Sheldon Dawson kicked-off the team arguing coaches, # 13 arrested/suspended/kicked-off in just 2014 alone so far


Sheldon Dawson cannot tell the coaches what play to run or which players to play.  Well, he can; but he is kicked-off the team for it.  Mr. Todd Gurley II can. I presume that’s ok with the coaches.  We all apparently, can tell the coaches they are full of shit that Hutson Mason is our damned quarterback, however.  Mark Richt has announced on that front, that “anything could happen” as far as all of us wanting Hutson Mason thrown under the damn bus.

Is this our freaking consolation booby prize that Mark Richt signed 119 scholarship recruits for which he was given great credit, by the way, who with redshirt would’ve been playing this season, and that now only 77 remain, while none went early in the 2014 NFL draft.  We apparently do not even have a quarterback, since this dimwitted coaching staff of ours thinks Hutson Mason is our best QB like they did when they told us Joe Tereshinski III was better than Matthew Stafford and like they did with Joe Cox when we had that year Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger both of whom could’ve been picked as better quarterbacks than Joe Cox but were neither picked better – and our booby prize for more BAD PRESS is that Sheldon Dawson can go play for Auburn  ?

Sheldon Dawson and Josh Harvey-Clemons were 2 of the most heralded of that recruiting class you two both bragged about Mark Richt signing.  Sheldon Dawson is a Junior this season.  Cornerback.  Our secondary ring any bells to you ?  Or, you think all we need is a Quarterback ?

Sheldon Dawson is a 4-Star Cornerback ranked the # 11 best Cornerback in America, according to and one of their Top 150 best overall players in America.

These guys Mark Richt keeps kicking off the team, he was given such great credit for signing here as recruits by you both and still is, tell Mark Richt he is TURNING HIS BACK ON THEM, not helping them.

vols, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, North Carolina and Arkansas among others all offered Sheldon Dawson a full scholarship, but no, Auburn did NOT.

In the meanwhile the # 6 SEC team in the polls this week, Georgia dropped behind worse than Mississippi State in the AP Poll this week, after the disaster passing game in the vols’ game, another in a long run of disasters in passing by Hutson Mason – the chosen one this season by Mark Richt which NO ONE AGREES WITH MARK RICHT ON, by the way.

So, while you BRAG on Mark Richt’s recruiting of Sheldon Dawson

You are quick to kick him to the curb when he is kicked-off the team too, like you do to all the arrested/suspended/kicked-off players of which now there are 13 just in 2014 alone.

Addition by Subtraction ?

Best of luck to him at Auburn ?

Seriously, if that is all you have to say, why not keep your traps shut ?  This makes us look bad to the selection committee, is an on-going blot on  Mr. Jere Morehead whoever named a guy Jere.  And Greg McGarity has had NOTHING but bad press on and off the field since he brought his LOSING WAYS and ARRESTS/SUSPENDED/KICKED-OFF here, as he too is not in the Top 25 won/lost in the entire Greg McGarity Era here at my alma mater and his.

There is no positive spin on this BAD PRESS yet again on or off the field.  13 of 77 scholarship recruits by the way is 13 % arrested/suspended/kicked-off in just 2014 alone.  CENSOR that !

TGII is exonified for handing figuratively and precisely the redneck’s hat to him after the racial slur TGII suffered this morning from the drunk redneck.

Your excuses for this mess of Mark Richt being # 28 in won/lost record after 2007, make me PUKE given yet more BAD PRESS for another arrested/suspended/kicked-off 2014.  The Bulldog Nation is NOT HAPPY right now with the state of our program on and off the field.  Pukes bragging another can go to Auburn provides no consolation to me, or to you dumbasses saying it does.



pie chart after 2007 vs teams who played in bowl gamecolor pie vs top 15 tog after 2007 6-18 25%

“After the performance of Hutson Mason against Tennessee I think it is fair to say UGA has a QB controversy. “ (Index) of links to articles and blogs on the vols’ game ‘Tween The Hedges shows that the entirety of The Bulldog Nation disagrees with Mark Richt on Hutson Mason.  I guess presume all of these are not questioning Mark Richt’s decision.  Excuse me, they all do.




(2) There is a QB controversy for The Bulldogs :

“After the performance of Hutson Mason against Tennessee I think it is fair to say UGA has a QB controversy.  Mason looked indecisive in the pocket, his poor arm strength stood out and he made poor decisions on throws…I mentioned after the South Carolina game and the Troy game, Mason’s lack of arm strength is startling.  Mason simply cannot make the throws that are necessary for this offense to be as explosive as it can be.  With guys like Mitchell and Scott-Wesley back we won’t really be able to use their speed to our advantage bcause Mason won’t be able to get it to them downfield…I would prepare Brice Ramsey as the starter and see how he handles a whole game plan and game preparation.  If he goes out against Vanderbilt and plays well then you give him the keys to the car kind of like you did with Matthew Stafford.  My opinion is with Hutson Mason is we are playing not to lose.  With a guy like Ramsey, sure he will make some mistakes, but he is capable of making up for those mistakes with the spectacular.  What do you have to lose against Vanderbilt?  The last thing I want to see is a wasted season due to an inept quarterback when you have a talent as special as Todd Gurley in the backfield. ”

It’s clear that our fans and all national media are questioning Mark Richt’s decision to go with Hutson Mason, and even more so, the longer this Hutson Mason Experiment is allowed to go on.

“I agree 1000%…after todays game it’s become crystal clear Mason is not gonna lead us to an SEC championship or a trip to the final four. I say we take a shot with Ramsey. With our running game, it wouldnt be asking too much for the young kid to play the role of “game manager”…he would allow us to stretch the field more and provide more of a compliment to the rushing attack. Sadly, we all know Richt wont pull Mason”
“With Ramsey I would be handing the ball off to Gurley/Chubb and then taking play action shots deep down the field to Justin Scott-Wesley and Malcolm Mitchell. Then I would be throwing a lot of passes outside the hashmarks making the reads much more simple. The first time Ramsey uncorks a throw 60 yards downfield in the air to Mitchell or JSW the defense is going to think twice about 8 or 9 in the box.”
“arm strength cannot be fixed.”
(3) AP Poll dropped us to # 6 SEC team behind Mississippi State, who has nowhere near the talent we do :
“inferior quarterback play that made Georgia’s offense one-dimensional…squeaker victory over a young, modestly talented Tennessee team Saturday at Sanford Stadium.  The Vols could [stack 9 men in the box] because, frankly, they didn’t respect Georgia’s passing game. At all.  And didn’t need to, unfortunately.  As a result, the Vols held the Bulldogs to a dismal 1 of 10 on third-down conversions.  I don’t know whether Mason has some sort of arm fatigue or just wasn’t feeling it Saturday, but his passes had no zip and frequently were off-target. He also continued to show the downside of his first-year-starter status, locking in on well-covered receivers while ignoring others who were wide open, and tucking and running (mostly ineffectually) whenever his pocket threatened to collapse.  But perhaps Richt and offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo need to consider getting [Brice Ramsey] some more playing time…lest the Dogs come to rely strictly on their running game. Yes, Ramsey (who got in on only one play Saturday after Mason had lost his helmet) would be prone to freshman mistakes, but, let’s face it, despite being a fifth-year senior, so is Mason. And he’ll be gone after this year. ‘We had two turnovers that could have turned into points’ [ Mark Richt said.]  Georgia got a win that was much closer than it should have been.”
” It gets old [our only goal every year now is our DOWN SEC East] for the Georgia program, but that is the reality with the way the schedule sets up…how hideous they look.  Georgia won in spite of a punchless passing attack”
“This evidently won’t be the game that Georgia goes downfield. The tailback or fullback has touched the ball on 29 of Georgia’s 34 plays [to start vs the vols]. And at least at the outset it wasn’t a matter of taking what the defense is giving the Bulldogs: Tennessee didn’t respect the pass at all, stacking the box to start the game. And on third-and-eight on Georgia’s first drive the Vols only had one safety back. Mason couldn’t take advantage…And a couple drives later, when Mason had his…interception…it looked bleak for the passing game…this may be the game Mason needs to pass the ball to win”
” the offense didn’t come out after halftime with…success.  Seemingly changing the play calling, offensive coordinator Mike Bobo called five passing plays to start the half. Mason pulled the ball down for a run once of those five plays and went 2-for-4 for 13 yards and his second interception of the game on the other four plays and Georgia would go on to punt in its next four drives.  Compounding Mason’s struggles was the fact that Gurley was rarely used in the quarter, including a nearly 11 minute stretch in which Gurley did not have a carry.   ‘The defense had a lot of series there, especially in the third quarter, when they didn’t have a lot of grass behind them,’ Georgia head coach Mark Richt said. ‘I thought the defense did a phenomenal job after both turnovers, not giving up any points.’ [Josh] Dawson’s fumble recovery for a touchdown ultimately gave Georgia the win.”
WR Michael BennettOn the passing game…
“We’re doing what we need to be doing. We aren’t trying to force anything, but we’re taking what is given to us. We were taking some shots down the field we just need to execute them.”
“Fact is, Gurley had to turn into Superman, or Herschel Walker reincarnated, because of the inability of the Georgia passing game to make things happen.  Folks, without Todd Gurley, the Bulldogs don’t even come close to winning this football game.”


 23 hour(s) ago Comment

“I love Gurley.  But I hate being a one man team offensively.   Which may be a slight overstatement…but dag gummit, we’ve got to get some QB play.”


20 hour(s) ago Comment

“Unfortunately, I just don’t think Mason has it in him.  If he did, we would have at least seen glimpses of it at this point.”

Fred Russo


“We suck! what did we beat today? I said after the SC game Tennessee would beat us and they would have if Worley did no go down for a period. This is one more Wait until next year under CMR!”



“[Mike Bobo] has shown time and time that his play calling mindset is flawed.  Another example of Bobo’s poor mindset of running plays is the excess number of times we run “shotgun run option.” I put that in quotes because it’s rare to see our QB keep the ball. This puts in RB into a poor position for success (not moving north/south, allows defense for time to attack etc). I wish someone would break down our RB’s success/yards on shotgun run plays vs. toss sweeps/I formation.”

“Yeah wish he had knew that at sc two weeks ago! That yet another no brainer!! I agree with all that if they would only bench mason and let Ramsey play I mean we could teach a monkey to do what mason is doin. I know now why he rode the pine fur four years!……….he sux!!!!”



“AM graduated one year too soon.  I can’t even imagine how insane our offense would be with Gurley going like this AND having a stone cold assassin at QB.”



Struggles continue for Georgia passing game September 27, 2014

” Hutson Mason didn’t sugarcoat his performance against Tennessee.  He didn’t point fingers at receivers, linemen or coaches. He didn’t try and convince anyone that the passing game did, in fact, play better than what the statistics say or what the game film most certainly will show.  Quite simply, he was honest.  “The pass game is very frustrating. That starts with me,” Mason said. “It just flat out starts with me getting better in the passing game.”  With constant one-on-one coverage on the outside and a one-high safety — looks the Bulldogs have seen a lot of this season — Tennessee dared Georgia to win with its passing game. And, yet again, the Bulldogs’ offense unsuccessfully quieted the concerns of its non-existent downfield passing attack.  “It was frustrating,” head coach Mark Richt said, unable to wholeheartedly diagnose the passing offense as a season-long problem.”

Bill P Northenor · Top Commenter · Attended Macon State and Ft Valley

“Mason is not a gifted quarterback, he is just “good” enough to keep the offense somewhat varied. I was sure last year that he was going to be an average SEC type quarterback…Against top flight SEC teams, Georgia will struggle this year. This is not a top 4 team which is required to get into the playoffs.”

Hutson Mason disappointed by his two-interception performance Saturday

 Posted: Saturday, September 27, 2014 8:56 pm | Updated: 10:32 am, Sun Sep 28, 2014. 

“Georgia senior quarterback Hutson Mason wasn’t happy about his performance in Saturday’s win over Tennessee.  “It’s frustrating,” Mason said. “It’s just, I don’t know, I don’t have an answer for it.”  Mason talked after the game like he was the losing quarterback after he didn’t live up to his own expectations.”




Sun., Sep 28 @ 10:56:10 pm

“To compete with the elite the pass has to get fixed…If we don’t improve or have new people step up and fill in those gaps we will have another mediocre season.”



Sunday, September 28, 2014

We need…

“I’d like to officially admit that we need a quarterback that can make a play on third and long. Otherwise, somewhat decent teams are going to be able to beat us.”


“I agree! Hudson Mason is not the guy. He has a high school arm, not an SEC arm.”



  • “I agree. He can’t throw long and doesn’t appear to be happy playing for the Dawgs. He always seem grumpy. Let next years QB’s play now.”




