Georgie tek yellowjackets, on NCAA Probation in Football, fumbles a lot, are arrogant with fight song promoting Poor Sportsmanship, and are picked to lose by MORE than 2 touchdowns

There is no bias here on my part.  I do not care for Georgie tek.  They are arrogant asses.  Imagine # 36 national ranking, and they act like they are Harvard.  As for Paul Johnson, I understand he is pushing for a contract extension.  Good timing on his part prior to playing the average # 9 recruiting ranking to his average # 52 recruiting ranking.

Georgie tek is pretty good on returning kick-offs, but horrible in kicking-off themselves.

They have an even worse passing offense than we do.  You would sort of expect that with their high school offense, but I had no idea we would end the season the # 89 team in passing offense 2014.  I have whined about it all year, to no avail.

On 3rd Down Conversions, therefore, we are really bad.  They are really good, and pass worse than we do by a wide margin, # 119 passing offense.

We do not fumble the ball, and they do.

We are better on Defense than we are on offense, and our Defense has given our offense a lot of opportunities.

We’ve lost to 2 really lousy teams, one of whom fired their coach the week after beating us, and we consider that team our # 1 Rival.

Georgie tek, on the other hand, considers us, their # 1 Rival.

The most famous fight song is their fight song and they really cause a lot of the poor sportsmanship they are known for as fans by devoting their fight song to telling us TO HELL WITH GEORGIA LIKE THEIR DADDY DID.

Georgie tek is on NCAA Probation as we speak.  Paul Johnson caused that.  Paul Johnson has coached football since the Herschel Walker years, 33 years, and Paul Johnson knew that he could not prep his players under NCAA investigation with what to say and what not to say to the NCAA.  He did it anyway.  Georgie tek has been on NCAA Probation in Football the entire Mark Richt era.

Georgie tek will REMAIN on NCAA Probation, not that the AJ-C reminds you.  Only I.  Were it UGA who was on NCAA Probation in Football, all the AJ-C “sportswriters” would write daily every column :

Georgia, on NCAA Probation in Football, did this or that.

Not with Georgie tek, whom they coddle.

They have a new format for their online paper where they have moved UGA up ABOVE Georgie tek, and added an SEC section without an ACC section.

This is how that should have been the previous 40 years I have read their paper online, but it was not.

There are 10 times the number of UGA fans to Georgie tek fans.

Georgie tek has 6 national championships in football, although none ever in the AP Poll, and UGA has 6 national championships in football in every single poll Georgie tek claims their 6 in.  Every poll that ranked Georgie tek # 1, UGA has been ranked # 1 in as well – every poll they’re ranked # 1 in.

Georgie tek is # 16 and we’re # 9.  We beat Auburn who is probably over-rated at # 15.  They obviously will drop after losing to Alabama Saturday, too, and will have 4 losses.  Clemson has dropped all the way to nearly out of the poll at # 23.  Both might end the season, actually unranked for the 2014 season.  They both should be unranked now with more losses to come to knock them out of the polls, where they neither belonged in the 1st place.

Clemson has no offense.

Auburn has no passing offense and no defense.

Neither of them deserve to be ranked, and I am saying neither will be for the season, either.

Georgie tek lost to a lousy, unranked Duke, and a lousy unranked North Carolina.

We lost to a lousy, unranked South Carolina and a lousy unranked Florida.

Georgie tek makes their 3rd Down Conversions, unlike us.

Georgie tek’s offense is better than its defense.

The AJ-C has wiped-out ALL old comments prior to a week ago.  They’re just gone.  For years’ back in time, you could always go back and read what was written 10 years’ ago.  Now, they just deleted ALL posts.  They do have URL Links to the articles they wrote then, but they do NOT have any of the comments any longer.

Well, Georgie tek Week, I can tell you what Georgie tek fans have said for the last 57 years.  It’s been an absolute onslaught of bullshit directed at us.  And, at us, alone.

They want this game.

Their fans want this game; their coaches want this game, and their players want this game.

We did not recruit ANY of their players, and they are ALL bitter about it, and jealous as Hell.

They DID recruit ALL the players we have, and LOST on ALL OF THEM.

All our players told them, they were not in the least interested in Georgie tek – which is what I told them when I went to college.

They have a third of their students Asian men.  They have 29 % women.  They think bad grades makes the school good.

We are not ranked far behind them in the national rankings, them # 36 and us # 55.  There are several thousand colleges in those rankings.  Infinitesimal difference according to U.S. News and World Report as best national ranking.

There is a lot more to college than getting bad grades.  My friends in college are still my best friends.  My contacts in the business world are ALL UGA.

Every business owner I sell to is Georgia.

We’re everywhere.

We out number them 10 to 1.

What does the 1 say ?

Oh, I don’t follow football.

Bullshit.  Sure they do.  They just do not want to get into any discussion since Georgie tek is a joke, has been a joke, and will remain one.

They’re downtown in a city of 7 million, and no one goes to their games.  The only season tickets they sell are to us, and we throw away all the tickets except our game.  We OWN them at their stadium, named for a college drop-out.  It is not safe down there in the slums.

The SEC is undefeated against the ACC this season because we beat Clemson.

All-time, The SEC is 288-139-10 against the ACC.

They are 23-19-0 in bowl games and we’re 27-19-3.

They dropped-out of The SEC because they did not want Revenue-Sharing.  How stupid is that ?

They have not won a Major Bowl Game after the 1955 season.

They cheat.  They take every advantage they can think of, and have no qualms about it, since we’re UGA, their bitter # 1 Rival.

