Lady Bulldogs upset # 16 Michigan State after Jasmine Hines brutally tackles Shacobia Barbee injuring her ankle – afterwards Suzy Merchant says refs called too many fouls on Michigan State. Louisville Todd Grantham. Andy Landers vs. Mark Richt. TCU. Hidden agenda Selection Committee

Andy Landers 935-306 and 75.34 win percentage in his 39th season talked after the game how Michigan State purposely made it a free-throw contest with their strategy to foul our ladies, but we hit our free throws and Michigan State drops now to 1-4 against us all-time.  When Mark Richt has a 75.34 win percentage after 39 seasons, let me know ?  Mark Richt is 73.22 win percentage, and only 68.48 after 2007 – the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.  What Mark Richt did 8 to 14 seasons’ ago is not nearly as relevant as what he’s doing now – which is NOT good as the # 20 team nationally after 2007 in won/lost.  All Louisville has is a defense.

Andy Landers, inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame coincidently 2007, improves to 10-0 knocking-off this poor sportsmanship ranked team.  Suzy Merchant would never get away with her whining about her own strategy of purposely fouling us and sending us to the free throw line, criticizing the officiating after getting their butts beat by our gals.  Shacobia Barbee is our leading scorer, our best player, and leads us in 7 categories, but when she was driving to the basket, Jasmine Hines left her man, and under-cut Shacobia Barbee, ending her day only 3 minutes into the 2nd half.  Georgia controlled the game from the outset and the game was never in doubt.

Shacobia Barbee had built us such a big lead, that even purposely fouling us, only got Michigan State back to a 9-point loss – their 2nd loss of the season.  Andy Landers recruits very well from Detroit and always has.

I look for the Big 10 to punish Suzy Merchant, Michigan State coach of 9 years, for her criticism and poor sportsmanship after the game.

Andy Landers does not get into that kind of crap.  Hard-nosed and defensive-minded, Andy Landers has built his reputation not on recruiting, but on damned discipline on and off the court.  His gals graduate, all of them.  He puts up with no bullshit from his gals, and gets in their grills on the average about every 5 seconds – all season long.

Demanding and tough, you will not find Andy Landers’ Lady Bulldogs making bad press for UGA.  There are only 8 coaches who have won 850 Division 1 basketball games at one school, and Andy Landers is set to pass 2 more of the biggest names in college basketball history shortly now.

Shacobia Barbee is expected back next game.  Maybe their coach will not send out the goon squad to undercut a lady on her way to a lay-up, nor send her troops out to purposely foul, and then cry wolf afterwards.

Mark Richt, who at one point had a 81 percent win percentage here, has dropped-off considerably the 2nd half of his career here.  Not so with Andy Landers, who does it the right way on and off the court – despite the fact that he would benefit greatly from having facilities anywhere near the resources and facilities handed to Mark Richt.

Mark Richt is a better recruiter than Andy Landers, as a direct result thereof.

But, Mark Richt is not the no-nonsense type coach Hall of Fame Andy Landers is.

The nation’s 1st team to 10 wins, Andy Landers has 27 games on national TV this season.  I’ve watched all the Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball games my entire lifetime.  The SEC Network carried the game at 4 p.m. Sunday and carries all the Lady Bulldogs’ games this season.

Mark Richt nor Andy Landers have ever either won the national championship.

One is laid-back and trophy for everyone, and the other as tough as nails and in their faces.  One stays in the news for bad press of recruits also recruited by every other coach.  It’s not that Mark Richt recruits the wrong element.  He simply does not have the intestinal fortitude to instill discipline like Andy Landers, and as a result, Mark Richt has all these issues while Andy Landers is completely the opposite.

68.48  percent win percentage after 2007 for Mark Richt is all directly resultant from not recruiting guys no one else wanted, because they were; but, had they gone elsewhere, they might have had a coach who gave a shit.  And, took charge.  And, taught them to obey the rules.  Perhaps our best player, Mackenzie Engram was benched for making a basket today.  She instantly was taken off the court, blessed-out on national TV at the top of his lungs, nose-to-nose and dogged on the bench all because her game is an inside game and she was not going toward the basket, but fading away.  She nearly didn’t get back on the court, recording only 11 minutes.