One-dimensional Georgia offense is lucky it has Todd Gurley


“Wish I knew how much of the general lack of passing game” to attribute to

1. Hutson Mason”


“… Georgia’s passing game against Tennessee was a complete mess.  They’ve played in their fourth game of the season, with a fifth-year senior at quarterback and senior wide receivers, and they’re still struggling mightily”


“it seemed to me that Mason bird dogged his first receiver all game, and if that wasn’t there, he couldn’t find the 2nd or 3rd receiver. found myself thinking that if we had to be one-dimensional we might as well bring in Bauta and run the read option.”

The obvious concerns of the day the lack of a vertical passing game”
“As I was driving back from Athens there were echoes that UGA would have to win “in spite of” Hutson Mason.”

September 28, 2014

Georgia’s passing issues

“I can’t help but to think Mason has something going on with his arm. Folks keep saying wait from Mitchell or wait for JSW, but having someone to throw deep to is clearly not the issue.”
  • “Amen again Tyler…Mason is not even executing game management now. I saw the lack of arm strength in the spring game and the Nebraska game. I’m not sure he’s regressed at all. The opponents just have it figured out. I perceive a growing lack of patience in the bulldawg nation over many things. We need our staff to go with our best chance to grow and win a championship. With that performance against a young physically talented team we better be more ready to take risks on younger more physically talented players and get them experience in live game situations. (i.e. Ramsey, Park or Fauta).”

“It’s an adjustment not having a QB who can chuck it deep. And not an easy one to get used to.”
Michaux: With Hutson Mason in a funk, Todd Gurley comes to rescue for Georgia
“With a passing game that was – oh, how can this be put diplomatically? – ineffective, Georgia was in grave danger of losing to Tennessee…“We came out and got like three straight three-and-outs and everybody was like, ‘We’ve got to run the ball. We’ve got to run the ball,’” Gurley said of the second-half lull.  Mason was (again, being diplomatic) not so good.   “Without that run game I don’t know where we’d be right now as far as wins or losses,” admitted Mason. “Those guys have definitely carried our team.”  But for how long and how far? Plan A is really, really, really good, but Georgia needs to find a Plan B soon.”
“Worley throw for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns without an interception. Hutson Mason threw for less than 6 yards an attempt and posted a 1-to-2 touchdown-to-interception ratio.”

“Georgia’s passing offense (162.3 yards per game) ranks 111th in the nation, ahead of only Vanderbilt in the SEC. But perhaps the worst sign is the Bulldogs are averaging 10.14 yards per completion, which is 113th nationally and worst in the SEC.  ‘The passing game hasn’t been going too well’ [Todd Gurley II said.]  “The bottom line is when you play quarterback you’ve gotta deal with the good and the bad, and right now I’m sure he’s frustrated with not getting many deep balls thrown, and completed, and all that sort of thing,” Richt said.

Category: UGA Football    Sunday, 28 September 2014 18:40              Author: Murray Poole          0 Comments
“Richt also discussed senior quarterback Hutson Mason possibly experiencing a great deal of frustration following his shaky performance against the Vols, when Mason suffered two interceptions and again failed to complete any downfield throws.”
1. Sometimes it’s unclear whether the Bulldogs are trying to win because of Todd Gurley or to prove they can win without him. Example: Saturday’s third quarter. It opened with five consecutive Georgia pass plays, one of which became a Hutson Mason scramble. The first series yielded an interception, the second a three-and-out. Gurley, who would finish with 208 yards rushing, didn’t touch the ball. Indeed, he carried only four times for nine yards in a quarter that saw neither side score.  2. The passing game got a failing grade. With the Tennessee defense aligned to stop Gurley (also a fail), the way was clear for Hutson Mason to find open receivers off play-action. Didn’t happen. Mason…threw two bad interceptions. “We’re definitely not clicking in throwing the ball” [Mark Richt said.]
I am not into CENSORSHIP and I will be darned but that it seems what I’ve been saying all along since prior to Hutson Mason being named the QB to be the only QB to play any game, that everyone agrees with me now all of a sudden.  Don’t you ?

Hutson Mason Experiment a big drag on the team & program as he is not a game manager, but a game loser for us. 27 QBR, fumble, interceptions, 4-yard passes. I am over it.

27 Quarterback Rating on this pleasant day with a squeaked-out win over the hated vols is what Hutson Mason turned in for his performance today.

Again, the other quarterback for the other team was so far superior to Hutson Mason’s game managing skills.

He has fumbled in every game now.  He threw 2 Interceptions and were it not for Josh Dawson bailing his ass out with multiple fumble recoveries and Todd Gurley II going for over 200 yards, we lose to the really poor vols’ team on a day the clouds were not all overhead.

Mark Richt, please end this Hutson Mason Experiment.  27 Quarterback Rating for Hutson Mason today, and that does not even include his fumble again today.

Kick-offs were poor again today for our team. We started the game with a kick-off which did not even make it to the goal line.  It was returned to the 30-yard line and from there a long field goal by the vols put them ahead.  Their kick-off was deep into our end zone and we hesitated then came on out.  We continue to do poorly on defending kick-offs setting up our opponents’ field position and do not kick-off deep enough.  Is there no one on our campus who can kick-off like every team we ever play every week ?  Good Lord, Mark Richt.  Get with the damned program dumbass.

From the kick-off, Mark Richt sends out our offense and we find Hutson Mason has called his own number twice to run the frigin’ ball, twice, on the opening series.  This is the old-fashioned out-of-date complicated, preferring the pass offense we’ve seen now for 14 years here.

4th Down and our best option is call dimwitted Hutson Mason’s number on a frigin’ run play ?  Damn it.

Penalties killed us again today.  It’s been this way for 14 seasons as well.  We had 7 more penalties for 57 more yards for us to what ?  Attempt to ignore when everyone expected a blow-out of the hapless vols who have a losing record in football after 2007.  Losing record.

So, on this extended 1st possession 4th and Dumb from our own 28-yard line Hutson Damn Mason called to run the ball, we get a penalty on the possession and are 2nd and 17.  The call ?  Todd Gurley II run.  That’s because Hutson Mason cannot throw the ball farther than 4 friqin’ pissant yards.  That was the only play we accomplished anything, and not because of the call but because of Todd Gurley II.

The 2nd half was more of the same with again anybody but Todd Gurley II getting the ball.  The missed opportunity with this man on our sidelines has come and gone and we suck on offense, folks : Suck.

vols’ quarterback making throws : Our qb not.

10 to nothing now, and frankly if Jordan Jenkins did not tackle his helmet into Justin Worley’s arm as he was releasing the ball, knocking him out of the game just when Mark Richt couldn’t find TGII on the sidelines to put him in, we lose this game.

Hats off to the vols for having a better quarterback than us again today.  It’s the same every damn week now.

We cannot even prepare the back-up quarterback.  I said we would not bring one in.  Well, I knew Mark Richt would not bring in the back-up QB and must have told him that, because Mark Richt did not even prepare the back-up QB to be ready to come in.  And, the offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has no clue what play to run when he is forced into service.  None.  No concept.  Just pitiful. Another lost possession when Hutson Mason has his helmet ripped off by the vols, who gave Hutson Mason zero respect today, practicing instead against Justin Worley as they do.

Every team loads the box against Hutson Mason.  How obvious is that Mark Richt ?  Do you really have no idea how to choose and ready your back-up QB ?  Or, are you so afraid of controversy, oh the horror of a QB controversy right Mark Richt ?  That you refuse on a day the fans for the vols sounded louder in our seat that we were to me, to tell the back-up QB to grab his helmet and be ready on the sidelines, and here is the play we will run ?  Good Lord.  How hard is that Mark Richt ?  We have no plan.  We’re idiots.

Get on your damned knees and Pray to God thanking him for Todd Gurley II and Josh Dawson who together saved your damned bacon today for this Hutson Mason Experiment ruining another season, Mark Richt.

Nick Chubb is a workhorse.

Failure of the Special Teams and the Offense today.  If you get any damn solace from beating such a sorry vols’ team, a down program, a team without the talent we have, you’re to blame for our mess on offense and special teams.  And, then you run in here and make excuses to me for it all and I do mean all after 2007 ourselves.  This is not a Top 25 team and has no hope of beating a Top 25 team.

Did you know that ?

After 2007, this is how we’ve been.

Again today.  Clouds on the brain of Mark Richt.

Brain Cloud.

Brain fart ?  No.  Not a damn brain fart.  To have a friqin’ brain fart is to assume that what he is doing after 2007 is working and just today the special teams and Hutson frigin’ Mason had a bad day.  Never considered preparing your back-up QB did you Mark Richt ?  We saw how prepared you make him when he couldn’t even run a play.

Mark Richt that is on you.

If I were Brice Ramsey, I’d be beside myself right now today.  I almost am myself for him, and I didn’t get any scars from the hedges today.  Just a pitiful listless ill-prepared football team.

We cannot pass the football.  The vols cannot stop the run, so that did not matter; but their QB obliterated our QB.  Or, did you not go to the game, since it was only the vols ?

Mark Richt Apologists make me puke.

Game Manager ?  That your term for this Experiment – this Hutson Mason Experiment ?

Hutson Mason with Nick Chubb, Isaiah McKenzie, Chris Conley, Michael Bennett, that awesome OL today, Sony Michel and TGII managed to make one 3rd Down Conversion all freaking day long.


vols made 6, and Hutson Mason is not as good a QB as Justin Worley, is he ?

Hutson Mason was called on today for ten (10) rushes.  Ten 3-yard rushes and twenty-five 4-yard passes.  Hell, just hand the ball to TGII and be done with all 35 of those plays.  1 by the way was a TD pass.  A 4-yard TD pass, which is all he is capable of.

Hutson Mason will not even be invited to the Senior Bowl, and no tryouts for any NFL team.  His football career is over at this Top 10 All-Time Football Program whose Mark Richt was brought here to have Quarterbacks.

Lackluster preparation, favoritism, stuck in the mud – fumbling and bumbling our way through another season.

All we do after 2007.

Did you notice ?

You’re kidding me that anyone would choose Hutson Mason as their freaking Quarterback after today’s performance.




That horrid 4-yard pass at the 39-yard line today intercepted by the sorry vols’ team was the dead last worst throw I have ever seen in my lifetime.  I swear to freaking God, I can throw the ball better that.

OL gave Hutson Mason all day long to throw, again and he is sucky.

TGII made it to 40 Touchdowns now in his 3-year and over Georgia career.  He’ll have fond memories here, and me ?  What might have been with him and a freaking Quarterback Mark Richt where you call plays that are not the opposite of what the defense expects, but what we can do and who we can be.

Shameful performance by our “coaching staff” today.

The 2nd Half we showed we’re a Pass Happy Offense by coming out and forcing Hutson Mason to take over the game.  Dimwitted game plan, and even more so half-time adjustment.   Hutson Mason’s pass on an out route in the flats to Chris Conley wreaked.  He does not have the arm strength to throw the ball halfway across a 33-yard field, let alone downfield in addition. Why call such a play, dumbass ?  Can’t you see what we all know to be the truth that your Favorite Hutson Mason is incapable of that play ?  Useless.

Hutson Mason knows it.

What Hutson Mason should do and what I would do were I he, is to go to Mark Richt and tell Mark Richt to play any other QB on our roster.

To open the 2nd half, Mark Richt calls for Hutson Mason to throw the ball out pattern on the left to Chris Conley, and the 2nd play is a deep pass on the right side to Chris Conley, both of which were underthrown by a mile, and resulted in an interception just when Butch Jones had given us the ball at midfield on the kick-off from his arguing a call at the end of the half which was called correctly.

Hutson Mason’s 2nd interception of the day, along with his fumble and his 1 TD Pass on 25 passes of 4 yards each and his 10 runs of 3 yards each.

Nice Mark Richt.  Just awesome son.

Why not TGII instead Mark Richt ?

That a better option dumbass ?

Or, better to prove to us that Hutson Mason is great ?

He isn’t.

Hutson Mason put the crowd to sleep today.

vols’ fans were animated and louder.

If Peterman doesn’t come in for Justin Worley, the vols win this game.

All the vols’ defense had to do was load the box and wait for the 4-yard pass, and they couldn’t even do that.  vols’ defense sucks.

A good QB would’ve done to the vols’ defense what a good QB would’ve done to South Carolina 2 weeks ago now.

Ruined our season.

Bullshit Hutson Mason deer in the headlights from the 4-yard line.  That what we pay you $ 3.5 million annually to not even have a Top 25 won/lost record after 2007 Mark Richt ?  To prepare that QB to do what he did at the 4-yard line, that will haunt him and make him cry for the rest of entire worthless life.

And, more of the same today.

Incapable of learning anything.

There is no way we should’ve lost to South Carolina Mark Richt.

vols’ football program again UnRanked team 2014 the 7th season in a row the vols are UnRanked

vols’ football program is in just an awful mess, and has been, and will be.

