Todd Gurley II Show

It’s my understanding that Todd Gurley II is not 1 of the 4 best performances of the Opening Day.

What’s that shit ?

All he did was score 5 Touchdowns, 4 he scored himself and 1 he twice pushed Hutson Mason over the Goal Line after Hutson was stopped.

Todd Gurley II officially had 17 touches.  Both Coaches played keep-away from Todd Gurley II.  He had 15 rushes for 198 yards and 3 Touchdowns, one catch, and another 100-yard kick-off return for another Touchdown and his famous shoving of Hutson Mason for his only score of the day.  He played cheerleader on the sidelines for our awesome defense, although truth be told Clemson is not a very good offense and they have few players they deem capable of playing.  What’s that all about ?  It was plain for all to see in the sweltering heat that Gainesville’s Deshaun Watson was the best quarterback, a beast, this day on our beautiful campus.  On an aside it sure is great that Mike Adam$ is no longer messing with us.

I do not understand why we throw the ball.  Hutson Mason threw one long pass, and it was 7 yards wide of the target thrown for all he was worth.

On the day, Hutson Mason did well.  He fumbled once, but collected it himself, was sacked once which is a huge improvement around these parts for us recently, and completed 70 % of his passes a total of 18 completions for 131 yards.  Anyone else at QB would have completed something deep, but hey Hutson Mason did what he needed to do.

And, what was that ?

Confuse all us at the game that we would not give Todd Gurley II the ball, like it he a decoy, and then after halftime, just have a Parade for Todd Gurley II.

And, what a second half it was.  Nick Chubb was the crowd favorite.  He’s destined.

Keith Marshall recovered a fumble, ok they wiped that out, but other than that we continued to use him off-tackle while many others were brought in to go wide.

Listening to the after game shows in the traffic and rain was a lot of fun going home.  All these heroes. Sony Michel ripped off key plays again and again, and is quite the tandem for Nick Chubb after this season when Todd Gurley II takes his Heisman to the NFL.

Quayvon Hicks did very well all day.  Isaiah McKenzie lite up the crowd too.  We loved it !

328 yards on just 41 carries. Only 41 because the whole 1st half we threw 4-yard passes and set-up for the dramatics late in the game when we quit that shit and ran instead.

Yeah !

I don’t know how much better the guys could’ve played.  Honestly, it reminded all of us of 2007 Hawai’i BCS Bowl Win.

We feel, of course, that we won the game for the team with our cheering.  We do that so well !  Every 3rd Down, we were all over Clemson from the stands.  We made them waste time-outs and we discombobulated them.  Some of our Best Players obviously were keyed into us.  We feel we made a difference !

I know we did.

Michael Bennett, Jay Rome, Chris Conley, Jeb Blazevich and Kenneth Towns got in on the on-field celebration receiving – I just wish we could’ve stretch the field more on the dink-downs.

Seems that is what we were looking for, dink downs.

Our kick-off returns were awesome, our punt returns too – way to go Reggie Davis !

And, how about little Aaron Davis earning a Scholarship with his Interception when he jumped the route right in front of us.  I yelled he’s jumped the route, and right then, he had it !

Brendan Douglas got in the act, too.

We emptied the bench.

We wore them down with the run.  Why we didn’t start that way, was that we were paid good money to play the Keep-Away Game with the Clemson Coaches the whole 1st Half from Todd Gurley II.

I do not know when I saw freshmen just really stand out like tonight.  I mean we were so proud of you’ens !

I hope that you could hear our Love of You when you came in, and we all stood up and screamed !

Our Kick-Offs were weak; they always are.  When they kicked-off the ball went deep, except the one about 5 yards in the end zone Todd Gurley II took to the house.

3rd Down Conversions was key to the game and that’s why all of us felt we affected the outcome, because in the 2nd Half, we shut Clemson down while earlier in the game they were making those and we were just passing 4 yard tosses and keeping Clemson in the game.

I said 16 points, and never expected such a great showing from so many in the game.

Tim Kimbrough is the Man !  I have been watching him closely, and I really think he’s All-SEC in my book.

Quincy Mauger # 20, did you see that guy all day ?  Man, he had one whale of game !

And, how about Sony Michel on Special Teams ?  God Almighty, that man can get it on !  I am so torn who is my favorite of the 2, Nick Chubb or Sony Michel.  Sony/Nick Nick/Sony – I am so proud to have them both on our team !  This is going to be so fun !

This Day – with all of this – this was the Todd Gurley II Show.

Clemson had no answer.  They have no running game and are playing the wrong quarterback, as all of us in the stands were so glad they stuck with Ohio’s Cole Stoudt instead.  He’s no match for the beast Deshaun Watson.

Well, we have 2 weeks now and then Columbia to play the Gamecocks.  We’re ready; I presume they will be.  I would feel a lot better about that, had we instead of having Nick Chubb’s TD called back on motion that we had played Brice Ramsey and let him throw some.

It was going to be 52-21 before they took that score off our scoreboard.  Why in the Hell did we not play Brice Ramsey 1 series there at the end ?

What’s that all about ?

We watch team after team get several QB on the field, and we never do.  I don’t think we’re doing that right, not bringing in Brice Ramsey twice their damn score and then some.

What kind of a lead do we have to have to USE some of the Top Quarterbacks in the nation we recruit every year, Mark Richt ?

Damn son.

Our OL seemed to be great for what I could see of it.

This was just a complete game.  As complete a game as I can recall.  I said pregame Clemson would be handed its hat and drop from the polls, and we just ripped their heads off.

No, that was our guy who lost his helmet – and, kept going.  I gave Nick a standing Ovation for that 1st Down try by him – I mean what a damn beast Nick Chubb is.

Clemson gets the top guys in this state more rarely than we go to South Carolina and steal their top players, while we rack-up in-state here, too.

South Carolina !

South Carolina !

South Carolina !

Are we going to stick to these 4-yard dinks every 1st Half and then unleash the kids to run roughshod over, around, and through them the 2nd Half every game ?

Sure makes it exciting.  I’ll give the coaching staff credit for that.

We have so many great players.

Love to see them play.

This game was between fewer top players and a host of top players.  This game had to be the way this game came down.

No don’t give me this crap that several hundred yards rushing on only 15 carries for 3 rushing Touchdowns, another 100-yard taken to the house Kick-Off Return and Shoving Hutson Mason twice over the goal line for his only score on the day is not Heisman Moment # 1.

You guys are full of shit to not include  Todd Gurley II’s efforts as Best of Opening Day !

Work on our Special Teams’ Kick-offs or get someone in there who can send it out of the back of the end zone.  Bring in back-up QB and have him throw the ball 50 yards on target.  Stretch the field like that.  And, don’t play keep-away like you’re being paid by the Clemson coach to use his strategy of keep-away the whole entire 1st Half from Todd Gurley II.

That’s a short list.

And, this game is in the books as our most complete ballgame in many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many years.

South Carolina, here we come !



Kenny Hill buys 600 Aggies’ fans several thousand dollars’ free Ashley Furniture

Cost of the insurance for Ashley Furniture, Aggies’ sponsors, $ 150 thousand.

Benefit of the promotion, one million in August sales the best month in 8 years’ in business.

Picked to LOSE by 10 and a half points, instead they beat the lamecocks by 24.

The insurance company thought they could go with the odds, even though this the 1st game of the season for both teams, when both teams are ranked in the polls.

Insurance companies, boobs of college football Las Vegas odds, obviously do not know that Las Vegas puts lines on bets so as to insure the MOST BETS, not what they think the score will be.

The cost of the million dollars in furniture is $ 500,000, and the cost of the insurance is $ 150,000.

The profit from the sales is $ 500,000 less the cost of the insurance, so Ashely Furniture pocketed a third of a million in profits in August alone.  If they did that all year long, Ashley Furniture would pocket $ 4.2 million in profits annually.

And, the insurance company would find whatever nincompoop there made a bet on a college football opening game, fired.

Kenny Hill, great googly moogly, inaugural SEC Network Brent Musburger broadcast – South Carolina embarrased at home

Kenneth Wade Hill Senior pitched in 2 games for the Cleveland Indians in the World Series Championship by the Atlanta Braves 1995, once as the losing starter and once in relief, both games of which the Braves won.  The year before in 1994 for Montreal Expos Ken Hill went 16-5 with a 3.32 ERA.  14 seasons Ken Hill pitched for 7 different teams with a 117-109 record and 4.06 ERA.  Standing 6′ 4″, Ken Hill is long.

Kenny Hill is considerably shorter at 6′ 1″ and was rated the # 4 Dual-Threat QB in the nation and 4-Star by both and Rivals.  LSU was considering Kenny Hill.  Texas A & M was his best offer.  He threw for 511 yards on 44 of 60 over 73 % completion percentage and no interceptions, 3 TD passes.  He also ripped off nifty run ability.    Ole Miss throttled Boise State who has not fared as well against big-boy competition nowadays and has fallen-off like some others have in the Peach Classic, while Vandie dropped their game.

But, the story of Opening Night is Kenny Hill of West Palm Beach Florida.  Ken still wants him to be a pitcher for Texas A & M next Spring too.  But, Kenny Hill won the State Championship in High School and is an accomplished Quarterback, although at 210 lbs carries enough weight, but just isn’t tall enough.

