Shall we look at the 2nd half of this Mark Richt era, please ? 63-29 averaging more than 4 losses a season for latest current 7-year period and 3-21 vs teams ranked higher than us these 7 years plus 8 losses to unranked teams 2nd half Mark Richt era

What Mark Richt did LONG AGO means nothing now, does it ?

2001-2007, Mark Richt was great.

2008-2014 has been a load of shit, hasn’t it ?

2008 – remember ?

# 1 Consensus Coaches’ Poll and AP Poll, pre-season, based upon the recruited talent here.  That night this talent recruited by Mark Richt and for which he is given so much credit, rightfully, went out and 22 of his recruits he is given such credit for bringing-in here, go out and have a Hell of a Night on the Town, celebrating our # 1.


You remember all that ?

Or, we are not allowed to discuss that ?

Tell me damn it, which it is please ladies and gentlemen ?

I am TOLD repeatedly that I cannot discuss such items.  That my posts should not be allowed.  That how you feel ?  Thousands of readers out there, and every posted reply from you will be fine with me.

2008, had we started out in the polls # 13, which is where we ended-up, we would have been unranked.  It was ALL based upon the talent here at Georgia.  Talent you gave Mark Richt great credit for.

We played like crap against 4 really bad football teams to start the season, and dropped from # 1.  Then, we played Alabama at home and got shut out 31 to nothing at halftime national TV.

Then, we played like shit against 3 more mediocre teams, not a one of these 3 teams who ended the season a ranked team.  That means in fact none of the 7 teams we beat were worth a shit.

Then, another ranked team, Florida we faced, who not only beat us 49-10 but when we finally scored on Florida, their players stood on the sidelines and politely clapped like old ladies at the opera.

Then, we played 2 more crappy-assed football teams and again looked like shit.

Are you remembering how the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era started-out and how it has gone since ?

Well, do you remember ?

Then, we played Georgie tek at our House, and LOST.  Now, with the win this afternoon, Paul Johnson does not even have a losing record at Our House.

Since we did not win 2008, we were relegated to the Citrus Bowl in Orlando.  We played a cruddy damn Michigan State team who beat no one that season, playing a weak-assed as hell schedule.  They ended the season ranked # 24 in both polls, because AFTER the bowls the voters rarely drop teams out of the top 25 who were in it because they played weak schedules and lost.  Michigan State lost 4 games 2008 season.

2008 Season record : Started # 1 both polls, ended-up # 13 in the AP Poll.  Spent the entire season with BAD PRESS about our recruits misbehaving. Played cruddy-ass football every stinking game all season long.  We played 4 ranked teams in either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ polls for the season, and lost 3 and beat # 24 who beat no one and did not deserve to be ranked.  Did they ?  Hell, California beat Michigan State 2008 and they did not even crack the AP Poll Top 25 that season.  That’s our best win.  Otherwise all the ranked teams, beat Mark Richt.

Our Mark Richt Apologists banded together and suggested was a GREAT SEASON.

Does this sound remotely resembling a great year ?  I ask you ladies and gentlemen ?

2009 – remember that one as well ?

We were told all off-season how great Joe Cox is, despite the fact that one quarter of the practices every week all season long, Joe Cox could not even practice, because of his chronic shoulder.  Did Mark Richt tell us about Joe Cox’s chronic shoulder and that he could not even practice every 4th day all season long ?    Then, on top of that, we had recruited 2 of the top 10 quarterbacks in the nation.  Neither played.  1 was clearly the better quarterback than Joe Cox and demonstrated it for me as I watched him G-Day Game.  Joe Cox comes down with the flu and we have to hire a separate private flight for him to Stillwater.  Okie State did NOT make the AP Poll Top 25 for the 2008 season even with that win over Mark Richt.  Zach Mettenberger never even came off the bench in that game, or we would’ve won.  Joe Cox played the whole game, barely able to stand-up.  His passes were horrible.  We played like shit.  We LOST.  We lose a lot in the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, not that you want to review these seasons making up the 2nd half of his career here.  I don’t know what it is with Mark Richt after 2007.  He has no emotion, like yesterday.  God Almighty shithead, get some balls and take command, if God will let you sir.  His decisions, he always tells us later, he was WRONG ABOUT.  He told us he really liked Zach Mettenberger, but LOYALTY meant more to him than playing our best available quarterback, even with the flu.

Joe Cox played Okie State, unranked AP Poll for the season 2008 and lost.

Then, 3 unranked teams for the season and barely beat those unranked teams all 3.

Then, we played a ranked team, and LOST.

Then, we played 2 more unranked teams, and LOST one of those in a blow-out.  Worse than Florida this season.  A 6-Loss team beat us 45-19.  6 other teams beat them.  But, not Mark Richt.

Then, he beat another unranked team.

Then, another ranked team, and LOST again.

Then, we played another 2 more unranked teams we won against.

Then, a 3rd unranked team in a row, and we LOST THAT TOO.  That was a 6-Loss team.  6 other teams beat them too like the vols, but not Mark Richt.  We lost this game at home here, where I sat in disbelief like all the rest of us that we could make so many mistakes today at our house.  Senior Day.

Then, we played Georgie tek 2009 next who would end the season # 13 before being put on NCAA Probation for their rampant cheating 2009.  Had we not beat Georgie tek, they would’ve VACATED any win over us anyway.

Then, we played in the Shreveport Bowl.  Independence bowl they called it.  We played a team with a LOSING RECORD.  That is who we ended this misery of the 2009 season with.

2010 – now we have little Aaron Murray as the designated starter.  But, it’s not all Aaron Murray’s fault what has happened to this football program the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era 2008-present.

We lose more games than we win 2010.  Colorado who fired their coach that season, beats us.    What does that tell you ?  We returned that FAVOR again this season letting Florida beat us, who the next week fired Will Muschamp.  Everybody beat us 2010.

After losing our games 2010 season, we played now in the Liberty damn bowl in Memphis freaking Tennessee.  Oh, joy.

(1) I am told I cannot discuss these items.  Don’t let me say it.  Not a fan to say this.

(2) Is that how you feel too please I ask ?

(3) Thousands of you read my blog – hell, tens of thousands

(4) You read it because I am not allowed to say this ?

(5) Not allowed to do this research with URL Links y’all CLICK and study yourselves ?

(6) I see you click my URL Links

(7) I see your votes on my poll I put up for you on my blog

(8) I read your posts on other blogs

(9) I know you’re not happy

(10) I am NOT the only 1

(11) I am the only 1 with the balls to say it on his blog

That was UCF who was not ranked at game time in the AP Poll, beat us.

UCF lost that season to a 6-Loss team, 5-Loss team and 4-Loss team, but Mark Richt could not beat them.  I went to Memphis.  We had to go across the river to try to find good Bar-B-Q.  That is not a city.  It’s like Jacksonville, only without any good weather.  Hell hole of a city.

Hell hole.

George O’Leary beat Mark Richt.

Florida was not ranked 2010, but they beat Mark Richt.

South Carolina lost 5 games 2010, but they beat us too.

We did beat a 7-Loss Georgie tek 2010.  That is the measure of this 2nd half of the Mark Richt era that we beat a 7-Loss Georgie tek 2010.

2011 we played Boise State to begin the season.  Our coach worries about our wardrobe and how it harmonizes, not getting ready to play or having game plans.  We went down on MARTA.  That was a lot of fun, until we got there and they would not let us in.  So, we walked around CNN and found out their food court sucked.  We saw a vendor selling expensive T-Shirts that read Bust Boise !  Want mine ?  I cannot even mow the grass in it.

Wasted our monies on that, too.

Then, we played South Carolina at our house.

We lost that too.  Now, 0-2.

We were so unranked for Coastal Carolina that the Coaches’ Poll votes showed us # 40.

Top 10 All-Time Football Program in Wins with 6 national championships in football, and we’re # 40, the Coaches’ Poll votes show for Coastal Carolina game.

After the 0-2 start 2011, we played a string of ten (10) in a row teams not one of whom made either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Polls for the 2011 season.

For this, we played then LSU in The SEC Championship Game, Mark Richt now has a losing record in – not as bad as his 5-9 record against our # 1 Rival Florida, but a losing record.

Again, we went to The SEC Championship Game as we did the Sugar Bowl in 2005, and the Boise State game – on MARTA.  We go there and it was cold.  We went underneath the bridges and tailgated with the LSU fans who gave us Jambalaya with crawfish.  They were good to us, as we to them in return in the game 10-42 blow-out.

Then, we played again crappy Michigan State in the crappy bowl game at Raymond James stadium which had about half our attendance at our house.  The game was played in the morning.  Eat breakfast and you show up late.  We stayed out on the beach  at Sand Key Marriott and got stuck in horrid traffic.  At the least the food is great there.  Michigan State of the crappy-ass Big 10, beat us in the Outback Bowl.  We were not ready to play that day either.  So, it was not just us who got there unprepared.

Michigan State got blown-out 49-7 by Alabama in 2011.  Notre Dame, an unranked team all season 2011, beat them by twice their score.  And they got blown-out by # 24 Nebraska, who otherwise is not ranked for 2011.  Then, they lost to Wisconsin.  But, they BEAT Mark Richt.

So, 2012 started off badly with the loss to Michigan State.  Then, we had all the off-season usual arrests/suspensions/kicked-off again which has marked the Mark Richt era.  Then, we played 5 teams, not one of whom was ranked when we played them.  Buffalo, for example whom we struggled against.  Then, we played a ranked team 2012, and got BLOWN-OUT 7-35.  It was just too gruesome and more of the same we’d been enduring recently then.  Seems what we were doing the 1st half of the Mark Richt era, we no longer could do.  We could not win on the road against ranked teams, any more.

Mark Richt this off-season, once again had all these arrests/suspensions/kicked-off 2014 which have been so numerous we’re numb to it.

Hate it, but numb.

We stay in the bad press :

(A) Arrests/Suspensions/Kicked-Off

(B) Losses to 20 of 24 teams ranked better than us after 2007

(C) 8 more losses to unranked final AP Poll top 25 teams after 2007

(D) 2-10 vs teams ranked these latest 7 seasons on the road as visitor

Play good teams and mostly lose.  Play bad teams and all too often as well, lose those too.

Play ranked teams for the season on the road after 2007 and LOSE ALL OF THEM the entire Mark Richt era except Georgie tek 2009 – who would’ve vacated the win anyway.

It does appear that Missouri will be a road win against a team ranked for the 2014 season, now.  They beat not one single good team.  No ranked team Missouri has beat all of 2014.   But Missouri is ranked.  So, that will leave Mark Richt is 2-10 the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era on the road as visitor against a team ranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for these seasons.  The 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era began after 2007.  He has not done shit after 2007.

2012 – so we won 5 straight to begin not 1 of whom was ranked at game time, then a ranked team and lost in a 7-35 Blow-Out of Biblical Proportions, then 6 more games only 1 of whom is ranked we won, then Alabama.  Mark Richt and Mike Bobo were asked not just once or twice but 3 times by Aaron Murray should he spike it.  All 3 times, no no no.  Aaron Murray kept asking in front of us there because he knew we should.  He kept being overruled by Mark Richt and Mike Bobo.

So, after that loss, we played Nebraska # 25.  So, for 2012, we played 4 ranked teams, and won 2 and lost 2 – one of whom was in fact only barely ranked at # 25 in the AP Poll and I thought they did not deserve to be ranked.  They had moved to the Big 10 and did not do shit 2012 season.

2013 season then, we started out taunting Clemson as they came down their Tiger Walk into their rinky-dink stadium.  We lost.

Then, we lost to Missouri, Vandie, Auburn and Nebraska – in addition to Clemson.

All this just last season.

Now, this season.  Lose to unranked South Carolina and Florida who fired their coach for not beating anyone the week after he beat Mark Richt.  Got fired, but beat Mark Richt the week before.

Now, this : Georgie tek 2014.

We beat Auburn 2014 who lost yesterday as well and is hanging on barley in the Top 25 for this season.  Lose their bowl game, and they will not be ranked at all.  We probably face the same fate.

This after not being ranked at all 2009, 2010, and 2013 in either the final AP or Coaches’ Polls.

2014 unranked after the bowl game in the only polls published for this 2014 season ?

Peach Bowl where we play this year, after all these crappy-assed bowl games we’ve been to ?

BCS Bowl Wins over only # 24 FSU 2002 a 5-Loss team and # 19 Hawai’i PRIOR to the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.  These are the only BCS Bowl Wins by Mark Richt.  Mark Richt is a great head coach ?  14 seasons our head coach and these are his only 2 BCS Bowl wins # 24 and # 19 he beat.  He has not even got us on the National Stage at the end of ANY SEASON, in a big bowl game, let alone won one.  It’s bullshit to add in what he did do here 2001-2007 and say NOW that is a top coach NOW because you include those years when he did far better then than since.

2014, we did not play any top teams and now do not qualify for a top team as our opponent in a top bowl game, again.  So, we will show up not motivated, and not prepared – still playing-out this Hutson Mason Experiment who managed on 1st and goal at the 4 to throw the ball all the way to the 1.

We played Clemson, barely ranked at all and beat no one.

We played Auburn who lost again tonight and is a 4-Loss team, also hanging by a thread requiring a bowl win to be ranked 2014 season.

Georgie tek, ranked AHEAD of us now.

Missouri who beat both 6-win Florida and 6-win South Carolina, both of whom we lost to as unranked teams.

We beat Clemson, Auburn and Missouri who are all 3 still ranked 2014.  We lost to Georgie tek, ranked for 2014.  So, 3-1 right against ranked teams ?  No, sir.  You have to figure-in losing to 2 unranked teams, so I see it as 3-3 the same way the NCAA calculates playing a 1-AA team.  It does not count, unless you lose – then, and only then does it count.

It’s been horrid the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, hasn’t it ?

Isn’t it ?

All the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off, all the losses to unranked teams, all the losses on the road to ranked teams those seasons, and all the losses and poor record against ranked teams the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

2nd Half of the Mark Richt era :


7 seasons – the most recent current 7 seasons :

63-29 entire 2nd half of Mark Richt era after 2008, averaging more than 4 losses a season

2-13 against teams ranked Top 10 for seasons 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

10-23 against teams ranked Top 25 for seasons 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

3-3 Bowl Record after 2007

0-2 Conference Championship Games out of 7 entire seasons now after 2007

3-21 against teams ranked better than us for the season after 2007

(1) Okie State was not ranked in the AP Poll for 2009 season – beat Mark Richt

(2) vols were not ranked in any poll for 2009 season – beat Mark Richt

(3) Kentucky was not ranked any poll for 2009 season – beat Mark Richt

(4) Colorado was not ranked any poll for 2010 season – beat Mark Richt

(5) Florida was not ranked any poll for 2010 season – beat Mark Richt

(6) Nebraska not ranked AP Poll 2013 season – beat Mark Richt

(7) South Carolina not ranked any poll 2014 season – beat Mark Richt

(8) Florida not ranked any poll 2014 season – beat Mark Richt

Eight (8) in 7 most recent current seasons who beat us and did not get ranked those years in the Final AP Poll, 7 of whom also were not ranked in the Coaches’ Poll those seasons, but beat Mark Richt.

What do you think of those who seek only to censor me from this research ?

We were not ready to play today, starting out slowly and then fizzled-out all together.

We had no plan offensively or defensively.  We made no adjustments offensively or defensively, and our Special Teams sucked.  Mostly, the offense was an absolute no-show, and against a very poor defense.  Bowl game all that remains, on a weekend every team I wanted to lose, won so far, except for UCLA.  Not that that matters any more.  3-Loss Season looking at 4-Losses, if we lose our Bowl game again.  It’s everything Todd Gurley II told us he hated, all over again.  He’s sick and tired of it, and now I’ve seen Paul damn Johnson come to Our House, and not have a Losing Record all-time here.  Just sickening.


Let’s be very clear about the TD by # 5 Damian Swann.  I have NEVER seen such a call, ever.  Justin Thomas’ forward progress was




I have never seen officials let a guy run in from the right corner, AFTER HE WAS STOPPED.  When his forward motion was stopped, Damian Swann was in the far right corner of the end zone.  He then ran forward past the line of scrimmage, AFTER the forward progress was stopped, and then, back toward the Georgie tek QB.  All of this AFTER forward progress was stopped.


Then, he reaches in and takes the ball away scrambling his hands between all the men there.   Pitiful call.


The fact of the matter is that Georgie tek DOMINATED us today, on a beautiful day.  They dominated our Special Teams, dominated our defense, ate up Hutson Friqin’ Mason, chewed him up and spat him on the ground – and, beat our butts badly.


We did EVERYTHING WRONG we could possibly muster.


Pre-game, I warned that Georgie tek wants to go 1-11 and ONLY beat us, claiming a very special year, and huge success for the season.  We did not get it.


We showed up not ready.


Halftime, you would think # 61 David Andrews was a damned head coach making the $ 3.5 million dollars.  Where the hell was that FIRE from our head coach ?


Indeed, where has the FIRE been from Mark Richt after 2007 ?


My dissatisfaction with these 3 losses is palpable.   There is NO EXCUSE for any them.


Hutson Mason never did throw the ball today.  He threw one deep pass and it overthrown, as he did all his entire career here at UGA.  Besides Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox, this dud, ranks right up there as the worst QB we’ve ever had.


1st and goal at the 4-yard line, and he throws a 3-yard pass.  Lucky it wasn’t intercepted, too.


He made the EXACT SAME MISTAKE Brice Ramsey did last week.  Stared down his 1 receiver he locked-in on, took something off the pass, floated it – 4-yard pass now mind you – and, gave away the game.  Interception.  Overtime now.


Where was Hutson Mason and the damned offense the entire 2nd half ?


What the Hell was that all about ?


See how long we can leave the Defense out there ?


Kick-Off and no one is taught that they HAVE to get the ball 1st before ANYTHING else ?


Fake Field goal at Sanford Stadium, and it works; only to hand it to the offense who cannot figure out AGAIN how to score a damned TD from the 4-yard line.


2 times we fumble the ball at the goal line.


Have a Field Goal Blocked.


I say again, we need to quit playing these guys.  We were going to be at least # 8 since UCLA lost, and maybe jump some more with a win over what was at game time the # 16 team.


Instead, overtime, we cannot move the ball at all.  Same all the 2nd half.


The score was supposed to be 7-14, instead, the officials gave Damian Swann that TD.   So, it was 14-7, instead because of a blown call.  Do we take advantage of it ?  No, sir.  We let our offense go out there and do NOTHING.  Right after long drive after long drive by Georgie tek.  Nothing the Offense did the entire 2nd half.  Not a blessed damned thing.


8 minutes to go 3rd quarter and we have that ill-begotten 14-7 lead.




Offense did not a damned thing.


Hutson Mason threw the football right at their # 12.  I have no idea how he did not intercept that one, too.  I’ve said that all season, that his passes are begging to be intercepted.


6′ 2″ only 283 lbs FRESHMAN Isaiah Wynn # 77, we send out there to play special teams.  He is lined-up in the middle of the Field Goal Offensive Line.  A freshman dead in the center of the field goal special team.  He whiffs on his block.  A total utter whiff.  Blocked field goal.  He would’ve been better off not on the field, so that someone who wanted to play, was motivated to play, and who knew what the hell he was supposed to do, could’ve been there.


That was a really poorly coached football game for us.  No wonder Paul Johnson doesn’t have a losing record at Sanford Stadium.

God Almighty !

Mark Richt called his 1st Fake Field Goal in the entire Mark Richt era, we convert it for the 1st down at the 3-yard line, give it to Hutson Mason and we do not score.


Hutson Mason had NOT ONLY 1st and goal at the 4-yard line, but ANOTHER 1st and goal at the 1-yard line, and STILL COULD NOT SCORE.


We suck.  How do you throw a pass from the 4-yard line and not have it go to the end zone ?


A 3-yard pass.


A new low for Hutson Mason.


Michael Bennett was wide ass open in the end zone and Hutson Mason overthrew him.


They are trying to get in field goal range with a mobile quarterback, unlike us, and we let him rip off not only a 21-yard run to put them in field goal range, but let him run out of bounds as well.


I have never been so frustrated with our offense as I am right now, too.


All 3.


Special Teams




It’s coaching.


Why does David Andrews have to be the head coach over on our sidelines ?


Where is damned coach doing that ?


We don’t have any running back besides Nick Chubb ?


He needs a raise, then.


He runs 70-yards to the goal line, and we call HIS NUMBER the next 2 plays in a row, instantly too.


We’re freaking idiots.


We score and kick-off SHORT ?


Excuse me ?


We kick-off to their 43-yard line ?


That’s the best we can do ?


Well, I said we lose 4 games 2014-2015 season, and 5 if we made it to the SEC Championship Game, who I said would be Alabama.


Right on target.


Another season shot to hell.


Then shot to hell, again.


And, now shot to hell a 3rd time.


What a way to send out the seniors.


A team who lost to 2 unranked teams Duke and North Carolina, and who by 4 points got by Georgia Southern University, who scored by the way 38 points on Georgie tek at Georgie tek’s house – dominated us today.


