Jake and Jake Show 205-373-8 Jacob Eason 16 TD 2463 yards 14 games 175 yards per game 1.14 TD passes per game .5 INT per game 55 % completion rate 120 QB Rating. 34-57-1 Jake Fromm 59.6 % completion rate 151 QB Rating 1.6 TD passes per game .33 INT per game 150 yards per game

205-373-8 Jacob Eason 16 TD 2463 yards 14 games 175 yards per game 1.14 TD passes per game .5 INT per game 55 % completion rate 120 QB Rating.    9-5 in games he has played 8-5 in games he has started.  Signature Win North Carolina Auburn TCU.

34-57-1 Jake Fromm 59.6 % completion rate 151 QB Rating 1.6 TD passes per game .33 INT per game 150 yards per game.  3-0 in games he has played. 2-0 in games he has started including Notre Dame on road.  Signature Win Notre Dame ranked team on road.


Jake and Jake Show


Both have suffered DROPS by a largely unheralded receiver corps

Both have suffered the choices of Kirby on the OL 2016 and 2017 rather than our top OL

Both have suffered Isaac Nauta the top catching threat 2016 and 2017 not the one thrown to

Both have suffered mostly highly criticized play calls 2016 and 2017

Both have suffered an OL which can not block for the run nor for the pass 2016 and 2017


There is NO QUESTION that Kirby has done POORLY on his decisions on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS in his choices of his players and the reason for his choices.


Now Kirby faces THIS.


The Jake and Jake Show and whom is it Kirby plays ?


I think the proof is that Kirby has largely gotten it wrong on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS both 2016 and now again 2017.


Therefore I believe whichever choice Kirby makes at QB will be the WRONG CHOICE again and for the WRONG REASONS.


There is no question that Jacob Eason’s knee is getting better.  Jacob Eason has been RELEASED by the doctors to play.








THAT IS NOT ENGLISH : “I was trying to bring a counter-argument, you decided to be an asshole. So Go Fuck Yourself. You are a complete embarrassment to anything associated my alma mater, The University of Georgia. If nothing else, please learn to read and write proper English. Go ahead and bash me all you want, I will unfollow. Good luck, loser” “GFY LOSER with no followers” You’re just one of those pussies who thinks averaging MORE than 4 losses a year for 9 years now is just fine with you eggindawg. I know what the real story is here.

eggindawg – makes shit up says celebrity said this or that to support his point of view without URL Link and LIES the complete opposite of the truth.


About our sorry Offensive Line 2017 same as it was a sorry OL 2016, eggindawg says that Kirby is doing a GREAT JOB and that Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. REDSHIRTED. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. REDSHIRTED. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. REDSHIRTED. none of the 3 are ANY GOOD AT ALL.  eggindawg says Jim Donnan says that these 3 top OL are no damn good that he has watched them and that they : “All are simply not ready- horrible footwork, conditioning, technique. Listen to Coach Donnan on UGA Sports or from other people who have actually attended practice! They could bulldoze HS/JC competition- but can’t beat those guys you mention. Size is not everything!”


That is bullshit you God Damn LIAR eggindawg.  Jim Donnan did NOT say that.  What Jim Donnan has been saying ALL YEAR LONG is THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE.  Jim Donnan is saying that Kirby has OVERINFLATED the value of some and undervalued others and that in 2017 Kirby MUST PLAY HIS TRUE FRESHMEN offensive linemen.  And then Jim Donnan goes ON AND ON about all the great true freshmen OL all over the country.


By the way eggindawg I don’t think ANYONE is fooled by your cheap attempt to be someone ELSE and not post as yourself.


You are just simply a foul-mouthed God Damn LIAR who ALSO has been PROVEN WRONG on EVERY freaking word out of your lying God Damn MOUTH as eggindawg.


Piss off.


Here stick this up your God Damn ASSHOLE eggindawg or whomever ELSE you want to post on the Internet as trying hide behind your keyboard and LIE.


Who the hell do you think you are ?


You’re just one of those pussies satisfied with where we are when I have guaranteed SEC Championship 2017 for Kirby with only 4 other teams in the entire nation who have more talent than we’ve handed to Kirby for 2017 – losing 20 whom Kirby has had as one of his STARTERS here after this season.





Georgia is # 11 and Mississippi State is # 17 but Kirby has NOT BEEN PLAYING HIS BEST PLAYERS ON OFFENSE NOR ON SPECIAL TEAMS YET. Just imagine if he did. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. REDSHIRTED. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. RE DSHIRTED. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. REDSHIRTED. Nah we don’t need those guys on the OL Kirby against Missy State.

Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation.  REDSHIRTED.

Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation.  REDSHIRTED.

D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation.  REDSHIRTED.



6 SEC teams in AP Poll Top 25 with Georgia Bulldogs 2nd best behind # 1 Alabama at # 11 UGA and with Mississippi State # 17. Polls USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll has UGA # 12.

Just imagine if Kirby actually played the players on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS which he has.




The Coaches’ Poll has UGA # 12 :




Polls USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll



All Sports Tickets.net Jeff Cook arrested as promised in Eatonton. My friends paid him $ 250 per ticket for two tickets he sold them for Notre Dame game and charged their credit cards. They both also had bought tickets on airlines and car rentals and hotel rooms based on his GUARANTEE and here that is : “100% Money Back Guarantee If Tickets Are Not Available.” He sells tickets takes the money charges the cards and does NOT give the tickets he took the money for – leaving the buyers stuck. Sports fans for years have been left up in the air and stuck to all sorts of sporting events. Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills told 11 Alive he would “throw his ass in jail” if Cook didn’t refund all the people that didn’t receive their tickets. It is estimated now afterwards that 30 thousand tickets exchanged hands between Notre Dame sorry fans wanting MONEY and UGA fans wanting to watch our men not have HOME FIELD disadvantage and there were 8 thousand tickets Notre Dame gave UGA to distribute in addition. Other reports say 40 thousand UGA fans attended in a 77 thousand seat stadium Touchdown Jesus HOWEVER THERE WERE MANY OTHER UGA FANS LEFT HOLDING THE BAG PROMISED TICKETS AT RATES THEY DID NOT WISH TO KEEP WHEN THE SAME TICKETS WENT UP IN PRICE TO $1200.

Charged with selling sports tickets without a license and advertising sports tickets without posting a license number, Jeff Cook was released on bond less than the cost of two tickets.  That is NOT RIGHT.


When you can’t get in touch.  It is NOT GOOD.


When you tell my friends you are selling them tickets at $ 250 each do NOT sell MY FRIENDS’ TICKETS to someone else for an average of $ 1147 ticket when you took my friends’ monies.  That is WRONG.


You have to buy the tickets back from my friends who paid you $ 250 for their tickets.




When you charge their credit cards you have taken their money for the tickets they then own.  You had them that day.


You had them at $ 250.


Don’t sell them for $ 250 if you do not intend to give those persons those tickets you had at that time for the $ 250.


Let’s say those are the ones sold for average $1147 dollars ok ?  You bought them for $125 each and were selling them to my friends at $ 250.  Then you sold the very same ticket at average $1147.


Paid $125 sold for $1147.


Gross Profit each $1022.  30 thousand seats reported changed hands at this average price.


That is $30 million dollars gross profit.


One game.


And this is not the first time Notre Dame fans have embarrassed their program selling their tickets.  In fact it has become quite the scandal that Notre Dame fans are NOT GOOD FANS.


We took the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE away from Notre Dame.


Georgia Bulldogs have ALWAYS traveled well so this too is NOT NEW.


Personally I have always been wary of buying tickets on the Internet and handing those pieces of paper at the gate for entrance.  Frankly I have the same concerns face-to-face on the streets and try to protect us on the streets as well.


This entire $30 million dollar per game industry is a problem if you ask me.


But there would be no industry if 30 thousand Notre Dame fans did not give up their seats and give us the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE every person watching the game live or on their 70 inch HDTV saw UGA had.


$30 million dollars one game and we play 14 such games this year and stand to make it 15 but Kirby will have to START playing his BEST PLAYERS ON OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS which Kirby has to-date in 2 years’ time here NOT DONE now facing an EXCELLENT Mississippi State.


They manhandled # 12 LSU who was ranked AHEAD of Kirby 37-7 last night.


Mississippi State will find that UGA fans do NOT sell our tickets to them on the Internet nor face-t0-face.  Save the trip.


The TICKETS are NOT for sale.



