National Letter of Intent Signing Date Wednesday 4 February 2015. Under-achiever is not judged – based upon talent here ? Losers of 21 of most recent 25 games vs teams higher ranked than us in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons making up Mark Richt’s entire 2nd half of his career here.

I read an article this week which says that the author was presenting his Biggest Under-Achievers of college football head coaches recently.  Always the 1st Wednesday in February, next year 2016 will be on February 3.  That class promises greatness already.  Some folks act like all the hullaballoo about recruiting is all smoke and mirrors.  They argue that the recruiting services have no clue about the recruits.  But, they do.  They are paid millions for their analysis.  Millions upon millions.  The recruiting rankings can be correlated to the NFL Draft Picks.  Surely, the same pundits think the NFL knows what it is doing in the NFL Draft ?  Super Sunday !  And, I am looking forward to Katy Perry I kissed a girl.  The NFL always decides which songs will be played.  I kissed a girl and I liked it.  I wrote a blog about this with her video when it was announced for Super Sunday.  My preacher hates that term, which is why I use it.  Always get a sermon about every Sunday is Super Sunday.  No.  No, it’s not.

While our recruiting rankings do correlate with our NFL Draft Picks, the problem is that one cannot author a blog about Under-Achieving Head College Football Coaches and preface that with this is nothing to do with the definition of coaching.  The definition, for him and you, is that coaching is defined as getting more with less.  Here, we do the opposite.  Don’t we ?  Therefore, any analysis of under-achiever status for head college football coaches recently must then by definition be based upon achieved what, with what recruiting.


It’s fine to cop-out on everything, all the time, to muddy the waters that Mark Richt has done well the 2nd half of his career here by saying that recruiting rankings are worthless and oh by the way Mark Richt is great.


Of course, when you have these discussions, that is all they can do.  The Mark Richt Apologists must submit that it’s just a stat – this won/loss record after 2007 for Mark Richt.  7 years of futility.


7 years of under-achieving.


I fully expect this class to come in # 8 for 2015 rankings.  Mark Richt averages # 9 rankings in recruiting.  That is the 2nd best average in the Mark Richt era.  2001-2015 only 1 school in America has recruited a higher average annual recruiting ranking.  Mark Richt also has 82 NFL Draft Picks.  Again, as in recruiting rankings by the services paid millions for their rankings, this 82 NFL Draft Picks is the 2nd best in the nation in the Mark Richt era from 2001-2015.


Once 81 % win percentage, though, Mark Richt has dropped-off from that to only 68 % win percentage his entire 2nd half of his career here – after 2007.


I was asked what to do to fix this ?


I suggested it is pervasive.


That what you see is what you get.


Annually, we give all the credit to Mark Richt for the recruits signing here.  And, then it’s blasphemy to even begin to suggest that Heaven Forbid Mark Richt is responsible for teaching the recruits to obey the rules.    Obviously, they who say such folly did not come from our home.  Dad had us obey the rules.  He taught us to obey the rules.  We all know all 7 of us that which is right and that which isn’t.


Annually here after 2007, our recruits are never taught here to obey the rules.


Instead Mark Richt tells them the exact opposite.


“I love you,” Mark Richt exclaims from on high as one-by-one he kicks them off the team.  They tell him in the press that he is turning his back on them just when they needed him most.


Discipline ?


What is it exactly ?


Is it punishment ?


Is that what you think ?


Punishment is not discipline.  Punishment is that which, the authority the one responsible the one who it all goes back to, has to resort to for that authority’s utter lack of discipline.


Discipline, Dad teaches, is teaching to obey the rules.


How does telling them that you love them when you finally kick them off the team for your failures to teach them to obey (discipline), do anything other than send the WRONG MESSAGE to the signed scholarship recruits ?  Well, it doesn’t.  That is all it does send as its message : That, I still love you when you so screwed-up that I had to smite you out of this program.


He goes on.


Mark Richt tells us that there is something we do here at Georgia which is MORE IMPORTANT THAN WINNING.


There is nothing that is more important than winning.  Not for a college football coach.  Now, if your calling is preacher man, then Hell Yes, you have other higher ideals and objectives and goals than winning.  We’re # 11 all-time in college football wins for major colleges in football.  It is very clear who these colleges are, and Yale is not one of them.


Todd Gurley II said it best.  He said last season that he was tired of us being mediocre.  That he was tired of us losing.


We hear this from many of our signed scholarship recruits.


We, a few years ago, bragged of the dream team.  They have under-achieved.


How do you define under-achiever ?


Well, it is plain.  It is simple.


You look at what is expected of you, and you compare that with what you actually did do.


The 2 posts by me before this one both nail this on the head.


We do not win.


We lose.


We average over more than 4 losses a season after 2007.


We lose to less-talented teams whose coaches those days out-coached our coach, despite having inferior talent.

The time for censorship of this discussion has come and passed now.  We are beyond that in this discussion by now.


It is patently clear that we lose too many football games.  Games we are supposed to win, instead regularly, we lose.


Don’t we ?


So, as you get all hyped-up about our recruiting rankings 2015, try if you can to consider these 4 areas of your giddiness of our rankings in recruiting 2015 :

(a) You said the recruiting rankings are all bogus, bullshit if you will.  But, he is at the top in these rankings and this the week you brag on him for his recruit signings and his rankings by these very services.

(b) You brag on Mark Richt for signing them here and assign to him none of the responsibility to actually teach these recruits of his to obey the rules here.

(c) Talent is not the problem around here, and make no mistake of it : We do have problems around here in our football program telling folks because we lose to less-talented teams all too frequently the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007, that we have something ELSE around here at Georgia that we do which is MORE IMPORTANT THAN WINNING.  That was our head football coach who blurted this out to us just a scant few weeks ago here on this blog.  We’ve had excellent talent according to the recruiting services and their rankings annually, and that is verified by the 82 NFL Draft Picks Mark Richt has had.


(d)  You argue out of both sides of your same 1 mouth.  You are two-faced.  You make a point and take it away.  You are inconsistent.  You hold other programs to a higher standard than you hold our own to.  We lose too many football games to less talented teams and to teams with our talent we should beat :

(1) This is caused by having only 72 signed scholarship recruits remaining of the previous 118 signed scholarship recruits you gave great credit to Mark Richt for having signed here.

(2) We have only a 54 % win percentage after 2007 against teams who even played in damn bowl games these most recent 7 years making up the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007.

