Field Street Forum – another gaffe – discussing our wasted top-talent here comparing average recruiting rankings to resultant won/lost record of 29 losses most recent 7-year period. Who lived up to the hype in 2014 Signings by Mark Richt, Field Street Forum asks today ?

All I see is a list.  Where are your comments, other than the obvious Nick Chubb ?  I have wasted minutes of my life I can never get back, now, looking here for your comments about our largely wasted top-talent here.  I say that we have largely wasted our top-talent here because using your composite rankings, we are at the very top nationally after 2007 in average recruiting rankings (second best average recruiting rank nationally verified by 2nd most NFL Draft Picks) yet marred results with disappointing losses every single year of endlessly inexplicable losses, leaving us with only # 21 in won/lost record for the same timeframe of these most-current results these most recent 7 years and counting, now.


Of the 21 Mark Richt signed last season, there is only 1 who was given any chance at all, really, and he was not given his shot until there was no one else to turn to at tailback.  Nick Chubb was given only 6 carries per game for the first 5 games, and then when no one else was left to turn to, Mark Richt gave him the ball 24 carries a game thereafter.


Who lived up to the hype of the 2014 signings by Mark Richt ?  Only Nick Chubb even got a chance, and he only because there was no one else to turn to.  Reluctantly, Mark Richt gave him the ball last season.  If it were up to Mark Richt, Nick Chubb would have had 6 carries per game, instead of the 24 carries per game he got the last 8 games of the season.

We are not very smart about recognizing the talent we do have, and putting them out there.  We’d rather give a trophy to everyone and brag to the press that here at Georgia there is a more important goal we have than winning.


I suggest Nick Chubb, and no one else – and, he, only because Mark Richt had to reluctantly or he would have  continued to have gotten 6 carries a game instead of the 24 after the first 5 games when he had no one else to turn to but bragged he would stand pat at that running back position.  Note, too, please that this was in a season in which we patently could not or refused to throw the ball farther than 4 yards.  Jacob Park would have done a lot better than Hutson Mason at that and would not have lost as he either against Georgie tek, South Carolina or Florida.

Lorenzo Carter went 8 games before we finally recognized his talent.


5 games for Nick Chubb and 8 games for Lorenzo Carter.  That is how long it took to recognize their talent, and this after all the practices before the season began.  We do NOT evaluate talent well.


Isaiah McKenzie, Mark Richt started right out of the chute against South Carolina.  In fact, he started him 3 of those 4 games to begin the season.  Isaiah McKenzie then proved he has issues with his hands holding onto the football – and since that is a learned skill we have failed to teach many here, many whom we have started at their position despite failing to coach our players here the 3-points of contact on the ball skill.  This learned skill is learned before you get here, or you get BENCHED as Mark Richt did Isaiah McKenzie for the last 8 games of the season.  This is an example of Favorites around here.  We play Favorites and even Start them until proven otherwise.  But, by the then, the season is shot.  And, sometimes even after it is proven otherwise, we still play the Favorite ONLY.


Sony Michel went all the way to the last game of the season before he got one Start.  And, yet he proved he was fantastic.


Hutson Mason lost the South Carolina game for us, and he lost the Florida game for us and he lost the Georgia tek game for us, after having lost the Nebraska game to end last year for us; yet Jacob Park was never considered as an option.

No.  We play Favorites around here.  It is what Mark Richt does.  He never gives some highly-touted signings of his an opportunity at all.  You know what the players say about it ?  That Mark Richt turns his back on them as recruits, just when they need him the most.  That is what they tell us.

The season was over last year in Game 2 when Mark Richt not only only allowed Hutson Mason to play, but called on Hutson Mason, not Todd Gurley II on 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line, to sprint out and throw or if nothing there throw it through the end zone.  Hutson Mason had long-since proven he could do none of those skills.  Hadn’t he ?


Sir, we play Favorites around here, and always will continue to do so, while we give others no opportunity at all to succeed – despite the quite obvious proven inabilities of the Favorite – and, despite the quite obvious proven abilities of others never given even an equal opportunity to continue to prove their proven abilities in stark direct contrast.