Kirby CONTINUES to coach poorly and keeps making the SAME MISTAKES about NOT PLAYING OBVIOUS STARTERS ON OFFENSE. Kirby’s OL and WR continue to be plagued by Kirby’s choices on the OL and at the WR positions. Why is it Kirby can not find a kicker who can kick-off to the back of the end zone like EVERY OTHER team in America ? We had 5 kick-offs Saturday night one was good. One. What are all these penalties – yes the referees were horrible but – isn’t this attributed to poor head coaching ?


Update on the OL after Kirby’s choices looked terrible again. When does the OL look good ? We all read how Kirby recruited all these great OL. Kirby admitted he was WAY WRONG on overinflating his evaluation of some of his OL after STARTING for Kirby against Appalachian State and NOT PLAYING AT ALL against Notre Dame. Netori Johnson REDSHIRTED. Isaiah Wilson REDSHIRTED. D’Marcus Hayes REDSHIRTED. Kirby you are FULL OF SHIT boy. Where are your top OL Kirby ? Are new OL for 2018 recruiting TELLING YOU KIRBY you are NOT PLAYING the OL you did sign as top recruits Kirby ?

Netori Johnson  REDSHIRTED.  Isaiah Wilson REDSHIRTED.  D’Marcus Hayes REDSHIRTED.





Pat Allen STARTED OL against Appalachian State did not play at ALL Notre Dame.

Sean Fogarty played OL against Appalachian State did not play at ALL Notre Dame.

Aulden Bynum played EVERY GAME 2017 OL.

Netori Johnson not had one snap generally considered one of top 5 OL in the nation.

Isaiah Wilson not had one snap generally considered one of the top 5 OL in the nation.

D’Marcus Hayes not had one snap generally considered one of top 5 OL in the nation.

Lamont Galliard has STARTED OL every game 2017. Played 2 games 2015. Started 2016.

Dyshon Sims has STARTED OL every game 2017 after 3 starts total 2014 2015 2016.

Justin Shaffer played OL against Appalachian State did not play at ALL Notre Dame.

Kendall Baker STARTED OL vs. Notre Dame did not start vs. Appalachian State.

Chris Barnes ON SCHOLARSHIP OL no snaps 2016 or 2017.

Ben Cleveland has NOT STARTED OL any game since being signed by Kirby Smart.

Solomon Kindley has NOT STARTED OL any game since being signed by Kirby Smart.

Isaiah Wynn has STARTED OL every game 2017 after playing 2014 starting 2015 2016.

Andrew Thomas has STARTED OL every game of his career as True Freshman done well.



THESE ARE NOT OUR BEST FIVE (5) OFFENSIVE LINEMEN EITHER KIRBY : “LT Isaiah Wynn. LG Kendall Baker. C Lamont Gaillard. RG Solomon Kindley. RT Andrew Thomas.” Hey Kirby you dumbass where are Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation ?

Kirby continues to NOT play our top 5 OL.


It IS what Kirby continues to do.


This is NOT Sam Pittman making these decisions.


This ONLY Kirby who makes these decisions and Kirby is WRONG again with this line-up this 2017 SEC Championship Season as he was in his previous Offensive Line line-up.


Kirby ADMITTED he was WRONG on his OL.


Kirby has CHANGED his OL already this 2017 season.


Kirby is STILL WRONG on his OL.


“LT Isaiah Wynn.  LG Kendall Baker.  C Lamont Gaillard.  RG Solomon Kindley.   RT Andrew Thomas.”

“The second-team line was LT Pat Allen. LG Justin Shaffer.  C Sean Fogarty.  RG Dyshon Sims. RT Ben Cleveland.”


Those are ALSO wrong Kirby.  These are NOT your next 5 OL either.


Good Lord Kirby how damn ridiculous.


Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation.  Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation.  These Kirby are 3 of your top 5 OL 2017.  Get with the program Kirby – THIS is your best shot 2017.






Lorenzo Carter Norcross High wins DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK SEC for his senior season at Notre Dame Game – and WHAT a game it was too. 2 forced fumbles 2 recovered fumbles 2 quarterback hurries 4 solo tackles 3 assisted tackles limiting Notre Dame to only 55 rushing yards lowest total of 7 years for Notre Dame dating back to 2011 and a sack to end the game which he then pounced on to secure the fumble he caused and WIN THE GAME for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in front of our HOME CROWD. Let it be noted that many friends of mine were ALSO attending the game and bought tickets from scalpers for prices such as $250 and then when prices went up to $1150 average refused to provide said tickets and they ALSO bought air line tickets and rental car reservations. Hey Notre Dame you are HORRIBLE FANS. What a bunch of LOSERS.



Atlanta Journal-Constitution bullshit writers said that Lorenzo Carter is a “PROJECT.”


Project NO MORE assholes.




How can anyone TRY to MAKE EXCUSES for Notre Dame fans selling us their seats ? Anyone but US. Money means THAT MUCH to you ? Stadium seats total of only 77622 and we had 40000 seats by ALL ACCOUNTS. This means there were MORE Georgia Bulldog fans than Notre Dame fans at the game at THEIR HOUSE – or is it at Jesus’ house ? Notre Dame fans could have made the difference in a 1-point game. Instead they were interviewed BRAGGING they sold their seats.

Notre Dame has not been competitive in college football in quite some time now.  To act like a 77,622 seat stadium is some Mecca is just God-awful wrong when their own fans prefer to SELL THEIR SEATS and go home – which is what they did.


We had more than half the people at the game.  We controlled the end zone noise and we affected the outcome of the game by having HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.


If you don’t know what HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE is then don’t write that there is some lame excuse for Notre Dame fans letting US HAVE IT at their stadium.


This has happened before for Notre Dame fans.  This is nothing new for them.  You can BUY their seats.


There is no question that Notre Dame NEEDED THIS WIN Las Vegas said they would get.  They – Notre Dame – were a 4 and a half point pick to win.






“This is usually a great atmosphere here. The Georgia fans have taken it to another level. This is almost a 50-50 crowd. And it had an SEC atmosphere at the tailgate area.” Doug Flutie on the scene at the Touchdown Jesus stadium – OBVIOUSLY a SHAMEFUL deplorable show for Notre Dame that ONCE AGAIN they are embarrassed at HOME not having the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE in a game they were SUPPOSED TO WIN picked to win – instead played a road game NOT US.




Wes Colley unbiased Top 25 Poll has moved us up to # 4 UGA Bulldogs. Richard Billingsley Top 25 Poll has us up to # 5. Auburn and Stanford BOTH watched as the AP Poll MOVED Georgia UP passing BOTH in the AP Poll with our resounding win over favored Notre Dame on the road a ranked opponent for UGA without our mascot. We did this despite our lousy OL our putrid kick-offs and our pass-dropping receivers – not to mention despite Kirby NOT playing his best players on OFFENSE again this game. We made quite the statement of how well we travel in an awesome display at South Bend for the nation to see and on that score Notre Dame fans sold us 32 thousand of their tickets to go with the 8 thousand they gave us so of the 77 thousand 52 percent were Bulldogs in RED as the world could easily see. It was a SEA OF RED. We have traveled like this for BOWL GAMES TOO as I have had great fun at ALL the bowl games. We KNOW how to PARTY. If you have never gone on the road to support our team you must do so – for it is the most fun you can HAVE. We’re great and moved up 2 places in the AP Poll today. The Coaches Poll moved us up two positions as well – both to # 13.

# 13  AP Poll :



# 13 Coaches’ Poll :




# 5 Richard Billingsley Top 25 Poll :





# 4 Wes Colley Top 25 Poll :






Trailing 10 to 13 Jake Fromm watched with his poor OL and with his poor DROPPING passes receivers as KIRBY’S DEFENSE held Notre Dame to a Field Goal to make it 10-16 and I said then that Jake Fromm can throw a TD pass we can WIN BY ONE which is what happened. Jake Fromm was LOSING five (5) times in the game 0-3, 3-10, 10-13, 10-16, and 17-19 and EACH TIME I said we HAD NOT LOST YET. Jake Fromm was NOTHING SHORT of amazing given the bullshit Kirby sends out there on OFFENSE to help Jake Fromm now on Kirby’s OL and Kirby’s RECEIVERS.

5 deficits OVERCOME by Jake Fromm in his first start ever on the road against a ranked opponent who was picked by Las Vegas to beat us strapped as Jake Fromm is with the bullshit changes Kirby keeps making on the OL when the OL looked like shit again last night and with the bullshit changes Kirby keeps making with the WR when the receivers kept DROPPING THE DAMN BALLS thrown by now Jake Fromm.


