SkokieDog, the Mark Richt Apologists are out in force !

8 SEC teams have Won National Championships in Football since we hired Mark Richt December 20, 2000, while we’ve not even played in 1.  SkokieDog has several comments to share today :

“Lots of U.Ga. supporters love their head coach, and the cash flow is holding up well, in spite of problems on and off the field.”

“I believe that Nick Saban could win the big games with Georgia’s roster. ”

“Mark Richt’s only real problem is that most of the success he has enjoyed was during the first half of his tenure in Athens. Since 2008, the overall performance hasn’t been as impressive as the caliber of talent that he and his coaching staff have recruited during that same span of time. The win-loss record against the better quality opponents hasn’t been stellar by any means, and many of those victories that Richt’s vocal supporters so often tout have been over teams with much less talent (a.k.a. “cupcakes”) than the ‘Dogs have.”

“Matt Stafford is correct when he says, “…You know what you’re going to get, not only from him, but from his teams.” You’re going to get lots of talent on the field, a handful of starters suspended from the season opener due to violations of team rules or arrests, some unbelievably quick touchdown scores, a steady diet of dumb penalties, and a breakdown or two by the defense at a crucial moment of the big games. Oh, and don’t forget a loss to a less talented team at least once each season. Other than that, it’s all good in Athens.”



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