Junkyard Dawg, you can kiss my ass if you think I’m supposed to be freaking agreeable with Scooby-Doo telling me 9-3 just doesn’t seem that bad & Mark Richt would have no problem finding another job.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine.  I am I and you are you, and if by chance we meet : It’s beautiful.  Dr. Fritz Perls.

You have an entire thread about how bad this program is right now, and all the under-lying problems and one little shit, Scooby-Doo, inserts his 2 cents into it that aw shucks 9-3 doesn’t seem that bad to me, and Mark Richt will have no problem finding another job.

Either make your friqin’ point, Junkyard Dawg, or do not.  I could care how you go about it.  But, I will be dipped in shit if you are going to say that there is some decorum to which you adhere I don’t that says that you can call me out for mistreating poor little Scooby-Doo for giving us the company line that all is well in Athens, everything is positive, we’re doing great, and Mark Richt is the best coach in America who does it the right way on and off the field.  We are in our 3rd longest stretch dating back to 1932 were we’ve NOT won The SEC Championship in Football.  We have tremendous talent in-state and should NOT be losing to unranked teams as often as we do every year and should not be losing to top 15 teams at the rate of # 45 in the nation either these last 8 years.  I don’t give a shit what Mark Richt did 2001-2007 as I loved him then too and still do really – I just want his sorry ass held accountable or fired for LOSING after 2007.  Losing to any ole team who even makes a bowl that season he loses to them at barely over 50% after 2007.  And I want you God Damn Mark Richt Apologists to HEED my point that you are in a defenseless position saying Mark Richt IS great when he HASN’T BEEN after 2007, has he ?


It does not matter how good we are, he can’t beat anyone after 2007.


Hold him accountable to WIN.


Fire him when he keeps this up as he has after 2007, for which YOU alone defend him : Just the Mark Richt Apologists.


Guess what ?


I will ram it down your God Damned Throats that Mark Richt I once supported and now don’t and WANT GONE.


Your blog Dawgs.com will NOT ALLOW ANY discussion of Mark Richt and Religion together as a discussion.  God Damn IT that is the WHOLE PROBLEM here that HE THINKS there is some other more important goal than winning.


There is NOT.


Our Depth Chart is so decimated as I detailed yesterday that we can not possibly win.


You are DISNEYdawgs.com fans to think Mark Richt can turn this around.  He doesn’t even want to.  He doesn’t care.  Fire his sorry ass.


Quite defending him.


YOU LOST this argument to me and you KNOW IT !


Where will the LOT of you be when he is FIRED ?


Hiding ?


Nowhere to be found ?


You’re God Damn Right you will be.


And STILL telling us then that he was a nice guy.


Excuse me.


I say he is a nice guy.


And a shitty assed coach who has to be FIRED.


Fran Tarkenton has been telling you we need to FIRE him.


We don’t even practice Special Teams at the G-Day Games and yet without a special teams’ coach as 100 of his peers FBS Division 1-A have, he routinely has the # 100 Special Teams.  He doesn’t care.  Trophy for EVERYONE.


At best he is stupid as shit.


At the worst he is using his public office to stump for his Religion.


In EITHER CASE, his pay of $ 3.5 million a year is for winning.


He has transferred-out great talent playing us in games and BEATING the shit out of us.


If we EVER want to win our 7th NC in Football we MUST fire Mark Richt.



Mark Richt has been a total abject failure at 68 % win percentage after 2007 with the # 9 average recruiting ranking with 8 losses who are not Top 25 teams, and won only 10 of 33 who made either the AP or Coaches’ Top 25, while only 4 of 20 teams he faced who were ranked higher than him this current 7-year period has he beat.  This while I have documented 40 attrition all of which was ALL NOTHING BUT BAD PRESS in the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, alone.  And, while I have documented fifteen (15) arrested/suspended/kicked-off just in 2014 alone so far.


You do not have to agree with me.  You are you.  I, however, am given the God-Given Right to My Own Friqin’ Opinion and no man of your stature sir, shall deprive me of this.


I refer you sir to the following piece, again by Bill Shanks of the Macon Telegraph :




“There’s something besides winning that’s important here”

Mark Richt just got out of his lying lips.