(3) We have 29 losses, an average of more than 4 a season, the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007, seven seasons and counting.

(4) We have 10 losses to unranked teams after 2007 the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era of these most current 7 seasons, including two (2) more for 2014.

(5) We’ve lost 23 of 34 games against top 25 teams for the 7 seasons after 2007 – the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.  One would think that with the 2nd best talent nationally, that we could do better than lose to 23 of the 34 teams who are just top 25 teams.  Wouldn’t one ?  Or, do you have some other measure than winning that you use in judging this $ 4 million a year head coach Mark Richt ?  Well, do you punk ?  Or, you just do not wish to discuss it, and so you say the person making such point is the problem and not your expectations of him as our coach with this 2nd best talent nationally ?

(6) We’ve played 15 teams after 2007 who made either the AP Poll or Coaches’ Polls Top 10, and we’ve lost 13 of the 15.

(7) In bowl games too, we are only 57 % win percentage after 2007 – the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.  I shudder to consider the furor had we lost the bowl game again this last season after all those 3 horribly disappointing losses all 2014 season long to less-talented teams we were supposed to beat.  You see ?  Under-achiever cannot be defined any other manner.  Can it ?  He was supposed to beat them with his talent and he failed miserably.  Didn’t he ?

(8) We have played 25 teams ranked higher than us in the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons after 2007, the seven years making up the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era here.  We have lost 21 of the 25.

” We (mostly) agree that we need to win more games, not lose to lesser teams, and have better winning % especially in the years since 2007. ” SCDawg

” We (mostly) agree that we need to win more games, not lose to lesser teams, and have better winning % especially in the years since 2007.  ”


We do ?


Or, we feel that there is nothing wrong under the sun with our program right now ?  That we are doing great ?


Which is it ?


Censoring opinions of fact because you do not like the facts is certainly not going to fix the issues.


The issues are plain.  They are clear.  We, as fans, send the message to the coaches and players that they are great.


Then, after 2007 these are not on Mark Richt’s To-Do List ?  Seriously ?


(1)  not have only 72 remaining of 118 signed who with redshirt would’ve played last game.  How do you fix that ?  Well, you fix that by teaching the players to obey the rules.  Conflicting messages that we love them, when we kick them off the team, is not teaching them to obey the rules.  The head coach is sending mixed messages to the players.  There is no excuse for giving Mark Richt all the credit for signing these 118 recruits who with redshirt play in the last game, to have only 72.

You get that, or you got something else to say about my mama ?

It has nothing to do with my mama and every thing to do with the lax discipline (teaching to obey the rules) followed by harsh punishment (which is not discipline.)


(2) not lose so many games against bowl teams after 2007 that our win % against them is only 54 %


We are unprepared for many games after 2007.  We have the superior talent and are lax about our preparation.  We take opponents lightly – teams we should be beating.  We make bullshit in-game decisions such as wasted time-outs, not calling time-outs, not trying to use all the clock we can use to score against teams who consider us their # 1 Rival.  We do this all the time.  No one discusses it.  No one suggests it’s an issue that we have poor clock management all the time.  No one wants to discuss it.  Just tell everyone we’re # 11 all-time in 1-A wins; and, that we recruit 2nd best nationally; and brag about what Mark Richt did 8 to 14 seasons’ ago, instead of saying what it is we’re in fact doing after 2007.  We lost to 3 teams this last season who we should never have lost to.  Shall we discuss the in game decisions by a coach 14 seasons now our head coach ?  1st goal 4-yard line and Hutson Mason who should never have been our Starting QB 2014 tries to throw a pass, when he is incapable of throwing the ball 14-yards down field out of the end zone.  Mark Richt said he was wrong.  Yes, he was.  All our players told the press we took a team who considers us their # 1 Rival and whom Mark Richt is 5-9 against, lightly.  Mark Richt told the press to tell his players to shut-up.  You are ahead against another team who considers us their # 1 Rival by 3 points with 13 ticks remaining.  What do you do, squib kick ?  Mark Richt said he was wrong.  Yes, he was.  We cannot beat our way out of a wet paper bag, and it’s damn frustrating reading blogs tell us how freaking great we are.  We’re anything but.  We’ve been anything but after 2007 with a 54 % win percentage over bowl teams after 2007.


Did you get that damn it ?

You knew we’re 54 % win percentage against bowl teams after 2007 ?

You got some bullshit you want to put on ME for saying it out loud ?

I am freaking tired of it.

You seem totally satisfied with it.

(3) not have 29 losses the latest 7-year period, an average of more than 4 losses a season.  You want a way where we can stop losing more than 4 games a season on the average after 2007 ?  Hire a damn football coach who gives a shit.


And, quit telling him he’s friqin’ great.


He was when he 1st got here.  He hasn’t been after 2007.


(4) not have so many games lost against less-talented teams who even with their win are unranked teams, 10 such after 2007 and 2 of those again in 2014.  You want a solution to that from me ?  This is my problem that I point it out to everyone ?  Or, this is Mark Richt’s problem on his To-Do List ?


Which is it ?


You tell me ?


We’re not ready to play.  We have 72 remaining to even suit-up of 118 signed to suit-up the latest game.  This is a serious grievous issue that is pervasive across Mark Richt’s program after 2007.  You cannot play winning football when you are not on the field. Credit is given to Mark Richt every February for signing all these guys.  He’s had 82 NFL draft picks, and more 2015.  Only Southern California has more.  He’s had the average # 9 recruiting ranking.  Again, only Southern California has done better.  We have plenty of talent and give Mark Richt the credit for signing them here.  That is only half the battle.  Once here, he has to coach them.  Coaching is defined as getting more with less : Here, we get less with more.  Georgie tek averages # 52 recruiting ranking and they beat the average # 9 recruits.  Now, their coach does not have a losing record against us at Sanford.  Mark Richt’s roster management is the worst in the nation.  He has the 2nd best talent and # 21 in won/lost record after 2007.  That’s not my issue.  That’s not my problem.  That is Mark Richt’s won/lost record which is not some damn stat but his won/lost record.  Get off my back, and put the pressure where you say the pressure belongs.  Not on me, but on Mark Richt.


Get with the program.

(5) not be 2-13 vs teams ranked AP Poll Top 10 for the seasons after 2007.  We not only lose to lousy unranked under talented teams but we cannot compete with the top teams, either.