And, so for Field Street Forum today, to write an article :

“Who Lived up to the Hype – 2014 UGA Recruiting Class”


and, not only say none of this, but fail to say anything about any of the 21 Signings by Mark Richt, is, absolutely criminal.

Why do we have so much Attrition around here ?


I saw one “approved blog” yesterday muse without relevant detail that Mark Richt since 2001 has done ok against ranked teams, comparing his record against a South Carolina team ranked in the Top 10 in Game 2, but UNRANKED for the season.

(1) Mark Richt is 3 wins 21 losses the LATEST 24 games against teams higher ranked than he in the Final AP Poll.

(2) What a team is ranked in Game 2 is not a proper measure of the team, which is why many polls do not even come out for such early rankings.

(3) What Mark Richt did do 2001-2007 against real ranked teams – teams that made the AP or Coaches’ Polls for  the SEASONS he played them – has been bragged about enough.  It is high time we looked instead what he has done more recently – after 2007 – instead.

(4) Only when our fan base gets up in arms about this, will stubborn Mark Richt do anything about our useless results after 2007 compared to what he once did do when he first got here 2001-2007.

(5) All of these results of 29 losses – more than 4 a season average – after 2007, largely inexplicable losses with the level of talent he has Signed here – are ALL a direct result of roster mismanagement, Attrition, and poor evaluators of talent handed them, while instead we play Favorites, a trophy for everyone, and pile up the inexplicable losses every season including 3 more in the most recent season.  Inexplicable losses to far less talented opponents than we.


It has gotten to the point that I know whatever the Hell comes out of his mouth, is a lie.

Jacob Park should be playing.

I have no idea what we are doing.  None.  Jacob Park is so much better a quarterback than Hutson Mason.  So very much better.  Jacob Park will be in the NFL Combine.  Jacob Park will play in the NFL.

We play favorites around here.

We did the same to Zach Mettenberger in 2009.  We should have played him against Okie State, as I called for pre-game.  But, we were told with a chronic shoulder AND the flu so bad he had to be flown out there on a private charter, that Joe Cox was the better quarterback.

I said all last year that Jacob Park is a better quarterback than Hutson Mason.  I said it ALL pre-season.  I said we could beat Clemson with any ole quarterback, since they had no offense, I said.  I said it AGAIN before South Carolina that Jacob Park would beat South Carolina and that Hutson Mason would NOT and the reason would be Hutson Mason.

We did the same in 2006, with Mark Richt telling us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better quarterback than Matthew Stafford.

We are buffoons continuously at choosing our Quarterback Starter.  We play favorites.

a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.

synonyms: clown, jester, fool, comic, comedian, wag, wit, merry andrew, harlequin, Punchinello, Pierrot – “the king’s buffoon”, fool, idiot, dolt, dunce, dunderhead, dullard, ignoramus, dummy, simpleton, jackass; informal chump, blockhead, jug-head, butt-head, boob, bozo, doofus, hoser, nincompoop, numbskull, numb-nuts, dope, twit, nitwit, halfwit, scissor-bill, birdbrain, lamer “they regarded him as a buffoon”

Hutson Mason was NEVER better than Jacob Park, Faton Bauta, or Brice Ramsey.

Joe Tereshinski III was the ONLY Quarterback Mark Richt could start against Florida 2005 who could have possibly lost that game.

Joe Cox was clearly not the Quarterback for us out in Stillwater.

Jacob Park I hoped to be a 4-year Starter.

He was NEVER given a CHANCE even here.  The smartest player on the team, he made a 100 on the Play Book.

He threw the interception in the G-Day Game, and I said at the time, that that would be the excuse Mark Richt would use to jerk him around.

I am told we do not over-sign here.  That we do it the right way here.  That is a bold-faced lie.  We have signed 31 players this Summer.  31.  We do too over-sign.

Jacob Park is NOT the odd-man-out.

How in the hell did we Start Joe Tereshinski III in 2006, instead of Matthew Stafford ?

How did Zach Mettenberger not even get one single snap vs Okie State ?

How does Mark Richt live with himself lying to us about who is the better quarterback ?

He has FAILED to prepare Jacob Park.  That is ON MARK RICHT.

