Greg McGarity : “People are upset, we’re upset,” said Greg McGarity.

“Greg McGarity’s beach vacation last week didn’t have as much rest and relaxation as the Georgia athletic director would have preferred.”  “Let’s just say it was frequently interrupted,” Greg McGarity said.

“People are upset, we’re upset,” Greg McGarity said, “and we’ve got to work even harder to try to do things that will help us avoid these problems”

“All this is a reflection of my leadership and that’s the part that basically disappoints me,” Greg McGarity said.


No bananas

Would you quit already ?

Every off-season, it’s the same around here.

Everybody circles the wagons with their 15-0 and 14-1 predictions !

Then, reality hits  –  when the writing is on the wall.

We’d all love to see it happen.

Some of us are actually HAPPY about our current state of the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.

Not many of us, mind you.

But a very vocal minority.

The rest of us, Todd Gurley II, Chris Conley, included, would like to see us get back to what we once were, when Mark Richt 1st got here.

That was 14 seasons’ ago, now this season.

We did very well to begin with.

81 % win percentage going into 2005.

67 % win percentage after 2007 # 23 in the nation !

16-13 vs teams ranked top 25 AP or Coaches’ for years 2001-2007.

7-22 since.

7-2 as Visitor at opponent’s house vs teams season ranked AP or Coaches’ through 2006

1-9 since.

Won 2 SEC Championships 2002 and 2005

None since.

Daily we’re in the press for all the wrong reasons.

We’ve had already in 2014 a total of 11 arrests/suspensions.

Won the Fulmer Cup National Championship for the season 4 seasons’ ago now.

Censor posts to make sure we only say how happy we are.

Are we really ?

Alabama 72-9 & 3 NC; 54-26 earns you no bananas.


10 Arrests/Suspensions of UGA Scholarship Recruits just for 2014, so-far :

(1) Josh Harvey-Clemons – suspension Jan 1 for drug violation, his 2nd drug violation resulted in 4-game suspension including January 1 Gator Bowl and the 1st three games of 2014 including Clemson and South Carolina, and then was kicked-off the team February 2014, transferred to Louisville but must sit out entire 2014 season.  Josh Harvey-Clemons’ 1st drug violation in dorm room he admitted doing drugs with Ty Flournoy-Smith who himself had previously been arrested and jailed over filing a False Police Report that his school books at UGA had been stolen when it was determined that he himself had sold the books to a book store, so this was Ty Flournoy-Smith’s 2nd run-in resulting in Mark Richt kicking Ty Flournoy-Smith off the team, transferred to Alabama February 3, 2014.

(2) Sheldon Dawson – suspension Jan 1

(3) Shaq Wiggins – arrested 12 January suspended license failure appear & speeding, transferred to Louisville but must sit out entire 2014 season

(4) Uriah LeMay – 4 counts criminal arrest including cashing check of roommate, transferred to University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Uriah Lemay’s brother Christian LeMay transferred to Jacksonville State along with the transfer for 2014 of Shaquille Fluker to Jacksonville State.

(5) Tray Matthews – took 3 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest, kicked-off team

(6) James DeLoach – took 2 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest

(7) Jonathan Taylor – took 2 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest

(8) Justin Scott-Wesley WR, arrested last October for marijuana possession, Mark Richt announced 25 March 2014 that “We’ll stay with our policies on that” UGA Policy specifying one-game suspension and he’s been injured since so his 1st game back would be suspension vs Clemson.

(9) Jonathon Taylor – arrested felony, aggravated assault/family violence, kicked off team

(10) Davin Bellamy – arrested DUI, speeding, suspended Clemson and South Carolina

1-9 Mark Richt as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons 2007-2013

LOST 38-43 at Auburn 2013

LOST 27-31 at Vanderbilt 2013

LOST 35-38 at Clemson 2013

LOST 7- 35 at South Carolina 2013

LOST 31-49 at Auburn 2010

LOST 12-24 at Mississippi State 2010

LOST 6-17 at South Carolina 2010

*WON 30-24 at Georgie tek 2009* would’ve VACATED win if they beat us too

LOST 10-24 at Okie State 2009

LOST 14-35 at Tennessee vols 2007

1-9 as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons 2007-2013


WON 37-15 at Auburn 2006

LOST 6-24 at Auburn 2004

WON 41-14 at Tennessee vols 2003

LOST 10-17 at LSU 2003

WON 30-0 at Clemson 2003

WON 24-21 at Auburn 2002

WON 27-25 at Alabama 2002

WON 31-17 at Georgie tek 2001

WON 26-24 at Tennessee vols 2001

7-2 as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons 2001-2006


Every game Mark Richt has coached his remaining Scholarship Recruits against a team ranked for the season, in order starting with most recent.

All other AWAY games with Mark Richt as Visiting Coach were against teams NOT RANKED for that season in either the AP Poll or in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.  No skipped games.  What have you been watching ?  Only that which is ALLOWED to be spoon fed to you about our program nowadays by Chuck Dowdle and his cohorts ?


This post is not censored by anyone anywhere anytime for any reason as to allowable content based upon B.S. feel good stories about a program floundering nowadays, not what he did in 2005.  This is 2014.


Why don’t you say something about my Mama ?  That’s all you have as a comeback to the facts, anyway – some damn personal attack, like that is a reply to the facts.  And, you know it and you know I know you know it.  You know and you admit you know that we’re NOT DOING WELL at all, and have not been – which you and I both know too.


Mark Richt – great guy !  Not much of a coach anymore is he ?

Started out 7-2, since 1-9.




Todd Gurley II is just wrong to say that ?

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Todd Gurley II.


I don’t think we do our coaches & players a favor by telling them 15-0, 14-1

I believe we instead need to tell the coaches and players that they need to GATA.

If we were 72-9 and 3 NC current half a dozen seasons as Alabama in fact is, instead of our factual 54-26 only # 23 in Wins, we would still want to tell the coaches and players that we want to return punts and kick-offs better and that we want to stop punt returns and kick-off returns better.  We have issues on the OL replacing 3 Starting OL and the Starting Blocking TE.  We have issues at Fullback, not recruiting enough fullbacks when our offense is designed around the fullback, with the over 200 fullbacks available each season.  The 1 fullback we did recruit in 6 seasons, we moved to TE because of our lack of depth at that position.  We have concerns at Starting Quarterback on deep passes, not floating the passes. We have issues of not running the ball enough, until the game is at hand.  The defensive secondary is weak.  We have too many penalties, too many fumbles and interceptions, and too many 3 and out on offense.  We have not performed well on the road against top teams these most recent seasons.


We did very well to begin with, and have dropped off.


3 unranked seasons 2009, 2010 and 2013.


Our 16-13 vs teams making the top 25 through the 2007 season, dropped off to only 7-22 since.


We’d have to beat too many top teams 2014-2015 up-coming season to be 15-0 or 14-1.


It’d be great if we could.


How has that worked out for us, telling them they could go 15-0 and 14-1 ?


That has motivated the coaches and players to beat the top teams ?


Are we Elite as a Top 10 Team All-Time in Wins ?


Are we Elite now, currently ?