Mackenzie Engram is my hero, and her older brother from Powder Springs, is Tight End at Ole Miss.  A fine-looking gal, she tallied only 1 rebound and 1 of 3 from the field including 0-1 from 3-point range – worth 3 points – for only 2 points and 1 rebound in 11 minutes’ action.

Andy Landers was making a point.

In stone.

Mark Richt tells players he turns his back on and kicks-off the team here, he loves them.

1 gets it.

1 doesn’t.

I am certain that Mark Richt cringes to watch Andy Landers get after his gals like he does.  All day, everyday.

Andy Landers averages 25-win seasons here at Georgia for now his 36th season here.

Andy Landers does not have a cushy damn job, like 1 who will go unnamed.


Michigan State Head Coach Suzy Merchant :

” We shot seven free throws this game to their 24 and that’s shocking to me because I thought we got hit in there and I thought we should’ve had a few more opportunities at the charity stripe “



“Bowl” game

# 14 Mark Richt faces Todd Grantham and # 21 Louisville in something called a Belk Bowl, 150 miles away on December 30 at 6:45 pm, and Todd will have Tony Grantham coaching his inside linebackers but will not have Josh-Harvey Clemons or Shaq Wiggins until next season.   Both, excuse me all 3, stayed in the bad press here for Mark Richt.  Tony is Todd’s brother who he tried to get hired here, too.  Louisville, who has an “indoor practice facility” of sorts – pretty much a hut, joined the ACC this season, and is unremarkable except their defense.

Louisville, with the same 9-3 record as Mark Richt, but just does not have the resources and facilities, is coached by Bobby Petrino.  Perhaps you remember him here in Atlanta where he bolted from the Falcons jilting them, and adored his motorcycle and motorcycle bimbo ?  I have pictures of all that up on my blog here awhile ago now.

The Prime Time Game that Tuesday night features two different 5-Loss teams Maryland and Stanford in something called the Foster Farms’ Bowl in Santa Clara California.  Oh, boy.  2nd fiddle to that !  All the bowl games again this season are on ESPN channels, except for 2 lone ABC games.

The PAC-12 failed to send six (6) of their teams to a bowl game, while The Mighty SEC has only Vandie and Kentucky not bowling.  That means Florida is going to a bowl game, this season, for a change.  South Carolina is too.

Belk Bowl.

We’ve never been to the damned Belk Bowl.

I hope we never go again.

I wish we weren’t going now.

No SEC team has ever played in the weenie “bowl.” It was formerly called the Continental Tire and then the Meineke Bowl.  It is played at the Carolina Panthers’ stadium with a capacity only of 74,455.  Charlotte, dead of Winter.  Joy.  I’d say we got the shaft, but I think more like it’s Mark Richt who got the shaft.  It does add another different Bowl Game we’ve been to, and we lead the nation at that.

3 of the last 4 bowl games, Mark Richt has lost.  True to form in his 2nd half of his career here.

They do have salt in Charlotte, unlike Atlanta – so ice is not an issue getting to the game – less than 2 hours for us.

The bowl has been an ACC tie-in.

The bowl paid $ 1,700,000 last year with an attendance of only 45,211 and a 3.1 Nielsen Rating.

The only SEC teams playing before us this “bowl” season are 6-6 South Carolina and 6-6 Arkansas.

It’s a slap in the face to who told us on sanctioned blogs that we might still play in one of the 7 Big Bowl Games, as lately as just yesterday.  Want to be sanctioned ?  Come up with some bullshit like that.  You will find my reply at the bottom of said sanctioned blog.  “Er, Uh, no will shall not play in one of the 7 Big Bowl Games this season sir,” I replied to his blog yesterday.

So, 12 SEC teams go bowling and only two 6-6 teams (one of whom beat us – er uh, beat Hutson Mason) play before we do.

This sport is not known for wuss coaches.

What sport is ?

Let’s brag some more on his once long-ago 81 % win percentage, disregard his 68 % win percentage the 2nd half of his career here, and let’s get all excited because well it’s Todd and Tony Grantham !

Mark Richt could not stomach the non-Christian attitude that Todd Grantham exhibits, only.  They butted heads nearly every day.  Mark Richt could not stand Todd Grantham.