I refer YOU, Junkyard Dawg sir, AND Scooby-Doo, to read this article this time, gentlemen.

As for how much you appreciate the others defending Scooby-Doo and his ilk who run onto every Bulldogs’ blog and tell us how GREAT Mark Richt is, and how to frame it when they cannot possibly make the case that Mark Richt has been great in his 2nd half of his career here, I saw dawgs_fans_dad  say that EVERYONE ELSE recruited all these arrested/suspended/kicked-off too.

Pardon me, but they GOT INTO TROUBLE HERE, where Mark Richt is given such high praise for recruiting them here, where HE Mark Richt does NOT teach them to obey the rules.

Teach them to obey the rules is the definition of discipline.

No matter how many times I teach you and they this, you and they will NEVER GET IT.

That’s not my fault.


They say, after he kicks them off the team here, that Mark Richt TURNED HIS BACK ON THEM.

Punishment is NOT discipline, but once again, discipline is teaching to obey the rules.

We run a lax ship here, and have for 14 seasons, marked by BAD PRESS and BAD LOSSES all 14 seasons, bar none.

I have read what you have written and what dawgs_fans_dad has written and what Scooby-Doo has written Junkyard Dawg, sir.  None of the 3 of you give the details.  None of the 3 of you stick to the point.  None of the 3 of you hit the nail on the head.  None of the 3 of you have done the research.  None of the 3 of you have provided the 1st ever URL Link to prove your point.

That is ALL I do here.

You offer opinion Junkyard Dawg.  But those are like assholes : Everybody has one.

I offer detailed research and facts with URL Links to verify the facts.  I offer it right up front before I am asked.


Readers of this blog, CLICK the damn URL Links.  They see the facts.


We know the facts, here – all the 20,000 readers of this blog.  I know.  I get a report of their CLICKS of the URL Links.


We are not afraid of going 6-6 some season, as Scooby-Doo scolds us we might without Mark Richt.


As I rightfully said to the little shit and now again to you asshole, Mark Richt was 6-7 just in 2010.


Worry about going 6-6 some fictitious season in the future, maybe, as to why not make this such a cushy damn job where this is acceptable – nay, lauded as GREAT ?


You defend this ?


Re-read what it was exactly that Scooby-Doo said that caused me to reply to him, not to you ok ?  Read it if you’re man enough.  He says he is NOT a Bulldogs’ Football Program Fan and NEVER HAS BEEN.  That his Daddy made him go the games, and that now, he does NOT go to the games, as I and the rest of us, do, in fact go to the games.  He EVEN said he DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT about our program.


He ONLY is a Mark Richt Apologist.




He NEVER ever WILL BE anything, but.


Fine, sir.  You want to laud others for defending him.  Go ahead.  Bring it freaking on.


Step right up son !




By the way, the manner to deal with posts online is to : NOT CENSOR.


Ban the post ?  Remove the post ?  Say the post is WRONG and DELETE IT ?


Not here, sir.  Not on my damn blog son.




Not now, not ever.


I am an ultra magnanimous person.  I allow and champion others’ RIGHT to speak their mind, whether I agree or do not.  I think our recruits are actually very well educated and well-read, and KNOW all this.  I therefore think this should be out in the open and all of us discuss this.


dawgs_fans_dad No, sir.  You are not a celebrity but a guy who called me out for being over the top to Scooby-Doo when Scooby-Doo you defend therein said right then in THAT POST that he really doesn’t care about our football program, does not go to the games, and only when his daddy made him go as a child did he go, and even then hated it.  You AGREE with people like this dawgs_fans_dad because of your over-the-top criticism of me for 2 long decades of online posting going all the way back to Athens Online, and Access Atlanta.  You have NEVER supported MY RIGHT to MY OPINION ever on Bulldogs.  This is who you are : Not a celebrity son.  You’re a bitter person who believes only your own opinion matters and that others’ and certainly not your own – stinks to high heaven.  You post to CENSORED BLOGS ONLY where no one is allowed to really reply.