72-9 & 3 NC is Elite these 6 years

54-26 is not by stark contrast.


Can we tell them to GATA instead ?


Does telling them you think they’ll be 15-0 or 14-1 motivate them ?

How has that worked out for us, you telling them they’ll beat # 1 in the play-offs, # 2 Auburn, # 3 in the play-offs, # 4 South Carolina at their house, # 5 Missouri at their house, # 7 Alabama in SEC Championship Game, # 9 Clemson to begin the season and Florida ?


Don’t talk about history, you say, and follow that up with 81 % win percentage going into the 2005 season.


67 % win percentage after 2007 good for # 23 at 54-26 is far more relevant, as is our 7-22 vs teams making the top 25 of either the AP or Coaches’ Polls.


I will be damned if I am going another off-season of bragging on how great they are, as if that alone is allowed.


That’s just censorship.


Every single poll shows that we’ve got to tell the coaches and players to GATA.


Every single poll shows that we’re not doing well.


Every single poll shows that we’ve got a lot of attrition with bad press.


Mark Richt needs to get the remaining 78 Scholarship Recruits of the 118 he signed, with redshirt, to GATA.

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Todd Gurley II.



Every single poll shows that we started out very well, and have dropped-off.


Todd Gurley II is just WRONG to say that ?

# 27 in Wins Latest 4-Years, # 23 Wins Latest 6-Years

1   Oregon                   0.88679     47     6
2   Alabama                  0.86792     46     7
3   Stanford                 0.85185     46     8
4   Louisiana State          0.83019     44     9
5   Boise State              0.82692     43     9
6   Northern Illinois        0.82143     46    10
7   Florida State            0.81818     45    10
8   Oklahoma                 0.81132     43    10
9   South Carolina           0.79245     42    11
10   Oklahoma State           0.78846     41    11
11   Michigan State           0.77778     42    12
12   Ohio State               0.75000     30    10
13   Wisconsin                0.72222     39    15
14t  Clemson                  0.71698     38    15
14t  Central Florida          0.71698     38    15
16t  Notre Dame               0.71154     37    15
16t  Louisville               0.71154     37    15
18   Nebraska                 0.70370     38    16
19   Auburn                   0.69811     37    16
20t  Baylor                   0.69231     36    16
20t  Texas A&M                0.69231     36    16
20t  Kansas State             0.69231     36    16
23   Texas Christian          0.68627     35    16
24   Virginia Tech            0.68519     37    17
25t  Missouri                 0.67308     35    17
25t  Southern Cal             0.67308     35    17
27   Georgia                  0.66667     36    18

# 27 in Won/Lost Current 4-Year Period

Top 10 All-Time in Wins 1-A Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.

# 23 in Won/Lost Current 6-Year Period 54-26 and Clemson beat us.



27 gone from 2014 team are to blame for 54-26 record, # 22 nationally after 2007 ?

22 Losses his current latest 29 games he has played against teams who these seasons have been ranked in the Top 25 of either the AP Poll or the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, after 2007.


54-26 is all he is after 2007 overall, for number 22 in the nation in Won/Lost Record.

78 Signed Scholarship Recruits Remaining of the 118 Signed.


Paul Johnson is to blame for his recruiting and is to blame for him kicking 3 players off his team today, and is to blame for his Won/Lost Record, but Mark Richt is not ?


Mark Richt is given great credit for Signing these recruits here, averaging # 9 recruiting class, but no blame for all these woes ?


That is plain stupid.




ARRESTS/SUSPENSIONS just for 2014, so-far :

(1) Josh Harvey-Clemons – suspension Jan 1 and kicked-off team

(2) Sheldon Dawson – suspension Jan 1

(3) Shaq Wiggins – arrested 12 January suspended license failure appear & speeding, transfer

(4) Uriah LeMay – 4 counts criminal arrest including cashing check of roommate, transfer

(5) Tray Matthews – took 3 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest, kicked-off team

(6) James DeLoach – took 2 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest

(7) Jon Taylor – took 2 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest

(8) Justin Scott-Wesley WR, arrested last October for marijuana possession, Mark Richt announced 25 March 2014 that “We’ll stay with our policies on that” UGA Policy specifying one-game suspension and he’s been injured since so his 1st game back would be suspension vs Clemson.

(9) Jon Taylor – arrested felony, 8th different name # 8, (8), kicked off team


This is not all though, are they ? These 9 arrests/suspensions so far 2014 are part of an ongoing never-ending continuation of ATTRITION, aren’t they ?




(9) Dream Team Nick Marshall kicked off team– Quarterback Auburn 2014

(10) Dream Team Chris Sanders kicked off team– Safety 2014 JUCO transfer to Baylor

(11) Demetre Baker – Linebacker – South Alabama Tailback

(12) Ty Flournoy-Smith – Tight End Alabama 2014

(13) Dream Team Isaiah Crowell kicked off team, Alabama State

(14) Dream Team Sanford Seay kicked off team – Wide Receiver – Louisiana Tech 2014

(15) Zach Mettenberger kicked off team – Quarterback – LSU

(16) Hunter Atkinson – Tight End – just up and quit

(17) Dream Team Christian LeMay – Quarterback – 4th String QB transferred-out, like his brother, neither accomplishing anything but bad news for us. Transferred-out to Jacksonville State January 2014.

(18) Shaquille Fluker – Safety – Transferred-out also to Jacksonville State for 2014 season after recruited here JUCO from East Mississippi Community College but never got a single snap here at UGA.


(19) Paris Bostick – Safety/Linebacker – Transferred-out 2014 to Iowa Western Community College


(20) Brent Benedict – Offensive Tackle 2014 at Virginia Tech


(21) Ken Malcome – Tailback 2014 Southern Illinois


(22) DeAndre Moose Johnson – Defensive Tackle from Newnan Northgate High, medical disqualification

(23) Derek Owens, Cornerback, Alabama State

(24) Jakar Hamilton, Safety, South Carolina State

(25) Lonnie Outlaw – Wide Receiver Georgia Military, failed to Qualify

(26) Dream Team Quintavious Harrow – Safety – Garden City Community College, flunked-out

(27) Gilbert Johnson – Wide Receiver Signed 2014, failed to Qualify


Is Punishment, Discipline, or the result of not training to obey rules ?

Is Punishment Discipline ? Or, is Discipline training to obey the rules ? And Punishment the result of failing to train the recruits to obey the rules ?


Are the Recruits trained to obey the rules by Mark Richt ?  We give great credit to Mark Richt for Signing 118 here who could’ve been playing with Redshirts this season. $ 3,500,000 we pay him and he has 22 Losses his most current latest 29 games he has played against teams who these seasons have been ranked in the Top 25 of either the AP Poll or the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.


Mark Richt just punishes them harshly after he failed to train them to obey the rules.


Does telling the 9 arrests/suspensions 2014 already Mark Richt loves them, send a mixed message in training them to obey the rules ?



Addition by Subtraction ? We do not follow the rules on the field or off because we don’t train them to.


Is this on-going bad press really addition, somehow never explained ?


This is what we shall look at.


