Brice Ramsey is looking pretty darn good.


Jacob Park is redshirting 2014-2015 he says.  Both he and Brice Ramsey are all around equals.  Both are 6′ 3″ and Brice Ramsey might be slightly bigger at 205 lbs.  Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park are neither one very athletic, but Brice Ramsey moves around back there better and has the better arm.  In fact, Brice Ramsey should be our Quarterback right now.

Alabama wanted both, Auburn wanted both, Clemson wanted both but Jeff Scott could not get the player to go to a really lackluster school, FSU wanted both and Florida wanted Brice Ramsey to be their Quarterback and would have played there last season and might have entrenched himself.

Jacob Park is a 3.82 GPA out of Goose Creek South Carolina this year, and Charlie Weis also wanted him badly at Virginia Tech.

Mark Richt has no one lined up at Quarterback for the 2015 recruiting commitments in what is one of his best recruiting classes 2015, although there are 3 junior college players transferring in with the 7 open scholarships, soon to be given to 7 walk-ons who will not play on offense or defense.

Faton Bauta is a strong guy who could play many positions at 6′ 3″ and 220 lbs out of Palm Beach Florida 3 years’ ago 2012.  On this team, he is relegated to slim pickings with the depth at running back and at quarterback we have.

Christian LeMay from 4 years’ ago out of Charlotte 2011, I never liked keeping that commitment from that lax home environment in the 1st place, nor understood why when he obviously never fit in, why his troubled  brother, also, came here.  That family was a disaster for us.  Wrong from the start because when Christian LeMay was not allowed to even play his senior season, we still brought him in.  I did not care for that.

Brice Ramsey is out of Camden County High and is the better quarterback and the only QB we took 2 recruiting classes ago.

5 years’ ago, we did not pick-up any Quarterback for 2010 except for Hutson Mason after 6 years’ ago signing both Aaron Murray # 3 nationally – and Zach Mettenberger – whom I thought at the time should have played against Okie State to begin the season, not Joe Cox.

Joe Cox the # 22 QB nationally, like Joe Tereshinski III the # 20 QB nationally, both were highly touted by only Mark Richt – just as he is doing now with Hutson Mason.

Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park, of these Quarterbacks were ranked in the top 10 at quarterback.

I want what is best for our team.

Then, there is Hutson Mason who was ranked # 53 QB nationally and has languished so long here now, that he extracted a promise that he would be the quarterback though he himself knows he is no Brice Ramsey.

Only FSU wanted the # 53 QB in the nation with plodding feet and a weak arm.  Hutson Mason can never be judged in his lifetime better than Brice Ramsey, but I forget I cannot have that opinion – just as I could not that Zach Mettenberger also a 4-Star was a better Quarterback than Joe Cox and just as I could not that Matthew Stafford # 2 QB nationally was a better Quarterback than Joe Tereshinski III.



11 thoughts on “Brice Ramsey is looking pretty darn good.

  1. He himself knows he is no Brice Ramsey? How the hell do you know what he knows? Did Hutson reveal that to you personally? Kinda like how you know what I’m thinking when you put words in my mouth? You’re just a master mind reader aren’t you? Troll extraordinaire.

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  2. Ramsey and Park are equals? Is this based on their recruiting ranking, scrimmage stats or is this from your personal expert evaluation after having seen them play/practice? You spew so much nonsense. It’s really unbelievable.

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    1. They’re both equally BETTER than Hutson Mason ever will be. This comment of yours, is weak that both Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park are NOT both BETTER than Hutson Mason.

      You have an opinion – although you’ve not shared what it might be – and guess what ?

      My opinion is that Hutson Mason is NEVER better than either Brice Ramsey nor Jacob Park and your B.S. post here will sit here as your testimony that you PREFER Hutson Mason.


      Based upon what, pray tell ?

      Your Christian believes as demonstrated in your every post ?

      Because Mark Richt told you THAT, like he told you Joe Tereshinski III was BETTER than Matthew Stafford, the # 1 pick overall in the NFL Draft ? I said that was B.S., too.

