NCAA cannot restrain payments for images likeness and names

Of course, there is no difference between football and men’s basketball from any other collegiate sport – baseball, softball or women’s basketball, for example.  Friday, you use my image likeness or name, and all the players on my team in my recruiting class get the same amount as I, and there can be no bylaw from the NCAA limiting this as less than $ 5,000 a season.  A college could pay me less as long as there is no collusion among schools to do so.

All of you who said that I was wrong and that this would mean paying high school players and grammar school players and T-Ball and Pop Warner players, where the Hell are you now today son ?

Well ?

Cost of attending is being addressed in the Thursday ruling anyway, since the Big 5 Power Conferences are moving away from the restraints there imposed by the NCAA members where weenie conferences don’t have the funds available they say to cover the true cost of attendance and health benefits along with transportation costs and more.  I contend they do have the funds lining their own $ 3.5 million dollar contract pockets annually for coaches who are 54-26 with 11 Arrests/Suspensions and 7-22 vs teams making the Top 25.  That’s $ 5,000 every 12 hours for that performance on and off the field, including $ 5,000 every night to insure he teaches his recruits he signed to my alma mater to obey the rules.  And, another $ 5,000 the morning afterwards, for him to harshly punish the recruits he was given great credit for signing here for his failure to teach them to obey the rules.  B.S. they do not represent him.  All these folks lining their own pockets and whining no monies available or having to pay these sums will ruin collegiate sports.  No it will not.  You pay the student-athletes you idiot NCAA lawyers argued anyway.  If the costs go up, the price goes up.  Folks without business education should not be allowed to own a business.

That’s their own problem, as they should’ve stuck with the Major Conferences obviously, since we pay their schools a million dollars to come to our stadium and get their brains beat-in.  Then, they whine to NCAA that their 13-0 prior to bowl games is just as good as some SEC team who is 12-1, in fact better they argue.  In college every game is a play-off game, they submit.  See, we played a Top 5 Power Conference team and look, we went to their stadium and beat them handily – never mind that they played only 1 such game and thus no wearing down from a grueling schedule of 9 great teams UGA would have to beat to win it 2014-2015 season.  Not just Top 5 Power Conference Opponent; but 9 great teams.  They had argued Restraint of Trade themselves to get access to the BCS, and it ruined the BCS Bowl Games where a great team played a team actually ranked for that season number # 24 or # 19 in a “BCS Bowl Game.”

That’s all that makes-up Mark Richt’s only 2 BCS Bowl Wins, 2 teams who are ranked for those seasons # 19 and # 24.  In 1 case, we are ranked # 2 and the other # 3 in all the Polls; yet all we beat were # 19 and # 24.  It ruined the Major Bowl Games.  This is not my contention but that of the consensus of millions of us, and why the BCS is over.  The new CFP better get the Major Bowl Games right.  Even if the weenie school wins over a Top team in all the polls according to everyone before kick-off, they have the advantage of not having the wear and tear on their team that the pre-game highly ranked team has had to endure.

This is so clear that you use my image likeness or name, you cannot restrain my possible payments.  This really has nothing to do with cost of attendance and larger stipend checks, or unionization. It’s simply a restraint on free trade for the NCAA to have bylaws limiting me to nothing and giving away my image likeness and name.  I have rights.  $ 50 million dollars was paid to the Plaintiffs’ Lawyers alone to get this ruling last night – an inevitable ruling.

The $ 5,000 Trust Cap Minimum in 2014 dollars cannot be upheld on Appeal because it contains the words must remain academically eligible that season.  You use my image, likeness or name; you pay me.  You cannot profit from me and pass bylaws that I get nothing NCAA – I can go get representation in Court.  The NCAA getting this added-in is of no consequence then, since I can have my name, image and likeness used any year – even redshirt and even medical redshirt, so I can make $ 30,000 or more.  Further, on Appeal, the decision to not force the TV stations to pay me for my image likeness or name with the season not started yet, cannot be limited to just future recruiting classes.  The NCAA was wrong to restrain free trade of my good name image and likeness.  The Judge has already made that ruling.  I was not party to agreement pre-trial that because it was a Judge and not a Jury, I gave up my Rights. Whether I am academically eligible for all the games on TV that year except for the bowl game, or not eligible for any game not on TV all season, but was for the bowl game will never stand-up on Appeal. I am just as valuable to the collegiate men’s basketball and football team as the star in these minimum $ 5,000 Trust Funds per year.

All the NCAA has done trying to hold-on with that, is to open itself to more lawsuits and you can easily see the NCAA does better telling everyone what to do than in telling judges lies that the student-athlete is not harmed.  Sure they are.  Used my image, likeness or name and passed bylaws telling me nothing for me.  Hogwash.  B.S.

TV Stations see their cost go up.  They can charge more for ads, and do a better job of managing their monies to make the payments for that which they pay everyone else anyway.  So, this was just a way to line their pockets here, wasn’t it ?

Stock prices of TV stations just went down.

NCAA is crumbling.

I said it all along.

TV stations do not own my likeness image and name.  You cannot force me to sign something to play the bloody sport that says that they do.  I’ll simply sign it, and you will be left holding the bag that you cannot enforce that.  I took every Business Law Course at The University of Georgia, and understand the Uniform Commercial Code Articles I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX.  My GPA in said classes is 3.88 at UGA.

U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken could not rule otherwise.

The NCAA has remained aloof, thinking Itself Above The Damn Law because of their B.S. side collusion agreements with the NBA that a player can play 1 and done in collegiate men’s basketball but football the Good Lord Knows you have to have been out of high school 3 years to go to a 53-man NFL team.

Aaron Murray might not even make 53-man roster with just 2 carries minus 1 yard no passes last night.  Of course, his body of work here was more than 50 % all plays his number, barely over 1 yard a carry dual-threat, and 10 % of all plays sacks 98, fumbles 32, or interceptions 41 to have 4th best Mark Richt era win percentage at only 67 with only 42 % Conversions on 3rd Down directly as a result beating # 4, # 9 and # 14 but losing to 6 UnRanked teams a 3-12 Record against Ranked Teams at Time of Game where just in those games he had 42 sacks, 10 fumbles and 14 interceptions.   Only 5-15 vs. Year Top 25 ranked for that season for 25 % Win % vs teams made Top 25 these years.  An 0-7 record as visitor at opponent’s field ranked for that season, Aaron Murray never made ANY All-America 1st or 2nd team. So, don’t expect any images likeness or name windfall for Aaron Murray in the NFL, either, with his 35-17 to David Greene 42-10 who valued the ball not image likeness or name.



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