28-25 latest 4 years, is Georgie tek underperforming in football ?

7-6 Georgie tek did not beat anyone who made the Top 25 except lone early game when Anthony Boone did not play QB for Duke, who beat no team who made Top 25 either.


# 14 recruiting class 2007, Georgie tek has averaged the # 52 recruiting classes since, and has remained on back-to-back NCAA Probation in Football, including all of 2014, repeat offenders of the NCAA Major Infractions’ Database.


1-12 against our Coach, you’ve just fallen on hard times in recruiting.


Since the most-recent NCAA Probation in Football where you had the ACC make you return the ACC Championship and the NCAA stripped you of your win over Clemson right after we beat you and South Carolina beat Clemson :


6-7 for 2010

8-5 for 2011

7-7 for 2012

7-6 for 2013




You dropped-out of The SEC because you did not want SEC Revenue-Sharing, while The SEC just distributed $ 300 million dollars to member institutions, and now starts-up in just a couple of weeks now, The SEC Network, which will jump this number for 2014-2015 in a huge way.


You’ve lost 7 games in a row to us on your own field, named for a college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and 11 of the last 12 back to 1990 – when The SEC starting playing The SEC Championship Game expanding then to 12 teams.

Georgie tek just announced it is spending $ 73.7 million dollars in its athletics’ department budget for the 2014-2015 budget fiscal year.

Big ACC distribution boost for upcoming Tech budget

You appear to be SPENDING as much as anyone on Football – so where is the disconnect here, please ?





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