You are just bitter that I speak my mind and want to control what I say.  You want to ban, censor and make my comments your own or remove them.  That is all you have EVER wanted dawgs_fans_dad .  Maybe you do not know who I am.  But, I sir know who you are from all of our discussions for many many decades online.  I remember better than you remember.  You will NOT tell me what I can and cannot think and say, sir.  I never have attempted or even suggested the same for you, sir !

You are not my mother.

You do not like it that I think it wrong that Joe Cox played the whole game against Okie State and no snap even for Zach Mettenberger as I called pre-game because I frigin’ hated Joe Cox.  You think you’re right and that I have no right to such an opinion.  I said the same about Joe Tereshinski III starting instead of Matthew Stafford.  And, I said the same about Hutson Mason starting instead of Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey – hell, even instead of Faton Bauta – all 3 of whom would NEVER HAVE LOST to USCe, Florida and Georgie tek.

You think I have a right to speak up to a point.

That I go over that line when I Heaven Forbid criticize a damn player.

I am not some player’s here dad, but a walk-on myself.  I have favorites.  I have those who I criticize because they By God have it coming.

Were I Joe Cox, I would’ve told Mark Richt I cannot go full tilt, but Zach Mettenberger will do better than I on this day, sir.

Were I Joe Tereshinski III, I would’ve told Mark Richt, can I sit-out today and you play Matthew Stafford ?  I’ve spoken with him and told him I think he’s better than I.

Were I Hutson Mason, I would’ve told Mark Richt I appreciate you holding me on like this and all and that that is the only reason I did not transfer to South Carolina State college, but both Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey and probably Faton Bauta are ALL better quarterbacks than I who run the ball better than I and who certainly throw the ball better than I as a college QB, Mark Richt sir.  I’d love to play some, but please start ANY of them instead.  I’m a Bulldog.

I am a Bulldog.

You’re a bullshitter who wants only to control.  To criticize not my ideas, but that my entire post should be banned, censored, deleted.

Excuse the hell out of me, but YOU do say and would say that the other QB listed by me just now in this section of this blog today, are ALL BETTER than the 1 you SAID  I should NOT BE ALLOWED to criticize.  You say the reason for that is that THEY were not paid with a scholarship I pay for for them, and which I did NOT have at UGA which my roommate, did.

I think I am entitled to my opinion, dawgs_fans_dad and I do not give a shit what you think about it since you agree with me and obviously only have a hard on to censor me from mine while of course your own is just fine with you.

It doesn’t matter what I say : You’re not going to like it.

Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

I will say what I want to say, and I do not have to conform to your weird incongruities and non-sequitur logic.

Moreover, if you have something to say to me, say it to me – not to someone else about me.

Being the complete be-in-charge guy you are, that doesn’t even register on your screen.  Celebrity ?  Son, you are so not a celebrity as reading you say today you are because of this blog post right here, makes me puke.

Now, go say whatever you want to say behind my back such as you didn’t say any of this.

Sure, you did.  It’s all you’ve ever said online to ANYONE any time.


That you have the right to say whatever you want and NO ONE ELSE !


No matter how illogical.

Because well, yours doesn’t stink to high heaven – just everyone else’s.

Now, if you have the guts to criticize me – do so here to my friqin’ damn face, not behind my back to someone else – like there is a DAMN THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD WRONG with me saying ONLY Hutson Mason on our roster could have POSSIBLY lost to Nebraska, South Carolina, Florida or Georgie tek – let alone all 4.


JUST AS EVERYONE DID REPLY TO YOU dawgs_fans_dad that I am not NEARLY the only to have the audacity to offer-up on MY OWN DAMN BLOG RIGHT HERE, YOU TAKE EXCEPTION to but do not have the decency here to reply to me about when and where I actually made such statements.


34 unanswered points by our # 1 Rival means Hutson Damn Mason did NOTHING.

His very last pass was a 4-yard pass at the 5-yard line, intercepted.

And, he damn sure was a deer in the friqin’ headlights handed the ball by our Defense 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line the end zone covered with debris from the sure-we-would-lose fans.

And, as for Nebraska, he SETTLED for 4 field goals for 12 points instead of 28 points to lose to another unranked team.

Hutson Mason.