I am ashamed.


We threw an interception and they did not.


Peach Bowl ?


We’ve lost 3 of the most current 4 Bowl Games.



Is there any excuse for us losing to Georgie tek, South Carolina and Florida who between them has beat no one at all ?





Well, it’s disappointing that Missouri wouldn’t lose to 6-win team – would’ve loved to have chance to play Alabama

Well, I know it’s disappointing to all of us that Arkansas’ coach not only left Brandon Allen in the game, but called all the plays at the end of the game with such a big lead to be damn pass plays when he could barely move his back at all.  He was pivoting on his feet to move his back.


6-wins on the season is all they have.  Coaching.  That is just coaching.  It all lies there.  Obviously, his younger brother was not injured.  I asked about his injury after the game last week.  They tried to say he was ok.  No he wasn’t, and the coaches all knew that.  Some of the blame goes too to Brandon himself being so selfish.  If I knew my baby brother could throw it better than I, I would have told the coaches that I am stiff and unable to move, sir.


Like they cared.


It mattered so much to us.  UCLA losing at # 8 ahead of us, would have moved us up, and set-up the showdown with Alabama we all knew we did not deserve, but really wanted.  We’d have done a far better job of it than Missouri will.


I still hold out hope that the Selection Committee is fixing this bullshit of the previous regime where their BCS Bowl Games gave us games as # 2 best team in the nation against # 24 FSU a 5-Loss team we beat and the only other BCS Bowl Game Win Mark Richt has is when they gave us as the # 3 best team in the nation a game against hapless # 19, as well, Hawai’i.


Only 2 BCS Bowl Wins Mark Richt ever got.


We deserved far better opponents in both the 2002 and 2007 seasons

than the BCS doled out to us !


I want to play a top team up there in the rankings near us this season for our bowl game.


So, here we are, and we DO have bigger fish to fry now than lowly 6-win Arkansas.  I just couldn’t believe they kept calling all those passing plays.  When they had the lead, they did not need them.  And, they surely were not going to work.  Brandon Allen looked like Hutson Mason trying to throw deep.  Still, they kept calling those plays.  At least Hutson Mason throws only the 4-yard dink down passes.


Brandon Allen might have been able to complete those.  At least they would not be 5 feet too high and 7 feet wide of the mark as well, as Brandon Allen’s passes ALL were.


Taking off now for the game, and looking forward to beating a team who claims us as the one and only # 1 Rival.  We have so much more talent than they.  And, we have a far better defense than they have, although they can key on Nick Chubb, which is a shame with all the talent in the passing game on our roster that we have.


We have much to lose, and really nothing to gain except shutting up their arrogant asses all week long again this season about their 55-7 predictions and such they will beat us by.



Hats off to Missouri whom we beat like a damn drum by 5 touchdowns in a shut-out way out there where Arkansas played them, as well.


Remind me that I do not root for our rival football teams.  I found myself actually hoping Arkansas would wake up and run the ball and yank their QB.


Seems a common malady – not knowing when to yank your damned QB.






And, WRONG !


This one so easy. – like it was against Okie State 2009 and Joe Cox chronic shoulder and flu.


Stubborn coaches do not succeed.  Injuries, illnesses and just plain bad days happen to everyone !


Combine the 3 and you have coaches’ error – like last night.


I am excited to see the Podunk program’s fans here in a couple of hours.  I always love looking at them, and just snickering.  And, when that damnable Fight Song is played, I just feel that they should change it as you can see their fans are encouraged into Poor Sportsmanship by their Fight Song.


There is nothing clean about Georgie tek’s hatred of us, and plain out jealousy.


# 52 recruit lines-up against # 9 recruit across the board.  How is that going to turn-out ?


Does Georgie tek have a chance today ?


Andy Landers goes for his 850-win total tonight after our football game, and it against his old school he coached before Vince Dooley hired him.  Has anyone noticed the lousy coaches Greg McGarity has added here for us ?


Talent at UGA compared to Georgie tek’s, Strength of Schedule, 6 Home Games all we get every year, Sanford Stadium size not keeping up with Texas A&M, LSU, Alabama & others, Mackenzie Engram, Georgie tek, Passing Offense 2014,

Strength of Schedule in Football shows, in fact, that we have played the # 42 Strength of Schedule 2014 to-date, according to the Official NCAA SoS and now we play Georgie tek # 46 SoS in 3 days’ time.


Looking at the schedule pre-season I figured South Carolina and Florida would be better than 6-win teams 2014.  I figured Georgie tek’s SoS was worse than our own and it is.

Every year, there are other SoS listings updated through the latest games like the Official NCAA Toughest Schedules’ Rankings.  NCAA always has their own Official NCAA SoS for you as well.

Other observations from the Official NCAA SoS is that Florida State has played the # 51 SoS 2014.  Duh.  For the whole entire season, only 53-47 is the combined won/lost record of all 2014 opponents for FSU.  That includes Florida’s 6-win season and does not include the ACC CHUMPionship Game yet, but it will for the Play-Off Selection Committee prior to their decisions.  They told us they will weigh this.

Florida’s SoS is # 48 and only a 6-win season.  Horrible showing, right ?

Southern California’s SoS is only # 53 and they have another 4-Loss Season.

Southern California has the Most NFL Draft Picks in the Mark Richt Era 2001-2014 and Mark Richt is 2nd best nationally.  He also is 2nd best nationally in average recruiting rankings 2001-2014 with his average # 9 while Georgie tek averages # 52.

Phil Steele has an UGA page updated weekly :

It shows that Hutson Mason has 1825 Passing Yards on the season for 11 games, losing like last year to unranked Nebraska, losing this year to unranked 6-win South Carolina and losing to unranked 6-win Florida who fired their coach the week after he beat Mark Richt to drop Mark Richt’s record against our # 1 Rival to 5-9.  Hard to feel good about yourself with a losing record that poor against your # 1 Rival.

Is there any question that Florida is a bigger Rival for us than Georgie tek is for us ?


Now, Georgie tek does consider us their # 1 Rival by a long wide margin with no other Rival at all.  We’re the only team mentioned in their Fight Song, which is the Most Famous Fight song, nationally – maybe Internationally.

It promotes Poor Sportsmanship among the fan base at Georgie tek.

You have seen this all week on every blog.

Every blog where, like here, everyone’s posts are posted.  We had one run on to this blog and brag they’d beat us 55-7.

He based this upon Florida’s rushing total against us 3 weeks’ ago.

He does not take into account they did well early only to have Hutson Mason again not stretch the field and failed to answer anything, sending the defense right back out there to bail his ass out to the tune of 31 unanswered points.

Unanswered points means that our offense failed to answer.

That’s what that means.

Last season, Hutson Mason did not lead the come-back against Georgie tek.  In fact, he had another performance which could’ve lost us another game with him as our Starting Quarterback losing to yet another unranked team.  It was Todd Gurley II who scored all the consecutive points against Georgie tek.  They got off to a big lead and then Todd Gurley II put us on his back.

The score was nothing to 20 for Georgia tek with 35 seconds remaining in the 1st Half last year because Hutson Mason forgot to show-up.  He does that.  He is not like little Aaron Murray who called his own number 51 percent of the total plays.  He is not like little Aaron Murray who had 10 percent of his plays result in interceptions, fumbles and sacks – all at the very worst moment, either.  Hutson Mason suffers from trying to minimize those MISTAKES by not being like that, and a direct result, has only 1825 Passing Yards on the season.

Ray Goff and Jim Donnan all averaged more Passing than Hutson Mason has.

For the team, including the damn few plays either Brice Ramsey or Faton Bauta have been allowed to even play in the games Hutson Mason has started and played every minute of – not preparing a Quarterback for 2015 – since 2014 is shot to hell in a hand basket with the losses to 6-win Florida and 6-win South Carolina 2014 already.  For the team now 2014, Mark Richt’s chosen quarterbacks & including Todd Gurley II’s longest pass play of the 2014 season for us, have thrown for a grand total of 2,205 yards only.  This on top of his performance against Nebraska 2013 season, he also lost to an unranked team.

2,205 yards passing 2014 for UGA.  Who would’ve thunk it ?

We could’ve taken advantage of our talent and especially at running back by throwing the football downfield, and stretching the field in so doing 2014.  Never in the history of man, has there ever been a more wasted season on that front for us this season.

1825 yards passing is all Hutson Mason has to show for 2014.

Other than his

Todd Gurley II, you recall led the comeback against Georgie tek, falling behind 20 to nothing, scoring 4 Touchdowns against Georgie tek, including having the ball on every single play of BOTH OVERTIMES.

For the season, Hutson Mason has 38 rushes for 23 yards.

He just isn’t a college quarterback.

Mark Bradley says he is.


In fact, yesterday, Mark Bradley AJ-C said that Hutson Mason is  A GREAT QUARTERBACK.


In the last 20 years, including Ray Goff and Jim Donnan years in addition to the Mark Richt era, this is the most God-Freaking-Awful Starting Quarterback other than Joe Tereshinski III in 2006 and 2009 with Joe Cox.

Both were, ALSO, 5th year Senior Starters for Mark Richt who like Hutson Mason NEVER GOT ANY snaps to prepare him, either.

Might as well have played Brice Ramsey all season on that point because Hutson Mason did not show me anything last year either, not against Georgie tek, not against Kentucky and not against Nebraska – just like Florida and South Carolina this year.

In fact, it has been a wasted year 2014 because Hutson Mason did not stretch the field all season to take advantage of all these running backs.

Never so tentative a starting quarterback is the damn history of the game.


I do give him credit for not making the myriad of mistakes that Aaron Murray did.

Unfortunately, he WASTED OUR YEAR, just as Joe Cox in 2009 and just as Joe Tereshinski III in 2006.

At least Joe Tereshinski III got YANKED in 2006, sat down, sent to the pines, lost his starting job.  2009, once Joe Cox even with the flu on top of his chronic throwing shoulder, was the only QB to play in the Okie State game who did not make the AP Poll Top 25 that season even with their win over Mark Richt (Joe Cox), 2009 was shot to hell.

Just like 2006.

2010, Mark Richt STARTED a redshirt freshman Quarterback.

2014, he did not, and has not and will not.

Brice Ramsey kind of shot himself in the foot last Saturday aiming the ball on a short crossing route, getting his 1st interception.  It could not have been worse for Brice Ramsey, just when he was looking so comfortable back there and threw the deep passes with such aplomb.

It does highlight the difference between Hutson Mason and Aaron Murray and Brice Ramsey, now too.

All off-season, the seed has been planted now in the back of everyone’s mind fresh off seeing him from our seats on an easy throw, take something off the throw and just give the ball away.  His interception and all the fumbles by folks Mark Richt had to expect fumbles from – I certainly did – and we ended-up against a 1-AA team with no plus average on the turnovers’ ratio against Charleston Southern University.

Too bad, really.  Should have been + 3.

If we were, we’d be # 1 nationally in turnover ratio instead of # 2.

So, after it was 7 to nothing last year against Georgie tek, Hutson Mason

1st went 3 and out, and we punted, which they converted to 10 to nothing FG.

Then, on our next possession with the ball, Hutson Mason threw an Interception.  Georgie tek promptly took it in for 17 to nothing.  Then, to add fuel to the fire, Hutson Mason then after it was 17 to nothing, fails again to get the 1st down and we punted AGAIN to Georgie tek, who promptly again put up ANOTHER FIELD GOAL to extend their lead to 20 nothing.

I was pissed.

You were satisfied, you run in here and TRY to share with me.

Yeah, right you were.

Damn friqin’ right you were.

Then, Hutson Mason FAILED AGAIN to get the 1st Down and AGAIN we punted.

THIS is what Hutson Mason did against Georgie tek last year.

It should have been 35 to nothing with 38 seconds remaining in the 1st half.

THAT is what happened last year.

Then, Todd Gurley II willed his team to Victory, scoring 4 TD.

I remember thinking when it was 20 to nothing at their lousy as hell stadium, named for college drop-out Bobby Dodd (who dropped-out in college at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville), that we were fortunate our Defense held Georgie tek to only 20 of their should have been 35 to nothing lead.

Todd Gurley II damn sure certainly took advantage of it.

So, the writing was on the wall last year about this Hutson Mason Experiment of Mark Richt – just like his Joe Cox Experiment and his Joe Tereshinski II Experiments as 5th year senior starting Quarterbacks for Mark Richt with ZERO experience, un-played, unproven, and frankly proven to be exactly the opposite of that which Mark Richt tried to quell our concerns with of his glowing praise.

Mark Bradley wrote that bullshit piece so that Mark Richt would talk with him, after his earlier salvos of “it’s Mark Richt’s fault; it’s his team.”

I have no such requirement as I like you read the quotes of Mark Richt.  I read every one.  And, I watch the video clips and listen to him on the radio.

So, I know Mark Richt and Mike Bobo are BOTH big-time disappointed in Hutson Mason.

Still, he is the only one played.  The only one all season.  And, NO ONE PREPARED for 2015.

That, since 2014 has been OVER for a month now against Florida.

Bullshit 6-win Florida, who FIRED their coach the week AFTER beating Mark Richt to extend their # 1 Rival Advantage against him to 5-9 Mark Richt vs Florida.

Included all these wins by INFERIOR Florida teams.

Georgie tek is an INFERIOR TEAM.

How inferior ?

# 9 recruits vs # 52 recruits.

2007 we had a similar schedule strength as we have 2014, but our Quarterback managed to throw 10 interceptions and had 3 fumbles, unlike Hutson Mason, and also was sacked 15 times.  This is what Hutson Mason does NOT do.  Among other plays Hutson Mason does NOT do, such as throwing the ball downfield.

He prefers the 4-yard dinky dunk down pass.

It is ALL he looks for, staring the receiver down, and never going through his progressions despite the criticism ALL YEAR by Mark Richt and by Mike Bobo.

But, rue me for saying the same.

And, you.  You too say the same.

2007, we lost to a 6-6 South Carolina who did not even go to a damn bowl game.

2007, we lost to a poor vols’ team, again neither with anywhere near the talent we have, and the vols had a BLOW-OUT win over us 14-35.

I cannot explain the 10 losses by Mark Richt to 10 teams who even with their win over Mark Richt that season, failed to make EITHER the AP or Coaches’ Polls.

That blow-outs like 3 weeks’ ago against Florida and in 2007 to the vols would also be common occurrences nowadays, is just hard to understand given the level of talent we have in the Mark Richt Era, which has not dropped-off at all.

We just take teams lightly, fumble, throw interceptions, get sacked, get blown-out against bitter damn rivals, and just fail to even show-up.  We go 3 and out and wait for the suspect defenses we have, to bail our asses out.  And, wait for our not so special, special teams to bail us out.  Sad, how our offense is actually MARKED WITH THIS.

I do not understand it.

I certainly EXPECT it.

But, I don’t grasp how in the Hell we continue to go out there in big games and fail to convert on 3rd Downs and instead brag on the friqin’ Starting Quarterback.

It’s Bullshit of the highest order.

Hutson Mason beat Georgie tek last year ?

Bullshit he did.


In addition and in proving the 2nd best # 9 Average Recruiting Class of Mark Richt 2001-2014, Mark Richt ALSO has the 2nd best 81 NFL Draft Picks.  This verifies the Average Recruiting Rankings.  Southern California, who has the highest Average Recruiting Ranking 2001-2014, is # 1 in NFL Draft Picks too.  83 NFL Draft Picks, Southern California 2001-2014.

Georgie tek  average recruiting ranking # 52 for 2001-2014 has only 29 NFL Draft Picks 2001-2014.

Georgia has 81 NFL Draft Picks 2001-2014 :

There is no excuse for Georgie tek to be ahead of us 20 to nothing, and frankly it should have been 35 to nothing.  We were fortunate, no thanks to Hutson damn Mason.

Shot season.

Just wasted.

With all this talent.

No different from 2007 and no different from 2002 either.

2002 we got a BCS Bowl Win over a 5-Loss FSU # 24.

2007 we got a BCS Bowl Win over # 19 Hawai’i.

That’s IT for BCS Bowl Wins Mark Richt Era.


All this talent, and frankly NOTHING.

Not a damn freaking thing.

Remember 2002, since we covered 2007 now ?

2002, we LOST to a Florida team who did not even make the Coaches’ Poll Top 25 even after Ron Zook beat Mark Richt.  Mark Richt’s Offense that year failed to convert a single 3rd Down Conversion.  0-13.

This is WHO we are.  This is WHAT we do.

2014, it’s 6-win Florida and 6-win South Carolina.

It’s frankly so bad that Todd Gurley II said he is sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.

In this week’s latest College Football Poll prior to the last week’s games of this college football regular season, we remain # 9 CFP, while we welcome # 16 Georgie tek, who is ranked WORSE than Auburn at # 15.

Who we blew out.

Forgot to take out Todd Gurley II, but BLEW them OUT.

There are so many teams ahead of prior to the last game of the regular season, that even a blow-out over # 1 Alabama were we to back-in to that game by Arkansas beating Missouri who has played the # 56 Strength of Schedule to Arkansas # 1 SoS 2014, that we cannot possibly be judged in the Top 4 teams in America with these continued on-going BAD LOSSES to not 1 but 2 teams who are 6-win Florida and 6-win South Carolina :

# 42 SoS UGA

# 1 SoS Arkansas

# 56 SoS Missouri

# 46 SoS Georgie tek

# 54 SoS FSU

# 45 SoS Ohio State

# 48 SoS Florida a 6-win season, imagine that ?

So, we had an easy schedule and LOST to 2 crappy-ass teams.

Excuse me for calling it as it is ladies and gentlemen.

I am NOT happy.


Do NOT feel this is a great season.


It is what I said it would be.

Isn’t it ?

Don’t want to read my posts ?  Then what the friq are you doing in here ?

Afraid I am RIGHT ?

Sure I am.

It continues.

2015, with no Quarterback prepared and without Todd Gurley II whom we WASTED as we WASTED KNOWSHON MORENO, will be MORE of the same.

Will it not ?

One Mark Richt Apologist in the last several weeks remarked to me that I should wait until 2016.

Cannot even get 2014 over, and forget wait until 2015.

2016 he says to me.

Such a damn cushy job Mark Richt has.

Cushy as Hell job.

Satisfied with all this LOSING and being mediocre.


If Missouri loses as we all hope, and they might lose to a 6-win team, and if we beat Georgie tek and Alabama beats Auburn, we will not have played even a single team in the College Football Play-Off Poll Top 20.

Then, we hope to play Alabama.

We will NOT have beaten a single team in the Top 20 of College Football Play-Off Final Poll.

If we do beat Alabama, we’d have that one win.  Clemson is not likely to remain ranked, Georgie tek is not likely to remain ranked, and Auburn is not likely to remain ranked.  As it is, they will be at the tail-end of the Top 25, if at all.

I am NOT raining on our damn parade.

That happened at South Carolina and Florida.

Didn’t it ?

Wake-up and smell the damn roses.

I am NOT disappointed we’re # 9.

I am satisfied with that.

I am not satisfied with playing the # 42 SoS and losing to two 6-win teams.

I do not believe we have a chance in Hell of beating Alabama were Missouri to lose to a 6-win team – something we do around here REGULARLY nowadays, don’t we ?

Number # 9 ?

Who is the Play-Off Selection Committee going to pit us against in our Bowl Game ?

The BCS sure blew all that.

Told us we were # 3 team in 2002 and pitted us against 5-Loss # 24 FSU.

Told us we were the # 2 team in 2007, and pitted us against # 19 Hawai’i.

Bullshit BCS Bowl Game Wins.

Give us a team up there where we are.

I’d love to play Oregon as I am certain we’d beat them.

Let us play them.

Let us play # 2 Florida State !

We’d beat the shit out of Florida State.

Let us play TCU or Ohio State or Baylor.

But, we’d NEVER beat Alabama this year.  Their passing game is too good and our passing game is piss poor.

Hutson Mason only has 5 fumbles this year, 15 sacks and 3 interceptions.  Compared to what Matthew Stafford and Aaron Murray did, this IS GREAT !

Otherwise, no one will even invite Hutson Mason for an NFL look-see even.

He has proven beyond a shadow of the doubt, as Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox before him, that he isn’t getting any consideration.  His career is over after the next games.

Never to be seen or heard from ever again, as neither Joe Tereshinski III or Joe Cox have been, either.

No difference.

All 3 with head-scratching losses here, as well – as 3 so-far for Hutson Mason.  3 unranked teams.

You think Aaron Murray was the master at that ?

It’s been ongoing around here.

Hasn’t it ?


This year is NOT great.

Beat Alabama and it would be.

Don’t and it will not be.

And, we’d still say as in 2002 and 2007 that the reason we did not do what we could’ve those years, and this if we beat Alabama, is that we LOST to two 6-win teams.

Good Lord !

Everyone else BEAT THEM, but Mark Richt did NOT !

I knew this coming in.

It’s what we do.

YOU argued with ME and said it’s not, and that we ARE great.

Not really.

