Nothing, is good.

Nothing, is good.


233 lbs. is not a baby.






Oh boy , does Nick Chubb hit.


Floyd County is and always has been 1 of my very Favorite.


In the 3rd Quarter, right after playing his best game ever Hutson Mason came up limping on a tuck and run where he slid but tangled his legs underneath with his left knee injured, CBS zoomed-in on Nick Chubb on the sidelines – just worn out.  Brendan Douglas with 47 seconds in the 3rd Quarter dives over the goal line landing awkwardly on his knee, too.  At that point, Nick Chubb who finished with 149 rushing yards on 38 carries and 30 receiving yards and a Touchdown, was already 35 rushes for 122 yards.


That the man-sized man at 233 lbs. true frosh could even return to spell Brendan Douglas, let alone gain another 27 yards to put the game away with Brendan Douglas then leading the way, makes me so proud !


2001 Mark Richt exclaimed that he had knocked the lid off UGA’s program beating # 4 vols for his 1st Road Win in the cut-down checkerboard end zone.  Well, Mizzou At The Zoo, is not a very good football team.   And, they are not in the Top 25 for this season now, already losing to Indiana for God’s Sake.  But, damn, this was a laugher.


Matty Mauch threw 4 interceptions to us, and he fumbled once, and no Bulldogs’ fans were critical of the Officials in this game.  Even with the blown facemask 15-yard gimme call when Nick Chubb had his head turned-around on the run with the football, mind you and yet no penalty called, no Bulldogs’ fans were complaining about the Officiating in this game.


Mr. Todd Gurley II, we have all read, now has everyone for us after some guy because he turned-in a guy he said he paid monies to for autographs.  Why ?  Was our OL not able to open the same holes for Nick Chubb ?  Was our OC Mike Bobo unable all of a sudden to do with what he has been handed to play with through our recruiting ?


TGII will be the 1st running back selected.


This was Missouri, another in a long line of unranked opponents, when we open the newspaper in the morning whom we’ve beat this season  –  if they are allowed to count.


I hold no such expectations of the NCAA.


Hutson Mason was terrific.  Oh, ok so he did not throw the ball downfield well again.  He did everything else well.


Very well.


Again, I know it’s Mizzou at the Zoo, who lost to Indiana for crying out loud.


You cannot even enter Indiana ESPN in Google and get a hit.  You get basketball October 11.


Losers to Maryland, Iowa and Bowling Green   –  did I spell Bowling Green correctly ?


But, the same Indiana who lost to Bowling Green, beat Missouri.


We had a great game today.


On the road today.


Not a ranked team for the season, but we dominated Mizzou at the Zoo.




Pre-game CBS interviewed Mark Richt damn his hair is graying unlike my own, and asked when do you think you will get TGII back ?  His reply was : “I do not know.”  We have a game today and that is all I am thinking about.


So what if we did not scare anyone downfield again ?  We brought in Brice Ramsey and he completed every pass and ran the damn clock out with the 5th teamer running back and back-ups all around.


Matty Mauch was sacked 3 times, hurried 10 times, and knocked down 3 more times.


Complete shut-out for the 1st time since 2002 for Mizzou.


They only had 1 play where the receiver dropped the ball to end the half, when their OL held on and tackled our awesome DL today, who just devastated a weak Mizzou offense so the catch would not count anyway, where they might even have scored.  Their receiver dropped that too, like both of the interceptions off their hands today – half of our 4 interceptions on the day.


22 of 28 for 156 yards zero interceptions, fumble after getting to the goal line on a rushing TD and a passing TD, Hutson Mason – once his left knee got mangled underneath him in a heap on his slide – called 20 of the next 21 plays runs.


Nick Chubb who had 35 carries in Cedartown in High School in Floyd County on I-75 sort of from where we live anyway, had all those carries.


5 takeaways for Jeremy Pruitt’s charges – or, those remaining anyway.


Brendan Douglas impressed me when he 1st got here the way he delivers a punch, and Nick Chubb too for the very same reason; and Nick might have more burst – not that speed is all that important for a bruising bouncing baby – when he weights in at 233 lbs.




Imagine that baby ?


Quincy Mauger, Damian Swann, Dominick Sanders, and then Quincy Mauger again all intercepted passes, more than the entire team has done all season long.


Devin Bowman recovered Isaiah McKenzie’s punt return fumble, stripped, who came right back and had nice return on the next punt.


Mr. Todd Gurley II is only 226 lbs. for Heaven’s Sake CBS.  Nick Chubb clearly and obviously is bigger than TGII, and always will be.




Pack a punch.


