19 tackles behind line-of-scrimmage 1st Scrimmage documented by Chip Towers AJ-C

(1) ” Sterling Bailey 8 tackles, 1 TFL

(2) Kosta Vavlas 5, 1 TFL

(3,4,5) Jordan Jenkins 5, 3 sacks

(6,7) Tim Kimbrough (plus sack and forced fumble) [forced fumble not known behind or not]

(8) Josh Dawson (plus sack)

(9) Lorenzo Carter (plus sack)

(10, 11, 12, 13) Mike Thornton (plus 3 TFLs, 1 sack)

(14, 15) Ray Drew (TFL, sack, PBU)

(16) Shaun McGee (TFL)

(17, 18) Malkom Parrish (fumble recovery, sack) [fumble recovery not known behind or not]

(# 19) Josh Dawson 3 & 1 sack ”

Video, quick stats from Georgia’s first scrimmage

Do you really think you can make stick that the 19 tackles behind the line-of-scrimmage at Sanford Stadium Saturday Night in the Game Simulation 2 weeks’ prior to kicking-off this season means absolutely nothing ?

Or, that the summary, URL Link provided, is wrong ?

Or, you just only do not know how to analyze because you never played the game ?

It’s 1 of these 3.

While the Defense gave up passes, did anyone not think the Secondary is an issue 2014 ?  The Defense Dominated the Offensive Line, exactly as I have guaranteed that the OL is in disarray as per usual around here.  Forget the 54-26 to AL 72-9 and 3 NC.  The OL notable performance in Scrimmage Saturday Night indicates the OL blew a lot of assignments, again.  This continuing on-going non-NFL Offensive Line we field for many years again and again, every year the same.  Do I make a big deal about our OL ?  You bet !   And, there is no evidence again that the OL is GATA, is there ?  There are no bananas for this group again this season, no NFL OL again, and few wins over ranked teams 7-22 vs Top 25 after 2007 through today because the OL is weak.  You cannot allow me to run unabated into the backfield 19 times in a game.  And, a lot more than 19 times when you add in the QB hurries.  We all knew the DL is very good 2014, and we all knew the OL isn’t.  Quit your whining that it doesn’t matter, as it could not possibly matter more that once again, our OL is under-performing again 2014 – as always !   Every single opponent will do as I, and analyze Chip Towers’ Scrimmage coverage for a most-challenging season for us to do well because of the 9 opponents in the USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll Top 27 plus Georgie tek we’d have to beat.

The 1st game is only 2 Saturdays’ away.   They have to inspect this, and you’re a fool if you think it does not matter, or that these 9 opponents are not looking at this Chip Towers’ coverage of our Scrimmage to see if it methodically reveals areas to take advantage of with, for example, Clemson’s great defense.  Sure it does.  We need to shore this up, not have you tell everyone it matters not, or that they don’t need to do on the OL what they’ve continued to not do on the OL like it all goes away if you just only could CENSOR me. You’re not helping this team nor the OL to not tell the OL to GATA – that the OL has areas for improvement to work on looking now 2014 at the Game Simulation at Sanford Stadium I’ve been to 350 times.

We must identify this issue, highlight it, and work on it.  Our opponents most certainly are.  You think you make it go away by censoring me ?  Really ?  That’s really what you think ?  I played db so when I got through, the OL blew assignments. What did you play that it’s not the OL blown assignments ?  Is the TE on our OL in this offense ?  Or, the Fullback, either ?  Whose fault is this, the best player on the team Todd Gurley II ?  The Great Fullback who was going to be All-SEC 1st Team Fullback this season, now moved elsewhere ?  The walk-ons who take their places ?  The Tight Ends we apparently are short on numbers at ?  The Fullbacks we can’t seem to recruit any of with 200 available every year ?  I mean just whose fault is this, so that we can correct this mess ?  Ultimately, as big a mess as our OL has been for all these seasons now, it rides with Mark Richt, for just as 11 Arrests/Suspensions reflect on him as our Coach at $ 3.5 million, approaching $ 50 million paid to him to-date now by us, the OL certainly reflects on Mark Richt who came here because he was an Offensive Coordinator.  This under-performing OL on his watch, is tiring.