We were told by Todd Grantham that he left to up-grade himself to Bobby Petrino from Mark Richt and to upgrade himself from here where he did not have an Indoor Practice Facility.

We were also told how great Louisville was going to be this season.

There are 10 Georgia boys from here on their roster, but the 2 former Bulldogs’ kicked-off sort of like Bobby Petrino was from The SEC after multiple arrests and suspensions here, do not begin their career there until next season.  I do still say Shaq Wiggins was not kicked-off as reported by SicEmDawgs, but transferred after his arrest last January.

How come they are called cardinals and Stanford who plays Prime Time after them, are called Cardinal ?

Because Stanford’s mascot is the color.

Don’t get confused by the bird.

That’s what I’m flipping Mark Richt.

It seems I have quite a following – folks who do not want to write having not read what I have to say on the topic.


Or, be lambasted.

Rightfully so.

And, so we come to the close of another Bulldogs’ year.  Another year of arrests, bad press, suspensions, kicked-off players and coaches we have to face, and another worthless bowl game – one very much at the bottom end of the 39 bowl games.  And, another year by God Above of losing to teams who are not as talented as we, and not ranked even with their win over us.

Lesser teams going to better bowl games.

“Lesser” coaches doing better than our own $ 3.5 million dollar Christian doing  it the right way – man.


Alabama gets Ohio State, who jumps TCU because TCU played the # 69 strength of schedule, while Ohio State played in the Big 10 Championship Game and that alone improved their SoS all the way to # 21.  For 23 years, The SEC has said how important this Championship Game we started is a huge boost enabling our teams to play for the national championship.  That we play a tougher game.  The Big XII bragged they did not want a championship game.  TCU’s opponents are 57-56 on the season.  Ohio State’s now are 76-57.  See any difference there committee when you told us strength of schedule would be an important component ?


Click : Football, then click MISC reports, then click strength of schedule.

# 12 SoS Alabama

# 21 SoS Ohio State

# 35 SoS Florida State

# 45 SoS Oregon



# 55 SoS UGA 59-52 as it turns out, our schedule was easy – only we inexplicably lost to 3 less-talented


Official NCAA Strength of Schedule.

Louisville, by the way, # 66 SoS.


Therefore, rightfully, TCU dropped 3 places (sound like UGA 2007 ?) and Ohio State JUMPED them.

Booby prize is Ohio State gets to play Alabama.

Ohio State has played 12 bowl games against The SEC, and NEVER WON.


Ok, so Alabama gets the Sugar Bowl bid against # 4 Ohio State, whom UGA would beat like a damn drum, take names, and spit out.

FSU likewise and I am on record we’d beat Oregon I said all season, face-off in the OTHER semi-final Rose Bowl.

Then, The SEC’s Alabama beats their fannies.


The bottom line on year 1 is that there were NOT 4 teams.  That the committee had to come-up with 4 only meant # 5 and # 6 were VERY CLOSE to # 4.


According to the committee, were it just a 2-team play-off as previous 16 years, Jameis Winston would be sitting his dumbass down.



Let’s follow this logic.  TCU # 69 SoS sits their lonely asses down so # 21 SoS Ohio State instead can have their brains beat in by yet another SEC team in a bowl game.  The committee will learn from this, and soon not make such a match-up ever again, right ?


They’re people.  So, when they are given H-E-L-L for pitting Ohio freaking State against The SEC yet again, I get to say I told you so.


Along with 350 million others.


But, # 45 SoS Oregon of the lousy PAC-12 with 6 non-bowl teams to our only 2, is the # 2 team and would’ve played Alabama any other year prior to 2014 season, according to the damned committee.  FSU undefeated # 35 SoS would’ve stayed home, so they travel out West to face the cupcake city scheduling Oregon in the stinking PAC-12.  The SEC will have the most bowl wins AGAIN this season, as always.  # 45 SoS, seriously ?  # 45 SoS is the 2nd best team in the nation and in all prior years, would’ve left undefeated FSU out in the damn cold, committee ?

Are you really that stupid ?

Like I say, there were NOT 4 teams 2014 season.


I will buy there were 3.

So, 4-team play-off fits fine.

Notwithstanding the bullshit hidden not public voting of the committee to prop-up useless as tits on a boar Ohio State and state unequivocally were they in charge all previous years, applied as their logic this season, undefeated FSU would have sat on their collective asses liar Jimbo Fisher and all and watched the game, like Mark Richt.

