JJ Green

I wrote this in direct contradiction to a blog post about this fine young man where the blog author called him a traitor 3 times.  When I completed my reply, below, my comment was awaiting moderation.  I waited for it to be posted, and it still is not.


That’s censorship because I disagree with the guy, who by the way when you do a search for his name on Google, does not even appear anywhere.


J J Green is a really fine player who our coaches jerked around again and again and again from position to position to position – all totally different positions.  Then, we don’t even play him.  As a Starting Player this 2014 season for Mark Richt, Mark Richt let him get into only 8 games, 1 as a Starter for Mark Richt.  That’s just wrong for a guy Mark Richt should have appreciated more and at least let him play in all 12 games – something he routinely does with even walk-ons all the time, letting THEM play in all 12 games.  Heck, Mark Richt lost to 3 far less-talented teams this season 2 of whom only won 6 games each all year and one of those who fired their coach the next week.  Why can’t JJ Green, who he jerked around from position to position at HIS whim, play in all 12 this season ?  Traitor ?  Seems to me he was the consummate team player, and there is nothing that will ever change that view.  Last season, he played in all 13 games 5 of which Mark Richt lost.  Mark Richt named JJ Green Starter for HIM last year several different games.  In all Mark Richt played J J Green 13 games 2 years’ ago and only 8 this season.  That’s it.  He is a fine athlete, a good man who never got in any trouble here, like the 15 arrested/suspended/kicked-off this 2014 year alone, and has very good grades including Honor Roll.

Handsome man with an infectious smile, it would not surprise me 1 bit to see this AJ-C Super 11 player, elsewhere named the # 27 best football player over-all in the state of Georgia be Drafted by the NFL.  Here he was the recipient of the Doug and Diane Magnus Family Athletic Scholarship.

This is a black mark on Mark Richt’s name.  A really nice guy, but not much of a football coach at # 20 won/lost record the latest 7 years, and most of those only wins over nobody teams.  An embattled coach over just such decisions as this entire sordid story – start to now finish.  The Mark Richt Apologists, nonetheless are out in force to somehow paint this up-standing young man somehow in poor light and Mark Richt, once again the good guy doing it the right way.  Bullshit to that.

You cannot lose players of the caliber of this fine young man.  He epitomizes everything that is right about college football, and has been one of my personal heroes for years and years here.  He won NATIONAL WEEKLY AWARDS representing us, filling-in whenever and wherever Mark Richt told him.  If I were his parents, I would die proud.


A freaking traitor you little dipshit ?

Piss on you.

I am sorry, but I cannot find anything to criticize JJ Green on.  He played well on defense when Mark Richt turned his back on the entire secondary, and last year on offense when Mark Richt found his entire running back corps injured.  As for Georgie tek, I cannot fathom not blocking his move there, as Georgie tek has done on EVERY SINGLE ATHLETE in every single sport FOREVER.  JJ Green will play extremely well for Georgie tek, and is a 2-way player who comes to Georgie tek whose coach now does not even have a losing record at our house all-time.  At UGA, JJ Green was a 2-year Starter for Mark Richt.

Look, we have now 73 remaining signed scholarship recruits of the 119 signed by Mark Richt  who would have been playing in the bowl game for Mark Richt with a redshirt season.  A bowl game only 2 other SEC teams play before us, when Mark Richt has lost 3 of his last 4 bowl games.  This is our problem around here nowadays, that we lose to 3 less-talented teams this year alone, and spent the entire 2014 year in bad press with 1 arrest and suspension and kicked-off after another.  Mark Richt is a very fine man, but his coaching is # 20 nationally the latest 7 years and # 5 in just The SEC.  It’s a shame that we have to think up terms as supposed Bulldogs’ fans who really are just Mark Richt Apologists for a team player like JJ Green other than team player who Mark Richt just jerked-around from position to position and showed NO LOYALTY TOWARD even with all his team player proven efforts for years and years FOR Mark Richt.  That he goes to Georgie tek is bad for UGA – really really bad for us, as it will be used AGAINST US in every single recruiting opportunity by Paul Johnson.  There is no other way to look at this.  Camden County ring a bell to anyone ?  What will JJ Green say to kids from Camden County ?  What will JJ Green say to anyone considering Georgie tek and Mark Richt ?


Do you want me to tell what he will be saying ?


You have the unmitigated numbnutts to post all these days later about this young man, in some weak ass effort to prop-up embattled Mark Richt ?

Rue that decision, son.


Addition by subtraction ?


Let me explain in business, when you win a sale against other competitors that you not only won the sale, but you took monies away from your competitor.

That is a double-win regarding that competitor.  They would’ve made money that they do not have, and instead you have more monies.

