vols’ football program again UnRanked team 2014 the 7th season in a row the vols are UnRanked

vols’ football program is in just an awful mess, and has been, and will be.

How bad are the vols ?

In 2005, when we last won The SEC Championship but ended up # 3 of just SEC teams in every poll, the vols put up a losing record 5-6.

After 2007, the vols :

33-41 losing record vols worse than Vandie who is 35-41 after 2007.

We thought that we were doing poorly after 2007, and we are :

# 23 won/lost record 54-26, not counting this season UGA.

Still, as poorly as we’ve been doing with all this talent in-state we did not let the vols come in here and take from us after 2007, # 23 is a marked better record for UGA than the vols at # 84 and Vandie at # 78.


vols have done so poorly for so long that you guys probably do not even recall all the nasty vols’ fans on blogs here in HotLanta, and their horrid nasty-ass football players bragging how friqin’ better than us, they.

It was unbearable for many years.

vols’ football program is marked with having played cupcakes, and when that changed, their fortunes changed, much like Boise State.

The state of Tennessee has no talent.  They brag they sign their players nationally.

And, they have raided Atlanta my whole entire lifetime.


Who in their right friqin’ mind would choose orange as their color ?

It looks like pajamas, but not ones you would be caught dead taking the trash out in late, even in the damn dark.  Orange.  God Almighty : orange.

God Awful frigin’ prison orange.

Prison Orange

There are so many vols’ fans here in Atlanta that you would never believe it, and for so long now and continuing they are dormant, gone missing, absent, hiding their ugly heads, nowhere to be found for so long now.

UnRanked in the Coaches’ Poll and UnRanked in the AP Poll, has been a hallmark of vols’ football that y’all probably don’t recall the pain they inflicted on we Bulldogs’ fans bragging how stinking wonderful they are at the cost of our recruits here they coveted since they have no football players in their miserable state.

Even Tee Martin taking all those monies to play for the vols, and even admitting he did saying that was a different Tee Martin who won the national championship in the 1st BCS National Championship Game, did not dampen their just dirty cheating ways and bitter rivalry they made of our program who for so many years the vols simply refused to play.  That national championship is as tainted as is the Fulmer Cup, named for all the trash-talking vols’ players they recruited from right here who daily gave us a dose of their bullshit quotes at our expense.

Forget ?

Hell no.

Jamal Lewis from Douglass High here in Atlanta went to the vols and just was unbearable in his quotes in the local rags here about how he said : “UGA only plays there for the Peach Bowl : at TN, we don’t play in the Peach Bowl.”

Jamal Lewis was right about that, because indeed when the vols played in the Peach Bowl they failed to show-up and in fact did not play in the Peach Bowls they were participants in.

Even though Jamal Lewis would later go to Federal Prison released August 2, 2005, the damage he did in giving this headline quote to the press, led their fans here to quote that to us daily.  I blogged in Atlanta for many years as BuLLdawg, and my comments when Mark Richt 1st got here were all in support of him.  I am not 2-faced; when Mark Richt did well when he got here, I supported him for that; and when instead we started getting arrested/suspended and won the Fulmer Cup National Championship, I came out in public and said that I do not like that and want it cleaned-up, and want to win again now like we used to do when he 1st got here.


But, I took the vols’ to task and still do.  The vols’ fans were crawling out of the woodwork here in Atlanta at the time, like cockroaches in a tenement at night when the lights were turned on.

I was as unbearable back then to vols’ fans as I am today :

I do not like the vols.  I do not root for such a bitter rival to do well so that we then are considered greater for thereafter beating them.  Neither do I nor would I root for Florida, Georgie tek or any other of the trash-talking bitter rivals we play every year.  If you think the vols are not a bitter rival of our Beloved Georgia Bulldogs because they’ve done so poorly for so many years, just lose to them and have them actually have a great season, and see what I mean.

You will rue the day not respecting what total assholes vols’ fans are.  Hiding in the dark now still, just wait until they show their ugly mugs and inbred hatred of where almost all their good players come from, which is right here.

You think Auburn would not have had any football teams without our players from right here ?

Jamal Lewis, Tee Martin, and Travis Henry who also went to federal prison, played together and have dominated the news about the vols’ trashy football program since.


They do not like us.

Not at all.

They hate us.

They would love to be the dominant team against us and out-recruit us for our talent saying as Jamal Lewis did putting us down, and putting the vols up on some damn pedestal, and then going to federal prison.

This is who the vols are.


These unkind years have not been kind to the vols in these areas this season, again, either with all their arrests 2014 too.

Alvin Kamara from right here in Atlanta too, whom some Bulldogs’ fans wanted to play for us as a running back mind you they wanted him, not I, will be the next in line at the vols’ running back position, but not this season.  After Nick Saban kicked him off the team in Alabama, he announced he will sit this season and play for the vols next season, playing JUCO now.


That will be just more of the same, as all the vols arrested this year.


Nu’Keese Richardson is another whom some Bulldogs’ fans wanted to play here, and again, not I.

Armed Robbery charges are a prank, he said.


Colts sign Nu’Keese Richardson

Some damn prank.

