Georgie tek put on NCAA Probation 4th time, 3rd since 2005 in football

Georgie tek, once again, is on NCAA Probation – again.  In football, again.

Also in women’s and men’s basketball, again.

Mark Richt has endured Georgie tek on NCAA Probation in Football almost nearly the entire time he’s been our coach for 13 seasons and those seasons they were not, everyone knew they would be for violations they committed those damn few seasons they weren’t.

Mark Bradley says they’re playing stupid again.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

When asked if they cheated or not, all involved admitted that they did and admitted they knew the rules and did it anyway.

It’s what they do.

Believe they are above everyone and every rule.

For example, in women’s basketball, they took every opportunity to take advantage during the recruiting process.


Significant Breach of Conduct


3 women’s basketball coaches were made aware of the violations and “made a conscious decision to not report the violations” the NCAA stated in handing down the most recent of now 4 NCAA Probation Rulings against Georgie tek.


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