30 carries 202 yards 161 after contact 2 TD, reception 8 yards or Bobo’s 2nd half loses to Arkansas

Cedartown’s finest 5′ 10″ and 233 lbs of really smart man Nick Chubb, a most impressive interview always, buries Arkansas behind 21 points handed to us by our Defense on Turnovers, or with that 2nd half performance by Mike Bobo, we lose this game instead of winning it by 13 points 45-32.


Ray Drew blocked the extra point on the opening drive and we went on a 38 unanswered points’ run to end the half 38-6; but the 2nd half was gruesome as penalties reared their ugly heads yet again and the offense just quit what we were doing in the 1st half and tried to sit on the ball.


Damian Swann had a great game, and we needed it with the coaching decisions such as an early for some odd reason failed on-sides kick-off, poor coaching adjustments at halftime, and failed 4th down when would seem we make those field goals, but the crowd was quieted early and left before Arkansas made a game of it; then Nick Chubb ran the clock out – again.  This type of win is not impressive, and only pinpoints our struggles against top teams – which has been ongoing now the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.  Mark Richt does this all the time, getting a lead and being complacent.  It’s a lack of coaching.


Tucker’s pride this day was Dominick Sanders who had a whale of a game.


Inside, we held Arkansas to 3.4 yards a rush on 37 rushes for only 126 yards.


Quincy Mauger on Brendan Langley’s tipped-pass and Damian Swann, both had interceptions.


Hutson Mason, who was knocked silly on a disqualifying head hit by Braylon Mitchell of North Little Rock Arkansas, early-on did well, and then at halftime, the whole team must have been told they scored 38 unanswered points to close the half, because we were asleep.


We were out-passed by a hundred yards on the day, and in rushing we had more carries at 39 and more rushing yards by nearly a hundred – so, Arkansas had more yards than we did – but the costly 2 fumbles and 2 interceptions which we scored 21 points on, made the difference.


It was a sloppy pitiful 2nd half for Georgia.

Arkansas 3-4 on the season and 0-4 in The SEC gave Georgia 6-1 and 4-1 SEC play, all we could handle.


We took our foot off the gas pedal.


It was the 16th loss in a row in SEC action for Arkansas, since replacing Bobby Petrino.


Heisman Trophy Winner at Houston 1989, Andre Ware, called the game for SEC Network and he is most impressive, and a very smart man.  His knowledge of football is 1st class, and he’s a nice guy.  The college football Hall of Fame Quarterback read the defenses for you all late evening for us, alongside Dave Neal, a local favorite voice for many sports, after he graduated from FSU.


Ramik Wilson put on a show for All-America.


Reggie Davis was wide open for a TD but Hutson Mason overthrew the ball downfield.  He had several of those today and after an impressive 1st half, went nondescript for long periods in the 2nd half, relying on the defense and in the end, Nick Chubb.  No back-up QB could take even a snap, as a result.  He had overthrows to Malcolm Mitchel and others as well.


Jordan Jenkins had a top game today again too and caused the 4th and 6 fumble, picked up by Dominick Sanders and escorted to the end zone by # 7 Lorenzo Carter of Norcross.


Blown coverages were seen again tonight, as on their last TD for example, there was no Bulldog in the frame in the end zone to their top receiving threat Hunter Henry who had a hundred yards receiving on 6 catches including the wide open TD.  That’s just hard to imagine, frankly.


“We’ve got a few good ones,” Mark Richt told SEC Network sideline reporter Laura Rutledge.  Indeed, Arkansas was short on the number of good players they had compared to us.


We still have never ever lost a football game in the entire history of college football at Arkansas.  We were 5-0 at Razorback Stadium on campus in Fayetteville, so they moved this year’s contest to War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock where we are now 1-0, a dumpy little stadium where only 54,959 were in attendance.  They left and went home before the comeback.


Choke-la-homa lost again, but they just haven’t done anything either.  Have they ?


We might have jumped Baylor in the polls tomorrow had we not taken our foot off the gas.  That really adds pressure on Our Defense, when Mike Bobo purposely sees what we were doing, was working, and inexplicably then throws away that book the entire 2nd half – like that is smart – and tries something else willy-nilly.


