James Coley and Dan Lanning are BOTH new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. No team has EVER done well with both coordinators having to be replaced together in the same first season.

To be sure it has been frustrating how we TRY to run the ball every down but that is KIRBY and that will NOT CHANGE 2019 with James Coley.


To be sure it has been frustrating as well how we try to CONTAIN on defense with Kirby and not press forward but that too is Kirby and that too is not either going to change 2019 with Dan Lanning.


SEC Media days year 4 is going to be a joke with Kirby giving his “answers” for how he is going to finally pass the ball at Georgia 2019 and how he finally going to wreak havoc on defense.  No he is not.  He is not going to pass the football.  And he is not going to wreak havoc on defense.


We have 10 losses in 3 years’ time Kirby era and that is averaging 3.3 losses a year.  I expect the same 2019.




I expect Kirby to make a mockery of the press asking Kirby questions at SEC Media Days.  That too is what Kirby does.






“I think it is what it is. The biggest disadvantage advantage to me is the recruiting aspect. I’ve always said you lose a great opportunity once every other year and you figure in your state you’re going to have a hundred top players. Every four years they’re in high school there’s two opportunities to bring them to a big game to an environment that would be second to none. You lose that opportunity. You don’t get that opportunity at a good chance to recruit prospects and have them on your campus.” Kirby about advantages/disadvantages of playing in JAX EVERY freaking year.


Jarvis Jones of Carver Columbus was injured at Southern California who turned their backs on him 2009. A proud Jarvis Jones joins Kirby’s staff 2019 his promising NFL career now over but not before SEC Defensive Player of the year for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2012 and two-time Consensus All-America and possible College Football Hall of Fame

4.88 speed in the 40-yard dash

30 and 1/2 inch vertical leap

Darcell Kitchens his older brother was murdered outside of a bar in Richland Georgia, on January 9 2005.


Jarvis Jones was diagnosed with spinal stenosis by Southern California football medical staff who would not clear him to play for the team.


So he transferred to Georgia where he was an all-time star breaking David Pollack’s sack record here.


2011 he had 19.5 tackles for a loss for us with 13.5 sacks leading the SEC and 2 forced fumbles and 26 quarterback hurries here for UGA.


2012 he had 24 tackles-for-loss with 14.5 sacks one interception seven forced fumbles and two fumbles recovered.


How great is that ?


Joining our staff 2019 Jarvis Jones is expected to increase our pressure in the backfield a particular WEAKNESS of the team under Kirby whose defense CONTAINS not presses forward.







UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 7 for latest 7 years



Thank you Kirby.  We certainly were NOT going to do this with Mark Richt.  Boy am I glad Mark Richt was FIRED who was forced-out run out of town on a rail by his athletic directors at BOTH UGA and Miami.





Do you want a 50 percent assurance of getting drafted into the NFL here at Alabama or only a 20 percent chance NFL draft at Georgia ? U.S. Women Win. Men drop to Mexico again.

4-star Georgia DT commit shares Nick Saban’s pitch to flip him to Alabama






But listen to the Clemson pitch.  If you come to Clemson 90 miles away you can wait to play any good teams until the play-offs while at Georgia well they haven’t gotten over the hump with Alabama yet in their own conference.  The officials stole our NC game win between Georgia and Alabama.  Clemson was not invited.


The U.S. women beat the Dutch of Holland to win back-to-back FIFA World Cup titles scoring the most goals ever more than Germany and more than U.S. who scored 25 goals prior to this year’s 26 total in France.  France had to hate to see us celebrate in Paris in Women’s football.  Meanwhile the men lost again 1-0 to Mexico.  Kirby to the NFL ?  Oh no don’t say that.  Atlanta United lost their coach to Mexico Gerardo Daniel “Tata” Martino while Jill Ellis is a fine coach who lets her gals get out there and play.




Georgia Tech recruiting has only one 4-star commitment with 16 who are 3-star rating. THAT is not very good at ALL. I thought Geoff Collins was supposed to be out-recruiting Kirby he bragged. That’s BULLSHIT.

