The MYTH of how great the B1G is

The Big 10 B1G is great ?  Really ?


The B1G is aptly-named the Big 10 because they have 4 Ne’er-do-wells in college football of their 14 football playing teams.


The B1G is made-up of 15 teams – 14 in football.  4 of those teams never have been able to play football.  The B1G tried to add a ton of teams to their conference because it is a conference which has ALWAYS been top heavy.  They did NOT add top football teams.  They like it that they can not determine who is their champion.  They like to run-up their records playing NOBODIES.


It is what they do.


The recruits who want to play in the B1G despite the cold want to run-up their stats against weak opponents.


Those recruits DO NOT want to FACE The SEC Defenses.


Before the College Football Play-Off we currently enjoy the Rose Bowl every year pitted the top team of the Pac-10 Pac-12 against the top team from Big 10 B1G.  For 44 years running now the Pac-10 Pac-12 has NOT won the national championship in college football.  Go to their webpages and you read them bragging about winning national championships but NOT COLLEGE FOOTBALL.


1972 was the last time the Pac-10 Pac-12 ever won the college football national championship.


The Rose Bowl therefore was an impediment to college football tradition of TRYING at least to determine the college football national champions.


The B1G took it on the nose EVERY YEAR from the Pac-10 Pac-12 DESPITE the fact that the Pac-10 Pac-12 NEVER won the national championship for 44 years in a row now.


Last season for example the B1G told us all year long how great they were and when it came to the end of the regular season when they finished playing ALL THEIR CUPCAKES we played bowl games and the B1G did not even have a winning bowl record.


CHAMPION of the B1G ?


Penn State LOST to 4-loss should have been 5-loss Pitt.  And Penn State LOST to Michigan who LOST to Iowa a 4-loss should have been 5-loss team AND LOST to Ohio State.  That my friends is the CHAMPION of the B1G this season.


Laugh out loud.


Great conference ?


Not hardly.


B1G Big 10 has won one (1) national championship in football out of the latest 13 years and is NOT going to THIS SEASON EITHER.


The Pac-10 Pac-12 has NONE of the national championships these latest 13 years either and is Guaranteed to NOT WIN THIS SEASON AS WELL.


Why did Penn State get blacklisted by the committee and not included ?  Because besides the utter nonsense of hype of how great the B1G is Penn State lost 2 games already this season including Pittsburgh who should have LOST 5 games this year.


Any other questions why Penn State is NOT a relevant team ?  That is other than THEY are the B1G chumpion ?


Oh.  Let’s look at our won lost records.  This is THEIR lament in the B1G.   I just did that.  Penn State had a bad record this year.  They LOST 2 games including one to should’ve been 5-loss Pitt AND LOST to Michigan who itself LOST 2 games too at the end of the year including to should’ve been 5-loss IOWA and Michigan LOST to Ohio State.


Ohio State nearly lost 5 games this season.


Wisconsin Penn State Northwestern Michigan State and Michigan ALL FIVE (5) gave Ohio State ALL THEY COULD HANDLE.


Ohio State is great ?


Really ?


No they are NOT.  And Ohio State is NOT going to win the national championship this year EITHER for this conference B1G who NEVER wins the national championship.


They ALL run-up their records on CUPCAKES and look like shit doing it.







Good heavens those 4 “College Football Teams” have NEVER been any good at college football and NEVER WILL BE.


No one considers Illinois Rutgers Indiana or Maryland even a college football team.  Why field a team from these 4 ?


That is 4 wins right there.


And Michigan State went 3-9 this season.


That’s 5 wins off-the-top.  Let’s look at your won/lost record you whine to us down here where FOOTBALL IS A RELIGION here in The South where COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS KING and for good reason  ?  You want a piece of us B1G Big 10 ?


No.  You don’t really want us to do that now do you B1G ?


And you certainly don’t want us to look at your bowl record EITHER do you B1G ?


B1G did not even have a winning bowl record last season.  And you hyped the shit out of your stinking conference all year last year too.  How is this year ANY DIFFERENT ?


Michigan who LOST to Iowa a 4-loss should have been 5-loss team AND LOST to Ohio State who LOST to Penn State.


Ohio State nearly lost to Wisconsin Northwestern and Michigan State while they did lose to Penn State and yet even they beat Michigan.