Kirby does NOT have a well-oiled OFFENSIVE machine with Jim Chaney’s play calls and yet this true freshman in his first start in college ever overcame five (5) deficits to beat powerhouse Notre Dame and shove us skyward in the polls to make Fran Tarkenton once again look RIGHT as RAIN.




The last time Georgia got a win against ranked opponent at their house was 4 seasons’ ago at Missouri 2014 and we followed that up with a loss to unranked Florida and a loss to Georgia tek at Sanford Stadium along with a loss to South Carolina that 2014 season who went on to go 7-6 and be unranked as well. And before the win at ranked Notre Dame for UGA where we beat a ranked team at their house was ALL THE WAY BACK IN 2009 when we beat Georgia tek just after losing to unranked Kentucky the week prior. 2009 you recall was a season which saw Mark Richt LOSE to 4-loss Okie State LSU 7-6 vols Florida and unranked 7-6 Kentucky. That was MARK RICHT’S LAST win at the house of a ranked opponent other than Missouri 4 years ago was 2009 nine years’ ago. Oh yeah Mark Richt was great on the road. NOT.

Beat ranked team at their house :

2017 Kirby at ranked Notre Dame Jake Fromm beat team Las Vegas said beats us.

2016 none

2015 none

2014 Mark Richt at Missouri.  Las Vegas picked Georgia to win and did. We lost to unranked Florida that year.  We lost to 7-6 South Carolina that year.  And we lost to Georgia tek at our house that year.

2013 none

2012 none

2011 none

2010 none

2009 Mark Richt at Georgia tek 9 years’ ago a year Mark Richt the week after losing to unranked 7-6 Kentucky.  We lost to 4-loss Okie State that year too.  We lost to LSU that year.  We lost to Florida that year.  And we lost to 7-6 vols that year.


Mark Richt then had 1 win at house of ranked team 4 seasons’ ago and 1 win at the house of a ranked team 9 seasons’ ago.  That’s it.


That is how starved we are.



Georgia # 7 Notre Dame # 19 starting 1980 when Georgia last beat Notre Dame. The facts are that Notre Dame has not done that well in the ensuing years since our first game against each other while Georgia Bulldogs have done far better by direct comparison. The time to make THAT STATEMENT is AFTER we beat them. But more important than beating them frankly our program embarrassed Notre Dame’s program tonight. Kirby said we have 40 thousand fans there. What all of us saw was that in fact Georgia had MORE THAN HALF the fans at Touchdown Jesus. What does that tell us ? That Notre Dame fans would rather have eleven-hundred dollars than to be at the game cheering their own team on in its “own stadium.” This is the TAKE-AWAY that and Georgia beat them amid the thunderous roar to the approving fans at the game in the stadium cheering The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on.

290-188-4 Notre Dame 1980 through today only # 19 nationally

333-135-5 Georgia Bulldogs 1980 through today # 7 nationally


The most embarrassing part of all of this is not just that we BEAT them with a true freshman QB, nor that our QB was better than their QB and THAT that was the difference in the game although we did and Jake Fromm was the difference but that this highlights the difference between the 2 programs in the modern Era.


The embarrassment for Notre Dame at HOME is that their fans sold our fans THEIR SEATS so that on your TV station we could exhort our team on to the win while you allowed us to absolutely DOMINATE your own stadium.


You brag about your program and say you are the greatest all-time in all of college football but the facts are the facts and your program does NOT MEASURE up and tonight you put that on CENTER STAGE right up front for the entire world to see Notre Dame fans.


You have a sweetheart deal and not just with NBC TV but with the separate status of Notre Dame playing ACC teams but remaining Independent from the ACC.


There is NOT another team with the 3 major TV networks who has a TV deal with one of the 3 major TV networks.  There is Notre Dame and no one else.  And then there is the special status for Notre Dame in the college football play-offs.


Then there is REALITY.


You don’t go to your own God Damn Football Games even Notre Dame fans.


Now do you punks ?


UGA The Georgia Bulldog MOST FAMOUS MASCOT in all of sports is NOT a PET.  He is a FAN – something Notre Dame doesn’t know shit about.



You have been watching NOTRE DAME Football who just BLEW THE GAME with Georgia Bulldogs when NOTRE DAME was supposed to WIN and did NOT at home at Touchdown Jesus and how embarrassing for Notre Dame to see the sea of RED as Georgia INVADED South Bend Indiana and OWNED the place. Notre Dame has a nice defense and solid special teams but their QB is BELOW PAR. All game long all we heard was how Notre Dame ran this play last week against Temple. Georgia REMAINS UNDEFEATED against Notre Dame. Georgia undefeated North of Mason Dixon Line after 1964.

Brandon Wimbush -0- TD passes. Brandon Wimbush threw 39 passes and none for a TD.  That Notre Dame could not run the ball just might be because Georgia is NOT Temple.


We also beat Michigan at Michigan October 2, 1965.



We have a problem on our OL. All of us know that. We have a poster to this blog whose name is variously eggindawg a long-term Internet poster of the same name who uses OTHER HANDLES as well. He says we are JUST FINE on the OL. He says Kirby does know what he is doing on the OL. He says Jim Donnan says what we have been doing and are doing on the OL and what we will be doing on the OL are ALL just exactly CORRECT. We could lose this game TONIGHT at Notre Dame because Kirby STILL IS REPLACING one poor choice of his on the OL with another poor choice of his and STILL NOT OUR HOSSES whom Kirby himself recruited here last year 2016 and this year 2017 but has FAILED TO make our starters despite what Jim Donnan says which is by the way that FRESHMEN OL ALL OVER THE COUNTRY MUST BE PLAYED.

You already had your opinion, asshole. And I pointed-out to that opinion that we KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING ON THE OL, that you are a God Damn LIAR. And that Jim Donnan did NOT say what you said he did but the complete absolute OPPOSITE. And so you whined now about that. By the way eggindawg, we ALL know who you are. I have read your bullshit posts on the Internet for many years eggindawg. Acting like you are someone else now is cute. Real cute. But NOT convincing. Well let’s say no more convincing than Kirby’s OL has been LAST YEAR 2016 or this year 2017 either. Go make excuses for Kirby’s choices on the OL 2016 and now again 2017 all you want dumbass. It only makes you out the village God Damn idiot eggindawg. How’s the security work going eggindawg ?



KIRBY SHAKES UP HIS OL AGREES WITH UGA Thomas Brown. Kirby ADMITS he was WRONG about his choices on the OL Isaiah Wynn (left tackle), Kendall Baker (left guard), Lamont Gaillard (center), Solomon Kindley (right guard) and Andrew Thomas (right tackle). Kendall Baker has been here FOREVER and NEVER has started. So I am second-guessing Kirby ON THAT before Kirby pulls that shit. Kendall Baker has NO BUSINESS starting ahead of the hosses Kirby has recruited here on the OL but STILL is not starting. Also Kirby ADMITS Pat Allen is not his starter anymore either after one game which I said BEFORE HAND was a BIG MISTAKE. So Pat Allen who started at LEFT GUARD despite my statements of how much BULLSHIT that would be and WAS has NOW BEEN DEMOTED AS KIRBY AGREES WITH ME NOW. And Dyshon Sims who started at right guard despite me ALSO STATING WHAT BULLSHIT THAT WAS to Kirby BEFORE HAND – now Kirby AGREES WITH ME ON THAT TOO and has demoted Dyshon Sims AS I GUARANTEED before hand would happen anyway.

So Kirby keeps making mistakes on his OL and is AGAIN this week.  This week it costs us the God Damn Game against Notre Dame.


Yesterday we had a poster tell me I was wrong about these OL and that they are GREAT. Then TODAY Kirby AGREED with me – eggindawg.


“Isaiah Wynn (left tackle), Kendall Baker (left guard), Lamont Gaillard (center), Solomon Kindley (right guard) and Andrew Thomas (right tackle).”  Kirby at practice today.


Hey eggindawg, what say you NOW now that Kirby has AGREED with me and obviously totally DISAGREED with you eggindawg.


I told you so eggindawg.


More to come.