Georgia is # 4 in the nation in recruiting and is the ONLY school to finish in the top 3 all 3 of the latest years in recruiting.  With only 14 commitments Kirby has double-digits he can still sign for this year.


A lot of BRAGGING by Geoff Collins to be so far behind Kirby who might end up with 6 who are 5-star recruits again this year.


Good luck on that Georgia Tech with Geoff Collins.


What a joke by Coke.  As for your tweet July 4th Georgia Tech well…


Happy 4th of July





CBS sports.com says Jimbo Fisher is a better coach than Kirby. He has not done as well as Kirby since Kirby became coach and he hasn’t recruited as well either. He also jumped ship changing jobs. 24-13 FSU and Texas A&M during Kirby Era at UGA while Kirby is 32-10. Kirby ALSO out-recruits Jimbo Fisher. CBS Sports still says Jimbo Fisher is the better coach of the 2.




This is WAY TOO MUCH to play Florida in JAX odd numbered years 2023 2025 2027 AND have to go on the road TOO those years and play AT Auburn AT vols AT Georgia Tech. TOO MANY GAMES away from Athens 2023 2025 2027 to play AT Jax too. Incredibly harder with game at JAX 2023 2025 and 2027.

Odd numbered years after 2021 must be played IN ATHENS GEORGIA between Georgia and our # 1 Rival Florida gators.



# 21 NACDA Division 1 All Sports Trophy Directors’ Cup National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Learfield IMG Directors’ Cup standings 2018-2019 which is # 5 in just The SEC. A sad showing by our sports’ teams this year.

UGA Georgia Bulldogs sports have finished in the top 10 ten of the 26 seasons in Directors’ Cup NACDA Division 1 All Sports Trophy Learfield IMG.


# 7 for 1997-1998

# 2 for 1998-1999

# 3 for 2000-2001

# 8 for 2001-2002

# 5 for 2003-2004

# 7 for 2004-2005

# 9 for 2005-2006

# 10 for 2007-2008

# 10 for 2012-2013

# 8 for 2017-2018


So # 21 and # 5 in The SEC is just NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Women’s basketball stands out as culprit again this year

Men’s basketball also was bad

Men’s cross country was of no use

Women’s soccer suffered again too

Women’s volleyball didn’t do a thing either



Florida LSU Kentucky Texas A&M all beat Georgia this year.


Sad indeed.



$176,699,894 in revenue for fiscal year 2017-2018 with 27 million from Magill Society. $180.8 million for 2018-2019 fiscal year including $27 million Magill Society revenue which is actually going up from $ 180 million for this up-coming year now according to Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act.



It’s pretty equal if you look at the comparisons of up to 4 schools.





Steve Spurrier : “I said wait a minute. We take a bus ride over there. It’s in a stadium called the Gator Bowl. It’s on Florida soil. They have to fly down and travel a long way. I said this has to be to our advantage. I understand where Georgia is coming from. The annual game in Jacksonville is like if Florida had to travel to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to play Georgia. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense.”


“I kind of wish we went to Georgia and played at Georgia. I wouldn’t mind it. I ain’t going to lie. It gets lit between the hedges at night. I’ve seen where they light the cell phones up. It gets loud in there. I wouldn’t mind going from our stadium to their stadium every year. We don’t have to go to Jacksonville every year.” Florida gator defensive lineman CeCe Jefferson who had 124 tackles for Florida. From Florida. Went to Florida. Played his last game for Florida in Florida’s last game. This is what he thinks too. You ? Wavering on this yet are you ?


SEC lead all conferences with nine 1st Round NFL Draft Picks and 64 total draft picks to only 39 for the Big ten. Kirby UGA Georgia Bulldogs had 7 picks and only Alabama in The SEC had more with 10.

SEC # 1 conference by far.


NFL Draft # 14 All-Time UGA with 323.


Kirby is not # 14 and will NOT be.