Far and wide, Texas A & M was said to have no chance against South Carolina; but damn that’s a program who has it going on since joining The SEC.  They have done everything I ever said they would recruiting players in that rich state to play in The SEC.  I knew that would be a boom for them, and frankly, they’ve out-recruited even Mark Richt again for 2015 as well.  This is a program who goes on the road and with a chip on their shoulders out to prove they aren’t a 1-trick pony, Kevin Sumlin their coach said afterwards on the Inaugural SEC Network Broadcast with Brent Musburger.

Kevin Sumlin, rumored to Texas and to Southern California, has been courted by NFL, and currently is making $ 3.1 million  12 % less than our own Mark Richt when Kevin Sumlin signed a 6-year extension with Texas A & M.  Kevin was Starting Linebacker his entire playing career and coached under Bob Stoops as Offensive Coordinator and several years as Assistant Head Coach under R.C. Slocum there.  He’s 21-6 for an impressive 78 % Win Percentage because he named Johnny Football his Starting QB and because he named Kenny Hill his replacement, and his recruiting prowess is only starting.  Thought to have lost too much talent, he’s reloaded !  511 yards passing tonight by Kenny Hill is the All-Time Texas A & M Record.

Mark Richt was once this good, and even better.  Kevin Sumlin is now.  His teams have been ranked 4 years in a row now.  He has the nation’s # 2 best recruiting class 2015 behind only Alabama with Mark Richt’s most impressive recruiting class ever here 2015 at # 3.

But, this night belongs to Kenny Hill and to Steve Spurrier who is quite candid about getting their butts beat, Kevin Sumlin hanging 52 on South Carolina, who never was in the game, even though Kevin Sumlin called off the dogs.

Hutson Mason ?  Is he Kenny Hill ?  (Brice Ramsey # 8 QB or redshirting Jacob Park # 7 QB ?) South Carolina’s secondary ?  Are they our secondary ?  Kick-Off capabilities proved each kicked-off to the back of the end zone, something we seem wholly incapable of doing and putting so much pressure on our Special Teams.

The 4th Quarter no sooner started than the fans in Columbia left and went home.

At that point, Ole Miss’s defense had given up but 3 points and their special teams were led by Melbourne Victoria Australia’s Will Gleeson punter who pinned Boise State deep and punted one for over 70 yards from the line of scrimmage, while Ole Miss’s QB Bo Wallace looked like crap throwing 4 first half interceptions to see their defense, led by Robert Nkemdiche,  give up but 3 points.  Perhaps you recall Robert Nkemdiche whom LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Oregon, South Carolina and Alabama also offered Scholarships to, the # 1 player in the state of Georgia 2012 ?  Now, he is 1st Team All-SEC Defensive End and a beast among boys.  Just thought you’d like these updates.

And, so once again the football world likes the system Kevin Sumlin has in his hurry-up Offense and the players therein.  Shocking.

14 of 19 on 3rd Down and 4th Down Conversions, Kenny Hill was against once stout defense South Carolina.  Great googly moogly !  Kenny Hill is considered the better quarterback than Marietta’s Anthony Jennings, the LSU QB.

South Carolina could mount no running game with no one who could spell Mike Davis, seemingly injured too frequently.

Dylan Thompson was 2 of 10 on 3rd Down and 4th Down Conversions for 20 % to Kenny Hill’s 75 %.

Trey Williams and Brandon Williams put a hurting on South Carolina’s run defense, and after falling behind 10 to nothing right out of the gate to Kenny Hill, it got worse and worse for South Carolina.

All Credit to Kenny Hill, 1-0 as Starting QB and to Kevin Sumlin, future NFL Head Coach, since Texas A & M doesn’t want to pay him.  Why don’t we hear about the NFL wanting Mark Richt, whom we pay more than Kevin Sumlin ?

South Carolina, who has never won anything ever in football, is in last place in The SEC East.

Dawgs, a prohibitive favorite over Clemson who has no offense, faces-off against South Carolina after our game tomorrow.  South Carolina is back to the drawing board after the shellacking of Biblical Proportions considered by most to be the 2nd worse loss in the history of The SEC.  South Carolina manages to do this every year.  So does Kevin Sumlin.

South Carolina’s Defense looked “silly.”

After these ratings, let’s see if The SEC Network can figure out we want to watch LIVE games ?  Now, go find the top game in some other sport and show it LIVE for God’s Sake you fools !

For my money, I’d say the Inaugural SEC Network Telecast is Kenny Hill.  Congratulations Kenny and Ken !

Damn South Carolina.  Just damn.  Kenny Hill made you look silly.  Texas A & M proved they belonged in The SEC in their 1st Home Game.  Their crowd was bloody awesome tonight, and put on one of the best post-game celebrations, ever.

They’re still partying in Columbia.



ESPN says UGA makes play-offs by beating no offense Clemson in the rain here


Oh, give me a break !  Every off-season we search high and low for someone, anyone – no matter how poorly they’ve ever done at predicting, ESPN the worst of the lot, and brag locally about how great we are.

Then, with the reality of whom it is we’d have to beat totally out of our minds, we all hit the AJ-C blogs to brag away on the staff and players’ efforts – despite the facts that we’ve lost 5 or 4 games on the average the current latest 6 seasons now and counting with more of the same 2014, and all the off-field arrests/suspensions ongoing as well.

1 of the best 4 teams in America when you lose this many games is utterly and completely wholeheartedly B.S.

Clemson has no offense, so that one is easy – us winning at home in the rain by 16 points as we are forced to run the football every play instead of floating passes into the teeth of Clemson’s Defense.

South Carolina ?  Not with Hutson Mason.  Not with this staff.  Hutson Mason cannot beat South Carolina.  Heck, he isn’t even the best quarterback on THIS team, let alone that field when that field a ranked opponent that season, we as visitors at 1-11 after 2006.

2006 mind you.

That is a lot of previous knowledge about our choices and chances, isn’t it ?

The 1 game on the road we did win after 2006 vs a team ranked for that season # 13 Georgie tek, would’ve VACATED any win over us anyway, in route to what now stands as 4 NCAA Probations for Georgie tek, 3 after 2005 in FOOTBALL.

And, so since once again there is no discussion of Georgie tek, Georgia Southern University, or Georgia State High School downtown who gave up their dorms we built them to Georgie tek, here we go again.

UGA will beat :

# 9 South Carolina, we as visitor vs ranked team by the way with Hutson Mason no less

# 6 Auburn

# 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game

# 16 Clemson

# 27 Florida

# 24 Missouri

# 1 in the play-offs

# 3 in the play-offs

Oh, yeah right.  I believe that.

I watched ESPN run their special and only 1 pundit on the entire show even considered UGA as 1 of the play-off teams in this new 4-team play-off format, and he said we’d LOSE.  No one else on the show even mentioned UGA.

We will beat Georgie tek on NCAA PROBATION again, unranked for the season, again.

We will beat Clemson by 16 points and they will not be ranked for the season.

We will cost Will Mushchamp his job, never head coach material in the 1st place.

We will beat Missouri and keep them from being ranked.

Nice !

But, we’re not made of the stuff to beat :

# 1 in play-offs

# 2 in SEC Championship Game

# 3 in play-offs

# 6 Auburn

# 9 South Carolina

If you think UGA can beat these 5 Top 10 teams 2014-2015, this is where you know you’re a poster of which there are so many blind head in the sand ignoring all the facts

Thanks a lot Mark Bradley, you boob !  I appreciate the laugh like we’ve been on and off the field averaging more arrests/suspensions than losses the latest 6 years and that with 5 losses or 4 losses a year.


Georgie tek put on NCAA Probation 4th time, 3rd since 2005 in football

Georgie tek, once again, is on NCAA Probation – again.  In football, again.

Also in women’s and men’s basketball, again.

Mark Richt has endured Georgie tek on NCAA Probation in Football almost nearly the entire time he’s been our coach for 13 seasons and those seasons they were not, everyone knew they would be for violations they committed those damn few seasons they weren’t.

Mark Bradley says they’re playing stupid again.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

When asked if they cheated or not, all involved admitted that they did and admitted they knew the rules and did it anyway.

It’s what they do.

Believe they are above everyone and every rule.

For example, in women’s basketball, they took every opportunity to take advantage during the recruiting process.


Significant Breach of Conduct


3 women’s basketball coaches were made aware of the violations and “made a conscious decision to not report the violations” the NCAA stated in handing down the most recent of now 4 NCAA Probation Rulings against Georgie tek.

“You can’t just cherry pick a small sample from a much larger body of work and make a fair declaration based on that.”

“You can’t just cherry pick a small sample from a much larger body of work and make a fair declaration based on that.”


Good God, DawgFaithful !


Small sample ?


The entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, now is a SMALL SAMPLE




# 23 Won Lost after 2007


Now, all of a sudden is a SMALL SAMPLE


God Almighty !

It’s the current sample.

You want us to judge him today not on what he’s done after 2007, but on what he did BEFORE THAT ?

That’s old ancient history.


I respectfully submit that judging Mark Richt on his first 7 years here is an ancient outdated irrelevant small sample from way back when, when the most recent 6 years have been so damned friqin’ mediocre.

I should be censored from saying that ?

DawginCO says 54-26 which is # 23 won/lost RECORD after 2007 for UGA, is just a cheesy cherry-picked stat

ThomasBrownUGA      19 hours ago
“Is Mark Richt 1 of the most accomplished D1 coaches ever at 54-26 the # 23 won/lost after 2007 ?”

DawginCO       8 hours ago
@ThomasBrownUGA  “You and your obsession with spewing cherry picked statistics that are usually incorrect…any fan merely optimistic about a football team.”