Andrew Hall Dawg Sports is an idiot and always has been. ND asked him how Kirby doing so he replies : 1. CMR should never have been FIRED in the first place 2. Kirby is a Nick Saban look-alike who will not work-out 3. Kirby’s new regime just isn’t working out. NOT A THING ABOUT how Kirby has all these big great OL and refuses to play them 2016 nor again now in 2017. Guys Kirby recruited here. GET THIS NEXT ONE NOW : “Irish haven’t really been relevant as a true football power in decades.” JESUS CHRIST ANDREW HALL – we HAVE ? What a dumb shit to say that as a Georgia Bulldog.








eggindawg : “C’mon UGA Thomas Brown ! Do you you REALLY, REALLY believe he is sitting his best players? All are simply not ready- horrible footwork, conditioning, technique. Listen to Coach Donnan on UGA Sports or from other people who have actually attended practice! They could bulldoze HS/JC competition- but can’t beat those guys you mention. Size is not everything!” Yes I actually believe Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. Are all 3 better than Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker. What Jim Donnan said is NOT that the freshmen should NOT be playing but that they should. You need to clean out your ears eggindawg. Jim Donnan goes on and on about all the OL all over the country who are freshmen and that EXPERIENCE is overrated Jim Donnan says on the OL – that you HAVE TO PLAY FRESHMEN on the OL especially when you have such a HORRIBLE OL as Kirby had last year. So Jim Donnan yes has been watching the OL this Spring and this Fall eggindawg and Jim Donnan says Kirby last year 2016 and this year so far 2017 Spring and Fall has NOT been good on the OL. That Kirby has overrated some players on offense and underrated others and needs to reevaluate that Jim Donnan says to Bill Shanks. Rushing the passer blocking for the run the one deficiency Kirby has demonstrated has been ON THE OL eggindawg. Quit making shit up eggindawg.

What games have you been watching eggindawg ?  What I have personally witnessed in person is that Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker – ARE NOT AS GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYERS AS : Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation.


I have proven on this blog that Kirby does not have a clue about which offensive players are better.


So it is your position that Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation.”All are simply not ready- horrible footwork, conditioning, technique.”


Guess what ?


That is MY OPINION proven watching all these games that that is IN FACT THE TRUTH INSTEAD ABOUT Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker.  That they instead are the ones PROVEN IN THE GAMES TO ME as the ones who are SIMPLY NOT READY.  They have horrible footwork.  Their conditioning is awful.  Their technique is clearly as well poor.  They have proven this to me in games I have personally watched.


THUS MY opinion.


Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker – have NONE of them gotten the job done since they got here.


I have no idea what game you were watching Saturday eggindawg nor in the G-Day Game but I can assure you THEY DID NOT GET THE JOB DONE.


Did you get that ?


I see no reference from you of ANYONE who says : Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation.”All are simply not ready- horrible footwork, conditioning, technique.”


I know what I have seen.  We ALL KNOW what we have seen.  Kirby’s choices on the OL last year 2016 and this year 2017 and every practice both years has proven beyond a shadow of the doubt that Kirby is telling Sam Pittman NOT to play : Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation.  Just as Kirby told Sam Pittman whom not to play last year 2016 on the OL who IN MY OPINION were BETTER PLAYERS LAST YEAR TOO eggindawg than the ones on the OL Kirby bragged about all last year and now brags about all this year as so wonderful who are shit instead.  Shit.  And that Kirby has been and is being PROVEN WRONG ON THIS EVERY SINGLE GAME not only last year of his choices on the OL but most especially this year on the OL too eggindawg.  You believe the bullshit Kirby perpetrates in the press meetings all you want.  I say he is full of shit.  And that Kirby DOES NOT KNOW who the better players on offense are.  Defense yes.  Offense NO. I have us with the SEC Winning team 2017 and Kirby’s choices on his OL last year left Kirby with 5 losses and with only 5 teams in all of America with better talent that we have handed Kirby 2017, he just isn’t playing his best players.  Again.  As he did on offense 2016.  With ALL THIS HELP on his OL, Kirby’s OL sucks 2017.




Kirby really really is sitting his best players on Offense because Kirby does NOT KNOW who they are who are the better Offensive Players WATCHING them both side by side day by day playing.  Kirby lacks that experience to make those decisions on Offense with only 1 year reporting to Mark Richt in 2005 as running backs’ coach for Kirby ever on offense.  And it SHOWS.  He doesn’t know who is the better Offensive Player really really sitting his best players on Offense.  What are you watching – some well-oiled offensive machine of Kirby ?  Or even Kirby listening to those on offense who WOULD KNOW who the better offensive players are ?


Kirby is handed all this talent on offense and is WASTING IT.


Do you hear me this time ?


These yes sir are my opinion.


Really really.


Thank you eggindawg: Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. Should all 3 be playing because Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker – are ALL NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE FOR ALL TO SEE including you eggindawg.





This should be a loss coming-up because Kirby will NOT PLAY Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes but WILL PLAY INSTEAD Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker instead. Kirby got away with that against mid-major NOT AGAINST NOTRE DAME. Kirby is a fool.

You saw what the OL looked like AGAIN Saturday.  Kirby is going to have to just leave.  I am FED UP with Kirby’s BS on the OL last year and again this year with ALL THIS HELP he could be playing instead.


It’s just wrong as it can be.


Give us   –   Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes  – Kirby or move along Kirby.  I have seen MORE THAN ENOUGH of your inability to recognize talent on the offense Kirby.




Kirby said : ” Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker ARE ALL BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYERS THAN Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes. “

Kirby you are so full of shit.  No one will EVER say that but you dumb shit.  I predict a loss to Notre Dame because of this Kirby.



senator BLUTO gtp : “I’m sure it’s tempting for many to declare that we’ve got ourselves a full-blown controversy – if not ready to change starters for good – but I’m not there yet.” I fully expected him to say that because he is – was – and remains a dumbass. TELL ME BLUTO what does it take to convince you ? Dumb Shit.

Some of us God gave the sense to look and see that which is as what it is.  Others are so screwed-up in their biases that they can not see that which is as that which they saw.


What you saw Bluto senator of nothing was that Jake Fromm whom I have extolled the virtues of on this blog for five (5) long years now since when Mark Richt REFUSED to even offer him a scholarship :


(1) hustled to the line of scrimmage

(2) behind a small under-achieving wrong choices on the OL just like Kirby chose wrong OL 2016

(3) quickly got the pass play off

(4) despite the pitiful awful sucky play calls by Jim Chaney same as 2016 again 2017 too

(5) Jim Chaney directed by Kirby to run every first down again 2017 as he did 2016

(6) with the same WR as 2016 out there having Jake Fromm passes bounce off his chest drop to ground in front of him Terry Godwin who has been tentative as a WR since he got here and done NOTHING despite all his talent too now 2017 same as 2016 on that point as well

(7) Luck is what you make in life.  Some have it.  Some don’t.  Mark Richt certainly did NOT and you loved the shit out of him BLUTO.

(8) Jacob Eason has a left knee.  He is NOT STARTING.  I had this injury and STILL had it over a year later.  The doctors told me a sprain is a tear.  “It is a micro-tear.”  He should have never been running that play.   The only reason he did was that he did not want to throw an incomplete to make his completion percentage better.  He’s down.  He’s gone.  By my way of thinking he is NOT COMING BACK against Notre Dame.

(9)  There is no reason for him to even try to come back the following 2 weeks of easy Jake Fromm wins.  The first game to even consider where he is is the vols’ game.

(10) Try to keep up BLUTO.

(11) There is no piss ant controversy BLUTO.

(12) Who gives a shit if it is a change for good or not – we ONLY have one quarterback as ALL THE REST OF US SAW with our OWN EYES.

(13) But I digress as we forget of course that YOU BRAG YOU DO NOT GO TO THE GAMES BLUTO.

(14) Jake Fromm has IT.  He is in a hurry to get us a win and he knows what he is doing to do so.  Is he going to make mistakes ?  Who gives a shit about THAT either BLUTO ?  He is the STARTER vs Notre Dame or did you want to DISCUSS SOMETHING ELSE dumb shit ?

(15) Your QB is JAKE FROMM.  Get over it.  Get the God Damn Picture dumbass from those of us who did go to the game.


This is the SAME BLUTO who offered-up : Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”


Let us know when you get THERE BLUTO, ok ?  Tell me boy would you say you NEVER got over Mark Richt being fired either ?


Sure you would.


You did.


About 5000 times until we ALL threw-up.


Jake Fromm is your God Damn Quarterback BLUTO – what a total dumbass you remain daily.


Jesus Christ BLUTO.








Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. We can go to Notre Dame and beat them without our Starting QB and with our 3 best OL all sitting at home. Hey Kirby you dumbass play Netori Johnson, Isaiah Wilson and D’Marcus Hayes. Jesus Christ Kirby

Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation does not figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.