He has failed to prepare Brice Ramsey.  That, too, is on Mark Richt.  Brice Ramsey has not even been taught proper footwork.  He has not been set to make a throw here, yet.

Faton Bauta ?  Jerks him around too.  All season when we brought in Faton Bauta, we had a designed run called.  That is not preparing a back-up QB, but a running back.

Keith Marshall we never did get him out in space.

That is where he belongs too.

We tell Leonard Floyd he is a great QB sacking machine.  He is not.  He chases them around.  He hurries them.  He does NOT sack them.

We WASTE talent around here, like it is going out of style.

I hate this for us that Jacob Park perceives he is just the latest in the playing of Favorites, trophy for everyone, lose inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR because we play the wrong quarterback.

Why sign these guys if you are not going to prepare them ?  There is NO WAY Jacob Park was given an opportunity to play here.  No way.

He, like all the others before him here, will leave and prove the point again that we are buffoons at selecting our Starting QB.

This all reflects VERY POORLY on Brian Schottenheimer. He went running to the press just yesterday to say that he is not sold on our quarterbacks here and that is why we went after a proven no-good Quarterback as a transfer-in.

We are buffoons at this choosing our Starting Quarterback, aren’t we ?

Why have we lost 29 games these current 7 years ?  (More than 4 a season.)

Why can’t we beat the teams higher ranked than us in the Final AP Polls ?

Why can’t we win over AP Poll Top 25 teams away from Sanford ?

Why, likely as not these latest 7 years, have we LOST to half the teams making a bowl game ?

What do we need to do to win our 7th national championship in football ?

Why is our won/lost record compared to our average recruiting ranking the worst in America ?

We waste talent.

We play Favorites.

Trophy for everyone.

We, at Georgia, have a higher – more important – objective than winning.

Best of Luck, Jacob Park, sir.  We will see in the NFL, too, sir.

5 Keys for UGA to make CFB Playoff article by Jake Rowe CBS Sports 247Sports

Jake Rowe

CBS Sports


5 Keys for The Georgia Bulldogs to make the CFB Playoff :

1. Mark Richt to give a shit about winning and quit with this bullshit he tells us repeatedly instead that here at Georgia we adhere to a higher calling than winning.  Bullshit we do.  Winning is everything, and nothing else matters.

2. Cease with the inexplicable freaking losses EVERY YEAR.

3. Quit playing FAVORITES, and play the best player at each position.

4. Prepare a back-up Quarterback 2015 for the 1st time since DJ Shockley 15 years’ ago.

5. Practice Special Teams, and that means especially in the scrimmages such as the G-Day Game

6. Hire a Special Teams’ Coach like over 100 of our rivals have.

7. Cease with the bullshit of a trophy for everyone and play our Stars on Special Teams, while instead we’ve been watching their Stars make hay against our walk-ons.

8. For the fans to get mad about 29 losses latest 7 years, an average of more than 4 losses a season for current 7-year period, and demand more.  This means quit bragging on us, especially every off-season, followed by inexplicable losses to far less talented teams than we.

9. Quit wasting talent around here, while the coaching staff yells at us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford, which he did 2006, and which he is NOT.  He did the same with Joe Cox yelling at us he too was better than Zach Mettenberger 2009.  He was not, either, was he ?  Especially with the flu and his chronic shoulder, Zach Mettenberger HAD TO get in the game against Okie State, which we lost as a direct result – a team who even with their win over Mark Richt, did not even make the AP Poll Top 25.  He did the same last season too, telling us Hutson Mason is a better QB than Brice Ramsey, Faton Bauta, and Jacob Park, which he never was and never will be.  Mark Richt told us that his recruitment of Cam Newton here to Georgia was presented to Cam as ONLY A TIGHT END, that he lacked the requisite skills to even be considered as a QB.  Mark Richt as well told us that Nick Marshall was only to play on Defense at Cornerback and that Hutson Mason was far better than he at QB.  The Prayer at Jordan-Hare, was thrown by Nick Marshall to defeat The Georgia Bulldogs en route to their appearance in the BCS National Championship Game with Nick Marshall as QB.  We lack vision.  We play Favorites.  We are boobs at determining who should be our Starting QB here at Georgia, and whom it is we never give any real opportunity to at all.  I know we are stupid.  We are educated, but we are not smart.  We prove this daily.

