1-9 Mark Richt as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons 2007-2013

LOST 38-43 at Auburn 2013

LOST 27-31 at Vanderbilt 2013

LOST 35-38 at Clemson 2013

LOST 7- 35 at South Carolina 2013

LOST 31-49 at Auburn 2010

LOST 12-24 at Mississippi State 2010

LOST 6-17 at South Carolina 2010

*WON 30-24 at Georgie tek 2009* would’ve VACATED win if they beat us too

LOST 10-24 at Okie State 2009

LOST 14-35 at Tennessee vols 2007

1-9 as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons 2007-2013




WON 37-15 at Auburn 2006

LOST 6-24 at Auburn 2004

WON 41-14 at Tennessee vols 2003

LOST 10-17 at LSU 2003

WON 30-0 at Clemson 2003

WON 24-21 at Auburn 2002

WON 27-25 at Alabama 2002

WON 31-17 at Georgie tek 2001

WON 26-24 at Tennessee vols 2001

7-2 as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons 2001-2006




Every game Mark Richt has coached his remaining Scholarship Recruits against a team ranked for the season, in order starting with most recent.

All other AWAY games with Mark Richt as Visiting Coach were against teams NOT RANKED for that season in either the AP Poll or in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.  No skipped games.  What have you been watching ?  Only that which is ALLOWED to be spoon fed to you about our program nowadays by Chuck Dowdle and his cohorts ?


This post is not censored by anyone anywhere anytime for any reason as to allowable content based upon B.S. feel good stories about a program floundering nowadays, not what he did in 2005.  This is 2014.


Why don’t you say something about my Mama ?  That’s all you have as a comeback to the facts, anyway – some damn personal attack, like that is a reply to the facts.  And, you know it and you know I know you know it.  You know and you admit you know that we’re NOT DOING WELL at all, and have not been – which you and I both know too.


Mark Richt – great guy !  Not much of a coach anymore is he ?

Started out 7-2, since 1-9.





4 thoughts on “1-9 Mark Richt as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons 2007-2013

  1. That’s the past Thomas brown. Pruitt will change things here in Athens…our first win against a ranked team on the road will be in Columbia sc. Mark it down!!


    1. I’ll take that bet.

      “our first win against a ranked team on the road will be in Columbia sc. Mark it down!!”

      So, what will you say AFTERWARDS ?

      Run and hide, as per usual ?

      I will be here either way.

      SUBJECT day after game : DAWG350 guaranteed win over USCe. I took bet.

      RESULT :

      Go ahead, troll, put up what you said our record is 2014 in this SAME VERY BLOG ?

      15-0 RIGHT ?


      1. You’re the troll fuck stick. It seems like you want us to lose in Columbia just so you can be right. Classic troll move. What if we win? Will you cancel this ridiculous attempt at a blog? Saw where DawgBone took you down. Thank God. Fuckin loser


        1. You are bragging that we’re 54-26 after 2007 the # 23 team in the nation in Won/Lost Record.

          I actually would like the coaches and players to GATA; but you know that, and disagree how poorly we’re actually doing the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.


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