Mark Richt has recruited very well, but recently, he has not won.  When you’re the 2nd best recruiting average Mark Richt era and 2nd most NFL Draft Picks Mark Richt era, why have we won 54 and lost 26 after 2007 ?


Mark Richt era 2001-2014 Number Drafted by NFL :




2013…11 ….9 …..8……9….….8…..4………7………0………0
















Mark Richt era Recruiting Rankings 2001-2014 :


























118 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt, who with Redshirt, could’ve been playing for us this 2014-2015 season. Not 1 of the 118 were taken early in the 2014 NFL Draft.


78 Signed Scholarship Recruits Remaining of the 118 Signed with Redshirt. 27 ATTRITION  who could’ve been playing with Redshirt this 2014-2015 season. That’s too many.  The number is 27.


118 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt, who with Redshirt, could’ve been playing for us this 2014-2015 season. Not 1 of the 118 were taken early in the 2014 NFL Draft.  78 Signed Scholarship Recruits Remaining of the 118 Signed with Redshirt.


Let’s us move along to the challenging 2014-2015 season, but let’s not try to fool ourselves that this is some Addition, something positive, some example of Discipline here – because it is not in the least an Example of Discipline, but is the result of the Lack of Discipline that yet more Punishment has been dished-out yet again.


Trained to Obey ? The 118 Signed Scholarship Recruits, with Redshirts, who could’ve been playing 2014-2015 for Mark Richt ? 81 NFL Draft Picks and # 9 Average Recruiting Rank in the Mark Richt era, but heavens, it’s not Mark Richt’s fault that of the 118 he signed to be playing here this 2014-2015 season, with Redshirts, he has remaining now because of too much ATTRITION, but 78.



20 preseason 2014 Polls avg # 12 UGA, high # 3

Georgia Bulldogs rank as high as # 3 in Preseason 2014 Football Polls. Our average rank is # 12 in 20 preseason polls.  USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll comes out a week from Friday on August 1.  The AP Poll comes out August 17 two weeks before we take on # 16 Clemson – we the heavy 9-point pick at home.  The new CFP College Football Playoff Poll comes out 1st after the 8th week, and it the definitive poll for the 2014-2015 Four-Team Play-Offs.

Preseason Polls for The Georgia Bulldogs 2014 :

# 3

# 6

# 8

# 8

# 8

# 9


# 10

# 11

# 11

# 11

# 12

# 13

# 13

# 15

# 17

# 17

# 18

# 19

# 31

Clicking each URL Link, provides you the complete preseason poll according to that publication, where all the other teams are ranked.

On these 20 preseason 2014 polls to-date, The Georgia Bulldogs average rank is # 12.



5 Saturdays from now # 11 UGA # 16 Clemson ESPN GameDay 5:30 p.m.


Georgia is picked by 9 points, a huge spread. Georgia # 11 and Clemson # 18 Athlon, although National has Clemson 11 and UGA # 18. CBS Sports has UGA # 10 and Clemson # 16. ESPN has UGA # 11 and Clemson # 18.

5 Saturdays from now to 1st exciting game of the new season 5:30 p.m. ESPN GameDay, Clemson. Prime Time ‘Tween the Hedges with Clemson missing players in their off-season suspension scandals. Clemson is as close to Athens as any school, and they come here to Georgia to recruit 5 of their best players they count upon most every year now. It is a trend heavily dependent on them playing us and beating us, and a trend therefore we just must end.

Clemson figures if they can win in Athens, that they have an off-week before having to face-off against Florida State, then they have a very soft schedule until they meet South Carolina nearly in December. 3 games is all Clemson has. Obviously, this is a must game for UGA and with the soft schedule of Clemson, they can get back to being ranked after losing to us, then to Florida State to drop out of the polls, and then climb back into the polls on weak ACC cupcakes on won/lost record, before losing to South Carolina. Lose their bowl game, and Clemson goes unranked this season but 5 Saturdays away now.

Clemson does not even play Miami of Florida, Duke or Virginia Tech in the ACC. When you play teams who stuff their entire schedule in a weak conference with nobodies powder-puff cream-filled cupcakes, look-out when they play what they consider their own best games all season. This season they have 3 and of the 3, they think they can beat us.

Clemson lost 5 players on Offense now to the NFL, and 3 from a weak defense last season which ran up its stats vs cupcakes but is much stronger this season, plus their kicker.

Clemson rates to improve on Defense 2014.

2013 Clemson recruited the # 12 ranked class, while UGA is # 9.

2014 UGA signed the # 12 ranked recruiting class, while Clemson this year is outside the Top 25 at # 28.

The 5 best players Clemson just signed to play this year, are all from here in our state of Georgia.

Clemson also signed 5 players from the state of Georgia last year, 2013 – although they not as good as the 5 just signed from here for this year 2014 Signing Class.

Next year, 2015, Clemson is # 5 and UGA # 10 so far for February 2015 Commitments. Included in Clemson’s haul 2015 are already 4 of their allotted 5 best players on their team from the state of Georgia.

You can see how important this serious game is.

Dabo Swinney is discredited for his preposterous name so-named by his 2 year-old brother, although he is a Wide Receiver from Alabama Crimson Tide in 1992. Dabo’s won/lost record over there in the weak 2-team ACC Conference is of no concern to me, and not good anyway at only 69 percent win percentage – although we taunted them at Little Death Valley at the foot of Dabo’s dubbed Tiger-Walk Tradition he started at Clemson.

His staff is not without merit as Jeff Scott is unfortunately widely well-known in these parts for his recruiting prowess, as you can see.

Dan Brooks and Brent Venables on Defense, are also widely regarded coaches on this staff. Defensively, they must take away our running game somehow, and force us to throw. That is what I’d do were I them. We should run the ball only – little else.

Danny Pearman Special Teams’ Coordinator, beat our brains out last year.

This is going to be a tough team to score on. No freebies. Our Offense will have to carry us, as Clemson just does not compare on Offense to our own 2014 – that is assuming we run the ball down their throats.

Clemson is a heavily penalized team with a high-risk offense. South Carolina in game 2 will score more points on us and more on Clemson than we – although Dabo a WR himself has stockpiled WR but weak on RB. I wouldn’t want to be Clemson playing us, therefore.

Clemson, before this 2014 recruiting class # 28, was one of only 10 schools to be ranked in the Top 20 recruiting classes five (5) years in a row now – and, a formidable opponent directly resulting therefrom.

Cole Stoudt, who was not offered a scholarship by any school of merit despite his height, despite his quickness, and despite his obvious speed for man his height will require us to contain him and get them off the field before he can hit his bevy of WR targets. Last season, Clemson beat us in every phase of the game. That will not happen this season, as Clemson has no Offense 2014. Clemson could have a better Special Teams and Defense – they’re not lacking for talent.

Clemson considers us a Big-Time Rivalry.

And then we get South Carolina in Columbia.



Since when did we suffer from lack of talent ?

The state of Georgia finds only California, Texas and Florida have more who go on to the NFL than from here.

UGA is Top 10 All-Time College Football Program in Wins 1-A.

Sanford Stadium is always considered one of the very best venues.

