Greg McGarity “no Arrests in August” SoS Selection Committee College Football Playoff Strength of Schedule

College Football Playoff Selection Committee would have SPLIT-UP Auburn & Alabama last season ?  Not make them have an SEC play-in game ?  Is that what the Selection Committee would do this season – not make The 2 SEC teams play each other, again ?

FSU would’ve had to have beat Alabama & Auburn.  The final 4 teams last season were FSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Michigan State – although South Carolina Gamecocks certainly had some claim based upon their season if only Steve Spurrier could’ve not LOST to 5-Loss Mark Richt & UGA !

The SEC had 9 and should be 10 NC in the BCS era alone, if the BCS had any guts to Award Auburn 2004 NC as all of us have done.

I am happy for FSU but let’s be real that they only had to beat # 2 Auburn and # 9 Clemson to win the NC.  The BCS cowtowed to the Weenie Conferences !  It nearly ruined the sport.  Supposedly, the objective was to get to a :


Excuse me, # 2 Georgia Bulldogs playing # 19 Hawai’i is not my idea of what they hyped about BCS Bowl Games.


NEITHER was 5-Loss FSU after our 2002 season.


FSU 5-Loss 2002-2003 played 13-1 UGA in a BCS BOWL GAME.  That’s B.S.


Those are Mark Richt’s ONLY BCS BOWL WINS.


That is what is really B.S.

Hang on.  Greg McGarity said today August 1, 2014 that there have not been any arrests/suspensions for us in August; yet.  That that is what he is focusing on.  It was a soundbite on AM 680 THE FAN.  I went to their WebPages to hear it again and searching Greg McGarity or even just McGarity there, reveals NO HITS.  Nice guys.  1 time I went to your WebPages.  Worthless.

Sort of like going to Buck Belue’s blog.  Reply and no one ever is approved.


Nice that only those you like the flavor of, are allowed to post.


That, my friends, is CENSORSHIP.

I rank those as worse than the fact that the only 2 BCS Bowl Game Wins Mark Richt’s entire Career here are over # 19 Hawai’i us # 2 and us # 3 over # 24 FSU 5-Loss B.S. ranking.

We all expect the College Football Playoff Dr. Pepper National Championship Trophy Selection Committee to be better.


But, will it ?


3-year terms rotating committee.

Excuse me, if you serve 3 years, and are gone, who replaces you ?

Are we giving up on the AP Poll and the USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll ?

Pay attention, the Selection Committee has its own poll which releases each week on Tuesdays starting October 28, 2014.


They’re not going to look at the AP Poll and at the Amway USA Today Coaches’ Poll.

Uh huh.

I believe that.

The weenie schools and weenie conferences are not going to whine.


Uh huh.

I believe that, too.

Are we doing none of that SoS component B.S. the BCS factored-in to begin with and later included all these Weenie Polls and even made up a Poll when the AP Poll categorically refused to be associated with that 2-team play-off.

4-Team Play-Off 2014-2015 will be a welcome relief, and what I called for from the beginning of the BCS


+ 1


Who would’ve been the 4th team last season ?  Proven to have LOST 2 games already Stanford who ended up with 3 losses ?

Just exactly how is Strength of Schedule going to be weighed by the Selection Committee ?


Fans of all the other conferences always whine about SEC OOC SoS, out of conference; but no credit for overall SoS of their weenie conferences.


Pac-12 supposedly was the, is the, 2nd best Conference BUT never won a BCS NC to SEC 10.

If you add up all the fans of all the other Conferences, you wouldn’t have SEC fan equivalent.


Now, we’ve got 1 guy on the Committee of 13 and he’s a nobody who is supposed to see to it that the other 12 do not turn against The Mighty SEC ?

The NCAA has NEVER RECOGNIZED ANY NC IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL 1-A, BCS, FBS or whatever they try to rename it to next.

65 power conference teams, cough cough.


I so want us to win.  I so want us to not be in the news for Arrests/Suspensions.  I so want Mark Richt to do what he did when he 1st got here, and not what he has done the 2nd Half of his Career here.

This is going to be a tough year for us 2014-2015.

Let’s let the little weenie schools play with their 13-0 record : not.

Let’s tell everyone what they can say and what they cannot say : not.


Let’s not discuss anything that might hurt our recruiting for God Knows, our recruits are so stupid, that if we don’t allow that, they will NEVER find out !

Never mind we then cannot address it and fix it !

Some of us are actually HAPPY with what’s going on.  But, not Greg McGarity !

Greg McGarity again today spoke out on all the 11 Arrests/Suspensions 2014.

Greg, son :

You have NOT done well Greg McGarity.

Brought here as a flunkie from Florida Crocodiles where you NEVER were A.D there, before, either.

Greg McGarity, son, you are # 27 in Won/Loss in Football since you got here and # 1 in Arrests/Suspensions.


Good Lord.


A Fan can ONLY say positive statements ?

That is the blame most stupid comment I have ever heard in all my days and I have NO SYMPATHY for those who cowtow to that preposterous theory.

We will NOT beat these 9 very good teams we’d have to beat this season to win it this year.

Well, we started practice today and lost a great guy, one of all of our favorites.  It is so fun to watch him hunker down and doggedly turn up field with that patented stance of his running the football with his head down in determination !  Malcolm Mitchell – you are the Greatest !  Get Well Soon !  I love you Malcolm Mitchell.


One thought on “Greg McGarity “no Arrests in August” SoS Selection Committee College Football Playoff Strength of Schedule

  1. 54-26 Mark Richt after 2007 the # 23 Won/Lost Record to Alabama 72-9 and 3 NC. And, Greg McGarity our AD is # 27 in Won/Lost at 36-18 and # 1 in Arrests/Suspensions, with more of the same for 2014 facing # 5 Auburn, # 9 South Carolina at their house as Visitors where we’re 1-9 vs teams ranked after 2006, and here we lob a question to start the Interview to Mark Richt of I live in Atlanta and EXPECTATION of 10-win season. The top teams play 15-game season. We also face Georgie tek, # 16 Clemson, Florida, Missouri on the road too, and would face-off against # 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game we’ve not won after 2005 when we ended that season The # 3 team in The SEC in every single solitary poll. Then, we’d face # 3 and # 1 in the play-offs. Get real that there are EXPECTATIONS for Mark Richt 2014 when after starting 17-19 through 2007 vs Top Teams defined as making either the AP or Coaches’ Top 25, he’s cooled-off to only 7-26.

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