The B1G Big 10 is made-up of 15 schools 14 in football 4 of whom can not even play the game of football.


The B1G had 4 teams 3-9 or worse this latest season now while The Mighty SEC has NO SUCH TEAM.




Who did Indiana beat ?


No one.


Who did Maryland beat ?


No one.


Who did Northwestern beat ?


No one.


Who did Michigan State beat ?


No one.


Who did Rutgers beat ?


No one.


Who did Purdue beat ?


No one.


Who did Illinois beat ?


No one.


Who did Minnesota beat ?


No one.


Who did Nebraska beat ?


No one.


The fact of the matter is that 9 B1G teams beat no one.


So the B1G Big 10 has only 10 bowl teams.  10.  That’s it.


Why have all these “teams” if so many can beat NO ONE ?  Well the answer to that question friends is because the B1G WANTED to ADD nobody teams SO THEY CAN RUN UP THEIR RECORD.


That’s why.


No other reason.


The SEC is twenty percent 20% better than the B1G with 12 bowl teams.


This is because we have more revenue and our schools recruit better and therefore we do better.


There isn’t anyone who cares about the B1G.  No one follows them.  No one watches your games.  You are nobodies running up your record on CUPCAKES and then when that is over and the season is over you lose.


Ohio State and Michigan BOTH have LOSING BOWL RECORDS.


So does Michigan State.


The Big 10 has a LOSING BOWL RECORD.


That’s right.  This conference of pussies has a LOSING BOWL RECORD.


124-146-1 Bowl Record B1G Big 10.


( )


If the B1G is so great why do they ALWAYS LOSE ?


The Mighty SEC is 236-174-9 in Bowl Games.


( )


419 SEC Bowl Games only 271 B1G Big 10 Bowl Games.


The SEC has 20 % more teams in Bowl Games this year and has played in 54 % more bowl games than the B1G Big 10.


The SEC has won 93 % more Bowl Games than the B1G.


This has been going-on FOREVER.  This is STILL going-on THIS YEAR TOO.  There is no difference now than ever before or ever will be.


It is a SIMPLE STATEMENT OF FACT that The SEC is and always has been a better football conference than the Big 10 B1G and the future holds EVEN MORE OF THE SAME including this season.  Who do you think wins more bowl games this season ?  Who do you think wins the NC this season again ?


You know ?




The SEC is not a Johnny-come-lately and the B1G Big 10 has certainly DONE NOTHING to show that they are EVER going to EVEN TRY to compete with The SEC in college football.  The teams added were added solely to make the top-heavy B1G better by giving them MORE wins because the teams added are NO DAMN GOOD.


If the sport of college football is dominated by the teams up North then why are there NO BOWL GAMES up there ?


Because there are NO FANS THERE and because NO ONE WANTS TO GO THERE.


And because all of you UP THERE have all come DOWN HERE.


Atlanta for example is a city of 7 million and we are considered THE college football hotbed.  That’s right.  The players live here and want to live here and we play better football here.  And you know it.


Why is Alabama # 1 ?


Because Alabama beat Southern California 52-6 whom the lousy stinking B1G Big 10 send their champion to play in the Grand Daddy of them all Rose Bowl.


And now we get to play Washington the Pac-12 champion who LOST by TWICE their score at HOME for Washington against this SAME DAMN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.


That’s why.


Last season the B1G did not even have a winning Bowl Record while The SEC went 9-2.

The year before last the B1G again was not better than The SEC in bowl games either.

The year before that The SEC went 7-3 and the Big 10 B1G went 2-5 in bowl games.

The year before that The SEC went 6-3 and the Big 10 B1G went 2-5 in bowl games again.

The year before that The SEC went 6-3 and the Big 10 B1G went 4-6 in bowl games.

The year before that and the year before that year too The SEC better in bowl games than B1G.

The year before that the B1G Big 10 went 1-5 in bowl games while The SEC went 6-2.

We’re back to 2006-2007 now B1G Big 10 went 3-5 in bowl games and The SEC 7-2.

The year before that The SEC went 6-3 in bowl games and the B1G Big 10 went 3-5.

The year before that The SEC was better in bowl games than the B1G Big 10 too.


And now just when we’re about to be named national champions again for the 11th time in 14 years while you’ve won one you again run to the Internet to brag the B1G Big 10 is BETTER than The Mighty SEC again.