We sign the average # 9 recruiting class Mark Richt era 2001 to-date.

Only the University of Southern California has averaged better recruiting ranking in the Mark Richt era, 2001 to-date.

UGA faces little opposition in our state from Georgie tek, Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University.  Only 3 states produce more high school recruits who go on to the NFL.  They ALL 3 face far tougher in-state competition for that talent.  Don’t they ?

Only the University of Southern California has barely had more Signed Scholarship Football players to there, go on to the NFL in the NFL Draft in the Mark Richt era 2001 to-date, to Mark Richt’s 75 NFL Draft Picks to-date.

Our fans are as engaged as any fan base, any sport.

We sell as many trinkets for our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team as any team in the history of sports.

We have more cash in our Athletic Department than every school in America except for Texas.

We have now over 6 million folks living in Atlanta – alone – as the World’s Largest Single City of College Football Fans, worldwide.

Our viewership and readership of all Bulldogs’ media outlets is surpassed by only a very small handful of schools.

We have the most beautiful campus in a college town anywhere.

We have the single-most best recognized mascot of all sports, UGA.

We have the # 1 Best College Football Player of All-Time in EVERY survey.

How many feet do you go between seeing 1 UGA logo and the next ?  3 inches ?  Every 1 inch ?

No matter where you live, even Sydney New South Wales 10,500 miles from here, you get news’ updates on The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team – even front page sports.

No matter how far away, you can get The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team news and watch the games LIVE.

There is not a better team to follow in all of sports.

We pay our coaching staff as much money as all but 5 other college football teams.

We’re in the Sun Belt.

We’re in the Bible Belt.

We can practice every day of the year.

We have the most expensive roadway system the world over to get us quickly wherever there is something to go see about The Georgia Bulldogs.

Every bowl game wants US to be at their venue.

No school has Won more Different Bowl Games than we.

Only a handful have Won more College Football Bowl Games than we.

We have no off-season as fans either 24 hour 365 days’ a year.

We have more blogs than every other school.

We have better coverage of our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team than all others.

We have a lot of talent, and this particular set of coaches right now, are ALL the top recruiting college football coaches in all of this wide World.

We do NOT suffer from any lack of talent.

Our football players have as many different areas of study they can choose from for their free college education from one of the Very Top Best Universities in the World.

Our Football Players, being of this persuasion, have one of the Top 3 groups of young ladies to engage our desires.

More than half our entire student-body are all beauties, smart, cute, rich, successful, friendly, Southern, eat grits – absolute knock-out dolls.

We are all successful in life and are a bond of fellowship and friendliness in business amongst us all, to further our success in business and in life.

This is God’s Country !

The players from here, want to stay here.

The players from everywhere else, want to be here.

We all stay here.

We aren’t toothless.

We don’t treat dogs in a mean fashion but love Dawgs.

We don’t mistreat any of God’s Creatures, including defenseless trees.

We have MORE Rivals than EVERY COLLEGE.

We have MORE schools who consider US, THEIR, # 1 Rival.

We’re Top 10 All-Time in Wins 1-A, but our only 67 % win percentage after 2007 is only # 23.  Two ways to look at this : First, recruits see lots of opportunity as we’ve not done well, or Second, they see us an unable to beat the top teams often enough.

We have more former players who have Won MVP of the NFL Title Game than all teams.

We’re it !



8 Georgia Bulldogs, picked 4th SEC, make 2014 Pre-Season Media Days’ All-SEC team


RB Todd Gurley II, Georgia (280)

WR Malcolm Mitchell, Georgia (71)

RB Keith Marshall, Georgia (44)
OL John Theus, Georgia (96)

LB Ramik Wilson, Georgia (147)

LB Jordan Jenkins, Georgia (137)
DB Damian Swann, Georgia (127)

DL Ray Drew, Georgia (102)

PK Marshall Morgan, Georgia (224)

(Total points earned in parenthesis)

SEC East

  1. South Carolina (1895)
  2. Georgia (1777)
  3. Florida (1362)
  4. Missouri (1263)
  5. Tennessee (893)
  6. Vanderbilt (619)
  7. Kentucky (395)

SEC West

  1. Alabama (1915)
  2. Auburn (1735)
  3. LSU (1453)
  4. Ole Miss (1069)
  5. Mississippi State (890)
  6. Texas A&M (791)
  7. Arkansas (351)



  1. Alabama (154)
  2. Auburn (75)
  3. South Carolina (32)
  4. Georgia (19)
  5. LSU (9)
  6. Ole Miss (2)
  7. Arkansas, Mississippi State (1)


I say that Mark Richt will under-achieve EVEN WITH ALL THIS TALENT.  This is a 15-game season for the top teams.  Mark Richt will lose 3 or 4 games.  It is what he has done after 2007.  He will be a no-show in the Big Games and will lose to CUPCAKES too like he always does and will NOT play our best players.






8 said doing well # 27 Won/Lost latest 4 years 36-18

# 27 Won/Lost current 4 years, are we doing well ?

No  66.67%  (16 votes)  


Yes  33.33%  (8 votes)  

Here is the problem around here.  Not that twice as many said that we are not doing well at # 27 in Won/Lost Record the most current 4-year period.
But, that eight (8) said we are doing well at # 27 Won/Lost most current 4-year period.


Tell them they great, or tell them get after it ?

There are those who prefer not to hear the truth of where we’re at 36-18 four-year Won/Lost and 54-26 Won/Lost six-year period currently now today.

In fact, so much so, they prefer to say no one can say that.

It’s not being a fan, you see ?

# 27 Won/Lost Record 4-year Period now

# 21 Won/Lost Record 6-year Period now

Oh, don’t say that, Thomas.

You harp on only the negative stats.

Won/Lost is not a stat, but our Record.

Since when is our Record a stat ?

We once when Mark Richt 1st got here, were 16 wins 13 losses vs teams who that season ended-up in either the AP Poll Top 25 or the Coaches’ Poll Top 25 for 2001 through 2007.

Since, we’ve gone 7-22 vs teams ranked for these seasons now.

29 Top 25 teams those years through 2007.

29 Top 25 teams these years since.



2014-2015 to actually accomplish what 9 SEC teams accomplished 16 BCS seasons :

Beat # 1 in the Play-Offs

Beat # 2 Auburn

Beat # 3 in the Play-Offs

Beat # 4 South Carolina as Visitors

Beat # 5 Missouri as Visitors

Beat # 7 Alabama in The SEC CG

Beat # 9 Clemson to begin season.

Beat Florida.

Talk about being # 21 in points scored ?

Talk about being # 17 in yards per game ?

This the best we’ve got to talk about ?

Brag about that ?

And, what ?

Expect us to beat 7 Top 10 teams 2014-2015 ?

How about # 53 in 3rd Down Conversions ?

How about # 65 in Rushing ?

How about missing Senior Starting : QB, 3 OL, and TE ?

Top 10 All-Time Football Program in Wins

# 9 Average Recruiting Class

We’re down to only now 79 remaining of the 118 Scholarship Recruits Mark Richt was given great credit for Signing here, including redshirts to play 2014-2015 season, and not 1 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Player was taken early in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Do we need to GATA ?