If it’s transparent, and all votes are public as we demanded of the lying cheating coaches in their votes of bullshit, we might actually learn something about all this hogwash.

As it is, suffice it that FSU would’ve been sent packing.  Undefeated, defending national champions – sent home without a chance.


+1 therefore works.

To save the souls of the worst committee put together in the history of mankind and we’re to understand to stand as is for 3 years.




I believe it should be FSU against Alabama because (1) the committee said SoS Almighty God ! and because (2) Oregon had a seriously easy row to hoe at # 45 SoS and STILL LOST.

You with me on this ?


But, as it is +1 I have no qualms.  TCU ?  Bullshit on the Big XII and purposely not having a conference championship because they want to will all their monies to Texas Longhorns.  Choke-la-homa.  Baylor.  TCU.  Texas.  Hogwash !


# 82 SoS Baylor

# 69 SoS TCU

# 64 SoS Choke-la-homa


Hells, Bells, Vandie plays a better schedule strength than ALL of them.


I believe all real college football fans, know the Big XII has been given all these opportunities, like Ohio State, and blown their future chances, thereby.


I just have to comment on this POWER 5 bullshit.  Again, Power 5 is something created by these weenie conferences to adjust their glasses and say it’s almost as good as a Xerox commercial for The Mighty SEC !


If the committee is going to vote like THIS, then they can have ALL their votes public like we made the Coaches’ Poll do when these same Big XII coaches were all voting as a block for their OWN.


Remember ?


Last Coaches’ Poll prior to final poll made public – the 1 used to determine who WE as fans of this damn game wanted to see in the nc game.

All of a sudden, Duke at # 25 by Steve Spurrier because he coached there once, ends.

New year, new set of rules, new set of problems

Last year, it was Richard Billingsley and Jeff Sagarin et al.  Now, we have to go through all this again with a different damn set of friqin’ experts telling us who is and who isn’t going to play in our nc game.  A game WE the fans insisted on.

But, I see no reason for 8-teams.  Not when there are only 3 this season.

Not because of THIS YEAR.

Maybe, however, because of the stinking committee !


Non-sequitur decisions by the committee !


Hidden, smoke-filled room, decisions that defy their own poll of just a friqin’ week ago.




In the end, I have no real problem with the 4 – just how the hell they got to them.


It’s OUR sport, not yours – none of you are bigger fans of this sport than WE are !


The Amway Coaches’ Poll has FSU # 2.


That poll is published for the season after the games, as well.  Though, again, privately.


The AP Poll has FSU # 2 and Ohio State # 5.


With Baylor who beat TCU # 4 but lost to 7-5 unranked West Virginia of the Big XII, and TCU who lost to only Baylor # 6.


In the end, none of that matters because The Big XII failed to want to name a champion.


So, what happens to those 2 I could care less about.

Big XII.


Bullshit Big XII.


You’ve always been FOS Big XII.


You can kiss my grits, Big XII.


You get what you deserve.


The SEC sends the MOST TEAMS to bowl games this season, and the Big XII sends the least.


12 SEC Bowl Teams

11 ACC Bowl Teams

10 Big 10 Bowl Teams

8 PAC-12 Bowl Teams

7 Big XII Bowl Teams


And, two (2) of the Big XII both think THEY deserve to be in.


You can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine Big XII.


Georgia Southern University 9-3 does not get to go to any bowl game.  Instead, South Alabama 6-6, does.


The fans should be in charge of this sport of OURS, and not some arbitrary rules of the NCAA, or some smoke-filled room full of hidden agenda cronies.


Louisville lost to 5-7 Virginia and Clemson ha ha in addition to FSU.


Now, us.


There are a lot of teams next year who get 8 home games.  We have 7 because of Jacksonville.


We play this # 1 Alabama at our house next season.


We start-off with Louisiana – Monroe and Vandie before South Carolina.  That’s always good for Mark Richt to start-off with the likes of ULM and VU.  God knows why !


Well I wonder if 2015 will bring another 15 arrests/suspensions/kicked-off, again ?

Another loss or 2 to unranked 6-win teams everyone else beat, us with far superior talent ?


Well, you can check-off both of those.







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