“I would love that if it was a home-and-home. And we go beat them in their stadium. Tennessee is a big rival. I’d say Florida is the biggest rival because I’m from Florida and I think that’s the biggest rivalry.” Deandre Baker Georgia Bulldog 1st Round NFL Draft Pick 2019 who is from Miami Florida as his home.

How can what the players want – what our coach wants – NOT be important to just YOU ?  How do you make up 37 % of our folks who want the game down there in JAX so you can go get DRUNK ?





Kendall Milton listed by Chipper Towers this morning as an UGA Georgia Bulldog in his article largely about Kirby’s recruiting even though it’s Dale McGee recruiting Kendall Milton out in California. We haven’t done well in California. There are teams way ahead of Kirby for Kendall Milton such as Oklahoma Southern California Ohio State even and Alabama whom Kirby just can’t get the win over yet. So why does Chipper Towers list Kendall Milton as UGA Georgia Bulldog ?

It’s a stretch by any measure to list Kendall Milton as Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation has for Georgia.


I do NOT believe it helps our recruiting of Kendall Milton to guarantee as Chipper Towers says this morning that Kendall Milton is our running back.  I mean Kendall Milton has NOT said that Chipper Towers you total repeat dumb shit.







6 of the top 10 states producing recruits are SEC states – the kids want to LIVE here not in frozen tundra states and California and Texas – NOT up North or Midwest. It can be argued that the state of Georgia produces WAY MORE than any state except California and Florida and rivals them and Texas EVERY YEAR NOW.

Kirby has been in the top 3 for 4 years now in recruiting and the reason for this is that the state of Georgia is a hotbed of college football recruiting itself ALSO one of the top 3 or top 4 states for producing top football talent in our high schools here.  That and Atlanta has 7 million residents now.




Kirby # 3 SEC coach 43 years old is 32-10 at .762 winning percentage. # 12 SEC coach is vols Jeremy Pruitt (45) is 5-7 at (.417)

  1. Alabama Nick Saban (67) 141-20 (.881)
  2. FU Dan Mullen (47) 10-3 (.769)
  3. UGA Georgia Bulldogs Kirby Smart (43) 32-10 (.762)
  4. LSU Ed Orgeron (57) 25-9 (.735)
  5. Texas A&M Jimbo Fisher (53) 9-4 (.692)
  6. Auburn Gus Malzahn (53) 53-27 (.663)
  7. Mississippi State Joe Moorhead (45)  8-5 (.615)
  8. South Carolina Will Muschamp (47) 22-17 (.564)
  9. Missouri Barry Odom (42) 19-19 (.500)
  10. Kentucky Mark Stoops (51) 36-39 (.480)
  11. Ole Miss Matt Luke (42) 11-13 (.458)
  12. vols Jeremy Pruitt (45) 5-7 (.417)
  13. Vanderbilt Derek Mason (49) 24-38 (.387)
  14. Arkansas Chad Morris (50) 2-10  (.167)



It’s going to be a BAD YEAR for Dan Mullen.  I would NOT want to be the vols either.




Florida # 31 won/lost record over latest 7-year period. Miami # 32. Auburn # 38. South Carolina # 43. Missouri # 49. Old Miss # 54. Nebraska # 55. Texas # 59. Georgia # 7




Top 8 teams these latest current eight (8) years starts with The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Anyone making such a list KNOWS this fact.




Georgia Tech has had two (2) Braun brothers earn all-acc honors on the OL Parker and Trey Braun. But Parker announced he is leaving to Texas and NOW Kirby went and stole Joshua Braun of Suwannee Florida for 2020 giving us 12 commitments looking very much like a 4th top 3 recruiting ranking 4 years in a row now for 2020 for Kirby.

It seems the new coach is NOT a hit with Joshua Braun or ANY other Braun.  Right ?