Adjust your glasses, and say it’s almost as good as a XEROX.

When you’re not even in the top 25 won/lost records after 2007, and playing Alabama 2014 would pretty much assure Mark Richt of that sitting at # 22 as it is, you’re NOT GREAT.

I do not care what the friq you say.

There aren’t any excuses – so, quit wiggling in your panties trying to think of one or more, per usual.

We had the talent and we WASTED IT.

We had an off-season of NOTHING but BAD PRESS.

We followed that up with the players saying we took Florida lightly, to which Mark Richt replied to the players in the Press with : Shut-up !

Pretty much what you’ve said you told me, isn’t it ?

Did not shut-up the players, did it ?

Did it shut me up, either ?

18, 13, 91.

45, 4, 121.

We are # 18 Scoring Defense, # 13 rushing offense, # 91 Passing Offense.

Georgie tek # 45 Scoring Defense, # 4 rushing offense # 121 Passing Offense

It all boils down to what Hutson Mason does or does not do.  If he plays like he did last year against Georgie tek, he should have lost last year.

We have a lot better defense than Georgie tek, and are as good a rushing offense.

Depends on what Hutson Mason does nor doesn’t do.

Play like he played against unranked Nebraska last year and as like he played against unranked 6-wins South Carolina and Florida this year, and he could again cost us the game.

It is what he does, when he does not bring his A-game, which he is quite inconsistent about.

What do I think Georgie tek is going to do against Georgia, Florida State and their bowl game ?

They lose all 3 I think.  They will be so unranked before all this is over, no one will consider their year even remotely positive.

We have that with our win over # 15 Auburn, fixing to drop in the polls Saturday.

We both have 2 horrid losses to unranked teams they Duke and UNC and us USCe and Florida.

Moreover, the ACC is just a damned joke and always freaking has been.

Mackenzie Engram is great.

And, that is saying something for the talent on our Bulldogs’ team 2014.

The men are # 135 and the ladies # 21 :

Georgie tek # 124.


and, sort by column stadium capacity :

You will see we’re # 10 Sanford Stadium; but we have watched team after team after team in our own conference add to their stadiums while we stand firm while we too could fill a lot more seats, as they.

Jeff Sagarin has his ratings up, you might enjoy looking at the top 2 teams, including us and Alabama.

So, our schedule is weak, we have 9-2 and we have ruined the season with 2 bad losses.

Next up, Georgie tek – another team out-classed by our recruiting as verified by our NFL Draft Picks – who says all week every post I’ve read that they will beat us handily, when at their own house # 43 attendance to our Top 10 Attendance.

That’s bullshit.

Georgie tek is on NCAA PROBATION in FOOTBALL all 2014, again.

Georgie tek yellowjackets, on NCAA Probation in Football, fumbles a lot, are arrogant with fight song promoting Poor Sportsmanship, and are picked to lose by MORE than 2 touchdowns

There is no bias here on my part.  I do not care for Georgie tek.  They are arrogant asses.  Imagine # 36 national ranking, and they act like they are Harvard.  As for Paul Johnson, I understand he is pushing for a contract extension.  Good timing on his part prior to playing the average # 9 recruiting ranking to his average # 52 recruiting ranking.

Georgie tek is pretty good on returning kick-offs, but horrible in kicking-off themselves.

They have an even worse passing offense than we do.  You would sort of expect that with their high school offense, but I had no idea we would end the season the # 89 team in passing offense 2014.  I have whined about it all year, to no avail.

On 3rd Down Conversions, therefore, we are really bad.  They are really good, and pass worse than we do by a wide margin, # 119 passing offense.

We do not fumble the ball, and they do.

We are better on Defense than we are on offense, and our Defense has given our offense a lot of opportunities.

We’ve lost to 2 really lousy teams, one of whom fired their coach the week after beating us, and we consider that team our # 1 Rival.

Georgie tek, on the other hand, considers us, their # 1 Rival.

The most famous fight song is their fight song and they really cause a lot of the poor sportsmanship they are known for as fans by devoting their fight song to telling us TO HELL WITH GEORGIA LIKE THEIR DADDY DID.

Georgie tek is on NCAA Probation as we speak.  Paul Johnson caused that.  Paul Johnson has coached football since the Herschel Walker years, 33 years, and Paul Johnson knew that he could not prep his players under NCAA investigation with what to say and what not to say to the NCAA.  He did it anyway.  Georgie tek has been on NCAA Probation in Football the entire Mark Richt era.

Georgie tek will REMAIN on NCAA Probation, not that the AJ-C reminds you.  Only I.  Were it UGA who was on NCAA Probation in Football, all the AJ-C “sportswriters” would write daily every column :

Georgia, on NCAA Probation in Football, did this or that.

Not with Georgie tek, whom they coddle.

They have a new format for their online paper where they have moved UGA up ABOVE Georgie tek, and added an SEC section without an ACC section.

This is how that should have been the previous 40 years I have read their paper online, but it was not.

There are 10 times the number of UGA fans to Georgie tek fans.

Georgie tek has 6 national championships in football, although none ever in the AP Poll, and UGA has 6 national championships in football in every single poll Georgie tek claims their 6 in.  Every poll that ranked Georgie tek # 1, UGA has been ranked # 1 in as well – every poll they’re ranked # 1 in.

Georgie tek is # 16 and we’re # 9.  We beat Auburn who is probably over-rated at # 15.  They obviously will drop after losing to Alabama Saturday, too, and will have 4 losses.  Clemson has dropped all the way to nearly out of the poll at # 23.  Both might end the season, actually unranked for the 2014 season.  They both should be unranked now with more losses to come to knock them out of the polls, where they neither belonged in the 1st place.

Clemson has no offense.

Auburn has no passing offense and no defense.

Neither of them deserve to be ranked, and I am saying neither will be for the season, either.

Georgie tek lost to a lousy, unranked Duke, and a lousy unranked North Carolina.

We lost to a lousy, unranked South Carolina and a lousy unranked Florida.

Georgie tek makes their 3rd Down Conversions, unlike us.

Georgie tek’s offense is better than its defense.

The AJ-C has wiped-out ALL old comments prior to a week ago.  They’re just gone.  For years’ back in time, you could always go back and read what was written 10 years’ ago.  Now, they just deleted ALL posts.  They do have URL Links to the articles they wrote then, but they do NOT have any of the comments any longer.

Well, Georgie tek Week, I can tell you what Georgie tek fans have said for the last 57 years.  It’s been an absolute onslaught of bullshit directed at us.  And, at us, alone.

They want this game.

Their fans want this game; their coaches want this game, and their players want this game.

We did not recruit ANY of their players, and they are ALL bitter about it, and jealous as Hell.

They DID recruit ALL the players we have, and LOST on ALL OF THEM.

All our players told them, they were not in the least interested in Georgie tek – which is what I told them when I went to college.

They have a third of their students Asian men.  They have 29 % women.  They think bad grades makes the school good.

We are not ranked far behind them in the national rankings, them # 36 and us # 55.  There are several thousand colleges in those rankings.  Infinitesimal difference according to U.S. News and World Report as best national ranking.

There is a lot more to college than getting bad grades.  My friends in college are still my best friends.  My contacts in the business world are ALL UGA.

Every business owner I sell to is Georgia.

We’re everywhere.

We out number them 10 to 1.

What does the 1 say ?

Oh, I don’t follow football.

Bullshit.  Sure they do.  They just do not want to get into any discussion since Georgie tek is a joke, has been a joke, and will remain one.

They’re downtown in a city of 7 million, and no one goes to their games.  The only season tickets they sell are to us, and we throw away all the tickets except our game.  We OWN them at their stadium, named for a college drop-out.  It is not safe down there in the slums.

The SEC is undefeated against the ACC this season because we beat Clemson.

All-time, The SEC is 288-139-10 against the ACC.

They are 23-19-0 in bowl games and we’re 27-19-3.

They dropped-out of The SEC because they did not want Revenue-Sharing.  How stupid is that ?

They have not won a Major Bowl Game after the 1955 season.

They cheat.  They take every advantage they can think of, and have no qualms about it, since we’re UGA, their bitter # 1 Rival.

They cheated in World War I and World War II and went and got their players from EVERYWHERE but students at their school.  You look-up their top players from the World Wars, and they show TWO (2) schools.

They’ve never ever won the Heisman.

They have one national championship ever in any sport in the AP Poll and that girls’ tennis a long time ago.

You buy a ticket and they give you 2 free cokes, 2 bags of boiled peanuts, and 2 free hot dogs, along with a parking pass.

Still no one goes, and no one cares.

They blew-up their stadium a few years ago, and with it, half their seats.  I used to have to sit in those seats they blew-up when we played them there.  Even the hot chocolate couldn’t keep you warm down there.

I really take exception to their fans : both of them.

When I went to college, I had fun.  These were good times, and still are when I go back all the time.  We’re Top 10 All-Time in College Football Wins, and they are # 19.

Our University has a LOT more ladies than men.  I happen to like that.

Yellow is a poor choice for a football team’s colors.

Their mascot is a joke, compared to UGA the Most Recognized Mascot in Sports.

They have a 1914 Ford Model T which they TRY to call their Ramblin’ Wreck but the facts on that are that in 1893 when they cheated and HIRED our players off our team who won at football, we stoned their train returning back to Atlanta and they rear-ended a freight train with the headlines on the AJ-C reading : Ramblin’ Wreck Returns to Atlanta.  It has NOTHING to do with 1914 or a Model T, but a DAMNED TRAIN.

They named a dorm for one of our former players who played in that game, found at the ramp off.

7 different seasons, Georgie tek has won 0 football games.  5 more seasons, Georgie tek has won only 1 game all season long, bowl games included in both.

They will do anything to beat us, and are guided by their famous fight song, which they should change because it makes their fans, both of them, poor sports.

They are horrible losers.

They are even worse, when they win.

They claim a “win” over Cumberland 222 to nothing, but Cumberland disbanded their football team the year before.  Cumberland beat Georgie tek in BASEBALL, and then after that in baseball season, Georgie tek demanded to play them in football.  The players were NOT members of the Cumberland Football team because there was NO Cumberland Football team and they played no one.

Georgia, also holds a COMMANDING LEAD over Georgie tek in Baseball as well.

Andy Landers, also, has kicked Georgie tek’s ass in women’s basketball.

The Rivalry from their point of view is so intense and so bad that when Andy Landers beat MaChelle Joseph, their coach, she refused to shake Andy Landers’ hand.  I was there.

In Women’s Basketball, Andy Landers beat them AGAIN yesterday, Sunday, at their house again.  Andy Landers is now 33-4 against Georgie tek.  33-4.  We ranked.  They’re not ranked.  We beat them 64-57.  We always beat Georgie tek.  It is our right to passage.  We will be on TV this season 18 times, 11 on The SEC Network during just the regular season, including tomorrow night at 7pm at our house welcoming Georgia Southern University.

SEC Network 7 p.m. Tuesday November 25th tomorrow night. Lady Bulldogs 1st of 18 times on TV this season, alone.

The University of Georgia has great ladies.  You nerds should try it.  I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

Katy Perry (Hudson) will play at halftime on the Super Bowl.

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Trust me when I share with you, that Georgie tek will do anything to beat us, and feels justified to do so because of their damned poor sportsmanship example set by their most famous fight song of all colleges.

I think they should’ve sold their land downtown and moved outside the slums down there a long time ago.  It has cost Georgie tek dearly for decades and counting how unsafe all that is for the daughters of this great state to even be considered as a place their Dads and Moms would let their girls go.

Starting 1975, they’ve won a grand total of 9 times.

4 decades, 9 wins.

This is not a Rivalry.

There is nothing CLEAN about Georgie tek’s cheating.

When they lose, their coach Paul Johnson said, he had bigger fish to fry than us.  That was AFTER we beat Georgie tek and AFTER South Carolina beat Clemson when Georgie tek was to play Clemson in the ACC CHUMPionship Game.  They could not give away the tickets.  They could not pay anyone to go.  The ACC stripped Georgie tek of that VACATED WIN and refuses to give anyone the ACC Championship Trophy.  The NCAA put Georgie tek on NCAA Probation in Football for it.  And, then, Georgie tek LOST to Iowa.  Had they beat us that year, they would’ve VACATED the win, anyway.

It’s bad folks.  Really, really bad.

They are such LIARS and such cheaters, and believe themselves ABOVE it all.

Arrogant and for NO reason.

They have a 92-yard long “indoor practice field”, with garage doors, in the slums down there.

That’s not a field, but 92 % of a field, at the end of which are cement walls to run into.  It’s unsafe.

You can get to The University of Georgia faster than you can there; and our campus is beautiful; and, our fans are far more knowledgeable.

I want us to quit playing them.

Who would they be playing for their last game then ?  Their whole existence would end.

We have a lot more Rivals than they do and could easily replace them with many other teams as our last game of the regular season.

We have a lot to lose and nothing to gain.

They could lose every game all season and go 1-11, as long as they beat us, and they’d be happy as a pig in shit.

We are picked by MORE than 2 touchdowns.

Georgie tek really really really wanted Nick Chubb, the top recruiting prospect in the state of Georgia.



55-9 Mark Richt’s great talent stock-piled here on display to the nation – all hopes now turn to Arkansas

Mark Richt really has an entire staff of great recruiters, not to mention how great he is personally at recruiting as well.

Hutson Mason had a fine day today.  His fakes were crisp, and he ran the ball well under pressure today.  His passes are completed, and unlike Brice Ramsey today, he does not throw interceptions.  He missed on some deep throws today, but Brice Ramsey for all the good he was doing, unraveled his day making a poor throw behind the receiver, after starting out so well to begin the 2nd half.  Mark Richt took him out and replaced him with Faton Bauta, who I thought had a great day.  Jacob Park looms as well, for next season, redshirting now.

Brice Ramsey is starting to look relaxed, comfortable back there.  He guided the ball, aimed it, if you will, taking something off his throw to Shakenneth Williams of Macon this his freshman season.  Shakenneth Williams was open on a very good crossing route, and Brice Ramsey simply tried to not zip it in there.  As a result, the ball was behind the speedster.   6′ 2″ and 200 lbs., he runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5, and is long.  A 4-Star Wide Receiver, he looked good today.  Brice Ramsey, too, but not on that pass.  And, we were ready to score again, another great drive by Brice Ramsey, to make it 62-9.  Instead, that was the end of the day for Brice Ramsey, and you could see he was disappointed he was being taken out then at the 8 minute mark.

Brice Ramsey worked with the 2nd team today, unlike earlier games he has appeared in.

Hutson Mason did not appear as tentative today; perhaps the coaches have gotten through ?  We shall see.  I thought Mark Bradley described it best when Mark Bradley called Hutson Mason a “halting” Quarterback.  On this day, Hutson Mason for the most part, looked the part.  Of course, Charleston Southern is in the 1-AA, the FCS.  And, they’ve not been that great this season, and likely have now concluded their season, outside the Play-Off cut-off, as we in FBS.  Charleston Southern lost to Vandie, Presbyterian, and Coastal Carolina before having their hat handed to them by the strong, great recruits Mark Richt and his staff have brought in here, by stark contrast.  And, continue to bring in here.  This is why I support Mark Richt.  He recruits very well.

I do not believe he determines which ones to play very well, and his game decisions as well, seem tentative and not well thought-out.  Today, he was on his game.  Against Charleston Southern.

Brice Ramsey looks like a far superior Quarterback to my eyes.  I am a db by trade.  Faton Bauta looks better to me, as well.  And, I am quite certain Jacob Park, as well, is a far better quarterback than Hutson Mason.  But, Mark Richt put his foot down on this matter, firmly March 20, 2014 when asked about it :


“Hutson Mason has total command of what we’re trying to do offensively,” Mark Richt said then.

No, he does not.  That is why every day since March 20, Mark Richt has criticized Hutson Mason’s passing.  That’s what a Quarterback does.  He throws the ball.  Mike Bobo, too, after every game has commented how tentative, halting if you will, Hutson Mason is back there.  Today, I thought Hutson Mason not only looked good, but that Brice Ramsey hurt himself with that interception, aiming the ball, and being tentative himself, guiding the ball across the middle on really pretty good coverage.

After the game, I think Mark Richt was down-trodden.   I don’t know what it is about him, but he had a lot of good plays by a lot of players he recruited here to be proud of.  I have mentioned it for some time that the pressure seems to be getting to Mark Richt, normally a stubborn man.  A man strong in his convictions, as he was March 20 after repeated questions by The Bulldog Nation about Hutson Mason for some time then, and continuing to this day far and wide.

When you think of a Quarterback, you think of someone who throws the ball.

College Quarterbacks can be so much more.  They can run the ball.  They do a lot more than mechanically, being sound.  They make plays.  They make your team.  They are the star of the game.  They are your Team Captain.  They who everyone talks about.


I evaluate our players.  I have opinions, like ESPN has opinions.

I evaluate our chances, nationally.  I evaluate our coaching staff on all aspects that make our Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program a program today that is Top 10 All-Time in Wins and have Six (6) National Championships in Football and 39 additional National Championships in the other sports as well for 45 Total.


I never expected a National Championship for us this year.

Mostly because I believe that Hutson Mason just isn’t a Quarterback.  There will be 2 Quarterbacks on our roster today who will be given an invite to the NFL Combines and who will likely try-out for an NFL team.  Hutson Mason is not one of the 2.  His career is done after the next game against Georgie tek and his bowl performance.

Today, Mark Richt let his back-up Quarterbacks he has not redshirted throw the ball today.  It was smart.  It was good.  It helps them.  It helps us.  It helps the team.  It helps our Program.  It helps recruiting.  It helps morale.  There is no downside to having your back-up Quarterbacks throw the damn ball.  They might throw an interception, or fumble or both.  Are we to guide our decision-making process by forcing the mechanically correct, incapable by direct comparison, quarterback, to throw the damn ball against a 1-AA weenie school ?

You have opinions, too.

Your opinions are right in line with mine on this : Your opinion, like the entire Bulldog Nation, is that we have far more capable Quarterbacks who can throw the damn ball down the freaking field.


You, also, do not believe we are a Play-Off Team – one of the 4 best in the nation.

You might WANT us to be, or to make it; but, I do not think you think we will beat Alabama if Arkansas, who obliterated Ole Miss today 30 to Nothing, beats Missouri.  I guess Arkansas Missouri is a Rivalry.  It is a Rivalry Week game, while we welcome the fledgling erstwhile high school offense to my alma mater Saturday.  Both ranked teams, not that Georgie tek will end the season ranked, because they will not.  They, like other ACC teams, benefit from the fact that the ACC is an All Cupcake Conference, and always has been, compared to The Mighty SEC.

Hutson Mason underthrew Malcolm Mitchell on a deep pass today, so far underthrown that Malcolm Mitchell had to wait on the ball and come back for it and the defender then was all over him for pass interference.  It was a specific telltale on-going point you see as well that Hutson Mason cannot throw the damn ball.  He can throw short passes, and Brice Ramsey’s crossing route interception today is a short pass.  Hutson Mason would’ve completed that pass.  He does that.  You know that.  He doesn’t run the ball, having only 23 yards on 38 carries all season.  That’s not a college quarterback.  If it were, then the guy would have a lot more than 1825 yards passing as the only quarterback we’ve played all season.  This was game 11.

He did, however, hand the ball off to Nick Chubb, who out-ran the secondary for 83 yards and a TD, and another 7-yard romp.  Then, we rested him, as I looked for and saw Mark Richt talking to Nick Chubb and nudged on our seats, saying : See Mark Richt ?  See Nick Chubb # 27 ?  He is telling him, he is taking him out of the game.

1 game too late to learn that lesson.

Justin Scott-Wesley had a TD reception today.  It was the only TD Pass Hutson Mason threw on the day, besides the 2 Chris Conley touchdowns, one a highlight reel catch – slightly ahead of him and nearly out of the end zone.  Amazing catch.

Quayvon Hicks was the man again today, whatever the reason was for moving him from Fullback, the only Fullback recruited by Mark Richt in 6 consecutive recruiting classes, despite more than 200 Top Fullbacks everyone else recruits every season.  He just brushed aside would be tacklers and would not be denied on his only carry.

Brice Ramsey hit Jonathan Rumph for the only other TD score, while Jonathan Rumph looked really good all day long with more catches than everyone else combined.  He was great.

Dominick Sanders, of Tucker, had a whale of a game before limping off with what I hope is a bruised knee.  He did not appear to me to have an ACL when he just went down by himself, or after contact and then stunned, went down.  He is so important to our Defense.  I said our Defense would be better this year : How could it not be ?

I am not disappointed with the Defense.  On the contrary, I thought they handed the ball to Hutson Mason 1st and goal at the 4 and that play should have won us the game.  I also believe that 31 UNANSWERED POINTS by Florida means that Hutson Mason, the only QB to play in the damn game for us, failed to do a freaking thing against only our # 1 Rival.

Make no mistake about this though; we are clearly the # 1 Rival of Georgie tek.

They would like nothing more than to go 1-11 on the season, and just beat us.