How bad are the vols ?

In 2005, when we last won The SEC Championship but ended up # 3 of just SEC teams in every poll, the vols put up a losing record 5-6.

After 2007, the vols :

33-41 losing record vols worse than Vandie who is 35-41 after 2007.

We thought that we were doing poorly after 2007, and we are :

# 23 won/lost record 54-26, not counting this season UGA.

Still, as poorly as we’ve been doing with all this talent in-state we did not let the vols come in here and take from us after 2007, # 23 is a marked better record for UGA than the vols at # 84 and Vandie at # 78.

vols have done so poorly for so long that you guys probably do not even recall all the nasty vols’ fans on blogs here in HotLanta, and their horrid nasty-ass football players bragging how friqin’ better than us, they.

It was unbearable for many years.

vols’ football program is marked with having played cupcakes, and when that changed, their fortunes changed, much like Boise State.

The state of Tennessee has no talent.  They brag they sign their players nationally.

And, they have raided Atlanta my whole entire lifetime.


Who in their right friqin’ mind would choose orange as their color ?

It looks like pajamas, but not ones you would be caught dead taking the trash out in late, even in the damn dark.  Orange.  God Almighty : orange.

God Awful frigin’ prison orange.

Prison Orange

There are so many vols’ fans here in Atlanta that you would never believe it, and for so long now and continuing they are dormant, gone missing, absent, hiding their ugly heads, nowhere to be found for so long now.

UnRanked in the Coaches’ Poll and UnRanked in the AP Poll, has been a hallmark of vols’ football that y’all probably don’t recall the pain they inflicted on we Bulldogs’ fans bragging how stinking wonderful they are at the cost of our recruits here they coveted since they have no football players in their miserable state.

Even Tee Martin taking all those monies to play for the vols, and even admitting he did saying that was a different Tee Martin who won the national championship in the 1st BCS National Championship Game, did not dampen their just dirty cheating ways and bitter rivalry they made of our program who for so many years the vols simply refused to play.  That national championship is as tainted as is the Fulmer Cup, named for all the trash-talking vols’ players they recruited from right here who daily gave us a dose of their bullshit quotes at our expense.

Forget ?

Hell no.

Jamal Lewis from Douglass High here in Atlanta went to the vols and just was unbearable in his quotes in the local rags here about how he said : “UGA only plays there for the Peach Bowl : at TN, we don’t play in the Peach Bowl.”

Jamal Lewis was right about that, because indeed when the vols played in the Peach Bowl they failed to show-up and in fact did not play in the Peach Bowls they were participants in.

Even though Jamal Lewis would later go to Federal Prison released August 2, 2005, the damage he did in giving this headline quote to the press, led their fans here to quote that to us daily.  I blogged in Atlanta for many years as BuLLdawg, and my comments when Mark Richt 1st got here were all in support of him.  I am not 2-faced; when Mark Richt did well when he got here, I supported him for that; and when instead we started getting arrested/suspended and won the Fulmer Cup National Championship, I came out in public and said that I do not like that and want it cleaned-up, and want to win again now like we used to do when he 1st got here.

But, I took the vols’ to task and still do.  The vols’ fans were crawling out of the woodwork here in Atlanta at the time, like cockroaches in a tenement at night when the lights were turned on.

I was as unbearable back then to vols’ fans as I am today :

I do not like the vols.  I do not root for such a bitter rival to do well so that we then are considered greater for thereafter beating them.  Neither do I nor would I root for Florida, Georgie tek or any other of the trash-talking bitter rivals we play every year.  If you think the vols are not a bitter rival of our Beloved Georgia Bulldogs because they’ve done so poorly for so many years, just lose to them and have them actually have a great season, and see what I mean.

You will rue the day not respecting what total assholes vols’ fans are.  Hiding in the dark now still, just wait until they show their ugly mugs and inbred hatred of where almost all their good players come from, which is right here.

You think Auburn would not have had any football teams without our players from right here ?

Jamal Lewis, Tee Martin, and Travis Henry who also went to federal prison, played together and have dominated the news about the vols’ trashy football program since.

They do not like us.

Not at all.

They hate us.

They would love to be the dominant team against us and out-recruit us for our talent saying as Jamal Lewis did putting us down, and putting the vols up on some damn pedestal, and then going to federal prison.

This is who the vols are.

These unkind years have not been kind to the vols in these areas this season, again, either with all their arrests 2014 too.

Alvin Kamara from right here in Atlanta too, whom some Bulldogs’ fans wanted to play for us as a running back mind you they wanted him, not I, will be the next in line at the vols’ running back position, but not this season.  After Nick Saban kicked him off the team in Alabama, he announced he will sit this season and play for the vols next season, playing JUCO now.

That will be just more of the same, as all the vols arrested this year.

Nu’Keese Richardson is another whom some Bulldogs’ fans wanted to play here, and again, not I.

Armed Robbery charges are a prank, he said.

Colts sign Nu’Keese Richardson

Some damn prank.

Da’Rick Rogers is yet another.  Again some Bulldogs fans wanted him here too.  Again, not I. He wanted to play for the vols but he as well was kicked-off the vols’ team and went then after that to Tennessee Tech, and he admitted he was kicked-off the vols’ for failing drug tests at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where Bobby Dodd is also a college drop-out from.

University of Tennessee at ObKnoxiousville.


# 62 The University of Georgia U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2015

# 95 Florida State University

# 103 Auburn University

# 106 University of Tennessee at Knoxville

27-19-3 Georgia Bulldogs in Bowl Games

25-24-0 vols in Bowl games

49 Bowl Games each, The University of Georgia Bulldogs BETTER than the vols.

.5816 Win Percentage Bowl Games Georgia

.5102 Win Percentage Bowl Games vols

UnRanked again 2014 in Football, these inept vols have done this 7 years in a row now.

Da’Rick Rogers born here in Atlanta got into it on Twitter with Bacarri Rambo when he de-committed to Mark Richt.

Tim Tucker of the AJ-C carried all of that blow-by-blow to the glee of vols’ fans at the time, and to their chagrin now here today on my blog by God :

“Rogers responded Saturday on Twitter:  “Who is Bacarri Rambo?”

Then from Rambo on Twitter: “Tell Darick ‘pretty boy’ Rogers he doesn’t have to know me but I bet he will feel me!! Lol”

Then from Rogers: “don’t worry about me ha … that’s your choice … last time i checked a big hit =’s you getting knocked out.”

There were 665 comments to that.

I do not know why Tim Tucker does not have his articles featured, and shown underneath his name like Mark Bradley does.  Mark is better at writing, and Tim knows more about sports.

Which would you rather read ?

I do not like the vols’ fans.  I do not like anything about the vols especially their fans.

I never have.

I never will.

Orange ?

Damn it, I bet they wish they were not orange themselves.

Why not change it ?

Prison Orange is really what vols’ fans want as their color, given these facts ?

Can you imagine having everything orange ?

I cannot begin to share how horrible that color must be to their own fans.

I do not want us to have these headlines that the vols have had my entire lifetime, and I do not want us to lose like the vols have been doing, either.

I know what the vols fans will say if given half a chance to come out of the woodwork.

We need to respect this rivalry.

We need to kick their asses into frigin’ oblivion and then some.

Root for my bitter rivals, oh yeah right.  That is as stupid a person telling you that as God ever allowed on this earth.

And, so the embattled # 84 team in the nation after 2007 vols play at the stale # 23 team in the nation after 2007 Bulldogs, and hardly will the nation care :

Unless we lose.

We have 12 SEC Championships in Football and the vols have 13 :

Alabama leads the list with 23 SEC Football Championships.

We MUST WIN THIS GAME to not have losing record to the vols, as the vols and Georgia really only recently play each because the vols did not want to play us until The SEC divided us into 2 Divisions.

The vols did not want to play anyone any good.

The vols MUST WIN THIS GAME to prevent us from saying All-Time the vols are not the better team head-t0-head against The Mighty Bulldogs.

We can make it 21-21-2 all-time between the vols and The Georgia Bulldogs in Football.

Last season, you may recall, the vols win that overtime game against us if they do not fumble the ball across the end zone, their cut-down checkerboard end zone.

Win this game, and UGA and the vols are tied 21-21-2.

10-11-1 UGA at Knoxville through today.

10-10-1 vols at Athens through today 21 September 2014.

Steve Spurrier the week before last now has a better record head-to-head against Mark Richt with Mark Richt’s Won/Lost Record against Steve Spurrier, both as head coaches head-to-head, standing now at 5-6.

The vols do NOT have a better record against us, if we can win.

This means NOTHING ?

No motivation for our team, Mark Richt ?

Not worth noting sir ?

You want the vols to brag they better Won/Lost Record against UGA head-to-head after the game ?

All Mark Richt has to do is once again lose for the 9th time in his career here to a team who even with their win over Mark Richt, not even make either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll for 2014-2015 season.

vols are such a team.

There is nothing under the sun that would allow the vols to make any Top 25 Poll 2014-2015 season.


That’s how bad the vols are 2014-2015, again, for the 7th season in a row UnRanked.

vols have 6 national championships in football including the BCS win with Tee Martin who was a different guy then taking monies from vols’ boosters to play there.

Georgie tek also has 6, as we do as well.

All by the very same polls who ranked the vols and Georgie tek national champions 6 times.

All 3 have 6 national championships.

The University of Georgia has 45 national championships to Tennessee’s only 23 in all sports.

Twice as Many UGA NC in all sports than the vols.

Baseball 1, Football 6, Men’s Golf 2, Women’s Golf 1, 6 Equestrian which NCAA does not count in weird fashion they hold nevertheless every year, 10 in Women’s Gymnastics, 6 in Women’s Swimming and Diving, 8 in Men’s Tennis, and 5 in Women’s Tennis.

You will note please that Massey has UGA National Champions 1966 :

SicEm is another respected Bulldogs’ Football site which also does not censor what is said about us or any other of our many rival teams.

So 6 national championships in football for The University of Georgia :

The same 6 nc as the vols :

And, the same 6 nc as Georgie tek :

All by the very same polls they claim their 6 nc by.

vols’ talent is nowhere near in the same ballpark as our talent.  Mark Richt has shut-down the border to the vols, and he knows it, and they know it.

vols’ have a horrible passing game this season, not that we do either because we want to play this QB who is # 102 in the nation in passing.

vols do not have our running game, but the vols are good at not having penalties called which will help them here Saturday as will their good defense.  Playing just Hutson Mason will play into the vols’ hands, just as it did against South Carolina.

vols fully expect that we shall just run the ball and will pack the box, just as South Carolina because when your QB is # 102 in the nation at yards per catch as Hutson Mason is, you do not stretch the field.

So that part will be more of the same, again, and again wrong-headed on Mark Richt’s part as demonstrated once again to us all live Saturday and what a beautiful day on our beautiful campus, eh ?

Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta both proved they are far better quarterbacks than Hutson Mason ever will be.  So would have Jacob Park too, but he says Mark Richt is redshirting him this season.  God Almighty Mark Richt.

vols cannot return kick-offs like we do.  And the vols cannot defend kick-offs as well as us, which isn’t saying much.

vols punting game as always is sound.

vols are heavily sacked football team this season, and Jeremy Pruitt should have a frigin’ field day against that lousy vols’ offense.

vols are tied with us with the same record.

We’re the noon game again this weekend, and that’s hard on us to get up there that early.  It changes the whole Saturday schedule for us.

So, I expect the vols to have a good defense and to make Hutson Mason look as he has already looked last season and this season, which is not good – and, once again, where the vols too will pack it in against us since we do not throw the ball to all the receivers we have except for 4-yard passes with the chosen 1 at QB.

All last week, Mike Bobo said there are “MANY REASONS why we’d play our back-up Quarterbacks.”  vols are 1 of the reasons.

Still, with the vols having no offense, like Clemson has no offense and unlike South Carolina, this game is a game where Mark Richt might not have our guys ready to play them and I hope I have established that this is a Major Rival who wants NOTHING MORE THAN TO BEAT US.

vols are picked to lose to us by 17 points, and who are 83 % of the bets on ?

You guessed it : vols

Whoever wins, has the winning record against the other all-time in the history of college football.

Damn it, Get After Their Asses !

55-27 after 2007

1-10 since 2006 vs top 25 AP or Coaches these years as visitor

7-24 after 2007 vs top 25 AP or Coaches these years

None of that is on the line this Saturday ‘Tween the hedges where I have a scar from.

It’s just the damned vols.  The vols are not ranked this season; they were not ranked last season; they were not ranked the year before either, or the year before that, or the 1 before that or the 1 before that either, or even ranked the year before that. 7 years is a row now the vols have not been ranked.

