“Kirby Smart must prove he’s as good on game day as he is in February recruiting.” USA Today Dan Wolken says. NOW there is a Patrick BRADLEY at the AJ-C DawgNation. God help us all. Tell me there is no nepotism and he’s unrelated – please ? Patrick BRADLEY AJ-C reports USA Today Dan Wolken says as well now : “The Georgia Bulldogs are so far above the rest of that division in terms of talent right now with the players that they’ve got coming back. Give me a break. The expectation for Georgia next year should be winning the East – point blank… period. If they don’t get that done – then I have to seriously question whether Kirby can coach.”

“The Bulldogs took a nice step toward re-establishing dominance of their recruiting borders and closing the talent gap with the likes of Alabama – but the biggest one remains until Smart proves he’s as good on game day as he is in February.”




“Let’s not give Georgia that much of a pass.  If Kirby Smart doesn’t win the East next year he’s a clown. I’m sorry. Point blank. They are so far above the rest of that division in terms of talent right now with the players that they’ve got coming back. Give me a break. The expectation for Georgia next year should be winning the East point blank… period. If they don’t get that done- then I have to seriously question whether Kirby can coach.”  USA Today Dan Wolken said via CBS Atlanta.






OxyContin Oxycodone two doses ? Pain killer. Would be dizzy two doses. 10 mg would be too much for me I am sure. I have no tolerance for poppy. Other symptoms are not expected such as bloodshot eyes from that or Percocet – the same. 50 mg now that would be serious and two of those ? Why say you did and have that negative at Athens Regional ? Trent Thompson get well sir. I wasn’t aware of pain Trent is dealing with.

I am very sorry to hear all of this Trent Thompson sir.  What a promising future.  The family owes it to Trent Thompson to let him speak.  It’s his future.  He said he took two doses.  He is released and that is the best news from this sad story.


Why would anyone no matter what size you are take two doses ?  They are slow-release so if he did take two doses as he told the Sgt then it could be true that 12 hours later they would not be in his system.  And it is consistent with at least some of his behavior early morning this morning Thursday morning if he took the two doses before noon Wednesday.


When I was prescribed this I threw them down the drain after taking one dose for having my wisdom teeth removed in a hospital.  I went toward the bathroom and remember having to throw my head to the side to keep from drowning in the toilet but I had lost significant blood too.


Trent Thompson take care of yourself sir.  And thank you.  I love watching you Trent.  I look forward to all the up-coming good news on you Trent Thompson sir.


How sad.



SEC Country (NOT AJ-C writers) did a SURVEY today indicating a VAST MAJORITY APPROVAL RATING for Kirby’s job as head coach his 1st season BUT WHAT IF the question was – put RECRUITING to the side – and JUDGE KIRBY just on his COACHING DUTIES 2016 losing to 6-7 Vandie and therefore not even winning SEC Record given the avg # 7 recruiting ranking GIVEN HIM TO WORK WITH ?

Kirby is the BEST RECRUITER in the nation bar none.


On the recruiting trail Kirby was AWESOME our best Bulldogs recruiting class of all-time with 16 ESPN Top 200 players overall in a class of 3300 recruits.  15 of them were ranked in the top 100 of at least one of the top recruiting services 247Sports.com ESPN RecruitingNation or Scout.com.


But the SURVEY question was how did he do “COACHING YEAR ONE.”  Kirby did NEARLY EVERTHING WRONG other than that he could do his 1st coaching job ANYWHERE 2016 as our football coach.


The results were NOT SATISFACTORY.


Do not begin to tell me the results were satisfactory.


YOU can not call it like it is.


You NEVER have been able to.


It makes us WEAKER as a program to HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS.  It’s our # 1 problem and always has been.


Alabama has expectations and we don’t.


How did Kirby do year one in coaching duties other than recruiting ?


But BESIDES RECRUITING how did Kirby ACTUALLY DO his first season coaching ?