IDIOT Mark Richt Apologists read such a statement by me, a point far and wide regarded as a smart comment by EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, and why folks come to my blog and read what I have to say – smart comments by a smart man who cares ONLY about our football program, and say huh ?  Or fluff over it, too hard to comprehend the good point.  1 good point after another I make.  Daily.  In this case, we do (1) NOT HAVE JJ GREEN who Mark Richt named as 1 of his STARTERS for the 2 years last year and this year and (2) Georgie tek gets him for his junior and senior seasons, always the best 2 years of any player ever anywhere.  He has NOT TAKEN HIS REDSHIRT SEASON YET, EITHER.  As I understand this, JJ Green came in early January.  So, he might have enough credits to play 2 years there under 1 rule or another.  Either way, he plays at least his senior season there.  I see players transfer who do not have the credit hours JJ Green accumulated here already.  It’s close as to whether he gets to play his Junior year there too.   I think if he continued another semester, he might. I graduated in 3 years myself from UGA, so I know he might be close, or could’ve been close.  Hells, Bells, I had 239 credit hours, when you only needed 180 for BBA from UGA.  I graduated from UGA in actually the time JJ Green has been here already.  But, let’s call it Senior year only there he gets to play.  That’s probably how that works out for him, since Dean Fluellen had to personally sign my registration every single time because of the course overload.  3.88 GPA made those quick arguments Dean Fluellen never won.  I took every class under the sun, for example every single Law Course The University of Georgia teaches.  Just 1 example.  I took every Accounting Course UGA offered.  All.  I took all the business studies, wanting to learn.  JJ Green in either case, does NOT certainly get to START for US his JUNIOR and SENIOR years, and that is really all I care about.  What he does at Georgie tek, I do not care about and will not follow.  I will not see him play except 1 game.

I am not a fan of teams who consider us their # 1 Rival.

JJ Green ?


Yes, you and I and all of us Bulldogs’ fans have ALL been fans of JJ Green.

Turning your back on him now calling him a traitor is childish and stupid, at best.

It’s going to work out for him, and does NOT work out for us losing him his junior and senior seasons.

It works out for Georgie tek in 2 different ways : (1) He plays there his senior season at least. (2) He is Camden County, a perennial hotbed of such JJ Green and Brice Ramsey players.

Brice Ramsey has been jerked around by Mark Richt too.

What does Mark Richt have to do NOW, given this, with regard to Camden County ?

Well, for 1, he has to name him quickly as Starter 2015, or Camden County will be in a huge uproar.  I can tell you of the 20,000 who read my blogs, Camden County fans are included.  They know, Brice Ramsey was better than dip Hutson Mason.

Jacob Park Mark Richt might have wanted to be a 4-year starter here, but now with JJ Green leaving quitting Mark Richt as so many others with only 73 of 119 signed by Mark Richt remaining now with JJ Green only the latest and certainly not the last, Mark Richt has to consider now Camden County – in addition.


Mark Richt has such issues with OTHER NOTABLE high schools through the years, where decisions had to be made in FAVOR of their players, or NO MORE ACCESS.

Either way, in this case, Camden County is NOT HAPPY.

Favoritism in reverse.




Friging no.

This is a double-whammy on UGA with regard to Georgie tek.

Frankly were it not for the SANCTIONED blogs by Index DawgBone, I would not have anything to say.


Maybe this guy will have the balls to put my post up there later tonight.  Maybe he will not come here and read my reply.  Maybe he will have the balls to come here and reply to my reply ?

All I know is he is taken to task, and I am quite certain he’s wrong for THESE REASONS HEREIN, and that I am right.




Addition by Subtraction ? Hardly.  Simply subtraction and just when he would’ve been in his JUNIOR YEAR for us 2015.  Simply subtraction multiplied by 2 with regard to Georgie tek. Doubly bad with regard to Georgie tek.  Everyone knows the best 2 years of any recruit are his JUNIOR and SENIOR seasons.  JJ Green will NOT have those here, and for that, I am saddened.  I liked the guy.  We all liked the guy.  He was a CROWD FAVORITE as we all cheered him on and spoke very highly of him.  I wish nothing but the best, and am disappointed that we have yet ANOTHER attrition here with his name.  I’ll guarantee you he will be a STARTER at Georgie tek, or anywhere else he goes.  He will graduate with honors, and he will be contributing toward the athletic program his entire lifetime – unfortunately there too it will not be to UGA.  Mark Richt messed this player up from the get-go, and deserved to have this happen to him.  Mark Richt reads the words on this blog on this transfer and knows in his heart of hearts, that he did JJ Green wrongly, while giving preferential treatment to trouble makers and bad press makers who did not do whatever Mark Richt asked them to do.  You get any of that ?

Mark Richt screwed-over JJ Green big-time, a team player for Mark Richt who was on the Honor Roll here and never bad press, but a fine player – who will not be playing in this 3rd tier Belk Bowl.

Damn it Mark Richt, I presume you are doing all you can do to build up Georgie tek this year.  If you told me that was your goal this year Mark Richt, I would find zero evidence to refute it.




( http://www.gloryuga.com/?p=210 )


Classic Dawg GloryUGA.com calls this fine man J.J. Green who has done EVERYTHING right in his classroom off the field and on the field playing wherever Mark Richt TOLD HIM TO PLAY whether it was his best position or NOT a “Traitor” because he wants to SUPPORT Mark Richt and be in fact a Mark Richt Apologist saying Mark Richt does it the right way.


NOT with J.J. Green Classic Dawg GloryUGA.com did Mark Richt begin to do it the right way.


Now, did he ?


JJ Green a STARTER for Mark Richt 2 different seasons a STARTER for Mark Richt Mark Richt could not bothered to even put him in for 1 snap except in 8 games this lousy horrible 2014 season.




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