2018 Kirby you lose 20 STARTERS from this 2017 team.  This might have been your one chance Kirby to have a good team and you give us that bullshit OL that could not do jack shit against a mid-major.


I have news for you Kirby.  Notre Dame is BETTER coached than you are coaching us Kirby.



Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – play them Kirby you dumbass. Ok here is the bullshit Kirby pulled game 1 besides his insistence that Jim Chaney RUN every first down again 2017 like he made him do 2016 and it is NO SURPRISE it is ALL ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE EITHER : Kirby FAILED to play Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes. Kirby brags on Notre Dame’s OL but we have the SAME HOSSES THEY HAVE BUT KIRBY WILL NOT PLAY THEM.

Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes.


I told you Kirby would not let Sam Pittman play them.


Now what Kirby ?


Go LOSE to Notre Dame because you CATEGORICALLY REFUSE TO PLAY our best players on the OL and leave these guys at HOME :


Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes


You’ve got to be kidding me Kirby that you FAILED to play even one snap :


Netori Johnson

Isaiah Wilson

D’Marcus Hayes


after what we did see of your God Damn Sorry Ass Offensive Line again 2017 Kirby just like 2016.


No different Kirby.


And what we saw G-Day Game too.


You tried to keep it a secret Kirby.




You don’t know what you are doing on offense Kirby.


Well you know what you want to do.


Run the ball…


without the personnel IN THE GAME to do so.


So go to Touchdown Jesus Kirby and LOSE.  Go ahead.


I promise you I will FIRE your ass just like I did Mark Richt Kirby.


I guarantee it.


Get these guys in the game Saturday night prime time Kirby Jesus Christ :


Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes.



Notre Dame Brian Kelly says he doesn’t care which QB he faces Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason but that instead what makes Georgia’s offense are instead our 2 running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel – but we don’t play them both together. We send 1 out and then replace him with the other. So defenses can simply focus on the one RB we do have in the game. Also we have 4 capable great running backs Brian Kelly as you are going to learn at Touchdown Jesus. In fact we as well welcome a 5th top RB back from suspension against you as well.

The WR Saturday were particularly nondescript given that tentative Terry Godwin had a pass hit him in the chest and drop to the ground in front of him.




I would rather have the problem we have to have Jake Fromm do this well making every effort to quickly get to the line of scrimmage and get a pass play off than I would to have our starting QB injured and his back-up not get the job done better than he did in his nearly complete quarter of just only 3 and outs looking like shit like our starting QB just did again.


I made excuses for Jacob Eason for last year but this year Jake Fromm came in and did what Jacob Eason did not do against same defense with the same OL and same WR and TE and with the same horrid offensive coordinator hamstrung by Kirby telling him again 2017 to run the ball every first down.



J.R. Reed Defensive Player of the Game everywhere all night long workmanlike job – not flashy – kicked butt. J.R. Reed LED THE TEAM in solo tackles (Tied with Richard LeCounte), LED THE TEAM in forced fumbles, LED THE TEAM in sacks (Tied with Trent Thompson), and LED THE TEAM in yards tackled for a loss. Both late scores with less than 5:42 seconds on the clock in the game at the end came against the 3rd team both directly following INTERCEPTIONS thrown by BRICE RAMSEY who just doesn’t seem to care where he throws the ball to and NEVER HAS. Jake Fromm threw 1 pass directly in bread basket of # 5 Terry Godwin who just stood there and let the ball hit him in the chest and drop to the ground – or Jake Fromm completes 70 % of this passes game 1 coming-in off the bench to bail-out STRUGGLING Jacob Eason. You have to report that Jacob Eason WAS BAD and that the game was OUT OF HAND until Jake Fromm came in and was on a mission to get scores and move us down the field in a hurry.

The OL was horrible to start the game.  If there were adjustments frankly what we saw was that Jake Fromm just wants to get down the field in a hurry.


I don’t have ANY problem with App State scoring twice in the last 5:41 because Kirby played the 3rd team.  I am all in favor of that.  However HOW they got to score twice was that Brice Ramsey threw two (2) interceptions back-to-back resulting in a TD and then resulting in a field goal.


And that is bad.  I looked at Brice Ramsey.  He did not seem to care.  I watched him.


It is after all ALL Brice Ramsey HAS DONE HERE.


D’Andre Swift was magnificent.


Ahkil Crumpton did fine.


Cameron Nizialek was fabulous and when Jacob Eason was doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it was Cameron Nizialek who kept on pushing the ball farther and farther back and then pinning them twice inside the 20 to FLIP THE FIELD and ultimately get us finally a SCORE.


It was a beautiful afternoon.  Perfect.  Then our Offense and Offensive Line could not do anything until they knocked our starting QB out of the game for good and I believe for the next game as well.  You don’t tweak a knee and force him to come back given his performance AGAIN.


Not when…


Jake Fromm got the ball down the field.  Ok so he threw the ball into triple coverage one on 3 but Javon Wims caught the pass and punched it in for the TD.  Are you criticizing that ?  This is what we have NOT BEEN DOING for this stretch of 9 years prior in a row averaging MORE than 4 losses a season.



Jacob Eason is NOT the starting QB for The Georgia Bulldogs and in fact is injured losing his job to the back-up because while he has been in there he has NOT DONE WHAT JAKE FROMM HAS. It would be until the vols’ game before Jacob Eason CAN get back at the earliest in my opinion and I would not rush him back. I expect the doctors to err on the side of the player – unlike what they did with Nick Chubb this time LAST YEAR.

Notre Dame


Mississippi State


These are Jake Fromm Starts.


vols may well be too.


Jacob Eason did not lose his job because he was injured.  Jacob Eason lost his job because what the FANS HAVE SEEN tells us that Jake Fromm is the better college quarterback on the same field with the same defense, same OL, and same Offensive Coordinator.


It’s not the Jake and Jake Show.


It’s Jake Fromm.


Long live the new King.


If you think a sprained knee is not serious think again.  I had one that would not go away for a year.  It is in fact a tear the doctors told me.  It is diagnosed as a sprain.  What is a sprain ? The doctors told me a sprain is a micro-tear or multiple micro-tears.  It’s a complicated joint and Jacob Eason therefore is NOT coming back for Notre Dame if that is what you thought.  I think not for the next 2 after that too.


I am not sure I would say that Jacob Eason is the better Quarterback.  I am sure that I would say that Jake Fromm is the better Quarterback.



Either way I am NOT putting Jacob Eason out there against Notre Dame.




The Jake and Jake Show is going to go on for at least several years.


If you have to have your starting quarterback injured Jake Fromm is a good problem to have.  I have watched the kid 5 years now.  What you see is what I have been seeing.  Jake Fromm has IT.


I told you about his accuracy when Mark Richt refused to offer him a Scholarship.  When he committed to Kirby I told you he NEVER would have committed to Mark Richt.


Notre Dame is a very good team.  Do NOT consider their 4-8 record last year.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am happy to have Jake Fromm take that shot.  Trust me.



We have no quarterback controversy here at Georgia. Jake Fromm came in and got the job done.

Early on Jacob Eason was largely ineffective and overthrew his receivers in a too-predictable offense.  Run Nick Chubb up the middle.  Run up the middle on 2nd down.  Overthrow receiver on 3rd down.  Punt.


And Kirby’s OL could not dominate App State’s DL who was 50 lbs. less across the board.


Then the play of the game JR Reed poked the ball out forcing the fumble and then it became a field position game with Cameron Nizialek punting oh so well and even pinning App State back inside the 20.


Myquon Stout went out of bounds and shoved Jacob Eason a good 8 yards outside the line who picked his way and got his left leg stuck on the sidelines twisting his left knee.


In came Jake Fromm and the crowd went wild as he not overthrew but hit his target as we had seen him do 16 strikes in a row in the Little League World Series.


And hit his target again.


And score.


And score again.


Again score again.


Up 4 TD and a Field Goal he turned the reigns over to Brice Ramsey who is a nice looking kid who just doesn’t ever seem to care where he throws the football.


Taylor Lamb from Calhoun was no match for Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm came to the line of scrimmage on a mission.  He quickly got the plays off and moved the team down the field all night long where Jacob Eason could not.


Bring on Notre Dame.  Are they the


4-8 Notre Dame 2016 season

10-3 Notre Dame 2015 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2014 season

9-4 Notre Dame 2013 season

12-1 Notre Dame 2012 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2011 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2010 season


With all their talent Notre Dame is NOT the 4-8 team Brian Kelly was last year.


59-31 Brian Kelly at Notre Dame.  And that is better than 9-4 but not as good as 9-3 in 8 years this his 8th at helm of Notre Dame.


