Who do you dislike MOST after Florida ? It’s Auburn Week – The South’s Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football History, in fact in The East. Auburn’s rep is just ALL BAD. Lorenzo Carter, baby, remember recruiting him ? Nick Marshall after BLOWING game vs TAMU last night – yeah !


The South’s Oldest Rivalry.   Virginia and North Carolina have neither ever been any good, whatsoever.  Virginia North Carolina, also started 1892, same as Georgia Auburn.  Virginia is # 52 all-time in most college football wins and North Carolina is # 41.

Georgie tek is # 24, Auburn # 19 and The University of Georgia # 10 All-Time in Major College Football Wins.

Deep South, I take exception to.  In the 1st place, you are either a Southerner, or you’re not.  Take Florida, for example ?  The farther you travel South, the farther North, you’ve actually gone.

Never in my lifetime, have I considered folks in Miami, Southerners.  They aren’t.

Brice Ramsey, again, looked great.  Hutson Mason, on-again – off-again, is hardly going to be able to beat Auburn by himself, especially if he brings his game he has played all season except 2 games : Missouri and Kentucky.

Why did Hutson Mason choose to play well against only Missouri and Kentucky – and, to play all the rest of the games all season long, like shit ?

Full Strength, Georgia welcomes Auburn to Sanford Saturday Prime Time.  Auburn should be ranked about # 11 and Georgia about # 15.  The rankings will not matter.  Auburn’s significant players and coaches have come from Georgia.  Georgia’s players and coaches, remember them well.  Georgia does not get noticeable recruits from Alabama.  Alabama would be The South.  Georgia would be The South.

This is The South’s Oldest Rivalry in Major College Football History.

Auburn has a 1-game lead.

Wisconsin is # 45 and Minnesota # 42 all-time in college football wins.  They started playing in 1890, 2 years’ prior to both Georgia-Auburn and Virginia-North Carolina.

Wisconsin-Minnesota never has been a game anyone gave a shit about, same as Virginia-North Carolina, therefore.

Auburn, we care about.

We care about the bullshit Auburn has pulled through the years, and still is not as good as The University of Georgia.  Make no mistake about the 2 universities either, for The University of Georgia is a far better university according to every single ranking every single year.

Auburn is a crappy university, and their reputation in football is that of cheaters – always has been.

Is there any question about either of those 2 statements ?

Let me know, because by God I know.

Auburn was beat by Texas A & M last night, prime time.  Nick Marshall forgot how to take the snap and hand it off 2 of his last 3 plays, or they win.  Instead, Texas A & M, whom Bulldogs’ fans widely consider a poor team 2014, beat South Carolina and would’ve beat Florida had they met.  Texas A & M has lost to # 1 Mississippi State, # 4 Alabama who will move up, and # 12 Ole Miss who will move up.  Georgia would lose to all 3 of those teams too.

Texas A & M will be the 6th SEC ranked team today, for the Victory over Auburn – yeah !

We will not Lose to Auburn, as expected, and I predict Auburn loses 5 games this season.  I don’t like Auburn and before Florida became good with Spurrier in the 1990 decade I always considered Auburn my # 1 Rival.


Not Georgie tek yellowjackets who have not been any good at all after 1955.


Texas A & M  100 percent should be ranked ahead of Auburn and Georgia because Texas A & M has not lost to 2 lousy teams : South Carolina and Florida like we have yet we will beat Auburn easily.

Florida beat Vandie and faces-off against South Carolina while we play Auburn, Saturday.

The winner of that game between South Carolina and Florida, both of whom BEAT US, might go to the toilet bowl.  Then, again, the winner of that game same time as our Auburn game, might not go to ANY bowl at all.

Which Bowl Game shall we go to, then, pray tell ?

Todd Gurley II might get his wish.  He said he is tired of being mediocre, while going to The SEC Championship Game and losing, and going to the bowl game and losing.  We might go to the throw-up in the bidet toilet bowl then I guess.  It all boils down to Saturday !

South Carolina has lost 4 games in a row after losing their 1st game of the season too, and Florida had lost 10 of their previous 13 games before last Saturday.  Talk about 2 crappy-ass football teams.