10. Prepare a back-up QB for a change this 2015 season as well.  Play him, and not just in mop up duty or on designed runs.  Grow a pair.

11. Throw the ball to our tight ends.

12. Quit with this bullshit of only 4-yard dink-down passes, pulling the defense in on us, and spread them out with deep passes some, too, for a damn change.

13. Fix the culture in our Athletics’ Department by letting Greg McGarity go.  His record in football and all sports has taken us from Top 10 nationally to barely # 6 even in our own conference on his watch.  Make him accountable, instead of not giving him a raise.

14. Play more home games.  Some teams play 8 and 9 games in a season at home.  We play 6 because we insist on having what Mark Richt calls a disadvantage for our men in Jacksonville – home of the annual Gator Bowl.  This also means no more Peach Classics replacing home games, taking even more revenue from Athens, so much so that our men’s rooms stink to high heaven.  Use the additional revenue from more home games to enclose The Bridge with a view of Baxter Street.

15. Quit with all our Clock Mismanagement.

16. Have the Coach Quit whining to the press that he made yet again another gaffe in coaching decisions, that he should have pounded it with Todd Gurley II against South Carolina instead of calling a sprint out by Hutson Mason – deer in the headlights.  That he should have kicked-off deep instead of giving them a few ticks on the clock and hand the ball to them at the 40-yard line.  Instead of all these on-going bullshit decisions, get an Athletics Director in here who has coached football, and have him teach Mark Richt the freaking basics of coaching decisions.

17. We recruit well, but our record results for the talent level around here, makes it patently clear that we have not coached our men up.  Have we ?

18. Besides the inexplicable losses after losses EVERY YEAR for 14 years now and counting, we also have to quit losing all but 3 of the latest 24 games against teams who in fact were higher ranked in the Final AP Polls Top 25 after 2007.  It has grown OLD and moldy but mostly because the fan base insists we are doing so great.  Clearly, we have not done well.  We have won only 54 % of the games against teams who played in a bowl game that season after 2007 too.  It is so clear we suffer from self-inflicted losses after losses, while we brag about 10-win seasons, averaging in fact 9-5 or 9-4 if we do not play Alabama twice this season – in what is for the top teams another 15-game season.  10-win seasons meant something 50 years’ ago when we played 11-game seasons, not any more – not that we average 10-win seasons anyway, because we do NOT.

Well, excuse me it is not 5 Keys for Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team 2015 to make the College Football Play-Offs, is it ?

Bleacher Report Checklist for we Georgia Bulldogs’ fans of our team and program and Coach by Brian Jones

Keith Marshall most certainly is not back.  We all saw that.  Hutson Mason and Aaron Murray were good leaders ?  We have lost more games with those 2 as our QB than anytime in Mark Richt history, anywhere.  Neither has or will throw a pass in the NFL, and they both lost to far lesser teams than these 2 had around them.  1 threw interceptions, was sacked and fumbled ten percent of our plays, and the other could not throw the ball 4 yards downfield, which is why 10 non-ranked teams for the seasons these 2 played QB for us, beat us.  You call that “successful” ?

Intriguing more so at Center than at QB ?

Excuse me, we have failed to prepare a back-up QB every year since DJ Shockley.  Brice Ramsey has issues on footwork, not getting set to make his throws.  The only time we played Faton Bauta it was as a designed run, and he has a quick release, good arm, and is more complete; yet, again, he got no grooming, either.  Now, a guy I thought could be a 4-year starter is being given the same treatment that has led to Brice Ramsey nor Faton Bauta not being prepared too.  Jacob Park is not being given serious prep work enough to get prepared either.

That is not intriguing, but disgustingly the same as every other year here under Mark Richt, playing Favorites, exclusively.

Trent Thompson is not going to be eaten alive by SEC competition.

We pin all our hopes on this ?

What about our Special Teams’ Checklist, alone ?  We have no Special Teams’ Coach, yet over 100 of our Rivals, all do, and they play their Stars, while a trophy for everyone, here, we have walk-ons who do not know what they are doing, as we have all seen for year after year after year, unabated. We cannot cover on Special Teams, and when we do get the ball, we mostly fair catch, even kick-offs – not prepared and no Coach.  We did not even practice Special Teams in our G-Day Game, again this season.

