It’s a good thing we lost to South Carolina because we’d have to vacate it anyway

This one is $ 350 on eBay tonight :



Mr. Todd Gurley II has caused The University of Georgia to vacate all wins this season prior to Missouri, for selling memorabilia in the Spring of 2014.


There is absolutely no difference in this offense and the latest Georgie tek NCAA Probation in Football where they coaxed their top player on what to say and not to say to the NCAA.  This put them on NCAA Probation, again, in football again, back-to-back except that so far as we know supposedly no one at The University of Georgia knew a thing about TGII taking $ 5 per item for hundreds of certified items.


We might escape NCAA Probation depending upon how we handle this.


We will vacate all wins where an ineligible player played in the game.


Mark Richt already was only # 23 in Won/Lost Record after 2007 season coming in to this season at only 54-26.  If this plays out as it should, he will be forced to vacate all wins this season prior to today.


This makes Mark Richt still at just 54 wins the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt Era.  The 1st half of the Mark Richt Era went from 2001 through the 2007 season, and he did extremely well.  It is said that he spoiled us.  However, the Mark Richt era 2nd half of his career here has been marred continuously by not only not winning games, not only by not winning on the road as Visitor on Opponents’ Fields when they were a ranked team for that season in either the Coaches’ Poll or AP Poll, not only by losing inexplicable games to Opponents whom we have no business losing to, not only by continuing to recruit the average # 9 recruiting ranking every year of the entire Mark Richt era 2001-2014 as verified by his # 2 best nationally and # 1 best in The SEC 75 NFL Draft Picks, but by a staggering array of continuing off-field issues where he and his Mark Richt Apologists Loyal Christian Followers have stayed in the news making excuses for all these on-going off-field transgressions where they attempt to redefine discipline which is actually training those he is given such great credit for signing here to obey the rules on and off the field as instead punishment.


Punishment is not discipline, but the result of failing to train all these top recruits to obey the rules.

In this case, and there have been hundreds of these issues, his once-in-a-lifetime recruit has been verified as the person who the person who verified it said he gave TGII $ 5 per signature for hundreds of signatures.

So, let me get this straight, ok ?

$ 5 two hundred times.  $ 1,000.00

These items, these two hundred items with his signature have been on sale now for half a year now, and Mark Richt does not know anything about it ?


I am supposed to believe that ?


Then, why did he say he was very disappointed, and that other than that, he doesn’t have anything to offer-up ?


There has been a lack of transparency around here now for some time with Mark Richt.  He keeps his suspensions/arrests/kicked-off to himself because the bad press is so damn prolific, thinking he could stem the tide of all these ongoing bad press by simply hiding it from us.


The arrests, though, are a matter of public record.


The penalties are spelled-out in policy form set-up by Mike Adam$ seven (7 ) entire years ago, now.


Mark Richt has gone beyond that policy, and he has gone around that policy stipulating the exact penalties for specific off-field transgressions of so many now, hundreds, of Mark Richt signed scholarship recruits here.  He kicks them off the team, them running here to the Internet to say he turned his back on them – just when they needed him the most; which is over and beyond the Mike Adam$’ policy for specific punishment.  He goes around the policy by refusing to admit when he suspends a player because God Knows if he told us all those, that would just increase the bad press for which the policy was put in place for his Mark Richt signed scholarship recruits.


119 signed scholarship recruits are supposed to with redshirt be playing Missouri tomorrow, but instead only 74 now are available, which includes all injured players several notable running backs in that group of injured, leaving us in this on-going mess on and off the field.


There have been now 15 this 2014 year alone who have been signed here to great fanfare by Mark Richt and for whom he is given all the credit for bringing here, who have been arrested/suspended/kicked-off his team.


We have zero wins 2014.  We have 1 loss.  We’re 0-1 for 2014.


This will drop Mark Richt to # 43 in Won/Lost Record after 2007.


For which we pay him $ 3 million 500 thousand dollars annually.


He can cease the Hutson Mason Failed Experiment or there isn’t a team we play who will not beat us with Hutson Mason the worst quarterback he’s ever trotted out there, which is saying something in view of the fact he told us Joe Cox was better than Zach Mettenberger 2009 and he told us Joe Tereshinski III was better than Matthew Stafford 2006.