They cheated in World War I and World War II and went and got their players from EVERYWHERE but students at their school.  You look-up their top players from the World Wars, and they show TWO (2) schools.

They’ve never ever won the Heisman.

They have one national championship ever in any sport in the AP Poll and that girls’ tennis a long time ago.

You buy a ticket and they give you 2 free cokes, 2 bags of boiled peanuts, and 2 free hot dogs, along with a parking pass.

Still no one goes, and no one cares.

They blew-up their stadium a few years ago, and with it, half their seats.  I used to have to sit in those seats they blew-up when we played them there.  Even the hot chocolate couldn’t keep you warm down there.

I really take exception to their fans : both of them.

When I went to college, I had fun.  These were good times, and still are when I go back all the time.  We’re Top 10 All-Time in College Football Wins, and they are # 19.

Our University has a LOT more ladies than men.  I happen to like that.

Yellow is a poor choice for a football team’s colors.

Their mascot is a joke, compared to UGA the Most Recognized Mascot in Sports.

They have a 1914 Ford Model T which they TRY to call their Ramblin’ Wreck but the facts on that are that in 1893 when they cheated and HIRED our players off our team who won at football, we stoned their train returning back to Atlanta and they rear-ended a freight train with the headlines on the AJ-C reading : Ramblin’ Wreck Returns to Atlanta.  It has NOTHING to do with 1914 or a Model T, but a DAMNED TRAIN.

They named a dorm for one of our former players who played in that game, found at the ramp off.

7 different seasons, Georgie tek has won 0 football games.  5 more seasons, Georgie tek has won only 1 game all season long, bowl games included in both.

They will do anything to beat us, and are guided by their famous fight song, which they should change because it makes their fans, both of them, poor sports.

They are horrible losers.

They are even worse, when they win.

They claim a “win” over Cumberland 222 to nothing, but Cumberland disbanded their football team the year before.  Cumberland beat Georgie tek in BASEBALL, and then after that in baseball season, Georgie tek demanded to play them in football.  The players were NOT members of the Cumberland Football team because there was NO Cumberland Football team and they played no one.

Georgia, also holds a COMMANDING LEAD over Georgie tek in Baseball as well.

Andy Landers, also, has kicked Georgie tek’s ass in women’s basketball.

The Rivalry from their point of view is so intense and so bad that when Andy Landers beat MaChelle Joseph, their coach, she refused to shake Andy Landers’ hand.  I was there.

In Women’s Basketball, Andy Landers beat them AGAIN yesterday, Sunday, at their house again.  Andy Landers is now 33-4 against Georgie tek.  33-4.  We ranked.  They’re not ranked.  We beat them 64-57.  We always beat Georgie tek.  It is our right to passage.  We will be on TV this season 18 times, 11 on The SEC Network during just the regular season, including tomorrow night at 7pm at our house welcoming Georgia Southern University.

SEC Network 7 p.m. Tuesday November 25th tomorrow night. Lady Bulldogs 1st of 18 times on TV this season, alone.

The University of Georgia has great ladies.  You nerds should try it.  I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

Katy Perry (Hudson) will play at halftime on the Super Bowl.

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Trust me when I share with you, that Georgie tek will do anything to beat us, and feels justified to do so because of their damned poor sportsmanship example set by their most famous fight song of all colleges.

I think they should’ve sold their land downtown and moved outside the slums down there a long time ago.  It has cost Georgie tek dearly for decades and counting how unsafe all that is for the daughters of this great state to even be considered as a place their Dads and Moms would let their girls go.

Starting 1975, they’ve won a grand total of 9 times.

4 decades, 9 wins.

This is not a Rivalry.

There is nothing CLEAN about Georgie tek’s cheating.

When they lose, their coach Paul Johnson said, he had bigger fish to fry than us.  That was AFTER we beat Georgie tek and AFTER South Carolina beat Clemson when Georgie tek was to play Clemson in the ACC CHUMPionship Game.  They could not give away the tickets.  They could not pay anyone to go.  The ACC stripped Georgie tek of that VACATED WIN and refuses to give anyone the ACC Championship Trophy.  The NCAA put Georgie tek on NCAA Probation in Football for it.  And, then, Georgie tek LOST to Iowa.  Had they beat us that year, they would’ve VACATED the win, anyway.

It’s bad folks.  Really, really bad.

They are such LIARS and such cheaters, and believe themselves ABOVE it all.

Arrogant and for NO reason.

They have a 92-yard long “indoor practice field”, with garage doors, in the slums down there.

That’s not a field, but 92 % of a field, at the end of which are cement walls to run into.  It’s unsafe.

You can get to The University of Georgia faster than you can there; and our campus is beautiful; and, our fans are far more knowledgeable.

I want us to quit playing them.

Who would they be playing for their last game then ?  Their whole existence would end.

We have a lot more Rivals than they do and could easily replace them with many other teams as our last game of the regular season.

We have a lot to lose and nothing to gain.

They could lose every game all season and go 1-11, as long as they beat us, and they’d be happy as a pig in shit.

We are picked by MORE than 2 touchdowns.

Georgie tek really really really wanted Nick Chubb, the top recruiting prospect in the state of Georgia.




One thought on “Georgie tek yellowjackets, on NCAA Probation in Football, fumbles a lot, are arrogant with fight song promoting Poor Sportsmanship, and are picked to lose by MORE than 2 touchdowns

  1. 1. You can’t spell scumbag without UGA.
    2. “Dawg” is spelled DOG.
    3. 90% of UGA football fans NEVER attended the school.
    4. Georgia Tech has a more recent national championship than the rubes from UGA.

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