We make in-game decisions like a 1st year coach, and then afterwards he tells the press he did that wrong.


We have lost nearly every game away from Sanford against teams who in fact make any Top 25 Poll for the season.  This, too, has gone on every year for the most-recent 7 years, too, hasn’t it ?

We lose inexplicable losses to far inferior talented teams.  Every year.  Right ?

We had 3 more of those last year.

We have in the most recent 7 years here now, won only 54 % of the games against teams who even went to a bowl game.  That is the Top 76 teams, and we are only 54 % win percentage against them.  Sorry.  Really unacceptable.  34-28 vs bowl teams after 2007.

We have won 3 of the most recent 24 games against higher ranked teams than we are.  Are we really competitive ?

Through it all, we have averaged the # 8 recruiting rankings annually, and have the 2nd best recruiting average rank by in the entire Mark Richt era.  We ALSO have the 2nd most NFL Draft Picks in the Mark Richt era.

Yet, on the Mark Richt watch, he has seen his counterpart average the # 9 recruiting ranking and win the national championship with that talent, after having been there only 3 years.  Mark Richt starts his 15th season now.

We never did get Keith Marshall out in space where he can shine.

Leonard Floyd chases quarterbacks, but he does not sack them.

The other QB nearly every week is better than our “best QB” the only one to ever play here.

And, now Mark Richt announces to us that here at Georgia, we adhere to a higher Calling here than winning.

Pardon me, but winning is EVERYTHING, and NOTHING ELSE matters.

So, we face Alabama this season too, and you want us to face them twice.

That is going to go over like a Led Zeppelin. We have lost nearly every game against Top 10 teams for the current 7-year period.

Check list for us ?

How about some of these areas for improvement ?


What we really need on our Checklist is that the fans say enough already, let’s GATA – something the head coach seems oblivious to – and, actually brags that here at Georgia there is something more important we do than winning.


Bullshit there is.

Women’s College World Series berth 2015 between Georgia and Michigan Thursday 9 pm May 21 on ESPN2

A young Michigan squad, led by two Georgia gals, hosts a senior and junior laden Georgia Bulldogs brutal attack this weekend for a slot in the 2015 Women’s College World Series.  The SEC has dominated the NCAA Softball Tournament again this season with half of the remaining teams.  The format is the same as it is for the men.

Michigan a perennial softball power, like Georgia, is one of only 4 Big Ten softball teams in the NCAA Tournament.  Northwestern was knocked-off by Kentucky, and also lost to Notre Dame – whom Kentucky also knocked-off.  This leaves only Michigan from the Big Ten Conference, as Minnesota and Nebraska both lost, too.

The SEC by comparison had 11 teams, and 8 advanced to Super Regionals, including Georgia.  There are 293 softball teams and the field for this year’s NCAA Tournament was 64 teams.  South Carolina, Mississippi State and Texas A&M are the only SEC teams to lose.

# 1 seed Florida faces Kentucky for that berth.

# 4 Auburn faces # 13 Louisiana – Lafayette.

# 5 LSU faces # 12 Arizona.

# 6 Alabama faces # 11 Oklahoma.

# 8 seed vols faces # 9 FSU.

# 10 Missouri faces # 7 UCLA.

And, # 14 seed Georgia faces # 3 seed Michigan.

The only other of the 8 Super Regionals is # 3 Oregon facing unseeded NC State, as there were no SEC teams in that Regional.  7 SEC teams can advance to the 2015 Women’s College World Series. 1 SEC team will be eliminated by another SEC team.

Georgia has never won the Women’s College World Series.  The men’s yes.

Michigan has won the Women’s College World Series in 2005, but not with such a young roster.

Blue and Maize Michigan Wolverines are coached by Carol Hutchins in her 31st year at the helm there and is already inducted into the National Fastpitch Coaches’ Association Hall of Fame in 2006, after earlier coaching at Ferris State after her playing days as Michigan State Shortstop.  1426-469-4 overall.