Get over yourself that you have made some freaking point to me about this, when this should be discussed openly by us, as it is by our opponents.  If we’re unprepared for a team who lost 11 of their most recent 13 games who calls us their # 1 Rival and who Mark Richt is 5-9 against, then what the friq do you expect of the same coach against the top teams ?


His record after 2007 speaks for itself.


(6) not be 11-23 vs teams ranked for the seasons after 2007.  This is a deceiving record as it is because if you play a 1-AA FCS team, that game does not count.  Unless you lose.  So all these games we lose to unranked teams has to be ADDED to this record of 34 teams, 23 of whom we’ve lost to who are simply ranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons after 2007.  He really therefore has played 44 games after 2007 leaving his wins in only 11 of the 44 games against ranked teams in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for these latest 7 seasons after 2007 because he’s lost to 10 unranked teams after 2007.


Do not be sitting there asking me what to do to fix all this.


That is not my job.


It’s also not my job to be winning all these games you say SCDawg Mark Richt should be winning and isn’t at the rate you say he should be winning.


I am not paid $ 4 million dollars a season to be our head coach.  He’s not supposed to be losing all these games, and you damn well know it.


Cease with your bullshit to me about his friqin’ losses.


I call it like it is.


I get it out in the open.


I know the recruits know it.  I read Todd Gurley II say that he is sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  I read Chris Conley say the same.  I read our players say this all the time.  The recruits know it.  I am not hurting recruiting by bringing it out in the open.  We do not beat the teams we are supposed to beat, do not compete with the top teams, and overall lose over 4 games a season after 2007.


If this is acceptable to you, then, kiss my ass – that is not what you said.  Instead, you’ve put the onus on me to explain to you what you say is unacceptable.  I do not believe you believe it’s unacceptable.  Otherwise, you would say : Yes, sir – Mark Richt has done a poor job of it after 2007 and I agree with you Thomas Brown, sir !  He needs to step up his game getting more with less, instead of less with more.  And, honestly, I did not know that Mark Richt has been this anemic against bowl teams after 2007 that his win percentage is only 54 %.  If it’s not acceptable that our win percentage after 2007 against bowl teams is only 54 % then stand-up and say it.  And, do not blame me for his failures on and off the field to have his team prepared, to have his players he should be having play, in fact play.  And do not blame me for his head coaching decisions.  During these 14 seasons before this one, he has lost every year to teams he should have never lost to.  It costs us dearly every year.  He does a poor job, as you say, especially after 2007, SCDawg, sir.


(7) not be 57 % win percentage in bowl games after 2007.  Mark Richt’s record away from Sanford after 2007 sucks.  Overall, away and at home he once, had a 81 % win percentage.  Now, after 2007, he’s 68 % win percentage, overall. He once was great against teams who that season made the AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll Top 25.  Now, after 2007, he won twice only.  We have had 49 games not at Sanford and lost 21.  The games we’ve won, have been against cupcakes – except for 2 wins out of 49 games not at Sanford after 2007 !   It’s unacceptable and damn embarrassing to read hogwash excuses for it every year by the fans of our program who actually truthfully believe he is doing well.  No.  No, he’s not.  We do not beat the top teams away from Sanford, and only because he was extremely frustrated as all of us were with 2014, did he even try to win this bowl game.  A trophy for everyone has been his mantra.  Mark Richt does not give a shit about winning.  He actually  believes his calling is to be preacher man.  He actually has conflicting mixed messages about players who brought us so much bad press all 2014 that he told them each he loved them.  What the F is that ?  His calling is to be our head football coach at the rate of $ 4 million a year.


We do NOT have something more important that we adhere to here at Georgia than winning, as Mark Richt told us 2014.



And, you know what I love more than that ?  Reading tell me about my mama when my post is quite plain exactly in fact what we are doing nowadays after 2007.


Can you imagine what this off-season would be like right now had he lost this last bowl game, as he did 3 of the previous 4 bowl games ?  I wrote on my blog where I get to have my damn say unabated, just as I give you here, the Absolute Right to have your say sir, that he took the sour taste out of our mouth for 2014.  A season of what could’ve been.  But, wasn’t because once again he lost to 3 teams who were far less-talented but better coached against us than we offered-up against them.  In each case, Mark Richt discussed the single issue in each game that cost us the game.  In 2 of the 3, he admitted he was wrong.  In the 3rd loss to Florida who beat the shit out of us, he told the players who ran to the press telling everyone we took them lightly to shut the hell up.


That’s what you really want from me.


To shut the hell up.


Bury our heads in the damn sand.


Good Luck with that !


(8) not be 4-21 against teams higher ranked than us in the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the years after 2007.

” We (mostly) agree that we need to win more games, not lose to lesser teams, and have better winning % especially in the years since 2007.  ”     SCDawg


We do ?


Or, you do not want to hear about it ?

Mark Richt’s To-Do List :

(1) do not have only 72 remaining of 118 signed who with redshirt would’ve played last game.
(2) do not lose so many games against bowl teams after 2007 that our win % against them is only 54 %
(3) do not have 29 losses the latest 7-year period, an average of more than 4 losses a season.
(4) do not have so many games lost against less-talented teams who even with their win are unranked teams, 10 such after 2007 and 2 of those again in 2014.
(5) do not be 2-13 vs teams ranked AP Poll Top 10 for the seasons 2008 to current
(6) do not be 11-23 vs teams ranked for the seasons 2008 to current
(7) do not be 57 % win percentage in bowl games after 2007
(8) do not be 4-21 against teams higher ranked than us in the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the years after 2007.

Bluto’s Mark Richt’s To-Do List is bullshit (aka Senator Freaking Bluto) GET THE PICTURE ? I think not !


There is something here besides winning that’s important ?  Or we need more clear precise goals as our To-Do List – not bullshit ?  Which is it ?  Our goal is to quit losing for 7 years now more than 4 losses a season average ?  How do we teach them to obey the rules not punish them harshly as if that is teaching them to obey the rules ?  You’re clueless and more to the point purposely painting Mark Richt as not responsible for that which only he is responsible. He runs a lax ship and only punishes harshly.  He doesn’t know how to tell them to obey the rules.

Get the Picture says Mark Richt’s To Do List is to score more touchdowns in the red zone when Bluto says that surprises him !  And, not do anything about all the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off that led to having only 72 suit up for the latest game of the 118 he signed who with redshirt would’ve been playing instead.  And nothing to do with our abysmal 54 % win percentage against bowl teams the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era – after 2007.


Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about not losing to unranked teams as he’s done 10 times after 2007.  Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about him being # 50 in the nation at beating top 15 teams time of game after 2007 when we are all-time the # 11 program in wins.  How can this be that THESE are NOT on Mark Richt’s To-Do List pray tell ?


Well punks how ?


Mark Richt needs to fix this shit.  What is the fix for this shit ?  Obviously I am saying it is Mark Richt.  Aren’t I ?  Are you that God Damn Stupid that you can’t see I am saying that the fix to this crap is that Mark Richt just has to go  –  this God Damn Friqin’ Hero of yours- not mine ?


You do not fool me that you do not see this is what I am saying.


You are just acting stupid.


And, because you DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS THE ISSUES I am bringing up about your freaking hero and not mine.  Why ?  Because you know I am right if you did discuss any 1 of these individual points I make that you would agree with me.  You do not know these points.  If you did you would TALK ABOUT THEM as items Mark Richt needs to fix.


You do NOT know them.


They are NOT insignificant or meaningless.


They are ALL instead his win/loss record after 2007.


You know ?


Against top 15 teams after 2007 us # 11 all-time in wins.


Against unranked teams after 2007.


You know ?


With his average # 8 recruiting rankings.


Against teams who even go to a bowl game the season he plays them after 2007.


You know ?


The ones he likely as not loses to when they are bowl teams after 2007.


Quit telling me how great he was 2001-2007.  We all rooted for him then me included no matter how you try to paint me TODAY on that way back then 8 to 14 years’ ago.


He has LOST IT.


Against ALL these groups.


It’s not a mini-record.


It’s what he’s doing NOW – these latest 7 years making up the entire 2nd half his career here.

Quit ignoring the point.


The more you do, the more you cement MY POINTS in everyone’s mind.


Surely by now you know you are LOSING this argument and me winning it, don’t you ?


Sure you do.



These are his real To-Do List items not that he needs to JUST ONLY score more TD in the red zone.


So why is it then that NONE of you can discuss what the issues are ?


Because I do not say it in a fashion in which you can look at a sentence and say you could re-word it better ?  So could I.  So what ?  That is not what this is about and your stupid attempts to IGNORE all the facts or act like you knew them all anyway when you did not, just leaves me making my point and leaves me making my point which you make yourself out the village idiot for not addressing.


My points are here.


You attempting to avoid my points leaves ONLY ME MAKING MY POINTS of what should have been on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt for 2015 and did not.


Doesn’t it ?


Well punks ?


You’re just all a God Damn Bunch of NOTHING BUT INTERNET BULLIES the freaking lot of you.


These pervasive issues about Mark Richt are going to cost him his job.


I will see to it.


You want to stop me seeing to it.


This is where we are.


You are going to lose.

You IGNORE me at your own risk because I am making these points about him as coach and don’t give a shit if he is a fine man.  Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about teams who play in a bowl game the season he plays them which he is after 2007 likely as not to lose by the way.  Nothing about getting the ever-living shit kicked out of him after 2007 every year by more than 3 TD when he never did that 2001-2007 either.  Just that I can NOT say this on his blog, you can say the problem is my English or my mother and TRY TO IGNORE these points I DO BY GOD MAKE, and that he ONLY THINKS THE ONLY ISSUE is instead his bullshit Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 that we have to do better in the red zone scoring TD.  Yeah, that’s the point.  He’s a dumbass for even attempting to say that and does not have the balls to hear me take him to task on same on his blog where I made him look like shit so he banned me at your request because YOU ALL – as a group there – think we have some other goal besides winning here.  We don’t.  You can’t.  You’re wrong.  He’s shallow and off-point and he is wrong that Mark Richt only needs to score more TD in the red zone.  It is a LOT more pervasive across our football program than that shallow bullshit analysis and if Bluto and his minions don’t wake-up he will be FIRED for what I have been saying after 2007 about him.  He could have looked at ANY of my posts to know what Mark Richt’s To-Do List IS for 2015.  Any of them.  You can read my points quite clearly.  You just want to act stupid that you can’t.  Sure you can.  You do NOT LIKE WHAT I SAY not how I say it.  You can ALL stick it up your assholes.  I will make my point. I do make my point and you have NO POINT.


Whether you like it or not I am changing the court of public opinion about what a fine man Mark Richt is.  He is a fine man and shitty coach after 2007.  Wake-up.  You have FAILED to shut me up and I am WINNING.  That is what bothers you.

Bluto is the character’s name in the movie – not any damn freaking senator.  He showed-up online a few years’ back now in the Online Athens’ forum crying for censorship then, too.  Today, he writes a Mark Richt’s To-Do List.  Ah, bullshit Bluto is all I can say to such utter nonsense, Bluto !

(1) Mark Richt is # 21 in Won/Record after 2007 – the entire 2nd Half of Mark Richt era


Teams such as Florida, Southern California and Nebraska who have been abysmal, are all better than Mark Richt these latest 7 years now to-date.


And, Bluto says that Mark Richt’s To-Do List is scoring better when we are down there ready to score and that ” given how solid Georgia’s offense was running the ball ” that surprises him.  Dimwit.  Dumbass.


How about beating teams we should not be losing to, you freaking dumbass Bluto ?


Wouldn’t that be up there on the Mark Richt To-Do List ?


He’s 5-9 vs Florida, and let yet another underwhelming Florida team beat him.

He lost to Georgie tek to give their coach now not even a losing record against us at our house.

(2) He made a quarterback our Starting Quarterback who lost to 3 unranked teams and to lowlife # 52 average recruiting ranking Georgie tek – 4 inexplicable losses.


But, when we get down there ready to score, we should do better Bluto surmises – bless his heart – despite our awesome OL and running game.


How about our damned Quarterback # 88 in Passing Offense Bluto dumbshit ?  Nothing about that, either ?  If we had a passing game, we would have really racked-up down there in the red zone scoring touchdowns.


(3) Instead, we’re # 88 in Passing Offense nationally.


And, # 67 in Passing Yards per completion.  If Mike Bobo had not taken that demotion to way out there in the snow with a program who has a losing record all-time, Mark Richt would have never done anything about his offense which Bluto says is anemic inside the red zone actually scoring as Mark Richt’s To-Do List.

