73 signed scholarship recruits remaining today. Is Attrition correlated with 63-29 after 2007 ? Is Attrition correlated to us averaging more than 4 losses a season for 7 years ?


(1) Josh Harvey-Clemons – suspension 1 Jan 2014, then suspended for 3 more games to begin 2014 for 2nd offense of drug use January 16, 2014, and then thereafter all that, kicked-off team in February 2014, Louisville.  Also, see Ty below for further violations and suspensions of this same player.  This is, in all, 4 bad press for this one recruit.  A recruit recruited by other teams, as well.  It’s not that Mark Richt recruits guys who no one else recruits because they do.  It’s that Mark Richt runs a lax ship, no better delineated than with this player.  Training them to obey the rules is discipline.  Punishment is kicking them off the team, which is not discipline, but turning his back on them they say after they are kicked-off.  Mark Richt is given great credit for signing, for example the # 8 recruiting class 2015, but somehow no fault is assigned to Mark Richt in this cushy damn job when they in case after case have multiple arrests/suspensions/kicked-off the team.  Of course, all these incidents are ALL a reflection on Mark Richt.

(2) Sheldon Dawson – suspension 1 Jan 2014, then played in 2 games 2014 including Clemson game 1 and then the vols’ game, none after, see below for additional incidents with this player as well.

(3) Shaq Wiggins – arrested 12 January suspended license failure appear & speeding, kicked-off team according to SicEmDawgs, I was told he transferred-out.  Sometimes transfers are at our request.  Other times, transfers-out are mutually determined to be in the best interest of the signed scholarship recruit.  When you lose as many signed scholarship recruits as Mark Richt does, it not only reflects poorly on Mark Richt and the player, but it also causes our recruiting ranking upon which Mark Richt’s reputation is based to be inflated.  He over-signs beyond the scholarship limit because he is replacing so many just gone.  Those who are gone add to those Drafted by the NFL he recruited here, and cause Mark Richt’s signed scholarship recruits to remain in the bad press.  We were told Mark Richt was not going to suspend this player from any game, despite the bad press of his arrest in January, but we are also told this player had a bad attitude in the weight room and got into it with the coaching staff; I do not think there is any question whatsoever that (1) Shaq Wiggins was bad press for Mark Richt and that (2) he was not happy here. None of this is good for recruiting and there damn sure is no addition by subtraction.  Addition is addition.  Subtraction is subtraction.  The only addition by subtraction is negative one.

(4) Uriah LeMay – 4 counts criminal arrest including cashing check of roommate, transfer.  You recall, of course, that 1st his brother was kicked-off his high school team AFTER Mark Richt offered him, for his senior season.  Mark Richt maintained that scholarship despite the incident.  He never played him.  He did not want him.  But, he maintained the scholarship.  Why his unruly little brother thereafter seeing his brother Christian did not play, wanted to come here, is beyond me as I stated at the time.  For 5 years, between these 2 brothers, Mark Richt got nothing but bad press and nothing on the field from either.  Their father is a preacher, but both kids were nothing but hellions, nothing but bad press, and then in the end both transferred.  Mark Richt would’ve done better to have dropped the scholarship offer once Christian LeMay was kicked-off his high school team his senior year.  A ruling, by the way, confirmed upon challenge.  Apparently, Mark Richt was after this guy all along, because he sure as shit did not want Christian LeMay.

(5) Tray Matthews – took 3 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest, kicked-off team, blessed to be an Auburn Tiger he said June 16, 2014.

(6) James DeLoach – took 2 known already cashed checks to bank, criminal arrest, played a few snaps in 7 games including all 3 to begin 2014 but none of the last 3 games

(7) Jon Taylor – took 2 known already cashed checks to bank, his 1st criminal arrest of 2014, but not his last.

(8) Justin Scott-Wesley WR, arrested last October for marijuana possession, Mark Richt announced 25 March 2014 that “We’ll stay with our policies on that” UGA Policy specifying one-game suspension after returning from injury.

(9) Jon Taylor – arrested felony aggravated assault/family violence July 22, kicked off team.   Mark Richt weighed-in on all this and said he wanted press meetings to be about football, not arrests/suspensions/kicked-off, and that if the press were to bring such topic back up, that he would not discuss them, but football.  Greg McGarity said he was sick and tired of all the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off and that it reflected poorly on him, Greg McGarity.  But, of course, Saint Richt – it does not reflect poorly on him at all.  Nah.  Not one bit.

