UGA Indoor Practice Facility on South Milledge Avenue Vote Sept 20, 2014

Chip Towers has a HIDDEN post, embedded inside another post on his UGA Sports’ blog today, and since only 15 have clicked to find it; here it is :

“Georgia long has been criticized for not having an indoor practice facility to retreat to in the case of inclement weather or extremely cold temperatures. Currently the team goes by bus to the Falcons’ indoor facility in Flowery Branch in such situations. The majority of SEC teams have them, and Georgia Tech recently built one.

Greg McGarity would not provide details, but in the past he has spoken of a $15 million project that would erect an 140-yard [long] by 80-yard [wide] facility at a site next to the softball/soccer complex on South Milledge Avenue.

“Those numbers and locations are viable based on preliminary studies,” McGarity said cryptically.

Recruits in town last month for “Dawg Night,” UGA’s elite prospect camp, competed in a downpour and Georgia’s past two Pro Days have been conducted in near-freezing temperatures.

Over the years, Bulldogs coach Mark Richt has spoken with varying degrees of passion about his desire to have an indoor facility.”

Georgie tek’s $ 9 million dollar garage is NOT an Indoor Practice Facility but only 90 yards long.  Excuse me, that’s the way you engineered that ?  90 yards long.  Of course, the end of the 90 yards’ “field” is a cement abutment – so, not 90 yards either.  It has 6 garage doors (they’re cheaper if you buy 6 small instead of 1 large enough) for ingress and egress. What a POS.

Also, we do not go by bus to the Falcons’ Indoor Practice Facility when the Falcons are using it, as has happened on the eve of several very important games we’ve lost recently.

Louisville recently took advantage of The University of Georgia in recruiting bragging of their “indoor practice facility” which ALSO like Georgie tek’s is NOT an Indoor Practice Facility but a place to walk through plays in inclement weather, only.

We have the 2nd most cash on hand of any Athletics’ Department budgets nationally; and the former Athletics’ Director at UGA hired by Mike Adam$ also, Damon Evans, repeatedly stated the mantra that he would not approve an Indoor Practice Facility where any of the funds were put on a Mortgage.  You know ?  Real Estate mortgage.  Every person in America has had a real estate mortgage, or wants one.  But, not Damon Evans.  You remember, of course, his video at the games urging us not to drink and drive ?  Well, this is just as famous.  Well, maybe red panties is more famous.  And, the quip, do you even know who I am ?  I’m the AD at UGA !

Greg McGarity lets this loose today, 5 days after he quipped : “We’ve not had any Arrests/Suspensions in August.” on August 1.

And, 5 days after his multiple salvos of him not being happy about the state of our program.

Finally, Greg McGarity does something.

A Football Indoor Practice Facility of less than 100,000 square feet, is NOT SAFE for the student-athlete.  Please list all injuries of all student-athletes running into the cement walls ?  I have a few myself on the hedges, scars I take through life.

Just when I thought he would come and go having nothing to moniker his name here at UGA other than his # 27 Won/Lost Record of 36-18 not even in the Top 25 along with being # 1 in Arrests/Suspensions in his tenure here too with 11 Arrests/Suspensions in 2014 already, and although not over, none in August.

1 Arrest/Suspension every 2.7 weeks in 2014, but none in August.  Do nothing Athletics’ Director at my alma mater and his, The University of Georgia had better get this vote approved on September 20, 2014 or Jere Morehead, who graduated with his Juris Doctor Degree as my Dad as well, from The University of Georgia 1980 might just have to clean house.  Jere Morehead cannot be pleased about the goings on in our Football Program, since he graduated here the same year we Won The National Championship in the AP Poll, something Georgie tek has NEVER done in football, and only once in girl’s tennis long ago.

If Greg McGarity cannot get this right, either, I think it’s time for him to be on the hot seat 2014.  4 years and he’s done nothing but bring us BAD PRESS.  Jere Morehead has been quiet since July 1 last year when he took over to be Greg McGarity’s boss.