Look, dream-up whatever excuse it is I cannot say what I say that you and everyone else says too.

But, get off my case, and try for once to do some research, go to the games and have an opinion of your own – for once.

Once in your lifetime.


As to :

ogredawg  Any reply here on this blog where the discussion is unabated is fine.  I do not have to adhere to your arbitrary decisions to suggest ban, censor, deletion, or editing – none of which occurs here and which should not be allowed as a topic there, either.

It’s wrong as it is to say that a football coach should be judged on something other than winning and good press.

If my points are correct, as you say they are ogredawg then why again is it that I should post to a censored blog where one can call me out and say it’s wrong therein for me to call someone else out ?


That’s a rhetorical question ogredawg do not feel that you have to reply.  It’s obvious as hell.




The Mark Richt Apologists have been VERY VOCAL and nasty as hell to everyone daring to discuss this point, Junkyard Dawg sir.  Not that you know this.  I do.  Others here on this blog reading this do.


On the other hand, I believe rather than CENSOR and bury our heads in the sand that now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their FOOTBALL PROGRAM, not the Christian head coach.  95 % of all of America are Christians.  I am a Christian.  You are a Christian.  He is too.  He is ALSO  a lax guy on teaching to obey the rules and frequently is side-tracked by ALL THE BAD PRESS, and fails to have his men ready to play at the worst possible moment EVERY YEAR.


THERE IS NO SUCH THEORY : There is something more important than winning here that we adhere to here at Georgia.


That’s bullshit.


Hell, he’s # 20 in Won/Lost Record current 7-year period for Top 10 All-Time Wins UGA Program, averaging more than 4 losses per season for the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007, which is # 5 in The SEC.


I and you and WE Bulldog Nation pay him $ 3.5 million dollars a year to win.




He has done NEITHER after 2007, a period of 7 long excruciating years – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, here.


He’s lost 21 games the latest 5-year period, which includes a redshirt year, for the 27 I just detailed will not be on the roster next year who are on the roster today.  This list, as I indicated and documented with 51 URL Links in that one (1) blog yesterday does NOT include a single one of the 40 ATTRITION prior to today.  This is as detailed as I know how; this is as specific as I am capable; this is as documented proof as I can possibly muster, sir; this is as up-to-date and correct as I can get it for you – and nowhere can you find it better : Sir.


He lost 29 games after 2007, an average no different from his 5-year average of MORE than 4 Losses a season.


Look, guy, believe whatever the hell you want to believe ok son ?

Say, whatever you freaking want to say.

Contradict your point all you wish.

Buddy-up with the Mark Richt Apologists and SUPPORT THEM for I friqin’ care.

Ok ?

But, do not tell me, which is what you did twit, that dawgs_fans_dad  you appreciate defending Scooby-Doo with his little crap about how I take this seriously the current state of our dilapidated football program both on the field and off, and he does not.  And, that OTHER SCHOOLS RECRUITED all these same recruits which are on my arrested/suspended/kicked-off ATTRITION LIST, when they did not sir get into trouble there but here where the discipline is LAX and where the punishment is HARSH.


I do not require that you agree with my point, and I dare say I do not expect you to agree with it that Mark Richt sucks.


He does, but I welcome your own opinion to that, never mind how defenseless it is in direct contradiction to the KNOWN FACTS presented herein with URL Links, spelled-out in gruesome detail.


There is NO EXCUSE for all the 15 arrested/suspended/kicked-off 2014 alone, sir !


It’s as intolerable as the 8 losses to unranked teams after 2007.


“There’s something besides winning that’s important here”


If you, or Scooby-Doo, or dawgs_fans_dad, Junkyard Dawg, want to censor my enthusiasm on these 2 co-joined points that 73 is all we have left today of 119 signed scholarship recruits YOU gave and still give ALL THE CREDIT to Mark Richt for signing here, who with a redshirt all 119 would play in the bowl game – the 3rd tier December 30 Belk Bowl having only 2 SEC teams play a bowl game BEFORE us this bowl season – and that he’s lost 29 games an average of more than 4 per season for the latest 7 entire freaking horrid friqin’ seasons of bullshit of the highest order on and off the field, you can








One thought on “Junkyard Dawg, you can kiss my ass if you think I’m supposed to be freaking agreeable with Scooby-Doo telling me 9-3 just doesn’t seem that bad & Mark Richt would have no problem finding another job.