(10) Davin Bellamy – arrested DUI July 16 by which time 7 of Mark Richt’s signed scholarship recruits were KNOWN to have been arrested in 2014 alone, suspended Clemson and South Carolina games

(11) Shaquille Jones – signed 2014 recruiting class by Mark Richt 6′ 2″ cornerback from Florida, played against Troy in game 2 as Freshman, arrested for shop-lifting October 5, kicked-off team October 5, 2014

(12) Sheldon Dawson – kicked-off team for arguing with coaches over plays to run and players to play, I’ve had those same issues with the coaches Sheldon Dawson, and Todd Gurley II certainly COULD tell the coaches the same points you argued, and that too is documented to everyone.  Different set of rules for some than others.  Preferential treatment.  Perhaps Mark Richt was punishing Todd Gurley II when he had been unable to play from Oct 4 against Vanderbilt until Nov 15 against Auburn, that he left him out there until the bitter end.  What Mark Richt feels is a matter of conjecture; what is not, is that his signed scholarship recruits reflect more poorly on him than they do on Greg McGarity.  They absolutely reflect poorly on my diploma and my alma mater.  I do not give a shit what you think about addition by subtraction, or that we’re better off without ALL these players.  Obviously, that is bullshit given our losses every year to less talented teams – teams who did not recruit with these guys the level of talent we have as indicated by their recruiting rankings of # 9 on the average from 2001-2015 and as proven by their 81 NFL Draft Picks – both # 1 in The SEC and # 2 nationally only to Southern California.  The 81 NFL Draft Picks by Mark Richt in his tenure here do NOT include those kicked-off transferred out.  He goes after recruiting; he is known for his recruiting; his staff is put together to maximize recruiting; and his results on the field after 2007 are piss poor. I read a sanctioned blog today that said now is a great time to be a Bulldogs’ fan; he actually left my reply on his blog.  Imagine that ?  Maybe he thought he made his point ?  Maybe he knew that it was a hard sell to try to maintain that with all this bad press 2014, losing to Georgie tek with the average # 52 recruiting rankings, and losing to two 6-win teams South Carolina everyone else beat and Florida everyone else beat and even fired their coach the week after beating Mark Richt, that going to the Belk Bowl on Tuesday night December 30 this weenie bowl no SEC team has ever been to, an ACC tie-in bowl, that well maybe his position is just a might off-center.  It does, however, point to the fact that these Mark Richt Apologists really will try to frame a season as a great season despite the obvious evidence to the contrary.  There is no way, no damn blog is going to paint 2014 as positive for Mark Richt when he himself was so testy all freaking year long over it – both on and off the field.  Mark Richt is embattled right now today.  Trying to tell me how happy I am right now, ain’t cutting it with me.  How about you ?  Is this really all you want to be allowed to read, that 2014 is greatest ever for we fans ?  Bullshit is what I have to say to that.  They want the job to be such a cushy damn job.  I want us to fix this shit.   There is no middle ground.  There were numerous other suspensions 2014 but Mark Richt covered them up because the bad press was so bad and is so bad, that any more would have been intolerable for Mark Richt because Mark Richt damn sure knows this all reflects more poorly on him than anyone that so many did so much to ruin the reputation of The University of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football whom Mark Richt brought here and most importantly did NOT teach to obey the rules on and off the field. Why didn’t he ?  Because he is a player’s coach, whom the players love who is like preacher’s families where the kids get away with any and everything, turning the other cheek and telling them they love them when they have heaped upon the family nothing but steamy shit all 2014.  We became numb to it in 2014.  If they kept up with it properly clearly Mark Richt would have won ANOTHER Fulmer Cup National Championship 2014, but they quit doing it any more.  I never liked the way they counted it in the 1st place, keeping up with it only during the off-season; and disregarding how the damn team did on the field against lesser opponents.  Yes, we beat 3 teams ranked for this 2014 season; are those wins maybe ever so slightly perhaps just maybe watered-down and obscured by the 3 horrid losses to less talented teams because of all this TURMOIL off the field ?  If you do not know the answer to that question, you are NOT a Bulldogs’ Football fan, but a damn Mark Richt Apologist.  How is that going for you, with the armies joining the bandwagon that they too are fed up with your bullshit, and his recruits he brings here to such fanfare who HE does not maintain discipline over ?