I hold Mark Richt solely responsible for those losses to those 2 really lousy football teams beating us this season, already.  We have Georgie tek next.  I hope Mark Richt drinks an energy drink pre-game.  One of the 5-hour variety.

Do those taste good ?

After Nick Chubb romped in to make it 7-0, against OUR # 1 Rival who Mark Richt is 5-9 against now, how in the friq do we not answer ANY of the next 31 consecutive straight points to be blown-out 7-31 ?

I will tell you how.  By having a Quarterback who is laid back and comfortable that he is the only Quarterback who will play that day, and who lacks the talent to even be invited to a Pro Day for NFL Scouts, even.  College Quarterback, my ass.


Season shot to hell, and one Danny poster had the balls to at least stand-up to me on my opinion in my last post.  Not that he wanted to say what he really thinks.  He really thinks we’re doing well.  No.  No, sir.  We shot this season to hell in a hand-basket.    A season with so much promise because we supposedly have an offense that can balance the great running backs recruited here with the great quarterbacks we recruited here, and never play.  An Offense that knows how to take the damn ball on the freaking road against ANOTHER team who considers US their # 1 Rival too and everyone knows that – especially their head coach Steve Spurrier –  when handed at the 4-yard line and all these great running backs we have, and score the go-ahead score.

An Offense who does NOT allow 31 UNANSWERED POINTS to not their, but OUR # 1 Rival.

Damn it.

Well, the season winds down and here we are 12-1 against Georgie tek, the lone loss 2008.

You remember 2008 ?

2008 was the season we were # 1 Consensus in Both the AP and Coaches’ Poll pre-season.  We promptly went right out and celebrated that Saturday night August 2008.  22 players were involved in such mayhem as bar brawls, fights, drunken disorderly conduct, and one even beat up the local hospital – apologizing later.  The very same year, we DROPPED in the rankings right after that from # 1 to # 3.  Then, we played Alabama # 6 at our house.  They led us on national TV 31 to NOTHING.




At half.

All too familiar theme around here.

Now, you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, if you think you have, can or will censor my ass from saying this.  You cannot.  You have not.  You will not.

You are the problem around here.  Happy, Confident, Satisfied.

I want to beat Georgie tek, not tell my friends, and at work and around home that we’re a far more talented team than Georgie tek.  That Georgie tek are the rejects, as Charleston Southern – guys like Austin Brown – who we do not want.

Is Austin Brown, Charleston Southern’s QB in the same class as Jacob Park, Brice Ramsey, or Faton Bauta ?

Hell no.

He would not get on the field.

Hutson Mason has been hesitant with the football from day 1 here in Athens.  He not only looks horrible on deep throws, but he cannot throw the out either.  Chris Conley today had to go down to one knee and wait for the football thrown out in the flats.  No arm strength.


He’s been here 5 years, and you can kiss my ass, if you think I cannot say the truth about Hutson Mason because HE is NOT paid $ 3.5 million dollars annually to not only recruit, but determine who in the hell should be playing.

You have your opinion, Danny boy.

By God Above, I am WELCOME AS HELL to my freaking opinion too, whether you like it or not.

You say the exact same as me word for word, Danny boy about Hutson Mason.  Don’t give me this bullshit otherwise.  I cannot criticize Hutson Mason because he ISN’T PAID ?  What the friq is the reason I cannot criticize Mark Richt, asshole ?

I can too.


And, I just criticized you, Danny boy.  What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

My English sucks ?

Who the friq are you, Danny boy with a reply to me today that mine is poor, when son, your VERY REPLY POST HAS NOT ONE ENGLISH SENTENCE IN IT.

You wrote one paragraph of 100 words.  All criticizing me, when the facts are in that criticism Danny boy, you FAIL to write even ONE complete sentence.

You understand me full well you butthole.

You have NO PROBLEM with HOW I SAY what the friq I say, but WHAT I say.



Not !


Hutson Mason had a BAD THROW on a DEEP BALL to Justin Scott-Wesley.  It was far off to the left and too far overthrown as usual for him.  With GREAT PASS PROTECTION, and no one anywhere within 15 yards of Hutson Mason, Justin Scott-Wesley was WIDE OPEN.

Did you understand that Danny boy ?

Bullshit.  Bring it on guy, really.

Jordan Jenkins caused Austin Brown  ( See how everyone talks about a team’s freaking Quarterback ? ) to throw an interception nicely brought-in by Quincy Mauger – his 4th of the season. 4th.  4th.  Fabulous.

Sony Michel got in the game.

Hutson Mason had good reads today that I saw.

I don’t know what it is about Marshall Morgan but AGAIN today he had SEVERAL kick-offs to the 5-yard line.  What’s that all about, commented about by me all season long, again this season.  He is inconsistent on kick-offs.

Isaiah McKenzie, whom Brice Ramsey also underthrew today, just has God-Awful hands.  I noted Mark Richt talking to him, after his latest drop.  Sent him right back out there return the next kick-off, but talked to him on the sidelines in front of me.  Beautiful day today, wasn’t it ?  Back to return a punt, yet again, Isaiah McKenzie took his EYES off the ball this time.  I saw him.  He looked at the on-coming guys, and took his eyes off the ball.  I guess when you’re 5′ 6″ and 149 lbs. dripping wet, you do that.  We have very capable punt and kick-off returners, Mark Richt.  You can’t keep sending him BACK out there ahead of the others, more sure-handed.  It has to end, sir.  By the way, Isaiah McKenzie sir, that guy HIT YOU HARD AS HELL ANYWAY.  You never had that ball, side-tracked by the coverage.  You never caught the ball.  That’s what you’re back there for.  And, why we throw passes to you.  For you to CATCH THEM.  Get your hands out in front of you, and use your hands.  Please.


Brice Ramsey is 1st and Goal from the 2, and desperately needing to make a showing today, and Hunter Long, just up and gets out of his damn stance.  Bullshit Hunter Long.  1st and Goal and you pull that shit, Hunter Long ?  You cost us a TD, Hunter Long, sir.

Kenneth Towns saw the latest fumble by Isaiah McKenzie on the punt return, and did not try to fall on the ball.  Instead, he positioned himself, so that he could PICK IT UP, and continue downfield.  He was turned right into the fumble.  Right at his feet.  Kenneth Towns on special teams punt return unit, turned sideways before getting to the ball because he was headed in the other direction, and wanted to be headed downfield and score a TD I guess.  It’s a PUNT RETURN.  God we suck at Special Teams !  Look, when the ball is fumbled by our Punt Returner, we are LOSING POSSESSION of the damn football.  It is the responsibility of the special teams to hand it to the highest scoring offense we’ve ever had.  A unit which doesn’t turn the ball over, unlike our Special Teams – no matter how far we don’t stretch the field on pass plays.  And, a unit on offense this year, unlike Aaron Murray !

Censor me from saying that, too ?




No, you did not.

Well, Kyle Karempelis made an ass of himself fumbling the ball, again when we were ready to score.  And, it cost us not only that TD, but what would’ve been only 3 points scored all day.  You gave up a TD.  If you expect to get on the field, do not FUMBLE the ball Kyle.  You need to learn how to hold the ball.  It’s called 3 points – two hands and your body – wrap your arms around it into you, please.  I don’t know.  That might have cost you any snaps against Georgie tek next week.  They think, they are just as talented as we are, you know ?  Bullshit, but they do.

Bullshit and they know it, but they do.

Damian Swann caused another fumble today.  They made us all wait while some guy in the booth looked at it.  The SEC refs called a good game today, but they missed the fumble recovered by Ramik Wilson.




We’re playing pretty well on defense and on offense, and our Special Teams are trying.  The lousy horrible vols are not going to beat Missouri.  Good Lord, get a grip.  The vols do not even have a winning record.  It is the type of team that Mark Richt would lose to however, like Florida and South Carolina this season, for example.  If you think I am going to root for the vols, you are mistaken.  I might however, hope that Arkansas can beat Missouri for us.  But, I hold little hope we could beat Alabama although I would like that shot.

Mark Richt has lost to 10 teams now who did not make ANY Top 25 Poll, even AFTER they beat him.  This includes Florida and South Carolina, this wasted year.


I am not going to sugarcoat this for you.   We kicked their asses on a beautiful day on my campus where I lovingly went to all my classes, and did so well in college at UGA.  I lived in Russell Hall in 3B.  We were in between Brumby and Creswell with 1,000 lovely ladies on both sides of us.  I spent afternoons playing basketball on the courts between.  I ate at Snelling, and never at Revoltin’ Bolton.  My roommate was on Scholarship in Track.  He did not do as well as I in classes.  I studied with a lamp at the head of my bed until falling asleep each night, and if I woke up, I had my school book in my hands, and went back at it until I got sleepy again.


I was the rabbit each morning at 5 am running all over Athens with the Track team.  I was not on scholarship.

I did walk-on, but did not play.

Today, Mark Richt emptied his bench.  I still would not have played.

Charleston Southern University is a school in North Charleston, South Carolina.  It is a Baptist college.  In my profession, I have sold into South Carolina all my life.  Austin Brown, their Quarterback, was at UAB, but not back in 2006 when we last played them.  Then, he was at Flowery Branch, in a city where we go on rainy days if the Falcons will let us use their indoor practice facility.  If we get one, ever, it likely will be about that far away from our stadium.  That will never seem right to me.  Why so far away over on Milledge Avenue ?

Milledge Avenue is a mile and a half from Sanford Stadium and our facilities.  It would take me 7 and a half minutes to run over there.  We will have to load-up on buses like we’re going to Flowery Branch, where Connor Shaw also attended high school.

Nick Chubb was brilliant.




He is wonderful as our running back, and a joy to listen, talking to us.  We really recruit well to have landed Nick Chubb.  He might not have as good as hands as Todd Gurley II, but he sure is a great running back, blocks very well, and does catch a fair share of dump-downs.


Notre Dame lost today, again.  That’s 4.  They told us they were National Championship Team 2014.  Hogwash.  Notre Dame has not done a damn thing in so long that this continued hero worshiping has gotten so old with Notre Dame and with Georgia, that it makes me PUKE.

Ole Miss. What can I say ?  I told you that team was not what was said of them, either.

Here we are.  1 test all season.  Won that big-time.  Just awesome performance last week, other than leaving Todd Gurley II in for 29 carries on 39 degree day when he was ALREADY INJURED in the game, earlier, and we had ALREADY scored 27 UNANSWERED POINTS.

Well, let’s see now ?  Was there anything else you said I could not say ?

Can’t criticize the players because they are NOT PAID.  Can’t criticize Mark Richt because he is paid $3.5 million a year of MY money.  That inconsistency of why  was never explained when it seems to me that since I was a walk-on, that BOTH are paid handsomely.  And, as a fan of our Football PROGRAM, I like Todd Gurley II am sick and tired of being mediocre and LOSING.

God Almighty Florida and South Carolina.


Just shit.

What could’ve been.

Mark Bradley did another column today where he says neither Georgia nor Georgie tek can make the play-offs.  Duh.

But, we have the talent to and Georgie tek does not.

Utah LOST.  Give me a break Pac-12.  Utah ?  Get real.

Nebraska LOST again.  You can stick a fork in them.  Of course, I said that about them LAST YEAR, TOO, before Hutson Mason LOST to UNRANKED NEBRASKA, LOST TO UNRANKED SOUTH CAROLINA AND LOST TO UNRANKED FLORIDA, who FIRED their coach the following week.

What the freaking Hell does that tell you ?

That we do not deserve ANYTHING but PRAISE and tell them how great they are before we play hapless Georgie tek, us only their # 1 Rival with the most famous fight song about nothing but us TO HELL WITH GEORGIA, like my daddy used to do, they sing – like they have 6 national championships in football in anything but the same damn polls as we – although they have NEVER won the Heisman and NEVER been # 1 in the AP Poll.  NEVER.

So, we move up 9-2, average season for Mark Richt – although he averages 3 and a third LOSSES a season for 14 seasons – to replace Ole Miss ahead of us with our # 102 Passing Offense all season long now, to # 9 from # 10.  Goal ?  Top 4.  All the rest, won. # 102 Passing

55-9.  A good day.

Too bad for us the season was shot to hell like this.  Poor coaching really.

Loads of talent on display for the weak crowd, who showed up with me on such a fine Fall Day as today – disguised as empty seats.

Shame really.

Crying shame.

Surgery next couple of days for Todd Gurley II, then the INSURANCE PAY-OFF.

He gets $2.5 MILLION of that.  Danny boy says it’s bullshit that Todd Gurley II was going to make MORE than that in the NFL.   Sure he was.  Undeniably, he is the # 1 football player in the United States of America 2014 college season.  Absolutely.  Left in to get a meaningless 34 UNANSWERED POINTS.

2014 has several story lines, does it not ?

Fans circling the wagons on WHO can say WHAT, while they say the SAME ( in private. )

I would not have any real problem with us being # 10


If it were not for the WAY we did it, again.

I am not getting over Florida and South Carolina both beat us, away from our fabled Sanford.



Bleacher Report Brian Jones says Bulldogs win SEC Champ Game ” they have the resume to be one of the four teams in the College Football Playoff.” B.S.

I have read a lot of bullshit on Bleacher Report for many years, but Brian Jones takes the cake this morning with his crap that if we win The SEC Championship Game, we have the resume to be one of the 4 teams in the College Football Play-Off.  Hogwash, of course, as we have played only Clemson hanging by a thread to be ranked and only because they haven’t played anyone except 3 teams all 3 of whom beat them.  The only other win we have is Auburn a 3-Loss team also only barely ranked, and this prior to them playing Alabama.  Auburn cannot pass the football and once again this season, has no Defense whatsoever.  Auburn will be lucky, as Clemson, for EITHER to end this season ranked in ANY top 25.

That’s it for teams we’ve played this season, two erstwhile teams : 2 mediocre teams, like ourselves.  We have not played even any of the teams in the Top 10 of the College Football Play-Off Poll this week.  None.  Wins over THOSE TEAMS would carry weight, and of course, if Missouri loses to 1 of 2 really lousy teams, Missouri having no Rushing OR Passing all season long, then, is the ONLY way we get to play in The SEC Championship Game, even – not that Brian Jones shares that with you, because he doesn’t.

Assume we’re going to EVEN play in The SEC Championship Game and FAIL to mention that only the lowly lousy vols and lowly lousy Arkansas remain on their schedule.  Our schedule, of course, is complete SEC wise.  We do, however play Georgie tek – hardly a measure of a Final 4 Top 4 in this new 4-team Play-Offs which replaces the previous 16 years’ worth of 2-team Play-Offs of the former now defunct BCS.  BCS Bowl wins on Mark Richt’s resume include a win over a 5-Loss # 24 ranked FSU in 2002 and a win over a # 19 team.

That’s it for BCS Bowl Game wins by Mark Richt.  All the rest he LOST, or was not qualified for.

He would have lost them anyway, if he had such an easy schedule as he had this season, as it turned out.

Brian Jones does mention in passing that we LOST to hapless Florida who just FIRED their coach as I guaranteed since pre-season would happen AND that we LOST to hapless South Carolina, who does not even have a winning record, even.  South Carolina lost its 1st game of the season, beat us, and proceeded to LOSE every other game all season long until they played Florida who had lost 10 of their previous 13 games before they beat us.  Hardly a signature win by South Carolina, both Florida and South Carolina UnRanked teams.  Both however LOST to Missouri.

Mark Richt now has 10 of these inexplicable LOSSES to UnRanked teams, UnRanked EVEN AFTER beating Mark Richt.

This is what MARKS this season for Mark Richt, other than of course, making Todd Gurley II go BACK OUT with a 3 TD lead with only 5:37 seconds remaining in the game for his 29th carry in 39 degree weather and windy, wind chill way below FREEZING, when he was ALREADY INJURED in the game.  5 to 1 UGA Bulldogs’ fans, said Mark Richt was a blooming idiot sending Todd Gurley II BACK OUT with the game over for a meaningless 4 TD lead he desired at game’s end.  We’d scored 27 UNASWERED POINTS.

So, his 2 HORRID LOSSES and bugger of his decision to send Todd Gurley II BACK OUT game over for a meaningless 4 TD lead barely anything remaining on the clock, is what MARKS Mark Richt’s 2014 season.

But, that’s not ALL Brian Jones has to offer-up this morning.  He ALSO adds that we can get to 10-win season. Excuse me, Brian Jones sir, but the Top teams this 2014 season PLAY 15 GAMES.

Winning 10-game season, which Mark Richt DOES NOT average, was relevant 40 years’ ago when we played 11-game seasons –  NOT 15-game seasons for the top teams.

Geez Louise !

10-win season.  We haven’t played anyone, as it turns out, LOST to 2 of the WORST TEAMS IN THE NATION EVERYONE HAS BEAT, and should be subject to a lawsuit by Todd Gurley II and his mom, and BOTH of the insurance companies who now have to pay Todd Gurley II ONLY $2.5 million of the hundreds of millions he was going to get.

Let’s click this bullshit the bleacher report always DOES of click page after page to read shit like this, ok ?

” Regardless of what most fans think of Hutson Mason, he has done a great job being a leader on offense, ” this asshole Brian Jones goes on.

Excuse me, obviously you know EVERY fan knows Hutson Mason has been our only QB all season long and that despite the WEAK SCHEDULE 2014 for us as it turns out, has ONLY 1623 yards of passing.

He cannot throw the ball farther than 4 yards down the field.

He sucks.

He was NEVER the best quarterback on our roster for 2014.

Never in God’s freaking green friqin’ earth.

Done ” a great job being a leader on offense ”




1,623 yards passing and he the only QB to play all year – great job as leader on offense ?




Brian Jones.  What a blithering idiot !

What I saw was and is a deer in the headlights.

Every South Carolina fan in that end zone, handed the ball 1st and goal at the 4-yard line “KNEW” they just lost the game to us, therefore debris rained down upon the end zone.  Hutson Mason who has 15 yards rushing on the season total on 37 carries, left the play called and LOST THE GAME by HIMSELF.


Against a hapless team, UnRanked as they are.


But, beat Mark Richt because he CHOSE to tell us your mantra here of the great job of Hutson Mason.

You make me PUKE Brian Jones !

I had to click NEXT to read that Brian Jones ?

Save me the damned effort, son.

I have NEVER read such utter bullshit in all my lifetime,  Brian Jones.

Why don’t you call it like it is INSTEAD ?

You have earned the title for this post Brian Jones.

Our season is SHOT TO HELL and the reason is Hutson Mason.  Imagine what he did against horrible South Carolina !  Imagine TOPPING THAT against even more horrible Florida where he allowed 34 UNANSWERED POINTS !

I return you to your posts to read, now.  Thank you.

We’re NOT even a Top 25 team in won/lost record after 2007 – the ENTIRE 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.  We no longer can win on the road against ranked teams these years, nor AVOID BAD LOSSES in addition.

Try putting THAT in your pipe and smoking it.  Otherwise Brian Jones, put that pipe down, that stuff is bad for you, son !

We have not won The SEC Championship Game in :









And, son, we damn sure are NOT winning it in 2014.  What a dumbass post Brian Jones.

Intended to get our hopes UP ?

Or, get clicks from other Mark Richt Apologists ?

Which one is it ?

What a Chuck Dowdle !



Todd Gurley II tear to left knee on plant at 5:37 in 27-7 game long since over – just hate it – as we all await word on Todd Gurley II’s left knee injury

There is no sense in trying to tell oft-injured Todd Gurley II that there was nothing between him and his dream, that there was nothing he could do to improve his NFL Draft status after we play Georgie tek and bowl game – I tried to tell him that with years of experience watching this and before that, playing it; I just hate it.  In 39 degrees after out for 6 weeks, last playing against Vandie October 4 through tonight November 16 now when back home, Mark Richt left all his starters in the game – despite then 27 unanswered points trying to make it 34 which he accomplished.  But at what cost to the center of attention who only returned a kick-off 106 yards for a TD on his 1st touch and 138 yards on 29 workhorse carries against about now # 18 Auburn – who now finds themselves tied all-time with UGA in wins in The deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.


We did not need Todd Gurley II.  He did not need to be playing, now did he ?



It’s all a horrible nightmare.  X-Rays were taken before midnight, carted-off to have them made, after limping from the field as many previous ACL tears and worse I’ve seen through the years.  He maybe could’ve helped against # 1 Alabama, were Missouri who has no passing and no rushing either, to lose to either lowly lousy Arkansas or worse the vols – that’s all the hope we have to play # 1 Alabama.  That will not get us a play-off spot – even if we beat # 1 Alabama.  That’s bullshit hogwash by those who only are allowed to talk to you about the fate of this football program after 2007.  What Mark Richt did until 2007, no one talks about anymore.  It’s meaningless.


What matters is what he is doing NOW.


I told you Clemson had played 2 games and lost them both.  Now, both of us have beat Clemson this season before welcoming the yellowjackettes in 13 days’ time to our house – without Todd Gurley II.