(4) Now that Penn State has been restored to its previous win total which the NCAA took away from them in 2012 and added back last week, UGA is now outside the Top 10 All-Time in Wins again back to # 11 All-Time.


Instead, Mark Richt has 29 Losses after 2007, an average of MORE than 4 losses per season for these 7 latest current seasons.


But, Bluto says that in the red zone, Mark Richt should score touchdowns more frequently.


God Almighty Bluto !   What a dumbass liar you are to not discuss what we’ve been doing these latest 7 years and the reasons for it, which are by the way the attrition on our roster.


In the latest football game, we had only 72 of the 118 signed scholarship recruits who with a redshirt season would’ve been playing this game.  None were drafted early by the NFL in the 2014 NFL Draft.


The attrition has been so damn devastating that teams who recruited nowhere near us have dominated us.  How do you explain away Florida’s win over us this season or South Carolina either for that matter ?  Georgie tek was supposed to beat us with their recruiting so sorry compared to our talent ?  No !


But, Bluto says nothing about this either, just that when we’re down there we need to score more touchdowns.


(5) Mark Richt’s To-Do List is quite a bit different from the bullshit presented by Bluto this day, I can assure the dumbass.


He has not won a national championship yet the coaches who have won these 15 years now average only 3 and a half years at the school before they won one.


Mark Richt has 2002 when unranked Florida of Ron Zook mind you held him to -0- of 13 on 3rd Down Conversions, a hapless Florida team.  And, Mark Richt has 2007 when not only did the vols blow us out but that we also lost 2007 to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even go to a damned bowl game.  Of course, there is 2012 when South Carolina beat us like a drum 35 to 7.  And, 2012 we have that wondrous do not spike the ball by Mark Richt as well !  These are the high water marks for Mark Richt.  The best of the best.  Mark Richt just has bad luck ?  Bullshit, he sucks and you know it.

Bad Luck, my Ass !

And, so he censors posts to “his blog” and calls me out saying I am not a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs.


Hogwash, he isn’t and never has been.


I’ve known this twit Bluto for 15 years now online.  He does not want the countering viewpoint and for smoke and mirrors, he shall reply to this reply to his bullshit post of Mark Richt’s To-Do List with there is something wrong with me !  No, his post sucks and even he Bluto senator of nothing, would readily admit that my discussion here is far more hitting the nail on the head for Mark Richt’s To-Do List !  Don’t you Bluto ?  Facebook says you have to know the person face-to-face.  I think not.  We all have many dealings with folks whom we speak with every day, and whom we send back and forth e-mails all the time to transact our business, and none of these are our friends ?  Bullshit Facebook.  Bullshit.  We do not “KNOW” these people ?  Ridiculous proposition. Bluto is a guy who is into censorship and into power and authority – wanting to tell everyone else how to live their lives – he having so screwed-up his own.  Daily in every blog post, Bluto, has come-on titles designed to get you to click the URL Link to see just what the hell it is his blog is about that day.


What is Bluto’s blog about ?


Well, # 1 it is a Mark Richt Apologist blog.  If that is not obvious.


And, # 2 it is a blog about anything but that which are our woes, anything but that which are our bucket list.  Afraid to bring it out in the open, and unwilling to discuss the real issues you get red herrings instead.


Bluto spends his days reading a blog such as this one here with meat in it, and then he “WRITES” a blog about it, putting it down and saying how worthless the blog’s point is.  He oozes censorship and unfair play, that he can say whatever the Hell he wants to say but Heavens Above, do not allow the altering viewpoint.


That is Bluto – the one you call senator when the character was called Bluto the entire movie.


(6) NEVER does Bluto have a point of his own.  Never !  Always just steal someone else’s idea and present it as his own blog post of the day with inane discussion of the point of the actual point-making blog post.


# 63 in Sacks by our Defense and Bluto tells you to your glee drink the damn Kool-Aid that we have all these mighty pass rushers returning to our team 2015.   We do not sack opposing quarterbacks, now do we Bluto ?  Why say that bullshit either then bubba Bluto ?






Come-on titles to stolen point-making blog posts where you throw your 2 cents worth in, all how great Mark Richt.




No, he isn’t.


Is he ?


He was when he 1st got here, but what he did 8 to 14 seasons’ ago has little resemblance to what he’s been doing since, now does it ?


After 2007, Mark Richt has 29 losses latest 7 years averaging over 4 losses a season 2nd Half CMR era.


Find that on Bluto’s blog and report back please ?


Find that on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt this morning ?


I’ll wait.


2-13 vs teams ranked AP Poll Top 10 for the seasons 2008 to current :


And, that is not on Mark Richt’s To-Do List Bluto ?


Hogwash bullshit freaking moron !


11-23 vs teams ranked for the seasons 2008 to current :


Add in to that that he has also lost to 10 unranked teams in this timeframe and you have a horrid situation requiring it to be up there at the top of Mark Richt’s To-Do List, you dumbass !


Right ?


Think just maybe you failed to hit the nail on the head ?


Again ?


As always ?


Only 2012 blown out by South Carolina and then the don’t spike it in front of me, and this past season when we lost to 3 far less talented teams has Mark Richt made the AP Poll Top 10 after 2007, clearly our goal as a program # 11 All-Time in Wins.  But, no that’s not listed – or, even hinted as a To-Do List action item for Mark Richt !


Mark Richt was 81 % Win Percentage but now these latest 7 years making up the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era, he’s only 68 % win percentage.


Is this perhaps maybe on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt ?  Hell freaking no.  It’s too obvious how lousy this blog post by Bluto !


Bluto misses the damn point right down the line, doesn’t he ?


He’s afraid to have the real topics discussed.


So, he leaves himself wide friqin’ open to a proper rebuttal to his utter nonsensical Mark Richt To-List blog post, doesn’t he ?


Well Bluto ?


What smartass reply have you to offer-up in defense of such bullshit man has never witnessed in the history of histories that your Mark Richt To-Do List is a worthy discussion of same ?


What response of how great you are and how that of not a fan of this football program I ?


Mark Richt is 65 % win percentage away from Sanford after 2007 to-date and no To-Do List discussion by you sir ?  Seriously ?

54 % win percentage vs Bowl Teams after 2007 to-date and not worthy on your To-Do List ?  Come on you bullshit artist of no substance and just censorship how great you are and your friqin’ To-Do List for Mark Richt !