So Fran Tarkenton got his way and now we’re off to Notre Dame Touchdown Jesus with a true freshman quarterback who looked pretty darn good out there tonight where Jacob Eason did NOT.



2017 SEC Championship Season 6:15 p.m. this evening and the nation gets to watch us kick-off our 2017 SEC Championship on ESPN available even to those with basic cable. So all eyes are on Kirby and his bullshit hidden depth chart to see if Kirby really is playing THESE STARS HE RECRUITED HERE on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS or if he is DRAGGING HIS FEET AGAIN 2017. I read yesterday where Kirby is 1 in 5000 chance of being fired and OF COURSE THAT IS BULLSHIT if Kirby does not play our STARS on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS.

Kirby better get it together. I especially hate losing at home to teams we should be beating and Kirby is :


0-1 vs Vandie

0-1 vs Georgia Tech

0-1 vs Florida

0-1 vs vols

0-1 vs Ole Miss


There are no KIRBY HATERS despite the bullshit blog yesterday to the contrary and there are no KIRBY LOVERS either.  We are ONLY BULLDOG FANS who will root our team on and who will keep-up with our team by watching us play our best players on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS and by having our coaching staff and players tell us that we can have reasonable expectations that we know what we are doing on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS – not just only on Defense.


Kirby can either provide us news on the team so we can follow us and begin winning by playing his best players on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS 2017 or he can move along.


2018 is certain to be a DOWN YEAR with Kirby losing 20 STARTERS after 2017.  He nor we can WAIT until next year.


We will LEAD THE NATION in NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 SEC Championship Season.


Kirby can make hay while he can 2017.


Or piss-off.


2 choices.


Either play our best players on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS and quit with all this bullshit with the God Damn Press Kirby or get the hell out of here for a head coach who will.


We are # 15 in the nation with only 4 teams more talent than Kirby 2017.  We should be higher but everyone is discounting Kirby because he did so poorly 2016 showing-up 7 weeks and 4 days after he said it would be his dream job to COACH HERE.


Mecole Hardman Jr. throw him the God Damn football and have him back on punts and kick-offs

Sony Michel throw him the God Damn football and get him back on punts and kick-offs

Richard Lecounte III get him back there defending when we punt and kick-off

Roquan Smith get him out there on special teams like he will be next year in the NFL

Julian Rochester get him out there on special teams defending when we punt and kick-off

Natrez Patrick get him out there on special teams defending when we punt and kick-off

Javon Wims get him out there on special teams on the hands team

Lorenzo Carter get him out there on special teams every down like he will be in the NFL next year

D’Andre Swift get him back there deep on punts and kick-offs

Deangelo Gibbs get him out there on special teams Kirby too

Jeremiah Holloman throw him the God Damn Football Kirby

Jacob Eason quit with the bullshit about him Kirby and get behind your freaking QB

Jake Fromm redshirt him Kirby if you can unless Jacob Eason is injured no snaps for him – don’t waste his 2017 season when he will play 4 years in college Jacob Eason only plays 3

Jonathan Ledbetter get him out there defending on special teams

Ahkil Crumpton throw him the football Kirby and play him back on special teams

Davin Bellamy play him on special teams like he will be next year in the NFL Kirby

Isaac Nauta make him the featured receiver every down Kirby and play him special teams too

J.R. Reed get him out there on special teams too like his dad did in the NFL Kirby

Dominick Sanders throw him the football on Offense Kirby and get him playing special teams

Nick Chubb don’t give him the ball 40 plays game 1 and ruin him again Kirby

David Marshall get him out there on every special teams play Kirby

Charlie Woerner quit wasting talent on offense & special teams Kirby get him the football

Justin Shaffer get him on the field 2017 Kirby now damn it

Andrew Thomas get him in on every special teams play 2017 too Kirby

Netori Johnson Kirby quit the bullshit and get him on the God Damn Field Kirby

Ben Cleveland we are ALL TIRED of hearing you about him Kirby let’s see him let us decide

D’Marcus Hayes Kirby I just do NOT trust you Kirby to decide on Offensive and Special Teams’ players

Walter Grant play him on special teams too 2017 Kirby

Trenton Thompson play him on special teams like he will do in NFL next year

Isaiah Wilson Kirby WTF are you doing boy play Isaiah Wilson who has 2 years after this year then NFL



I do NOT trust you anymore Kirby to decide on playing guys on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS for you either do NOT have a clue, have no experience at OFFENSE nor SPECIAL TEAMS or think you STILL are on your God Damn Honeymoon.


I can assure you you will get your BOSS fired Kirby if you don’t fix these areas 2017 now, not after the friqin’ season is over Kirby.





DISNEYdawgs.com These are what our expectations are on the eve of the game Prime Time tomorrow night 6:15 p.m. kick-off that Bulldawg Illustrated I’mYourHuckleberry guarantees a COMING-OUT PARTY FOR OUR DEFENSE rather than Appalachian State having a FINE CALHOUN QB and having a FINE NORTH CAROLINA RUNNING BACK.






“Jacob Eason has come along great and he’ll do great things this year.” Jackson Harris Junior Tight End. “I feel like Jacob Eason has grown. He’s pretty much taking the offense by the horns and telling us what to do. He’s become that mature quarterback that we knew he would become. I feel like he’s gotten a lot better this year at commanding the offense.” Terry Godwin now junior WR. “You can tell Jacob Eason is a lot more comfortable and he’s used to the speed of the game. He’s doing very well and you know he’s always been this great player and he’s starting to take it to that next level of leadership. He takes initiative and he is just doing what quarterbacks do. Jacob Eason takes control of the huddle, takes control of the line, and leads the offense in that direction. I feel like it’s kind of constant for anyone the more experience you get the more comfortable you’ll feel and the greater you do every time. So I feel for him it’s just been a growing process just like it has been for anyone else. He’s come along great and he’ll do great things this year.” Jackson Harris now junior TE. Fran Tarkenton would like to play Jake Fromm 2017. I’d like to redshirt him. We don’t have anyone behind him. Jacob Eason is gone after next year – not after this year. And Jake Fromm could be a redshirt freshman and play like Fran Tarkenton wants him to – next year – not this year. We have a bad recruiting class coming-in next year 2018 and lose SO MANY GREAT PLAYERS after this 2017 season. The season kicks-off tomorrow and Kirby just has got to do a LOT better 2017 than Kirby did 2016 I can tell you that. Kirby wants to try to keep all these secrets but there are NO SECRETS for we are The Georgia Bulldogs and we WILL FOLLOW OUR TEAM whether Kirby likes it or NOT. Kirby just does not want us to second-guess him on his Depth Chart on Offense and on Special Teams. But anyone who has read this blog ever even once knows that Kirby just does not make good decisions on Depth Charts on Offense and Special Teams and THAT has been Kirby’s downfall. I guarantee 2017 SEC Championship for Kirby for he has the talent here to do so. If he doesn’t he can MOVE ALONG like I did with Mark Richt. This bullshit of averaging more than 4 losses a season for 9 years coming in to this season is going to come to an end with Kirby or without.

“Jacob Eason has come along great and he’ll do great things this year.”







Paul Fish Fry Johnson has managed to bungle BOTH of his top returning running backs for 2017 and has no quarterback either. Dedrick Mills after being suspended for the opening game last year and then later in the year given a 2-game suspension has fallen into the 3 strikes you’re OUT GTAA mandate. At UGA he would have been GONE last year on the 2nd offense because we consider the first offense the one GT does not consider violation AT ALL. Marcus Marshall who was the starter but with this THUG being ranked ahead of him by Paul Johnson – Marcus Marshall quit and transferred. Now Paul Johnson has NEITHER. “Hopefully he learns from it.” Paul Johnson quote on Dedrick Mills KICKED-OFF by Georgia Tech Athletic Association has transferred to Garden City Community College in Kansas so that he can play this weekend but NOT at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium the most expensive stadium in the world EVER against vols of Tennessee and Butch Jones. He will have 2 years of FBS football left after this 2017 season and then be an NFL Draft Pick but NOT from Georgia Tech since even their easy rules were violated by this THUG. EVERY time Dedrick Mills was suspended for violation of team rules Paul Johnson made him STARTER as soon as he got back. You can’t blame Marcus Marshall but you can BLAME PAUL JOHNSON for all of this because Paul Johnson’s cavalier attitude made it seem to the THUG that he could do whatever he wanted to do. Just last week the THUG said all of his troubles were BEHIND HIM and that he would be GREAT. Well no the reason for the question was that he was ALWAYS a THUG getting preferential treatment by Paul Johnson. FAILING DRUG TESTS is evidence of a crime and Paul Johnson should not have given the THUG preferential treatment with the THUG bragging to us last week that all his troubles were in the past. No they were NOT. And nothing Paul Johnson could do when even Georgia Tech’s easy rules were finally violated 3 times. It would have been 4 times at UGA because we consider the first 10 percent suspensions one game in other words. “He’s a good kid. I don’t think there’s a bad bone in his body. He’s a hard worker. He loves to play football.” Paul Johnson raves about Dedrick Mills AFTER he was kicked-out by NOT PAUL JOHNSON I can assure you of that.