“This transfer portal drives me nuts. I’m more about stay and fight. So Justin Fields I don’t get that. I get that Jake Fromm is really good. But I’m the type of person where I never thought about running from competition. I always thought about competing and getting better. So I think it’s kind of a strange situation for this Justin Fields. He is somebody else that doesn’t really have a reason for immediate play and gets a yes. That drives you nuts for the kids. Some people get waivers for immediate play without sitting out a year even. And some people don’t. Luke Ford has family member sick and he can’t play immediately. It just makes absolutely no sense.” David Pollack College Football Hall of Fame calling Justin Fields a GOD DAMN QUITTER. And David Pollack accusing the NCAA of bribes to make Justin Fields eligible and Luke Ford not. The NCAA has coddled Ohio State for many years. It ALWAYS will. It is what the NCAA does. While Ohio State CHEATS. If you think Ohio State did not cheat to get Justin Fields eligible you are a moron. They paid the NCAA money. There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION.


11 of the top 25 ranked 2019 recruiting classes are SEC teams

The SEC has been and is The Number One Football Conference.  We play each other all season long.  This is why the top talent joins The SEC because they want to play the best and then go on to the NFL and do well there too.  Honestly there are players who do not want to play the best players.  They would rather run their stats up playing in easy conferences and well that is NOT The SEC.



Only 37 percent of fans who took part in AJ-C’s poll want the Georgia-Florida game to remain in Jacksonville Florida on an annual basis any longer. 37 %




35% Athens-Gainesville home and home

18% Athens-Gainesville-Atlanta-JAX home and home with Atlanta JAX too
10% Athens-JAX-Gainesville-JAX home then JAX and home then JAX
37% JAX every year leave it as it is even with 8 wins last 30 yrs if we lose 2019
Clearly the fans are listening to their coach and to the players on BOTH TEAMS.
Oh let’s go get drunk in JAX.
That has been a lot of fun.  8 wins in 3 decades and 2 of the 8 wins the last 2 seasons.
Think about it.
Why don’t Florida fans want to play the game in Atlanta the next 100 years an hour away from our campus ?

“The only thing you can do at a neutral site is you could leave tickets to prospects. However you cannot entertain them. All you can do is provide a complimentary ticket left at the window for them. That’s all that’s allowable under NCAA rules. So all we could do is leave tickets at will-call. We haven’t done that because there’s not a benefit to that. We’d all rather entertain our status-athletes on-campus.” Greg McGarity AD UGA Georgia Bulldogs – and former assistant AD at Florida (FU) our # 1 Rival whom we can NEVER have ANY prospect to. And the game is in Florida – the second largest recruiting base in the nation. Can I come to the Florida game ? No.


Texas A&M worth $540m Florida $634m vols $727m LSU $852m Auburn $871m UGA worth $891 million – more than Oklahoma – only 5 programs worth more than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and yes Alabama is one who is worth OVER one billion



Texas and Ohio State are worth more than Alabama however Alabama has been kicking Texas’ and Ohio State’s asses for a LONG TIME NOW.  The SEC has 7 of the top dozen most valuable programs and only Alabama in The SEC is worth more than us.



vols have 8 home games 4 games not at home 2019. The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs with a far prettier stadium on far better campus near 7 million Atlanta residents have 5 games not at home and only 7 home games 2019.

It’s bullshit.  The City of Athens loses OUT EVERY YEAR.  Every year crappy football teams play MORE home games.  Sure Kirby says he LOSES a recruiting visit and note if you will just whom it is we LOSE a recruiting visit against ?  That’s right.  We can NEVER have ANY recruit at ANY game EVER against our # 1 Rival the Florida gators – a team which BRAGS of their record against us.


We have played Florida 30 times now this year since 1990 and have won a grand total of 8 freaking times.




30 games starting 1990 now this season with only 8 wins and 2 of those 8 the last 2 seasons.


Get us the HELL out of that hellhole Jacksonville.


A few fans wanting to get DRUNK is NOT a reason why we should give them a competitive advantage of being about an hour from their Swamp Stadium.  JAX ?  Go to JAX to a stadium which annually hosts the Gator Bowl EVERY YEAR to play our # 1 Rival ?  You are a total dumbass to contradict Kirby on this.


