

Frazier, J.J. is a shooter who you really have to be proud of.  All 5 of these players are capable of a double-double, and JJ Frazier and Kenny Gaines are capable of triple-doubles.  You see JJ Frazier and Kenny Gaines both at the point.  Kenny Gaines will post-up his player, driving the lane while typically unless on fast breaks, you see JJ Frazier sink the deep 3.  I mean deep.

We can get a team in foul trouble if they are not as deep as we are.

Maten, Yante will be one of the team leaders next year, and has been a source of much pride to all of us already.  He is dynamite inside, and is a fierce rebounding machine.  He also leads the team in blocked shots.  He will be a starter in a lot more games next year than the several he started for us this season.

Parker, Juwan is a key contributor off the bench and like all the others above, hits his free throws at a high clip as well.

This is really a well-coached team.  Folks like Mark Fox too.  He is very animated and into the games with high energy always.  He calls it like it is.  I respect that.

Forte, Cameron and Geno, Kenny Paul are both great basketball players. You watch them play and see they are both well-rounded.

Look for these 9 to do well Friday afternoon 12 :40 p.m. in Charlotte.


We will not win, but we are not supposed to.

Marcus Thornton was the 34th Power Forward nationally.

Kenny Gaines was the 29th best Rivals Shooting Guard nationally.

Yante Maten is highly touted nationally from Michigan.

Juwan Parker was the 39th Rivals Shooting Guard nationally.

Cameron Forte is highly touted nationally.

J.J. Frazier is highly touted nationally.

Charles Mann is highly touted nationally.

Kenny Paul Geno was highly touted nationally.


As you can see, there is not really any huge big star on this team.  We do not have a single player who was ranked even in the top 25 in his position nationally.  This is a very good basketball team who have been taught very well how to play the game here by Mark Fox.


If we had just one top player in the state of Georgia who had joined this team, Mark Fox would be a God.

As it is, he is blamed for having taught these men how to play the game properly as team players on a team without a single best in the nation player.  I like these players.  This is a solid basketball team.  We just have to recruit better in-state.  That starts with a proper gym for them to be proud of wanting to play in.  It also would attract more attendance to the games here at home.


I have no question in my mind that we hold back both our men’s and women’s basketball programs with the Stegosaurus.


I am very thankful for all these very good basketball players to come here to play for us, and I am proud of the manner in which they represent Mark Fox.

46-21 is # 24 in the nation latest 5 years, despite averaging # 8 Recruit Rankings


# 24 in Won/Lost Record latest 5 years, despite averaging # 8 Recruiting Rankings.


God Awful.