Send not Brice Ramsey, but Hutson Mason out there, Mark Richt has said all season.


You want to rethink that Mark Richt, now that your damned cushy job is on the line sir ?


Probably not.   He doesn’t care.


I do.


I’d start Brice Ramsey day after tomorrow, and I’d put Faton Bauta at running back behind Nick Chubb and Brendan Douglas as the # 3 Tailback.


But, he will never think of that.


Which is why he’s only # 43 Won/Lost Record after 2007 – see the only URL Link provided in this blog to you.



He not only was ineligible, but he was only the Very Best Player in The United States of America.  The other teams do not get a win, whom we played except for South Carolina.  All the other opponents we played so far this season, do get a loss.  We vacate all those games all season long, except for South Carolina.


Losses to teams who had to vacate their wins, do count as a loss to that team :


Mark Richt said he knew all along that he’d have to vacate any win over South Carolina, and that is why he did not give Todd Gurley II the ball at the 4-yard line 1st and goal at the end of the game. Go ahead and have Hutson Mason lose the game, then that will be only 4 games we will be forced to vacate this 2014 season.


Mark Richt is 0-1 for 2014 and goes on the road against a ranked opponent, who if they remain ranked this season which was in doubt prior to this biggest news of the Mark Richt Era, would be the 12th opponent starting 2006 who made either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the season we played them as visitor beating only Georgie tek in 2009 who had we not beat them they would have vacated any win anyway to us because of playing an ineligible player.


Alabama had improper benefits to their signed scholarship recruits in 2007 for example.  They vacated 5 wins.  They appealed to the NCAA and it was upheld in 2010.

Alabama 2-6 for 2007 :

Alabama 2-6 for 2007 :

Alabama forced to Vacate 5 wins 2007 :

Alabama vacated games :


Georgie tek had improper benefits to their signed scholarship recruits in 2009 for example.  They vacated any possible wins starting prior to the UGA game and including their bowl loss.  They lost all those games except the Clemson game, so those are not vacated except for Clemson.  Georgie tek also appealed to the NCAA stating they could pry the ACC Chumpionship Game ring from their cold dead hands, which the NCAA and the ACC promptly thereto, in fact did.

2009 Georgie tek forced to vacate Clemson game :

2009 Georgie tek Clemson game vacated :

Georgie tek was forced to vacate the Clemson game and their ACC Chumpionship on July 14, 2011 after Georgia beat Georgie tek and South Carolina beat Clemson going into that game because ineligible players played in that game, who also played in the Georgia – Georgie tek game and who as well played in the Iowa – Georgie tek Bowl game; but Georgie tek lost all those games except Clemson, so they vacated only the Clemson game for playing ineligible players appealed and upheld by both the NCAA and the ACC who stripped the ACC Chumpionship for 2009 from Georgie tek upon appeal.

This is no different from either Alabama 2007 or from Georgie tek 2009.  We vacate these 4 wins.  The reasoning is that without Mr. Todd Gurley II, we lose to Clemson.  This is a fair assumption, which is fair to all.


When each of these incidents happened the Mark Richt Apologists were quick to put-down Alabama and Georgie tek for playing these ineligible players.


It is fair and proper, therefore that we apply the same set of standards to ourselves. The NCAA will do so anyway, and so will The SEC.  They will come down hard on Mark Richt in this incident.


We are to believe that of the millions of Georgia Bulldogs’ Fans worldwide, not one came up to Mark Richt or sent him a URL Link describing that Mr. Todd Gurley II has hundreds of verified certified autographed memorabilia for sale on the Internet by a very reputable firm ?


No.  I do not buy that.


I did not know myself, but Mark Richt was certainly told by someone about this in the half a year they have been on sale.  Perhaps someone actually showed him the certification of the signature, which you get by clicking it online.  This is why the reputable firm is reputable.  You know if you buy them, that they are certified signatures.  Now, did this guy do this knowing absolutely he was destroying Mr. Todd Gurley II’s last season with UGA ?  (1) He does not give a damn about that.  And, (2) He is in business to make money off just exactly this type of transaction.


So, what happened tonight now then is that someone contacted the NCAA about this.  Surprise, surprise.