It’s a horrible stadium not in the same ballpark as our Vince Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium.


Who gives a shit since the Great Depression if the game was held there.  We used to play Auburn not at our home EVERY YEAR.  We used to play Georgia Tech every year not at our home either.  The time for THIS BULLSHIT TO END has come and gone.


The best time to get us OUT of JAX is when we are on a roll there.  Like NOW God Damn it.


If we lose to Florida this year down there in Florida an hour away from their campus we will have lost 22 times to our # 1 Rival Florida in the last 30 games 3 decades.  An hour away from our campus is Atlanta.  Let them come up here and play us here for the next 100 years.


Stupid shits saying keep the game there.


Two-thirds of us want us OUT of JAX.


I could give a shit what the other one-third want.


Our coach and our players want us out.


THAT should be ENOUGH for all concerned if you do not have a vested interest such as hospitality industry


It’s 5 and one-half hours away for us.



Georgia Bulldogs are NOT doing well in the Directors’ Cup NACDA Division 1 All Sports Trophy at # 35 and with all our teams KNOCKED-OUT 2018-2019 season final June 12th Learfield IMG college results




Texas A&M



South Carolina


are ALL beating Georgia Bulldogs this year about to be released.


9th place in just The SEC this has been a MOST disappointing year.




Finals released next Wednesday 12th June.


It’s just been awful all year.


When Vince Dooley was our AD we used to consistently come in in the top 10 EVERY year.


Now this…



Top 15 All-Nickname team UGA Georgia Bulldogs

“Champ” Bailey* “Meat Cleaver” Weaver “Boss” Bailey Dr. Robert E. “HappyDicks III Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Blakenship “Buck” Belue “Spike” Jones Vernon “Catfish” Smith Andre “Pulpwood” Smith “Zippy” Morroco “Electron” Jackson  “Amp” Arnold Isaiah  “The Human Joystick” McKenzie “Cowboy” Parrish “Moonpie” Wilson.




LB: Roquan Smith Montezuma Machine


DL: Richard “Le Sack” Tardits


DL: Eddie “Meat Cleaver” Weaver


DL: Greg “Muddy” Waters


DL: Marion “Swamp Fox” Campbell


LB: Dr. Robert E. “HappyDicks III


LB: Nate “Tifton Termite” Taylor


LB: Rodney “Boss” Bailey


DB: Roland “Champ” Bailey


DB: Greg “Black And” Blue




P: John Amos “Spike” Jones


K: Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Blakenship Goggle boy




QB: Ben “Buck” Belue


RB: Herschel


RB: Vernon “Catfish” Smith


RB: Andre “Pulpwood” Smith


RB: Anthony “Zippy” Morroco


RB: Tron “The Electron” Jackson


WR: Lamar “Racehorse” Davis


WR: Anthony “Amp” Arnold


WR: Isaiah McKenzie “The Human Joystick”


C: David “Boss” Andrews


OL: Jimmy “Mount” Harper


OL: Joel “Cowboy” Parrish


OL: Mike “Moonpie” Wilson



4-star Warren Brinson DT IMG Academy Florida tells Florida he will sign with them and states will decide today then picks Kirby instead over offers from Alabama Florida’s Dan Mullen Miami of former Mark Richt (fired there and here by AD there and here) Florida State and Oklahoma.

301 lbs. 4-star Warren Brinson takes Kirby up to # 4 recruiting class 2020 and more importantly gives Kirby 4 of the top DL in the country right where we need them most.



“So we built this rivalry between Mississippi State and Ole Miss. And it became that everything I said must have been some attack on Ole Miss. And everything they said was an attack on Mississippi State.” Dan Mullen thinks HE BUILT RIVALRY between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. That that was NEVER there before Dan Mullen. All I see is that Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD against SEC teams all-time. And that he runs his God Damn Mouth.

Full of shit Dan Mullen with your LOSING RECORD in The SEC.