He shouldn’t have played in the 1st place and certainly not 5:37 in a 27-7 ROUT, on route to 34 unanswered points, as Nick Marshall was lousy but a lot better than our QB who has 1,638 yards passing on the entire 10-game to-date season and another 15 yards rushing on 37 rushes – that’s it for the damn season son.


1,638 yards 10 games, which is 163 yards per game and he the only QB to play this season.  Sad.


In the other game of significance besides Alabama beating Mississippi State and Clemson losing again to knock them out of rankings, where they never belonged in the 1st damn place, South Carolina who had lost every game since the 2nd game of the season beat a team who lost 10 of their most recent 13-games before beating us the week before last.


This is where we are.


This is where Todd Gurley II is.  His NFL Draft status was the # 1 RB in the up-coming draft and about Top Half a Dozen Picks OVERALL, and only hampered by his numerous frequent on-going injuries – or, he would’ve been higher.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in the balance.  Mark Richt has spoken frequently for 14 years’ time now about the violent dangerous kick-off returns fraught with danger for injury to the kick-off returner.  1st game back, right out there he goes to be gassed and having to be replaced in the starting line-up by none other than Heisman Trophy Front Runner for 2015 season, Nick Chubb.


Ryne Rankin, who set his all-time personal tackle record for UGA last week with 1 tackle against Kentucky, called for holding, negated what we all stood-up and cheered our silly little frozen heads over that Todd Gurley II could return the 1st kick-off to us after Auburn shut us all up 0-7 taking the opening possession the length of the field, prior to 34 unanswered points by our beloved Bulldogs.  Ryne Rankin held at the point of Todd Gurley II’s cut-back, right there, at the 32-yard line, giving us the ball at our 22-yard line instead of the TD at the far end of the field.  Ryne Rankin now has 3 tackles all season this season and 3 assists – total – for all 10 games combined.


And the ruination of the FREE TODD GURLEY II triumphant return on his 1st touch back after 6 weeks’ exile.


I just really hurt for Todd Gurley II and his mother and family.  The best of folks get no breaks in life.


It did not have to happen.


Damian Swann got away with punt interference later – darting in front of Auburn’s punt returner – who was calling for a fair catch with no one shoving Damian Swann there, as the Fair Catch had been called long before his arrival.


We did not miss any field goals for a change, and tried to match the most penalized team in the nation, penalty for penalty.  We also fumbled the ball 3 times, including Todd Gurley II; but, this was again not Auburn’s night for the 3rd time this season – although those 3 teams today are ranked :


# 11 maybe Georgia Bulldogs who have a 1-0 record against teams ranked for the season, in our only game of the year – despite 0-2 losses to 2 awful football teams, there is no other way to put it.  Too bad for a coach the entire 2nd half of his career, marked with losses – not even a top 25 team after 2007 – that he would win a game by risking Todd Gurley II.  And, on a night when Notre Dame would lose and Florida State struggle yet again, and # 1 go down, and # 5 Struggle, and # 8 get beat.  None of that matters.


All that really matters is that Todd Gurley II is really injured seriously – this time.



UNRANKED Texas A & M, who was UNRANKED before they lost to a miserable Missouri team tonight  when Missouri has had no running game and no passing game all this entire season.  Texas A & M was seemingly our only hope for salvation from ourselves.


# 5 About Mississippi State.


On the plus side, besides these 3 LOSSES already, Auburn did beat Kansas State, Ole Miss (on a fluke injury play at the goal line) and unranked LSU as they were shut-out 17 to nothing tonight, dropping them from any rankings.


I do not see Ole Miss beating Mississippi State, nor Alabama being anything other than # 1 when they face Missouri – us having to only hope now Arkansas or the vols can do what so many awful teams have done to Mark Richt double-digit losses by Mark Richt to UNRANKED teams in ANY POLL for the season.  Hapless teams like these 2 Arkansas and the vols, are Mark Richt’s ONLY HOPE to get into anything resembling a posturing even for the Play-Off Selection Committee.  Pretty sad really, that our only hope on a season with all these great talents we have on our team this season should boil down to needing :


(1) vols without a winning record even on the season despite playing Arkansas State community college, Utah State community college, and Chattanooga city college – not to mention such cupcakes as South Carolina and Florida (Both of whom beat us, 1 of whom FIRED their coach AFTER he beat us – what does THAT tell you?), Kentucky and Vandie.  This is whom we place our hopes and dreams on, if we can get over having played Todd Gurley II in 39 degree weather for 29 carries including one with a 3 TD lead with only 5:37 remaining in the game – when he had not played in 6 weeks’ time since Vandie October 4 through November 16, when he also had the 106 yard kick-off return to begin this frigid night in high winds.  Damn it Mark Richt; it was so clear that all the ingredients were there to NOT have him run that ball meaningless 3 TD lead to make it 4 TD lead, not the LEAST OF WHICH was ALSO in addition to all this : he was injured, compensating for his inability to use his arm in a soft cast from earlier in the blessed damn game : Mark Richt you bloody freaking idiot.


(2) Arkansas who likewise does NOT EVEN HAVE A WINNING RECORD on the season.  These are the 2 damned teams we rest all our hopes and dreams upon beating a team, Missouri with no running game and with no passing game.  Expect Georgia under Mark Richt to maybe lose to such teams, hell yes.  Expect someone else to do the same ?  Well, Missouri certainly does not enjoy the talents of THIS GREAT STATE FOR RECRUITS, to see Mark Richt add the crocodiles AGAIN this season to his list of nobody teams who beat him like a drum they beat him and THEN FIRED Will Mushchamp as I guaranteed to you ALL SEASON LONG AND PRE-SEASON AS WELL ON THIS BLOG.  Mark Richt ALSO LOST to hapless South Carolina, who lost their opening game of the season, beat us, then proceeded to LOSE EVERY GAME until they played Florida last week, whom THEY ALSO BEAT.


South Carolina does not have a WINNING RECORD EITHER – like Arkansas and like the vols.


Florida just FIRED THEIR COACH for beating Mark Richt.




5-9 against Florida with LOSS AFTER LOSS TO HORRID FLORIDA TEAMS and hapless coaches.


Multiple hapless coaches, fired for beating Mark Richt.


Or, in spite of beating Mark Richt.


We have a poll here on this blog.


It’s 5 to 1 votes against Mark Richt sending Todd Gurley II BACK OUT at 5:37 mark.


(1) 39 degrees and windy bitter cold

(2) not played 6 weeks Oct 4 to Nov 16

(3) 106 yard kick-off return to begin our game after Auburn TD on opening kick-off

(4) 29 carries already

(5) 138 yards rushing already

(6) INJURED ALREADY and arm in a soft cast, compensating for that as we all saw

(7) send his ass back out there with Nick Chubb rested on bench and with others who could have run the damn ball to get Mark Richt his precious 4 TD lead, 3 TD lead NOT ENOUGH


So, Todd Gurley II made UGA pay $ 75,000 to have a $ 2.5 million dollar policy if he slips in the NFL Draft worse than # 8 pick overall and $ 5 million dollars if he never plays again.  Both insurance companies would tell you that Mark Richt prima facie failed to show due diligence and ACTED IN NEGLIGENCE with Todd Gurley II – a kid.


Todd Gurley II is NOT AN ADULT.  He is a year away from being an adult.  He cannot drink.  TGII cannot even supervise a learner driver.  He cannot begin to drive a vehicle with capacity for carrying people, nor any transport airplane, not even a gyroplane.


TGII is one of our CHILDREN.  And, will be for another year.


Todd Gurley II cannot even purchase a can of beer.


TGII cannot even drink a can of beer, if his mom buys him one.


He can, however, enter into a contract that he be paid $ 2.5 million if his NFL Draft Pick Status currently # 8 drops at all.


And, he and his mom damn sure can sue Mark Richt personally for EVERY DAMN PENNY for sending him back out there in the cold after 6 weeks lay-off for carry # 29 when he already was injured earlier in the game.


You hear me Mark Richt, you friqin dumbass ?


For THIS, Mark Richt looked at ALL the 7 RISK FACTORS and played him anyway.  If I were the insurance company, I would SUE MARK RICHT’S DUMBASS for the full extent of the pay-out.  Every friqing penny.


Sad all around.


Season shot in the foot against Florida, losers of now 11 of their last 15 games, and South Carolina who had not won a game since the 2nd week of the season both of whom beat us.


South Carolina, with a LOSING RECORD, faced Florida at the Swamp, and somehow Florida managed to lose to the bums, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as Hutson Mason did – deer in the headlights – against South Carolina to already scuttle this season.  They BOTH lost to Missouri.


Now, we hope Arkansas or the vols can beat Missouri, so we can back-in once again to The SEC Championship Game against # 1 Alabama and what ?


Put us in the play-offs the blogs you are allowed to read tell you about this season.




You lose to South Carolina and to Florida this season and you are NOT going to be judged any Top 4 team in the nation no matter what the friq you do thereafter, dumbass writing this to your glee on his blog this week.  A sanctioned blog, I might add.


I am NOT into Censorship.


I was cold on this blue-out night.  Black-Out, well at least we cured that bad taste in our mouths finally tonight, but some wore red only and most blue, on black-out night and it was bitter cold.  1st real cold all season.  It will be 19 tomorrow Monday after the rain and Tuesday night.  Shit happens.  Balls bounced off of hands all night long.  Mine were frozen and I had on gloves, because I kept taking them off.


Tonight, you will read how we routed Auburn a Top 10 team, who is going to have a struggle to make any polls this season, even with a bowl win – as Auburn obviously has no passing game to come back in a game with, and seemingly has not improved their defense a damn bit over last season, which I also spent saying Auburn was not deserving of their ranking as well and not just because they beat us.  It will say at a cost we routed Auburn, a dear cost to a great man we all Love and Adore and did not want to see playing after 29 rushes he had to take already this cold night after 6 weeks’ lay-off from making cuts, on a night he would be in the fray heated-up 105 yards’ TD kick-off return – then, this.  Alas, always this.  Even in such a great win when our Defense once again, this season, rose up and met the challenge.  I still have no idea what happened at Florida 2 weeks’ ago, or South Carolina in week 2.


But, it’s what we do nowadays after 2007, seven years of this shit.


What could’ve been.


We could be in the play-offs and obviously could beat a team that we gave a shit about beating.  Who we give a shit about beating and who we don’t a matter of public record of the players, many different players who said we took Florida lightly.  Nothing was said about South Carolina – neither of whom are worth a shit this season.

Georgie tek we now face without Todd Gurley II, who should’ve never been on the field at 5:37 in a 27 unanswered point lead 27-7.


I know Brendan Douglas fumbled again tonight.  I said it was bitter on my own hands.


And, Todd Gurley II’s.


And, even Michael Bennett’s.  And, Chris Conley’s, and all the 3 fumbles and half a dozen drops by Auburn’s receivers, two of the fumbles which we recovered and all their drops on pass plays we touch advantage of.


Isaiah McKenzie sent back for punt return, just does not have good hands – feet yes, but someone needs to teach him how to use his hands properly, as he too dropped a certain TD Pass which bounced of his hands in the cold, too.


All of them fumbled and dropped passes tonight, but Auburn’s Special Teams are even worse than our own.


It was that kind of a night.  Why play a game on such a cold day at night in the 1st place ?


ESPN GameDay was at Mississippi State Alabama, I presume.


We faked a punt and threw a long TD pass to a wide-open man, only to see our Special Teams once again flub it, as we did on our 1st Kick-Off return this night.  This time on the converted for a TD Fake Punt, Brandon Kublanow with no one around him, decided to take a walk downfield as an ineligible receiver when instead he has started all season long on the OL.  Go figure.  Put Brandon Kublanow on our Special Teams and he takes a walk-about which from my seat looked to be about 4 and a half yards past the line of scrimmage before he caught himself and just stood there, no one around, looking rather sheepish as the play was way to the other side of the field for a TD and never did we even look in Brandon Kublanow’s direction.  The play was to the left and he at right offensive line position on Special Teams, just blows it.


When Aaron Murray went down with his injury last season, that season was already shot too with loss after loss.  Again.


Zach Mettenberger is Starting in the NFL.



This is what we do, too.


So on a night where we WIN over then # 9 Auburn 34-7 spanking of Biblical Proportions, all anyone can talk about is why Todd Gurley II would even be on the freaking field up 27-7 with 5:37 left in a game we had already scored 27 unanswered points, so that we could tack that on too to be 34-7.




That is what Brendan Douglas is for.


That is what you gave Brendan Douglas the Scholarship for.  It is what he does for us.


We are such dumbshits coaching our men.  We’re freaking clueless.


And, in the balance, $ 100 million dollars stolen from Todd Gurley II.  The NFL is not for running backs who get picked poorly in the draft who then have to prove they’re not going to get injured – now, he has that moniker.  Thanks a lot Mark Richt.


Hutson Mason threw a 4-yard dink down TD pass to Malcolm Mitchell, locked-in and staring him down.  He also threw a horrible deep pass into double-coverage in the end zone.  The pass was wide right by 7 yards and overthrown by 6 yards.  His receiver was not in 40-square yards of the deep pass for a TD.    It should have been intercepted.  Against Alabama it would have been.  Reggie Davis had to become defensive back, or on another Hutson Mason pass is also intercepted.


54 again, Brandon Kublanow, who just had a horrible night on Special Teams back to block on a punt, just stood there  and assisted 2 others to his right blocking 2 Auburn guys on the right, zeroed in on them and finally just waving his left arm at # 24 for Auburn who rushed-in from his left.  This is coaching.  Special Teams’ coaching, something we haven’t had in years and years and years now.  A guy comes from your left, Brandon Kublanow, sir, you TAKE THAT MAN, when you are lined-up on the left.


Of course, Brandon Kublanow plays on the RIGHT SIDE of the Offensive Line, not the left so his tendencies and training are all COMPLETELY OPPOSITE from his responsibilities on Special Teams’ Punt unit – which is one of the worst in the nation by the way.


Auburn’s Special Teams are even worse.


So we won the game and convincingly while all that will be said will be at what cost to Todd Gurley II, personally ?

Todd Gurley II ends his season with less than 1000 yards rushing again, same as last season, while Nick Chubb goes over.


Todd Gurley II, best of all best to you sir in your recovery and hopefully great NFL career – which was a certainty on these pages, and now is in question.  My prayers are for you and your family, sir.

Who do you dislike MOST after Florida ? It’s Auburn Week – The South’s Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football History, in fact in The East. Auburn’s rep is just ALL BAD. Lorenzo Carter, baby, remember recruiting him ? Nick Marshall after BLOWING game vs TAMU last night – yeah !


The South’s Oldest Rivalry.   Virginia and North Carolina have neither ever been any good, whatsoever.  Virginia North Carolina, also started 1892, same as Georgia Auburn.  Virginia is # 52 all-time in most college football wins and North Carolina is # 41.

Georgie tek is # 24, Auburn # 19 and The University of Georgia # 10 All-Time in Major College Football Wins.

Deep South, I take exception to.  In the 1st place, you are either a Southerner, or you’re not.  Take Florida, for example ?  The farther you travel South, the farther North, you’ve actually gone.

Never in my lifetime, have I considered folks in Miami, Southerners.  They aren’t.

Brice Ramsey, again, looked great.  Hutson Mason, on-again – off-again, is hardly going to be able to beat Auburn by himself, especially if he brings his game he has played all season except 2 games : Missouri and Kentucky.

Why did Hutson Mason choose to play well against only Missouri and Kentucky – and, to play all the rest of the games all season long, like shit ?

Full Strength, Georgia welcomes Auburn to Sanford Saturday Prime Time.  Auburn should be ranked about # 11 and Georgia about # 15.  The rankings will not matter.  Auburn’s significant players and coaches have come from Georgia.  Georgia’s players and coaches, remember them well.  Georgia does not get noticeable recruits from Alabama.  Alabama would be The South.  Georgia would be The South.

This is The South’s Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football History.

Auburn has a 1-game lead.

Wisconsin is # 45 and Minnesota # 42 all-time in college football wins.  They started playing in 1890, 2 years’ prior to both Georgia-Auburn and Virginia-North Carolina.

Wisconsin-Minnesota never has been a game anyone gave a shit about, same as Virginia-North Carolina, therefore.

Auburn, we care about.

We care about the bullshit Auburn has pulled through the years, and still is not as good as The University of Georgia.  Make no mistake about the 2 universities either, for The University of Georgia is a far better university according to every single ranking every single year.

Auburn is a crappy university, and their reputation in football is that of cheaters – always has been.

Is there any question about either of those 2 statements ?

Let me know, because by God I know.

Auburn was beat by Texas A & M last night, prime time.  Nick Marshall forgot how to take the snap and hand it off 2 of his last 3 plays, or they win.  Instead, Texas A & M, whom Bulldogs’ fans widely consider a poor team 2014, beat South Carolina and would’ve beat Florida had they met.  Texas A & M has lost to # 1 Mississippi State, # 4 Alabama who will move up, and # 12 Ole Miss who will move up.  Georgia would lose to all 3 of those teams too.

Texas A & M will be the 6th SEC ranked team today, for the Victory over Auburn – yeah !

We will not Lose to Auburn, as expected, and I predict Auburn loses 5 games this season.  I don’t like Auburn and before Florida became good with Spurrier in the 1990 decade I always considered Auburn my # 1 Rival.


Not Georgie tek yellowjackets who have not been any good at all after 1955.


Texas A & M  100 percent should be ranked ahead of Auburn and Georgia because Texas A & M has not lost to 2 lousy teams : South Carolina and Florida like we have yet we will beat Auburn easily.

Florida beat Vandie and faces-off against South Carolina while we play Auburn, Saturday.

The winner of that game between South Carolina and Florida, both of whom BEAT US, might go to the toilet bowl.  Then, again, the winner of that game same time as our Auburn game, might not go to ANY bowl at all.

Which Bowl Game shall we go to, then, pray tell ?

Todd Gurley II might get his wish.  He said he is tired of being mediocre, while going to The SEC Championship Game and losing, and going to the bowl game and losing.  We might go to the throw-up in the bidet toilet bowl then I guess.  It all boils down to Saturday !

South Carolina has lost 4 games in a row after losing their 1st game of the season too, and Florida had lost 10 of their previous 13 games before last Saturday.  Talk about 2 crappy-ass football teams.

God Almighty !

We LOST to BOTH of them.

Such bullshit, Mark Richt.


Saturday is going to be cold, high 54 low 36 and sunny at Sanford.

Both teams run the football, but when it comes to passing, Auburn is better than we are because well our coaches consider Cam Newton and Nick Marshall both anything but Quarterbacks, and consider Hutson Mason better than Brice Ramsey at Quarterback.  That will be the damn day, on all 3 fronts.

It has been a tough row to hoe for Georgia this season, and this is the only team we play all season long.  And, they are not Top 10 material – not that we are, by God, either.  Hopefully, Allbarn finds it a tough row to hoe at Our House for a change.

We’ve played a string of nobodies who none of them have beat anyone.  But, 2 of those nobodies, beat us.  Amazingly crappy 2014, once again, for Mark Richt.

I’ve said all season long that Brice Ramsey is a better QB than Hutson Mason, and that Lorenzo Carter is better than Leonard Floyd.  I read these bullshit blogs you only are allowed to read which say that Leonard Floyd will be a top NFL Draft Pick after this season.  No.  No, he will not.  I have said all season long that Leonard Floyd CHASES the quarterbacks around the field, and NEVER sacks them.

Lorenzo Carter 6′ 6″ and 237 lobs, nice-looking likable man, is so much better than Leonard Floyd, and will be FAR BETTER in the NFL than Leonard Floyd, who like Hutson Mason – is inconsistent as friqin’ Hell.

I have picked on Leonard Floyd and on Hutson Mason all season long.  2 sacks all Leonard Floyd has all season.  When bloggers write to you that Leonard Floyd is a sack machine, I say EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF ME, BUT he is NOT.

If Leonard Floyd 6″ 4″ and 230 lbs, thinks he is entitled, I have news for him.   He is not as with-it, looking, not as tall, and also more slight of build compared to Lorenzo Carter, whose motor never stops and always is around the damn football, always.

Leonard Floyd out of Eastman, needs SEVERAL more years of maturity, if he can get his grades up.  He goes through the motions of life, while others around him succeed at that which he just doesn’t care.  Get on the stick, Leonard Floyd.

Sack machine, my ass.

He reminds me of Claude Humphrey of the Falcons, who they made similar comments about, but when you’re at the games, you can see, Claude took 3 downs off on defense every 4.

Leonard Floyd has Started all season long, until yesterday, when finally Lorenzo Carter starts.  Glad someone is listening.

I detest football players such as Leonard Floyd and Claude Humphrey, because they do not bring their A-game, every game – every down.  I do not care how much success either has or had or will have.  GATA Leonard Floyd, please sir !

Do that for a whole football season, and I’ll see you after that in the NFL Draft.  Fair enough son ?

Of course, if you cannot keep your grades up, go on – declare for the draft – but, you have let yourself down in life so far, and need to come back, obviously – as BACK-UP at your position – at least until Lorenzo Carter is DRAFTED higher, makes more money, lasts longer in the NFL, and starts in the NFL his whole career.  Of course, the NFL will play Lorenzo Carter, as linebacker.  He started at SAM for us yesterday.