Rated for NFL Draft as the # 14 running back in the nation Dedrick Mills ran a 4.77 in the 40-yard dash at 5′ 10″ and 217 lbs. he was a load – now gone – but he only has a 32 inch vertical jump which is not elite by any stretch nor his speed nor his ranking for NFL Draft Pick at # 14 nationally at running back sure to now go down.  He will NOT be considered a Georgia Tech NFL Draft Pick now.


The THUG got kicked-out of college.


I blame ALL this on Paul Johnson’s actions and words even AFTER Dedrick Mills was kicked-out still bragging on the THUG and still saying he would do ALL HE PAUL JOHNSON can do for the THUG.





bewildered Kirby says Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland ARE NONE OF THEM AS GOOD AS FOOTBALL PLAYERS AS Pat Allen starting left guard, Dyshon Sims as his back-up left guard, Lamont Gaillard starting center with Sean Fogarty his back-up Center, and Kendall Baker Kirby’s back-up at right guard. Here Kirby this is what I have to say about that REVOLTING ability to determine the better football players on OFFENSE Kirby.

Stick it up your God Damn Asshole Kirby Smart you freaking dumbass.


No one will ever say ANY of these guys are better than ANY of these other guys – except for YOU KIRBY.


Dumb Shit.


You are COSTING US GAMES Kirby with you total abject inability to determine who is the better player on OFFENSE again 2017 as you did to us to ruin our 2016 season Kirby.


Kirby : “Y’all are incredible. I’m getting reports during practice and everybody is telling me that Kendall Baker is the starting right guard.  It amazes me where some of this come from. Kendall Baker is in competition with Dyshon Sims, he’s in competition with Solomon Kindley, he’s in competition with Pat Allen, and to be honest with you, those four at guard are really about dead even.  That’s just where it is. I know you all want to know who the starters are but there’s not a starter right now.” Kirby bewildered again 2017 as he was 2016 for whom the better players are on offense.


You are so FOS Kirby if we here we are 3 practices from opening the season and this many of your OL are all the same and none the starter.


If that’s the case then Kirby then start these other guys whom EVERYONE ELSE BESIDES YOU KIRBY says are ALL BETTER than YOUR CHOICES Kirby : Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland.


Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland




Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland – none of these 5 best in the nation are as good as Pat Allen starting left guard, Dyshon Sims as his back-up left guard, Lamont Gaillard starting center with Sean Fogarty his back-up Center, and Kendall Baker.  Bullshit Kirby. Bullshit.

Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker are ALL BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYERS than Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland.


Ask Sam Pittman.


This is just Kirby making THIS STATEMENT 3 days before the season kicks off.


Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker are ALL BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYERS than Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland.




Kirby says Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either. # 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the 2017 OL either. INSTEAD LISTEN TO THIS SHIT NOW THESE GUYS ARE ALL BETTER PLAYERS ACCORDING TO KIRBY. READY FOR THEM ? Pat Allen is Kirby’s starting left guard with Dyshon Sims as his back-up and Lamont Gaillard is Kirby’s starting center with Sean Fogarty his back-up. And Kendall Baker is Kirby’s back-up at right guard SERIOUSLY KIRBY NOW. Come on Kirby. You are full of shit Kirby on your depth chart on offense and on special teams – 2 areas you have proven Kirby that you know jack shit about.



This is the same shit Kirby pulled on his OL last year 2016 which proved a total abomination.  Then all Spring he told us he was going to do this.  And he did.  And Kirby told us how great these guys would be on the OL this year despite the fact that they could not earn a job last year on that horrible OL.  Then at Spring G-Day Game we all saw for ourselves that Kirby just does NOT HAVE A GOD DAMN CLUE who his best players are on OFFENSE nor on SPECIAL TEAMS as Kirby’s OL got the shit kicked out of them in the G-Day Game for all to see.


And for all to prepare to play this 2017 season.  Kirby’s one-shot.  His best shot.  2017.


Then Kirby loses 20 guys who started for him after this 2017 season and 2018 can not therefore be close to as good a team as this 2017 team is.


Kirby says Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either. # 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the 2017 OL either. INSTEAD LISTEN TO THIS SHIT NOW THESE GUYS ARE ALL BETTER PLAYERS ACCORDING TO KIRBY.  READY FOR THEM ?


Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation rides the bench no plans to play him

Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation rides the bench no plans to play him

D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation rides the bench no plans to play him

Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either rides bench no plans to play

Ben Cleveland #  7 consensus OG in the nation might get to play back-up to these other lesser players




The pass was tipped upward by a tentative Terry Godwin. Alistair Penny of DAWN OF THE DAWG only bullshit artists states today : “The interception he threw against Georgia Tech in the 4th quarter cost UGA a rivalry game. What should have been an easy screen pass was thrown straight to a Tech CB.” But what I saw was in person and here is what I saw : The tipped pass tipped upward by tentative Terry Godwin costs us the game on the interception with 3:33 left in the game converted for the winning TD.

The tipped pass tipped upward by tentative Terry Godwin costs us the game on the interception with 3:33 left in the game converted for the winning TD.





The 2 unanswered TD to end the game for Kirby’s offense left Kirby now 0-1 vs. 5 teams FL GT Vandie vols and Ole Miss but Alistair Penny of DAWN OF THE DAWG only bullshit artists blames not Kirby but Jacob Eason whom Kirby categorically refused to practice with the # 1 unit then threw him into the fire anyway stating Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Jacob Eason.


Alistair Penny blames Jacob Eason for the pass tipped upward by tentative Terry Godwin which cost us the game on the interception with 3:33 left in the game converted for the winning TD.


Just because an interception is thrown does NOT mean the QB who threw it is to BLAME.  In this case Alistair Penny you total dumb shit – the pass was tipped upward by a tentative Terry Godwin – who was tentative all year long as a receiver and who cost us many games by his inability as a receiver all of 2016.


Didn’t he Alistair Penny – you God Damn Dumbass.




Oregon State 4-8 lost ? Duh they were 2-10 year before that. And 5-7 the year before that. Did you think Oregon State is ANY good at all ? Well did you punks bragging on Mike Bobo who is 7-6 both years at Colorado State. 7-6 in what is LEFT of the Mountain West Conference. Mike Bobo got Mark Richt FIRED because he was a NO SHOW in the big games losing 18 of 24 games vs the top 15 as Mark Richt’s Offensive Coordinator DESPITE all the TALENT handed to Mike Bobo HERE talent no one wants to go join Mike Bobo with out there. This horrid Oregon State lost 2 fumbles and threw 3 more interceptions.

Don’t tell me how great Mike Bobo was here.  If he were we would not have been the laughing stock of college football losing to unranked teams 12 times with Mike Bobo as our offensive coordinator and barely above 50 % against even just the 84 bowl teams.


7-6 coach 2 years at Colorado State is great because he beat Oregon State who has gone :


4-8 Oregon State 2016

2-10 Oregon State 2015

5-7 Oregon State 2014

0-1 Oregon State 2017

11-26 Oregon State 2014-2017


29 % win percentage after 2013 for Oregon State.


Don’t give me this crap that Mike Bobo is great because he beat Oregon State.


You are so FOS about Mike Bobo and always have been.


You are happy to see Mike Bobo do so well at Colorado State ?


There is NOT one player in America who wants to play for him.


Not one.  He can not recruit his way out of a wet paper bag.


He did not do diddle-e-squat here beating top teams or even NOT LOSING to cupcakes.


And we gave him tons of talent to waste.


Which he did.


Now he beat a team who has a 29 % win percentage after 2013 and you brag on him for being 7-6 two years out there ?