57 % win percentage bowl game after 2007 and again no mention.  Why is that Bluto ?  You that stupid ?


Vs Higher YrRnk Tms: 25-(26.9%)-(4-21-0)–0.160 after 2007 to-date


4 wins 21 losses to teams after 2007 to-date who are higher ranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for these latest 7 seasons making up the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, and Bluto says this is not worthy of discussion on his blog post of that which is in his humble opinion the Mark Richt To-Do List.

2014 a season of that which could’ve been ends up # 9 both polls, 4-1 vs AP Poll Top 25 best win # 14 MO but 3 inexplicable losses 2 of whom are unranked for 2014 season either poll.

Lost to two teams who neither of whom were ranked and lost to another third team who recruited the average # 52 recruit to our # 9.  There is no way to look at 2014 except to say that it was a season of what could’ve been, but instead started out with 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off and ended-up # 9 in both polls.


4-1 vs Top 25 for the 2014 season with highest ranked AP Poll team we beat # 14 Missouri & # 15 Clemson, but lost to # 8 Georgie tek, and un-ranked South Carolina and un-ranked Florida.  If you beat a FCS team, it does not count in your won/lost record, but if you lose to them the loss does count.  Likewise then 2014 season shows us then 4-3 vs Top 25 with 3 excruciating inexplicable losses.


Wasted talent.

We should just move all of our games out of Sanford

We obviously do not have a good stadium and have no need to have any home games, so yes, we should just go have all of our games somewhere else.  Who cares about Athens anyway ?  We already have this silly series home only to Florida where they play the Gator Bowl every year.  Now, this AD is all hyped-up about playing yet another game away.  I presume he has not looked at the away record against ranked teams during the Greg McGarity watch, has he ?


26 % win percentage away vs ranked teams Greg McGarity era here.


We are fools.


Some schools, as I have been saying for sometime on this blog, have 8 home games.


We are talking about making our home games even 1 less than they already are – which is not competitive now.


We need, you see, a gimmick to get anyone to watch us.


Need to play away – Hell Greg McGarity just schedule all our games away from Sanford, what do you say ?


Dumbass Howdy Doody.

PAC-12 never won BCS National Championship out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts where no one follows football and where they have NO DEFENSE – Oregon Ducks

Oregon has never won the national championship, and their defense is the PITS.  Oregon # 82 on 3rd Down Conversion allowed by Defense, # 119 on 1st Downs allowed by Defense, # 108 on Passing Yards allowed by Defense.  The Pac-12 has 12 teams and only won 6 bowl games to The SEC who won 7 Bowl Games.  Pac-12 only had 8 Bowl Teams while The SEC had 12.  The PAC-12 is a damn joke, and always has been out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts.  Oregon.  My God Oregon.  My God PAC-12.


Colorado won the national championship in 1990 but back then they were not part of the PAC-12.  BYU won the national championship 1984 but they are an Independent.  Georgia won the national championship in 1980, but no PAC-12 team has won the national championship in football since.  In fact, you have to go back all the way to 1972 before you find a PAC-12 team winning the national championship in football.  Georgia has 6 national championships in football, but Oregon never has.  Oregon Ducks, what a joke from a joke of a conference in college football – the PAC-12.


The PAC-12 is nowhere in the same ballpark as The SEC.



Hear a lot about our overzealous drug policy, how bad our admin is, how indoor practice facility only 1 other SEC does not have, and the great recruits coming-in next, new coaches – hear a lot about all of these

They are the same posters who say our 29 losses the most recent 7 years is not all that bad, too.

They are the 1st posters who call for censorship.

They say that other teams tell our recruits about all this.

Oh, boo-hoo.

Do you really think the recruits do not know all this ?

That it was a long long long long long long long time ago that we were considered elite.

They say we were great 2012, 2007 and 2002.

2002 we lost for God’s sake to a team not ranked who held us to zero for 13 on 3rd Down Conversions.  Mark Richt was not jobbed 2002.  He wasn’t ready to play a team who calls us their # 1 Rival.  He is 5-9 against them.  That was Ron Zook for crying out loud.


2007, we lost to 2 more such teams.  One South Carolina for example was 6-6 and not even in a damn bowl game, but we lost to them.  The vols blew us out of the water – destroyed us.

2012 we lost to South Carolina 7 to 35.  Convenient how you forget all this, isn’t it ?  I am sure you even have an excuse for Aaron Murray asking Mark Richt 3 times should he spike it ?  Oh, yeah, I just love me 2012.  Such bullshit.

Hear a lot about our overzealous drug policy, how bad our admin is, how indoor practice facility only 1 other SEC does not have, and the great recruits coming-in next, new coaches – hear a lot about all of these.

Know what you do not hear a lot about ?


That we’re # 21 in won/lost record the most current latest most-recent 7-year period.


No one discusses that.


The 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.


They also do not talk about all the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off – except to whine about our written drug policy which is only different in 1st offenses from everyone else’s.


Our drug issues have been repeated violators who would have met the same fate at every other school by their policies.


They act like the police cover-up stuff about other teams’ issues, but we’ve covered-up as well.  Haven’t we ?


Do you remember our police chief press interview about Nick Marshall et al ?  He told us all that no one contacted the police.  That there was over $ 500 stolen in cash from the locker room.  That makes that a felony.  Police never notified.


We have a ton a damn excuses for 29 losses.

It takes a lot of excuses to cover-up for 29 losses.

10 of the 29 are to teams who either were not ranked at time of the game or for the season, or both.  That just the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

Remember when he used to win away from Sanford ?

Not so now, is it ?

We have a horrendous record away from Sanford nowadays against teams ranked for the seasons we lost to them in away.


Has talent been the issue here ?


No, it hasn’t been.  We’ve had plenty of talent.  Take South Carolina, Nebraska, Florida and Georgie tek – the latest 4 losses (by Hutson Mason), all 4 of those losses were to far less talented teams.

Was talent any issue in these most recent 4 losses ?

Averaging over 4 losses per season for 7  seasons now.

No.  Talent was here, but the coaching was not.

Do we need to expand our stadium ?  Sure we do.  Been many years since we talked about making it into a bowl with a view of Baxter Street dorms over the bridge.  Nothing has happened.

Whined about IPF.  Nothing done there either, yet even Vandie has a 120-yard field with a 6-lane track outside that 180,000 square feet – for all sports.

Now only 1 other SEC team does not have one.