Lorenzo Carter had more sacks in the game just only counting yesterday than Leonard Floyd has in all the games combined all season long.

Been a month and a half since we’ve been to Sanford and our campus.  Nice to get to see us again.  I wouldn’t say we’ve had a particularly good season this season, but found Mark Richt’s interview after the game saying “we’re not talking about Todd” – well, bitter toward the man, everyone else long-since agrees with.  The NCAA itself will change the damn rule soon enough.  Imagine punishing the Heisman Trophy Winner this season 4 games, for


while letting nitwit liar Jameis Winston continue to embarrass Florida State “university.”

These colleges like Florida State and Auburn, should have to compete in a separate class of “universities” than Top Universities, such as my alma mater : The University of Georgia.

The schools have no integrity, never have had  – either of them –  and demonstrate that as “universities” in the fashion to which they both tell lies and cheat to compete with fine schools like UGA.

Kiss my grits Auburn – your “school” pales in comparison to our school.

How fitting that Nick Marshall would BLOW the game against then unranked Texas A & M.  Unranked although they beat BOTH South Carolina and Auburn – while we ARE ranked and have not beat but lost to South Carolina.

I see the game coming down to Quarterbacks and believe Gus Malzahn will get Nick Marshall focused.  I have no idea which Hutson Mason will show-up whom we should affectionately refer to as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Actually Missouri might get ranked today, since we ABDICATED our throne on The SEC East to them.

Missouri faces Texas A & M Saturday while we play Auburn, and I’ll take Texas A & M to REMOVE Missouri from The Top 25, who had no business in it, anyway – which is why they are NOT ranked this morning.

Of course, Georgie tek does not deserve to be in the Top 25 either – which is why they like Missouri are NEITHER ranked this morning.  I believe both might make it today, however – however temporary.

So, it’s down to this :  Auburn.

Our one lone game all season.  Auburn leads the series by one game, and we need this game in the most important oldest all-time major college football history, to NOT have Auburn ahead of us.

Hutson Mason ?

Hell ?

Did you hear me ?

Leonard Floyd, since you finally only got to play the couple of plays you would’ve actually “PLAYED” anyway yesterday, did you hear me, son ?

I WANT this game !

We NEED this game !

We’ve got to HAVE this game !

If we lose to Auburn as expected, we will DROP from the rankings – as it should be, if we lose.

We WIN this game, and we stay ranked for the season – no matter what !

We could lose to Georgie tek, not make The SEC Championship Game, lose our Bowl Game, again, and STILL be ranked if we WIN this game.

Lose this game, and we will have to fight to be ranked this season, again.

We do this so much nowadays after 2007 – where we play such shitty football.

Better not do it again now that I finally get to see you in person.

Can’t say you have been what I thought you could be, but you certainly have been that which I have resigned myself to you in fact being the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era.

I wish to Hell someone would wake-up Mark Richt, too !


# 3 Auburn LOST

# 7 Michigan State LOST

# 8 Notre Dame LOST

# 9 Kansas State LOST


# 16 Oklahoma LOST

# 20 Utah LOST

# 24 West Virginia LOST

Too bad, it doesn’t matter anymore.

What does matter, is that this is Auburn and – as it turns out – is the ONLY game we play all season long.

Auburn beat Kansas State also, beat Ole Miss, beat LSU also, and beat South Carolina.  All we beat is Clemson who has beat no one, absolutely no one, with only 2 games on their schedule (twice as many as it turns out as we have) whom they lost BOTH to.

We better not lose to Auburn.

We could’ve been the 3rd SEC team, jumping-up with a WIN over Auburn, to be right there in the discussion with Mississippi State and Alabama – instead, lose now, and we shouldn’t be ranked at all in any poll, and probably struggle to get back into the Top 25 even – for this # 10 All-Time Greatest College Football Program in Wins.

We’re a solid football team; we just haven’t played like anything but CRAP twice already this season, and this, this is our only real game all season : such as it is.

We need to GATA.

Auburn REALLY just –  keeps the ball  –  on Offense by making nearly EVERY 3rd Down Conversion !

They lead the nation in penalties and lead the nation in lost fumbles.

Their special teams, suck.

Their passing offense stinks to high heaven, but it’s a lot better than ours is.

They do return punts, but their Defense still stinks – when in the past, Auburn always had good defenses made-up of all Georgia boys.

It’s Nick Marshall, whom we did not even call the Police on, according to the Chief of Police.  We found out about the dormitory theft, and did NOT call the Police !

What in the hell is that all about ?

It was they said over $ 500, making it felony theft.

I do not respect or like Auburn.  I really don’t – more than I do not like Georgie tek’s fans : Both of them !.  Not as much as I do not like Florida, or their jort-wearing obnoxious fans (or, the vols back when they had a program a century ago) but it’s damn close and a fine hair, as far as I’m concerned.   I do not like Auburn.

Of the 119 Mark Richt signed as scholarship recruits, with only 75 who will play of the 119 who could’ve been playing against Auburn Saturday with a redshirt, one of those not is Nick Marshall.

The Blawg House says “I SUPPORT MARK RICHT” in all CAPS then says “I believe Richt will lead us to a national championship” Cory Brinson also says right to be upset, different current 7 years compared to his 1st seven years, we’ve taken a step BACK & we’re expected to collapse 2-3 times a year. Cory, which the hell is it son ?

I have only 1 question for you Cory Brinson ?

Which the HELL is it ?

4 losses a year, average for 7 years, and this asshole thinks Mark Richt will all of sudden be God him freaking self.

Excuse me Cory Brinson you butthole, in your own words on the very same blog, you offer-up the following :

“Georgia fans have every right to be upset.”

“We’ve had a ton of success in the W-L column – definitely different in the first 7 years vs. the last 7 years”

“Georgia has taken a step back.”

“Right now, it is almost expected for Georgia to collapse in 2-3 games a year. For Georgia to lose a game they shouldn’t every year. For Georgia fans to hope for the best and expect the worst. “

Sounds like he is arguing with himself, doesn’t it ?

Here is what I think, Cory Brinson.  I think you think we stink.  I think you think we have stunk for 7 years now, definitely.  I think you think we will stink.

You prove that with your own words.

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    I respect your opinion. I responded yesterday with a different view. Mine is based not on total losses or wins. It’s blowouts, record vs ranked quality competition, general program direction and other stuff. I just don’t believe that he can push us to the top and keep us around it. We shouldn’t ever be less than 5/6. With every couple years being 1-3. Our state is like fourth in football talent in the nation. We are THE University in that state. We loose some to other schools but we steal some from other states. That balances out. Yet we can’t get there. I just think we should be all in as a university and that means making some hard choices and not being scared to go for it. Sure we may lose a great man. But we may gain a great coach. And honestly he gets paid to be a great coach first. What is his salary up to now, 4 million? That’s not 9 win with a blowout or 2 money. I appreciate his loyalty, integrity, and compassion for his players and UGA. But I believe we need a change.

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      Thanks, David, for the comment. And, I totally agree – the WAY we’ve lost is probably what has many Dawg fans with a really sour taste in their mouth. Again, this is just my opinion (and hope) that I believe with the changes in place, we’ll get there.

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    If all you people who think CMR should be let go would just look at it this way… The University of Ga isn’t going to let any player do anything that will embarrass the program.. So no matter what coach we hired, they cant get any better win %age than what CMR is getting… I have seen CMR grow stronger and sterner on his players than I saw a few years back.. He has the passion and wants to win just as much as any other coach.. And no, I’m not happy with the losses we have each year, but I also see him putting a Championship Team in place.. Just my opinion…

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    I Don’t Understand Why UGA Fans are acting like Hoe’s for, Seriously…If You know Football. Well then, You Know We are Right About where we Should be… Listen We Are All Mad About losing to Our Arch Rivals in a Blowout !!! Believe Me It was hard for me too…I am a Dog that lives in Florida with an Older Brother who is a Gator Fan !!! I am Proud of our Dogs cause they have played beyond their abilities and have Rose to the Occasion for 2 Victories without Gurley………..OFFENSE :We Have A Stud Offensive Line !!! We Have won Games with a Mediocre QB, Our Heisman Contender Suspended, Our RB & WR Core are Still Either Injured or Coming off Injury……….DEFENSE : Going into the 1st Year with Pruitt D/C….Playing with Grantham’s Recruits….A Weak D-Line, A Bad Azz LB Core, And A Depleted Secondary……This Is OUR Georgia Bulldogs….We Are Playing Beyond Ourselves & you have to give Them Credit…If Anything Give the Coaches Credit, They Coached this group to 6-2… Even though a Couple of Offensive Play calls were Really Questionable in S.C. & Fl…. If I was Richt I would Play Ramsey More & Tell Bobo To Loosen the Reins and take some Chances…..Hey We Run the Table. Beat #3 Auburn at home with a (well rested) Gurley then were right back in the Top 10….It only takes 1 Mizzou loss and we are in the SEC Championship !!! We Upset a Top 5 Sec Contender there and we could Sneak into the playoff….Wow Would would the Haterz say then….Only time will tell !!!

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      Hogwash B.S. See you back here after Auburn game, and if Missouri ever gets ranked, and we play the # 1 team in The SEC Championship Game, I shall see you back here then, again, too. This team is so bad and has been for 7 solid entire years’ now – after 2007 – that we’re 1-10 vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls on the road and 7-29 vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls in total.
      Year 14. We’re playing beyond our abilities 2014 ? That is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT. What does that mean Jason Knight ? That we’re supposed to be WORSE than beating a # 21 Clemson team at our house who has beat no one all season long and had to have a miracle 4th quarter to barely beat a zero win ACC team Weak Forest last night. We have not played ANY other ranked team.
      We do, however, have 2 horrendous losses. I was to a team who had lost 10 of their latest 13 football games, including 1-AA team, and beat no team who even went to a bowl game.
      Are we SUPPOSED to be worse than that as # 10 All-Time in Wins as a program ?
      The other loss was to a team who has lost 4 in a row now, and had ANOTHER LOSS a blow-out loss in game 1 in ADDITION to all this.
      These are the teams we’re SUPPOSED to lose to, Jason ?
      I am sorry to disagree fundamentally with you Jason, when everyone else responding on this blog I totally agree with.
      We’re not in the top 25 in won/lost record now these current 5 years and # 23 won/lost record these current 7 years, as blog author, Cory Brinson, points out to you Jason.
      Cory Brinson also points out that Hutson Mason is mediocre. 14 years into this Mark Richt Era and he is our best quarterback on our roster ? 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off in 2014 alone. These 2 really bad losses FL & USCe to hapless football teams Florida and South Carolina and no win to point to at all other than Clemson who has played 2 games and lost both – therefore highly questionable quality win. When none of our other wins are any good at all, and again we have 2 horrid losses.
      That’s this year.
      7 years, it has gone on unabated.
      Whatever Mark Richt did, as Cory Brinson points out in this well-written blog, his 1st 7 years here, he has most certainly NOT done since.
      14 years.
      1st 7 were top-notch. 17-19 vs teams making the top 25.
      7-28 since. These most recent 7 years – the 2nd half of CMR era.

      I count losses to non Top 25 teams these seasons, as a loss.

      If you try to ignore the 10 losses Mark Richt has put up now to teams who did not make the AP or Coaches’ Polls even with their win over him, I will add them back in to our record against Top 25 teams because if you play a 1-AA FCS team and beat them, that does not count, but if you lose to them, it does.
      You had SEVERAL of our football players who ALL said we took Florida too lightly.
      Mark Richt told them ALL to shut-up.
      Excuse me, they scored 31 unanswered points against us, while our blog authors talked to us about a national championship this season 2014. Now, of course, we never were supposed to be ANY bloody good 2014 ?
      Really ?
      Top 10 all-time program in major college wins, 14 seasons’ into this 7 good and 7 bad years of Mark Richt Era, and we were NOT supposed to be ANY BLOODY GOOD 2014 ?

      Yes, we were supposed to be good 2014, Jason, sir.

      We have averaged the # 9 recruiting ranking all 14 years, and only Southern California has averaged better.

      We have 74 NFL Draft Picks, and again, only Southern California has more in the Mark Richt era here.

      Yet, we are # 23 in Won/Loss Record the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt Era, Jason.

      Please spend less time dreaming up some flimsy excuses for why we’re not supposed to be good 2014.

      We recruited 2 of the very best quarterbacks in the entire nation the last 2 classes.

      We do not play them.

      We play Hutson Mason all game, every game, instead. He who does not go through his progressions downfield and whom Mark Richt tells after every game, let it rip. We had guys open and did not take a shot at them, Mark Richt says after the games this season, too.

      How against our # 1 Rival Mark Richt is 5-9 against now, can our QB allow them to score 31 unanswered points ?

      We’re in over our heads. We recruit very well.

      We do NOT lack for talent.

      In fact, we were supposed to be good 2014 because of the talent and because we have a favorable schedule.

      Yet, we do not coach our players.

      I watch every other college football coach get out there and COACH.

      Mark Richt began coaching when Hutson Mason fumbled the football on 1st and goal at the 6:45 mark in the bloody game. I thought he was going into the huddle to tell Hutson Mason to please THROW the ball into the end zone. Instead, it was just to call a time-out – something Mark Richt is particularly poor at calling time-outs too.

      This team was # 6 in the nation 2014, and we were NOT supposed to be this bad, INSTEAD.


      We’re playing the wrong quarterback, again – just as when CMR told us Joe Cox was better QB than Zach Mettenberger and just as when CMR told us Joe Tereshinski III was better QB than Matthew Stafford. We lost games like this both those years TOO for the same reason he is losing these games this year as well. And, for the same reason.

      Cory called for Brice Ramsey.

      I called for him PRIOR to the season.

      Our QB has lost to 3 unranked teams : South Carolina, Nebraska and now Florida.

      Jacob Park tells us he was redshirted by Mark Richt this season.

      Not next year, but the one after that we get a true freshman coming in at QB.

      Building a top program ?

      Anything but.

      We have taken what he did do his 1st 7 years here, and projected that into his 2nd 7 years and Cory recognizes the difference.

      You do not.

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    Well I feel like its time for a change CMR is a great guy but this is as good as we will ever be we have had National Caliber Teams that have just underachieved like Mike and Mike said on ESPN radio UGA recruits super stars from highschool that are average at UGA then go on to be great in the NFL that all comes down to coaching UGA has put more players in the NFL starting positions in the past 5 years then any other team in the SEC but still can’t seem to even win a SEC championship look at Ole Miss and Miss State both bottom feeders in the west till new coaching and it didn’t take 14 years Gus Malzon took an Auburn team that had a loosing record the year before he came and took them to a National Championship with a Quarterback that we kicked off out team that CMR and Bobo didn’t even see his potential they had him playing Defensive Back that is not being able to see talent and that is bad coaching they red shirted Morenoe his first year when we had no backs and CMR still defends Bobo when its clear he is not the man for the job hid elementary offense is awful.

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    Folks just read the comments below if you want to know why UGA is a second rate football program! 14 years as a loser of a head coach and these people still think CMR can turn it around. SICK!

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    Richt is a good and successful coach. I think his chance of winning a NC is slim to
    none. In his 14 years at Georgia he’s
    produced some very good teams and has won the East more than once and the
    SEC. His teams are good to very good, but not great. Great teams win the games
    they are supposed to win and find ways to win some they are not supposed to win. Richt’s teams, for whatever reason, more
    often than not, don’t do this. Saturday
    was just one example. I’m not saying it
    is impossible for Mark Richt to win a National Championship for Georgia, he
    could still do it, but he’ll need more luck than a Nick Saban or an Urban Meyer
    and if does it probably won’t be with an unbeaten team. He’s had 14 years and that speaks for
    itself. Do I want Richt gone, no. He’s a very good coach and hiring another one
    which can supersede his record would be difficult, even for the most
    sophisticated AD. Georgia football is
    what it is, a long way from terrible and tragically, still just shy of great.

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    There are some ridiculously ignorant statements in here. I can’t believe some of these people actually think they know what football is or the issues with it. Richt is awesome. Bobo is awesome. Pruitt, to be determined but I believe in him. People don’t like Richt but they sure liked Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and Jeremy Pruitt. Richt is the reason they came in the first place. He is certainly capable and without a doubt tough enough win it all. The last seven years are different than the first seven because we had seven years of reeling off 10 win seasons and not getting the LUCK to end up without a National Championship. There was bound to be some rebuilding years in the last seven years (see 2009 and 2010). I would like to see Nick Saban’s team lose his top two RB’s and two of his top four WR’s(three out of four for a couple of games) along with all the other injuries we dealt with last year and finish better than 8-5. I would like to see him lose three of his top four RB’s and still be without two of his top four WR’s like the majority of this season and still have his team at 6-2. People, your all insane that wants to get rid of him. Insane. The dumbest thing I have read is people putting Gus freaking Malzahn ahead of Richt. That’s just absurd. What has he done? Blown an 18 point lead in the National title game. He doesn’t belong in sane sentence as Richt. Hell, he needed a fluke, lucky play to barely sneak by an 8-5 UGA last year. How lucky was he to beat Bama last year? Old Miss this past week? He’s full if LUCK. That luck runs out November 15th.

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      You okay with 2-12 against Top 10 teams over the last 4 years?

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      No Nathan!!! The last seven are different because of Nick Saban!!!Whats it gonna take for people like you to wake up!!!

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      I have thought since probably 2007 Richt was not an elite coach. He won 2 SEC championships with another coaches players and done nothing since. even with those great teams he would barely scrap by an unranked Colorado team. He consistently finds a way to lose at least a game or two every year we have no business losing…South Carolina and Florida are examples this year. Alabama losses their top talent to NFL every year and still come back strong/competing for it ask every year so don’t say they could not withstand the injuries we have bc they do every year. I am tired of people making excuses why he can’t get over the hump. “We are young” “we had injuries”etc we have been injuried/rebuilding for the LAST SEVEN YEARS!! You may be satisfied being 8-4 or 9-3 every year with the occasional 10-2 year, but I am tired of it personally.

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        Amen Jake. But, you are taking it too personally – if you do not mind me pointing this out to you Jake – for the Richt Apologists. You see ? They will want you banned because they are not fans of this program but fans of Mark Richt. Heck, everyone loves Mark Richt. Great guy. Just hasn’t beat his way out of a wet bloody paper bag after 2007 – seven entire seasons and COUNTING. He loses TGII after this season. He has prepared zero Quarterbacks to play next year. He has an entire defense to find. He has no special teams’ coach yet all these BLUNDERS by special teams again Saturday and no one even talks about it, because our special teams have been so bad for so many years in a row now, that we’re all numb to it. So, we take flack from Richt Apologists. Have to HIDE your true feelings. It’s FUN you see ? It’s FUN being 60-28 after 2007. 7 years, 60 wins. 7 years, 28 losses.

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    I tend to agree Cory. I was frustrated with the decision to kick into the crosswind, the inability of the defense to adjust (load the box and take your chances with the quarterback) and most of all the (and I could be wrong here) the lack of energy on the Georgia side. We seemed flat and not ready to play. Florida came out flat too until the fake, the ensuing kickoff and then the great block by the ref. As they gained some mo we just didn’t answer. I initially did blame CMR (who I support and don’t want to see him go) for that and having calmed down and thought things through I do think–

    1)This isn’t a championship team yet. With Todd Gurley you did have a shot but there are still holes that we all recognized before the start of the season. I’m not sure anyone could have done a better job with all the losses from the off season that Pruitt had to make up for.

    2)The Todd Gurley thing has been a huge distraction. The NCAA’s dithering until game week didn’t help. I know we rallied against Missouri and Arkansas but having a constant, ongoing distraction is tough emotionally.

    3) As good as Chubb has been, losing Gurley has been huge. Take the best player off any other top 10 team and get back to me. Gurley’s impact as an emotional leader cannot be overstated either. If Gurley plays last Saturday we do see a different game but such is life.

    4) Pruitt got outschemed Saturday. I’m not sure the reason, although I have a couple of theories. I do believe that Pruitt will learn from it and we won’t see it happen again.

    I do thing Richt can take us there. He’s had teams, that with the right break, that should have played for it all — 2002, 2007 and 2012 in particular. I do think we have a good staff in place.

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      2002, CMR lost to a team who even with their win over us did not make the AP Poll; but they beat us when they held our OFFENSE to 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions. The entire SEC was down 2002 with the only other SEC team in the Coaches’ Poll for 2002 was a 4-Loss Auburn.
      2007, CMR lost to 6-6 South Carolina at Sanford Stadium. South Carolina did not even go to a bowl game 2007, genwheeler.
      2007, CMR also was blown-out by should have been 5-Loss vols 14-35.
      Now, what was it you said about CMR not getting any breaks in 2002 and 2007, genwheeler, sir ?
      2012, CMR suffered the most embarrassing blow-out loss to South Carolina 7-35 and then CMR and Mike Bobo 3 times told Aaron Murray NOT to ground the ball against Bama- which is why he asked them both not 2 times, but 3 times.
      We’re not talking about 14 years’ ago or 8 years’ ago in 2007, but what has happened to this program SINCE.
      This year, for example is now 4 losses a season average for 7 years’ worth and counting with 28 losses after 2007 – four (4) a year, and this before we play Auburn and before we probably do not play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game – but, ALREADY averaging 4 losses a season for 7 years and counting now, genwheeler.
      Not that you will address the points. And, if this is not a championship team yet, after 14 years, why not ?