But, the damned Orange-clad vols are 1 of our Most Bitter Rivals, ask Keith Marshall :

# 1 UGA Rival 50-40-2 Florida

# 2 UGA Rival 54-55-8 Auburn

# 3 UGA Rival 64-37-5 Georgie tek

# 4 UGA Rival 20-21-2 vols

# 5 UGA Rival 47-17-2 South Carolina

# 6 UGA Rival 41-8-4 Clemson

And, there is not 1 of those top half dozen Georgia Bulldogs’ Rivals who would love anything more than to beat us.  Auburn went ahead of us in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry back to 1892 last season ok on a fluke play in a fluke season neither of which shall not be repeated this season.  vols can maintain a lead over us only by beating us this season.

Beat Auburn and the vols and none of our 6 Rivals can have a winning record against us all-time.

How damn significant is this game, I ask ?

source : Georgia Football Media Guide given to me every year

 Bulldogs UNABLE TO PASS the football at a record pace :

# 100 Bulldogs 1st Downs by Offense – atrocious

# 107 Bulldogs Passing Offense – worst in Mark Richt era by wide margin

# 102 Bulldogs Passing Yards per Completions – really all of them just 4-yard passes, aren’t they ?

#  49 Bulldogs 3rd Down Conversions by Offense – just awful

#  56 Bulldogs Red Zone Offense – Hutson Mason settled for 4 Field Goal Tries vs South Carolina

#  71 Bulldogs Penalties Per Game – & at worst possible moment like Hutson Mason grounding call

#  75 Bulldogs Kick-Off Return Defense like the last South Carolina drive to go up by 3 points

#  36 Bulldogs Passing Efficiency Offense – how that bad when all we can throw are 4-yard passes ?

#  81 Bulldogs Time of Possession – amazing Defense sent right back out so much, again 2014

#  37 Bulldogs Total Offense

#  25 Bulldogs Total Defense Problem is Defense ?  B.S. our Out-Of-Date Not-Modern Offense sucks

# 115 Hutson Mason Passing Yards

# 103 Hutson Mason Passing Yards per Completion

#   93 Hutson Mason Completions per game. Why Pass when all he can throw 4-yard underneath pattern?

#  71 Hutson Mason Touchdown Passes

#  68 Hutson Mason Yards Per Pass Attempt

Rewind: Bulldogs running the football at a record pace



“If I had to do it again I would’ve hammered it.” Sports Illustrated interviewed Mark Richt this morning and ripped him a new one

Mark Richt and Mike Bobo have been doing this for 14 years now.  This is nothing new, is it ?  They recruit all these Top 10 nationally ranked Quarterbacks, and they want to throw the ball 1st.  Knowshon Moreno got 13 carries and 15 carries in the big games, and after only 2 years’ playing here, was drafted # 12 pick overall in NFL Draft.  Why were we # 65 in the nation in rushing last season ?  A trophy for everyone is the way Mark Richt coaches, which explains why the # 53 nationally ranked Quarterback Hutson Mason was playing at all.  They did the same with 5th year senior Joe Cox and 5th year senior Joe Tereshinski III.  Mark Richt now tells us Hutson Mason is better QB than # 7 QB nationally Jacob Park and left on the bench once again this game the # 8 QB nationally Brice Ramsey, exactly the same as he told us Joe Tereshinski III was better QB than # 1 QB nationally Matthew Stafford and as he told us Joe Cox was better than Zach Mettenberger.

We knew going in to the game that DC Ward would load the box for Spurrier.  We also knew we would try to pass the ball with a guy who as you can see, cannot pass the ball.  The only back-up QB Mark Richt has ever prepared was DJ Shockley, whom Mark Richt redshirted the 2001 season, causing his Dad Coach Shockley to insist Mark Richt promise him he would play every game, or he would have his son, DJ, transfer.  Other than that, there is no back-up QB ever prepared by Mark Richt.  So, why do all these top-rated Quarterbacks continue to sign here ?

72-19 the 1st half Mark Richt era 2001-2007

55-27 the 2nd half Mark Richt era 2008-2014

16-13 the 1st half Mark Richt era 2001-2007 vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls those seasons

7-23 the 2nd half Mark Richt era 2008-2014 vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls those seasons

7-2 the 1st half Mark Richt era 2001-2007 as visitor vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls those seasons

1-10 the 2nd half Mark Richt era 2008-2014 as visitor vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls these seasons by stark contrast.

Mark Richt is a great guy who has assembled a staff of great recruiters and has 75 NFL Draft Picks to prove his recruiting ranking average of # 9 in the nation 2001-2014.  His recruiting class next year is perhaps his best class ever ranked # 3 nationally so far.

With all this continuing talent, it does beg the question since coaching is doing more with less, has Mark Richt lost the edge the entire 2nd half of his career ?

I love the guy, and the players do too.  The recruits do.  The newspapers and magazines do as well.  Everyone does.  He has had more than his fair share of arrests/suspensions, hasn’t he ?  He is tougher than other coaches on punishment, but seemingly not as good as other coaches at telling the recruits to obey the rules on and off the field, is he ?  Either way, it is clear that the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era has been marred by mediocrity and losing, hasn’t it ?

2009 Mark Richt could’ve started Zach Mettenberger or at least played him vs Oklahoma State in game 1, but told us Joe Cox with chronic throwing shoulder and the flu requiring a separate charter to get him to Stillwater was the better quarterback.  We lost the game and went 8-5.

2006 Mark Richt could’ve started Matthew Stafford vs the vols and Vandie but started Joe Tereshinski III instead.  We lost both games and went 9-4.

Mark Richt started freshmen quarterbacks 2010 and 2001.  We went 6-7 in 2010 and 8-4 in 2001.

2002 we went 13-1 won The SEC Championship but only other SEC team in Coaches’ Poll was # 14 Auburn 4-loss team besides # 25 Florida who was 8-5 but beat Mark Richt with Ron Zook when Mark Richt went 0-13 on 3rd down conversions.

I hear no one saying that Mark Richt or Mike Bobo are the nation’s top play callers.  Our offense is a Fullback-oriented Offense with over 200 top fullbacks available every year, yet we never recruit any of them.  Mike Bobo said this year he would not be lining up any 2-back sets and running the ball.  It did not surprise me therefore that he started this game with a floating pass poorly defended or would’ve been intercepted if the DB had just even looked at the QB once, as it was underthrown obviously.  It did not surprise me therefore that at the 4-yard line 1st and goal with 5:24 remaining in the 4th Quarter, that he did not hand the ball to the leading Heisman contender Mr. Todd Gurley II, but instead had the # 53 QB pass the ball resulting in a 2nd and 14 after the sack.  It’s what we do, isn’t it ?  Then, 2nd and 14 when we have to pass, we hand it to Mr. Todd Gurley II who went nearly 4 yards, which would’ve put it on the inch line but now it’s 3rd down and more than 10 to go with yet another pass which was tipped at the line and was a dink-down pass anyway nowhere near the marker.  The whole entire series of plays were what we’d been doing the whole game, settling for 4 field goal tries in a game their QB was out-dueling our QB once again.

South Carolina has a poor Secondary, not that we don’t too because we do after all the off-field arrests/suspensions kicked-off and transferred players – the entire Secondary.

The Game Plan was to throw vs South Carolina, even though he left # 7 QB Jacob Park and # 8 QB Brice Ramsey on the bench, and played instead the # 53 QB Hutson Mason.

Dylan Thompson out-played Hutson Mason all night long after the game was to start at 3:30 and finally ended after lightning delay at 8:30.  Dylan Thompson dominated Hutson Mason the entire game.

2005 DJ Shockley won us The SEC Championship but because he got injured during the season and Mark Richt brought in his favorite Joe Tereshinski III we ended up the # 3 SEC team in every single solitary poll.  The SEC was not down in 2005, as it was in 2002.

Now that the BCS era is done, Mark Richt’s only 2 BCS Bowl Game wins were over # 19 Hawai’i 2007 season and # 23 Florida State a 5-loss team 2002 season.  That’s it.

8 SEC teams have Won The National Championship in the Mark Richt era, yet his # 9 recruiting ranking average and his 75 NFL Draft Picks 2001-2014, are the best in The SEC # 1 at both.  In fact, there is good reason to say Auburn won the NC 2004 as well at 13-0, since the BCS vacated USC.  That’s 9 SEC teams who have won or should be declared NC in the Mark Richt era with the best talent here at UGA all these 14 seasons.

Coaching is doing more with less, but around here, we do less with more, don’t we ?

$ 3.5 million dollars annually, Mark Richt has been passed by the best collegiate coaches nowadays, hasn’t he ?

Stale is the word, as Mark Richt has gone stale.

Mark Richt has won some big games.  He beat # 4 South Carolina just in 2013, and # 14 LSU; but he lost 5 games.  In 2001, he beat # 4 vols on the road at their house, as Visitor; but he’s bragged since that he knocked the lid off the Georgia Bulldogs’ football program with that win when UGA is Top 10 All-Time in Wins yet he was 8-4 that season, too, in 2001.

Going into the 2005 season, Mark Richt was 81 % Win Percentage.

He only 67 % after 2007, the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

We’re not doing as well now with the same top recruits he has had all along, as he did in the 1st half if his career.  We’re not as good on the road vs teams who are ranked teams these years.  We’re not as good vs teams who are ranked teams these years.  We’re not as good Won/Lost Record these years.  We were far better the 1st half of his career on the road vs teams who were ranked teams those seasons way back then.  We were far better vs teams ranked for those seasons way back then than we are now.  And, our Won/Lost Record is not even in the Top 25 the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era 2008-2014.

55-27 is a mediocre Won/Lost Record for the # 9 best talent nationally for a Top 10 All-Time Wins Program UGA.

We have a huge following.  The rumblings have been ever-increasing.  Something is amiss after 2007, the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, isn’t it ?

How does a guy who going into the 2005 season was 81 % win percentage drop off to not even Top 25 win percentage after 2007 ?

The SEC has gotten tougher, and is a lot better conference than when Mark Richt 1st got here.  All we hear here is that Mark Richt is a great recruiter of talent.  We hear no offers for head coach anywhere from anyone.  We hear no one say he is the best play-caller.  We hear no one say he has great Game Plans, or makes great adjustments.  We hear no one say he is the best at time-out management at the end of the games.  He is not noted for his hires.  He is not noted for his strategies, but for his recruiting, arrests/suspensions and his losing.  Isn’t he ?

Especially against the top teams, and most especially on the road, Mark Richt is mediocre and losing now compared to when he 1st got here and The SEC was down, isn’t he ?

We wake up this morning the # 6 SEC team in AP and Coaches’ Polls.

I am not sure how many of those teams he can beat with Hutson Mason as his QB.  The play call might have been the right play call with a QB generally considered one of the top quarterbacks nationally, but because Mr. Todd Gurley II # 3 RB nationally wanted to get out of North Carolina where there are no good teams, he has the running backs instead with Nick Chubb # 7 RB and Sony Michel # 3 RB as well, and Isaiah McKenzie; but redshirted Jacob Park # 7 QB this season Jacob tells us all.  And # 8 QB nationally Brice Ramsey has been left on the bench too all season long and this a game against a team I told you had a great Offense and no Secondary and required us to play a QB Saturday night who could exploit their Secondary.  Mark Richt did this so he could play instead # 53 QB nationally Hutson Mason, just as he did Joe Cox and Joe Tereshinski III. A trophy for everyone.

It’s ongoing.

It’s more of the same.

Isn’t it ?

While Alabama has gone 75-9 here in The SEC after 2007, Mark Richt has gone 55-27.  Mark Richt has gone stale, hasn’t he ?

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Mr. Todd Gurley II.


Did you read Todd Gurley II make this statement or NOT ?


Why criticize me when it’s David Pollack or Todd Gurley II I am quoting to you that Mark Richt has to be FIRED for his performance of his so-called duties here ?


Mark Richt starting QB win % :

.40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3

.50 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 2-2

.64 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 9-5

.67 Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2


After starting out well, Mark Richt has grown stale hasn’t he ?

You BRAG to ME that Mark Richt is GREAT you SAY on the road :


Here are the facts (so please say something about my MAMA and ignore these facts:)


LOST 35-38 at South Carolina 2014

LOST 38-43 at Auburn 2013

LOST 27-31 at Vanderbilt 2013

LOST 35-38 at Clemson 2013

LOST 7- 35 at South Carolina 2013

LOST 31-49 at Auburn 2010

LOST 12-24 at Mississippi State 2010

LOST 6-17 at South Carolina 2010

*WON 30-24 at Georgie tek 2009* would’ve VACATED win if they beat us too

LOST 10-24 at Okie State 2009

LOST 14-35 at Tennessee vols 2007

Of the most recent current latest games as Visitor at the field of our Opponent who was a ranked team for these seasons now, he’s 1-10 with the 1 a game which would’ve been vacated anyway had they too beat him and that is the only game of the 11 where he ran the ball.