# 53 in 3rd Down Conversions with 3 now missing OL Starters and now missing Blocking Tight End, not to mention the Starting FB also moved to new H-Back or to Tight End,  in addition to now missing # 1 All-Time SEC Quarterback.

The Offensive Line is once again, an issue – isn’t it ?  Or, a National Championship Offensive Line Performance of 21 tackles behind line of scrimmage in Scrimmage Saturday night proves our OL once again are NC caliber who can beat # 1 play-offs, # 2 Alabama @ SEC CG, # 3 play-offs, # 5 Auburn, # 9 @ South Carolina, # 16 Clemson who has no offense, # 26 @Missouri, # 27 Florida @ JAX in Will Mushchamp’s final chance to do well 2014 and to beat us as promised at 0-3 ?


Our Offense is not going to look good this year any way you slice it up.  We’re a BAD OFFENSE this year.  We all know this is on Mark Richt and not Mike Bobo.  This is Mark Richt’s Offense.  These are plays designed by Mark Richt.  These are players recruited here by Mark Richt.  Mark Richt decides who plays and who does not play.  This is Mark Richt’s Offense and it is one of the worst in the nation this year.  Wake up because Mark Richt is not awake and is placating you with excuses about 19 tackles behind the line of scrimmage 2 weeks before we begin this obvious lackluster year of probably in this 15-game season this season no more than a HORRIBLE 10-win season meaning we lose 3 games and continue to average then more than 4 losses a season after 2007 for Mark Richt.


The culprit in this is poor decision making by Mark Richt.  Poor development of Quarterbacks by Mark Richt.  Poor Choices at QB repeatedly by Mark Richt.  And of course the massive ATTRITION we suffer every year while this leaves us with HUGE HOLES in recruiting.  We recruit plenty of talent but not enough to suffer all these arrests/suspensions/kicked-off.


2014 is going to be a disappointing year unless of course we lead lots of his kids to Christ, which after all is more important to Mark Richt than win/loss because he says he cares little about whether he is successful as judged by wins and losses here because it just isn’t important in the whole scheme of life to him as our football coach for nearly $4 million a year  whether we win or lose.  Mark Richt says he isn’t judged by wins and losses and that he is comfortable therefore whatever we do here at Georgia in win/losses.  He is comfortable in whatever we do in win/losses here at Georgia because he knows that his Walk with Jesus is more important.  That DOES give Mark Richt comfort.


Religion is more important to Mark Richt than winning football games he tells us all the time.


We have failed to prepare a QB for this season and are choosing the wrong QB.  Our QB is destined to be doomed to lose against lesser talented teams this season.  Our QB will have lots more talent around him than those who beat him this season because he is the wrong choice at QB.


We will not beat the top teams away from Sanford again, while you brag to me that Mark Richt is a Road Warrior.  Not after 2007 he is NOT.


We will continue to lose head-scratching losses because to Mark Richt that just isn’t important to him but his Walk with Jesus – now that is important to Mark Richt.


Therefore our Offense is going to suck this season as you can readily see from 19 tackles behind the line of scrimmage 2 weeks prior to the season this year.  And there isn’t anything that Mike Bobo is going to do about it.


If you can not see that, please complain to me below and then run and hide when the season is over rather than come back and see how you did on your prediction that 19 tackles behind the line of scrimmage 2 weeks prior to the season opening game means that the Offense is going to be great.


The Offense will LOSE FOOTBALL GAMES for us this season at least 3 losses and in 15-game season this year – we will win NO MORE than 10 games, maybe even only 9 again as Mark Richt averages after 2007.




9 thoughts on “19 tackles behind line-of-scrimmage 1st Scrimmage documented by Chip Towers AJ-C

    1. That’s your retort 2 Saturdays’ prior to having to beat 9 teams in the Coaches’ Poll Top 27, that oh well the OL has been great, is great and continues to be great as a National Championship Caliber Offensive Line 2014, or that instead of whining it’s not relevant, fix it ?

      Really man ?

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  1. You played DB? Yeah right. A slow white guy like you? Maybe in 1955. I bet you were terrible because you don’t seem to know shit about football. And now you’re a sad old loser who “likes” his own comments.

    Fucking Grade A Loser

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    1. We are all sure that Mark Richt just LOVES having a fan like you sir ?