DawginCO     14 hours ago
@ThomasBrownUGA Is that all you can say?  I doubt you are a real Bulldog fan…Stuff your cherry picked statistics TB.”


Pardon me genius, but what is cheesy or cherry-picked stat about our mediocre # 23 won/lost record from 2007-2013 ?


It’s not cheesy and it’s not cherry-picked and it’s not a stat but our won/lost record oh brilliant one.

The only aspect of our 54-26 # 23 won/lost record which is cheesy, is our record itself.

Isn’t it DawginCO ?

You want to be an optimistic fan about our football team, have bloody at it, son.  But, don’t come running onto the blogs to BRAG about how great we’re doing, ok ?

The reply from our own is that Todd Gurley II says clearly and plainly that we’re mediocre and we lose too many.


As for 54-26 being a lie; that’s bullshit and you know it makes us the # 23 team in won/lost record after 2007 for Our Top 10 All-Time Football Program.

Do you really not know that 54-26 is the # 23 Won/Lost Record ?

Am I supposed to give you a URL Link, again ?

What’s the deal calling that a lie, liar ?

That is one miserable excuse of a retort to 54-26 the # 23 won/lost record that it’s a cheesy cherry-picked stat.

In fact, I have never in my lifetime heard a more pith example of Mark Richt Apologists.

And, just look where it has gotten us – this bragging on how great we are ?

# 23 for the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era for $ 3.5 million dollars a season.

It’s sad really that you actually believe to be a fan of this football program that you have to lie that our won/lost record is a stat, never mind a cheesy one, or a cherry-picked one.

You can cherry-pick anything about football, except our damn sorry cheesy mediocre # 23 won/lost record after 2007.

I feel sorry for you if that is all your wee-little brain can come up with.

You are a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.  You have not censored me.  I have as much right to my opinion that fans who brag on 54-26 as being great compared to say 72-9 for Alabama and 3 NC, are the problem around here.

You are what brings us down.

You send the message to the damn coach that you love what’s going on.


No, you do not love what’s going on.

But, you believe in your heart of hearts, that that is what you’re supposed to do to be a fan.


No, it’s not.

You are supposed to support your team by telling them that it’s unacceptable to Todd Gurley II and should be to you, and that we must GATA instead and fix this bullshit.

I was on the Debate Team, and represented us in a National Debate on Economics and you think that this retort to our won/lost record is a lie, you state.

Go ahead, since you did not ask for the URL Link of our won/lost record after 2007 as the # 23 nationally, and tell me you know we’re not doing that well nowadays.

Mark Richt started out great here.  Since, it’s been far more arrests/suspensions and losses than in his 1st Half of the Mark Richt era.

2014 is more of the same on-going and continuing because you sir brag on what we’re doing nowadays.  It’s sad really to see such a mental midget therefore as you are, with these lame excuses for our won/lost record.  2014, we have more arrests/suspensions and more kicked-off players as a result.  This is what marks us as a program.  These off-the-field issues and our on-the-field losses.

26 losses for 6 years now currently and counting is 5 losses a season average, or 4.  What’s so bloody great about that ?

Todd Gurley II is dog-tired of it, and you want to be optimistic.

You’re frigin’ welcome to be optimistic, and guess what ?

I am just as welcome to point out that there is the reality of the joke we’ve become nationally on and off the field.

Now, as for 54-26 the # 23 won/lost record after 2007 through to-date, being a cherry-picked cheesy stat, no sir : it’s called our won/lost record.

Our won/loss record is not a stat.

It’s called our won/loss record, for crying out loud DawginCO.

(1) You said # 23 won/lost record after 2007 is a cheesy cherry-picked STAT.

(2) You said it’s a lie.

Neither, in reality, is true. Now, is it ?

Would you like to try a third excuse for our cheesy # 23 won/lost record after 2007 – the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, since it’s not a stat but our won/lost record they call it dumbass, and since it’s not untrue.

What’s this crap that there are Mark Richt haters ? # 23 won/lost after 2007 with # 2 best talent entire Mark Richt era

Mark Richt is 1 of the most liked coaches in college football ever.  Everyone likes the guy.

Mark Richt has not done much the 2nd half of his career # 23 nationally at 54-26 and 7-22 vs teams making either the AP or Coaches’ Poll Top 25, but Mark Richt is a great guy everyone loves.

So, the fans, the Chuck Dowdle crew, the vocal minority who relish censorship so that no one is allowed to say excuse me but we’ve not been doing well after 2007 at # 23 nationally won/lost record 54-26, put up the straw dog that there are folks out there who hate Mark Richt.

No there are not any Mark Richt haters.  There are just those who refuse to admit we’ve not done well at # 23 won/lost after 2007, and those who dare to suggest we need to fix this and now on and off the field and that we don’t accomplish fixing it by burying our heads in the sand or censoring those who don’t bury their heads in the sand.  Nor are we on the road to fixing this bullshit by telling our kicked-off players again this off-season that we love them. For God’s Sake.  Excuse me, I do not love Nick Marshall for example whom Mark Richt was given great credit for bringing here and whom he sent the mixed message that he Mark Richt loved Nick Marshall AFTER he kicked him off the team.  That’s turning his back on Nick Marshall who needed and still does to be told to obey the rules – according to Jasper Sanks.

Mark Richt is a great recruiter and has put together a staff of great recruiters who since 2001 have averaged the 2nd best recruiting ranking average and have the 2nd most NFL Draft Picks to prove he’s had the 2nd best talent in the Nation 2001-2014.  Yet, is # 23 won/lost entire 2nd half of his career.

Not getting the job done on or off the field :

What is wrong with this picture that a great guy whom everyone loves, has straw dog posts about there being folks out there who hate Mark Richt ?  What they themselves are unable to bring themselves to say is that 7-22 vs teams who make the AP or Coaches’ Poll Top 25 these most-recent 6 years after 2007, is unacceptable given the level of talent he is bragged on for signing here.  54-26 the # 23 Won/Lost Record is also unacceptable and needs to be fixed forthwith.

There are in fact Mark Richt haters the B.S. straw dog blog posters say.  Those are not realistic fans of my alma mater, but instead Mark Richt Apologists who want to argue Mark Richt is great.  And, they only wish they could censor what everyone knows about Mark Richt’s failures on and off the field after 2007.  No, ladies and gentlemen, Mark Richt has not been great the 2nd Half his Career here.  It’s best to censor them they argue so as to not hurt recruiting.  The Good Lord knows our recruits are all idiots who do not know themselves that our moniker nowadays is to LOSE the big games when Todd Gurley II says he is tired of “losing and being mediocre.”  The Good Lord knows our recruits are incapable of thinking for themselves and if we just censor the OBVIOUS FACTS, we will help our recruiting, when it is not our recruiting but our ineffective use of same that remains the issue here.

National championships is not of concern, but the utter failure on and off the field, is.

# 23 with # 2 talent

Sure we beat # 4 South Carolina and # 14 LSU but lost 5 games to AP Poll Top 25 teams most recently, did we not ?

Sure we beat # 4 vols 2001, but managed to lose to 4 lackluster teams as well that season.

That’s knocking the lid off the Top 10 All-Time College Football Program in Wins, Mark Richt argues – LOSING 4 games.  Uh, no it’s not.  Is it ?

8 times lost games who even with their win over us, did not make the Top 25 that season we lost to them.

It’s what we do.

Shoot ourselves in the foot.

Sure we beat # 24 FSU in a BCS Bowl Game 2003 and beat # 19 Hawai’i 2007 in a BCS Bowl Game but those are the only Mark Richt era BCS Bowl wins, when in 2003 Mark Richt managed with his great offense to go 0-13 on 3rd Downs against a team who lost 5 games 2003 and should have been 6.  In 2007, Mark Richt lost to not only a lousy vols’ team who lost to 7-6 California and lost to 7-6 Alabama both whom otherwise have losing seasons, but also we lost to a 6-6 not even in a bowl game, South Carolina 2007.

And, how long ago was 2007 ?

How long since Mark Richt did so well as visitor against teams making the Top 25 ?

1-9 most recently.

How long ago was our last SEC Championship when we ended the season # 3 SEC team every poll ?

How long ago was our 1st SEC Championship when that was a down year for The SEC, wasn’t it ?

Anyone who suggests such is a heretic and a Mark Richt hater when the world knows it’s the truth that everyone loves Mark Richt : it’s just that he’s not done well after 2007 at # 23 won/lost at 54-26, especially against teams who make the AP or Coaches’ Poll Top 25 at only 7-22.

So, another off-season has passed with yet again predictions of 15-0 and predictions therefore of beating # 1 and # 3 in the play-offs, beating # 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game, beating # 6 Auburn, beating # 9 South Carolina on the road, beating # 16 Clemson who has no offense, beating # 24 Missouri, and of beating # 27 Florida.  An off-season of nothing but turmoil again because punishment is not discipline, but that which must be administered for failing to teach the kids to obey the rules.  And, so we’re down to 78 of the 119 scholarship recruits signed to play with redshirt 2014, and can beat these 8 teams and Georgie tek with what’s left standing given the facts of our 2nd half of the Mark Richt era with 2014 more of the same either 9-5 if we make it to The SEC Championship Game and 9-4 if we don’t.

Did I miss it, or you demand a reply and failed to put up your prediction of 2014-2015 for Mark Richt ?

