Top 10 All-Time Wins UGA Program LOST 8 games to UnRanked Teams

8 Losses none made Top 25 AP or Coaches’ even with win over us :


LOST to 6-6 UnRanked South Carolina 09-08-2007 at Sanford L 12-16


LOST to 5-7 UnRanked Colorado 10-02-2010 Big XII 2-6 at Colorado L 27-29


LOST to 7-6 UnRanked Kentucky 11-21-2009 at Sanford L 27-34


LOST to 8-5 UnRanked Florida 10-30-2010 at JAX L 31-34


LOST to 7-5 UnRanked Auburn 11-10-2001 at Sanford L 17-24


LOST to 8-5 UnRanked Kentucky 11-04-2006 at Kentucky L 20-24


LOST to 7-6 UnRanked vols 10-10-2009 at Tennessee L 19-45


LOST to 4-8 UnRanked Vandie 10-14-2006 at Sanford L 22-24 SEC Vandie 1-7





What is this B.S. about 6 SEC East Championships ?

The SEC East Champion plays The SEC West Champion in something called The SEC Championship Game, which we have Won in 2002 when the only other even decent SEC team was # 16 Auburn a 4-Loss team, although 5-Loss Florida was NOT ranked in the AP Poll Top 25 for 2002 even with their win over us where they held our Offense to 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions.


We also Won The SEC Championship Game in 2005, when The SEC decidedly was NOT a DOWN CONFERENCE in 2005, with us the # 3 Ranked SEC Team in every single solitary poll worse ranked than BOTH Alabama and LSU.

There are no others, which means NOT 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013…

Paul Johnson gets schooled by Mark Richt on addition by subtraction 12 players quit team

“Addition by subtraction” Paul Johnson announces in the print version of this weekend’s AJ-C, page C4.  “roller-coaster offseason provided one more bump…as…opened pre-season practice.”  “As it turns out…first-team junior college All-America Kenderius Whitehead…was not able to complete…transfer.”

“The news regarding Whitehead would seem to bring to a close Tech’s off-season, in which 12 scholarship players with eligibility left for a variety of reasons.  That doesn’t include DE Jabari Hunt-Days, who is also academically ineligible…and signee Myles Autry who received a release after his brother Anthony was dismissed from the team.”

“…3 players dismissed last week-”

Paul Johnson’s rebuttal ? 

“Sometimes, it’s addition by subtraction.”


Ken Sugiura has an article online, too, if you want to pay $ .99 cents to read it; but, it is hidden from the Internet.