Or, have this touchy-feely doing great look at our yards and points ?

Todd Gurley II said he is tired of being mediocre.

Tired of LOSING.

You tell me to look at our yards and points.

Did that.

Where have you gotten us to today with this theory of yours that we should talk about yards and points not our Won/Lost Record 36-18 four years; and where have you gotten us to today at 54-26 six years compared to Alabama 72-9 and 3 NC Faithful ?

It’s not working : your theory brag about points and yards.

Let’s try something else.

Such as Todd Gurley II saying he’s tired of being mediocre and LOSING.


Quit coddling these coaches and players, and GATA all of us.

The 1st step to getting better, is to admit that we are not Elite.

How is 2014-2015 going to be any different from 36-18 and 54-26 ?

It’s NOT.

Because you refuse to admit that we’re any where near being what we should be.

You said brag on yards per game and points scored.

So, I looked it up.

# 21 in points per game

# 17 in yards per game

That’s all you got ?  That’s great ?

We’re great ?

Or, you do not want to hear that we aren’t ?

We’re going to do better 2014-2015 ?

No, we are not.

It’s a 15-game season for the top teams 2014-2015 and we will win 9 games.

If 9 Wins gets us to The SEC Championship Game, we go 9-5.

If not, we go 9-4.

Which is what we’re averaging after 2007 – either 9-5 or 9-4 depending on whether we lose The SEC Championship Game or not.









This 2014-2015 season will be the 9th season in a row we have not won The SEC Championship Game.

The 2nd Half of Mark Richt’s Career here has been POOR.

Is it better to tell them we’re Great, or that they need to do better ?

DawgFaithful  July 15, 2014 at 9:40 am

” I don’t care what we ranked in 3rd down conversions. Look at yards and points scored. ”

5-7 Indiana scored 38.4 points per game

8-5 Boise State scored 37.5 points per game

8-5 Georgia scored 36.7 points per game, good for # 21 nation.

DawgFaithful, sir, what is so great about being 5-7 or 8-5 because you’re # 21 in the nation at points per game ?  I must have missed what’s so bloody great about being # 21 in the nation at points per game at 8-5, or what’s so great about Indiana scoring 38.4 points per game at 5-7 ?

5-7 Indiana had 508.5 yards per game

6-6 San Diego State had 493.3 yards per game

8-5 Georgia had 484.2 yards per game, good for # 17 in the nation.

DawgFaithful, sir, what is so great about being 5-7, 6-6 or 8-5 because you’re # 17 in the nation at yards per game ?  I must have missed what’s so bloody great about being # 17 in the nation at yards per game at 8-5, or what’s so great about San Diego State having 493.3 yards per game at 6-6 ?

You do not care that we’re # 53 on 3rd Down Conversions, sending our Defense right back out there to bail-out our Offense, as long as we’re not ranked in any Top 25 Poll for the season at 8-5 – just look at the # 21 points per game and # 17 yards per game – with us worse than 5-7 and 6-6 teams ?

Now, we’ve lost the :

Senior Starting Quarterback

Senior Starting Tight End

3 Senior Starting Offensive Linemen

from our Great 8-5 # 21 points per game # 17 yards per game team.


And, would have to beat :

# 1 in the play-offs

# 2 Auburn

# 3 in the play-offs

# 4 South Carolina away on road as Visitor

# 5 Missouri away on road as Visitor

# 7 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game

# 9 Clemson to begin the season.


7 of the Top 10 teams we’d have to beat, missing 3 Starters on the OL, the Starting TE and the Starting QB, who went 8-5 and # 53 on Offense in Converting on 3rd Downs, and you think that we’re GREAT BEYOND BELIEF when, in fact :

4 of 14 on 3rd Downs vs Clemson – LOST

4 of 14 on 3rd Downs vs Vandie – LOST

5 of 12 on 3rd Downs vs Mizzou – LOST

6 of 12 on 3rd Downs vs Auburn – LOST

4 of 13 on 3rd Downs vs Nebraska – LOST


23 of 65 on 3rd Downs 35 % on 3rd Down Conversions

losing to Clemson, Vandie, Mizzou, Auburn, and to Nebraska.


But, we’re GREAT BEYOND BELIEF because we had :

26 points and 375 yards vs Mizzou – LOST

27 points and 221 yards vs Vandie – LOST

35 points and 545 yards vs Clemson – LOST

38 points and 532 yards vs Auburn – LOST

19 points and 416 yards vs Nebraska – LOST


29 Points and 321 yards average, losing ALL 5.

37 Points and 484 yards average all games.

8 Fewer Points and 163 Less Yards – and THIS what you want only to talk about ?


What about 35 % on 3rd Down Conversions, losing ALL 5 ?


I want to talk about the negative stats ?


8-5 is not a stat; it’s what is called our Won/Lost Record.


With # 9 Average Recruiting Ranking.

With Senior QB, Senior TE and 3 Senior OL – all gone from 54-26 team latest 6 years now.


# 21 Points Scored 37 UGA, only 29 losing ALL 5

# 17 Yards 484 UGA, only 321 losing ALL 5.


This, you submit is GREAT BEYOND BELIEF !


Nice, son.

Just awesome.


You’re what’s broken about our Top 10 All-Time Football Program in Wins.

Instead, DawgFaithful, sir, you should be saying that we need to run the football more on Offense at # 65 in the nation Rushing Offense, that we need to be better at keeping the ball at # 68 in the nation in Lost Turnovers, and that we should not be relying on our Defense to bail-out our Offense at # 53 in the nation 3rd Down Conversions – sending our Defense right back out there to bail out our Offense.


Woosh !  That’s the sound of our 54-26 latest 6-year period compared to say Alabama at 72-9 while you BRAG about being # 17 in the nation at Yards per Game and # 21 in the nation in Points per Game, never mind it’s 163 less Yards per Game and 8 fewer Points per Game in ALL 5 LOSSES.


According to YOU, DawgFaithful, Todd Gurley II was WRONG to say this, this off-season :

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Todd Gurley II.

Most Recent Season example of our Great Offense ?