The NCAA then had to launch its own Official Investigation of the matter.  And, the NCAA tonight has declared Mr. Todd Gurley II ineligible.  We can try to have him donate $ 1,000 to a charity and ask for re-instatement of the ineligible player.  Had Mark Richt made this clear this Summer when undoubtedly this was in fact known, let us all be real, Mr. Todd Gurley II his most prized recruit a once-in-a-lifetime player for Mark Richt would have been declared ineligible this Summer.  Mark Richt and UGA would have had Mr. Todd Gurley II make his donation of $ 1,000 to a charity, and he would have been re-instated for at least some of these games, depending upon when it was actually told to the NCAA by The University of Georgia.


Further, it was in our best interest that Mr. Greg McGarity should have been advised of this too, again, maybe a paper trail and Mr. Jere Morehead certainly needed to be advised.


Ultimately, it is how these 3 Mark Richt, Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead did handle and do now handle this knowledge of these public Internet sales of Certified Autographs, that will determine the severity, assuming (1) they are authentic and (2) the reputable firm actually did tell the NCAA in their Investigation upon notice by NOT The University of Georgia (critical) that they did pay $ 5 per item.  It’s my understanding that they had to have proof of the signature for the Certification shown on these items.


There is not one of the millions of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football fans who noticed these and also tried to keep it quiet ?


I do not buy that, either.


No way.


Mark Richt, for himself, has done tonight as he’s always done in these bad press situations and attempted to stymie the press and act like this is a small deal and he can just ignore it and it will go away with a win tomorrow over a team who never in the God’s Green Earth should beat UGA anymore than, 3-Loss already facing Auburn coming-up, South Carolina should’ve either.


This is what’s wrong with our program and has been after 2007 that we do not win and we stay in the bad press.


This one is going to blow-up larger than life.  Mr. Todd Gurley II has already been given the gag order.  Mark Richt, on the other hand, has already admitted to the press tonight that he himself is personally very disappointed – another NCAA violation perhaps because we know everyone at The University of Georgia was advised to not discuss this at all, in any fashion.


It’s an Official NCAA Investigation with a document stating do not discuss this Investigation with anyone for any reason in any fashion, sent directly to The University of Georgia by the NCAA tonight or today.


Mark Richt just proves continually he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer to have said he is very disappointed when The University of Georgia was demanded in writing by the NCAA to not discuss their Official NCAA Investigation at all period full stop.


This is an Official NCAA Investigation.  See can we not coax Mr. Todd Gurley II on what to say and not to say.  He needs no coaching on the matter.  He needs to tell the truth and probably already has.  Or, will today or Monday or so.


Greg McGarity will be judged on this matter and his horrid record in football since the day he took over, a former girl’s tennis coach for a year who has no experience being in charge of this situation except for here.  He will bungle this.  Mark Richt already has.


Jere Morehead is a very smart man.  His tenure here also is on the line in how he handles this as The University of Georgia president.


Mr. Todd Gurley II ?

(1) 2 camps will emerge those who say how stupid he was for $ 5 a pop autographs and should’ve known better.

(2) the other camp will say that it’s all Mr. Todd Gurley II’s fault and the cross-over between the 2 camps will exonerate Mark Richt in all matters pertaining hereto.


I, of course, step back and see that Mark Richt has not advised his 119 signed scholarship recruits that they are to obey the rules on and off the field, the 119 who with redshirt could be playing tomorrow.  He has 74 of the 119 available.   Missouri is not very good, as I described to you in meticulous detail following the last game, now vacated where this documented liar and really stupid over-paid under-performing for the entire 2nd half of his career who really does not care has beat no one who is in any poll today all season and faces of that group really only Auburn.  No Alabama, no Ole Miss, no Mississippi State and lost to unranked  and 3-loss South Carolina who loses to Auburn themselves now coming-up; and the out-of-conference schedule includes no team ranked either, not Clemson and certainly 5-0 beating no one Georgie tek also will not be ranked long.


I am saddened by all this at my alma mater.  It’s a crying shame how we have handled this matter already and again I know someone knew Mr. Todd Gurley II was selling his autograph on the Internet, Certified Autographs – hundreds of them.


Do you believe that no one told Mark Richt ?


One day soon, someone will look back and say you know ?


This guy is right.


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