(13) Todd Gurley II – suspended 4 games selling autographs over 2 years, came back on cold windy day after not playing for 6 weeks’ time from October 4 to November 15 where he was left in the game to get a 4 TD lead with 5 minutes to go already with a  3 TD lead, career at Georgia ended with that decision by Mark Richt, when TGII was ALREADY injured earlier in the game and was compensating for that.  UGA paid for insurance for TGII.




(14) Dream Team Nick Marshall kicked off team– Quarterback Auburn 2014

(15) Dream Team Chris Sanders kicked off team– Safety 2014 JUCO transfer to Baylor

(16) Demetre Baker – Linebacker – South Alabama Tailback

(17) Ty Flournoy-Smith – arrested for filing false report of a crime, then Josh-Harvey Clemons admitted to UGA police that Josh had been doing drugs in his room and Ty was in the room with Josh – so Ty was kicked-off the team and Josh was given a 1-game suspension for the opening game for this offense that cost Ty his scholarship here and got Ty kicked-off the team.  The police report read that the dorm room wreaked of drugs that permeated the hallways.  Had this gone in Colorado, Oregon Washington, and Alaska this incident would have been illegal because of their age.  You support it and make light of it all you want.  We lost 2 Starters as a result and YOU SAID it was ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION.  Make up your 2-faced, minds !  It cannot be both, dimwits.  The books he said were stolen in a sworn police report, were turned-in by him for cash later.  Someone should keep up with an incident sheet on Mark Richt’s recruits on a daily basis for a year, if that were possible the way we cover-up and hide so much of it, and given the way we try to weasel our way out of it in so many other cases.  A debate team could spend a lifetime eating-up and spitting-out the bullshit the supposed “fans” of this program attempt to shove down your throats when in actuality they are not fans of this program at all, but Mark Richt Apologists.  They act as if 95 % of all of America is not Christian and that because he is, all is well no matter what.  Excuse me ?  He is a coach of college football program which is Top 10 All-Time in Wins.  Ty Flournoy-Smith is  Tight End Alabama 2014 playing in the play-offs and # 1 in the nation.

(18) Dream Team Isaiah Crowell kicked off team, Alabama State

(19) Dream Team Sanford Seay kicked off team – Wide Receiver – Louisiana Tech 2014

(20) Zach Mettenberger kicked off team – Quarterback – LSU.  He has 8 TD Passes in his 6 Starts in the NFL with 60 % completion ratio and 1,412 yards passing.  There is no damn way that he should have stayed on the damned bench against Okie State 2009.  That’s bullshit that Joe Cox with chronic shoulder and with flu only played against Okie State.  I said that pre-game, as I did that Brice Ramsey or Jacob Park should have played against South Carolina instead of Hutson Mason who gets to play 1 more football game in his lifetime.  And, as I said about not Joe Tereshinski III but Matthew Stafford.  We recruit all these top 10 QBs in the nation, but then we have this bullshit lying coach who tells you the obvious poor QB is the better QB.  Not in their lifetimes.

(21) Hunter Atkinson – Tight End – just up and quit June 18, 2014

(22) Rico Johnson – medical disqualification

(23) Dream Team Christian LeMay – Quarterback – 4th String QB transferred-out, like his brother, neither accomplishing anything but bad news for us. This recruit I said repeatedly – having studied why he was not allowed to play his senior high school year, kicked-off and found guilty upon appeal by his preacher dad (who said kids make mistakes) – should have had his scholarship rescinded. Mark Richt never wanted this guy.  Never in a million years.  Mark Richt only wanted to be able to say, see ?  See how I maintain offers after injury and after being kicked-off your high school team ?  See ?  I am a great guy.  Come here play for me.  I do it the right way, despite all the bad press and despite all the losses.  Transferred-out to Jacksonville State January 2014.

(24) Alexander Ogletree – suspended multiple times for violation of team rules, including the 4-game suspension for REPEATED FAILED DRUG TEST mandatory by my alma mater school policy. Removed from roster supposedly for medical reasons.  Part of a package deal in the 1st place to get his NFL twin brother, Alec.  Mike Bobo said he had a bad attitude.  Was he kicked-off or mutually agreed to go to medically ineligible ?  You tell me ?  The issue here, as with all these others, is that Zander obviously has an illegal drug issue reported widely and that he had a bad attitude, but that Mark Richt could not maintain discipline.  It cost us games.  It cost us tons of bad press.  It caused turmoil.

