We were not ready to play today, starting out slowly and then fizzled-out all together.

We had no plan offensively or defensively.  We made no adjustments offensively or defensively, and our Special Teams sucked.  Mostly, the offense was an absolute no-show, and against a very poor defense.  Bowl game all that remains, on a weekend every team I wanted to lose, won so far, except for UCLA.  Not that that matters any more.  3-Loss Season looking at 4-Losses, if we lose our Bowl game again.  It’s everything Todd Gurley II told us he hated, all over again.  He’s sick and tired of it, and now I’ve seen Paul damn Johnson come to Our House, and not have a Losing Record all-time here.  Just sickening.


Let’s be very clear about the TD by # 5 Damian Swann.  I have NEVER seen such a call, ever.  Justin Thomas’ forward progress was




I have never seen officials let a guy run in from the right corner, AFTER HE WAS STOPPED.  When his forward motion was stopped, Damian Swann was in the far right corner of the end zone.  He then ran forward past the line of scrimmage, AFTER the forward progress was stopped, and then, back toward the Georgie tek QB.  All of this AFTER forward progress was stopped.


Then, he reaches in and takes the ball away scrambling his hands between all the men there.   Pitiful call.


The fact of the matter is that Georgie tek DOMINATED us today, on a beautiful day.  They dominated our Special Teams, dominated our defense, ate up Hutson Friqin’ Mason, chewed him up and spat him on the ground – and, beat our butts badly.


We did EVERYTHING WRONG we could possibly muster.


Pre-game, I warned that Georgie tek wants to go 1-11 and ONLY beat us, claiming a very special year, and huge success for the season.  We did not get it.


We showed up not ready.


Halftime, you would think # 61 David Andrews was a damned head coach making the $ 3.5 million dollars.  Where the hell was that FIRE from our head coach ?


Indeed, where has the FIRE been from Mark Richt after 2007 ?


My dissatisfaction with these 3 losses is palpable.   There is NO EXCUSE for any them.


Hutson Mason never did throw the ball today.  He threw one deep pass and it overthrown, as he did all his entire career here at UGA.  Besides Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox, this dud, ranks right up there as the worst QB we’ve ever had.


1st and goal at the 4-yard line, and he throws a 3-yard pass.  Lucky it wasn’t intercepted, too.


He made the EXACT SAME MISTAKE Brice Ramsey did last week.  Stared down his 1 receiver he locked-in on, took something off the pass, floated it – 4-yard pass now mind you – and, gave away the game.  Interception.  Overtime now.


Where was Hutson Mason and the damned offense the entire 2nd half ?


What the Hell was that all about ?


See how long we can leave the Defense out there ?


Kick-Off and no one is taught that they HAVE to get the ball 1st before ANYTHING else ?


Fake Field goal at Sanford Stadium, and it works; only to hand it to the offense who cannot figure out AGAIN how to score a damned TD from the 4-yard line.


2 times we fumble the ball at the goal line.


Have a Field Goal Blocked.


I say again, we need to quit playing these guys.  We were going to be at least # 8 since UCLA lost, and maybe jump some more with a win over what was at game time the # 16 team.


Instead, overtime, we cannot move the ball at all.  Same all the 2nd half.


The score was supposed to be 7-14, instead, the officials gave Damian Swann that TD.   So, it was 14-7, instead because of a blown call.  Do we take advantage of it ?  No, sir.  We let our offense go out there and do NOTHING.  Right after long drive after long drive by Georgie tek.  Nothing the Offense did the entire 2nd half.  Not a blessed damned thing.


8 minutes to go 3rd quarter and we have that ill-begotten 14-7 lead.




Offense did not a damned thing.


Hutson Mason threw the football right at their # 12.  I have no idea how he did not intercept that one, too.  I’ve said that all season, that his passes are begging to be intercepted.


6′ 2″ only 283 lbs FRESHMAN Isaiah Wynn # 77, we send out there to play special teams.  He is lined-up in the middle of the Field Goal Offensive Line.  A freshman dead in the center of the field goal special team.  He whiffs on his block.  A total utter whiff.  Blocked field goal.  He would’ve been better off not on the field, so that someone who wanted to play, was motivated to play, and who knew what the hell he was supposed to do, could’ve been there.


That was a really poorly coached football game for us.  No wonder Paul Johnson doesn’t have a losing record at Sanford Stadium.

God Almighty !

Mark Richt called his 1st Fake Field Goal in the entire Mark Richt era, we convert it for the 1st down at the 3-yard line, give it to Hutson Mason and we do not score.


Hutson Mason had NOT ONLY 1st and goal at the 4-yard line, but ANOTHER 1st and goal at the 1-yard line, and STILL COULD NOT SCORE.


We suck.  How do you throw a pass from the 4-yard line and not have it go to the end zone ?


A 3-yard pass.


A new low for Hutson Mason.


Michael Bennett was wide ass open in the end zone and Hutson Mason overthrew him.


They are trying to get in field goal range with a mobile quarterback, unlike us, and we let him rip off not only a 21-yard run to put them in field goal range, but let him run out of bounds as well.


I have never been so frustrated with our offense as I am right now, too.


All 3.


Special Teams




It’s coaching.


Why does David Andrews have to be the head coach over on our sidelines ?


Where is damned coach doing that ?


We don’t have any running back besides Nick Chubb ?


He needs a raise, then.


He runs 70-yards to the goal line, and we call HIS NUMBER the next 2 plays in a row, instantly too.


We’re freaking idiots.


We score and kick-off SHORT ?


Excuse me ?


We kick-off to their 43-yard line ?


That’s the best we can do ?


Well, I said we lose 4 games 2014-2015 season, and 5 if we made it to the SEC Championship Game, who I said would be Alabama.


Right on target.


Another season shot to hell.


Then shot to hell, again.


And, now shot to hell a 3rd time.


What a way to send out the seniors.


A team who lost to 2 unranked teams Duke and North Carolina, and who by 4 points got by Georgia Southern University, who scored by the way 38 points on Georgie tek at Georgie tek’s house – dominated us today.


I am ashamed.


We threw an interception and they did not.


Peach Bowl ?


We’ve lost 3 of the most current 4 Bowl Games.



Is there any excuse for us losing to Georgie tek, South Carolina and Florida who between them has beat no one at all ?






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