Here is what he used to do 8 to 14 seasons’ ago on the road by STARK CONTRAST (so lump in what he did 8 to 14 seasons’ ago on the road and BRAG he IS GREAT ON THE ROAD AGAINST RANKED TEAMS – no he IS NOT:)


WON 37-15 at Auburn 2006

LOST 6-24 at Auburn 2004

WON 41-14 at Tennessee vols 2003

LOST 10-17 at LSU 2003

WON 30-0 at Clemson 2003

WON 24-21 at Auburn 2002

WON 27-25 at Alabama 2002

WON 31-17 at Georgie tek 2001

WON 26-24 at Tennessee vols 2001

7-2 as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ for the seasons when he 1st got here in 2001, the 1st Half of the Mark Richt era.

Started out 7-2 but is only 1-10 since as Visitor vs teams ranked AP or Coaches’ Polls for the season.

Why brag about what he did a long time ago, when recently he has been mediocre, hasn’t he ?

55-27 is not even a Top 25 Won/Lost Record after 2007, yet we’re Top 10 All-Time in Wins here in our program.

His QB he chose to bail him out this season found Dylan Thompson the far better QB.  This is college football.  If you have a poor QB, you are going to lose the big games, unless you feed your top running backs.  This is therefore exactly what I expected 2014 a 15-game season for the top teams and us hoping to get to 9-4 or 9-5 if we make it to The SEC Championship Game against Alabama, Texas A & M, or LSU.  I am not even certain we can beat one of the Mississippi schools with Hutson Mason, and have serious doubts Hutson Mason can beat Florida.  He is not going to beat Florida.  Hell he might even lose to Georgie tek since Mark Richt refuses to run the ball with Todd Gurley II with Nick Chubb with Sony Michel and instead has no quarterback so he calls only the number of the QB in the big moments of a season now well and truly OVER.

Now where pray tell are the Mark Richt Apologists ?

He’s lost 8 games to teams who were not even ranked, even with their wins over us, in either the AP or Coaches’.

2014-2015 season promises to be more of the same recently around here at 9-4 or 9-5 if we make it to The SEC Championship in a 15-game season for the top teams.

We’re not one of the top teams, and we’re not Elite.

We have Elite Recruits, and top talent but we do not use it very well, anymore, do we ?

A lot of this now has to do with having only 78 of the 119 signed scholarship recruits who with redshirt would’ve been playing this season.

Should I list them ?

Are all of these now gone from the team to blame for us losing once again to South Carolina Saturday night in Prime Time ?

Are we doing well ?

Should we present a front as if we are doing well ?

How does that make us look if we do ?

What message do we send to the players if we present ourselves as doing well ?

That this is what passes for acceptable now, and Mark Richt is the most accomplished college football coach in America when he actually is not even Top 25 at 55-27 Won/Lost Record 2008-2014 the entire 2nd half of his career here ?  This is the message you want to send to him ?  That we should present ourselves only as doing so well ?  I want a cushy job like that.  Go on the road and lose to everyone any good at 1-10 vs teams who are Top 25 AP or Coaches’ Polls since 2007.  Play everyone any good and lose all but 7 of the most recent 30 games against teams who are ranked for these seasons the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

It’s grown old this censoring of Bulldogs’ fans so that only how well we’re doing and will be doing is all which can be presented in public, while you mutter under your own breaths that you too hate what has been going on the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

Mark Richt has grown stale the 2nd half of his career here, hasn’t he ?

Well ?

Every off-season we get bad press, except for the recruiting. Every football season we get bad press like this article on Sports Illustrated certainly Premier Sports Coverage.  Isn’t this what is really happening now in this 2nd half of the Mark Richt era ?

Isn’t it ?

With all this talent.

Mark Richt era 2001-2014 Number Drafted by NFL :



2013…11 ….9 …..8……9….….8…..4………7………0………0















Recruiting Rankings :


















The talent has not dropped off, has it ?

I believe I speak for all Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program fans when I say that we, like Mr. Todd Gurley II, demand more than these results with this talent for $ 3.5 million dollars annually.

Are you really satisfied right now, or want to send the message that we like Mr. Todd Gurley II, demand more ?

Should we censor those who point out that Mark Richt is not doing well ?

Are you fans of our football program, or Mark Richt ?


4 of 14 on 3rd Downs vs Clemson – LOST

4 of 14 on 3rd Downs vs Vandie – LOST

5 of 12 on 3rd Downs vs Mizzou – LOST

6 of 12 on 3rd Downs vs Auburn – LOST

4 of 13 on 3rd Downs vs Nebraska – LOST

2014 :

5 of 12 on 3rd Downs vs South Carolina settling for 4 field goal tries – LOST

Our opponents’ quarterbacks are out-dueling us and out-scoring us when we play teams who are ranked for these seasons the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, yet we have the better talent.  Right ?

The most important player on our team is not Hutson Mason.

2014 season :

# 79 on 3rd Down Conversions Hutson Mason QB of 125 teams

# 112 Passing Yards per Completion Hutson Mason QB

# 110 Passing Offense Hutson Mason QB

# 115 number of 1st Downs Hutson Mason QB

# 82 Kick-Off Return Defense

# 65 Punt Returns

# 61 Sacks Allowed

# 88 Scoring Defense

# 73 Time of Possession

# 61 Total Offense

Are we coaching our recruits well on or off the field ?

Does this look like the # 9 average nationally recruiting ranking ?

Greg McGarity hiding.  Jere Morehead hiding.  The Dawgbone telling you only how great we are and going along with these Mark Richt Apologists, who are Mark Richt fans not Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program fans, as I.  These will change.  I will not be denied.  Indeed, we will not be denied and not because we dropped 8 places in the polls, but because Mr. Todd Gurley II demands more of Mark Richt and so do all of us.

Congratulations to South Carolina on the big win at their house, and best of luck to them on their season for it is obvious that they are going to need it as they SHOULD HAVE LOST to Georgia Bulldogs with all our talent and did NOT.  South Carolina is NOT the better team.  They don’t have our talent.  They won the game because our offensive geniuses are dumb shit Mike Bobo and dumbass Mark Richt.  Your coach gets more out of less than our coach does, on and off the field.  It’s always painful to lose but I am certain that we can dream up some excuse, despite the fact that whatever South Carolina players were taunting Mr. Todd Gurley II, that he too at least deserved off-setting penalty in one of those failed drives by our offense where we settled for a field goal 4 times and lost.

I am told by a vocal minority of loud-mouth Bulldogs’ fans that I am not a great Bulldogs’ Football fan, but I go to the game with our seasons’ tickets, go to JAX, go to the Bowl Games, and go to the Games at the Georgia Dome, graduated from UGA, and live here, rooting for only UGA to do well.

I think their defense of Mark Richt’s Record makes them a Mark Richt fan, and not a Bulldogs’ football fan for surely he does the least with the most talent of any coach in America the entire 2nd half of his career here.

He makes dumb decisions.  He runs a lax ship where the players do whatever they want to do, and then he punishes them harshly, rather than teaching them to obey the rules on and off the field.

He plays Favorites, and will continue to despite the fact that he obviously has been displeased with Hutson Mason all year long.  His angst at halftime national TV Prime Time about the QB play from Hutson Mason was palpable.

So why not give the ball then with 5:24 remaining to Mr. Todd Gurley II Mark Richt ?

1st and goal at the 4 with 5:24 left in the 4th quarter, never having a lead, losing 35-38 on the road for the 10th loss of the latest 11 games vs teams who are ranked for these most recent seasons as visitors, and our coaching staff calls the number of Hutson Mason.

God Almighty.

“If I had to do it again I would’ve hammered it,” Richt said of his decision to pass on the Dawgs’ first-and-goal chance Sports Illustrated Martin Rickman reports this morning.

We need a QB to throw him more than 1 pass
We need a QB to throw him more than 1 pass

We threw Mr. Todd Gurley II passes totaling a grand total of 4 yards against South Carolina.



All these blogs told you what they are allowed to tell you. How did that go for CENSORSHIP ? Well, Hutson Mason has tough tough tough game and hands Steve O. Spurrier Win # 201 to tie Vincent J. Dooley # 2 All-time Wins by SEC Coach. Mark Richt 2nd half his career 55-27 not even Top 25 Won/Lost Record.



Damian Swann made a great interception to set us up 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line and Hutson Mason blew it, followed by horrible time-out mismanagement by Mark Richt once again, and we lost.  On the road, as visitor against a team who is a Top 25 team this season once again to be now 1 win last 11 such games.  1 win.  35-38 we lost.  We lost because Dylan Thompson is a much better quarterback than Hutson Mason, who lost the game for us.  At the most crucial moment in the game, at 1st and goal from the 4 thanks to Damian Swann Hutson Mason went 3 and out when all he had to do was hand the ball to Todd Gurley II or Nick Chubb 4 times in a row.  A Field Goal is last in this world what we want.

We’re down 35-38 four minutes remaining 1st and goal from the 4, and Hutson Mason had a tough tough tough game, punctuated by his pitiful plays at the most crucial moment of the game.  Just when everyone knew we’d win, and all the South Carolina fans so sure of it, they threw garbage into that end zone : Instead Huston Mason loses the game.


If all these blogs are censored blogs of what you can say, then read on.  Have at it.

And, so a game that was to start 5 hours’ prior would end on Prime Time for us, and we just blew it.  Snatched defeat from the jaws of Victory.

Everyone kept saying this was a must win game for Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks, but ladies and gentlemen, this was and you know it a must win game for Mark Richt.  The 2nd half of his career here sees us the # 23 team in the nation in won/lost record, which is no damn stat.  So Steve Spurrier is a coach Mark Richt does not have a winning record against.  And, Steve O. Spurrier ties Vince Dooley with the 2nd most wins for SEC Coach All-Time at 201.

Bulldog Bob told us that we win the game easily.  Come on Bob.  Bob Miller told you what you wanted to hear that it would be 38-24 the good guys.  ” I’ve got Georgia pulling away in the second half and beating South Carolina 38 – 24.

The Blawg House told you what you only want to hear that we win going away as well : “31-17”   No sir.  That’s utter nonsense.

Dylan Thompson dominated Hutson Mason all night long.   Todd Gurley II had a great game; Sony Michel had a great game; Nick Chubb had a great game.  It was the great catch by Jay Rome for the Touchdown to pull us within 3 when we had failed again and again to get into the end zone until then. Todd Gurley II surely deserved a 15-yard penalty on the drive that was extended because he twice committed a personal foul on the play.

All these blogs telling us how great we are, and that South Carolina loses to us :

Red & Black : Can Hutson Mason exploit the South Carolina Secondary ?  Well, Red & Black surmises that South Carolina is not as good on pass rush nor in their Secondary as Clemson, thus Hutson Mason will have more time, the Red & Black tells you to your glee.  I told you he would NOT.

Georgia has all the advantages every facet of the game, you were told.  I told you our Quarterback is one of the weakest quarterbacks in the nation, ranked # 53 nationally when he came here, and # 107 in the nation before South Carolina.  South Carolina’s quarterback ran rings around Hutson Mason.  Didn’t he ?

Edge at Quarterback : Slight Edge Georgia’s Hutson Mason you were told.  I told you Hutson Mason is going to be the worst quarterback on the field every game all year long.

If this is where I am supposed to say our Excuse for This Latest Loss is that Todd Gurley II should not have had his 54-yard TD run called back, you can recall instead that he should have had two different unsportsmanlike penalties on the drive thereafter to extend that drive when instead the Zebras called unsportsmanlike penalty on South Carolina for God’s Sake.

Oh, the field goal hooked left outside of between the uprights after it passed the goal posts.  That’s how close we were.  Bullshit.  We had this game.  It was our game.  We drop to # 15 and South Carolina jumps us to # 12.

Just great.

Does anyone out there really think that Dylan Thompson did not have a far superior game tonight than Hutson Mason did for us ?

Well, do you ?

Andrew Hall, Dude You’re Crazy says only Ashley knew South Carolina wins.

SEC Predictions: Week 3

That’s not true.  I told you so Andrew Hall.

Repeatedly, I told you this is what we do nowadays the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era.

55-27 the 2nd Half Mark Richt Era Won/Lost Record, not even Top 25.

Why don’t you tell me again what he did when he 1st got here ?

Because he sure as hell has been lousy coaching the 2nd Half of his Career here.  Hasn’t he ?

55-27, you got some snide remark Excuse for this ?

I ask you ?


27-19 I’m Your Huckleberry is allowed to tell you.  27-19.  God Almighty !


Such total bullshit.  And, this folks is what you’re allowed to read.  27-19 pre-game.  Excuse me, that’s hogwash the 2nd Half Mark Richt era, now, isn’t it ?