You are The SEC’s bitch and hate it B1G Big 10.


The B1G is aptly-named the Big 10 because they have 4 Ne’er-do-wells in college football of their 14 football playing teams.


Is it a SPIN that The SEC is great at college football ?


Chadd Scott says yes The SEC is NOT GREAT at football and says that no SEC team other than Vanderbilt or Kentucky should have lost certain games this SEC season in the fashion they did.  Compared to what conference Chadd Scott ?  The Big 10 B1G ?


( )


Well Chadd Scott of GridIronNow if you are going to put shit on The SEC this season and say that no SEC team not named Vanderbilt or Kentucky should have this game or that game happen to them this season just ended – you might just want to after taking that potshot at Vanderbilt and Kentucky this season to consider what each did – right ?


Vanderbilt beat College Football Play-Off Poll # 21 vols and is 6-6 playing in a bowl game.


Kentucky beat College Football Play-Off Poll # 13 Louisville and is 7-5 playing in a bowl game.


Forget to mention that Chadd Scott GridIronNow ?


Yes you did.


Why ?


Because you think Vanderbilt and Kentucky somehow compare to the 4 B1G teams who were 3-9 or worse ?


No.  You don’t want to DISCUSS the facts.


The SEC is simply a better conference than the B1G.  We don’t have any 3-9 team or worse like the B1G has four (4) of while the B1G has 9 teams who beat NO ONE.


Not only are we set now to distribute two-thirds of a billion dollars in SEC Revenue-Sharing here in about 3 weeks’ time now; but we’ve won by my count 10 National Championships in Football starting 2003 :


The SEC Won the national championship in football :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama


10 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003


Starting 2003 season The SEC WON football national championship 10 times

Big 10 once.

ACC once.

Big XII once.

Pac-12 has NOT won the national championship in football since 1972.


The SEC is DOWN ?  Compared to whom ?  Come on now you can say it SEC is DOWN compared to WHOM ?  All season you have said it is the B1G.  No one wants to reply to that ?  Ok I will.





National Championships




NFL Draft Picks

Recruiting Rankings

Branded merchandise


Top-ranked teams

Super Bowls Played in

Bowl Games


Super Bowls

Media Coverage

Bowl Games Won

Blog Posts

Social Media

Super Bowl MVP Winners


Sports Writers

TV Personalities

Blog Replies

Party Schools

Hottest Student Bodies

TV Coverage

ESPN Employees

TV Revenue

Revenue-Sharing Revenue

College Football

College Football Play-Offs

NFL Draft Picks


Stories on The Mighty SEC

NFL Players

Super Bowls Won

Who won the latest National Championship ?

Oh that is The SEC too.

Who is # 1 this year ?

Oh that too is The SEC ?

Poor little whiny-assed babies, grow-up The SEC is down ?

The SEC in fact is anything but down.

You only dreamed-up this bullshit you call the “Power 5 Conferences” to TRY to make yourselves EQUAL in your wee itty-bitty mind to The Mighty SEC when you KNOW you are nowhere compared to The SEC in ANY measure.  It is The SEC and the NEXT-in-line sucking the hind tit with all the shit all over that tit “Power 4 also-ran conferences” trying wishing hoping praying Christmas Wish you WILL BE this season ALMOST nearly as equal to The SEC – so you BUNDLE us with your utter nonsense conferences chalk full of a LOT WORSE than Vanderbilt and Kentucky WHO BEAT NO ONE and have FAR WORSE WON LOSS RECORDS THIS SEASON TOO than our “worst teams.”




And you won’t be better than The SEC THIS SEASON AGAIN too.  So NOW is the time to brag BEFORE the season is over.


You want to compare your WON/LOST record with our won/lost record when your conferences have 4 teams of 3-9 or worse while we have NONE such in The SEC this season.  You don’t really even care about college football.  You know you don’t.




The rest of all your conferences call your conferences the “Power 5.”


I do NOT.


I do NOT consider the other 4 as ANYTHING but second-fiddle to The SEC and with good damn cause which is well-reasoned and presented herein.

Power 5 Conferences choke-choke cough-cough what a damn laugh

You wish The SEC was down.

We are in fact DOMINATING every single measure of college football.

Aren’t we ?


Most Accomplished Conference in Winning Football

Most Valuable Conference

Most Influential Conference


Thanks for laugh this morning.  I needed that.


