Seth Emerson & Gentry Estes’ long harrange critical of all of us to not put down Hutson Mason as fans ?

Kiss my grits, here is what you just got out of your own damned mouth hypocrites :



22 blogs that day all said the same point about Hutson Mason :



I listed 22 blogs and what they said, and what do we find ?

They all 22 say what you say we should not say as fans.

Don’t they ?



You, sir, are # 6 :

“This evidently won’t be the game that Georgia goes downfield. The tailback or fullback has touched the ball on 29 of Georgia’s 34 plays [to start vs the vols]. And at least at the outset it wasn’t a matter of taking what the defense is giving the Bulldogs: Tennessee didn’t respect the pass at all, stacking the box to start the game. And on third-and-eight on Georgia’s first drive the Vols only had one safety back. Mason couldn’t take advantage…And a couple drives later, when Mason had his…interception…it looked bleak for the passing game…this may be the game Mason needs to pass the ball to win”
Now, let me get this straight because Seth Emerson’s blog certainly does not have brisk comments.  In fact, when I do, I am the only one who ever does.
This is a free country Seth and Gentry tell us.  Yes, sirs, and you can say that we should all be Chuck Dowdle type fans, and can even go so far as criticizing all 22 blogs who have their say about Hutson Mason’s lack of effort to even try to go downfield.
But, try if you are capable in the same PODCAST to not contradict yourselves, if you don’t mind too ?
12 men on field, ok for us to boo you say.
We’re restless as Georgia Bulldogs’ fans # 23 Won/Lost record coming into this season starting after all the way back to 2007 and we’ve already lost to a 3-loss certain to be more playing Auburn,  South Carolina. Whom is it we’ve beat ?  Who, pray tell ?
There is not one team on our schedule yet who is a ranked team in your AP Poll Top 25,  is there ?So, we’re restless you tell us in your PODCAST, and there is a frustration element with our program and you understand that you go on, but channel it you admonish us all.  Apparently, Seth Emerson and Gentry Estes have a radio program.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s in Macon ?
They ask each then, Should we go up-tempo more, would that help Hutson Damn Mason ?
We are who we are you say.  By that, you mean we are a rudderless ship, without a quarterback.  Isn’t that what you mean, being consistent with what we all know you do say about Hutson Mason ?
In the paragraph in the 1st half of the vols’ game, you say Mason could not take advantage of only 1 safety back, then when he threw another interception, it looked bleak for the passing game, and even this may be the game Hutson Mason needs to pass the ball to win !
So, which is it then ?
Do as you say, or do as you do do, gentlemen ?
Make up your damn minds, ok ?
Get off your damn soapbox and quit with criticizing anyone who has something to say about the POOR QUARTERBACK PLAY of Hutson Mason, when you note yourself that Jacob Park looks better and that Todd Gurley II looks better at QB and so too does Brice Ramsey, and there are other blogs this morning saying as I as well that so too does Faton Bauta.
People criticize Hutson Damn Mason, who is just a college athlete, you say.
Excuse me, you say it too, and he is not even trying to throw the ball downfield.  He lost the South Carolina game who is an unranked team in our AP Poll vote Seth, a game we should never have lost obviously now, and he did so by acting like a deer in the headlights when handed the ball 1st and goal from the 4.
Any other QB of all the quarterbacks we’ve seen all season on our opponents’ teams or our own, would have won the game for us.  The USCe fans were so sure of that, that they threw debris into the end zone before the ill-fated poorly executed play, grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.
You go on to discuss who else might beat us ?
Well, if Hutson Mason is the QB, the list is long : Alabama if we play them in The SEC Championship Game, Auburn twice maybe; Florida and Missouri, although both similarly weak teams to ourselves, might; Georgie tek you point out might though they’ve not played anyone and never do; Arkansas might; both Mississippi schools could if they make it to The SEC Championship Game.  Hell, Kentucky might with Hutson Mason as our QB.  Then our bowl opponent might.  Surely, we are so far out of the play-off picture as to not require discussion of the 15th game, which you say by the way in your podcast we cannot make it to – you say !
I think we can.  All we have to do is play Brice Ramsey.