Sitting on the sidelines worn out with his 38 carries without a sniff of  a fumble and 149 yards rushing and a TD, who would guess this man would drag his ass up, go back to the huddle and just run the damn clock out on Mizzou at the Zoo with 27 more bruising yards he dished-out on the day, thanks to the OL.


And, thanks to the passing game of Hutson Mason.


Mizzou had everyone keyed-on (everyone) Nick Chubb.  Hutson Mason had to pass the ball.  He had the performance of the ages.  It was a fantastic day for oft-maligned Hutson Mason.


Poor guy.


Can’t throw the ball more than 4-yards.


No respect.


But, Mizzou had a




than Hutson Mason and therein was the difference.


Mizzou was averaging 400 yards a game on offense, and turned-in 152 this afternoon.


2 were picks their WR dropped in our collective laps, but the other 2 and the fumble were caused by and turned-in by our defense.


Ok, so it was Mizzou.


Who have we played ?


No one ranked tomorrow in any poll.


Who will we have played as this season, progresses ?


Well, Auburn.


Is there anyone else ?


34-0 will turn heads, and just at the right time for the Selection Committee.


Reggie Carter decapitated Matty Mauch.


Michael Bennett made several key catches,  and Malcolm Mitchell darn it was great seeing him making those catches again today, wasn’t it ?


Jordan Jenkins’ recovery when Matty Mauch was hit his arm cocked and starting to almost go forward, confirmed, on the Leonard Floyd caused fumble, and the 4 interceptions by the defense – as well – made this game one to remember for quite a while.  Leonard Floyd is not from Floyd County, despite his great play on the ball and frankly all day just harassing the hell out of Matty Mauch.


Fun game.


Again, I know, it’s Mizzou.


Well, they beat us last year -but then again, who didn’t ?  Well, LSU did not and South Carolina did not.


We took the opening kick-off and wanted to return it, although it was 7 yards line drive deep.  As it turned out, that was the only opportunity for us to consider returning a kick-off.


Jay Rome, Chris Conley he looked dinged-up in the game to me on his reception, Reggie Davis, Jeb Blazevich again another fine game with 3 more catches all most critical, and Quayvon Hicks all added receptions today to the 11 hauled-in by Malcolm Mitchell and Michael Bennett – not even counting the 4 catches by who else ?   Nick Chubb.


After the game, CBS interviews Nick Chubb and this man always impresses me told them that we have to see how we do in the games coming-up.


This game is in the books and the 71,168 at the Zoo, all had left with 8 minutes to go in the game.


We were 12 of 21 and they were 0-7 on 3rd Down Conversions, when coming-in to the game, we only converted 35 % despite still having not played a single team ranked tomorrow.


Matty Mauch ?


He submarined a throw downfield, thinking he Gene Garber.  Oh, wait there is a wait for it now : a change-up.  We intercepted that, too.  I cannot say when I last saw a QB submarine a throw downfield.  There was 1 guy within 18 yards of the pass.  It was we, and not they for on this day, we had a complete game 34 to nothing.

Hell, we did not do that to Troy.


Mizzou ?


There is only 1 T in Maty ?


Maybe that’s his problem.


God what a day.  God Awful.


We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot ?


Mizzou is not in the same class as # 4 vols 2001 in ObKnoxiousville.


Starved as we are, however, this 1 really was an important win.  It leaves us in the thick of this yet; and while we all knew Nick Chubb well and how he would respond, it was Hutson Mason who broke Nick Chubb loose and for that, a hearty well-done sir.


Want to silence the Zoo ?


Beat the ever-loving crap out of them at the Zoo.


Want to silence the critics ?


Throw the ball downfield, open up the running game, have zero turnovers, ok another grounding call in front of Aaron Murray who I do not recall ever having one, ok several should have been picked-off, couple of  sacks, fumble at the goal line holding it after being hit until foot in the end zone and the ball, 2 settle for field goals, the 1 intentional grounding stalled drive handed back by defense on next play for the field goal that drive, Brendan Douglas 65 yards on 13 carries without a fumble too, and that is a fantastic performance.


I am not concerned with scaring teams deep.


You have to complete them deep to do that, or throw them deep to do that, and on this day against this opponent, you got your back-up in the game for even a pass play – so, this was a very positive performance by Hutson Mason.


Where did Indiana beat Mizzou ?


At the Zoo.


On a day Auburn is blown-out, Jameis Winston hears more on his previous rape charges only to hear Jimbo Fisher say oh he’s playing anyway, again, and Georgie tek lost, this was most important.


It turns heads.


That’s always a good part of the body to turn.


Not that we can turn like an owl.


This is a good day.


Thank you Hutson Mason.



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