Future NFCA Hall of Famer Lu Harris-Champer, who played her collegiate ball at Western Illinois, is now in her 15th season as our head coach.  An accomplished head coach in both the pros and college level, she has it going on with her 13th consecutive NCAA Tournament berth this season.  Her husband is Jerry Champer, Associate Head Coach UGA Swimming and Diving Team who have won 6 National Championships.

Alex Hugo 2nd sacker from Kansas and Chelsea Wilkinson pitcher from North Carolina are All-America players already, and this Georgia squad is quite deep.

Michigan has its own top pitcher from McDonough Georgia right hander Megan Betsa.  Sierra Lawrence of Snellville plays Outfield for Michigan.  Although we recruit very well from Michigan there are no Michigan gals on our team.  Michigan is paced by All Americas at Shortstop Sierra Romero and as left handed pitcher Haylie Wagner.

Michigan is # 3 and Georgia is # 14 in the latest USA Today National Fastpitch Coaches’ Association Division 1 Poll.

We have been to 2 previous Women’s College World Series in 2009 and the following year in 2010.  This team is better.  We were The SEC Tournament Champions last season.  Lu also has 2 SEC Championships.

NCAA Women’s Softball RPI shows Michigan # 5 RPI and Georgia # 17 RPI.

Michigan has the 2nd best ERA nationally at 1.47

Michigan is also # 3 nationally in home runs per game at 1.88 and # 3 at Scoring at 8.27 runs per game, and # 3 at Slugging Percentage at .633

Michigan has beat Alabama twice this season, and has lost twice to Florida.  We are 1-3 vs Alabama and 0-2 against Florida as well.

We are # 13 in Scoring and steal a ton of bases.   And, while Michigan is # 16 in batting average, Georgia is # 15.

We are # 15 ERA and Michigan today # 2.

Michigan is a very accomplished fielding team.

Alex Hugo and Sierra Romero both have 21 home runs.

Sydni Emanuel        bats .429

Cortni Emanuel       .411

Alex Hugo            .403

Paige Wilson         .368

Niaja Griffin        .352

Anna Swafford        .342

Tina Iosefa          .338

Samantha LaZear      .330

By comparison, Michigan has 7 batters hitting over .321.

Georgia has 4 seniors and 7 juniors.

The 2 teams play again Friday at 6 pm and if necessary right afterwards at 9pm all on ESPN2, also available online or for your mobile app.

It has been a fun season, of that there is no question.  How many SEC teams advance to the Women’s College World Series, and will Georgia for the 3rd time ?  This is our best team.

Culture clash in Athens?

Thomas Brown UGA:

There is a good read here today, with lots of great comments every one of which says that we need to change the culture where the head coach says that here at Georgia we adhere to something far higher than winning.

Winning is everything, and nothing else matters.

We have all resigned ourselves to inexplicable losses every year with this culture the head coach promotes both on the sidelines and his dogged determination that God Called him to a higher Calling than winning he says to us all again and again and in those exact words.

We have not beat the teams away from Sanford after 2007 like we did until 2007 who ended those seasons as in fact top 25 teams.

We have not beat the teams who that season went on to a bowl game after 2007, as we did prior.

Through it all, we have recruited very well.

The head coach does not care about winning, and this is the reason why the latest current 7-year period has seen us post 29 losses, with seven times 4 losses average per season being only 28 losses instead.

Always it is someone else who has to bring us this change in culture here that our head football coach has to see winning as everything, and nothing else matters.

Our Savior.

Wake up Mark Richt ! This is bull shit that you actually just told us what we’ve all known for years now, that you do not feel that winning is important at all.

Just tell us how great it is to average 9 dot wins and more than 4 losses a season for 7 years now and counting in 15-game seasons for the top teams.

We’re not one of the elite programs, have not been for years now, and it is because of the lack of consistency in intensity from our head coach, mimicked by his players and by his coaching staff.

Just imagine with now over 100 of our Rivals having a Special Teams coach that here at Georgia, a trophy for everyone, we play our walk-ons on Special Teams who are competing against the absolute damn stars of our Rivals. Hell, we still did not even practice Special Teams at the G-Day Game again this season.

Such bullshit.

Recruiting goes along merrily, as do all these inexplicable losses every year to lesser-talented teams.