Bluto, the bastion of blog titles, and defender of the faith says I am a troll because this has gotten old to me.  Old Bluto.  Some call him Senator.  Excuse me, the whole damn freakin’ movie, he was Bluto.  The credits at the end say he will LATER BECOME Senator.  I will be dipped in shit if that numb nuts with those blog titles all come-ons to come read what he has to say when he really doesn’t say shit ever, just copy someone’s blog URL Link and say here this guy just said this, what you think – is ever going to be Senator of anything.




Bullshit, Bluto : ”  The one thing I’m sure about is that Spurrier knows he can’t let his team get down by two scores.  He’ll do what he can to keep that from happening.”

Oh Brilliant one, what the freaking hell does this one known fact by you look like now, nimrod ?


Well, Bluto ?  Steve O. Spurrier was NEVER down your freaking two scores.  We were.  Where do you discuss that, Bluto ?  Idgit.

Michael Collins 34-17 Georgia wins, he says !

Seth Emerson who used to have the now South Carolina beat writer : Georgia – all we have to do is just only show-up Seth Emerson tells us.

” Quarterback Hutson Mason was clearly irked by all the questions about whether he can carry the offense if needed, after he had a quiet game against Clemson. Mason wasn’t really needed then, but the message around Georgia’s offense the past two weeks is that won’t be the case again.”

“Georgia has the edge, but still has to show up”  Excuse me Seth Emerson, sir ?  Hutson Mason personally by himself lost the game for us.

Didn’t he ?

Sports Illustrated also a URL Link provided to you by those who want to CENSOR.

” Teams are going to understand that Todd is our biggest weapon. We would’ve liked to throw the ball a little bit better against Clemson, but I felt like we were pretty balanced and did a good job when we did throw it. When we get those one-on-one opportunities against South Carolina, we’ve got to take advantage of them. If we don’t, we may still be able to find a way to win, but I don’t really like our chances if we can’t throw the ball effectively,” Hutson Mason said before the game according to Andy Staples Sports Illustrated but you failed to note that and prefer rose-colored glasses that Mark Richt does not need to be fired.


So you want MY REPLIES to any blog to be removed.


To be not allowed.


So you don’t hear the truth. – where supposedly you send Mr. Blue URL Links and he puts them up for the millions of Bulldogs’ Fans to come and click to see all of what all of us are saying.  Instead, he looks at it, and if it is TELLING YOU THE GOD DAMN TRUTH about what IN FACT is happening NOW after 2007 with this lousy Mark Richt, he refuses to put it up there.  So, this is what you’re left with.  ALL THESE APPROVED BLOGS who are ONLY allowed to say that well we’ll win !  Mark Richt is the greatest Bulldogs’ coach all-time in history.  Then, some stat about his record from 2001 to now, when we all know HE LOST IT after 2007 and that where he once was # 7 nationally beating the ranked teams 2001-2007, he has DROPPED OUTISDE the Top 25 at beating ranked teams after 2007.  Only if you say that, Mr. Blue he calls himself (Bullshit asshole!) at says he will NOT report the URL Link.  Do NOT be surprised if you are caught unaware when I get this sorry-assed Mark Richt fired.  You were not provided the same URL Links that my colleagues at The University of Georgia running the place, see.  Mine !  Mr. Blue calls his blog listing of “ALL” UGA blogs The Dawgbone.

Ryan McLarty : Says he loves the Kool-Aid :

38-17 Ryan McLarty says that which is only allowed to be said pre-game on Mr. Blue’s The Dawgbone – like all these other “APPROVED” blogs by Mr. Blue.  So you are seeing a list of those blogs which tell you what you want to hear.

If you want to hear the God Damn Freaking Truth, come to this blog.


And, tell Mr. Blue to go stick it up his friqin’ ass !


” I mean sure this could end up being “same ole Georgia” when the season is all said and done, but I just don’t see it.”  I do not see how you could not see it ?  5 years and this is not what you expected from Hutson Mason ?  It sure as hell is to me, Mr. Ryan McLarty sir.

Marc Weizer.  Is that like a Bud Weizer ?  Marc Weizer is allowed to blog on that Georgia will win.

“Georgia has the edge and here’s why”

This is all that passes for Bulldogs’ Blogs anymore.  No one allowed to say that which we all know that Mark Richt has seen the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era be quite mediocre to quote Todd Gurley II.  Losing and Mediocre.  And, horrible Bulldogs’ Blogs that tell you what you want to hear and who would prefer to CENSOR all else, so you NEVER HEAR IT.

You will be blind-sided by the Truth and you can THANK Mr. Blue


The truth that is, that we’re not even Top 25 the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.

Not enough that Online Athens has URL Link but 2 with Marc Weizer dot com as well a 2nd URL Link to the bullshit that passes for Bulldogs’ Blogs anymore.

Oh, let’s CENSOR everyone from saying that which in the dark alone, you admit to yourself.

Hutson Mason ?

Really ?  With Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey on the team, Hutson Mason is our Best Quarterback Mark Richt tells you.  I would have started Brice Ramsey and on his first interception or failing to set his feet and follow-through, would have brought in Jacob Park.  As for Faton Bauta I would move him to running back.  He’s smart and knows all the plays, just in the wrong position at QB.


Really ?


You buying that ?

You’re the only 1 who is.

No one who watched this game tonight.

There is not a Quarterback on our team who could’ve lost this game tonight except for Hutson Mason.  Everyone gets a trophy on our Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Teams anymore around here, and none of you give a rat’s ass as long as you can CENSOR anyone from saying it aloud, although you’ve muttered it yourself repeatedly for years and years now.

Congratulations to the Gamecocks and your fans.  Best of luck on your great season and Coaching.  You certainly decided on the better quarterback to play tonight, didn’t you ?

The rest of you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, because I am FED UP with it.  All the suspensions, missing kicked-off players, and LOSSES this 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.

Enter your excuses below please, ok ?



South Carolina not at all like Clemson has an Offense no Defense. Ohio State cupcake playing cupcakes in the continuing Big 10 horrible conference. Atlanta college football town. Pat Haden resigns Committee.


South Carolina has a good Offense, and we’ve not played one of those yet.  Of course, they were exposed by Texas A & M with a great quarterback Kenny Hill throwing the football; but, hey South Carolina has done that every year multiple times losing to teams in fashions no one could ever understand, and then they go out and win all the rest of their games in convincing manners.

The vast majority of The Bulldogs’ fans know we have no quarterback we’ve played yet.  We have 2 on the team, and neither has taken a snap.  Jacob Park says Mark Richt is redshirting him this season and Brice Ramsey Mark Richt does not want to give a leg-up in the race for QB next year by preparing him this year, so we did not even see him come in up by twice Clemson’s score and then some.  Everyone else, yes.  Brice Ramsey no.  We’ve seen this scenario play itself out many times in Mark Richt’s 14 seasons to-date with more of them coming-up.  It’s what Mark Richt does.  Among other things.

I believe Jacob Park to be the heir-apparent.  If Brice Ramsey goes out and shows up Hutson Mason, which he could do in 1 single series, then everyone would be clamoring for Brice Ramsey more, the comparisons would be inevitable, and Mark Richt would have much pressure all season, all off-season, and all next season about a Quarterback Controversy.  You see, Quarterback controversies are bad, he has stated repeatedly, and to be avoided at all costs he says.

I do not hold with that.

Especially when our own quarterback

is handed the job no questions asked.

And, no competition allowed for obvious reasons.

East Carolina is not a good football team who starts their year about # 50 in everything but passing yards, which is understandable playing Central North Carolina and South Carolina.  What isn’t understandable is that they’re # 50 at everything else, given the level of teams they’ve played.  Virginia Tech has a horrible offense and is not that good defensively, and North Carolina is not good, yet both of these teams beat East Carolina in their next 2 games to be 1-3 and then all the cupcakes on their schedule.

Still there are lessons to be learned on our week off watching South Carolina tonight.  That is if you know what you’re watching, which I wonder sometimes with the vocal minority of our own fans with their heads buried in the sand like that the measure of any team’s fans.  No.  No sir it is not.  South Carolina is a team with a good offense, and poor defense susceptible to the pass, and we have Hutson Mason.  What total bullshit that is.  We’re going to need to go the length of the field down by 4.  What’s Hutson Mason going to do ?  Hand it to Todd Gurley II every play ?  Throw 4-yard floating passes ?  There are few UGA fans who think Hutson Mason is anything but a stop-gap for the season, and everyone recognizes now he has no arm.  I’ve said it for 5 years.  I say it again.

When you have a week off like this, you come to really recognize what a college football town Atlanta is with all the flags on all the vehicles for Auburn, vols, Alabama, Florida, Clemson, LSU, South Carolina, Georgie tek, Georgia, Georgia Southern University, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Ohio State, and Southern California flags whose AD must be removed from the Selection Committee Pat Haden what a dumbass who knows how to read.

The coach cannot argue a correct ruling in the 1st place in a game they won anyway over a horrid Offense Stanford for fear of a 2nd personal foul 30-yard penalty.  So, text up to AD in booth who are not to be having ANY communique with ANYONE on the field of ANY kind whatsoever, and down trots Pat Haden AD to argue the call and admits instantly in his own defense (open mouth switch feet) that hey he was texted to come down and argue the call and runs onto the damn field in the Pac-12 joke conference bragging every year in the Rose Bowl what they did to the Big 10.  Give me a freaking break !

When Lou Holtz tells you he’s never seen anything like that before, you know it’s a serious infraction.  When everyone else on ESPN tells you it’s OK, that Pat Haden is not in deep hot water, you know he is.  This is what I heard this off-day on ESPN myself.  Did you hear this too ?  The 1st criterion for the Selection Committee is that they must have Integrity.  The entire Committee is now under scrutiny before it even starts its weekly new poll.  All the polls we have are not good enough.  Now, we must have their poll and many standing AD are on the committee, among them absolute ass Pat Haden.  If you have never been around someone like that, I have.  They have blind spots.  Able to read, but dumbasses from the word frigin’ go.

Pat Haden, the color commentator for Notre Dame football, says crap on his telecasts all the time.  You would not believe the crudola that passes for truth on the telecasts.  Notre Dame does this, Notre Dame does that, phrased to make Notre Dame great when they are not, have not and will not be and Pat Haden damn well knows it.

Pat Haden = Chuck Dowdle.

Cecil Rhodes stipulated moral character in his Will for his scholarship’s criteria.

Bill Clinton, Kris Kristofferson and now Pat Haden – all Rhodes’ Scholars.

This does not give Bill Clinton the right to do what he did in the Oval Office and his wife stand by him in the aftermath, nor Kris Kristofferson the way he threw his life away on serious drug abuse and now Pat Haden joins the list standing AD Selection Committee Member for 3 years does what the NFL has come down on hard, and he thinks he like Bill and Kris, he too can get away with it.  Good Luck with that Pat Haden for you sir have no moral character – like anyone who tells everyone else what they should do, not satisfied with screwing up their own life.  Real discussion is that which embraces learning from others, not acting obsequious.

Mark Richt is not God, and anyone suggesting improvement of same, is not the enemy you pieces of crap who Troll saying someone else is a Troll.

A Troll is someone who says something intended to inflame, not their real opinion.  This is best exemplified by anyone wanting to censor any opinion not shared by themselves in their myopic little pea brain.

If you have something to say : say it.  Don’t sit there hiding acting like it sacrilegious to suggest improvement on our own damned football team.  You ignore anyway, what they themselves say to you about the very points of poor passing, or any other point such as failures on 3rd downs.

I am not obsequious and you are.

Condoleezza Rice needs to have Pat Haden removed from the Committee for conduct unbecoming on national TV.  BCS stripped BCS MNC Title from Southern California who promptly hired Lame Kitten from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville vols’ to fix all that mess at Southern California, but Condoleezza Rice cannot rescind before it starts this outcast Pat Haden ?  Sure she can.


Stanford has no Offense, like Clemson.  Pat Haden beating no Offense Stanford means nothing to me, like his Rhodes’ Scholarship he demonstrates moral character in this fashion his entire life for all to see just like Bill Clinton and just like Kris Kristofferson.  Big 10 sucks and has played nothing but sucky football for a long damn time now.  Oregon beating Michigan State means nothing except that the Big 10 is a horrid conference.  Power 5 Conferences my ass.

There are so many tags of so many schools here in Atlanta such that the world has never seen.  And, what have we all learned this season ?  The SEC is kicking ass.  The Pac-12 thinks they’re great for beating up on cupcake conference Big 10 with 14 teams.  My God that conference add cupcakes to a conference of cupcakes and now has 14 teams.  Back when they were the Big 9, they could count.  Since then, they prove that they cannot count.  My SAT scores and grades prove I can.  And, I remember.  This is not a 1 year phenomenon for the Big 14.