Take pot shots at us.


Go ahead.


I relish them.


EVERY year.


This one year especially.


We have 11 of the top college football programs and 3 more that would be in ANY of your stinking conferences.


The SEC is DOWN ?


Or is it a SPIN that the B1G Big 10 is great ?


You tell me ?


If the teams from the other conferences such as the B1G Big 10 Pac-10 Pac-12 ACC and Big XII are evenly matched with The Mighty SEC then why in the hell is The SEC going win the national championship for the eleventh ( 11th) time in 14 years this year ?


You’re not evenly matched with The SEC B1G Big 10  –  you’re The SEC’s bitch and always have been.


And always will be.





All bowl games got their name from the Yale Bowl built in 1913 ten years before the Rose Bowl copied it.  And Georgia took our team name from them too.


I’d like to win our bowl game and remain # 3 all-time in bowl wins here at Georgia # 11 all-time in WINS while we have beat the ever-living shit out of Big 10 B1G teams in Bowl Games 9-2 against the B1G Big 10 all-time in bowl games.


As for the B1G Big 10 is so damn great : Well that myth is completely and fully debunked.


Go find someone else to peddle that shit to.  I am NOT buying it.  It’s a DAMN LIE.


You know what the difference is in a Yankee and Damn Yankee ?


It’s like the difference in a lie and damn lie.  It’s a matter of degree.


The Damn Yankee is the one after the War of Northern Aggression who STAYED DOWN HERE.




I am sick and tired of THE PROCESS personally and want us to put some God Damn Emphasis on WINNING by getting our best 22 on the field instead of making some point to this one or that one and not playing him as much as he should’ve been early enough this season to do something about us WINNING. Send the message we’re only going to have 9 practices that we want them to HAVE FUN and more bullshit from you Kirby about the God Damn PROCESS ? When do we begin TRYING TO WIN Kirby ?

I would have held two (2) hard practices as soon as we were announced as the opponent of TCU in our MOST IMPORTANT BOWL GAME. I would have set the tone for the players that blowing a 13-point lead vs a team who SAID they consider US their # 1 Rival at the end of the last game was UNACCEPTABLE and that the offense defense and special teams MUST get after it and NOW or we stand to be 7-6 this season. That TCU might be a struggling defense but that we’re a STRUGGLING OFFENSE. If I were Kirby this would have been my strategy.


Then I would have held 9 more practices December 14 to December 23 Friday here after the Finals.


Then I would have held 4 more December 26 to December 29 with two to get them refocused Monday the 26th as a two-a-day to send the message THAT THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.


The VERY LAST MESSAGE we should be sending to the players after this debacle in the last game is that our coach is satisfied with 5 national championships as Defensive Coordinator for Alabama and that therefore we will only have 9 of the 15 practices.


God Damn it Kirby.


I am sick and tired of THE PROCESS personally and want us to put some God Damn Emphasis on WINNING by getting our best 22 on the field instead of making some point to this one or that one and not playing him as much as he should’ve been early enough this season to do something about us WINNING. Send the message we’re only going to have 9 practices that we want them to HAVE FUN and more bullshit from you Kirby about the God Damn PROCESS ? When do we begin TRYING TO WIN Kirby ?




Our last game with 6 minutes and 29 seconds we mismanaged a 13-point lead against a team made-up of # 52 average recruiting rankings to our # 7 and LOST.


I’d like to see Kirby TALK ABOUT and WORK ON winning.


Not the process.


The process presupposes that there is something here at Georgia BESIDES WINNING that is important.


That there is some throw-away year we handed to him because he bothered to show-up on January 12 when 7 weeks and 4 days’ prior he told Greg McGarity it would be his “DREAM JOB” to come here and be our coach.


Why didn’t Kirby get the highest 3 rated OL he recruited in the games with the combination of the 3 getting only 1 snap all season ?


Why didn’t Kirby play HEALTHY Brian Herrien instead of BOTH injured Nick Chubb and Sony Michel ?


Why did Kirby wait all of pre-season Spring and Fall Practices and even into the games game 3 before he finally quit practicing Greyson Lambert with the God Damn # 1 Starting Unit ? After game 3 Kirby STILL gave the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit BOTH Monday and Tuesday that week too to Greyson Lambert.