86 NFL Draft Picks in Mark Richt era 2001-2015 is the 2nd best nationally.

# 8 average recruiting rankings 2001-2015 also is 2nd best nationally.

Both to Southern California.

And, while the average number of years the head coach was at the school who won the actual national championship this entire Mark Richt era, on his watch, is just 3 years, Mark Richt starts his 15th now without one because of this.

The average recruiting ranking for the actual in fact national champions on the Mark Richt watch is # 8.

So, why can’t we win ?

And, by God, why are the fans of this program still talking about how friqin’ great we are ?

Why do we see some of our main Rivals play 8 home games in a season, and we insist as a fan base to want to go to a hellhole of a city in November no less when our head coach Mark Richt (5-9 vs FU) says he and his recruits are at a disadvantage in JAX ?

If coaching is getting more from less, here at Georgia, we recruit the best talent and do the damn worst job in the nation of coaching them.

How in the hell did we just lose to 3 more lesser-talented teams, Georgie tek, South Carolina and Florida ?

Who did we prepare to lead us this season to some different higher calling ?

We have once again failed to prepare a QB for the up-coming season, another recurring theme around here along with being told the QB we did see exclusively really once again, is better than those who in fact went on to the NFL as QB.

Again and again, always the same.

We play Favorites.

We spend every off-season studying the schedule and say, well, we can beat all these teams because we have better talent, and then list the games we as a fan base consider the important therefore games.

Then, we lose more than 4 games a season average for 7 years now.

We were # 89 in Passing Offense last season, yet none of these 3 studs at QB was given anything but mop-up duty, none told get your butt out there and win.


Friq, the damned head coach doesn’t give a shit about GATA. He really told us now finally that he does not care about winning – that here at Georgia there is something far more important than winning that we do here at Georgia.

Freaking dumb shit.

The problem we as fans have here at Georgia, is that every one of us Loves Mark Richt. Great guy, fantastic recruiter – but, a guy who held himself back with the coaching staff nothing more than a prayer meeting circle for all these years – and, who ultimately did this to us because he really does not think that winning is everything and nothing else matters.

Originally posted on Get The Picture:

So here’s an observation from Seth Emerson in today’s Mailbag:

I am a huge believer in the “culture” of football programs shaping success. That is largely led by coaching staffs and coordinators, and sometimes strong player-leaders. Have you noticed a big culture shift from the Bobo/Grantham era to Pruitt/Schottenheimer? If yes, in what ways are the inner workings of the program different than years past?
– Scott C. Davis

Well, the culture of the offense was just fine under Bobo, as the results show, and he and Pruitt were in sync on a lot of things. So thing can’t be quite grouped together like that.

But there was definitely a cultural change, along with big changes in how things were done behind the scenes, after Pruitt’s arrival. I think Bobo had wanted to do things a certain way – more the Alabama way, for lack of a better term –…

View original 423 more words

Quincy Carter first told Mark Richt he would not return, then Mark Richt’s first act as head coach here was to kick Quincy Carter off the team. Now, 15 years’ later, he has had 86 NFL Draft Picks, more than every school except USC but he loses more than 4 games a season average for the latest current 7 years (2nd half Mark Richt era) How can this be ? How all these inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR with all this talent ?

Mark Richt Era NFL Draft Picks, Georgia Bulldogs  :