Maryland, they add Maryland to the Big 10.  Wow !  That will really fix the Big 10.  They go out and beat hapless South Florida Junior College by 1 TD and that the best the Big 14 has to offer-up as proof of greatness ?  Yes.  Uh, yes.  Yes, it is.  Maryland plays Ohio State and Michigan State both this season. Maryland makes their wins over Maryland good wins ? No.  Uh, no.  No, they do not.

Central Michigan Chippewas Junior College beat Big 10 Purdue, who too, does not have a QB they play either who can throw the damn ball more than 4 yards. Big 10  Michigan State blistered for all to see by Oregon by twice their score a bloody Blow-Out of Biblical Proportions.  Oregon scoring 48 on Michigan State does not make Oregon great, but Big 10 Michigan State made the entire Big 10 look like shit. Northern Illinois Junior College of the MAC conference for God’s Sake beats Big 10 Northwestern by more than a TD.  Michigan, the real Big 10 Michigan (their game with Ohio State so great Pat Haden tells us), skunked by 31 to nothing.  It gets worse for the Big 10.  Just wait. Virginia Tech who has no offense 35, Ohio State 21.

That too does not make Virginia Tech great, but instead makes the Big 10 and Ohio State once again to look silly.  This the same Big 10 Ohio State who has played The SEC 12 times in Bowl Games and not won once.

McNeese State of the Southland Conference played Big 10 Nebraska.  20 seconds to go Nebraska finally runs loose and scores to beat McNeese State.  My God !

Rutgers now Big 10 oh wow beats 0-2 in the MEAC Conference Howard 38-25.  How bad is the Big 10 ?  That’s a rhetorical question.  Howard being beat by the Akron Zips 41 to nothing last week.

And, so South Carolina whose only other test all season long is Auburn who were flukes last season, has no Defense.  That is established.  But, we cannot bring ourselves to play to their weakness passing into that porous defense.  This because Obsequious Ones, we don’t want you to see Brice Ramsey.  It’s Jacob Park’s job next year, you see ?  We with all these 9 teams to beat this season, unlike South Carolina and unlike FSU again too.

Well, at least the Big 10 is exposed.  There’s that on our week off.  You never know what a college football town this is, until we have a week off.  Georgia Southern University plays Georgie tek next week.  When they too pass Georgie tek, that is when the serious discussion of what a dismal mess Georgie tek is in.


Official WebPages Todd Gurley II for Heisman thanks to Taylor Maxey – Starting FB walk-on North Oconee



Todd Gurley II finds Taylor Maxey, Starting Fullback # 47, in the middle of the wedge, and Taylor Maxey Scholar leads the way earning his football scholarship.  It’s been a long road for Taylor Maxey, injured twice at North Oconee.  Todd Gurley II never out-runs Cordrea Tankersley # 25 Clemson who runs 40-yard dash time 4.49 the # 25 best athlete nationally 2012 without the block by Taylor Maxey who is Honor Roll, Dean’s List and magna cum laude.  I know a little about these myself. That was a cheesy play by Cordrea Tankersley after Todd Gurley II slowed down 5 yards deep in the end zone to fall sheepishly, having to be shed by Todd Gurley II as water off the back of a duck.

This is only the latest Todd Gurley II 100-yard kickoff return.

Can he make it ?

Yes, he can !

1 of the 22 Starters against Clemson, Taylor Maxey did not get a carry.  It isn’t what he does.  He hits people.  Ok, he hits people hard, which is why we line him up in the middle of the wedge.

Todd Gurley II juked, to bend in a supple way – dancing, and was off to the races and no one touched him until he was end in the zone.

Todd Gurley II has run a 4.42 in 40-yard dash, but 100 meters is really his distance.  At 6′ 1″ and 232 lbs., he is the # 18 pick in the 1st Round NFL Draft after this season.  1st running back because of his kickoff returns.

His pass blocking skills, and his pass catching, along with his consensus All-America status might well move him up higher than # 18 pick.

They all say he is Marshawn Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch will never catch as many passes as Todd Gurley II.

His has his Super Bowl though.

He is considerably lighter and not as long as Todd Gurley II, and he went to California before his 7,500 NFL rushing yards.

He also has 23 Fumbles after being the # 12 Pick in the 2007 Draft.

I am not feeling this Marshawn Lynch comparison.  Or, Jim Brown – who did have a good Hollywood career.  There’s that, too, Todd Gurley II can aspire to.

Todd Gurley II told Mark Richt he did not have a good game Saturday night.

I am more than a little confused what we’re comparing Todd Gurley II to these others on.  His Hollywood fame ?  His NFL career after the season ?  Everything ?  Be specific, for I see the Heisman Trophy Todd Gurley II, quiet, reserved, fiercely competitive, already named his 1st son, intense cheerleader for his teammates, and a really good guy.

And, where does this Anthony Dorsett come from ?  He’s an asshole.  I shall never forget our bowl game, and we got there and they are all wearing these TD buttons, and he does his interview telling everyone he is not TD, but Anthony Dorsett.  Do you remember the TD buttons they all had on at the bowl game ?  Do you ?  Excuse me Mr. personality.  We have to vote on Todd Gurley II as Anthony Dorsett ?  God Almighty Above.  Kiss my grits : he’s TD from what I saw of his fans at the game.  Were you there ?

Herschel Walker ?  Just what did you intend we compare Todd Gurley II to Herschel Walker based on ?  I see no such instructions.  Both are quiet.  Todd Gurley II might have a better NFL career.  He’ll be picked higher.  He wasn’t the focus for 3 years here that Herschel Walker was.  He will not have the number of carries Herschel Walker did.  But, maybe of all the folks listed.

I saw Fran Tarkenton play between the hedges.  Dad’s seasons’ tickets, too.  The anticipation of going to the games on our campus and seeing how the campus has been made so much more beautiful, and the Fall, knowing the air was about to be filled with balls.  So exciting.  It was not done.  I remember all that.

Well, I remember all that.

Mark Richt era has been marked with Quarterback centric offense, so unlike Fran Tarkenton’s era here or anywhere at that time.  Herschel Walker came to campus as the # 1 player nationally, and Todd Gurley II came in quietly the # 5 running back behind his own teammate whom we still have not used properly out in spaces as so many plays were designed to do just that Saturday night, but not Keith Marshall who did recover a fumble on special teams to have it called back.  I sure would feel better about it, if we could hit him with more than 1 pass.  That’s criminal.

The Official Todd Gurley II for Heisman Trophy WebPages :

We need a QB to throw him more than 1 pass
We need a QB to throw him more than 1 pass



No question have to throw the ball better; we’ve got to get better throwing the ball downfield; had guys didn’t pull trigger; have to stand in there cut it loose; not sharp; Kenny Hill & Hutson Mason not similar; neither is UGA & Texas A&M; huge lead & no Brice Ramsey

“There’s no question that we’re going to have to throw the ball better than we did this last game to continue to have success throughout the season.” Mark Richt said this on his radio show Monday night this week.

“I expect a big improvement this week because we’ve got to get better at throwing the ball downfield,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said.  “A couple of times we had a couple of guys and we didn’t pull the trigger,” Bobo said “you’ve got to stand in there and cut it loose.”

I said all along that Clemson would lose to us and to Florida State to start the season, could then get back to all these 13 ACC teams who end the season 7-6 and that somehow compares to The 8 SEC ranked teams, in fact makes them better Jimbo Fisher brags, and would be UnRanked, I said.  I said we’d beat them by 16 points, and Las Vegas said we’d beat them by more than a Touchdown.  I further stated Clemson has no offense.

We played a weird game plan Saturday night for all to see prior to the rain.  We had the same game plan Clemson’s Dabo had : Keep the damn ball away from Todd Gurley II.

5 touches 1st half.  Criminal.  No wonder we had Clemson feeling they would win again.  When we face-off against South Carolina, who was routed by Texas A & M, Clemson will not be ranked.  Who did Clemson beat last year ?  An UnRanked 8-5 UGA team.  ACC Schedules are all cupcake schedules, despite the bullshit that 7-6 ACC teams make them better than 60 % of The SEC teams being ranked teams.

And, so now we move on to South Carolina.  This is a team who was destroyed by a QB who can throw the ball.  Hutson Mason is not that guy.

Is he ?

Kenny Hill ?

Let’s get our heads screwed on straight, and bring in a QB who can throw the damn football.

Favoritism is all we have in Brice Ramsey not being brought in the last series up twice their score and then some.  That’s bullshit Mark Richt.  And, worse that you bragged that prior to that series, you could send in Isaiah McKenzie a true freshman to take that punt, the 10th punt of the night by the way.  You could afford to do that, so what is the damned excuse you could not bring in Brice Ramsey, Mark Richt ?

Read the comments :

(1) There is no question we have to throw the ball better to have success.

(2) We’ve got to get better throwing the ball downfield.

(3) We had guys and we did not pull the trigger.

(4) You have to stand in there and cut it loose.

(5) We had a huge lead so I could bring in Isaiah McKenzie to field that punt.

(6) With that huge lead, I could not send in Brice Ramsey for the final series, even to hand-off.

14 seasons, and we’ve FAILED to prepare a Back-Up Quarterback except for DJ Shockley, whose dad was promised by Mark Richt that if DJ accepted the redshirt, then, DJ would play every game.

Other than that, Mark Richt has not prepared ANY back-up Quarterback.

We played a far easier opponent opening game than the games coming up.  They had no offense.  They played the wrong Quarterback, too.

They were on the road at our house, and we affected the ballgame on 3rd Downs pumping up the noise and causing them to be discombobulated the entire 2nd half.  We were into it.

Jeremy Pruitt :

“The way the game goes, a lot of it is about third down and getting off the field on third down and in the first half we didn’t get off the field on third down, so it extended drives. The second half we did. I would say that was the biggest thing. But if you look at the third downs in the second half, on first and second down we put them in some little longer yardages. In the first half there were several third and ones and third and twos.”

“I think there are a lot of guys that deserve a chance to play on our football team. Some of it has to do with it’s not clear-cut who the best guys are. You know, we said when fall camp started if we feel like we’ve got 11 guys that deserve to play, we’ll play 11; if we’ve got 18, we’ll play 18. I don’t know how many we played the other night but we played the ones we felt like were ready to play.”

“If they were ready I would’ve played them. … They’ve been hurt some in fall camp, and some guys played that weren’t ready to play. You can say that, too. But those guys are working hard…We’ve got a lot of younger guys and we moved some folks around from spring to fall. Then you have injuries in fall camp. You’ve got to make decisions and see in practice. We’re practicing guys in different spots, just trying to find the right combinations.  Now is he always right? No. Should he be playing as a true freshman? Probably not. But right now he’s one of our better players and we’ve just got to keep coaching him up and he’s got to keep working hard every day to get better.  Basically all we’ve done is we’ve guaranteed that we can go 1-11. That’s all we’ve done.”

UGA’s Pruitt: ‘Expectations are to dominate our opponents every week’

The Defensive Coordinator can say these statements, but the Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach cannot bring themselves to bring in our back-up Quarterbacks to prepare them.

South Carolina was vulnerable to the damn pass, Bluto.  We have to be able to do what the head coach and what the offensive coordinator said we did not do, and in fact have not done in 5 years’ time now and counting.  It’s being results oriented over what South Carolina game time will be an UnRanked Clemson team when South Carolina is vulnerable to the a QB getting the damned football downfield.

There is nothing similar between Texas A & M and UGA, dumbass.

Getting wide receivers back from suspension is not going to help a QB who has not in 5 years’ time gotten the ball downfield.

Rewind: Return of the toss sweep kick-starts Georgia’s season

Hutson Mason : “We’ve gotta be able to stretch the field more.  We do have to do a better job in the pass game.  We can’t be naive,” Hutson Mason said. “I’m sure South Carolina when they get to prepping for us is gonna think, ‘Load the box.’ I hope they do. We’re gonna throw it. And I hope we throw it the first play of the game.”

Hutson Mason is no Fran Tarkenton.

Mark Richt told former vol and 30-year reporter Paul Finebaum : “When you turn on the film, you see the flaws. We know there are issues. We know there are certain things we got away with and if we don’t get them right we’re not going to get away with them in another game. Someone is going to make us pay.”

“We’ll get better at throwing and catching. We weren’t as sharp as I had hoped,” Mark Richt said.

Ten@10: Adjustments by UGA’s offense lead to ‘gashing’ of Clemson



Georgia’s RB Todd Gurley II and UCLA’s LB Eric Kendricks Named Walter Camp National FBS Players of the Week. Herschel Walker only Dawg to win Walter Camp POY Award.

Todd Gurley II scored 3 rushing TD, had 1 catch, amassed 198 rushing yards on 15 carries, scored a TD on his 2nd 100-yard TD kick-off return by Todd Gurley II, and twice shoved Hutson Mason into the End Zone when he was stopped and beat # 16 AP Poll and # 16 USA Today Coaches’ Amway Poll Clemson, who ended last season # 9, and who was said to have a great Defense.