We will beat Clemson, even with Hutson Mason masquerading as our Starting Quarterback until Brice Ramsey cannot be denied as his replacement because Clemson has no Offense.

I am very disappointed with the as I am with fans who think I should be censored for pointing out my disappointment with 7-22 and 54-26 after 2007, the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.

There I said it.  I feel better having said it.  It’s not acceptable.

I do not care about Mark Richt not having won any National Championships with his 2nd best talent unarguably.

That isn’t the measure.

# 23 Won/Lost after 2007, and our 7-22 vs teams making the AP or Coaches’ Poll Top 25 for the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era (after 2007.)

This IS the measure of Mark Richt with the 2nd best talent in avg recruiting rankings and as verified by his 2nd most NFL Draft Picks of 72 that he’s # 23 won/lost and 7-22 vs top 25 the seasons after 2007 here.

You know ?


” one of the most accomplished coaches ever in D-1″ Hal Welch  1 day ago.

Uh, no, he’s not close to that Hal Welch the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, now is he sir ?

“If I had a son being recruited by Alabama and Georgia to play football, I would try to steer him towards Georgia BECAUSE of CMR’s character. When it comes to who coaches my kids, character trumps championships…I just believe that CMR sets the bar when it comes to character. If  programs like Alabama set the bar for championships, I would argue that CMR sets the bar for character.”  DSW61   1 day ago.

Mark Richt has not gotten the job done on or off the field, after 2007 at 54-26 and 7-22 vs top 25 AP or Coaches’ Top 25 for the seasons after 2007 – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, has he  DSW61   ?

Another off-season of hogwash about what is and what isn’t.

I do not consider being # 23 with the # 2 best talent, 1 of the most accomplished coaches ever in the history of college football.

And, I know you know it’s NOT either,  DSW61 , for it most certainly is not sir.  Now, is it ?

Shame on you for bragging at the top of your lungs that it is, when I’m like Todd Gurley II : sick and dog-tired of losing and of being mediocre.  It’s utter nonsense to brag Mark Richt is 1 of the most accomplished coaches ever in the entire history of college football and furthermore, it’s bullshit as coaching is doing more with less, not less with more.

8 SEC AP Poll, only 6 Pac-12, 4 Big 10, 3 Big XII, only 3 ACC [bonus Aaron Murray update]

8 Top 25 AP Poll SEC-14

6 Top 25 AP Poll Pac-12

4 Top 25 AP Poll Big-14 (10 ? )

3 Top 25 AP Poll Big-10 (XII ? )

3 Top 25 AP Poll ACC-14

Weenie conferences zero (0)

We’ve never had any issues recruiting, so what’s this B.S. about we cannot recruit in-state ?

Aaron Murray update :

2nd NFL (pre-season) pass INTERCEPTION to make what was a 5-point game into final margin losing by 12, march right from the KC 8-yard line.  Nice.  Grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory with turnover yet again.

Note please that Kansas City is in no shape or fashion going to allow Aaron Murray to try to run.

Aaron Murray was also SACKED.

Hardly surprising given his penchant for being sacked, fumbling, and throwing interceptions in route to losses here, 17 losses, with such moments all at the wrong time as here.

2 rushes minus 1 yard


Intercepted on 2nd NFL (pre-season) pass

5 completed passes 1 interception

9 attempted passes 1 touchdown

3rd in QB rotation at KC, 2 are kept on 53-man team


Brice Ramsey is looking pretty darn good.


Jacob Park is redshirting 2014-2015 he says.  Both he and Brice Ramsey are all around equals.  Both are 6′ 3″ and Brice Ramsey might be slightly bigger at 205 lbs.  Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park are neither one very athletic, but Brice Ramsey moves around back there better and has the better arm.  In fact, Brice Ramsey should be our Quarterback right now.

Alabama wanted both, Auburn wanted both, Clemson wanted both but Jeff Scott could not get the player to go to a really lackluster school, FSU wanted both and Florida wanted Brice Ramsey to be their Quarterback and would have played there last season and might have entrenched himself.

Jacob Park is a 3.82 GPA out of Goose Creek South Carolina this year, and Charlie Weis also wanted him badly at Virginia Tech.

Mark Richt has no one lined up at Quarterback for the 2015 recruiting commitments in what is one of his best recruiting classes 2015, although there are 3 junior college players transferring in with the 7 open scholarships, soon to be given to 7 walk-ons who will not play on offense or defense.

Faton Bauta is a strong guy who could play many positions at 6′ 3″ and 220 lbs out of Palm Beach Florida 3 years’ ago 2012.  On this team, he is relegated to slim pickings with the depth at running back and at quarterback we have.

Christian LeMay from 4 years’ ago out of Charlotte 2011, I never liked keeping that commitment from that lax home environment in the 1st place, nor understood why when he obviously never fit in, why his troubled  brother, also, came here.  That family was a disaster for us.  Wrong from the start because when Christian LeMay was not allowed to even play his senior season, we still brought him in.  I did not care for that.

Brice Ramsey is out of Camden County High and is the better quarterback and the only QB we took 2 recruiting classes ago.

5 years’ ago, we did not pick-up any Quarterback for 2010 except for Hutson Mason after 6 years’ ago signing both Aaron Murray # 3 nationally – and Zach Mettenberger – whom I thought at the time should have played against Okie State to begin the season, not Joe Cox.

Joe Cox the # 22 QB nationally, like Joe Tereshinski III the # 20 QB nationally, both were highly touted by only Mark Richt – just as he is doing now with Hutson Mason.

Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park, of these Quarterbacks were ranked in the top 10 at quarterback.

I want what is best for our team.

Then, there is Hutson Mason who was ranked # 53 QB nationally and has languished so long here now, that he extracted a promise that he would be the quarterback though he himself knows he is no Brice Ramsey.

Only FSU wanted the # 53 QB in the nation with plodding feet and a weak arm.  Hutson Mason can never be judged in his lifetime better than Brice Ramsey, but I forget I cannot have that opinion – just as I could not that Zach Mettenberger also a 4-Star was a better Quarterback than Joe Cox and just as I could not that Matthew Stafford # 2 QB nationally was a better Quarterback than Joe Tereshinski III.


SEC Network graphics wrong on TV schedule, horrible programming, no live TV events, no feedback form, where to find SEC Network, Tim Tebow GPOE says if Will Mushchamp does not fulfill his promise to beat UGA, he is gone after this season.

SEC Network is a very poorly run by ESPN TV station :

1st : ESPN knows that we want to watch LIVE tv.  But, ESPN doesn’t show us, except to break-in their B.S. talking heads in a studio bragging on The SEC, and doing the same type of discussion every other sports’ talk shows has, to show us a short snippet of live SEC events going on right now, today.  Surely, they know what would be the highest ratings.

2nd : They apparently have 3 live channels.  792, 300, and 1738.  They have a TV channel finder on the Home Page, which is the only topic on they have right :

3rd :  They have no Feedback form on so you cannot tell them that their graphics for their bloody schedule writes on top of itself, and cuts off what they are showing.  You cannot make out what the Hell they are showing.

4th : All they do show is taped replays of UGA games from 2006.  I mean give me a damn break.  If I wanted to see games from 9 seasons ago now this 2014 season up-coming, I would go to and watch them.  This is 2014.  Every game is on YouTube.  Does someone still own a TV where they cannot watch anything on the Internet on their silly old TV ?

5th : SEC blew it Opening Night the night before last at 6 pm.  They had LIVE cameras in all 14 venues.  Did SEC Network play 5 minute snippets without talking heads sitting on the screen with a small picture in the background of some live game ? No.  That’s all they do : Show a minute or 2 of live Soccer match, then talking heads again on TV.  They are called TV announcers.  This media is to show LIVE events, with the talking heads telling us about the action.  You don’t have anyone who knows how to broadcast Soccer, so you show us a LIVE event for a minute, then back to talking heads talking about football.  SEC should have shown ALL LIVE EVENTS the 1st night.

6th : Have a Poll on your WebPages which allow users to determine for you if you cannot determine yourself the BEST EVENT to be showing LIVE.

7th : Get your own WebPages, and stick to the same format for your channel.  Our agreement was that ESPN would run this channel correctly.  Instead, you have followed the losing format of Big 10, Big XII, PAC-12, and ACC – assuming they have channels because I will not watch talking heads and will not watch re-runs of games from 9 seasons’ ago.  Who the Hell wants to watch that ?

8th : There are 14 SEC schools and 14 LIVE feeds.  So, figure out how to go to the EVENTS and show us that event.  If you can’t determine what’s fair, then use your separate feeds, and advertise your separate feeds by the name which they can be found on your channel finder.  SEC Network Digital, SEC Network Analog, and SEC Network and your 2nd SEC Digital Network channel whatever you call that.  I would broadcast in most circumstances 3 different feeds.

9th : Fire the talking heads.  If I have to hear Tim Tebow at the end of every damn interview tell the player God Bless You, I will freaking PUKE.

10th : Frank Broyles was CUT-OFF Opening Night SEC Network after one minute.  Good God !  If you are going to Interview a LIVE feed of Frank Broyles, have the common decency to lob him an open-ended question of : Frank Broyles, sir, what would you like to tell SEC Network viewers on any topic you’d like to discuss, sir ?