(25) Shaquille Fluker – Safety – Transferred-out also to Jacksonville State for 2014 season after recruited here JUCO from East Mississippi Community College but never got a single snap here at UGA.

(26) Paris Bostick – Safety/Linebacker – Mutually Transferred-out 2014 to Iowa Western Community College

(27) Brent Benedict – Offensive Tackle 2014 at Virginia Tech

(28) Washaun Ealey – arrested leaving scene of accident, failed to show-up for disciplinary running, suspended multiple times by Mark Richt for violation of team rules, asked to transfer by Mark Richt by mutual agreement, transferred to Jacksonville State, arrested there on drug possession charges

(29) Montez Robinson – arrested battery/family violence, multiple incidents, in fact Mark Richt went to jail and talked with him after he had not only picked-up his girlfriend allegedly and thrown her repeatedly to the floor, but also had a previous violent incident with her also arrested for and a 3rd time with her where he beat-up allegedly not her this time, but her car, kicked-off finally after ALL this.  Absolutely amazing.  Lax program here ?  No question of it. No wonder the players love the coach.  It sure as Hell is not because he is only 68 % win percentage for the last entire 7 years here, despite once having a 81 % win percentage.  There are still fans today, Mark Richt Apologists, who quote what Mark Richt did way back then when he had the 81 % win percentage, who tell me on my blog here that I am taking a small subset of his career here – the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007 – to talk about 68 % win percentage and running a lax ship.  Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine !

(30) Caleb King – arrested multiple times including DUI here at UGA, flunked-out after all that lax program we run here where anything goes, kicked-off, went to NFL Vikings where he also was arrested and kicked-off

(31) Ken Malcome – Tailback 2014 Southern Illinois

(32) DeAndre Moose Johnson – Defensive Tackle from Newnan Northgate High, medical disqualification

(33) Derek Owens, Cornerback, Alabama State

(34) Darnell Salomon – arrested felony burglary on recruiting invite here July 23, 2014

(35) Jakar Hamilton, Safety, South Carolina State

(36) Lonnie Outlaw – Wide Receiver Georgia Military, failed to Qualify

(37) Dream Team Quintavious Harrow – Safety – Garden City Community College, flunked-out

(38) Gilbert Johnson – Wide Receiver Signed 2014, failed to Qualify

(39) Brendan Langley – Started at Free Safety against Missouri in 34-0 rout, played in 5 other games 2014, transferred-out, did not get a snap against Georgie tek, but did the game before, already not listed on roster

(40) J. J. Green – played in only 8 games this 2014 season, including one Start against the vols at cornerback, transfer – although he is still listed on the roster – obviously all this is hard for The University of Georgia to keep-up with as well.  Transfer Georgie tek – obviously, they NEVER let us have 1 of their players who quits their team but for some really odd reason, we allow very talented players who started for us this season – J.J. Green – to transfer to Georgie tek.  All we ever did with this talent was jerk him around here, and he is a crowd favorite who kept his nose clean and stayed out of trouble.  Fine young man.  Excellent football player, EVERY  position, they jerked him around to and from. 2-way player.  Probable NFL Draft Pick.  Good guy.  Put up with a lot of crap here, which the coaches pulled on HIM.



























UGA football parent: ‘It’s not the system, it’s the kids’



Member of Tray Matthews’ family responds to criticisms

Rewind: Erik Compton captures nation’s heart, track teams fly high, Matthews bolts





















Mark Richt is 63-29 after 2007 through today, the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, when all these incidents covered us under with bad press, continue to to the day, and have been a serious on-going issue for Mark Richt’s signed scholarship recruits, for which he is given such high praise for bringing-in here.

# 9 average Scout.com recruiting ranking 2001-2015 and 81 NFL Draft Picks 2001-2014 both TOPS in SEC.

But, 63-29 on the field, with more off-the-field issues than a fan can keep up with.  It’s overwhelming.

63-29 after 2007 puts Mark Richt # 20 in won/lost win percentage prior to today’s Championship Games, which he has not won in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.  After 2007, Mark Richt is only 5-16 vs teams making the final Top 25 polls for these most recent seasons on the road as visitor or neutral fields.  This while all this continues to happen off the field, as well.



In addition, after 2007, 8 games have been lost to teams who even with their win, were far less talented than us and not ranked.  He is only 4-20 against teams ranked higher than him in the final polls these latest current 7 years.

This is way too many losses at 10-23 vs final Top 25 teams after 2007. 10 of 33 games won against teams ranked in either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll for the seasons 2008-2014 inclusive.