Herschel Walker is the only Georgia Bulldog to ever win the Walter Camp National Player of the Year Award.

There have been 16 Georgia Bulldogs named Walter Camp All-America, the most recent of which is Jarvis Jones who 3 times won Walter Camp National FBS Player of the Week.  Other Walter Camp All-America players for Georgia besides Jarvis Jones LB are Drew Butler P, Max Jean-Gilles OL, Greg Blue S, Thomas Davis S, Jon Stinchcomb OL, Joel Parrish OL, Randy Johnson OL, Royce Smith OL, Jake Scott S, Bill Stanfill DT, Edgar Chandler OL, Frank Sinkwich HB, Tom A. Nash E, Joe Bennett T, and Charley Trippi TB.

There were no Walter Camp All-America players named from Georgia last season, on either the 1st or 2nd team.

Walter Camp is one of the most prestigious Awards annually, given to the Top Football Player of the Year – the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award.

Clemson has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Alabama has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Georgie tek has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

South Carolina has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Tennessee has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Missouri has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Texas A & M has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

All-Purpose Running All-Time UGA Leaders :

293 yards Todd Gurley II vs # 16 Clemson 8/302014

290 yards Rodney Hampton vs Ole Miss 1987 (227 rushing, 28 receiving, 35 KO return)

285 yards Fred Gibson vs KY 2001 (201 receiving, 84 KO return)

283 yards Herschel Walker vs Vanderbilt 1980 (all rushing).

NCAA FBS head coaches make up a group including also Sports’ Information Directors who name the Award.

Some of the previous Walter Camp Player of the Year Award are Herschel Walker, Pat Sullivan, Johnny Rodgers, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Cam Newton, Charlie Ward, and Danny Wuerffel.  Todd Gurley II would be Mark Richt’s 3rd Walter Camp Player of the Year Award and Georgia’s 2nd, if Todd Gurley II can keep it up.

He will be a marked man.

Opponents will not kick-off to him, and they will spy on him.

Fairly amazing again that when we returned from Athens, ESPN was running a spot every 15 minutes all day Sunday about the 4 best Performances of the Day, all against Cupcakes, and Todd Gurley II was not even included in the 4 anyone in the nation could even vote on.

Bullshit.  Pure unadulterated Bullshit.

Todd Gurley II was given the nod over Kenny Hill Texas A&M.

The Walter Camp Foundation’s prestigious Awards are carefully measured by the head coaches and the sports’ information directors to insure moral fiber.

Todd Gurley II is of fine moral fiber from Tarboro North Carolina, where they do not have a football team and have not had a football team.  Many of our top recruits come from both North and South Carolina.  He is a Business Major at The University of Georgia, as I.

He is 6′ 1″ and 226 lbs of all muscle.

He was the North Carolina High School Player of the Year 2011, and is only 20 years’ of age.

He is an accomplished receiver with 54 catches already now, and has played here already as many years as Knowshon Moreno.  This is his final season with us. He is our Captain.  He now has over 2,500 yards rushing.

He averages over 6 yards per carry and over 10 yards per catch.

Perhaps the nation’s most feared kick-off returner, he leads the cheers on the sidelines.  Everyone at the game Saturday noticed him on the sidelines, and how not only all the other players came over to congratulate him every one of his plays, but how he was the 1st to lead the cheers for his teammates.

When he came here, he was very quiet.  Time has not changed him much.  While there were accolades heaped upon Keith Marshall, there were low rumblings of the awesomeness of Todd Gurley II.  No one calls him Todd Gurley II, only I.

When Hutson Mason was struggling Saturday to throw completions of 4 yards, he wanted the ball.  When Hutson Mason struggled against Georgie tek to fall behind 20 to nothing, he had every touch in both over-times and scored 4 consecutive touchdowns, our only 4 of the game to beat Georgie tek.

He ran 10.7 seconds in the 100 meter dash, and competed # 15 in the World Youth Championships in France. He is named for his father, Todd Gerome Gurley.

He was given a scholarship offer as the # 5 best running back in the nation from Clemson, North Carolina University, North Carolina State University, Virginia Tech, Georgie tek and Auburn.  SEC schools were slow on the uptake up in North Carolina and he wanted to pry his trade here, as one of the nation’s best pass blockers.

His parents are proud of him.  His dad lives in Baltimore, Maryland – not far from Washington, D.C.

He will name his son the III.  They put that on the back of Joe Tereshinski III, but refused until last season to put II on Todd Gurley II’s Jersey.

Update Labor Day on our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team, UGA Top 10, SEC SEC SEC, SEC Network Nielsen Ratings, # 107 QB Hutson Mason vs Brice Ramsey

The Georgia Bulldogs probably move up into the Top 10 late today.  Neither the AP Poll nor the Coaches’ Poll were updated Sunday.  The NCAA did update its stats and Hutson Mason is # 107 in yards per completion, which is what was expected, given that his long completions are of the 4-yard variety.

Our Special Teams, as expected once we saw them destroy Clemson who prides itself on its Special Teams’ play, are now ranked at the top of all categories – except in kick-offs where we stand alone of the games I saw Opening the 2014-2015 season, as the only team incapable of kicking-off into the back or out of the End Zone.  Surely, there is a soccer player, or walk-on who can kick-off out of the End Zone, or at least put it at the very back of the End Zone.  You saw what happens when a team kicks their one kick-off short 4 or 5 yards only into the End Zone, when Todd Gurley II took that lone one short kick-off to the house.  So much so that Dabo named by his 2-year brother before playing wide receiver at Alabama, pooch kicked the ball to keep it away from Todd Gurley II.  Their kicker had stymied Todd Gurley II on kick-off returns by kicking the ball out of or at least to the very back of the End Zone on all other kick-offs.  Thus, Todd Gurley II could not return those.

Ohio State drops in the Polls; what a cupcake schedule they play.  And, look silly doing so.  Wins ?  That ain’t no freaking win Ohio State, you wusses. Again. How is Urban Meyer looking after he left Florida when all his great players went to the NFL, up there in the frozen tundra ?  You Northerners make me puke.  Speaking of cupcakes, Oklahoma State is and was an UnRanked Team, and Florida State, who did not suspend Jameis Winston for anything yet – God Almighty – is not going to repeat.  All they beat last season was # 2 Auburn and # 9 Clemson to win the MNC.  This season, UGA would have to beat by Stark Contrast Alabama or Texas A & M, or both, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, Florida, Georgie tek, Missouri, and # 3 and # 1 in the play-offs if those are not Alabama or Texas A & M already we might have faced-off against.  On the same subject of cupcakes, Georgie tek played Wofford.  Did Wofford look good, or Georgie tek not ?  I confess we don’t turn on those Georgie tek “games” unless they’re losing, then I gloat as is proper.  When’s the Stamford game, or is it Samford ?  Are they a Rival yet for the continuous nearly entire Mark Richt era NCAA Probation 3 times since 2005 in Football Georgie tek ?  Talk about making me PUKE you high-and-mighty NCAA Probation in Football, again, Georgie tek.  Sentences, Georgie tek, comma on NCAA Probation again in Football again all of 2014-2015 season again – would be in every AJ-C article if The Georgia Bulldogs were the 1.  And, you damn well know it.

Mark Bradley apparently was not allowed to “travel” 60 miles to Athens, but every other AJ-C sportswriter was, so Mark Bradley has a column about Georgie tek beating Wofford and not one damn freaking word about UGA over Clemson.  What’s the deal Mark ?  Being punished, are you ?  Not allowed to join the rest of us in Athens for Opening Day ?  That’s a rhetorical question, Mark Bradley – a very thin-skinned son of a bitch in the 1st place.

Nielsen Ratings for the national tv audience determined to be larger than the Rangers game, show that the audience was very large, but Nielsen is not going to rate any SEC Network Game or Event or Show all season long.  Excuse me Nielsen, afraid to hurt the ratings of your wuss Power 5 Conference team you went to ?

SEC is SEC, and we sure have a lot of hangers-on who want to lump themselves together with us as what THEY call the Power 5 Conferences.  That’s bullshit.  The other conferences are not in the same ballpark as The SEC and they damn well know it.  You know you are reading a pro-other conference sportswriter when they report on NCAA college football and fail to even subliminally mention the absolute dominance of The SEC.  West Virginia has all this speed they whine.  Really ?  Why’d The SEC beat them.

What are the Rangers ?

The SEC Network had more audience than the Rangers’ game.

I am not into Censorship and refuse to support it.

If you have a sports’ site and want to control something, go have some kids.  The Internet is Free.  If you charge for information free on the Internet, I will not support that failed model, either.

If Boise State Ole Miss drew 2 and a half million, then Texas A & M South Carolina drew over 4 million.

Results of the survey show clearly that Hutson Mason is no Kenny Hill.  We do have quarterbacks who can throw the deep ball and Mark Richt commented that with the lead, he could afford to send Isaiah McKenzie back to field a punt, but could not bring himself to bring in Brice Ramsey for even one play, even a damned hand-off.

That’s bullshit Mark Richt.

Sports Overdose has a index of Bulldogs’ news, but insists on only showing those who limit the readership of their articles by having Insider news, like we cannot find that information on the Internet with Google.  Sure we can.  And, do, dimwits.

Stats for the 2014-2015 College Football Season are being provided by the NCAA at this URL Link, if you would like to update your Favorites with it :

Obviously, Georgia is going to look very good on this.  We played supposedly a top team, a team I said we’d beat by 16 and Las Vegas said we’d beat by more than a TD, but instead had to have Nick Chubb’s 2nd TD called back to not be 52-24.

But, Mark Richt could play Isaiah McKenzie quite a bit frankly, but not Brice Ramsey.  And, Jacob Park reports he is being redshirted.  It is quite apparent that we’re going to need to throw the ball downfield this season with all these great teams we’ll have to beat.  And, it is more and more clear that Hutson Mason’s 7-yard wide and underthrows on all the interference calls marks him as as weak an armed quarterback in all of the entire NCAA :

# 102 QB yards per completion Hutson Mason out of 109 Quarterbacks.  God Almighty that jumps off the page.

Doesn’t it ?

Spare me your excuses, please.

Face it.

Be a man for once in your damned friqin’ wasted life.

Do we, or do we not need to throw the ball deep all season ?

When in the Hell, if up enough for Mark Richt to send Isaiah McKenzie back to return punt, are we going to play some of all these Top 10 Quarterbacks who continue to flock to Mark Richt ?

What the friq does it take, Mark Richt ?

We’re :

# 99 in Passing Offense

Well, if your QB cannot throw the ball far enough on required in good games against good teams deep balls, you will be # 99 in Passing Offense, whether you spend the entire 1st Half having him throw 4-yard passes, or not.

So, what’s wrong with playing Brice Ramsey a series, Mark Richt ?  I see right through this.  You don’t want anyone to 2nd guess you or have any sort of QB controversy.  We’re UGA.  You play him, and we shall compare them, right ?

Hutson Mason is not like DJ Shockley whom I understand with Herschel Walker was at the game.  DJ Shockley played every game from the day you redshirted him, and his Dad, not DJ, said he would transfer if you Mark Richt did not guarantee he would play every game.  Hutson Mason is the one who threatened transfer to South Carolina State, which would be about all except the old regime at FSU who would’ve even given him a scholarship, and they too only for a roster spot to practice against.

Brice Ramsey did not come here for that.

Neither did Jacob Park.

Other than DJ Shockley, Mark Richt you have FAILED MISERABLY to prepare a back-up QB.  The experience with Hutson Mason last season proves he can’t help us on a 4th Quarter down by 4 points less than 2-minutes’ series.  Quit the pampering of Hutson damn Mason, Mark Richt, and get off your ass and put Brice Ramsey in the damn ballgames.

I played db, so I do believe I know a QB when I see one.  Frankly, all of us do Mark Richt.  And, that includes you son.  I was correct pre-game that Zach Mettenberger and not Joe Cox should have played at Okie State.  I was correct pre-season that Joe Tereshinski III should not be our starter but Matthew Stafford the # 1 NFL Draft Pick who came to us as such because of his sister here.  And I am right about Jacob Park who says you said he’s redshirting and about Brice Ramsey whom you refuse to allow to get on the field in damn BLOW-OUT for even 1 damn series even – that BOTH are better Quarterbacks than Hutson Mason.

You’re going to have to play BOTH, Mark Richt.  You are doing nothing but delaying the inevitable.

And, our inevitable comparison as soon as you do.

Aaron Murray made the roster.  Then, a contract was signed for KC QB after that.

UCLA is a pretender, as usual.  That is also proven.  As is, Baylor and Ohio State.  These 3 teams will NOT make the 4-team play-offs.  Therefore, UGA moves into the Top 10 tonight.


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