11th : We are one more Saturday away from the 4-team play-off season getting under way, and all you can show us is re-runs of Auburn vs UGA in 2006 a season in which we LOST 4 games, four mind you, and for the season threw a grand total of 12 Touchdown Passes and 16 Interceptions.  The 4 losses were the worst 4 teams : the vols where we threw the game away with 3 Interceptions and a Lost Fumble in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions, Vandie who was winless in the SEC 2006 but beat us on a Lost Fumble to improve their record to 4-8, Florida whom we had five (5) freaking turnovers 3 Lost Fumbles and two more Interceptions, and Kentucky whom we had 3 More Interceptions and a Lost Fumble – hapless Kentucky, 5 Loss Kentucky who should have been 6 Loss Kentucky 2006.  And, you televise a replay of a game that season your Opening Salvo SEC Network ?  God Almighty is all I can freaking say.  Vandie’s wins 2006 ?  Tennessee State, Temple, 0-12 Duke, and Mark Richt. This is All has to show us on this quarter of a billion dollar channel ?

12th : The talking heads, fumbled all over themselves SEC Network Opening Night telling us how they would be on TV forever – so many hours as to boggle your mind.  Oh, God !  Seriously ?  This is the last thought on any of our minds that we’d be seeing Tim Tebow every damnable minute of the day and night, and re-runs of that B.S.  He’s a horrible QB whom I told you would NEVER be any good in the NFL.  Let’s do the Interview where his obviously Godless Mother wanted to ABORT him and look what we have instead : GFPOE.  He is not the greatest player on Earth.  He was a linebacker or a running back – one or the other, and NOTHING MORE.  Cease with the Florida, rah, rah, rah.  The crocodiles did not beat a single team who even WENT to a bowl game. On the other hand, we did hear you say, Tim Tebow, that if Will Mushchamp does not finally beat UGA Bulldogs this season at the Gator Bowl, that he “WOULD BE GONE.”



SEC Digital Network Comcast Channel 792 starts at 6 pm today 14 August 2014

The biggest news for The SEC is our own Network starts at 6 p.m. today 14 August 2014 on Comcast Channel 792 SECND.  We will finally be able to see the events that we’ve needed to be able to see for years and it is a big boost to recruiting and to the Sports of The SEC.


# 7 UGA pre-season consensus of 15 Polls is to play in Peach Bowl instead. Is this what we really expected 2014 ?

Mark Richt picked # 7 in 15 CONSENSUS pre-season polls 2014-2015 season and # 12 by USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll, is to play in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl right here in HotLanta against a team who we’ve just already played twice recently in Bowl Games, Michigan State.

Is this a Debbie-Downer for this football program that picked # 7 in the Consensus Pre-Season Polls 2014, Mark Richt would end-up in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl instead against again Michigan State ?


19 tackles behind line-of-scrimmage 1st Scrimmage documented by Chip Towers AJ-C

(1) ” Sterling Bailey 8 tackles, 1 TFL

(2) Kosta Vavlas 5, 1 TFL

(3,4,5) Jordan Jenkins 5, 3 sacks

(6,7) Tim Kimbrough (plus sack and forced fumble) [forced fumble not known behind or not]

(8) Josh Dawson (plus sack)

(9) Lorenzo Carter (plus sack)

(10, 11, 12, 13) Mike Thornton (plus 3 TFLs, 1 sack)

(14, 15) Ray Drew (TFL, sack, PBU)

(16) Shaun McGee (TFL)

(17, 18) Malkom Parrish (fumble recovery, sack) [fumble recovery not known behind or not]

(# 19) Josh Dawson 3 & 1 sack ”

Video, quick stats from Georgia’s first scrimmage

Do you really think you can make stick that the 19 tackles behind the line-of-scrimmage at Sanford Stadium Saturday Night in the Game Simulation 2 weeks’ prior to kicking-off this season means absolutely nothing ?

Or, that the summary, URL Link provided, is wrong ?

Or, you just only do not know how to analyze because you never played the game ?

It’s 1 of these 3.

While the Defense gave up passes, did anyone not think the Secondary is an issue 2014 ?  The Defense Dominated the Offensive Line, exactly as I have guaranteed that the OL is in disarray as per usual around here.  Forget the 54-26 to AL 72-9 and 3 NC.  The OL notable performance in Scrimmage Saturday Night indicates the OL blew a lot of assignments, again.  This continuing on-going non-NFL Offensive Line we field for many years again and again, every year the same.  Do I make a big deal about our OL ?  You bet !   And, there is no evidence again that the OL is GATA, is there ?  There are no bananas for this group again this season, no NFL OL again, and few wins over ranked teams 7-22 vs Top 25 after 2007 through today because the OL is weak.  You cannot allow me to run unabated into the backfield 19 times in a game.  And, a lot more than 19 times when you add in the QB hurries.  We all knew the DL is very good 2014, and we all knew the OL isn’t.  Quit your whining that it doesn’t matter, as it could not possibly matter more that once again, our OL is under-performing again 2014 – as always !   Every single opponent will do as I, and analyze Chip Towers’ Scrimmage coverage for a most-challenging season for us to do well because of the 9 opponents in the USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll Top 27 plus Georgie tek we’d have to beat.

The 1st game is only 2 Saturdays’ away.   They have to inspect this, and you’re a fool if you think it does not matter, or that these 9 opponents are not looking at this Chip Towers’ coverage of our Scrimmage to see if it methodically reveals areas to take advantage of with, for example, Clemson’s great defense.  Sure it does.  We need to shore this up, not have you tell everyone it matters not, or that they don’t need to do on the OL what they’ve continued to not do on the OL like it all goes away if you just only could CENSOR me. You’re not helping this team nor the OL to not tell the OL to GATA – that the OL has areas for improvement to work on looking now 2014 at the Game Simulation at Sanford Stadium I’ve been to 350 times.

We must identify this issue, highlight it, and work on it.  Our opponents most certainly are.  You think you make it go away by censoring me ?  Really ?  That’s really what you think ?  I played db so when I got through, the OL blew assignments. What did you play that it’s not the OL blown assignments ?  Is the TE on our OL in this offense ?  Or, the Fullback, either ?  Whose fault is this, the best player on the team Todd Gurley II ?  The Great Fullback who was going to be All-SEC 1st Team Fullback this season, now moved elsewhere ?  The walk-ons who take their places ?  The Tight Ends we apparently are short on numbers at ?  The Fullbacks we can’t seem to recruit any of with 200 available every year ?  I mean just whose fault is this, so that we can correct this mess ?  Ultimately, as big a mess as our OL has been for all these seasons now, it rides with Mark Richt, for just as 11 Arrests/Suspensions reflect on him as our Coach at $ 3.5 million, approaching $ 50 million paid to him to-date now by us, the OL certainly reflects on Mark Richt who came here because he was an Offensive Coordinator.  This under-performing OL on his watch, is tiring.

# 53 in 3rd Down Conversions with 3 now missing OL Starters and now missing Blocking Tight End, not to mention the Starting FB also moved to new H-Back or to Tight End,  in addition to now missing # 1 All-Time SEC Quarterback.

The Offensive Line is once again, an issue – isn’t it ?  Or, a National Championship Offensive Line Performance of 21 tackles behind line of scrimmage in Scrimmage Saturday night proves our OL once again are NC caliber who can beat # 1 play-offs, # 2 Alabama @ SEC CG, # 3 play-offs, # 5 Auburn, # 9 @ South Carolina, # 16 Clemson who has no offense, # 26 @Missouri, # 27 Florida @ JAX in Will Mushchamp’s final chance to do well 2014 and to beat us as promised at 0-3 ?

Our Offense is not going to look good this year any way you slice it up.  We’re a BAD OFFENSE this year.  We all know this is on Mark Richt and not Mike Bobo.  This is Mark Richt’s Offense.  These are plays designed by Mark Richt.  These are players recruited here by Mark Richt.  Mark Richt decides who plays and who does not play.  This is Mark Richt’s Offense and it is one of the worst in the nation this year.  Wake up because Mark Richt is not awake and is placating you with excuses about 19 tackles behind the line of scrimmage 2 weeks before we begin this obvious lackluster year of probably in this 15-game season this season no more than a HORRIBLE 10-win season meaning we lose 3 games and continue to average then more than 4 losses a season after 2007 for Mark Richt.


The culprit in this is poor decision making by Mark Richt.  Poor development of Quarterbacks by Mark Richt.  Poor Choices at QB repeatedly by Mark Richt.  And of course the massive ATTRITION we suffer every year while this leaves us with HUGE HOLES in recruiting.  We recruit plenty of talent but not enough to suffer all these arrests/suspensions/kicked-off.


2014 is going to be a disappointing year unless of course we lead lots of his kids to Christ, which after all is more important to Mark Richt than win/loss because he says he cares little about whether he is successful as judged by wins and losses here because it just isn’t important in the whole scheme of life to him as our football coach for nearly $4 million a year  whether we win or lose.  Mark Richt says he isn’t judged by wins and losses and that he is comfortable therefore whatever we do here at Georgia in win/losses.  He is comfortable in whatever we do in win/losses here at Georgia because he knows that his Walk with Jesus is more important.  That DOES give Mark Richt comfort.


Religion is more important to Mark Richt than winning football games he tells us all the time.


We have failed to prepare a QB for this season and are choosing the wrong QB.  Our QB is destined to be doomed to lose against lesser talented teams this season.  Our QB will have lots more talent around him than those who beat him this season because he is the wrong choice at QB.


We will not beat the top teams away from Sanford again, while you brag to me that Mark Richt is a Road Warrior.  Not after 2007 he is NOT.