  1. Hired Jim Chaney and did not fix that widely criticized on BOTH accounts
  2. Jan 12 to Sept 15 practiced ONLY Greyson Lambert with # 1 unit then threw Eason to fire anyway
  3. Relied on 2 injured running backs when Brian Herrien was healthy better choice for Kirby
  4. Nick Chubb 32 carries for 227 yards game 1 after 3 ligaments surgery and never same after
  5. Never figuring-out who his pitch-and-catch combo was for Jacob Eason to throw to swapping-out this receiver with that one
  6. Giving his top 3 OL signees 2016 Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley 1 snap combined when Kirby’s OL was so obviously tired and ineffective
  7. Kirby was thinking he was playing pass defenders on passing routes on vols’ Hail Mary got no pressure on the QB and did not defend the end zone
  8. Kirby forced the players to go to Jim Chaney instead of Kirby himself fixing that in-game adjustment vs Florida
  9. Kirby forced mutiny by the players holding a players-only meeting not even allowing Kirby in his own damn locker room before Florida
  10. Kirby was trying to control what people think by who he let talk and what he let them say  and made it so that only he can talk.  A coach is supposed to be a communicator.
  11. Kirby was handed the # 7 avg recruiting rankings making-up his team and ended-up the # 66 team at 8-5 by his roster full of talent wasted
  12. Kirby is # 31 on Coaches’ HOT SEAT.com today meaning a hundred coaches did a better job than he his first year.  Say THAT !
  13. Telling Greg McGarity Nov 28 that this is your dream job then not bothering show-up until 12 Jan 6 weeks 4 days later
  14. Stubborn running the ball even vs loaded box even when it was not working
  15. Did not Start Freshman All-America Isaac Nauta until game 5.  Next 2 games not start. Then 2 more Isaac Nauta  didn’t start.  Frankly Kirby I would have thrown to Isaac Nauta on every down as the go-to receiver.
  16. Started William Ham at Kicker going 3 of 7 field goals  and short kick-offs then criticizing Freshman All-America Rodrigo Blankenship
  17. Kirby : “Shaun McGee is going to finish up with us but then he’s going to transfer out.  He may have some academic issues depending on how his grades finish up.  We’re still checking on a couple of classes.  He may not be eligible for us next semester.”  Kirby can’t say that.  NCAA violation
  18. Kirby your antics to the press were a distraction from the time they first asked you who your QB is back in January.  The longer it went on the more stubborn you came across
  19. Kirby’s unwillingness to answer ANY question was adversarial defensive and made you sound mad whenever anyone dared to ask you a tough question
  20. Kirby is a very poor evaluator of talent and cannot really even tell who the better players are
  21. Scholarship Count “NO PROBLEM” Kirby said 4 over for 2017 but Kirby had his RB coach call Toniel Carter Junior December 7 and tell him he’s OUT of scholarships for early enrollment. What his brother and legal guardian told you Kirby was YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED HIS BROTHER AND TONEIL YOURSELF KIRBY. Kirby you also gave 3 walk-ons a scholarship the week after Toniel SIGNED PAPERS WITH YOU KIRBY and knew you can’t have the kid here early like he wanted to AND LIKE YOU PROMISED HIM KIRBY as a result thereof.




No.  The problem around here as Bulldogs’ fans is that we think anytime some OUTSIDER asks us about our coach that we are supposed to DEFEND HIM rather than tell the truth.


The TRUTH of the matter IS if Kirby can not fix all these GLARING BLUNDERS coaching us 2016 and SOON he will be gone and I will be the one firing him


As I did with his predecessor.


Our FANS have NO EXPECTATIONS.  I certainly DO.




SEC Country – Ken Bradley


That’s nice that so many of us myself included support Kirby and want him to do well.


Now answer the DAMN question.  How did Kirby do his 1st year other than recruiting ?




THIS is where we disagreed on Mark Richt.  I said he had to go.  I FIRED him.  You said he should NOT have been FIRED.  You made Mark Richt’s job as cushy a damn job as you could possibly make DESPITE Mark Richt JUST LOSING IT starting with kick-off vs Alabama 2008.


I wanted him to care about WINNING again.


You wanted to agree that there was something BESIDES WINNING that was important HERE.


I supported Mark Richt from December 2000 until Alabama game 2008 after which he went from win 4 lose 1 to win only 3 lose 1.


I gave Kirby no throw-away year last year and do not this year either with all this talent around here.  I demand and expect a better COACHING JOB than we got year one.