He REDSHIRTED Mecole Hardman Junior or TRIED TO and then had a come to Jesus meeting CALLED by Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma where he finally relented and played him but just on special teams and NEVER on defense or offense and never on special teams except to tackle.


Now as we prepare for the Bowl Game AGAIN Kirby is TALKING ABOUT THE PROCESS – not beating TCU whose coach Gary Patterson turned Vince Dooley down for this job and who has a record against beating teams who take him lightly despite having no defense this season.


We’re struggling on OFFENSE Kirby.




Try to win.


Be the head coach and TALK-UP how BADLY you want to WIN God Damn it Kirby.


We have not won any God Damn National Championships this season Kirby. Who gives a friqin’ shit if you have Kirby at ALABAMA where you seem to have been replaced without skipping a beat.


Or I am seeing something here no one else is ?


I don’t give a shit about growing and looking forward Kirby : I want you to win the God Damn Game against TCU and you have a completely different agenda.


( Jason Butt just now.


We have had ENOUGH FUNNING-AROUND Kirby from you beginning with you telling Greg McGarity November 28 of 2016 that THIS would be your “DREAM JOB” Kirby.




Start with TCU.


Get with the freaking program Kirby.


Instead of standing idly by as you CONTINUE to make these ROOKIE MISTAKES as coach Kirby I TRY to make the POINT to you BEFORE it is too late.


Because I God Damn am going to come in here and criticize you AFTERWARDS if you LOSE to 6-6 TCU.


You’re stubborn Kirby.  You BETTER get with it.


I will FIRE your ass in a God Damn heartbeat.  And don’t think I won’t.



State of our program and my Christmas Wish

We’re a solid football program number 11 all-time in wins and number 3 all-time in bowl wins. We have a state with a city 59 miles away with 7 million people a world-class city made-up of as fine a group of high school football as there is. We have no competition in-state and plenty out-of-state for what is generally considered the number 3 state for recruits. Our fan base is as active and engaged as any in the nation. We haven’t really added-on to our football stadium while others with less going for them have.


We have many blogs.


We have a fantastic university with a ranking of number 51 which goes up every year better and better. To listen to the other school downtown who is number 36 one might get the impression otherwise. U.S. News and World Report ranks us as one of the very best in the nation as a school. Other football programs who are doing well in football do not have our education we offer them here.


Our campus is so beautiful and the belles gracing our campus are hot. We have a lot more ladies than other schools. Our women sports teams are very good as a result.


Our environment is ranked the number one college football town and we enjoy the number one mascot in all of sports as well.


We buy merchandise for our team. Only 5 schools have more merchandise purchased.


Forbes magazine ranks us as the number 2 most revenue from our football program in the nation.


We have the number 5 most NFL Draft Picks of all colleges.


Only ten schools have more Academic All-Americans than we do.


We have been ranked the number one Party School in the nation many times and always are listed at the very top.


Twenty-six different seasons we have won eighty percent of our football games.


We’re good. We’re very good.


Thirty-nine Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Super Bowl Trophy as Champions.


We have four former players who have been named MVP of the NFL Championship Game currently called the Super Bowl Champion MVP.


We have four who have been drafted number one overall in the NFL Draft.


We compete in The SEC and are a Charter Member. We’re one win away from having the second most SEC Championships in football.


The SEC itself is winning ten of the latest thirteen national championships with only three other teams from three different conferences having won one each. We are a lock to win our eleventh in fourteen years now.


Forty-three percent of the Top twenty-one college football teams in wins all-time competed in The SEC.


We have remained the target of envy of all of college football as the preeminent conference in college football.


The SEC remains the most valuable football conference.


Our city of seven million represents the hottest hotbed of college football fans in the world.


We do have six national championships in football. It’s been a long while. We have taken grief over that but what they do not challenge is that we have better talent than having zero All-SEC players this latest season.


We have the lead in college football’s Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.


Our former players are and have been coaches and sports commentators nationally.


Our football program has been ranked the number six most valuable in the nation.


We had ninety-three thousand at our latest G-Day Spring Practice Football Game.


We have had seventeen seasons of zero or one loss.


We are not on NCAA Probation in football like that school downtown Atlanta is today and we have not been for many years.


A new gymnasium seems to be our next project here.


Starting 1990 we have won six games against our number one Rival in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.


Twenty-seven games six wins.