We will continue to lose head-scratching losses because to Mark Richt that just isn’t important to him but his Walk with Jesus – now that is important to Mark Richt.


Therefore our Offense is going to suck this season as you can readily see from 19 tackles behind the line of scrimmage 2 weeks prior to the season this year.  And there isn’t anything that Mike Bobo is going to do about it.


If you can not see that, please complain to me below and then run and hide when the season is over rather than come back and see how you did on your prediction that 19 tackles behind the line of scrimmage 2 weeks prior to the season opening game means that the Offense is going to be great.


The Offense will LOSE FOOTBALL GAMES for us this season at least 3 losses and in 15-game season this year – we will win NO MORE than 10 games, maybe even only 9 again as Mark Richt averages after 2007.



NCAA cannot restrain payments for images likeness and names

Of course, there is no difference between football and men’s basketball from any other collegiate sport – baseball, softball or women’s basketball, for example.  Friday, you use my image likeness or name, and all the players on my team in my recruiting class get the same amount as I, and there can be no bylaw from the NCAA limiting this as less than $ 5,000 a season.  A college could pay me less as long as there is no collusion among schools to do so.

All of you who said that I was wrong and that this would mean paying high school players and grammar school players and T-Ball and Pop Warner players, where the Hell are you now today son ?

Well ?

Cost of attending is being addressed in the Thursday ruling anyway, since the Big 5 Power Conferences are moving away from the restraints there imposed by the NCAA members where weenie conferences don’t have the funds available they say to cover the true cost of attendance and health benefits along with transportation costs and more.  I contend they do have the funds lining their own $ 3.5 million dollar contract pockets annually for coaches who are 54-26 with 11 Arrests/Suspensions and 7-22 vs teams making the Top 25.  That’s $ 5,000 every 12 hours for that performance on and off the field, including $ 5,000 every night to insure he teaches his recruits he signed to my alma mater to obey the rules.  And, another $ 5,000 the morning afterwards, for him to harshly punish the recruits he was given great credit for signing here for his failure to teach them to obey the rules.  B.S. they do not represent him.  All these folks lining their own pockets and whining no monies available or having to pay these sums will ruin collegiate sports.  No it will not.  You pay the student-athletes you idiot NCAA lawyers argued anyway.  If the costs go up, the price goes up.  Folks without business education should not be allowed to own a business.

That’s their own problem, as they should’ve stuck with the Major Conferences obviously, since we pay their schools a million dollars to come to our stadium and get their brains beat-in.  Then, they whine to NCAA that their 13-0 prior to bowl games is just as good as some SEC team who is 12-1, in fact better they argue.  In college every game is a play-off game, they submit.  See, we played a Top 5 Power Conference team and look, we went to their stadium and beat them handily – never mind that they played only 1 such game and thus no wearing down from a grueling schedule of 9 great teams UGA would have to beat to win it 2014-2015 season.  Not just Top 5 Power Conference Opponent; but 9 great teams.  They had argued Restraint of Trade themselves to get access to the BCS, and it ruined the BCS Bowl Games where a great team played a team actually ranked for that season number # 24 or # 19 in a “BCS Bowl Game.”

That’s all that makes-up Mark Richt’s only 2 BCS Bowl Wins, 2 teams who are ranked for those seasons # 19 and # 24.  In 1 case, we are ranked # 2 and the other # 3 in all the Polls; yet all we beat were # 19 and # 24.  It ruined the Major Bowl Games.  This is not my contention but that of the consensus of millions of us, and why the BCS is over.  The new CFP better get the Major Bowl Games right.  Even if the weenie school wins over a Top team in all the polls according to everyone before kick-off, they have the advantage of not having the wear and tear on their team that the pre-game highly ranked team has had to endure.

This is so clear that you use my image likeness or name, you cannot restrain my possible payments.  This really has nothing to do with cost of attendance and larger stipend checks, or unionization. It’s simply a restraint on free trade for the NCAA to have bylaws limiting me to nothing and giving away my image likeness and name.  I have rights.  $ 50 million dollars was paid to the Plaintiffs’ Lawyers alone to get this ruling last night – an inevitable ruling.

The $ 5,000 Trust Cap Minimum in 2014 dollars cannot be upheld on Appeal because it contains the words must remain academically eligible that season.  You use my image, likeness or name; you pay me.  You cannot profit from me and pass bylaws that I get nothing NCAA – I can go get representation in Court.  The NCAA getting this added-in is of no consequence then, since I can have my name, image and likeness used any year – even redshirt and even medical redshirt, so I can make $ 30,000 or more.  Further, on Appeal, the decision to not force the TV stations to pay me for my image likeness or name with the season not started yet, cannot be limited to just future recruiting classes.  The NCAA was wrong to restrain free trade of my good name image and likeness.  The Judge has already made that ruling.  I was not party to agreement pre-trial that because it was a Judge and not a Jury, I gave up my Rights. Whether I am academically eligible for all the games on TV that year except for the bowl game, or not eligible for any game not on TV all season, but was for the bowl game will never stand-up on Appeal. I am just as valuable to the collegiate men’s basketball and football team as the star in these minimum $ 5,000 Trust Funds per year.

All the NCAA has done trying to hold-on with that, is to open itself to more lawsuits and you can easily see the NCAA does better telling everyone what to do than in telling judges lies that the student-athlete is not harmed.  Sure they are.  Used my image, likeness or name and passed bylaws telling me nothing for me.  Hogwash.  B.S.

TV Stations see their cost go up.  They can charge more for ads, and do a better job of managing their monies to make the payments for that which they pay everyone else anyway.  So, this was just a way to line their pockets here, wasn’t it ?

Stock prices of TV stations just went down.

NCAA is crumbling.

I said it all along.

TV stations do not own my likeness image and name.  You cannot force me to sign something to play the bloody sport that says that they do.  I’ll simply sign it, and you will be left holding the bag that you cannot enforce that.  I took every Business Law Course at The University of Georgia, and understand the Uniform Commercial Code Articles I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX.  My GPA in said classes is 3.88 at UGA.

U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken could not rule otherwise.

The NCAA has remained aloof, thinking Itself Above The Damn Law because of their B.S. side collusion agreements with the NBA that a player can play 1 and done in collegiate men’s basketball but football the Good Lord Knows you have to have been out of high school 3 years to go to a 53-man NFL team.

Aaron Murray might not even make 53-man roster with just 2 carries minus 1 yard no passes last night.  Of course, his body of work here was more than 50 % all plays his number, barely over 1 yard a carry dual-threat, and 10 % of all plays sacks 98, fumbles 32, or interceptions 41 to have 4th best Mark Richt era win percentage at only 67 with only 42 % Conversions on 3rd Down directly as a result beating # 4, # 9 and # 14 but losing to 6 UnRanked teams a 3-12 Record against Ranked Teams at Time of Game where just in those games he had 42 sacks, 10 fumbles and 14 interceptions.   Only 5-15 vs. Year Top 25 ranked for that season for 25 % Win % vs teams made Top 25 these years.  An 0-7 record as visitor at opponent’s field ranked for that season, Aaron Murray never made ANY All-America 1st or 2nd team. So, don’t expect any images likeness or name windfall for Aaron Murray in the NFL, either, with his 35-17 to David Greene 42-10 who valued the ball not image likeness or name.


UGA Indoor Practice Facility on South Milledge Avenue Vote Sept 20, 2014

Chip Towers has a HIDDEN post, embedded inside another post on his UGA Sports’ blog today, and since only 15 have clicked to find it; here it is :

“Georgia long has been criticized for not having an indoor practice facility to retreat to in the case of inclement weather or extremely cold temperatures. Currently the team goes by bus to the Falcons’ indoor facility in Flowery Branch in such situations. The majority of SEC teams have them, and Georgia Tech recently built one.

Greg McGarity would not provide details, but in the past he has spoken of a $15 million project that would erect an 140-yard [long] by 80-yard [wide] facility at a site next to the softball/soccer complex on South Milledge Avenue.

“Those numbers and locations are viable based on preliminary studies,” McGarity said cryptically.

Recruits in town last month for “Dawg Night,” UGA’s elite prospect camp, competed in a downpour and Georgia’s past two Pro Days have been conducted in near-freezing temperatures.

Over the years, Bulldogs coach Mark Richt has spoken with varying degrees of passion about his desire to have an indoor facility.”

Georgie tek’s $ 9 million dollar garage is NOT an Indoor Practice Facility but only 90 yards long.  Excuse me, that’s the way you engineered that ?  90 yards long.  Of course, the end of the 90 yards’ “field” is a cement abutment – so, not 90 yards either.  It has 6 garage doors (they’re cheaper if you buy 6 small instead of 1 large enough) for ingress and egress. What a POS.

Also, we do not go by bus to the Falcons’ Indoor Practice Facility when the Falcons are using it, as has happened on the eve of several very important games we’ve lost recently.

Louisville recently took advantage of The University of Georgia in recruiting bragging of their “indoor practice facility” which ALSO like Georgie tek’s is NOT an Indoor Practice Facility but a place to walk through plays in inclement weather, only.

We have the 2nd most cash on hand of any Athletics’ Department budgets nationally; and the former Athletics’ Director at UGA hired by Mike Adam$ also, Damon Evans, repeatedly stated the mantra that he would not approve an Indoor Practice Facility where any of the funds were put on a Mortgage.  You know ?  Real Estate mortgage.  Every person in America has had a real estate mortgage, or wants one.  But, not Damon Evans.  You remember, of course, his video at the games urging us not to drink and drive ?  Well, this is just as famous.  Well, maybe red panties is more famous.  And, the quip, do you even know who I am ?  I’m the AD at UGA !