      Because Mark Richt told you THAT, like he told you that Joe Cox was BETTER than Zach Mettenberger to play against Okie State on the road who that 2009 season did NOT even make the AP Poll Top 25 for 2009, even with their win over Mark Richt, and even with the chronic sore shoulder of Joe Cox who kept him out of 25 % of ALL practices prior to the game and continued ALL SEASON LONG, and had the flu prior to Okie State requiring him to be flown on a separate charter flight to Stillwater.

      Come on now, answer the damn question son – what in the blazing Hell makes you such an expert that Hutson Mason is BETTER than either Jacob Park or Brice Ramsey ?

      What are you going to say when Brice Ramsey REPLACES Hutson Mason ?

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      1. How is my comment weak? I haven’t seen Park or Ramsey play… EVER. I’ve seen Hutson Mason play 2 games and throw for 5 or 600 yds. Small sample size but at least there is one. I think they will be better eventually but not right now. Thats why the coaches are going with Mason you dumbass

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        1. First you tell us that you have not seen 1 QB and that therefore the other QB is the better QB according to the guru, Mark Richt.
          Then you tell us that you REALLY THINK I AM RIGHT THAT THE OTHER QB IS THE BETTER QB eventually, you say.
          Which the friq’ is it dumbass ?
          Talk about dolts.
          If you have 2 players, one of whom YOU SAY is better eventually in your humble opinion, you tell the guy who is going to be better eventually that you want him to step it up and be the man you want him to be. You point out the areas he needs to improve in. You play him, a lot. You work with him a lot. You teach him his deficiencies. You DEVELOP him, dumbass.

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      2. Christian beliefs? Where do you come up with this crap. Never once have I divulged my beliefs on your “all eternity” bullshit blog. You speak completely from your ass. You’re a pathetic loser. You old decrepit has been 8th fastest guy. Who brags about being 8th fastest white guy anyway? Fucking loser

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  3. Park not athletic? Why is he listed as a Dual – threat QB? Ramsey should be our QB now? Based on what? You’re expert opinion of which you have no first hand knowledge to base it on? Everything I’m reading says Ramsey has a strong arm and shows flashes but he is struggling with accuracy and too often tries to fit balls into tight windows resulting in interceptions. One would think that a guy like you, who continues to troll Aaron Murray (who is not even at Georgia anymore) about interceptions he threw while he was at Georgia, would be more comfortable with the 5th year Senior who known for protecting the ball. But no… you think the 19yr old kid who played QB in a wing-T and ran a total of 6 plays in high school should just be handed the job. Really Troll? Where do you get this shit from? Why do you think you know more than the football coaches? Have you ever coached football. Being the 8th fastest kid in the state in 1955 and having a degree from UGA doesn’t make you a football expert or talent evaluator.


    1. A Troll is a person who makes inflammatory posts on the Internet for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of someone – not their actual personal opinion.

      This sums you up to a tee.

      Here for this blog, you DEFEND Hutson Mason despite what you’ve actually seen.

      Or, you don’t go to the games ?

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    2. ” Aaron Murray (who is not even at Georgia anymore) about interceptions he threw while he was at Georgia”

      Yes, indeed I do not think much of a guy # 27 in won/loss record on his watch as Starting QB at UGA with the 2nd best talent around him, ball-hogging more than half the plays to his own number when 10 % of his plays here were fumbles, interceptions and sacks – all at the very worst moments.

      35-17 the Dawg-Worst Record Mark Richt era for a Starting QB at UGA.

      I’m NOT impressed with ANY of that, and you are.

      Now, who is right ?

      I am glad Aaron Murray and his fumbles interceptions and sacks along with the commensurate losses, is gone and call for ANOTHER 4-year Starter, not this B.S. of Hutson Mason.

      But, you are stuck with your statements in here FOREVER of how Hutson Mason is BETTER than BOTH Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park.

      Ah, B.S. to your usual B.S. you FOS little snot.

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      1. You don’t think much of a guy that has every passing record in SEC, Was 3-1 vs Fl, 3-1 Vs Auburn, undefeated vs Tech, leader on and off the field, did everything the right way, was the only player in SEC history to throw for 3000yds 4 consecutive seasons and was a Damn good dawg? That’d be because you’re a delusional fuck tard.

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