Heck any of the 14 teams you have ranked higher than Georgia in your AP Poll vote this week, all might beat Hutson Mason.  Right ?
# 15 UGA you say AP Poll vote and you said in the PODCAST the reason for that is that we’ve not played well.  The other 14 you rank ahead of us, look better to you, because consistently, you have given Hutson Mason H-E-L-L as everyone else.
So, you think it’s cute to say stop already.
We have to play 14 games this season, you say in PODCAST.  We play 1 of the 14 teams you have ahead of us in your AP Poll, most likely in the bowl game.  Right ?  Who do you think will win that game with Hutson Mason our QB ?  1 of the 14 teams you ranked AHEAD of us all with better quarterbacks than Hutson Mason ?
Don’t answer that question.
You never do on your own blog, either.
And, we’ve read and now listened to you explain just how poorly Hutson Mason has done EVEN TRYING to throw the ball downfield – which he frankly makes no effort at – save being worried Brice Ramsey took his job, and called his own number 15 of the next 19 plays including the pass to Chris Conley 45 yards for the TD.  Chris Conley has played all games this season, and started the 1st 3 and has been open all season like that.
Hutson Mason, himself, should tell the coach, put in Brice Ramsey, since he has redshirted Jacob Park.
Hells Bells, play Faton Bauta.
We have not played a team all season who had a worse quarterback than Hutson Mason.
Have we ?
On our own team, all our other Quarterbacks are all better, even Mr. Todd Gurley II.
I cannot say that ?
Good Luck with that, in this Free America, son, given that you can say that, but we cannot you muse.
Ha ha ha.
Good one Seth.
You continue, you are not saying don’t criticize.  The Hell you aren’t.
If he is not misbehaving you say, or embarrassing, not loafing, do not criticize the player – so you say, not so you do yourselves.
Gentry if you don’t want to be a side-kick, then, disagree if you disagree.
I disagree with Seth Emerson all the time, Gentry Estes.
Read his blog.
If anyone comments, it is I Gentry.
Keyboard Warriors ?
Well, yeah there were 22 blogs who were keyboard warriors and actually as the day went on, more wrote blogs too all them saying the same as the 22, which included wait for it now : you sir, too.
We lost the right to criticize the players ?
Seriously son ?
Really ?
I pay my monies.  I see the same as you do.
I see Hutson Mason is our worst quarterback by a large wide margin.  I see his back-up get 4 passes.  4.
If the athlete is accused of shop-lifting at Wal-Mart or accused of strangling his girlfriend, then fine you go on, criticize those players only you pontificate to us all.
How convenient now that both of those 2 players have been KICKED-OFF THE DAMN TEAM son.
All 22 of us and you front and center, you are criticizing too, aren’t you Seth Emerson and Gentry Estes, sirs ?
Not playing hard, ok fair game you say.
The examples you gave us on Twitter, were the best examples of what you do not like about criticizing the players ?
These are your best examples ?
If the kid is TRYING.  Well, yeah, Hutson Mason is trying.  Even his own head coach says he is  VERY TRYING.
So, too, does Mike Bobo.
And, you.
You, sir.
You !
Boo at halftime for yet another lackluster performance at our house ?  You say no, cannot do that.  Counter-productive you go on and on.  How damn counter-productive is it for us to do, if as our beat-writer you note yourself that we accomplished what we wanted after booing them at halftime – which was an acceptable amount of effort to do what is expected of them ?  We did that as fans.  I recall booing.  Tens of thousands of us did.  And, we’re all wrong, and only you right ?  The team responded after halftime, unlike how we viewed the athletes’ performance in the 1st bloody half as not making the effort – which is a criticism of the coaching again anyway, not the players.  You just don’t get it.  Do you ?
Does not help you win, you argue.
Yes it does.
Proved by the 1 example you gave us.
Right ?
You would not fare well on the Debate Team, I can assure you.
Does not help the team.  Sure it does.
Look guys, if the supporters of a program are not able to speak-up and tell them what Mr. Todd Gurley II told them himself too, just as you, that he is tired of losing and us being mediocre, then by God Above, all 22 of us can too, including yourself and everyone whose blogs purport to be only positive on TheDawgBone, but hardly are.
Are they ?
Are you sir ?
The player does not need it pointed out you try on for size.  Just damn guy.  Who in the Hell is supposed to point out to him that his efforts to go through his progressions to throw the ball downfield are atrocious ?  Mark Richt ?  Check : he’s done that.  Mike Bobo ?  Check : he’s done that.  You ?  Check : for you’ve done that too.  Haven’t you ?