The Selection Committee saw this game.  We did ourselves no favors.  I am quite certain the DISNEYdawgs.com fake Georgia Bulldogs’ Football “fans” have some excuse against a team 0-16 vs The SEC since they hired a Big 10 Wisconsin reject to replace Bobby Petrino.  That was a long time ago, and this a weak team with no defense and no passing offense, but they out-passed us with back to his old tricks Hutson Mason – who did extremely well to begin the game.  Lack of finishing is our hallmark now, as Mark Richt as well did extremely well here to begin with, and ruined this season losing to hapless 4-3 South Carolina and otherwise in the polls today has played only 1 team compared to all the West SEC teams and all their wins over top teams, unlike us, and standing in stark contrast to us in Selection Committee’s eyes – and unlike Mark Richt the entire 2nd half of his tenure here.  It’s what he does nowadays, isn’t it ?


We benefit from the teams who were supposed to be good, in fact, not being, whom we play this entire season.  Now we’re off to yet another worthless opponent Florida.  You absolutely have to make hay when you are up 38-6 at halftime, if you want to move up from # 10 to the Top 4, when all anyone can remember is you lost to South Carolina when you had that game won by the Defense again that game, too, on the interception at the 4-yard line.  I have chronicled how Mark Richt beat the teams who made the AP and Coaches’ Polls both on the road and at home his 1st 7 years here, and how since he has failed miserably.  Beating this team does not change that, but instead points out how his efforts at coaching have failed him his most current 7 years by stark contrast.  What he did 7 years’ ago now, is of no consequence when he has done so poorly these most recent 7 years.  You can add them all up all you want.  But, you are still left with the inarguable point that he has failed to coach well now for a long damn time.  This game a perfect example.


We are like Bose State now, with one game all season against a somewhat good team, Auburn.  We better start getting after it, if we expect to win the play-off play-in game against The SEC West Champion, or we will be on the outside looking in, if we win.


You can believe that if you want, or not.  This game hurt us when we were up 38-6 at halftime and watched in horror as this hapless program utterly destroyed us the entire 2nd half 7-26.  That’s inexcusable.  Now, you go brag on them and the coaches, and get yet more of the same.


Censor that !


I shall instead point out the truth, not that you care – since you’re not a fan of this program in the 1st place.


The Prime Time portion of this nationally telecast game was a butt-kicking of the highest order 7-26.  That’s when the TV sets were turned on.  That was Prime Time, since it started at 4 pm East Coast, and dragged on and on and on because we stopped the clock with over 100 yards in penalties and not ready for Prime Time Time-outs, to make the game drag on into Prime Time.  The LSU game after us had to wait on us to fizzle out altogether. It’s embarrassing.  They motivated their players and we acted like bumps on a log with halftime adjustments. Had it not been for the defense, all Nick Chubb did for us, would have been a complete waste.  I do not see us jumping into the discussion for the 1st poll by the Selection Committee which comes out now after this performance since we have the week off.  Other than TGII, the week off is ill-timed to have us up in the thick of the discussion.  We could have been, but we quit coaching.  Didn’t we ?  And, they did coach, didn’t they ?  They motivated; we did not.


And, the only reason this is not an ill-timed therefore week off, TGII, is only because The University of Georgia has not even bothered to ask the NCAA to Free Gurley.



The NCAA is on its heels, and would’ve had to say ok had we even bothered.


I told you Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead would bungle this investigation.  It took Jimbo Fisher all of about 1 New York nanosecond to say widely and loudly, backed-up by Florida State University Officials, that Jameis Winston is a fine boy and did nothing wrong.  That’s who you compete with : these types of trailer trash schools, coaches, and players.  TGII is a fine up-standing example of someone we should have asked the NCAA to re-instate Friday 2 weeks’ ago now, if not Thursday 2 weeks’ ago, frankly.


Damn it all Greg McGarity get off your ass and ask for freaking reinstatement.  What in the Hell are you doing, instead ?


Dumbass Howdy Doody.


Quit watching girls’ tennis, or whatever you’re doing instead, and ask the friqin’ NCAA to re-instate TGII, a term I coined and stolen without credit to me by Seth Emerson.


We are not a well-oiled machine, are we ?


We look and act like nincompoops at my alma mater.


You failed to censor that either.


Didn’t you ?


And, moreover, you know it’s true.  This is why tens of thousands of you come read my blog.


Clemson won again, so we have that going for us.


It’s a slow climb back up the polls when you lose to 4-3 South Carolina, off to face Auburn now.


Fixing to be 3-3 Florida, losing 20 to nothing to Missouri, is next and the last harrah for former Georgia Will Mushchamp.  But, we have a week off to Free Gurley first before the November 1 Rivalry at JAX.


We could have made a statement today, in our efforts to move-up from # 10 to the Top 4, after that 38-6 halftime lead.  That’s what our coaches should have told us at halftime.  But, we lacked that instinct except for Nick Chubb.


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