2015 roster shows we will not have these men – in fact, we may lose as many as 27 from this year’s team (not counting kicked-off/transferred-out.)


C/OL David Andrews 2nd Team All-SEC Center, Starter all 12 games

OT/OL Mark Beard, played all 12 games

SE/WR Michael Bennett, Starter 10 of 12 games

FLK/WR Chris Conley, Starter 10 of 12 games

OG/OL Watts Dantzler, played all 12 games

DE/LB Ray Drew, played all 12 games, Starter last 10 games in a row

SE/WR Michael Erdman, played 10 of 12 games

P Adam Erickson, played all 12 games

ILB Amarlo Herrera, 1st Team All-SEC, Starter all 12 games

OT/OL Kolton Houston, Starter all 12 games, OT

RB Kyle Karempelis, played all last 6 games in a row

QB Hutson Mason, Starter all 12 games

LB/FB Taylor Maxey, played all 12 games, Starter 2 games

FS Corey Moore, played all 12 games except for Georgie tek, Starter 6 games including Auburn

SE/WR Malcolm Mitchell, played last 8 games, Starter 2 games, 4-year Starter, may get medical year 2013

FS/LB Lucas Redd, played all 12 games

CB Tristan Askew, played 3 games, including both of the last 2 games

ILB AJ McDonald, played in 3 games

SE/WR Jonathon Rumph, played in all last 4 games for us

CB Damian Swann, 2nd Team All-SEC, Starter all 12 games except Troy

N/DT Mike Thornton, Starter 9 of 12 games, including last 7 in a row

ILB Kosta Vavlas, played all 12 games

ILB Ramik Wilson, Starter all 12 games, 2nd Team All-SEC

OLB Leonard Floyd, Honorable Mention All-SEC (3rd Team), Starter all 12 games except KY, may put name on NFL Draft and may leave it there, even though he is a better player than we saw 2014, could really benefit from another year of motivation

Todd Gurley II, Starter 5 games, played in 6 games, 2nd Team All-SEC last year, great guy should never have been left out there with a 3 TD lead to get a 4 TD lead with 5 minutes left in game, has insurance policy paid for by UGA, will have to use it, has had injury issues including earlier in the game he was left out there in cold and wind having already carried it carrier high 29 times plus the TD return on the kick-off.    Todd Gurley II has declared for the NFL Draft already now, from the hospital.

OT/OL John Theus – may declare with Leonard Floyd and Todd Gurley II, Starter all 12 games, Honorable Mention (3rd Team) All-SEC

OLB Jordan Jenkins – Starter all 12 games, may seek where he would be drafted



Nick Chubb will be named All-America.  You must be named consensus All-America to be named to the College Football Hall of Fame.  Aaron Murray never was, and has yet to take the 1st snap in the NFL while Zach Mettenberger has been a Starter in the NFL for the last 6 games in a row.  I told you both of these too in 2009, having watched both personally, as a former db.

There could be some surprises, as there always are – given that we do not know their grades’ situation, so some may declare because of their grades.  It’s obvious that in addition to all the many players kicked-off and transferred-out who will be in this 2015 NFL Draft, that there will be a lot of Georgia Bulldogs well-represented in the up-coming NFL Draft and signing-on thereafter as undrafted free agents.

Best of luck to all of them.


It was not my Dream that they’d average losing more than 4 losses a season.


It’s a group, collectively with a redshirt season here, should’ve NEVER LOST 21 games here these latest 5 years as we did at only 45-21, only a 68 % win percentage and averaging OVER 4 LOSSES a season, the same as Mark Richt has been averaging after 2007- the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era – MORE than 4 LOSSES a year.


Who are all the possible players we might lose after this 2014 season ?







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