2001   1 6 6 Richard Seymour Patriots DT 1

1 13 13 Marcus Stroud Jaguars DT 2

2 8 39 Kendrell Bell Steelers LB 3

2 22 53 Quincy Carter Cowboys QB 4

3 33 95 Jonas Jennings Bills T 5

4 6 101 Jamie Henderson Jets DB 6

2002 1 25 25 Charles Grant Saints DE 7

3 8 73 Will Witherspoon Panthers LB 8

4 16 114 Randy McMichael Dolphins TE 9

4 22 120 Terreal Bierria Seahawks DB 10

5 22 157 Jermaine Phillips Buccaneers DB 11

5 31 166 Verron Haynes Steelers RB 12

7 9 220 Josh Mallard Colts DE 13

7 22 233 Tim Wansley Buccaneers DB 14

2003 1 6 6 Johnathan Sullivan Saints DT 15

1 20 20 George Foster Broncos T 16

2 2 34 Boss Bailey Lions LB 17

2 5 37 Jonathan Stinchcomb Saints T 18

3 13 77 Musa Smith Ravens RB 19

6 37 210 Tony Gilbert Cardinals LB 20

7 28 242 J.T. Wall Steelers RB 21

2004 1 32 32 Ben Watson Patriots TE 22

2 27 59 Sean Jones Browns DB 23

4 21 117 Robert Geathers Bengals DE 24

4 25 121 Bruce Thornton Cowboys DB 25


2005 1 14 14 Thomas Davis Panthers DB 26

1 17 17 David Pollack Bengals DE 27

2 3 35 Reggie Brown Eagles WR 28

2 16 48 Odell Thurman Bengals LB 29

3 21 85 David Greene Seahawks QB 30

4 30 131 Fred Gibson Steelers WR 31


2006 2 30 62 Tim Jennings Colts DB 32

3 8 72 Leonard Pope Cardinals TE 33

4 2 99 Max Jean Gilles Eagles 34

5 17 149 Greg Blue Vikings DB 35

5 20 152 DeMario Minter Browns DB 36

6 27 196 Kedric Golston Redskins DT 37

7 15 223 D.J. Shockley Falcons QB 38


2007s 4 0 0 Paul Oliver Chargers DB 39

2007 3 1 65 Quentin Moses Raiders DE 40

3 20 83 Charles Johnson Panthers DE 41

4 34 133 Martrez Milner Falcons TE 42

6 16 190 Ken Shackleford Rams T 43

2008 5 26 161 Marcus Howard Colts LB 44

6 6 172 Thomas Brown Falcons RB 45

7 15 222 Chester Adams Bears G 46

7 28 235 Brandon Coutu Seahawks K 47


2009 1 1 1 Matthew Stafford Lions QB 48

1 12 12 Knowshon Moreno Broncos RB 49

2 18 50 Mohamed Massaquoi Browns WR 50

3 22 86 Asher Allen Vikings DB 51

3 29 93 Corvey Irvin Panthers DT 52

6 9 182 Jarius Wynn Packers DE 53


2010 3 33 97 Rennie Curran Titans LB 54

4 22 120 Geno Atkins Bengals DT 55

5 32 163 Reshad Jones Dolphins DB 56

7 36 243 Jeffrey Owens Eagles DT 57

7 41 248 Kade Weston Patriots DE 58


2011 1 4 4 A.J. Green Bengals WR 59

3 6 70 Justin Houston Chiefs DE 60

3 27 91 Akeem Dent Falcons LB 61

4 4 101 Clint Boling Bengals G 62

4 10 107 Kris Durham Seahawks WR 63

7 17 220 Shaun Chapas Cowboys RB 64


2012 2 9 41 Cordy Glenn Bills T 65

4 4 99 Ben Jones Texans C 66

4 21 116 Orson Charles Bengals TE 67

4 28 123 Brandon Boykin Eagles DB 68

6 5 175 Blair Walsh Vikings K 69

7 1 208 Justin Anderson Colts T 70

7 29 236 Deangelo Tyson Ravens DE 71


2013 1 17 17 Jarvis Jones Steelers LB 72

1 30 30 Alec Ogletree Rams LB 73

3 20 82 John Jenkins Saints DT 74

3 22 84 Shawn Williams Bengals DB 75

5 1 134 Sanders Commings Chiefs DB 76

5 28 161 Tavarres King Broncos WR 77

6 20 188 Cornelius Washington Bears LB 78

6 23 191 Bacarri Rambo Redskins DB 79


2014 5 15 155 Arthur Lynch Miami TE 80

5 23 163 Aaron Murray Kansas City QB 81


2015 1 10 10 Todd Gurley II St. Louis RB 82

3 12 76 Chris Conley Kansas City WR 83

4 19 118 Ramik Wilson Kansas City LB 84

5 31 167 Damian Swann New Orleans CB 85


6 31 207 Amarlo Herrera Indianapolis ILB 86

Our recruiting is just fine.  It’s our coaching that has fallen on its collective face.

Hasn’t it ?

How many games will we lose this year ?  More than 4 losses ?