Leo Lewis granted immunity for what he did back when he was the # 1 inside linebacker in the nation as a high school player at Brookhaven Mississippi says he needed the money and took money from a guy who can prove he was NOT WHERE Leo Lewis said he was paid by him ten thousand dollars a booster for Ole Miss but Leo Lewis plays at Mississippi State as one of the top freshmen in The SEC and nation 2016 last year. Ole Miss is going down. Now fix your state flag Mississippi. Good Lord.

Leo Lewis started all 13 games last year at Mississippi State and was the second-leading tackler on the entire team as a freshman including 4 unassisted tackles against Ole Miss and 2 more assisted tackles in their blow-out of Ole Miss who slaughtered Kirby.  Mississippi State was 6-7 but they beat Ole Miss at Ole Miss who was 5-7 but was ahead of Kirby nothing for Kirby 45 for Ole Miss before Brian Herrien finally scored twice late for us.


Speaking of which Kirby you did a sorry job of coaching us last year according to yourself.  And what is this excuse that you practiced the team too hard before losing to Vandie as your excuse for that loss Kirby ?  You lost the game because you handed the ball to Isaiah McKenzie.  That was YOUR CALL Kirby.  You.  You pulled such calls all year long 2016.  Now you are similarly making absurd judgments Kirby 2017 with regard to all this talent we have given you finding only 4 other teams with more talent than you have 2017 here at my alma mater Kirby.  Get our best players out there practicing and playing with our # 1 unit.  You have a week left Kirby and better win The SEC Championship 2017 for 2018 is going to be BAD NEWS for you Kirby losing 20 players after 2017 season all 20 who STARTED for you here Kirby.


Leo Lewis had 4 and a half tackles for a loss including a sack and he had a pass break-up as a freshman last year 2016.


Before attending Mississippi State University Leo Lewis was committed to Ole Miss.


Did you get that ?


Ole Miss has already fired the coaches involved and all of this will be revealed September 11 Monday for public consumption in the NCAA hearing.


Lindsey Miller who is Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather right here will also testify on this.


I have been urging Ole Miss to quit dragging its feet on this NCAA Probation for some time now which they are doing anything but.


There are no winners in any of this.  And Ole Miss is certainly not winning anything now are they ?


Ole Miss does not understand one word about NCAA Probations and has done nothing but make everything worse for themselves in this entire losing effort by Ole Miss.


Ole Miss thinks that they can make a point or two in this NCAA Probation.  They can NOT.  All they have done is to delay what they should have long since admitted thoroughly as I have maintained from the beginning.




George Washington held slaves but is on the dollar bill.  Thomas Jefferson held slaves but is on the two dollar bill.  Ulysses S. Grant Commander and Chief of the Union Army in the War of Northern Aggression held slaves and so too did his wife he also was in charge of.


Andrew Jackson held slaves, was a slave trader and did not free his slaves in his Will even but has been on the twenty dollar bill.


James Madison held slaves and stated that slaves were three-fifths of a person and he also did not free his slaves in his Will even either but has been on the five thousand dollar bill.


Obviously all of this is bad wrong needing correction and restitution.


Folks who support mistreatment of others because of who they think they are should not have that right.  I went into Lester Maddox’s “store” in Underground Atlanta with my sister and stood there giving him all I could muster to his face until he had me removed from his store.


I will NOT stand for it or the lies about it.


The Yankees or Northerners in the War of Northern Aggression are not in the least exonerated in this grievous miscarriage of right and wrong.  It is not at ALL how it is painted now about then.  Now is it ?


Blacks fought for The Rural South in the War of Northern Aggression.


I am very saddened by folks who think they are better than another person because of who they are or who they think the other person is.


Let me make The Message clear that as a team we’re all about fair, for we’re still living in times, and certainly have seen in our lifetimes, that everything has not been and is not fair.

This has been wrong and harbors injustice today still.

We have seen this.

We’re all in this together as a team, and we’re going to see equal.

One is better ?  That is so inherently wrong and intrinsically incorrect.  We’re humbled that we even have to still discuss this in 2017.  We’re in this together.  We wear uniforms and love each other – all of us.  I support all This Message.  I want this abundantly clear, please.

If these folks are not getting The Message, then I want them to.

Unfairness in 2017 is embarrassing to the folks not hearing The Message.

We are together.  We are one.  We are the team.

It is wholly unacceptable that prior, and certainly still in 2017, that there are folks who think themselves a way, and therefore treat others, given that.  We will make The Message to such folks clear to even they even in 2017.  This is what we’re all together on.

Hear me, please.


Look I watched Henry Aaron and cheered him on as a great man who maintained himself in the proper manner a hero to all and I agree with him that someone should give Colin Kaepernick a chance.


We had better treat each other as equals with respect in my lifetime at some point.  You have to be kidding me that one is better than another because of who they are.  That alone should tell you all you need to know about them.  Look around there are plenty of me.


Robert Lee ESPN Announcer can not now do his profession and announce the up-coming college football game because of his name.


Ole Miss is going down.  Now fix your state flag Mississippi.  Good Lord.




“I think the least of the Georgia Bulldogs’ problems is at quarterback. The Bulldogs need to get better at the other 10 positions. I was shocked at the lack of talent that surrounded Jacob Eason last year.” Gary Danielson on the CBS season-opening conference call today. Did you get all that or not ?







Mecole Hardman Junior looks like a man to me. You know what else ? Mecole looks like a very smart and fine young man to me. Mecole is a handsome guy.

One touch all of 2016 and Kirby wonders why Kirby did not live up to Kirby’s own personal expectations of Kirby 2016 ?


For a smart guy Kirby sure is dumb.


It is really being stubborn.  That’s what it is.  He is biased against Freshmen in 2017 like he was in 2016.  Kirby also is a poor evaluator of talent on offense or special teams.


Kirby gave Isaac Nauta 5 starts out of 13 games.




Kirby did not play Brian Herrien when BOTH Sony Michel and Nick Chubb were BOTH INJURED.


Kirby did not play Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes or Solomon Kindley on the OL yet was desperate to do that too.


Kirby barely let Charlie Woerner have a chance at all.


Kirby did not play Elijah Holyfield either.


Kirby did not let Jacob Eason take a single snap with the # 1 offense all Spring or really all Fall either then threw him into the fire anyway.


All of these guys are on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS.



When you get right down to it, yes Kirby has the # 5 best talent in the nation as yet another person reported today – but he does NOT LIKE TO PLAY HIS FRESHMEN – but to criticize their asses instead.


He loves the shit out of that.












Andy Staples Sports Illustrated who calls this the # 1 head coaching job in the nation because Georgia led nation in NFL Draft Picks again last year and because UGA faces the least competition IN-STATE for them (none of those picks played for UGA last year Isaiah McKenzie was from Florida.) picks Georgia Bulldogs to win SEC East the day AP Poll ranked # 15 and # 1 in SEC East as well. In fact Andy Staples says if Kirby does not then Kirby will not go looking for a job but Jim Chaney will.

Then Andy Staples SI put up the graphic of where Nick Chubb had first contact 2016 and it shows that Jim Chaney and Kirby Smart chose as their offensive linemen last year 2016 a line who was completed dominated.  The graphic shows that while LSU’s running back routinely made the 2nd line of defense before even being hit that the vast majority of Nick Chubb’s first contact were in fact near the line of scrimmage.  Kirby meddled in the OL last year and made poor choices with bigger stronger OL on-hand and did not deploy them.  In fact Kirby lied to us that they were doing great on the OL and said the same this Spring.


Then G-Day Game we saw the OL who could not get on the field last year for that lousy OL ahead of them could not block for the run or pass in the G-Day Game for ALL TO SEE.












“It’s the best against the best on special teams 2017.” Kirby press conference today about second scrimmage yesterday.

It most assuredly was NOT the best against the best 2016 Kirby.  You gave Mecole Hardman Junior only one touch all of 2016 season Kirby, which absolutely is not the best against the best.


“Mecole Hardman Junior flashed on several punt returns today.  I believe he’s going to be a good weapon for us back there.”










Mark Richt FIRED for 9 seasons out of 15 winning 10 games at a time when the top teams played 15 games in a season – a particularly average showing with the # 3 talent nationally for # 11 all-time in wins UGA. Today he sends tweet to UGA like someone here misses him. He won 9 games at Miami of Florida losing to teams like Notre Dame who had a 4-8 record itself but BEAT Mark Richt. North Carolina an 8-5 team last year also beat Mark Richt but Kirby beat them.

Thank you for the tweet Mark.  Don’t you think you should be talking-up your own team instead Mark ?


No ?


Never accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer – here we are 2 weeks before the season starts and Mark Richt sends US a tweet about our success 2017 season.