Greg McGarity lets this loose today, 5 days after he quipped : “We’ve not had any Arrests/Suspensions in August.” on August 1.

And, 5 days after his multiple salvos of him not being happy about the state of our program.

Finally, Greg McGarity does something.

A Football Indoor Practice Facility of less than 100,000 square feet, is NOT SAFE for the student-athlete.  Please list all injuries of all student-athletes running into the cement walls ?  I have a few myself on the hedges, scars I take through life.

Just when I thought he would come and go having nothing to moniker his name here at UGA other than his # 27 Won/Lost Record of 36-18 not even in the Top 25 along with being # 1 in Arrests/Suspensions in his tenure here too with 11 Arrests/Suspensions in 2014 already, and although not over, none in August.

1 Arrest/Suspension every 2.7 weeks in 2014, but none in August.  Do nothing Athletics’ Director at my alma mater and his, The University of Georgia had better get this vote approved on September 20, 2014 or Jere Morehead, who graduated with his Juris Doctor Degree as my Dad as well, from The University of Georgia 1980 might just have to clean house.  Jere Morehead cannot be pleased about the goings on in our Football Program, since he graduated here the same year we Won The National Championship in the AP Poll, something Georgie tek has NEVER done in football, and only once in girl’s tennis long ago.

If Greg McGarity cannot get this right, either, I think it’s time for him to be on the hot seat 2014.  4 years and he’s done nothing but bring us BAD PRESS.  Jere Morehead has been quiet since July 1 last year when he took over to be Greg McGarity’s boss.



Mike Bobo 6/18/2014 : “The big misconception to us is (that) we’re gonna be two-back and run it all the time.”

Mike Bobo 6/18/2014 :

“The big misconception to us is (that) we’re gonna be two-back and run it all the time.”

# 1 RB in Nation Keith Marshall

# 2 FB in Nation Quayvon Hicks

# 2 RB in Nation Sony Michel

# 9 RB in Nation Nick Chubb

# 13 RB in Nation Todd Gurley II

# 24 QB Faton Bauta

# 37 RB in Nation Isaiah McKenzie

# 37 RB in Nation AJ Turman

# 72 CB JJ Green

Brendan Douglas


Top 10 All-Time Wins UGA Program LOST 8 games to UnRanked Teams

8 Losses none made Top 25 AP or Coaches’ even with win over us :


LOST to 6-6 UnRanked South Carolina 09-08-2007 at Sanford L 12-16


LOST to 5-7 UnRanked Colorado 10-02-2010 Big XII 2-6 at Colorado L 27-29


LOST to 7-6 UnRanked Kentucky 11-21-2009 at Sanford L 27-34


LOST to 8-5 UnRanked Florida 10-30-2010 at JAX L 31-34


LOST to 7-5 UnRanked Auburn 11-10-2001 at Sanford L 17-24


LOST to 8-5 UnRanked Kentucky 11-04-2006 at Kentucky L 20-24


LOST to 7-6 UnRanked vols 10-10-2009 at Tennessee L 19-45


LOST to 4-8 UnRanked Vandie 10-14-2006 at Sanford L 22-24 SEC Vandie 1-7




What is this B.S. about 6 SEC East Championships ?

The SEC East Champion plays The SEC West Champion in something called The SEC Championship Game, which we have Won in 2002 when the only other even decent SEC team was # 16 Auburn a 4-Loss team, although 5-Loss Florida was NOT ranked in the AP Poll Top 25 for 2002 even with their win over us where they held our Offense to 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions.


We also Won The SEC Championship Game in 2005, when The SEC decidedly was NOT a DOWN CONFERENCE in 2005, with us the # 3 Ranked SEC Team in every single solitary poll worse ranked than BOTH Alabama and LSU.

There are no others, which means NOT 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013…

Paul Johnson gets schooled by Mark Richt on addition by subtraction 12 players quit team

“Addition by subtraction” Paul Johnson announces in the print version of this weekend’s AJ-C, page C4.  “roller-coaster offseason provided one more bump…as…opened pre-season practice.”  “As it turns out…first-team junior college All-America Kenderius Whitehead…was not able to complete…transfer.”

“The news regarding Whitehead would seem to bring to a close Tech’s off-season, in which 12 scholarship players with eligibility left for a variety of reasons.  That doesn’t include DE Jabari Hunt-Days, who is also academically ineligible…and signee Myles Autry who received a release after his brother Anthony was dismissed from the team.”

“…3 players dismissed last week-”

Paul Johnson’s rebuttal ? 

“Sometimes, it’s addition by subtraction.”


Ken Sugiura has an article online, too, if you want to pay $ .99 cents to read it; but, it is hidden from the Internet.


vs Top Teams 1st Half Mark Richt Career compared to his 2nd Half his Career here


17-19 vs Top Teams Mark Richt era 1st Half his Career here 2001-2007.

7-26 vs Top Teams Mark Richt era 2nd Half his Career here 2008-present.

Top Teams defined as made AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll Top 25 that season.

Includes Losses to not Top Teams these seasons – Not Top 25 AP or Coaches’.



Date Losses vs Final Polls+ Losses not Top 25
2001-2002 4
2002-2003 1
2003-2004 3
2004-2005 2
2005-2006 3
2006-2007 4
2007-2008 2
2008-2009 3
2009-2010 5
2010-2011 7
2011-2012 4
2012-2013 2
2013-2014 5
2014-2015 0
        Total Losses 45
Also Lost 8 games vs teams not Top 25
24-37 vs teams Top 25 AP or Coaches’
24-45 vs Top 25 + Losses to not Top 25

Greg McGarity “no Arrests in August” SoS Selection Committee College Football Playoff Strength of Schedule

College Football Playoff Selection Committee would have SPLIT-UP Auburn & Alabama last season ?  Not make them have an SEC play-in game ?  Is that what the Selection Committee would do this season – not make The 2 SEC teams play each other, again ?

FSU would’ve had to have beat Alabama & Auburn.  The final 4 teams last season were FSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Michigan State – although South Carolina Gamecocks certainly had some claim based upon their season if only Steve Spurrier could’ve not LOST to 5-Loss Mark Richt & UGA !

The SEC had 9 and should be 10 NC in the BCS era alone, if the BCS had any guts to Award Auburn 2004 NC as all of us have done.

I am happy for FSU but let’s be real that they only had to beat # 2 Auburn and # 9 Clemson to win the NC.  The BCS cowtowed to the Weenie Conferences !  It nearly ruined the sport.  Supposedly, the objective was to get to a :


Excuse me, # 2 Georgia Bulldogs playing # 19 Hawai’i is not my idea of what they hyped about BCS Bowl Games.


NEITHER was 5-Loss FSU after our 2002 season.


FSU 5-Loss 2002-2003 played 13-1 UGA in a BCS BOWL GAME.  That’s B.S.


Those are Mark Richt’s ONLY BCS BOWL WINS.


That is what is really B.S.

Hang on.  Greg McGarity said today August 1, 2014 that there have not been any arrests/suspensions for us in August; yet.  That that is what he is focusing on.  It was a soundbite on AM 680 THE FAN.  I went to their WebPages to hear it again and searching Greg McGarity or even just McGarity there, reveals NO HITS.  Nice guys.  1 time I went to your WebPages.  Worthless.

Sort of like going to Buck Belue’s blog.  Reply and no one ever is approved.


Nice that only those you like the flavor of, are allowed to post.


That, my friends, is CENSORSHIP.

I rank those as worse than the fact that the only 2 BCS Bowl Game Wins Mark Richt’s entire Career here are over # 19 Hawai’i us # 2 and us # 3 over # 24 FSU 5-Loss B.S. ranking.

We all expect the College Football Playoff Dr. Pepper National Championship Trophy Selection Committee to be better.


But, will it ?


3-year terms rotating committee.

Excuse me, if you serve 3 years, and are gone, who replaces you ?

Are we giving up on the AP Poll and the USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll ?

Pay attention, the Selection Committee has its own poll which releases each week on Tuesdays starting October 28, 2014.


They’re not going to look at the AP Poll and at the Amway USA Today Coaches’ Poll.

Uh huh.

I believe that.

The weenie schools and weenie conferences are not going to whine.


Uh huh.

I believe that, too.

Are we doing none of that SoS component B.S. the BCS factored-in to begin with and later included all these Weenie Polls and even made up a Poll when the AP Poll categorically refused to be associated with that 2-team play-off.

4-Team Play-Off 2014-2015 will be a welcome relief, and what I called for from the beginning of the BCS


+ 1


Who would’ve been the 4th team last season ?  Proven to have LOST 2 games already Stanford who ended up with 3 losses ?

Just exactly how is Strength of Schedule going to be weighed by the Selection Committee ?


Fans of all the other conferences always whine about SEC OOC SoS, out of conference; but no credit for overall SoS of their weenie conferences.


Pac-12 supposedly was the, is the, 2nd best Conference BUT never won a BCS NC to SEC 10.

If you add up all the fans of all the other Conferences, you wouldn’t have SEC fan equivalent.


Now, we’ve got 1 guy on the Committee of 13 and he’s a nobody who is supposed to see to it that the other 12 do not turn against The Mighty SEC ?