Da’Rick Rogers is yet another.  Again some Bulldogs fans wanted him here too.  Again, not I. He wanted to play for the vols but he as well was kicked-off the vols’ team and went then after that to Tennessee Tech, and he admitted he was kicked-off the vols’ for failing drug tests at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where Bobby Dodd is also a college drop-out from.

University of Tennessee at ObKnoxiousville.


# 62 The University of Georgia U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2015

# 95 Florida State University

# 103 Auburn University

# 106 University of Tennessee at Knoxville


27-19-3 Georgia Bulldogs in Bowl Games

25-24-0 vols in Bowl games

49 Bowl Games each, The University of Georgia Bulldogs BETTER than the vols.

.5816 Win Percentage Bowl Games Georgia

.5102 Win Percentage Bowl Games vols



UnRanked again 2014 in Football, these inept vols have done this 7 years in a row now.

Da’Rick Rogers born here in Atlanta got into it on Twitter with Bacarri Rambo when he de-committed to Mark Richt.

Tim Tucker of the AJ-C carried all of that blow-by-blow to the glee of vols’ fans at the time, and to their chagrin now here today on my blog by God :


“Rogers responded Saturday on Twitter:  “Who is Bacarri Rambo?”

Then from Rambo on Twitter: “Tell Darick ‘pretty boy’ Rogers he doesn’t have to know me but I bet he will feel me!! Lol”

Then from Rogers: “don’t worry about me ha … that’s your choice … last time i checked a big hit =’s you getting knocked out.”


There were 665 comments to that.

I do not know why Tim Tucker does not have his articles featured, and shown underneath his name like Mark Bradley does.  Mark is better at writing, and Tim knows more about sports.

Which would you rather read ?

I do not like the vols’ fans.  I do not like anything about the vols especially their fans.

I never have.

I never will.

Orange ?

Damn it, I bet they wish they were not orange themselves.

Why not change it ?

Prison Orange is really what vols’ fans want as their color, given these facts ?

Can you imagine having everything orange ?

I cannot begin to share how horrible that color must be to their own fans.

I do not want us to have these headlines that the vols have had my entire lifetime, and I do not want us to lose like the vols have been doing, either.

I know what the vols fans will say if given half a chance to come out of the woodwork.

We need to respect this rivalry.

We need to kick their asses into frigin’ oblivion and then some.

Root for my bitter rivals, oh yeah right.  That is as stupid a person telling you that as God ever allowed on this earth.

And, so the embattled # 84 team in the nation after 2007 vols play at the stale # 23 team in the nation after 2007 Bulldogs, and hardly will the nation care :

Unless we lose.


We have 12 SEC Championships in Football and the vols have 13 :


Alabama leads the list with 23 SEC Football Championships.


We MUST WIN THIS GAME to not have losing record to the vols, as the vols and Georgia really only recently play each because the vols did not want to play us until The SEC divided us into 2 Divisions.

The vols did not want to play anyone any good.

The vols MUST WIN THIS GAME to prevent us from saying All-Time the vols are not the better team head-t0-head against The Mighty Bulldogs.

We can make it 21-21-2 all-time between the vols and The Georgia Bulldogs in Football.

Last season, you may recall, the vols win that overtime game against us if they do not fumble the ball across the end zone, their cut-down checkerboard end zone.

Win this game, and UGA and the vols are tied 21-21-2.



10-11-1 UGA at Knoxville through today.

10-10-1 vols at Athens through today 21 September 2014.

Steve Spurrier the week before last now has a better record head-to-head against Mark Richt with Mark Richt’s Won/Lost Record against Steve Spurrier, both as head coaches head-to-head, standing now at 5-6.

The vols do NOT have a better record against us, if we can win.

This means NOTHING ?

No motivation for our team, Mark Richt ?

Not worth noting sir ?


You want the vols to brag they better Won/Lost Record against UGA head-to-head after the game ?

All Mark Richt has to do is once again lose for the 9th time in his career here to a team who even with their win over Mark Richt, not even make either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll for 2014-2015 season.

vols are such a team.

There is nothing under the sun that would allow the vols to make any Top 25 Poll 2014-2015 season.


That’s how bad the vols are 2014-2015, again, for the 7th season in a row UnRanked.

vols have 6 national championships in football including the BCS win with Tee Martin who was a different guy then taking monies from vols’ boosters to play there.


Georgie tek also has 6, as we do as well.

All by the very same polls who ranked the vols and Georgie tek national champions 6 times.

All 3 have 6 national championships.

The University of Georgia has 45 national championships to Tennessee’s only 23 in all sports.

Twice as Many UGA NC in all sports than the vols.


Baseball 1, Football 6, Men’s Golf 2, Women’s Golf 1, 6 Equestrian which NCAA does not count in weird fashion they hold nevertheless every year, 10 in Women’s Gymnastics, 6 in Women’s Swimming and Diving, 8 in Men’s Tennis, and 5 in Women’s Tennis.

You will note please that Massey has UGA National Champions 1966 :



SicEm Dawgs.com is another respected Bulldogs’ Football site which also does not censor what is said about us or any other of our many rival teams.