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    I honestly could not answer the question yesterday, still pissef from Jacksonville. However if we look back at some of the big games special teams have let us down. We do not have a special teams coach.maybe its something we should consider. Let’s be honest a guy who has a face shield is not ur everyday holder for a field goal. Hire a special teams coach. I am a huge supporter of Ritch, bobo and of the university. It is unfair to say let’s fire everybody. Bobo has had us set records across the board. This year its unfortunate that we lost the best player in college football. A leader on the field. That is hard to replace. It is hard to come out and play when we have had all of the distractions going on. Let Pruitt get his guys in there and we are gonna be fine. Keep Ritch and long as we can bc I sure as hell don’t wanna go back to the Jim donnan days or ray golf. I’m still a dawgs and will always will be

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    I would like to know who people think we are going to hire if we fired Mark Richt and if they think we will seriously have winning seasons. Sorry, I base this off to Tennessee and everyone else who got greedy and their teams have been in the dump since trying to turn it around.

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    Love your blog. Have to say though I completely disagree. Its one thing to not have the players, another to lose a few games. But that performance was embarrassing. It didn’t have to be that way. It’s just a microcosm of what’s wrong with his overall philosophy. Great coaches don’t always play the odds and kick a FG instead of hammering a fragile team. He just doesn’t get it. Sometimes you have to be discerning to understand Florida was ripe to fold if you jump up 14-0 or 17-0. Instead you elect to kick a FG into 30 mph cross wind and miss it and then you allow them to score on a awake FG and now that fragile team has hope and momentum. Clueless. Same thing happened in the TN game last year. Same with Vandy. Clueless. Its one thing to be undermanned but we weren’t against SC and UF and still lost and still were out coached and blown out against UF, just like every year, 9 straight years with a loss of 15 pts or more. We all better hope that Pruitt is THAT good and has the effect needed (like is already happening in recruiting) but this HC will lose one or two games every year he shouldn’t because the competition is THAT difficult and isn’t getting easier. Richt aint going anywhere so this is what it is but I don’t see the makeup in him to demand excellence in himself, his coaches or his players and his interviews are honestly embarrassing. If he cares SO MUCH then why not use the interviews to motivate his players and coaches? SHOW THEM he will do whatever it takes to push every player to compete at the highest levels. No, I just don’t see it.

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    It’s hard to believe we’re even asking this question when three weeks ago Richt held together a shattered team that had just lost 3 players, including someone who represented 33% of Georgia’s offensive production.

    Face it people, this is not a great team. It wasn’t a great team in August and it isn’t one today. Now if you want to blame Richt for allowing our defense to get this bare or Bobo for not having another Aaron Murray in the wings then you may having something to whine about, but it’s not like UGA is the only down power in the SEC East. Look at the implosion in Columbia SC or across the country in places like Ann Arbor Michigan, Miami Florida et. al, who are wallowing in cess at the moment.

    We’ve got to give Pruitt 3 years to turn this D around, before we can start banging the replace Richt drums.

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      “Look at the implosion in Columbia SC”
      They BEAT us.
      Dawgbyte says do not hire a new coach because we could end-up with a team like South Carolina has…
      Who just BEAT Us !

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      That’s the problem. It’s always the team is not quite there yet. “If we just had___” but if the team doesn’t have players that is still his fault bc ultimately he is in charge of recruiting. How long will we hide behind and accept the excuses? Maybe we fire him and the team gets worse. It could happen bc he is a good coach, but he loses too many games he should win and allows to many opponents to keep it close that he should blow out.

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        He doesn’t try to run up the score on anyone because religiously, he believes it’s wrong. We have seen this for 14 years, so talking about blowing out someone, is not something that he would condone, honestly. It has happened but only when his bench is better than his starters – which has happened.
        At halftime, LOSING to only our # 1 Rival which he is by the way 5-9 against, he RAN THE CLOCK OUT.
        Florida allowed him to run the clock out both halves. The 1st half when we were LOSING and the 2nd half after they scored 31 UNANSWERED points.

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      Yep I don’t disagree. The Pruitt effect will have to play out. But not many HCs are given the opportunity to hire 4 DCs after 3 others failed so hopefully he will be THAT good. But the issues are SO much more than just the defense.

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        God has to love this ! We have to give Mark Richt 4 more years (another 16 losses) because he hired a new Defensive Coordinator after last year.
        Not sure what game was being watched while I watched the bloody game by those who purport to be UGA Football Program fans saying give Mark Richt 4 years for Jeremy Pruitt to get a defense together, but what I saw was Hutson Mason and the OFFENSE allowed our # 1 Rival to score 31 UNANSWERED POINTS. Our “Offense and QB Hutson Mason” could not answer 1 single of those 31 UNANSWERED POINTS.
        That is NOT on the Defense.
        That is on the OFFENSE.
        Special Teams LOST the game.
        75 percent our fans say that anyone other than Hutson Mason should be starting against Kentucky.
        We could lose to Kentucky too, if our Offense allows our Opponent – however hapless – to score 31 UNANSWERED POINTS, again.

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    The difference in his first 7 years and his last 7 years is the easiest thing in the world to see. Its Defense, and thats all. For the majority of his first 7 years we had VanGorder, then the next 7 were the Willie and Grantham debacles. Now we finally have a D Coordinator who I believe in and who happens to be one of the best recruiters in the country. With the lack of experience, talent, and depth we have on defense its somewhat impressive (to me anyway) that we are 6-2 right now even after being without the best RB in the nation for 3 games. Lets give JP a year or two to actually recruit some talent to work with on D and then make some judgements in 2016-2017. Anybody who truly thought this team was a national title contender this year drank waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much kool aid. Thank you Cory, love your blog.

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      Brandon, did you just say – not, wait until next year, but wait until the year after next year and wait until 2 years’ after next year for a guy 14 years’ in now ?
      That’s a new argument. I have not in my lifetime heard that before. Don’t want us all to get our expectations up too high for next year – let alone what’s left of this one ?
      When you started your reply, you said the difference in his 1st 7 years Cory is talking about with the current 7-year 2nd half of the Mark Richt era. Then, you act as if the Offense did not fail to answer a single point from our # 1 Rival who put up 31 unanswered points to which our OFFENSE, Brandon, had no answer for any of the 31 points – UNANSWERED BY OUR OFFENSE, Brandon, sir.
      You also act as if our Special Teams did not again lose the game for us.
      Did I miss the explanation of how we are to excuse the facts that Mark Richt has averaged 4 losses a season for 7 years now ?
      Mark Richt is the head coach.
      He’s been here 14 years.
      He alone is responsible for what is happening and has been happening this entire 7-year period.

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      Do what happens when it doesn’t happen in 2016-2017? Blame Pruitt and keep marching forward with yet another coordinator and Richt? He has had his chance and been given multiple opportunities with coordinators. Everything we are saying about Pruitt now we said about Grantham in the beginning. So how many more years of excuses? You know the common thread through the last 7 years? The head coach so blaming the defensive coordinator if far fetched.

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        The Defensive Coordinator started this game out well. He stopped the opponent, and he even took the ball away from them and handed it to the offense – ready to score.
        In the meantime, the offense did not match a single point against Florida, as Florida scored 31 points. Our Offense sent our Defense back out there again and again to bail their sorry butts out. Our Offense DID NOT SCORE.
        31 unanswered points.
        Why does someone think that means that it is the defense’s fault when we all saw our offense fail to do anything and we all saw our special teams too, turn to Jeremy Pruitt to bail their sorry butts out too.
        Pardon me.
        We sucked.
        Now, what was it the guy said that you are replying to ? That all we have is an issue on defense ?
        What game was he watching ?
        For 7 years now, we average 4 losses a season.
        For a Top 10 All-Time Football Program, folks, that SUCKS.
        Which is what you saw – us sucking, AGAIN !
        14 years into this regime, we are not very good at any aspect of the program, and the reason we won 6 games is because none of the 6 are worth a hoot.
        We cannot beat the top teams, and we lose to the bottom-feeders.
        Was there an excuse for this so I can enjoy my football program today ?
        I’d love to hear it.
        I am waiting with baited breath for 1 excuse. I have not heard one yet, gentlemen.

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    Great article. I’d love to see you continue to ask questions about whether or not it’s fair to judge Richt when he’s not operating with a loaded gun. Because a new HC will have to deal with the same thing. We have a governance problem, see Harvey-Clemsons and Tray Matthews as the latest a examples. We also have a major facilities problem, coaches pay problem and recruiting problem. Frank Crumley, the man who was in charge of the money, gives his girlfriend raises and gives BMac, the best recruiter in the nation, a $15K raise? When Auburn has a major recruiting weekend, they have 15 new escalades lined up outside the football facility, but our coaches are questioned and have to justify renting 1 Yukon from Heyward Allen. Every other “winning championships” program has a jet to be as effective as possible in recruiting, we don’t. Our head coach is having to spend time trying to justify why we need an indoor and that it should be located where all the other football facilities are. Then he’s told he’ll have to raise dollar for dollar to build it. You think they deal with that at Bama, Aub, LSU? So why is this? Because we have a virtually non-existent athletic board full of professors? Is it designed that way? Who is watching McGarity and how he spends $ and sets policy? Moorhead? He doesn’t know the first thing about athletics and has never been anywhere else to compare. Who is asking why we do what we do? Or don’t do? Who has a sharp skeptical eye asking tough questions about policies and comparing them to other schools? Is there any accountability? The fish stinks from the head down.

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      Whose fault is it that Mark Richt is not operating with a loaded gun 14 years’ into his regime – 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off in 2014 alone – when we ALL gave Mark Richt great CREDIT for signing the 119 scholarship recruits who with a redshirt would’ve played against Florida Saturday. Instead, we have 75 only remaining of the 119 YOU gave Mark Richt such credit for signing here who could’ve with a redshirt year been playing against Florida. Note, if you will, that NOT ONE, went early in the NFL Draft last year.
      “The fish stinks from the head down”
      You got that right. And, Mark Richt is the ONLY one responsible for that which YOU give him such high credit for signing here as recruits.
      The fish, indeed, sir, STINKS to high heaven !

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      Now that makes sense, stop the money and things will change. The Disney Dawgs that are okay with winning 9 games a year are the problem.

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        That is my copyrighted phrase, dieharddawg, sir ! Please when addressing them, discuss the 4 LOSSES a season average for 7 seasons’ now and COUNTING !
        Comparing what Mark Richt WINS in this year a 15-game season, means NOTHING compared to when I was at UGA as a student when we PLAYED 11-game seasons.
        Then, a 10-win season meant something.
        Not that Mark Richt averages a 10-win season.
        Because he does NOT.
        More importantly, he AVERAGES 4 losses a year for 7 years now.
        This one included.
        Next one ?
        Well, one guy above just said wait until not next year, or even the year after next year, but the year after that.
        I’ll be dead then.

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      Well said!!!

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Thomas Brown

Hogwash B.S. See you back here after Auburn game, and if Missouri ever gets ranked, and we play the # 1 team in The SEC Championship Game, I shall see you back here then, again, too. This team is so bad and has been for 7 solid entire years’ now – after 2007 – that we’re 1-10 vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls on the road and 7-29 vs teams who made AP or Coaches’ Polls in total.Year 14. We’re playing beyond our abilities 2014 ? That is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT. What does that mean Jason Knight ? That we’re supposed to be WORSE than beating a # 21 Clemson team at our house who has beat no one all season long and had to have a miracle 4th quarter to barely beat a zero win ACC team Weak Forest last night. We have not played ANY other ranked team.We do, however, have 2 horrendous losses. I was to a team who had lost 10 of their latest 13 football games, including 1-AA team, and beat no team who even went to a bowl game.Are we SUPPOSED to be worse than that as # 10 All-Time in Wins as a program ? The other loss was to a team who has lost 4 in a row now, and had ANOTHER LOSS a blow-out loss in game 1 in ADDITION to all this.These are the teams we’re SUPPOSED to lose to, Jason ?We’re “PLAYING BEYOND OURSELVES AND NEED TO BE GIVEN CREDIT FOR THAT” ???????????????????I am sorry to disagree fundamentally with you Jason, when everyone else responding on this blog I totally agree with.We’re not in the top 25 in won/lost record now these current 5 years and # 23 won/lost record these current 7 years, as blog author, Cory Brinson, points out to you Jason.Cory Brinson also points out that Hutson Mason is mediocre. 14 years into this Mark Richt Era and he is our best quarterback on our roster ? 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off in 2014 alone. These 2 really bad losses FL & USCe to hapless football teams Florida and South Carolina and no win to point to at all other than Clemson who has played 2 games and lost both – therefore highly questionable quality win. When none of our other wins are any good at all, and again we have 2 horrid losses.That’s this year.7 years, it has gone on unabated.Whatever Mark Richt did, as Cory Brinson points out in this well-written blog, his 1st 7 years here, he has most certainly NOT done since.14 years.1st 7 were top-notch. 17-19 vs teams making the top 25.7-28 since. These most recent 7 years – the 2nd half of CMR era.I count losses to non Top 25 teams these seasons, as a loss.If you try to ignore the 10 losses Mark Richt has put up now to teams who did not make the AP or Coaches’ Polls even with their win over him, I will add them back in to our record against Top 25 teams because if you play a 1-AA FCS team and beat them, that does not count, but if you lose to them, it does.You had SEVERAL of our football players who ALL said we took Florida too lightly.Mark Richt told them ALL to shut-up.Excuse me, they scored 31 unanswered points against us, while our blog authors talked to us about a national championship this season 2014. Now, of course, we never were supposed to be ANY bloody good 2014 ?Really ?Top 10 all-time program in major college wins, 14 seasons’ into this 7 good and 7 bad years of Mark Richt Era, and we were NOT supposed to be ANY BLOODY GOOD 2014 ?Yes, we were supposed to be good 2014, Jason, sir.We have averaged the # 9 recruiting ranking all 14 years, and only Southern California has averaged better.We have 74 NFL Draft Picks, and again, only Southern California has more in the Mark Richt era here.Yet, we are # 23 in Won/Loss Record the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt Era, Jason.Please spend less time dreaming up some flimsy excuses for why we’re not supposed to be good 2014.We recruited 2 of the very best quarterbacks in the entire nation the last 2 classes.We do not play them.We play Hutson Mason all game, every game, instead. He who does not go through his progressions downfield and whom Mark Richt tells after every game, let it rip. We had guys open and did not take a shot at them, Mark Richt says after the games this season, too.How against our # 1 Rival Mark Richt is 5-9 against now, can our QB allow them to score 31 unanswered points ?We’re in over our heads. We recruit very well.We do NOT lack for talent.In fact, we were supposed to be good 2014 because of the talent and because we have a favorable schedule.Yet, we do not coach our players.I watch every other college football coach get out there and COACH.Mark Richt began coaching when Hutson Mason fumbled the football on 1st and goal at the 6:45 mark in the bloody game. I thought he was going into the huddle to tell Hutson Mason to please THROW the ball into the end zone. Instead, it was just to call a time-out – something Mark Richt is particularly poor at calling time-outs too.This team was # 6 in the nation 2014, and we were NOT supposed to be this bad, INSTEAD.Not.We’re playing the wrong quarterback, again – just as when CMR told us Joe Cox was better QB than Zach Mettenberger and just as when CMR told us Joe Tereshinski III was better QB than Matthew Stafford. We lost games like this both those years TOO for the same reason he is losing these games this year as well. And, for the same reason.Cory called for Brice Ramsey.I called for him PRIOR to the season.Our QB has lost to 3 unranked teams : South Carolina, Nebraska and now Florida.Jacob Park tells us he was redshirted by Mark Richt this season.Not next year, but the one after that we get a true freshman coming in at QB.Building a top program ?Anything but.We have taken what he did do his 1st 7 years here, and projected that into his 2nd 7 years and Cory recognizes the difference.You do not.

7 years 60 wins, 7 years 28 losses : 60-28 The entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.

28 losses in 7 years’ time now today, is average 4 losses a season.



See now why I said all pre-season, this team would lose 4 games and 5 if we played Alabama in The SEC Championship Game ?


This has gone on 7 years.


Mark Richt has been here now 14 years.


1st 7 were heaven


Last 7 are HELL warmed-over.


Imagine being ranked # 6 nationally as we were this season by all the polls, and losing to team who lost its 1st game, beat us and lost 4 in row since ?


Imagine being ranked # 6 nationally as we were this season by all the polls, and losing to a team who lost 10 of the 13 football games before kick-off ?


Imagine that more than 25 other teams have a BETTER won/loss record than we do after 2007 ?


2nd half Mark Richt era 60-28, piss poor.


I have already shown you his record against ranked teams after 2007.

BRICE RAMSEY ANNOUNCED AS STARTING QB vs Kentucky to get Mark Richt out of his FUNK 2nd Half Mark Richt Era (after 2007)


Mark Bradley for the AJ-C has a way with words, if you have not noticed since March 5, 1984.

Over 30 years’ of me reading his every word.



“Slow and hesitant, especially through lack of confidence.” Top of the page.


Mark Bradley says Hutson Mason is a halting quarterback.


31 unanswered points by your # 1 Rival would leave your QB halting.




“And when something like this happens — and it happens more than occasionally to Georgia — we have to ask: Is this a reflection on Mark Richt?  The answer: Yes. He’s the coach. It’s his program, his players. For all the good Richt has done since coming to Athens, his teams have lost enough of these inexplicable games to keep them from playing for a national title”


“…with a halting quarterback in Hutson Mason, to win it all, but the road was paved for them to give it a go. Instead they lost to one of the worst Florida teams of the past 35 years, and they didn’t just lose — they were routed. Holy mackerel.”



LOST 35-38 at South Carolina 2014

LOST 38-43 at Auburn 2013

LOST 27-31 at Vanderbilt 2013

LOST 35-38 at Clemson 2013

LOST 7- 35 at South Carolina 2013

LOST 31-49 at Auburn 2010

LOST 12-24 at Mississippi State 2010

LOST 6-17 at South Carolina 2010

*WON 30-24 at Georgie tek 2009* would’ve VACATED win if they beat us too

LOST 10-24 at Okie State 2009

LOST 14-35 at Tennessee vols 2007

Of the most recent current latest games as Visitor at the field of our Opponent who was a ranked team for these seasons now, he’s 1-10 with the 1 a game which would’ve been vacated anyway had they too beat him and that is the only game of the 11 where he ran the ball.




2013…11 ….9 …..8……9….….8…..4………7………0………0
















Recruiting Rankings :



















The talent has not dropped off, has it ?

I believe I speak for all Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program fans when I say that we, like Mr. Todd Gurley II, demand more than these results with this talent for $ 3.5 million dollars annually.

Are you really satisfied right now, or want to send the message that we like Mr. Todd Gurley II, demand more ?


We must FIRE Mark Richt as there is NO CHOICE on this clear trend after 2007.


We must NOT ban comments providing THIS PROOF that Mark Richt must be FIRED for this downward spiraling after 2007, but instead say excuse me Thomas Brown is correct.


Maybe at first you thought it was cute to say do not allow Thomas Brown to talk.


Now, however, you KNOW that I was right all along.


Wasn’t I ?


How did this work out for you that you TRIED to ban my facts of why Mark Richt must be fired ?


Did you shut me up ?


Or 10 thousand readers show-up HERE in a day.


You failed.


Mark Richt is just wrong that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia, according to Todd Gurley II.


10 LOSSES to teams not ranked in any poll even with their win over us :


10 Losses none made Top 25 AP or Coaches’ even with win over us :


LOST to 4-3 UnRanked Florida 11-01-2014  who lost 10 of their prior 13 games 20-38


LOST to 4-4 UnRanked South Carolina 09-13-2014 who is 4-4 zero votes in polls 35-38


LOST to 6-6 UnRanked South Carolina 09-08-2007 at Sanford L 12-16


LOST to 5-7 UnRanked Colorado 10-02-2010 Big XII 2-6 at Colorado L 27-29


LOST to 7-6 UnRanked Kentucky 11-21-2009 at Sanford L 27-34


LOST to 8-5 UnRanked Florida 10-30-2010 at JAX L 31-34


LOST to 7-5 UnRanked Auburn 11-10-2001 at Sanford L 17-24


LOST to 8-5 UnRanked Kentucky 11-04-2006 at Kentucky L 20-24


LOST to 7-6 UnRanked vols 10-10-2009 at Tennessee L 19-45


LOST to 4-8 UnRanked Vandie 10-14-2006 at Sanford L 22-24 SEC Vandie 1-7


If you do not know how to click these URL Links, you need to.  They are free.  They have every AP Poll ranked at game time and ranked for the season the season the game was actually played.  They have every Coaches’ Poll at game time and ranked for the season the game was actually played.