      I was 8th fastest in the state, and Won nearly all the meets before the regionals which I qualified for the state, obviously. And, your statement therefore that I was slow is as meaningful as your ability to make a point that you LOVE Mark Richt and hate to see anyone say he hasn’t done much in the 2nd half of his career. Good Luck with that. Your posts here speak for themselves, and are here for ETERNITY.

      Good Luck with THAT, too. And, I’m a moron with a 3.88 GPA at UGA where I graduated with 239 hours ?

      What the Hell did you play ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t care how fast you are or what your GPA is. I know a lot of nerds who are fast… especially prior to desegregation. Im talking about modern football, not track times. This has nothing to do with liking or disliking Richt. I just dislike fucking morons like you. Actually I was an all-middle GA, all region, All city (Macon) Tight End/Linebacker, Catcher and Forward. I was All-State in football as well in 1999. I still play in wooden bat leagues at 32 and i’m a 4 Handicap golfer. I know sports and i know idiots like you So go fuck yourself after you like your own comment. Loser

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      2. My posts are here for all eternity!? That’s hilarious. So you and the other 3 people who visit this shitty excuse for a blog will see it. Am I supposed to be upset about that you fucking loser?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Your posts certainly will be used against you, as anyone with a pc can search the handle DawgFaithful to find out about you. This blog comes up on any Google Search genius. And, what do we actually know about you from your posts here, you pathetic little POS ?

          What are your statements here ?

          How have you comported yourself ?

          When you get over yourself and what you said here, all you can do is try to ignore that which you did say.

          Anyone who looks at your weak-assed argument that Mark Richt is doing GREAT you repeatedly act as if it your axe to grind to yell to the Heavens he is, finds instead that what you actually say on the Internet is that Mark Richt is NOT doing great. And, that you support this Christian Man Mark Richt in a fine fashion.

          Right ?

          What will you say when your B.S. comes to roost ?

          Your B.S. is LEGENDARY on this blog with over 10,000 views of this blog already.

          You’ve made a fool of yourself with your statements of how great we are at 54-26 the # 23 won/lost record in the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

          When someone else comes in here and in 15-game seasons, loses 5 or 4 games a season on the average as Mark Richt has done after 2007 mind you, what would you say then about whomever that is ?

          All I am saying for my seasons’ tickets is that we LOSE too many damn important games the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era – not what he did 7 years’ ago.

          What he’s done the current latest 6-year period of # 23 in won/lost record after 2007 with the 2nd best average recruiting rankings and with that verified by the 2nd Most NFL Draft Picks both in the Mark Richt era of which 2014 is no different – are unacceptable – and you know it, dimwit.

          Your considered vocal minority opinion is that Mark Richt is doing GREAT at 5 or 4 LOSSES per season average after 2007.

          Excuse the Hell out of me for pointing out that he’s not and needs to fix it, but what we’ve seen this off-season makes it all the more clear that it will CONTINUE 2014.

          9-5 if we make it to The SEC Championship Game
          9-4 if we don’t.

          Now, where is your prediction Oh Merciful One for Mark Richt’s 2014-2015 record, the # 23 won/lost record again ? 5 losses or 4 losses again on the average for latest 6 years ? 7-22 vs teams making either the AP or Coaches’ Polls these current latest 6 years again 2014-2015 ?

          Go ahead, we all know you can do it.

          Since what bothers you is that with MY EDUCATION and experiences, of which you’ve shared NONE to establish your credibility DEMANDING I instead reply to your B.S. how great this all is, I see more of the same 2014-2015 :

          So, where the Hell is your record for Mark Richt 2014-2015 ?

          Since THAT is what bothers you about your defense of Mark Richt’s # 23 won/lost record after 2007.

          Go ahead ?

          You’re so brilliant ?

          Put up the record for Mark Richt 2014-2015 ?

          Your opinion ?


          1. No one’s going to use these comments against me old man. How would they? Its a freaking sports blog. Every reader of the UGA blogs I read agree with me and hate you because you’re such a fucking moron anyway. Thats why youre banned from all of them dumbass. Even if they did “use them against me” I’m not sure why I would give a fuck. I really don’t comment anywhere else. I just like trolling yours because you’re such a fucking idiot. Die soon please. The Dawg nation doesn’t want you

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