The NCAA has NEVER RECOGNIZED ANY NC IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL 1-A, BCS, FBS or whatever they try to rename it to next.

65 power conference teams, cough cough.


I so want us to win.  I so want us to not be in the news for Arrests/Suspensions.  I so want Mark Richt to do what he did when he 1st got here, and not what he has done the 2nd Half of his Career here.

This is going to be a tough year for us 2014-2015.

Let’s let the little weenie schools play with their 13-0 record : not.

Let’s tell everyone what they can say and what they cannot say : not.


Let’s not discuss anything that might hurt our recruiting for God Knows, our recruits are so stupid, that if we don’t allow that, they will NEVER find out !

Never mind we then cannot address it and fix it !

Some of us are actually HAPPY with what’s going on.  But, not Greg McGarity !

Greg McGarity again today spoke out on all the 11 Arrests/Suspensions 2014.

Greg, son :

You have NOT done well Greg McGarity.

Brought here as a flunkie from Florida Crocodiles where you NEVER were A.D there, before, either.

Greg McGarity, son, you are # 27 in Won/Loss in Football since you got here and # 1 in Arrests/Suspensions.


Good Lord.


A Fan can ONLY say positive statements ?

That is the blame most stupid comment I have ever heard in all my days and I have NO SYMPATHY for those who cowtow to that preposterous theory.

We will NOT beat these 9 very good teams we’d have to beat this season to win it this year.

Well, we started practice today and lost a great guy, one of all of our favorites.  It is so fun to watch him hunker down and doggedly turn up field with that patented stance of his running the football with his head down in determination !  Malcolm Mitchell – you are the Greatest !  Get Well Soon !  I love you Malcolm Mitchell.

SkokieDog, the Mark Richt Apologists are out in force !

8 SEC teams have Won National Championships in Football since we hired Mark Richt December 20, 2000, while we’ve not even played in 1.  SkokieDog has several comments to share today :

“Lots of U.Ga. supporters love their head coach, and the cash flow is holding up well, in spite of problems on and off the field.”

“I believe that Nick Saban could win the big games with Georgia’s roster. ”

“Mark Richt’s only real problem is that most of the success he has enjoyed was during the first half of his tenure in Athens. Since 2008, the overall performance hasn’t been as impressive as the caliber of talent that he and his coaching staff have recruited during that same span of time. The win-loss record against the better quality opponents hasn’t been stellar by any means, and many of those victories that Richt’s vocal supporters so often tout have been over teams with much less talent (a.k.a. “cupcakes”) than the ‘Dogs have.”

“Matt Stafford is correct when he says, “…You know what you’re going to get, not only from him, but from his teams.” You’re going to get lots of talent on the field, a handful of starters suspended from the season opener due to violations of team rules or arrests, some unbelievably quick touchdown scores, a steady diet of dumb penalties, and a breakdown or two by the defense at a crucial moment of the big games. Oh, and don’t forget a loss to a less talented team at least once each season. Other than that, it’s all good in Athens.”


Will Mark Richt # 12 UGA win National Championship 2014-2015 ?


posted by DAWGS 2 hours ago

“Coach Richts is a wonderful man. However as i have said for 10 years he can not win the big game. I really beleive that Coach Richt’s could not win with the Alabama roster.”
DAWGS, that’s just not true, sir.  Mark Richt has won some big games.  He beat # 4 South Carolina just in 2013, and # 14 LSU; but he lost 5 games.  In 2001, he beat # 4 vols on the road at their house, as Visitor; but he’s bragged since that he knocked the lid off the Georgia Bulldogs’ football program with that win when UGA is Top 10 All-Time in Wins yet he was 8-4 that season, too, in 2001.  Mark Richt was 16-13 DAWGS from 2001 to 2007 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls.  Mark Richt was 7-2 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls 2001-2006 when he was Visitor on the road at their house.

But, it’s been a tale of the 1st Half of the Mark Richt era and tale of the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.  After 2007, he is only 54-26 which is # 23 nationally in Won/Lost Record.  He’s # 27 in Won/Lost Record the latest 4-year period.  He’s only 7-22 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2007.  And, he’s only 1-9 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2006 when he was a Visitor on the road at their house.

Yes, he won two SEC Championships in 2002 and 2005, and none since.

81 % Win Percentage to begin his career here, he has cooled-off to only 67 % Win Percentage after 2007.

Through it all, there have been a veritable plethora of arrests/suspensions 11 so far in 2014, alone, again.  And, it’s holding Mark Richt back.

He’s been lax with his players and coaches in teaching them to obey the rules.  The kids love him for this.  He’s averaged the # 9 recruiting class, 2nd best in the nation to only Southern California in the Mark Richt era 2001-2014.  He’s had 74 NFL Draft Picks, again 2nd best in the nation to only Southern California in the Mark Richt era 2001-2014.

But, once my alma mater, The University of Georgia, forced Mark Richt to adhere to the rules of conduct of his players on and off the field, with harsh mandatory suspensions for arrests and other abuses of the good name of The University of Georgia, Mark Richt has done VERY POORLY at teaching the recruits to obey the rules on and off the field and has done VERY POORLY at winning compared to what he did when he 1st got here.

2008 season we did not, however, raise all the way up to # 3 before falling behind at Home vs Alabama # 6 at halftime 0-30.  True enough, we were behind 30 to nothing alright.  But, we started the 2008 season Pre-season Unanimous # 1 in both the AP Poll and USA Today Coaches’ Poll 2008.  Then, 23 went out and CELEBRATED that night.  We got into bar brawls, mayhem, and one player even beat-up the local hospital.  It was a huge black eye.  Then, we played poorly to begin the season, too, and dropped from # 1 to # 3, before having Mark Richt’s Black-Out vs Alabama at HOME for us, falling behind 30 to nothing at half-time # 3 UGA vs # 6 Alabama.

72-9 with 3 NC Alabama while Mark Richt has gone 54-26.

You cannot win The SEC East without representing The SEC East in The SEC Championship Game, which started 1992.

Mark Richt has played in The SEC Championship Game in 2002, when we faced 5-Loss UnRanked in the AP Poll that season, Arkansas.  Then, we played in the Sugar Bowl against again 5-Loss shouldn’t have been ranked in the Top 25 either, Florida State.  The only other SEC team ranked in the USA Today/CNN Coaches’ Poll for the 2002 season was # 16 Auburn a 4-Loss team; except 5-Loss Ron Zook coached Florida another 5-Loss team whom the Coaches’ ranked # 24 solely on the merit of having held Mark Richt’s team 2002 to only 0 of 13 on 3rd Down Conversions.  Even one 1st Down on 3rd Down Conversions for the game would’ve resulted in us not LOSING the game for example on the final drive when David Greene’s pass was overthrown over the head of wide open Terrence Edwards who had 11 Touchdowns that season and 1,004 yards and still today is the 2nd leading SEC Wide Receiver in history before the Atlanta Falcons signed him, who last season played 13 games in the Canadian Football League – the younger brother of 1 of our UGA All-Time Greatest Robert Edwards.

Mark Richt has a LOSING RECORD in The SEC Championship Game, having beat UnRanked 5-Loss Arkansas in 2002 and having beat # 6 LSU in The SEC Championship Game in 2005, and none since.  2005, you recall, Mark Richt ended-up The # 3 SEC Team in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY POLL for 2005 season with both LSU and Alabama ranked HIGHER than The Georgia Bulldogs.  That’s it for Wins in The SEC Championship Game for Mark Richt, listed herein on this blog today by the author of this blog as having ” captured six SEC East titles ” Zac Ellis writes today for Sports Illustrated.  Excuse me, Zac – he has 2 SEC Championships 2002 when he beat UnRanked 5-Loss Arkansas when the only other SEC team ranked 2002 season was # 16 Auburn 4-Loss team and Ron Zook’s miserable 5-Loss # 24 Florida team, even with their win over us.

And, by the way, Zac Ellis of SI, sir : Shaq Wiggins was not dismissed.  He was arrested in 2014 and transferred to Louisville, but like all these other trouble-makers, has to sit out this season Zac Ellis – not dismissed.

Don’t talk to me about averaging 9-Win Seasons, either Zac Ellis, sir.  Please !

15-Game Season for the Top Teams 2014-2015 season, here Mark Richt sits staring at what ?  78 Scholarship Recruits remaining on the team of the 119 he signed, with redshirts, would’ve been playing.  He would have to beat :

# 16 Clemson

# 9 South Carolina

# 5 Auburn

# 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game

# 3 in the play-offs

# 1 in the play-offs



Georgie tek

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Todd Gurley II.

Is Punishment Discipline ? Or, is Discipline training to obey the rules ? And Punishment the result of failing to train the recruits to obey the rules ?

.40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3

.50 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 1-1

.61 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 8-5

.67 Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2

Of course, 2014-2015,  # 16 Clemson has no offense.

In the 1st half of his career here, Mark Richt would stand a far better chance of over-coming once again all these 11 arrests/suspensions in 2014 already alone, and facing this gauntlet of 9.

All Florida State had to beat last year, was # 2 Auburn and # 9 Clemson – nothing like # 12 Georgia Bulldogs of Mark Richt face 2014-2015.

There are no bananas for us again 2014-2015.

Of course, Chris Conley also says – like Greg McGarity yesterday as well – that  ” what we need to do to get where we want to go.”

Ten@10: Bulldogs ramp up training tempo in response to hurry-up trend

Can Mark Richt lead Georgia to a national championship 2014-2015 ?