God Almighty !

We LOST to BOTH of them.

Such bullshit, Mark Richt.


Saturday is going to be cold, high 54 low 36 and sunny at Sanford.

Both teams run the football, but when it comes to passing, Auburn is better than we are because well our coaches consider Cam Newton and Nick Marshall both anything but Quarterbacks, and consider Hutson Mason better than Brice Ramsey at Quarterback.  That will be the damn day, on all 3 fronts.

It has been a tough row to hoe for Georgia this season, and this is the only team we play all season long.  And, they are not Top 10 material – not that we are, by God, either.  Hopefully, Allbarn finds it a tough row to hoe at Our House for a change.

We’ve played a string of nobodies who none of them have beat anyone.  But, 2 of those nobodies, beat us.  Amazingly crappy 2014, once again, for Mark Richt.

I’ve said all season long that Brice Ramsey is a better QB than Hutson Mason, and that Lorenzo Carter is better than Leonard Floyd.  I read these bullshit blogs you only are allowed to read which say that Leonard Floyd will be a top NFL Draft Pick after this season.  No.  No, he will not.  I have said all season long that Leonard Floyd CHASES the quarterbacks around the field, and NEVER sacks them.

Lorenzo Carter 6′ 6″ and 237 lobs, nice-looking likable man, is so much better than Leonard Floyd, and will be FAR BETTER in the NFL than Leonard Floyd, who like Hutson Mason – is inconsistent as friqin’ Hell.

I have picked on Leonard Floyd and on Hutson Mason all season long.  2 sacks all Leonard Floyd has all season.  When bloggers write to you that Leonard Floyd is a sack machine, I say EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF ME, BUT he is NOT.

If Leonard Floyd 6″ 4″ and 230 lbs, thinks he is entitled, I have news for him.   He is not as with-it, looking, not as tall, and also more slight of build compared to Lorenzo Carter, whose motor never stops and always is around the damn football, always.

Leonard Floyd out of Eastman, needs SEVERAL more years of maturity, if he can get his grades up.  He goes through the motions of life, while others around him succeed at that which he just doesn’t care.  Get on the stick, Leonard Floyd.

Sack machine, my ass.

He reminds me of Claude Humphrey of the Falcons, who they made similar comments about, but when you’re at the games, you can see, Claude took 3 downs off on defense every 4.

Leonard Floyd has Started all season long, until yesterday, when finally Lorenzo Carter starts.  Glad someone is listening.

I detest football players such as Leonard Floyd and Claude Humphrey, because they do not bring their A-game, every game – every down.  I do not care how much success either has or had or will have.  GATA Leonard Floyd, please sir !

Do that for a whole football season, and I’ll see you after that in the NFL Draft.  Fair enough son ?

Of course, if you cannot keep your grades up, go on – declare for the draft – but, you have let yourself down in life so far, and need to come back, obviously – as BACK-UP at your position – at least until Lorenzo Carter is DRAFTED higher, makes more money, lasts longer in the NFL, and starts in the NFL his whole career.  Of course, the NFL will play Lorenzo Carter, as linebacker.  He started at SAM for us yesterday.

Lorenzo Carter had more sacks in the game just only counting yesterday than Leonard Floyd has in all the games combined all season long.

Been a month and a half since we’ve been to Sanford and our campus.  Nice to get to see us again.  I wouldn’t say we’ve had a particularly good season this season, but found Mark Richt’s interview after the game saying “we’re not talking about Todd” – well, bitter toward the man, everyone else long-since agrees with.  The NCAA itself will change the damn rule soon enough.  Imagine punishing the Heisman Trophy Winner this season 4 games, for


while letting nitwit liar Jameis Winston continue to embarrass Florida State “university.”

These colleges like Florida State and Auburn, should have to compete in a separate class of “universities” than Top Universities, such as my alma mater : The University of Georgia.

The schools have no integrity, never have had  – either of them –  and demonstrate that as “universities” in the fashion to which they both tell lies and cheat to compete with fine schools like UGA.

Kiss my grits Auburn – your “school” pales in comparison to our school.