But, we still have 29 damned losses the latest 7 years.

It’s all this bad press.

No. Not me.  I am not angry and upset.  You are complacent while I am not satisfied in the least bit with any of this.

We’re Top 10 All-Time in 1-A wins as a Program.

We find only 3 other states produce more high school recruits who go on to the NFL than we do.

Talent, ladies and gentlemen is not going to fix any of this.  Is it ?

The class coming-in will end up # 8.  It’s always like that.  That’s good recruiting.  Coaching ?  Not so good.

So wait until new OL and new OC get on same page as 2nd year DC.

Wait until we get a Special Teams’ coach.

Wait until Hell freaking freezes over.

The issues remain the same.

Yes, the AD is weak.  Yes, he has a horrendous record in football on his watch.

For the talent handed this coach, he is the dead last worst coach in all of America.

He fails to teach the boys to obey the rules.

He fails to prepare for the easy opponents who are lesser than we.

He fails against the top teams.

He fails to win and loses too many.

He doesn’t care.


Do I want us to go undefeated every year ?

What kind of hogwash is that ?

More of the make excuses crowd.

More of the you settle for nothingness – mediocrity.


Do you realize we have 6 wins out of the last 22 games away from Sanford against teams ranked for that season we beat them or not ?



Then, why do you brag about his away record ?


He sucks on the road against the top teams.

He sucks at teaching them to obey the rules.

He frankly sucks at hiring a coaching staff and I told him this 10 years ago that he was costing us with his sorry staffs.

Now, he has a good staff.

Will this change anything ?

I know this that he is still the head coach and still makes these decisions such as Joe Cox Starting QB over Zach Mettenberger NFL QB, Joe Tereshinski III Starting QB over Matthew Stafford NFL QB, and Hutson Mason over Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey – both of who also are NFL QB.

He still will not teach them to obey the rules.

We will brag on the recruiting class.

They will come here and be no different because they in fact are no better and no worse than the ones already handed this coach.

We have top facilities (other than Gym and IPF.)

We have fan support unmatched in any sport anywhere.

None of the football schools up where we are in football come close to the education at my alma mater here at UGA.

We’re in the Sun Belt – the Bible Belt.  Everyone wants to be here.

We have 7 million now they count here.  Loads uncounted.

We buy our merchandise.  Everywhere we all wear our Bulldogs’ memorabilia we all buy.  We say Go Dawgs ! to each other as we pass.  Our vehicles are clearly UGA vehicles.

Our homes are.

We hang on every news.

We follow year round.

Can’t even talk about the men losing in double overtime or women winning on road against really a pretty good Auburn team, despite making like 14 baskets.


All we think eat and drink is Bulldogs.

All of us.


The truth of the matter is it is all we really care about.

$ 100,000 and counting for me.  That’s just to be able to spend all my monies on our team.


It’s all I talk about.


It’s all any of us talk about.

It’s almost all we think about.


Seriously now we average over 4 losses for 7 years and that’s not that bad really for us ?

Mark Richt had bad luck ?

Other coaches’ teams –  14 others – got lucky and Mark Richt did not ?

Are you a fool ?


Do you really believe when LSU won 7 games against Top 25 teams 2007 that we deserved to be in the NC game and not them with our 2 losses to 2 horrible teams one who blew us out by three (3) touchdowns and the other who was 6-6 and not even in a bowl game ?  Was that bad luck or bad coaching ?


I want an answer to that ?


Do you really believe it was bad luck in 2002 either ?  That a team not even in the Top 25 even with their win over us held us to zero (0) of thirteen (13) on 3rd Down and beat us while 2 teams went undefeated ?  That’s bad luck or bad coaching ?  Damn it answer the freaking question ?


2012 was bad luck ?  Or bad coaching ?  South Carolina beat the ever-living shit out of us 7-35 and then our QB is smart enough to repeat the question in front of me to Mark Richt not once or twice, but 3 times : Spike It ?  Not liking the answer, he kept asking and Mark Richt kept telling him the same, no do not spike it.  You even have the damn balls to still today try on some new excuse for that one.

Squib kick with 3-point miraculous lead with 13 ticks on the clock ?  God Almighty.

1st and goal and Mark Richt says now he would’ve hammered it.  Jesus Christ is all I can say with Todd Gurley II and the crowd all knowing it would be.


Mark Richt makes no excuses for all these myriad of bullshit seasons all because he is a dumbass.


And, you ?


Where do you stand ?


We have only 72 of the 118 signed to play this season who were left and could even play in the latest game.  We have an outstanding large class coming-in ?  Duh.


We over-sign because we have too much attrition.

We stay in the bad press.


Mostly because every off-season YOU  brag on the staff and players and then reality hits averaging more than 4 losses per season for 7 years now.

You are proud to say that you indeed are a ?

Why don’t you brag some more about what he did 8 to 14 years’ ago now ?  I loved it then too.  That’s not what we have anymore around here nowadays, is it ?


Inexplicable losses


Not all that bad losing more than 4 games a season for 7 seasons now ?

Wait until the latest coach added fixes his won/loss for him  ?

Wait until the next batch of recruits fixes his won/loss for him ?

Wait until he has an IPF ?

Wait until the admin does not have HIS won/loss record as their won/loss record since he took over as his boss ?


He isn’t being paid enough ?


His prayer circle staff was not being paid enough ?  The OL coach at Alabama makes more than our OC ?  That’s the damned freaking problem around here ?


I am fed-up with it.  And, you are not !  It’s his damned religion, if you ask me ?






Brian Schottenheimer loves college football the most, and intends on being head coach at the right place. He’s turned down head coaching jobs in the NFL twice already because they were the wrong place at that time.  His dad is mostly famous in the NFL as a head coach for losing in the play-offs, and winning in the regular season; but Marty played linebacker.  Brian is a quarterback of some note.  He obviously sees the offense run here by Mark Richt, and believes that this will further his advancement – either here as Mark Richt’s replacement, or clearly at least to somewhere else in college as head coach at the right place and right time.  Connections remain the mainstay of this 41-year old.  While his dad is ESPN announcer we see on TV, his dad’s coaching tree is all connections.  His dad is only 71, so he was 30 when Brian was born.

Brian has seen it all both as a quarterback playing the game, and coaching including college and NFL.

He knows everyone.  His choices under him here will be future great coaches in their own rights.  Maybe better than Brian.  The book is not complete on Brian yet; but his lineage bodes well for his bright future in his prime now.