Our recruiting class is shaping-up as maybe number three best nationally for 2017. It’s arguably the most talented group coming-in we’ve ever assembled.


We could use the revenue from playing Florida every other year here to expand our stadium and our home game schedule has suffered with poor opponents for us to watch here in one of the nation’s best venues.


It could not possibly hurt our chances against Florida to play them here every other year.


As long as we play second fiddle to Florida we will not achieve much.


Our new coach could go 8-5 in his first season.


We’re short on talent.


We knew coming-in we were short on talent this season.


Other coaches have done a better job of highlighting their freshmen this year.


We’re a team this year who really did not excel at anything causing us to have lost to teams we shouldn’t have while beating North Carolina and Auburn as our two best wins.


We have a full complement of eight-five scholarship players and stand to lose some to the NFL.


We were slow on the uptake to get our freshmen out there practicing with the number one unit and these guys plus the ones coming-in frankly are our best opportunity to improve ourselves.


My Christmas wish this year is that Kirby does evaluate his best freshmen from this season and the best freshmen coming-in next year and get them out there with the number one unit from our first practice. This is how we can achieve more of our potential. We can’t stand pat with guys who have not stood-out. I know we’d all like to do better.



CB : “For my money the Buckeyes have the better team/resume and the committee did get it right.”


( )



8-5 would look good right now for Kirby. What we’ve done until now we no longer control. We’re 3 and 0 against TCU and while we’re not those other teams those 3 years this year – we get 15 extra practices and get to get to win number 30 in bowl games. Only 2 programs have more wins in bowl games. Win # 30 in Bowl Games UGA would give us .6176 win percentage in Bowl Games and only 3 major teams are better than that too Penn State Southern California and Ole Miss and only 1 of those 3 has more Bowl Wins Southern California. This is VERY IMPORTANT for us and for Kirby to put behind us our struggling ways on Offense and get going offensively.

There is NO NEED for more than 4 teams in college football playoffs again this season as there was NOT last year either.


This bullshit by Bluto this morning that there is shows what he doesn’t know about college football.




( )


We have a REAL NATIONAL CHAMPION again this season as we did last season Bluto you dumbass MF.


Who the F do you want to be playing this year or last who did not or is not ?


Dumb Shit.


Yeah our game is on a Friday at noon ESPN.  62 thousand show-up for the game every year.  We can get Kirby to 8-5.


We beat TCU 37-13 the other 3 times we played them but we were 8-3 and 12-0 and 9-1-1 those previous 3 meetings.  We’re not those teams this year.


It’s our OFFENSE.


That is what we have to work on.


We were 4-4 this season after Florida.  8-5 looks good compared to that.


Let’s beat TCU.


No neither team TCU or UGA had the season this year our fans expected.


It is frankly pretty embarrassing for both coaches but rather than both be 7-6 we can be 8-5.


That’s good.


It’s a lot better than our 6-7 the last time we played in this game and LOST 6-10 to Florida Atlantic whatever that is in Mark Richt’s 2010 season here.


It would also get us to 2-2 in the Liberty Bowl.


The truth of the matter is that I have driven to MANY BOWL GAMES through the years and we travel as well or better than any team and so we our fan base won this bowl for us.


We’re the # 10 of 14 SEC teams 2016 season.


Honestly we didn’t deserve this bowl.  I figured us in the Birmingham Bowl.


We approached Gary Patterson about this job here and he turned us down.


He wants win number 150 there the only place he has coached.


He can go get that next year in the Big XII.


The lone fact about the Big XII is that they play NO DEFENSE.


We certainly do.


TCU is only 15-15-1 in Bowl Games and if we can beat them a 4th time 4 Fridays from now at noon that would give them a LOSING BOWL RECORD.


For a team who throws the ball around which is what Gary Patterson ALWAYS does at TCU they play pretty good special teams but have no defense.


This is not a good match-up for TCU.


I am not saying 8-5 saves any face but it looks good when you’re 4-4 after Florida.


The only item we can control now is to beat TCU.  Go to Memphis.  Eat some Bar-B-Q.  Play Defense.  Defend the pass.  GATA and win bowl game number 30 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Be 8-5.


If you think there is no difference in 8-5 and 7-6 think again.  This is important.


He did not want to compete against these defenses in The SEC.  I want to remind him why.  We have a whole lot more talent.  Let’s show that.