But, we really have to add-in the losses to not Top 25 teams he has already lost to in the 2nd Half of his Mark Richt era here, after 2007.  You have to add-in these 8 losses because he is 10 wins of 33 games against Top 25 teams for the seasons 2008-2014, and losses to teams not in the Top 25 these seasons, too, is relevant to what his actual record is against Top 25 teams.  The NCAA states that if you play a 1-AA FCS team, that that does not count – unless you lose to them.  The same is true here, then – applying the same logic :


2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007 through the present in the order in which they occurred starting with the most recent :


8 Inexplicable losses 2nd half of Mark Richt era after 2007 :


LOST unranked both polls Florida

LOST unranked both polls South Carolina

LOST Central Florida unranked AP Poll time of game

LOST unranked both polls Florida

LOST unranked both polls Colorado

LOST unranked both polls Kentucky

LOST unranked both polls vols

LOST unranked AP Poll for the season Okie State


in the order in which they occurred starting with most recent.




As a matter of fact, Mark Richt has had egg-laying head-scratching losses every single year.

We probably should address here the only 2 BCS Bowl Wins Mark Richt has.  The 1st was after beating 5-Loss unranked Arkansas in The SEC Championship Game and then beating 5-Loss # 23 Ranked FSU in the BCS Bowl Sugar Bowl after 2002 season.  You recall, of course, that he went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions against Florida 2002, when Florida was not even ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even, even with Ron Zook’s win over Mark Richt 2002.    2002 season The SEC only had 1 other team, other than us even ranked in The Coaches’ Poll for 2002 season a 4-Loss Auburn team, other than Florida at # 24 another 4-Loss but should have been 5-Loss Florida 2002.  The SEC was down the 2002 season, wasn’t it ?  This is his wondrous SEC Championship.  His only other SEC Championship was 2005, which was 10 years’ ago when he won that game.  He lost to a hapless Florida team that season too, bragging to us all how great Joe Tereshinski III would be, when in fact he was the only QB who possibly could’ve lost to Florida 2005.  LSU was # 5 for 2005, Alabama was # 8 for 2005 and Mark Richt was # 10.  These, then, his only 2 “SEC Championships.”

You recall 2001 when Verron Haynes caught the wide-open TD pass in the cut-down vols checkerboard end zone that Mark Richt has bragged since that he “knocked the lid off The Bulldogs’ Football Program” but 2001 although beating # 4 vols, lost four (4) games for this Proud Top 10 All-Time Football Program in Wins.  Mark Richt this same 2001 season, Mark Richt knocked the lid-off of our Top 10 All-Time Program in Wins, lost to Boston College who was unranked at game time and lost to Auburn who even with their win over Mark Richt 2001, still did not make either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll for the 2001 season.  But, Mark Richt bragged he knocked the lid-off our program.  You do not knock the lid-off Top 10 All-Time Football Program UGA losing 4 damn games including to 2 unranked teams.

This is what we suffer, have suffered, continue to suffer, and will suffer.   And, make no mistake about it, Mark Richt told all the players complaining that we were not ready for Florida this season either, and told all his players he recruited here who said we took Florida lightly for this season’s game in Jacksonville, after the game, to shut-up saying we took them lightly.  He attempts to control what we think.  He told us he was way wrong to squib kick to 43-yard line up by 3 against a team who considers us their # 1 Rival at our house, where their coach now does not even have a losing record.  He told us he was way wrong to not run Todd Gurley II against South Carolina 1st and goal handed to deer-in-the-headlights Hutson Mason.

He told us Joe Cox was better than NFL QB Zack Mettenberger, even with Joe Cox’s chronic shoulder making him miss every 4th practice all season, but also hiring a private charter to fly Joe Cox to Stillwater with the flu – a game Joe Cox obviously was not able to do well against and a team who even with their win over Mark Richt, did not make the AP Poll Top 25 for the 2009 season.

He told us Joe Tereshinski III was a better QB than NFL Quarterback Matthew Stafford 2006.

2014, he told us Hutson Mason whose last pass was intercepted in overtime against Georgie tek, losing the game for us, that Hutson Mason is a better QB than Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey.   In fact, like Joe Cox and like Joe Tereshinski III, Hutson Mason is not better than either, and also not as good as Faton Bauta.

Mark Richt is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Mark Richt told the fan in Macon he “knows what the Hell I’m doing,” then why does he after every loss, tell us he made yet again, another glaring stupid decision ?