Over the top ?  Over the line ?
What’s over the top or over the line about having our Top 10 All-Time Program in Wins, # 23 in Won/Lost Record starting after 2007 through the beginning of this season ?
That’s what’s over the top ?
That we are expected to field a damn QB who can throw the damn ball downfield ?
What’s over the top or over the line, is TRYING to stymie the criticism when out of the other side of your same damned mouth, you point out again in the PODCAST that this just isn’t going to be a balanced offense.  Because the chosen one at QB makes NO EFFORT to go through his progressions to throw the ball downfield.
This is ALL more of a criticism of the coach than it is of the QB Seth.  Maybe you missed that ?
No maybe to it.
Whoosh, the sound of the criticism going right over your head – not over the line or over the top – just whoosh the sound going over the top of your head that we are criticizing and so are you, Mark Richt, for choosing this inept ill-prepared, incapable weak-armed QB instead of those who do impress you.
And, me.
You did not address yourself to me.
I am however, addressing myself to you sir.
I think you expected I would.
Didn’t you ?
You’ve crossed the line of decency in beat-writing.
Why bother read your blog ?
You lie when you write that we should not criticize when that’s all you’ve done, isn’t it ?
Where are your glowing words of how great Hutson Mason is ?
I’ve read your every blog.
You’ve not written those words, just criticism only, sir.
Again, I am the 1 who comments on your blog.
How much will Brice Ramsey get to play you go on ?  Well, you say, it depends on how Hutson Mason does, you tell us.
That’s what you said.
Make up your frigin’ minds !
You make this quote to me and all of us at the 33 minute 45 second mark of the PODCAST.
Yes, I listened to the entire PODCAST.
I do that.
I am a fan of this football program with seasons’ tickets for my whole lifetime : First Dad’s then his and mine I started adding to his.
Don’t give me this weak crap that he isn’t paid.  My college degree from The University of Georgia has made me millions upon millions.  Without it, they would not have even interviewed me.  It’s a prerequisite.  A college education cost ?  $ 300,000 that about cover it Seth ?
How much ?
$ 200,000 ?
How much, seriously ?
It’s certainly not $ 100,000.  I can assure you of that.
You go on Jonathon Rumph, you say we do not want another year.  You say you are quoting coaches, but son you said it in the same PODCAST you tell US not to criticize players.  A hamstring injury.  So, not only can you criticize Hutson Mason repeatedly in meticulous detail repeatedly, but you can criticize athletes who are injured.
Really sad.
You are called-out, son.
Then, to summarize your PODCAST, you throw in : If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
We load the box ourselves.  We are who we are.
Mark Richt and Mike Bobo you conclude want balanced offense, but it’s not going to happen this year you say.
I say get Hutson Mason out from behind center.
I and you, and everyone else.
Kiss my grits hypocrite.
Do you think our recruits are so stupid that if you tell them that no one should criticize this entire Hutson Mason Failed Experiment – like Joe Tereshinski III and like Joe Cox – that they will like think Hutson Mason should be our QB ?
That helps our recruiting ?
How in the Hell does that help our recruiting Seth and Gentry ?  I ask you gentlemen : How ?
You think they disagree with you 2 that Hutson Mason is not very good at even trying to put forth the effort to go through his progressions to throw the damn ball downfield ?
That what you think, seriously ?
These recruits know all these guys buried on the Depth Chart behind Hutson Damn Mason, and they know that these other Quarterbacks are ALL better than Hutson Frigin’ Mason.  That’s what hurts recruiting gentlemen, I submit respectfully sirs.
Not agreeing with them and with you that Hutson Mason makes no effort to go through his progressions to throw the ball downfield and is not the type of QB who should be considered better than those he is played as Favorite ahead of, instead : This does NOT hurt recruiting; it helps it because they know you’re right and he should not be playing.  So, we said it and they think we’re ALL smart.
You included, then.  See ?
Hutson Mason should tell Mark Richt he wants to see Brice Ramsey.  And, you know that too, sirs.
Try a Google Search on this : Should anyone criticize Hutson Mason ?

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