  1. COMMENT ogredawg ? Jeez Louise son. Do you not see at the bottom of EVERY POST in THIS BLOG where I am man enough to state my opinions and make my points COMMENT ?

    It is a blank open box with COMMENT above it. There are thousands of comments on this blog by hundreds of different posters.

    Why you ALONE are unable to type something here, is well, just beyond me.

    I am frustrated beyond measure with our football program these latest 7 years. If anyone sees that as over the top, so be it. You are welcome to those opinions right here. Or, anywhere else you so desire. I read all blogs. I read all Bulldogs’ stories. I go to the games. I go to away and bowl games and JAX. I have history when I say what I say – which doesn’t make me right, but by God any little piece of shit who wants to put me down by framing me as a guy who cannot control his language is a Mark Richt Apologist trying to impose his will on me.

    I will call it like it is.

    I grew up on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.

    I treat others with respect. And, when I am directly FLAMED, guess what ?

    Go ahead ?

    Guess what ?
    Wordpress ALWAYS allows COMMENTS. Here, you can say whatever you like. I am neither afraid of anything, nor especially posting online. I have posted online 37 years now. No one has ever accused me of being afraid to post.

    Your posts here in reply are ALLOWED.


    Help yourself here where I make these bold predictions, in-depth with URL Link provided research of the points I MAKE.

    I have NEVER posted to limited blogs. If a blog says I cannot discuss Mark Richt, Georgia Bulldogs’ Football, and Religion, I move on.

    Why would I waste my time replying with that caveat ?

    As for my language, show me where my language in ANY sentence, is worse than any 1 of DawgFaithful’s posed replies here, for example ?

    He is welcome to be a minion of Mark Richt and to provide this blog the alternative point of view from that held by, for example, College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame Fran Tarkenton.

    Fran and I are of the same opinion on Mark Richt’s Religion, that he should be a preacher and not a college football coach – that his priorities are screwed-up. The whole entire issue with Mark Richt is that he THINKS his calling is to be preacher man, when I pay him and you pay him $ 3.5 million a year to WIN at football. He actually was BOLD ENOUGH LAST WEEK to be quoted in http://www.macon.com URL Link and quote provided on MY DAMN BLOG that there is something we adhere to at Georgia which is MORE IMPORTANT THAN WINNING. Bullshit to that, and heaps of steamy bullshit to anyone who thinks my reply should be tempered on that point in reply. I call it like it is. As for Junkyard Dawg, you might want to read his posts to me or about me behind my damn freaking back – not HERE like you where HE READ my points and replied instead on Dawgs.com.

    That’s fine. Reply away.

    Reply wherever and however you wish.

    My blog will remain UNCENSORED. I do not use the F word, and I think that’s enough. I mind my damn language. I am a 4-sports’ letterman who speaks as if in the locker room. If you don’t like that, don’t read my friqin’ points. Everyone else does and no one has ever accused me of colorful language, not in person and not hiding behind their freaking damn keyboard online ogredawg, and NC Dawg. NC Dawg is as BIG a Mark Richt minion as you will EVER RUN ACROSS IN YOUR LIFETIME. He, like others, have many years of online discussions with each other for a long long long long long long long time. I know exactly who NC Dawg is. I have him firmly in my mind and all he has said for all these years. That goes for the others addressed above to. If Junkyard Dawg does not now have his posts there about me to which I addressed ogredawg, where the Hell did they go ?

    As to your personal attacks, and those of others on Dawgs.com, have at it. I have no issues with that. FLAME away.

    If you cannot stand the heat, you just might want to STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN.

    If you cannot take it, you may want to consider not dishing it out.

    You will find YOUR REPLIES here forever, unedited, un-screened, un anything. No holes bared.

    I appreciate you saying I make great points.

    You do as well, but saying you cannot figure out how to reply is mighty weak, don’t you think ogredawg sir ?

    Liked by 1 person

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