Which is it ?

He knows what he’s doing, or he is just simply wrong ?

He has gone out of his way to lie to us, and to control what we think.



The only other BCS Bowl Win for Mark Richt was 2007 against # 19 Hawai’i.  Both 2007 and 2002 are in 1st half Mark Richt era.  2007, you no doubt recall, Mark Richt lost to a 6-6 South Carolina team that did not even play in a bowl game.  And, in 2007, he was blown-out by a poor vols’ team by 3 touchdowns !  This is what he does.  14-35 vs. the vols 2007.  DISNEYdawgs.com complained that we deserved to be in the then 2-team play-offs 2007, just as they whined this season, too, after losing to unranked 6-win South Carolina and losing to unranked 6-win Florida.  No, we did not.

When he has a great season, or a poor season, he always has inexplicable losses to less-talented unranked teams.  Teams he should never lose to.

This is not inconsistent or schizophrenic, but consistent through-out the entire Mark Richt era here, barring no season.  This is the 1 constant – Mark Richt will ALWAYS lose to teams who he should NEVER LOSE to : teams without anywhere near the talent we have, and teams who are simply not ranked in the Top 25, even with their wins over Mark Richt.  Several times Mark Richt has lost to teams who right afterwards, anyway, they fire their coach.  Colorado did that.  Florida did that.  Those are 2 of just 10 now such losses to unranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons that Mark Richt has lost to here.  Teams like Florida 2002 are not included in that list of 10 because Florida made the Coaches’ Poll 2002 at # 24 – but, only because Ron Zook beat Mark Richt in Jacksonville.  Florida is our # 1 Rival.  Mark Richt is 5-9 against Florida in Jacksonville, and has complained for 14 years that he’s at a disadvantage in Jacksonville.


I hold Mark Richt accountable for this.

I hold the fans who band together to try to censor discussions of the topic, doubly responsible.

This, all, needs to be out in the open and addressed by The University of Georgia’s Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity.

We await the naming of the 3rd Tier Bowl we go to today.

This is the GOOD NEWS for The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team that our off-season begins a few days after those allowed to play Georgie tek with the # 52 recruits, lost with our # 9 recruits ?  This on top of losing to two 6-win teams in South Carolina and Florida who fired their coach the week after beating us.  This is the good press ?

Fine manner to start-off our off-season, isn’t it ?  And, this is supposed to be the good news, after this entire year of BAD PRESS for Mark Richt’s signed scholarship recruits, 73 of whom remain of the 119 he signed to play this season with a redshirt season.  And, not one went early in the 2014 NFL Draft.

I am fed-up with it all.


Mark Richt was given great accolades for signing these 119 scholarship recruits, who with redshirt, would have played against Georgie tek.  Instead, he has only 73 remaining for the bowl game by stark contrast, if Zach DeBell is allowed to play.

These incidents and resulting won/lost record are not an excuse for each other, but a double-whammy upon my alma mater.


“You know it’s a distraction. There’s probably more people here today because of that. I don’t know,” Richt said. “I don’t know. Maybe ya’ll all wanted to hear about football. But that’s about all I’m going to say about that. But if we want to talk about football some more, I’ll keep talking.”




This is not addition by subtraction.  This is BAD PRESS, and that is all it is.  ALL of these incidents are bad press.  It is not bad press that I report it : It’s bad press that this has happened to us, causing us to lose to less-talented teams EVERY YEAR of the Mark Richt era, none more so than after 2007.  It would, however, be bad press were we to bury our heads in the sand, and try to censor this discussion.  You get that ?  I doubt it !  All you want to do is to make excuses for Mark Richt.  And, then praise him for the # 8 class he is going to sign in February.  I do not like reporting this.  I do not like looking it all up.  I did not like it when they all happened, individually.  And, I especially do not like losing to the likes of Georgie tek, South Carolina and Florida who did NOT recruit the talent we did.  Did they ?  We get LESS with MORE.  It’s ALL we ever get, every season nowadays.  Mark Richt was a fine coach when he 1st got here.  You’ve made his job a cushy damn job : It’s your fault, and not mine.

And, continues to be.  And, this is all tied-together that we only have only 73 signed scholarship recruits remaining of the 119 signed with redshirt who could’ve played Georgie tek last Saturday at our house where their coach does not have a losing record.  I am witness.  The NCAA allows us 85 signed scholarship recruits to compete with.


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