They show that Mark Richt INDEED folks, has DROPPED WAY-OFF the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era.


I coined that phrase.


That is MY phrase.

2nd Half Mark Richt Era.

I have and can again show you how well he did when he 1st got here.  You go read these blogs in August for yourself where I show then the difference between Mark Richt 2001-2007 and how frankly HORRIBLE by stark contrast it has been since.

The talent is here.

We just do not coach the talent.

The kids do whatever the hell the kids want to do.

There is no coaching.

There are no game plans.

There is no strategy.

They do not think through what opponents might do and how to game plan against that.

And, we are steadfast in our ways.

We do whatever the hell we thought in August might work.

We do that ad nauseam.

Ad infinitum.

We do it until it makes me and you puke.  We do it until the cows come home.

I studied Latin.

I also took all the law courses at The University of Georgia.

I had a 3.88 GPA at UGA and graduated with 239 hours.

I share with you what our issue is.

I have shared it for some time now.

It has gone on unabated after 2007 here.

There is NO END to it.


We dropped from what was # 6 all the way to # 17 now.  Neither of the teams who beat us have even one stinking vote in the Coaches’ Poll today :

Mississippi State has 1520 votes in this coaches’ poll :

South Carolina has 0

Florida has 0

No votes, to 1,520 for Mississippi State, for BOTH of the opponents who have beat us 2014

So far.

We have MORE.

I guaranteed you MORE.

You have received that which I promised you, for the reasons I specifically delineated to you.

As it turns out, our schedule is EASY as pie.

There still might be 2 SEC teams in the Play-Offs.

Both ONLY come from The SEC West.

Missouri is not in the Top 25, and they tell me Missouri is now in the driver’s seat.

Good God !

We’re WORSE than that Missouri team ?

That is what The SEC has decreed now after this LATEST blunder in a long line of 10 such games where Mark Richt had STINKER football games against teams who EVEN WITH THEIR WIN over Mark Richt that season, still could not crack the Top 25 of either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll.

It’s sickening.

Not quite as sickening who once told me I needed to be CENSORED and NOT READ.

Really ?

Why over 10,000 readers read me anyway ?

Because I am friqin’ stupid and you are smart ?

Really ?

How do you LOOK NOW, son ?

I told you this stuff.

And, you knew it.

I gave you the URL Links to the facts.

I give it to you, again.

We are NOT a Top 25 team after 2007.

We aren’t.

We lose to unranked opponents and we lose on the road to teams who are ranked, and we recruit the # 9 average recruiting class – all through all this.

I am NOT hurting our recruiting

…and, it is INSULTING to our recruits that you would say I am.


You know THIS.

We all know this.


Mark Richt Apologists.

You are NOT Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program Fans : You ARE Mark Richt Apologists.

Lose to South Carolina.

Lose to Florida.

Everyone else is beating BOTH.

Florida had lost 10 of the 13 games before kick-off.

South Carolina has not won a game since we played them.

EVERYONE beats both teams.

We’re # 17 ?

For what ?

For beating Clemson who has played 2 games all season, and lost both.

We have not even played that.

We have not played 2 games this season.


I contend that Clemson is not a real opponent.

Tonight the 2nd College Football Play-Offs Selection Committee Poll comes out.

You do NOT want to know where we will be ranked.

Or, Clemson.

Or, South Carolina.

Or, Florida.

Why don’t you tell me about winning The SEC East title ?

Todd Gurley II says is “sick and tired of losing bowl games, losing SEC Championship Games, and being mediocre.”

I gave you that URL Link 6 times on this blog, where his statements are plain.

Mediocre Todd Gurley II calls Mark Richt in this the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era.

17-19 vs Top 25 Teams Mark Richt era 1st Half his Career here 2001-2007*

7-28 vs Top 25 Teams Mark Richt era 2nd Half his Career here 2008-present*

Top Teams defined as made AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll Top 25 that season.

*Includes Losses to not Top 25 Teams these seasons – Not Top 25 AP or Coaches’.


If you play a team in week # 2 and they are ranked # 6 and end up not ranked, what was that team that season ?  # 6 when no one ranked them ?  No, folks.  You played a team you were supposed to beat because they were NOT  a Top 25 team that season.


We’re TOP 10 All-Time in Major College Football Wins.


We have not played like we are after 2007.


The 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era.


1st Half Mark Richt Era was 2001-2007, what he did then means nothing now, does it ?

2nd Half Mark Richt Era is now, after 2007 through present and we SUCK, don’t we ?



Date Losses vs Final Polls+ Losses not Top 25
2001-2002 4
2002-2003 1
2003-2004 3
2004-2005 2
2005-2006 3
2006-2007 4
2007-2008 2
2008-2009 3
2009-2010 5
2010-2011 7
2011-2012 4
2012-2013 2
2013-2014 5
2014-2015 2
        Total Losses 47
Also Lost 10 games vs teams not Top 25
24-37 vs teams Top 25 AP or Coaches’
24-47 vs Top 25 + Losses to not Top 25


Losers of 10 of their latest 13 football games including blow-out loss at Swamp 13-42 to Missouri last game, embarrass Bulldogs in JAX

Number 9 UGA upset as Home Team in JAX 13-38 with less than 5 seconds on the clock, scores a meaningless TD to lose 20-38.  It was not that close.

Halftime Mark Richt was content to run out the clock, losing, to his # 1 Rival.

5-9 vs Florida now in his career, Mark Richt became frantic when the game was 13-38.

Not until.

Seriously, Florida had lost 10 of their most-recent 13 football games, including Missouri in their last game by 13-42 at Home for Florida at the Swamp, no less.

# 9 Georgia ( # 11 in the 1st CFP Poll ) scored the 1st TD as Nick Chubb amassed over a hundred yards in just the 1st Quarter.  From there, it was all downhill.

Georgia could do nothing right.

There were no Adjustments.  Just this cushy damn job.

Mark Richt in this his 2nd half of his career here, has absolutely sucked.

Florida not only is an unranked opponent, but were playing to be able to GO to a Bowl Game, something this team did not accomplish last season.

Hutson Mason, started out slowly with a PUNT on our Opening Drive of the game, and then scored a TD to make it 7-0, and then went sour.  He couldn’t even try to do anything, like a lump on a log.

A wet noodle.

A limp, wet, noodle.

He threw the ball 4 yards.  He fumbled the ball; he was sacked 3 times; he threw another intentional grounding; he is credited with a TD Pass in the game, but it was nearly intercepted and fortuitously landed in the end zone, in the hands of Nick Chubb – off a deflection thrown 5 yards too short for Nick Chubb.

His passes were behind his receivers.  They were over the heads of his receivers.

Hutson Mason was the only Bulldog on the team who had previously lost to Florida.

The Defense caught him an early turnover, and he muffed it, and then relied upon his special teams.

Did I mention we have issues on Special Teams this season and last season and the season before and the one before that, and the one before that ?

Our Special Teams sucked.


No Special Teams’ Coach.

We were very poorly coached.

Our Offense gave the ball back to Florida time and time again, unable to score.

How else does the score get to be 13-38 ?

It should have been worse.

The only reason it was not was that Florida was content to let UGA run the clock out of BOTH the 1st half and the end of the game, with Hutson Mason’s put the coach who chose him to sleep on the sidelines 4-yard dink-downs underneath.

We were unprepared.

Our coach, asleep on the damn sidelines until they have scored 31 unanswered points, demotivated the players to play hard.  So, they did not.  And, the offense was told just keep doing what you are doing; it will work.  No.  Make it clear it is NOT WORKING, coach.

We played the WRONG Quarterback.

We took the week off and went swimming.

Our fanbase wrote BLOGS yesterday, detailing how we could win the national championship this year.

This is our # 1 Rival, folks.

Get a damn freaking grip.

The Florida fans were not even there.  Empty seats covered a third of the Florida stands.

No support for their team.

All I heard were boos when Florida took the field.

Damian Swann blew up the play right after Nick Chubb’s 1st TD, and handed the ball back to Hutson Mason.  Swann blitzed from the right side, got into the backfield and # 24 for Florida saw him coming and took his eyes toward the blitzing Swann. The ball fell to the ground as Swann rushed-in.  Matt Jones would go on to 200 yards rushing and his teammate another 200 yards rushing # 21 Kelvin Taylor – Fred Taylor’s son.  Perhaps you remember Fred – one of the toughest runners I ever saw.

# 96 in Total Yards Offensively, Florida’s offense was FAR SUPERIOR to our own.

Treon Harris threw 6 passes and completed 3.  He ran rings around under-study Hutson Mason, in Mark Richt’s Little Experiment this season.

We have played no one.

Other teams this season too will whip us like a red-headed step child, if this lousy Florida team did.

SEC Championship Game ?

Todd Gurley II says he is sick and tired of being mediocre and going to The SEC Championship Game and losing.

We have no business going to that game.

Missouri might put us out of our misery.

Here are the drives by Georgia to begin the game against only our # 1 Rival, Florida :












This is what we did from the start of this game against our # 1 Rival.

The Defense was WORN-OUT trying to bail out bumbling Hutson Mason.

Punt returns included, by the way, one for half the field, followed by a TD score by Florida.

They lined-up for a field goal, and just up and ran the ball into the end zone.

What will YOUR EXCUSES be for this embarrassing loss to this unranked loser football team ?

Cushy job we got here.  His replacement will love it.

God Almighty  !

Just, Damn !

Hutson Mason is freaking awesome ?

Bullshit Mark Richt.

Bullshit, sir.

What the friq was that running out the clock in the 1st half, losing, to your # 1 Rival, you are by the way 5-9 against ?

Hutson Mason was a no show.

Did anyone else get a snap ?


Hutson Mason has lost to unranked Nebraska.

Hutson Mason has lost to unranked Florida.

Hutson Mason has lost to unranked South Carolina.

Hells, Bells – if he played the # 1 team in the nation, they would roll on the floor laughing at the weak-armed QB afraid to try to go through his progressions to throw the damn ball down the field.

It was 7-24 at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

It got WORSE from there, if that possible against this lousy horrible mediocre Florida – not unlike Florida 2002 who held our Offensive Coaching “Brain” Trust to 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions, or THAT team could’ve WON the national championship.  That was Ron Zook, and they FIRED HIM, but not until he beat Mark Richt again.


7 to freaking 31 because Hutson Mason allowed our Offense to see 31 UNANSWERED POINTS against him.

Scored first and by then 31 unanswered points, Hutson Mason relying upon sending the damn tired defense back out there to bail his sorry ass out.

Wait until next year, when we have a real Quarterback ?

How is the Women’s Basketball Team this season ?

I believe football is a whole end unto itself.  Georgia Bulldogs’ football certainly is – or, was before the 2nd half of the Mark Richt Era where Mark Richt cannot beat his way out of a damn wet paper bag.

At the 9 minute mark left, NOW, Mark Richt gets serious about the game.  He was ASLEEP for over 3 Quarters of the game.

At 9:09, Hutson Mason throws a dump down 4 yard pass.


At the 8:45 mark, our best effort at coaching our very ultra-talented team was to run the ball with Nick Chubb.

Can you believe that ?

Hutson Mason, even then, does not want to throw the ball out of bounds; and takes his 3rd sack.

At the 6:42 mark, NOW, Mark Richt is desperate.

I was before the game with all the talking about NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 the way we played the 2nd half of our last game.

7-31, another wayward pass which should have been intercepted.

Overthrow downfield.

SATISFIED with Mark Richt, I am told I am NOT ALLOWED to say these words.

Kiss My Grits !

Every single reader of this blog the tens of thousands who read this blog, say that The Bulldogs were quite unsatisfactory.

I point that out to you posters who feel Mark Richt is Our Savior.  He isn’t.  He recruits very well.  What he fails to do is to establish he is in charge and the team must do as he says for them to do.  He fails at making the players play BETTER than they can on their own, without him.  That is called coaching.  Here, by stark contrast, after 2007 (the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era), we get LESS from MORE talent.  It is supposed to be get MORE with LESS talent – that is the only definition of COACHING.


All we do here is to recruit, and then bench the players or kick them off the team because our coach does not know the word : DISCIPLINE.

Most coaches are directly known for their discipline.

Here, he tries to tell us PUNISHMENT is discipline.

But, it is not.

PUNISHMENT is that which is doled-out AFTER you fail to establish DISCIPLINE.

Discipline has only 1 definition and it mentions not a word about PUNISHMENT.

“TRAINING to OBEY the rules.” 

We do not train the players to obey the rules on or off the field.

That’s why we have 16 Arrested/Suspended Football Scholarship Recruits 2014 ALREADY.  That is 16 who could have played against Florida and did NOT.

Anything from our Quarterback, and we win South Carolina.   Bolstered by that, Mark Richt only played Hutson Mason in this game.


Football is a whole endeavor in and unto itself.

Not something you do for damn grins.

2nd and goal at 5:35 mark, Hutson Mason throws a 4-yard pass.

3rd and Goal, Hutson Mason FUMBLES THE DAMN SNAP.

Mark Richt runs on to the field frantic as hell now.

Where was that fire when it really mattered ?

I thought you were going to go into the huddle with Hutson Mason and try telling him to let it rip, again, as you have said since Kentucky game last season, Mark Richt, sir.

The players were into the game, but it was the coaching that sucked.

Unprepared, poorly coached, horrible game plan, no adjustments, flaccid Special Teams, emasculated football program.

Not a Vintage Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team, and has not been after 2007.

GATA – one of my very most favorite blogs talks about national championships today : Dr. SEC is a contributor to

Florida is a horrible football team.

2002, we did not play for the national championship but 5-Loss # 23 FSU instead.  We did so because we were 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions, when even one of 13 would have won the game against the hapless crocodiles of Ron Zook no less who did not even make the Final AP Poll Top 25 even WITH their win over Mark Richt.  For example, Terrence Edwards was wide open with nothing but turf between him and the end zone when David Greene overthrew him.

As for national championship 2014, we have not beat anyone.  No one.  We beat Clemson who is # 21 now, but they played 2 teams all season and lost both, which is why we’re # 11 in the 1st College Football Play-Off Poll by the committee.  This CFP Poll came out after Mark Richt had a 38-6 halftime lead in our last game.  He and Mike Bobo called the 2nd half like jerks and put loads of pressure on our Defense you’re bragging about.  This Defense has no secondary, and while our men run around back there chasing Quarterbacks, there are damn few sacks of opposing Quarterbacks to show for it, Leonard Floyd included.

There is no one remaining or prior to today on Clemson’s schedule, other than their 2 losses.  What their record reads and what our record reads is BAD LOSS by us to a sorry South Carolina team who not only does not even have a winning record, but 4 losses already.  But they beat us.

Hutson Mason getting his confidence back ?  We have NO PASSING GAME whatsoever.  Every team on our schedule loads the box against us because his deepest passes are only floating 4-yard varieties.  This does not open up the running game, as you have seen, but actually FORCES every opponent to load the box for the run and short passes.  You Open-Up your Running Game by throwing the pass DOWNFIELD, spreading the Defense out.  We have not done this since Aaron Murray went down late last year.

We did have, and still do have 2 Quarterbacks who NEVER IN EITHER OF THEIR LIFETIMES WILL BE CONSIDERED INFERIOR AS A QB COMPARED TO HUTSON MASON : Jacob Park, who tells us Mark Richt redshirted him this season and Brice Ramsey, who NEVER GETS ANY SNAPS.

Had we played Brice Ramsey against South Carolina, as I called for on my blog prior to the game, South Carolina’s pitiful pass defense would have been exposed as it was EVERY OTHER GAME ALL SEASON : Thus, 4-4 and going nowhere.

Instead, Hutson Mason, was a deer in headlights.  Handed the ball on 1 of the many turnovers the Defense has created, just when all the South Carolina fans knew the game was over 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line, he did not check out of the play at the line, but ran the play where his lack of speed was put to test, and unable to throw the ball through the end zone, since it was more than 4-yards, he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, while the officials picked up the debris from the fans in the end zone, sure they had LOST THE GAME.

Florida has a Defense, unlike South Carolina.  Florida does not have an Offense and Kurt Roper has done nothing to transform the recruits on Offense from nothingness to even slightly better than nothingness.

Florida running game ?

There is no Florida running game.

What they might be able to do is to maybe pass on our Secondary.  Everyone else certainly has.

We’re # 11 because we have not played anyone.

We better GATA and pass the ball downfield to open up the running game.

You talk about Auburn, but that game is the only team we play all season before we either play them again, or play whoever is the # 1 Team in The SEC West in The SEC Championship Game Todd Gurley II said he is sick and tired of going to and losing.

Wishing and hoping we have a passing game should be expressed as something we need to improve upon, not brag as if achieved, sir.  And beating someone, and quit losing to hapless unranked football teams, is the only road to this national championship you talk about for us prior to today’s game.  I assure you the Selection Committee weighed heavily our WEAK OPPONENTS including today’s game and all season including the last game we played while they were voting on it.


Against us, a team who passes the football and who stops the run, is the game plan I believe you should be talking about Dr. SEC, but from the perspective of what we need to GATA and do to prepare ourselves for good teams, if and when we ever do play one this season.

So far, we have not and are NOT PREPARED to.

Even the worst team in The SEC West gave us all we could handle, even handed a 38-6 halftime lead where we scored 38 unanswered points.  It’s the ONLY win by the SEC East against The SEC West all season.

The fact that the SEC East is the SEC Least, is of no consolation to our own holes on Offense and Defense : Passing.

1 would think that ranking us # 11 after that 2nd half “performance” in our latest game, just prior to the 1st College Football Play-Off Poll EVER, would be enough to sober-up our coaches and certainly our fans and spur us to GATA passing downfield to open-up the running game and start defending the pass for the 1st time all season to highlight both of our most glaring weaknesses.

Will Muschamp is not keeping his job, no matter what.

He has taken the highly touted Offensive recruits and had zero offense for 4 years.  Even Kurt Roper can do nothing.

This game is a 2 TD Las Vegas pick, and I hardly think it boils down to whether we put in a back-up TB to Nick Chubb who might fumble the ball, or not.

This is a blow-out win.

Instead of worrying about us being ranked # 11 in 1st ever CFP Poll, and bragging on our confident QB and dreaming about national championships which were not and which will not, we need to GATA and do something about our Passing Game, not that the South Carolina Game has not already exposed our Secondary and our total abject inability to pass the ball downfield against that horrid South Carolina secondary – even worse than our own.

We really only have 1 TB because of the fumbles by his back-up.  Brendan Douglas has not had enough carries to fumble like he did last season.  Leonard Floyd has only 2 sacks all season and Jordan Jenkins has only 3 and a half.

Brendan Douglas only has 122 yards all season, while really smart Nick Chubb already has more carries than Todd Gurley II.  Isiah McKenzie only has 5 rushes all season, amazingly.

Florida is 3-3.

We are # 112 in Passing Offense.

As bad as Florida is on Offense, they are significantly better passing than we are at # 93.

The Florida running game you talk about is # 59 in the nation – hardly what I would game plan on against us, but passing.

Florida should exploit the pass on both sides of the ball.  They should be looking for the pass underneath to jump the route, because Hutson Mason only looks for those and get into those lanes.  I fully suspect they will.

Florida should not be trying to run at # 59 nationally rushing, but pass, because (1) we have no secondary and (2) because we do not sack our opponents, all of whom have been WEAK and (3) because we do stop the run but not the pass.

There is no answer for our secondary this season, as that will require more talent – another year of recruiting.  This is a hole which was exposed all off-season with NOTHING but BAD PRESS all about our Secondary – now, elsewhere.

There certainly is an answer to our passing game, and it’s not throw more 4-yard floating passes.  Those get intercepted downfield, and underneath does nothing but bunch-up the Defense even MORE.

The Opposite of opening-up our running game.

As it turns out, our schedule works against us.


We certainly are facing a team today with a far better secondary than we.

We have failed to beat anyone because we have not played anyone.

What our record, or Clemson’s record is, only pinpoints why both are on the outside looking in.

In our case, obviously, the HORRID LOSS to horrid South Carolina only makes who we have not played, all the more obvious.

I’d also like to discuss CENSORSHIP because this is JUST WHEN we do not need to be talking about national championships, but focusing on our holes and how to do something, not brag on us after the 2nd half of our last game.

The latest half we have played against the worst team in The SEC West, we LOST 7-26.  It was excruciating timed just before the 1st Poll, and just when we had a 38-6 lead.

Can we please have some voice of reason to have us all not brag about our men, but actually spur them on to GATA ?

The difference between our halftime talk and adjustments in the most recent game and Arky, was that they played the 2nd half, and we did NOT.

A week off, did not alter that fact so that we can now forget whom it is we have played, and brag about us just when we need to GATA.

Damn it all : Quit talking about national championships and get our men to GATA.  This is our # 1 Rival, Florida.





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