When you average # 7 recruiting classes every year making up your team you should NOT LOSE to 6-7 Vandie and end-up not even a winning record in The SEC.


Quit trying to CONFUSE that you are a fan of the program with ANSWERING THE QUESTION ASKED.


You really think what Kirby did year one was SATISFACTORY with YOU ?


You’re the problem around here and always have been.  Have some balls.  Have some expectations.  You aren’t going to FIX THIS MESS by whistling in the wind that YOU LOVE KIRBY SUPPORT HIM WANT HIM TO DO WELL and think year one was just GREAT.


It was ANYTHING BUT in EVERYTHING he did 2016 season starting with NOT PREPARING Jacob Eason to be his STARTING QB and then throwing him into the FIRE anyway unprepared.


Demand Kirby not have yet again another throw-away year 2017.


For God’s sake.  Tell Kirby what he needs to FIX.  Quit ignoring our coaches’ foils.


# 31 on the Coaches’ HOT SEAT.com means only Hugh Freeze Butch Jones and Barry Od0m did a worse job 2016 coaching their talent in the SEC.  When THAT is satisfactory let me know.  Until then DEMAND MORE.


I do.


We are doomed to failure as a program with NO EXPECTATIONS saying 2016 was satisfactory for Kirby Smart and we’re all rating him HIGH APPROVAL RATING coaching this talent this program gave him.


Why is he # 31 coacheshotseat.com ?


Because he coached this talent well ?


Seriously ?


Are you that OUT OF TOUCH with reality ?








CY BROWN AJ-C DawgNation does some SOLID reporting. Cy Brown is the rising star of AJ-C DawgNation because HE IS SMART a trait NOT FOUND in several prominent others on that staff such as MARK BRADLEY and such as CHIPPER TOWERS to name some of the more OBVIOUS. 1 point Cy Brown really did NOT make however today is THAT YOU CAN BE A GOOD COACH SIMPLY BY RECRUITING GOOD PLAYERS.

And that REMAINS MY POINT that a coach can be judged a good coach SIMPLY by recruiting good players.


Now in all honesty I climbed all over Kirby all of 2016 from the day he finally showed-up and MOSTLY about not preparing Jacob Eason and his FRESHMEN CLASS he HIMSELF SIGNED here.


For 9 months Kirby said about his QB I don’t know who he is and still 9 months later was STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit.  There were NUMEROUS other freshmen 2016 who did NOT get a FAIR SHAKE.


And if Kirby pulls that crap again this season 2017 expect me to again crawl all over his case about IT again.


Most ESPECIALLY with these 15 signed recruits he has coming-in for the 2017 season who in one top recruiting service or the other are all 15 ranked in the top 100 of 3300 recruits 2017 nationwide – Kirby has to find it in his heart of hearts to get his STARS on the field playing football.


The FACTS still remain that Cy Brown is correct today.


AND moreover a coach CAN be a good coach SIMPLY by having good players.


A coach can ALSO lose his job if he can not better judge who his top 50 players are and get the top half of those 50 out there nearly most of the snaps.  If he has a built-in bias in 2017 against Freshmen he is DOOMED.


You have to PLAY your stars.


Kirby for all he did in recruiting since the day he arrived and really before that even LOST to Vandie.


He will forever be remembered whatever his legacy for THAT LOSS 2016.


There is NO EXCUSE for losing to 6-7 Vandie and thus us not even having a winning record in The SEC 2016 as a direct result thereof.


But damn the recruiting has been fun.


I always said that once Mark Richt was finally fired that our recruiting would take-off.


Pundits told me Mark Richt was a great recruiter.


No he is NOT.


Kirby is.




AJ-C DawgNation Cy Brown also said earlier that Jim Chaney is no good and to blame for the offense.  Well Cy Brown said so without pointing-out that weighing-in at 429 lbs. as a coach for college kids on the field of play out-front for all to see is as bad an image and example as can possibly be for The University of Georgia to our kids.


PROFOUNDLY obese dumb and stubborn is no way to go through life.  You only get 1 go-round.