How fitting that Nick Marshall would BLOW the game against then unranked Texas A & M.  Unranked although they beat BOTH South Carolina and Auburn – while we ARE ranked and have not beat but lost to South Carolina.

I see the game coming down to Quarterbacks and believe Gus Malzahn will get Nick Marshall focused.  I have no idea which Hutson Mason will show-up whom we should affectionately refer to as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Actually Missouri might get ranked today, since we ABDICATED our throne on The SEC East to them.

Missouri faces Texas A & M Saturday while we play Auburn, and I’ll take Texas A & M to REMOVE Missouri from The Top 25, who had no business in it, anyway – which is why they are NOT ranked this morning.

Of course, Georgie tek does not deserve to be in the Top 25 either – which is why they like Missouri are NEITHER ranked this morning.  I believe both might make it today, however – however temporary.

So, it’s down to this :  Auburn.

Our one lone game all season.  Auburn leads the series by one game, and we need this game in the most important oldest all-time major college football history, to NOT have Auburn ahead of us.

Hutson Mason ?

Hell ?

Did you hear me ?

Leonard Floyd, since you finally only got to play the couple of plays you would’ve actually “PLAYED” anyway yesterday, did you hear me, son ?

I WANT this game !

We NEED this game !

We’ve got to HAVE this game !

If we lose to Auburn as expected, we will DROP from the rankings – as it should be, if we lose.

We WIN this game, and we stay ranked for the season – no matter what !

We could lose to Georgie tek, not make The SEC Championship Game, lose our Bowl Game, again, and STILL be ranked if we WIN this game.

Lose this game, and we will have to fight to be ranked this season, again.

We do this so much nowadays after 2007 – where we play such shitty football.

Better not do it again now that I finally get to see you in person.

Can’t say you have been what I thought you could be, but you certainly have been that which I have resigned myself to you in fact being the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era.

I wish to Hell someone would wake-up Mark Richt, too !


# 3 Auburn LOST

# 7 Michigan State LOST

# 8 Notre Dame LOST

# 9 Kansas State LOST


# 16 Oklahoma LOST

# 20 Utah LOST

# 24 West Virginia LOST

Too bad, it doesn’t matter anymore.

What does matter, is that this is Auburn and – as it turns out – is the ONLY game we play all season long.

Auburn beat Kansas State also, beat Ole Miss, beat LSU also, and beat South Carolina.  All we beat is Clemson who has beat no one, absolutely no one, with only 2 games on their schedule (twice as many as it turns out as we have) whom they lost BOTH to.

We better not lose to Auburn.

We could’ve been the 3rd SEC team, jumping-up with a WIN over Auburn, to be right there in the discussion with Mississippi State and Alabama – instead, lose now, and we shouldn’t be ranked at all in any poll, and probably struggle to get back into the Top 25 even – for this # 10 All-Time Greatest College Football Program in Wins.

We’re a solid football team; we just haven’t played like anything but CRAP twice already this season, and this, this is our only real game all season : such as it is.

We need to GATA.

Auburn REALLY just –  keeps the ball  –  on Offense by making nearly EVERY 3rd Down Conversion !

They lead the nation in penalties and lead the nation in lost fumbles.

Their special teams, suck.

Their passing offense stinks to high heaven, but it’s a lot better than ours is.

They do return punts, but their Defense still stinks – when in the past, Auburn always had good defenses made-up of all Georgia boys.

It’s Nick Marshall, whom we did not even call the Police on, according to the Chief of Police.  We found out about the dormitory theft, and did NOT call the Police !

What in the hell is that all about ?

It was they said over $ 500, making it felony theft.

I do not respect or like Auburn.  I really don’t – more than I do not like Georgie tek’s fans : Both of them !.  Not as much as I do not like Florida, or their jort-wearing obnoxious fans (or, the vols back when they had a program a century ago) but it’s damn close and a fine hair, as far as I’m concerned.   I do not like Auburn.

Of the 119 Mark Richt signed as scholarship recruits, with only 75 who will play of the 119 who could’ve been playing against Auburn Saturday with a redshirt, one of those not is Nick Marshall.


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