# 53 in the nation on Offense Converting 3rd Downs

# 89 in the nation Penalties per Game.

# 72 in the nation Most Fumbles Lost.

# 44 in the nation Sacks Allowed.

# 59 in the nation on Offense, had Passes Intercepted.

# 72 in the nation Time of Possession.

# 102 in the nation Turnover Margin.

# 68 in the nation Turnovers Lost.

# 65 in the nation Rushing Offense.

# 27 in Won/Lost latest 4 years, we doing well ?


I-A Winning Percentage 2010-2013 (4 years)

# 1   0.88679 at 47- 6 Oregon

# 2   0.86792 at 46- 7 Alabama

# 3   0.85185 at  46-8 Stanford

# 4   0.83019 at 44-9 LSU

# 5   0.82692 at 43-9 Boise State

# 6   0.82143 at 46-10 Northern Illinois

# 7    0.81818 at  45-10 FSU

# 8    0.81132 at 43-10 Oklahoma

# 9    0.79245 at  42-11 South Carolina

# 10   0.78846 at 41-11 Oklahoma State

# 11    0.77778 at 42-12 Michigan State

# 12    0.75000 at 30-10 Ohio State

# 13   0.72222 at 39-15 Wisconsin

# 14   0.71698 at 38-15 Clemson

# 15  0.71698 at 38-15 UCF

# 16  0.71154 at 37-15 Louisville

# 17   0.71154 at 37-15 Notre Dame

# 18   0.70370 at 38-16 Nebraska

# 19   0.69811 at 37-16 Auburn

# 20  0.69231 at  36-16 Baylor

# 21   0.69231 at 36-16 Texas A and M

# 22   0.69231 at 36-16 Kansas State

# 23   0.68627 at 35-16 TCU

# 24   0.68519 at 37 -17 Virginia Tech

# 25  0.67308 at 35-17 Missouri

# 26 0.67308 at 35-17 Southern California

# 27   0.66667 at 36-18 Georgia Bulldogs


Top 10 All-Time in Wins, I am asked the question :


SactoSteve asks Thomas Brown

“Just wondering. In what fantasy land is a winning percentage of nearly .700–in any career, let alone “the second half” of a career–considered a failure?”

SactoSteve, sir, first I did not say FAILURE.  That’s your word for our performance most recently.  Second,  it is not nearly a .700 win percentage because it’s .67 which is where it’s been after 2007 here, and third, if it were .700 win percentage, we’d be # 19 for the most recent 4-year period, and not as we in fact are, outside the Top 25.

Here is where Georgie tek is by the way :

# 65   Georgie tek             0.52830     28    25

SactoSteve, sir, if you consider 67 percent win percentage after 2007 an elite team and great when Mark Richt once was 81 percent win percentage going into the 2005 season, you are a fan and part of the problem – not demanding we do better.

Let me ask you this, how do you think Southern California fans feel, also outside the Top 25 at # 26 in won/lost record the current latest 4-year period ?

Mark Richt once 16-13 vs teams ranked for the years the 1st half of his career here, is only 7-22 since – both spans of 29 such games.  If you think this is great for us, I most certainly do not and the rest of the nation with me, sir.

54-26 after 2007, in what fan’s mind is .675 instead nearly .700 ?  Oh, we’re nearly a top 25 team for the latest current 4-year period at # 27  –  Forget the fact that we are a Top 10 All-Time Football Program in Wins.

Just not recently.

All I said, is we aren’t doing well, and you refute that.

28-25 latest 4 years, is Georgie tek underperforming in football ?

7-6 Georgie tek did not beat anyone who made the Top 25 except lone early game when Anthony Boone did not play QB for Duke, who beat no team who made Top 25 either.


# 14 recruiting class 2007, Georgie tek has averaged the # 52 recruiting classes since, and has remained on back-to-back NCAA Probation in Football, including all of 2014, repeat offenders of the NCAA Major Infractions’ Database.


1-12 against our Coach, you’ve just fallen on hard times in recruiting.


Since the most-recent NCAA Probation in Football where you had the ACC make you return the ACC Championship and the NCAA stripped you of your win over Clemson right after we beat you and South Carolina beat Clemson :


6-7 for 2010

8-5 for 2011

7-7 for 2012

7-6 for 2013




You dropped-out of The SEC because you did not want SEC Revenue-Sharing, while The SEC just distributed $ 300 million dollars to member institutions, and now starts-up in just a couple of weeks now, The SEC Network, which will jump this number for 2014-2015 in a huge way.


You’ve lost 7 games in a row to us on your own field, named for a college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and 11 of the last 12 back to 1990 – when The SEC starting playing The SEC Championship Game expanding then to 12 teams.

Georgie tek just announced it is spending $ 73.7 million dollars in its athletics’ department budget for the 2014-2015 budget fiscal year.

Big ACC distribution boost for upcoming Tech budget

You appear to be SPENDING as much as anyone on Football – so where is the disconnect here, please ?




Who is the Best Starting QB of Mark Richt era ?




.83 DJ Shockley win % starting QB 10-2

.81 David Greene win % starting QB 42-10

.80 Matthew Stafford win % starting QB 27-7

.67 Aaron Murray win % starting QB 35-17






52 Starts

2-10 vs. Year Top 10, FL 2012 when threw 3 Interceptions, South Carolina 2013 when Todd Gurley II had a career high number of carries with 30 rushes while Aaron Murray rushed the ball 5 times for minus 12 yards and only completed 17 passes, 22% Win %.

5-15 vs. Year Top 25 for 25 % Win % vs teams made Top 25 these years

0-7 on road vs teams made Top 25 these years, lost every one at opponent’s field, as Visitor

35 Wins Starting Quarterback.

17 Losses Starting Quarterback .67 Win Percentage.

41 interceptions, 98 sacks, 32 Fumbles, 0-2 SEC Championship Games 1-2 bowl games

35-17 as Starting QB, not Top 25 for all 4 years for UGA as our Starting QB


2009 – redshirted because of shoulder injury Fall 2009 leaving Joe Cox to go 8-5

2010 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2011 – not 1st team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP, is 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ & AP

2012 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP

2013 – not 1st team or 2nd team All-SEC Coaches’ or AP


Career – not 1st team or 2nd team All-America by ANY organization ANY year 2010-2013.


6’ and 3/8” tall

Losses to UnRanked Teams Time of Game Aaron Murray :


(1)   10/19/2013 Lost to Vanderbilt UnRanked either AP nor Coaches’ Polls Top 25 Time of Game, 4 of 14 Third Down Conversions, Interception, 16 of 28, 4 rushes for 10 yards total, Zero Touchdown Passes.

(2)   10/12/2013 Lost to Missouri UnRanked Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 2 Interceptions, 4 of 11 on 3rd Down Conversions, 3 of 6 in Touchdowns in the Red Zone, 4 Rushes for 5 yards total, 55 % Completion Percentage, Lost the Fumble that cost us the game.

(3)   10/30/2010 Lost to Florida UnRanked either AP nor Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 4 of 14 Third Down Conversions, 18 of 37, 3 Interceptions, 2 sacks, 9 rushes for 16 yards total, 2 Fumbles.

(4)   10/2/2010 Lost to Colorado UnRanked either AP nor Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 5 of 12 Third Down Conversions, 16 of 27, Interception, 2 sacks, 7 rushes for 13 yards total, Fumble.

(5)   9/25/2010 Lost to Mississippi State UnRanked AP nor Coaches’ Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 7 of 15 Third Down Conversions, 18 of 31, Sack, 7 rushes 32 yards

(6)   12/31/2010 Lost to UCF UnRanked AP Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 3 of 14 Third Down Conversions, 21 of 38, 2 Interceptions, 3 sacks, 12 rushes 4 yards total, number of touchdowns zero, 1 Fumble.


Aaron Murray’s own Performances in these Six (6) games vs teams who were not ranked Time of Game in the specific polls listed, are why we LOST these Six (6) games. This, in addition, to his 0-7 on the road away as Visitor vs Teams Ranked for the year. These are his career totals. Good Luck with that Kansas City 5th Round Draft Pick Aaron Murray.