Georgia Softball moves up from # 12 to # 11 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll today Tuesday 21 February 2017




SPRING PRACTICE begins exactly one month from today for The 2017 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Season March 21 with our annual G-Day Game April 22 which is then 2 weeks after the Masters and a week after Easter. Game Time is 2 p.m. Eastern with The SEC Network carrying the game live who covers first UGA 2 p.m. Comcast channel 792 then vols 4 p.m. SEC Network and LSU on SEC Network too at 8 p.m. while Alabama is over on ESPN main channel at 3 p.m. Comcast channel 846 competing with The UGA G-Day Game for the last hour on TV. Admission is FREE


Only 1 team batting better than Georgia and only 5 teams in the nation are pitching better than Georgia. Sporting a .448 batting average as a TEAM Georgia Softball 12-0 on the season undefeated travels to take-on BYU Thursday 23 February 2017 at 1 p.m. our time. All 4 of our pitchers are allowing opponents to hit .139 on the season. We score over 11 Earned Runs a Game while giving-up less than 1 from our strong deep pitching staff. 4 batters are averaging over .500 and 7 batters are averaging hitting over .400 on the season. 11 of our hitters are batting over .300 while we face-off against all the top Softball Teams in the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic Thursday 2 on Friday and Saturday 25 February 2017. BYU Northwestern Cal State Fullerton # 21 Notre Dame this weekend’s opponents. SCHEDULE HERE. Georgia Softball. Georgia leads the nation in softball wins with 12 on the season 2017 of all 246 Softball teams Division 1.

Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic in Cathedral City California Georgia Lady Bulldogs Softball Tournament Thursday Friday and Saturday.


UGA is the first team in the nation to reach 12 wins already after last season winning our Opening Game in the Women’s College World Series.


We’re a better team this season hitting and pitching.


Only 1 team is batting better than we in the entire nation and only 5 teams have a lower ERA than Georgia.




Brittany Gray is 7-0 on the season and Kylie Bass is 4-0 on the season.


Georgia is # 8 at scoring runs 2017 undefeated 12-0 on the season :




Georgia leads the nation in stolen bases with 42 steals so far 2017 :




Georgia leads the nation in softball wins with 12 on the season 2017 :




We are # 215 in fielding percentage :




We are # 60 of 246 teams in hitting home runs this season :





We fully expect to move-up in the Polls from # 12 last week when the Polls are released Tuesdays.  This gives the lazy statisticians 3 days to compile RPI SOS batting averages ERA for softball which should come-out on Sunday night.


There are 35 teams competing in the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic in Cathedral City California this weekend including most of the top teams :




Mary Nutter is a hero for Softball before Title IX who annually held clinics for gals to improve their skills.  Now the sport is one of the most followed of all sports men or women.


We play :

  1. BYU Thursday 23 February 2017 at 1 p.m. our time Fenway Field
  2. Notre Dame on the same field Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern Fenway Field
  3. Northwestern again on Fenway Field at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Friday 24 February 2017
  4. Cal State Fullerton Saturday 25th we don’t play until 8 p.m. Eastern over on Des Moines Field


We don’t play Sunday the 25th at all.




Notre Dame is ranked # 21 this week and Georgia # 12


2017 College Softball RPI Team Rankings ESPN Coaches’ Poll RPI 2017 released each TUESDAY :




Georgia Lady Diamond Dawgs


  1. 12-0 to start 2017 season
  2. 11-0 to start 2016 season including Mary Nutter games
  3. 11-0 to start 2015 season including Mary Nutter games
  4. 11-0 to start 2014 season



4th season in a row Georgia Softball has started-out at least 11-0 to begin each season culminating with our Opening Game WIN in the Women’s College World Series last season 2016.


There are great expectations for this season with us adding 2 of the top 100 softball players in the nation this off-season to bolster our already potent attack and top-notch pitching.


With 246 Division 1 Softball Teams and rosters of 25 players there are 5000 top softball players in our Division alone and the other smaller divisions also play great collegiate softball.  With Title IX every college in the nation fields softball teams.


We just play Softball at a higher level than all but the elite of the elite and frankly could win the Women’s College World Series which we have come-in 3rd place several times.


If you want to root for Georgia in an exciting sport in which we actually do well this is it.


Lu Harris-Champer   is doing a AMAZINGLY GREAT JOB as our Softball Head Coach.