So 6 national championships in football for The University of Georgia :


The same 6 nc as the vols :


And, the same 6 nc as Georgie tek :


All by the very same polls they claim their 6 nc by.

vols’ talent is nowhere near in the same ballpark as our talent.  Mark Richt has shut-down the border to the vols, and he knows it, and they know it.

vols’ have a horrible passing game this season, not that we do either because we want to play this QB who is # 102 in the nation in passing.

vols do not have our running game, but the vols are good at not having penalties called which will help them here Saturday as will their good defense.  Playing just Hutson Mason will play into the vols’ hands, just as it did against South Carolina.

vols fully expect that we shall just run the ball and will pack the box, just as South Carolina because when your QB is # 102 in the nation at yards per catch as Hutson Mason is, you do not stretch the field.

So that part will be more of the same, again, and again wrong-headed on Mark Richt’s part as demonstrated once again to us all live Saturday and what a beautiful day on our beautiful campus, eh ?

Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta both proved they are far better quarterbacks than Hutson Mason ever will be.  So would have Jacob Park too, but he says Mark Richt is redshirting him this season.  God Almighty Mark Richt.

vols cannot return kick-offs like we do.  And the vols cannot defend kick-offs as well as us, which isn’t saying much.

vols punting game as always is sound.

vols are heavily sacked football team this season, and Jeremy Pruitt should have a frigin’ field day against that lousy vols’ offense.

vols are tied with us with the same record.


We’re the noon game again this weekend, and that’s hard on us to get up there that early.  It changes the whole Saturday schedule for us.

So, I expect the vols to have a good defense and to make Hutson Mason look as he has already looked last season and this season, which is not good – and, once again, where the vols too will pack it in against us since we do not throw the ball to all the receivers we have except for 4-yard passes with the chosen 1 at QB.

All last week, Mike Bobo said there are “MANY REASONS why we’d play our back-up Quarterbacks.”  vols are 1 of the reasons.


Still, with the vols having no offense, like Clemson has no offense and unlike South Carolina, this game is a game where Mark Richt might not have our guys ready to play them and I hope I have established that this is a Major Rival who wants NOTHING MORE THAN TO BEAT US.

vols are picked to lose to us by 17 points, and who are 83 % of the bets on ?

You guessed it : vols


Whoever wins, has the winning record against the other all-time in the history of college football.

Damn it, Get After Their Asses !

55-27 after 2007

1-10 since 2006 vs top 25 AP or Coaches these years as visitor

7-24 after 2007 vs top 25 AP or Coaches these years

None of that is on the line this Saturday ‘Tween the hedges where I have a scar from.

It’s just the damned vols.  The vols are not ranked this season; they were not ranked last season; they were not ranked the year before either, or the year before that, or the 1 before that or the 1 before that either, or even ranked the year before that. 7 years is a row now the vols have not been ranked.


But, the damned Orange-clad vols are 1 of our Most Bitter Rivals, ask Keith Marshall :

# 1 UGA Rival 50-40-2 Florida

# 2 UGA Rival 54-55-8 Auburn

# 3 UGA Rival 64-37-5 Georgie tek

# 4 UGA Rival 20-21-2 vols

# 5 UGA Rival 47-17-2 South Carolina

# 6 UGA Rival 41-8-4 Clemson

And, there is not 1 of those top half dozen Georgia Bulldogs’ Rivals who would love anything more than to beat us.  Auburn went ahead of us in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry back to 1892 last season ok on a fluke play in a fluke season neither of which shall not be repeated this season.  vols can maintain a lead over us only by beating us this season.

Beat Auburn and the vols and none of our 6 Rivals can have a winning record against us all-time.

How damn significant is this game, I ask ?

source : Georgia Football Media Guide given to me every year

 Bulldogs UNABLE TO PASS the football at a record pace :

# 100 Bulldogs 1st Downs by Offense – atrocious

# 107 Bulldogs Passing Offense – worst in Mark Richt era by wide margin

# 102 Bulldogs Passing Yards per Completions – really all of them just 4-yard passes, aren’t they ?

#  49 Bulldogs 3rd Down Conversions by Offense – just awful

#  56 Bulldogs Red Zone Offense – Hutson Mason settled for 4 Field Goal Tries vs South Carolina

#  71 Bulldogs Penalties Per Game – & at worst possible moment like Hutson Mason grounding call

#  75 Bulldogs Kick-Off Return Defense like the last South Carolina drive to go up by 3 points

#  36 Bulldogs Passing Efficiency Offense – how that bad when all we can throw are 4-yard passes ?

#  81 Bulldogs Time of Possession – amazing Defense sent right back out so much, again 2014

#  37 Bulldogs Total Offense

#  25 Bulldogs Total Defense Problem is Defense ?  B.S. our Out-Of-Date Not-Modern Offense sucks

# 115 Hutson Mason Passing Yards

# 103 Hutson Mason Passing Yards per Completion

#   93 Hutson Mason Completions per game. Why Pass when all he can throw 4-yard underneath pattern?

#  71 Hutson Mason Touchdown Passes

#  68 Hutson Mason Yards Per Pass Attempt


Rewind: Bulldogs running the football at a record pace




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