Combined Totals for Aaron Murray in 6 Losses to Time of Game UnRanked Teams in these specific Polls :


27 of 80 Third Down Conversions

33 percent 3rd Down Conversion sending Defense right back out 2/3 time

9 Interceptions in 6 Losses to teams UnRanked Time of Game

206 Pass Attempts, not counting Sacks which were Pass Plays

114 Completions of 206 Passes

55 percent Pass Completion in 6 Losses to 6 UnRanked Teams

10 Sacks of Aaron Murray in 6 Losses to UnRanked Teams

5 Fumbles by Aaron Murray in 6 Losses to UnRanked Teams

43 rushes by Aaron Murray for 80 yards total

1.9 yards per rush by Aaron Murray on 43 carries in 6 Losses to UnRanked Teams

7 carries game average each of the 6 Losses UnRanked teams

250 plays called his own non-athletic number at line in 6 Losses UnRanked Teams

42 plays game avg called his own number 6 Losses UnRanked teams

Why did we lose these 6 games ? Aaron Murray had a bad day, didn’t he ?



13 Losses to Top 25 Ranked Teams Time of Game Aaron Murray Starting Quarterback :


Here are the 13 games LOST by Aaron Murray to Ranked Teams time of game, with Aaron Murray’s scrambling abilities in the 13 games LOST to Game Time Top 25 Ranked teams: In the Order in Which They Occurred :




Missouri # 25 AP Poll (UnRanked Coaches’’ Poll Top 25), 4 of 11 Third Down Conversions, 4 rushes 5 yards total, Fumble, 2 Sacks, 2 Interceptions. Loss.


Clemson # 8, Aaron Murray 35, eight rushes minus 21 yards, 4 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


Alabama # 2, Aaron Murray 28, four rushes minus 12 yards, 3 sacks, Interception. Loss.


South Carolina # 6, Aaron Murray 7, six rushes minus 17 yards, 2 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


Michigan State # 12, Aaron Murray 30, nine rushes minus 14 yards, 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, fumble. Loss.


LSU # 1, Aaron Murray 10, nine rushes minus 6 yards, 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, fumble. Loss.


South Carolina # 12, Aaron Murray 42, seven rushes 9 yards, 2 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


Boise State # 5, Aaron Murray 21, seven rushes minus 33 yards, 6 sacks, interception. Loss.


UCF whatever that is # 24 Coaches’ Poll Time of Game UnRanked AP Poll Top 25 Time of Game, Lost to UCF UnRanked AP Poll Top 25 Time of Game, 3 of 14 Third Down Conversions, 21 of 38, 2 Interceptions, 3 sacks, 12 rushes 4 yards total, number of touchdowns zero, 1 Fumble. Loss.


Auburn # 2, Aaron Murray 31, seven rushes minus 5 yards, 3 sacks, fumble. Loss.


Arkansas # 12, Aaron Murray 24, fourteen rushes 35 yards, 6 sacks, interception, fumble. Loss.


South Carolina # 24, dropped us out of Top 25 losing this game # 22 prior, Aaron Murray 3 of 11 Third Down Conversions, 3 Sacks, 1 Fumble, 6 Rushes for minus 15 yards total.


Auburn # 7, dropped us out of Top 25 again losing this game # 25 prior, Aaron Murray 9 Rushes 37 yards, 1 interception, 1 Sack, 2 TD passes, 49 passes thrown, 1 Fumble, while Nick Marshall Rushed for 89 yards and was 15-26 passing, Todd Gurley II only given the ball 15 times to Run the ball, while Auburn had 323 yards rushing, we had only 117 and that the difference along with the Nick Marshall pass to win to the game against Aaron Murray throwing it 49 times, again.


Quit, Cease and Desist with the Excuses in his Losses as Aaron Murray’s Performances against Time of Game Top 25 Ranked Teams, speak for themselves. Aaron Murray had poor days himself these 13 games, didn’t he ?


Not even 6 feet and half an inch.


As for dual-threat, at no time did Aaron Murray demonstrate he was a dual-threat QB at UGA.


A back-up QB was not summoned in a game no matter how bad a game Aaron Murray was having, and he had 18 stinkers as our Starting QB. 18 Stinkers, 17 of which he LOST.


Coddled as Starting Quarterback, Aaron Murray started 52 games the same as David Greene Started for us, but David Greene – we say set the NCAA record for Most Wins, and for diminutive Aaron Murray, dual-threat cough, cough, we have a completely different set of criterion. 81 % Win Percentage David Greene 42-10 in 52 Starts, Aaron Murray was by Stark Contrast, only 67 % Win Percentage 35-17. Same number of Starts, both.


Tough as Nails, did better against UnRanked Teams than against ranked teams running up his stats against Cupcakes, against even them, he was not taken out to prepare a Back-Up QB any of the 4 years here. Not 6’ 1” as I stated repeatedly standing beside him able to measure. His struggles in key moments of key games are Legendary, and would have resulted in Steve Spurrier yanking his butt at least 18 different games. At least. Instead,


35-17, fifty-two games .6731 win percentage with # 9 recruiting class around him all 4 years, Top 10 average recruiting class and not even in the Top 25 in Won/Loss Record for the Aaron Murray Era.


Aaron Murray had bad games. A lot of bad games. At least 18 bad games.


Aaron Murray lost to teams he should never have lost to, and Aaron Murray under-performed in the big games in his career. Didn’t he ?


Aaron Murray had a bad case of heebie-jeebies here inconsistently playing  –  yet calling his own number over half the total plays.








32-5 record

65 % completion percentage

96 TD Passes

56 Sacks

27 Interceptions

22 Fumbles




vs Ranked Teams Time of Game :




3-12 record

54 % completion percentage

25 TD Passes

42 Sacks

14 Interceptions

10 Fumbles


35-17, Aaron Murray at the most in-opportune time threw interceptions, fumbled and got sacked.


41 interceptions, 98 sacks, 32 Fumbles


171 Interceptions, Sacks and Fumbles 9 % of his plays – unpropitious moments, badly timed.


Costing us games. I do not see the NFL repeating this mistake.


How can a guy who threw 121 Touchdown Passes, be criticized ?


Because we have had better Quarterbacks than Aaron Murray in just the Mark Richt Era.


Aaron Murray was a ball-hog who was not an athlete. And, for 5 long years, you’ve defended him. I do not think Hutson Mason is as good a quarterback as Aaron Murray. I hope for another 4-year starter, and we shall compare that with Aaron Murray.

Aaron Murray is inconsistent as Hell.

Watching all these Quarterbacks out-perform Aaron Murray in All 17 Losses and in several of our wins.

David Greene 42-10 as our Starting Quarterback for 10 years after that you touted him as the Winningest Starting Quarterback in history, but for Aaron Murray, his 35-17 is somehow irrelevant. B.S. it is beside the point.


.8077 David Greene Starting QB UGA 42-10

.6731 Aaron Murray Starting QB UGA 35-17


7 more losses and 7 fewer wins, you want me to list those 7 he lost for us ?


I just listed 17 he cost us and several others we should have lost with his performances in those games too.