Georgia Men’s Basketball Number 8 nationally recruiting AND add grad transfer Donnell Gresham Jr. marking then our BEST RECRUITING class 2019 EVER of Rodney Howard the 3-star Center over offers from Georgia Tech and Ole Miss along with 5-star shooting guard Anthony Edwards and 4-star point guard Sahvir Wheeler and 4-star small forward Toumani Camara and 4-star guard Jaykwon Walton and 4-star small forward Christian Brown.

This is VERY encouraging that consistently Tom Crean out-recruited our Rivals for top players nationally.  There is no reason except for our antiquated gym for us to not do this every year.  Tom Crean is married to the sister of Jim Harbaugh Michigan head football coach.  But the facts are that he DID recruit this class.




“Yeah absolutely it costs you a recruiting weekend. You don’t get to have anybody. So our game is held in Jacksonville and we don’t have prospects. That’s not conducive to recruiting – absolutely it’s not. It certainly helps to have more home games.” Kirby Smart on UGA Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville Florida every year. 2019.

There is NOTHING cryptic about ANY of that.  Dumb Shit.


“Kirby Smart gives cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville. ”


“I can see Kirby Smart’s point of every other year you do lose an opportunity for recruiting.  I can see there is one less home recruiting game every other year.”  Dan Mullen Florida’s head coach.


EVERYONE sees it except a dumb shit AJ-C poor sportswriter.


So again…what is cryptic about ANY of this ?




So why have an article AJ-C where some dumbass “sportswriter” says that Kirby Smart gave a cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville.   No he did not.  EVERYONE except the AJ-C “sportswriter” understood Kirby precisely that he is COMPLAINING about the recruiting in JAX not being allowed AND COMPLAINING about losing a HOME GAME every other year too.


THIS BLOG has made this EXACT position completely clear repeatedly from the beginning of time.  It’s WRONG to play in JAX so a fan can go get DRUNK.



D’Andre Swift Nolan Smith Kearis Jackson Zamir White Jermaine Johnson DJ Daniel Clay Webb Travon Walker Nakobe Dean Dominick Blaylock Brian Herrien Richard LeCounte Brenton Cox James Cook Jeremiah Holloman Jake Fromm Demetris Robertson Divaad Wilson JR Reed Quay Walker Eric Stokes Christopher Smith Monty Rice Robert Beal Jr. Azeez Ojulari Channing Tindall David Marshall Tyler Clark Justin Shaffer Trey Hill Solomon Kindley Jamaree Salyer Andrew Thomas Netori Johnson Ben Cleveland Cade Mays D’Marcus Hayes Isaiah Wilson John Fitzpatrick Charlie Woerner Jordan Davis Marshall Long Rodrigo Blankenship

Break Out Stars 2019-2020 season The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs


Our top players for 2019-2020 season.


  1. D’Andre Swift
  2. Nolan Smith
  3. Kearis Jackson
  4. Zamir White
  5. Jermaine Johnson
  6. Channing Tindall
  7. DJ Daniel
  8. Clay Webb
  9. Travon Walker
  10. Nakobe Dean
  11. Dominick Blaylock
  12. Brian Herrien
  13. Richard LeCounte
  14. Brenton Cox
  15. James Cook
  16. Jeremiah Holloman
  17. Jake Fromm
  18. Demetris Robertson
  19. Divaad Wilson
  20. JR Reed
  21. Quay Walker
  22. Eric Stokes
  23. Christopher Smith
  24. Monty Rice
  25. Robert Beal Jr.
  26. Azeez Ojulari
  27. Channing Tindall
  28. David Marshall
  29. Tyler Clark
  30. Justin Shaffer
  31. Trey Hill
  32. Solomon Kindley
  33. Jamaree Salyer
  34. Andrew Thomas
  35. Netori Johnson
  36. Ben Cleveland
  37. Cade Mays
  38. D’Marcus Hayes
  39. Isaiah Wilson
  40. John Fitzpatrick
  41. Charlie Woerner
  42. Jordan Davis
  43. Marshall Long
  44. Rodrigo Blankenship


The best of the best.