ESPN says UGA makes play-offs by beating no offense Clemson in the rain here


Oh, give me a break !  Every off-season we search high and low for someone, anyone – no matter how poorly they’ve ever done at predicting, ESPN the worst of the lot, and brag locally about how great we are.

Then, with the reality of whom it is we’d have to beat totally out of our minds, we all hit the AJ-C blogs to brag away on the staff and players’ efforts – despite the facts that we’ve lost 5 or 4 games on the average the current latest 6 seasons now and counting with more of the same 2014, and all the off-field arrests/suspensions ongoing as well.

1 of the best 4 teams in America when you lose this many games is utterly and completely wholeheartedly B.S.

Clemson has no offense, so that one is easy – us winning at home in the rain by 16 points as we are forced to run the football every play instead of floating passes into the teeth of Clemson’s Defense.

South Carolina ?  Not with Hutson Mason.  Not with this staff.  Hutson Mason cannot beat South Carolina.  Heck, he isn’t even the best quarterback on THIS team, let alone that field when that field a ranked opponent that season, we as visitors at 1-11 after 2006.

2006 mind you.

That is a lot of previous knowledge about our choices and chances, isn’t it ?

The 1 game on the road we did win after 2006 vs a team ranked for that season # 13 Georgie tek, would’ve VACATED any win over us anyway, in route to what now stands as 4 NCAA Probations for Georgie tek, 3 after 2005 in FOOTBALL.

And, so since once again there is no discussion of Georgie tek, Georgia Southern University, or Georgia State High School downtown who gave up their dorms we built them to Georgie tek, here we go again.

UGA will beat :

# 9 South Carolina, we as visitor vs ranked team by the way with Hutson Mason no less

# 6 Auburn

# 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game

# 16 Clemson

# 27 Florida

# 24 Missouri

# 1 in the play-offs

# 3 in the play-offs

Oh, yeah right.  I believe that.

I watched ESPN run their special and only 1 pundit on the entire show even considered UGA as 1 of the play-off teams in this new 4-team play-off format, and he said we’d LOSE.  No one else on the show even mentioned UGA.

We will beat Georgie tek on NCAA PROBATION again, unranked for the season, again.

We will beat Clemson by 16 points and they will not be ranked for the season.

We will cost Will Mushchamp his job, never head coach material in the 1st place.

We will beat Missouri and keep them from being ranked.

Nice !

But, we’re not made of the stuff to beat :

# 1 in play-offs

# 2 in SEC Championship Game

# 3 in play-offs

# 6 Auburn

# 9 South Carolina

If you think UGA can beat these 5 Top 10 teams 2014-2015, this is where you know you’re a poster of which there are so many blind head in the sand ignoring all the facts

Thanks a lot Mark Bradley, you boob !  I appreciate the laugh like we’ve been on and off the field averaging more arrests/suspensions than losses the latest 6 years and that with 5 losses or 4 losses a year.



2 thoughts on “ESPN says UGA makes play-offs by beating no offense Clemson in the rain here

  1. Thomas, I understand what you’re saying. However, you have to remember that all of these rankings are “preseason”. Just because South Carolina is ranked #9, doesn’t mean they are a #9 team. I don’t think they will win the NC, but I could see them making the SECCG and possibly winning it. I would think that the defense can’t get any worse, and any marked improvement would allow a stout offense to win the games for you. Special teams HAVE to be cleaned up. But I really think that our defense will be a lot better, and can cover up an inexperienced secondary with beasts coming off the edge like Floyd, Jenkins, and Carter.

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  2. Yes, like our preseason # 1 in both Coaches’ and AP Poll 2008, only to drop 12 places to number 13 in the only poll that matters – the only 1 published for any season. Had we started out pre-season # 13, we would’ve dropped out of the polls all together.

    That’s really when all this started, DaGherk.

    We went out that night preseason # 1 both polls, 22 celebrating in bar brawls etc. One even beat up St. Mary’s Hospital. 54-26 since that pre-season poll # 1 in both polls. # 23 in Won/Lost Record.

    I think South Carolina actually is one of the best teams this season.

    Our problem is our offense with Hutson Mason no Brice Ramsey with other players shuffled all around to fill in for not here players, too, our Special Teams as you say which were the # 100 Special Teams last year, and our Secondary which is just decimated.

    All in all, if you want your team to do well nationally, and you play our schedule, you just have to be realistic about how just mediocre against the real good teams each season, we’ve been since being ranked # 1 preseason 2008.

    7-22 vs teams who actually made the AP or Coaches’ Polls since being ranked preseason # 1.

    Yes, I have to agree with you DaGherk.


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