If you have to identify your weakness to become better : What are we doing WRONG Georgia Bulldogs that starting 2009 we are # 17 in Won/Lost Record with average # 7 Recruiting Rankings ? Why are we NOT PLAYING the players ? Are we failing to move players with a logjam at a position to positions of need in order to get our top 50 players on the field every game helping us WIN ? No we are not and have not for 8 years in a row now. Let’s hope year 9 in a row breaks that trend with so many TOP in-coming Freshmen to fill ALL OUR HOLES.



And if we look at every game after 2007 we’re # 18 won/lost record with 37 losses these latest most-recent 9 years now.


# 18 with the # 7 talent and averaging OVER 4 losses for 9 years to put it mildly sucks.





Every practice it has been the same so far on the OL : Right Guard Solomon Kindley. Right Tackle Aulden Bynum. Left Tackle Isaiah Wynn. Left Guard Dyshon Sims. Center Lamont Gaillard. THESE ARE NOT OUR BEST OFFENSIVE LINEMEN. This remains a BIG PROBLEM if Kirby continues to meddle with the OL and keep our BEST OL off the field.

I remain quite concerned that we continue to NOT have our best players out there on the field and practicing with the # 1 unit who are clearly our BEST PLAYERS regardless of their time here in THIS FAILED PROGRAM.  A failed program primarily because of our failed offensive linemen.


Besides those who have STARTED with the # 1 unit all Spring Practices so far :


Right Tackle D’Marcus Hayes

Right Tackle Ben Cleveland who I guess just needs to TRANSFER Kirby ? Is that what you want Kirby ?

Right Guard Sam Madden


Left Tackle Kendall Baker

Left Tackle Michael Barnett


Center Dyshon Sims

Center  Chris Barnes

Center Sean Fogarty


All I can say to THIS revolting turn of events is bullshit Kirby.


Bullshit son.


No coach in America given the talent YOU HAVE here at Georgia would have this crappy assed OL as his # 1 unit.


We have been FAR from a well-oiled machine on the OL.


We need to GET TO THAT.


We aren’t practicing our best players with the # 1 unit.





I will be glad when Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation quits his part-time job writing about us. Now we SHOULD NOT have Spring Practice because someone might get hurt. We’ve NEVER had someone injured in Spring Practice who missed the season as a result. And Chipper Towers LISTS NOT ONE NAME of anyone who he thinks did either. But oh boy. We could get someone injured JUST DOING MEANINGLESS SPRING PRACTICES. This even though Kirby told the twit : “Is Spring Practice going to get them better ?” Kirby asks Chipper Towers and Chipper Towers tells us that Kirby said : “To his point Smart thinks it does.”

So if Kirby thinks Spring Practices DOES get ALL the players better – then where is this story Chip ?


A fill piece from a guy who hasn’t written about The Georgia Bulldogs at ALL in a long time now.


What do you do with all your time Chipper ?


It sure as shit is NOT writing about us.


Spring Practice is VERY IMPORTANT for ALL of our players.


Try to report on what they are ALL doing Chipper.


This is football.


You’re just one of those pussies who NEVER played the game and don’t understand it.


Give up writing about it.




You did.


I remember.


You quit writing about us 4 years ago when you said then that going to the Masters was MORE IMPORTANT to YOU than covering our G-Day Game that day.


Thus you didn’t write a word about the G-Day Game Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.


You’re been replaced by Seth Emerson – the best beat writer The Georgia Bulldogs have EVER had.


You gave up your job as our beat writer to Seth Emerson MANY years ago now Chipper.


Just leave already.


All you do is LIE anyway Chipper.




Why hold Spring Practice ?


Chipper says we shouldn’t.


Kirby says we SHOULD.



We are NOT an Enigma and we are NOT Schizophrenic. We are consistent as hell. We RECRUIT extremely well and have for 9 years. We LOST 34 games the last 8 years yet average the # 7 recruiting rankings. That’s MORE than 4 losses a year. We’re poorly coached. Obviously. We make mistakes COACHING and have for 8 years.

An enigma is a team who is a mystery.  It is no mystery when after 8 years now we’re consistently one of the top teams in recruiting rankings.  It is quite consistent.  It is expected.  It is what we do.  It is consistent.


We just as consistently lose for 8 years now more than 4 games a season.  That is no mystery either.  It is consistency on our part.  It is what is expected of us.  It is after all what we do.


