SEC Network graphics wrong on TV schedule, horrible programming, no live TV events, no feedback form, where to find SEC Network, Tim Tebow GPOE says if Will Mushchamp does not fulfill his promise to beat UGA, he is gone after this season.

SEC Network is a very poorly run by ESPN TV station :

1st : ESPN knows that we want to watch LIVE tv.  But, ESPN doesn’t show us, except to break-in their B.S. talking heads in a studio bragging on The SEC, and doing the same type of discussion every other sports’ talk shows has, to show us a short snippet of live SEC events going on right now, today.  Surely, they know what would be the highest ratings.

2nd : They apparently have 3 live channels.  792, 300, and 1738.  They have a TV channel finder on the Home Page, which is the only topic on they have right :

3rd :  They have no Feedback form on so you cannot tell them that their graphics for their bloody schedule writes on top of itself, and cuts off what they are showing.  You cannot make out what the Hell they are showing.

4th : All they do show is taped replays of UGA games from 2006.  I mean give me a damn break.  If I wanted to see games from 9 seasons ago now this 2014 season up-coming, I would go to and watch them.  This is 2014.  Every game is on YouTube.  Does someone still own a TV where they cannot watch anything on the Internet on their silly old TV ?

5th : SEC blew it Opening Night the night before last at 6 pm.  They had LIVE cameras in all 14 venues.  Did SEC Network play 5 minute snippets without talking heads sitting on the screen with a small picture in the background of some live game ? No.  That’s all they do : Show a minute or 2 of live Soccer match, then talking heads again on TV.  They are called TV announcers.  This media is to show LIVE events, with the talking heads telling us about the action.  You don’t have anyone who knows how to broadcast Soccer, so you show us a LIVE event for a minute, then back to talking heads talking about football.  SEC should have shown ALL LIVE EVENTS the 1st night.

6th : Have a Poll on your WebPages which allow users to determine for you if you cannot determine yourself the BEST EVENT to be showing LIVE.

7th : Get your own WebPages, and stick to the same format for your channel.  Our agreement was that ESPN would run this channel correctly.  Instead, you have followed the losing format of Big 10, Big XII, PAC-12, and ACC – assuming they have channels because I will not watch talking heads and will not watch re-runs of games from 9 seasons’ ago.  Who the Hell wants to watch that ?

8th : There are 14 SEC schools and 14 LIVE feeds.  So, figure out how to go to the EVENTS and show us that event.  If you can’t determine what’s fair, then use your separate feeds, and advertise your separate feeds by the name which they can be found on your channel finder.  SEC Network Digital, SEC Network Analog, and SEC Network and your 2nd SEC Digital Network channel whatever you call that.  I would broadcast in most circumstances 3 different feeds.

9th : Fire the talking heads.  If I have to hear Tim Tebow at the end of every damn interview tell the player God Bless You, I will freaking PUKE.

10th : Frank Broyles was CUT-OFF Opening Night SEC Network after one minute.  Good God !  If you are going to Interview a LIVE feed of Frank Broyles, have the common decency to lob him an open-ended question of : Frank Broyles, sir, what would you like to tell SEC Network viewers on any topic you’d like to discuss, sir ?

11th : We are one more Saturday away from the 4-team play-off season getting under way, and all you can show us is re-runs of Auburn vs UGA in 2006 a season in which we LOST 4 games, four mind you, and for the season threw a grand total of 12 Touchdown Passes and 16 Interceptions.  The 4 losses were the worst 4 teams : the vols where we threw the game away with 3 Interceptions and a Lost Fumble in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions, Vandie who was winless in the SEC 2006 but beat us on a Lost Fumble to improve their record to 4-8, Florida whom we had five (5) freaking turnovers 3 Lost Fumbles and two more Interceptions, and Kentucky whom we had 3 More Interceptions and a Lost Fumble – hapless Kentucky, 5 Loss Kentucky who should have been 6 Loss Kentucky 2006.  And, you televise a replay of a game that season your Opening Salvo SEC Network ?  God Almighty is all I can freaking say.  Vandie’s wins 2006 ?  Tennessee State, Temple, 0-12 Duke, and Mark Richt. This is All has to show us on this quarter of a billion dollar channel ?

12th : The talking heads, fumbled all over themselves SEC Network Opening Night telling us how they would be on TV forever – so many hours as to boggle your mind.  Oh, God !  Seriously ?  This is the last thought on any of our minds that we’d be seeing Tim Tebow every damnable minute of the day and night, and re-runs of that B.S.  He’s a horrible QB whom I told you would NEVER be any good in the NFL.  Let’s do the Interview where his obviously Godless Mother wanted to ABORT him and look what we have instead : GFPOE.  He is not the greatest player on Earth.  He was a linebacker or a running back – one or the other, and NOTHING MORE.  Cease with the Florida, rah, rah, rah.  The crocodiles did not beat a single team who even WENT to a bowl game. On the other hand, we did hear you say, Tim Tebow, that if Will Mushchamp does not finally beat UGA Bulldogs this season at the Gator Bowl, that he “WOULD BE GONE.”




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