Extraneous is what 96 TD Passes against UnRanked Opponents Time of Game are.

Relevant is his propensity at key moments in key games to fumble, be sacked and throw interceptions.

Joe Tereshinski III is the Only Starting UGA Quarterback in 2 decades to lose to Vanderbilt

Before Aaron Murray.

David Greene did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

DJ Shockley did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

Matthew Stafford did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

Joe Cox, even, did not lose to Vanderbilt as Starting QB.

Aaron Murray threw zero TD Passes against Vanderbilt and LOST.

I am of the Camp, that you call it like it is.

Bad Performance ?

Call them out.

Tell them they need to do better.

When they do better, you Admire their Accomplishments.

Not when they suck.

That’s what that is called, not Fair Weather Fan.

Pollyanna like Chuck Dowdle, WSB, is the only other choice for a fan.

And, which kind of a fan is better for us ?

I ask you, how has this been working-out for us the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, you running in here bragging on the players and coaches, and making excuses ?

Well ?

Which is better for us as a fan ?

Call it like it, and ask them to do better ?

I mean give me a break.


Aaron Murray TOO FREQUENTLY 6 TIMES LOST TO UnRanked teams.



I am not loving-up that performance.

I am calling it like it is.

I praise him, after great games he has.

Too frequently, now, he has turned-in this kind of performance against Vandy.

Hasn’t he ?

One of the benefits of being a fan of a program, is that I do not have to fall in Love with a Coach or a Quarterback.

I can call it like it is, over time.

It’s still my team.

They are still my Coach and QB.

I will make no excuses for any.

Were I to, I would have no credibility.

The facts are the facts, and they are irrefutable.


Signature Wins by Aaron Murray :

2013 LSU # 14, Aaron Murray 4 of 11 Third Down Conversions, 5 rushes 7 yards total, Interception, 20 of 34, frankly Zach Mettenberger better again. Win.


2013 South Carolina # 4, Aaron Murray, two sacks, 5 rushes minus 12 yards total. 6 of 13 Third Down Conversions. Win. Todd Gurley II had 30 rushes for his Career High Number of Rushes vs USCe 2013.


2012 Florida # 9, Aaron Murray, three interceptions, 2 rushes 3 yards total. 1 of 10 Third Down Conversions. Win.


3 Signature Wins Aaron Murray Starting Quarterback combined he was 11 of 34 Third Down Conversions 32 % Third Down Conversions in his 3 Signature Wins.


Wins over Ranked Teams 18 games :  Florida ended-up # 9 in 2012, LSU # 14 in 2013, and South Carolina # 4 in 2013; he also beat # 25 AP Poll Nebraska 2012 who had no business in the Top 25 beating only Northwestern, who beat no one.


His Legacy. Aaron Murray’s Legacy is that after a dismal career against top teams, he beat South Carolina and LSU his redshirt 5th senior year surrounded by horrid losses and terrible personal performances before and after these good games including 0 TD passes against Vanderbilt this season, for example.

Mindboggling that a guy can be this inconsistent.

Inept at the most crucial instant.

171 interceptions, sacks and fumbles.  Good God Almighty !

Dual-Threat QB, my butt : he’s no athlete.


Gutsy all get-out, and smart.


Clutch ?

Oh, my God, he’s Joe Montana.

Aaron Murray against Alabama now 2 years’ ago, looked to the sidelines and asked should he spike it, and then had his pass batted-down at the line of scrimmage as we saw so many times in college for him, and the pass landed in Chris Conley’s hands too far from the sidelines, not intended for him at all. He had 4 rushes for minus 12 yards, 1 TD Pass, 3 sacks and 18 of 33 passing. He knew he should be spiking the ball, and instead questioned himself as he does in such moments, and asked : Do I spike it ? Do I spike it ? Now, in a frantic Do I spike it ?

13,166 Yards Passing.

121 Touchdown Passes.

921 Pass Completions.

1,478 Pass Attempts.

62 % Pass Completion Percentage.

0 Tackles

1,875 Total Passes, Catches, Rushes, Total Plays by Player.

295 Made 3rd Down Conversions.

688 Opportunities 3rd Downs on Offense.

42 % for 3rd Down Conversion Percentage.

16 Touchdowns Rushing.

137 Passing Plus Rushing Touchdowns.

1 Passes Caught.

– 3.0 Yards Catching Passes.

0 College Football Hall of Fame – ineligible – no Major 1st Team All-America.

Graduated 3.3 Grade Point Average .58 worse than my own as walk-on at UGA.

No Suspensions

No Arrests

No Start Missed until Georgie tek 11/30/2013 & Nebraska.

Bowl Games Won 1.

Bowl Games Lost 2.

Lost to 6 UnRanked Cupcakes.

0 Passes Thrown in the NFL.

7 Number of Quarterbacks Taken NFL Draft before he is taken.

0 SEC Championships.

0 National Championships.

0 All-SEC 1st Team.


.40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3

.50 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 1-1

.61 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 8-5

.67 Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2


0 All-America 1st Team nor 2nd Team All-America.


396 Yards Rushing.

286 Rushing Attempts.

1.3 Yards Per Rush.


41 Interceptions

32 Fumbles

98 Sacks

171 Interceptions, Sacks, Fumbles.

9 % Interception Sack Fumble Percentage of Total Player Plays.

DGD – worst Period of Mark Richt Era, but DGD.

Is Hutson Mason our Most Important Georgia Bulldog 2014-2015 ?


The most important Georgia Bulldog 2014-2015 is Mark Richt.

Once 81 win percentage going into the 2005 season, Mark Richt has encountered his own harsh punishment for his failure to maintain discipline on and off the field after the 2007 season.

He had better not go 9-5 again this season up-coming.

67 win percentage after 2007, he is averaging 9-5 or 9-4 seasons for 6 seasons now currently.

Worse is our record preparing a back-up QB and starting with Clemson and South Carolina with all the attrition again this off-season having but 79 of the 118 scholarship recruits with Redshirts Mark Richt signed to be playing 2014-2015 with not 1 who left early in the 2014 NFL Draft, does not bode well on this again this season up-coming.

Lied to about Joe Tereshinski III, and lied to about Joe Cox, now this 5th year senior Hutson Mason thinks he can be DJ Shockley, and Mark Richt has put his reputation on the line with a QB who floats his passes, again.

I saw where 2002 Mark Richt would have played in the 4-team play-offs tonight.  That was a dozen years ago.  To win it all 2014-2015, Mark Richt would have to beat :

# 1 in the play-offs

# 2 Auburn

# 3 in the play-offs

# 4 South Carolina on road

# 5 Missouri on road

# 7 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game

# 9 Clemson to begin the season

What’s wrong with this picture having lost 3 starters on the OL and our blocking TE, having no secondary, having no special teams or coach, and having an antiquated college offense featuring a fullback and being pass-happy with our # 65 Rushing nationally last season ?

Mark Richt once was 16-13 vs teams making either the AP or Coaches’ Polls his 1st 29 games vs such teams; he has cooled-off to 7-22 in his latest 29 such games.

Hutson Mason is not beating 7 Top 10 teams 2014-2015 and we all know that.