Last year when we had a new coach have to come-in to bail the old coach out because the old coach had just lost it coaching any more everyone tried on that well Mark Richt was just schizophrenic winning some games while losing to other lesser teams whom he should never have lost to.  But that wasn’t the case either.  Because Mark Richt had become quite consistent at losing to 12 teams who were unranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons or at time of game his last 8 years here.


It is what we continue to do.


You can not be schizophrenic or an enigma doing what you always do being consistent while doing the expected.


Just call it like it is with us.


Call it like it is.


We have not used the talent we have and we CONTINUE to do just that.


Therefore for 8 years now we average over 4 losses a year with the average # 7 recruiting ranking while we continue to just blow games consistently against lesser teams.


We’re poorly coached and have been for 8 years now.


Will 2017 be different ?


If so THAT would be schizophrenic and make us then an enigma 2017.



John Kincade of Buck Belue and John Kincade 680 AM the Fan Show said on radio today that Jake Fromm is a Georgia boy and Jacob Eason is NOT. Kincade went on that “the fans want Jake Fromm.”

Look Kincade first Jacob Eason is as much a Georgia boy as anyone ever in the history of histories.  He came here he told us all because he loves the Georgia fans.  He came here despite Mark Richt being fired.  He is an Academic All-America and already has made The SEC Academic Honor Roll for last year Kincade.  The vast majority of the population in this city are ALL folks who came from somewhere else.  We embrace everyone from everywhere here once they get here.


Second Kincade Jake Fromm is NOT the Quarterback of this team.  I have watched him grow-up and have seen him throw 2 dozen strikes in a row but he is not first team.  He has this year and next year with Jacob Eason.  Then after next year Jacob Eason goes to the NFL as a top NFL Draft Pick.


You getting any of this Kincade ?


Just because Buck Belue is out golfing on a day when it was 84 degrees here is not a license for you to spew bullshit without him to counter.


I am sure Buck Belue will dispel your notions Kincade on us as fans not supporting Jacob Eason and how we all prefer Jake Fromm instead because well he is from here.


Where are you from John Kincade ?



Georgia Bulldogs begin Spring Practices today and it will be in the eighties as we embark on a season full of promise 2017.

The trendy pick is for Georgia to Win The SEC East and face-off against Alabama in year 2 of the Kirby rebuilding program.  After 2015 in which Mark Richt was fired Mark Richt lost 22 seniors.  You know ?  The dream team who averaged 4 losses a season for their 6 years here. All 22 seniors Mark Richt’s last year were all 22 starters for us.  So 2016 was destined to be a rebuilding year.  You can see that ever so dramatically that there will not be a Bulldogs’ player in the NFL Draft now.  We have so much youth 10 players who never played for Mark Richt STARTED for Kirby 2016.


The excitement for 2017 begins this morning breaking training to start-off our Spring Practice and then the annual G-Day Game a month from tomorrow 22 April 2017 Saturday.


More than anything we have to fix the offense and special teams this Spring as we welcome some Freshmen redshirted and some not played much last year as Freshmen who join a few of our # 2 ranked Scout.com recruiting class early enrollees.


The bulk of that # 2 ranked recruiting class Scout.com comes in in the Fall and they certainly have brought a huge amount of excitement with 16 of them ranked in the Top 200 of the ESPN RecruitingNation.com Overall 2017 recruits and 15 Signees for us Top 100 Overall in either the 247Sports.com Composite Scout.com or ESPN RecruitingNation.com.


With 3300 signed recruits 2017 by FBS schools you can see we got more than our fair share of the very elite players.


You know ?


The ones who play here 3 years and get drafted.


So there is NO TIME for redshirting or holding back our freshmen this season.


4 True Freshmen Quarterbacks in just The SEC alone 2016 were named STARTERS.


It’s 2017 : You play your best players Freshmen or not.



# 17 RPI Georgia Lady Bulldogs Softball 2017 wins exciting game last night against # 19 RPI Kentucky. Tonight 7 p.m. we are again on SEC Network against Kentucky before going this weekend to Baton Rouge to take on LSU # 13 RPI. 11 of the Top 27 and 10 of the Top 25 RPI 2017 are ALL SEC teams. Lady Diamond Dawgs are # 1 hitting team in the nation team average .391 Comcast channel 792 SEC Network 7 p.m. UGA vs KY



Last season we won our Opening Game in the Women’s College World Series.


This season’s team is even better.


Our Lady Diamond Dawgs are # 16 in both USA Today ESPN Poll and in Coaches’ Poll.


We lead the nation in batting average while Kentucky is a weak hitting team.  We’re batting .391 as a team 2017.