Jacob Park, Brice Ramsey, and Faton Bauta should do very well transitioning easily to the new OC, and this is now the 4th very good hire by Mark Richt.  Mark Richt is so tenured now that he is developing his own connections now because he is such a likable guy.

Mark Richt has surrounded himself with only those who recruit well.  Schottenheimer is another.  Future Quarterback recruits after 2015 season will see this as a huge big plus, while his success at offensive coordinator is solid and not spectacular.  He could use a spectacular but frankly you can seldom be head coach in college without being Offensive Coordinator.

Head Coach Brian Schottenheimer is around the corner now.

All-America Nick Chubb 2015, Sony Michel, and the stable of running backs 2015, are what brought Schottenheimer here.  That and the veteran 4-Starters Returning Offensive Line along with the great situation at both Tight Ends and Wide Receivers.

There is no question that he gets a jump-start being here January 7 with a month before Signing Day although many of our top targets are now already enrolled.  They all have to be thrilled.

I know I am.

There were times when Mike Bobo just did not get it.

He left me frustrated.

He made some nice calls, but too frequently left too much on the table, seemingly not understanding the objective was actually converting on 3rd downs – something he was particularly inept at – despite all the talent handed him.

This could not be a better position for Brian to be in.  It is a perfect fit.  It would be interesting to hear who called Mark for him ?

We should hire a lot more from the NFL at UGA.

The NFL is a different game than college and not as much fun.

And, this is where the water hits the wheel – not to be confused with the senior circuit’s huge success as the top fan-based sport worldwide.

If you are blinders on about the NFL, then you never do anything but look down at college football.  But, I have to share with you as a long-suffering Falcons’ fan and fan of other NFL teams before the Falcons got here in my youth, that there is something about the grind of the NFL that leaves you wanting something more, something better – something more exciting than being caught-up in the daily grind of the middling NFL clubs.

There is only 1 Super Bowl Champion.  Anything else, as Marty Schottenheimer attests, is really just going through the motions.  The money in the NFL is really little difference from that Brian can get in college.  He’s done both – back and forth.  This is what he prefers.

Me too.

In the NFL, if your team has poor draft picks, you might have no running back, no OL, and no defense.  How much fun is that ?  You get top picks each year, but that takes a long time.  Ask Detroit.

In college, if you hire-on to a place that has running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, OL, and lots of pieces on defense, along with a solid kicking game, you can make a name for yourself and achieve your ambitions.  Brian’s are to be college head coach.

How good a college head coach will Brian be ?

You have to surround yourself with connections and have in-fact a real staff.

For far too long here, Mark Richt did anything but.

That not only has resulted in not only consistently losing to mediocre teams with far less talent than he, but also recently – if 7 latest years is recently – this has also manifested itself with the utter lack of wins against top teams away from Sanford.

For the talent he has, he has to have this kind of a staff that he has now.

Not a prayer circle.

I think Brian knows a quarterback when he sees one.

# 58 on 3rd Down Conversions with all this talent

# 88 in Passing Offense

left us with 3 losses to far-less talented teams 2014-2015.


We could not continue with such a poorly-conceived offense – not with all this wasted talent on it.  Mike Bobo is at a bad place at the wrong time, a move Brian would never make.  Bobo gave-up a better job to take a demotion, while Brian is at the right place at the right time and has a far brighter future directly as a result.  Will Brian move on ?  Yes, but he might be back too.  In the meantime, we are a better football team this morning than we were at # 58 on 3rd Down Conversions because of our # 88 Passing Offense.  I expect Brian to decide which quarterbacks to play and when.  He backed-up Danny Wuerffel which means he saw good action for Steve Spurrier, and that is what I fully expect of him while he’s here, too.  Obviously.

I predict that Brian Schottenheimer will be the Offensive Coordinator of the Year, and that our Rivals hate that we have someone who knows which type of play to call based on down and distance for a damn change.

This is a fine staff Mark Richt has and he has great talent, lacking nowhere 2015.


Of course, if Mark Richt CONTINUES to make all the decisions herein listed as Brian Schottenheimer’s choices instead, you will blame Mark Richt for making the wrong hire !  And, say that he hasn’t done well as OC anywhere he’s ever been, as I say here too.  Mark Richt is so stubborn !

Lady Bulldogs impressive revenge win over Alabama who they had beat 23 times in a row, until last season, in 64-47 SEC Home Opener. Mizzou next up Thurs 1/8 at 7 pm SEC Network 792

Andy Landers emptied the bench in our SEC Home Opener, after having lost 2 games in a row – following our 12-0 start to the season.  Shacobia Barbee seems to be recovering from her injury 3 games ago when she was slammed to the floor in brute-fashion, knocking her out of that game.  The Lady Bulldogs began on a 9-0 run, and never looked back.  Marjorie Butler picked-up her game and drove the lane some in route to 4 assists to only 1 turnover – a fine showing; but she did take shots and missed them all again.  Need to work on that.  A smart gal, Marjorie Butler needs to dish once driving the lane.  A shooter, she is not.  Really no point guard is, not really.

4 January 2015

Mackenzie Engram had an impressive performance in front of the home crowd and national TV audience in HDTV, turning in 6 strong rebounds all on the defensive glass – seemingly looking for the ball on offense and not seeing many shots miss by The Lady Bulldogs this afternoon.  She also turned-in 9 points including a beautiful 3-point shot.  She should have had 2 assists and they were awesome looks underneath, and added 2 blocks.

Conspicuously missing was Erika Ford.  No word was given that her struggles recently are something that is bothering her.  She is mighty important to this team, and I look for a quick return to the line-up so all 13 can play maybe next game.

Halle Washington came in off the bench and turned in 67 % shooting from the field.  Wonderful.  She also had several rebounds, and an assist but did have 5 turnovers, before fouling out.

Jasmine Carter added 50 % from the field on 2 of 4 shooting.  This is exactly what our bench must do in league action.

Andy Landers fought loudly for Hannahkohl Almire‘s floater as the shot clock expired at 21 seconds to go in the game, but they spent several minutes and could not determine to put her basket up.  I thought the basket was good.  The replay didn’t show much.  It’s such an old gym.  The facility must be upgraded very soon.  Please.

Terry Godwin’s older sister got in the game.  Terryuana Godwin is on scholarship, as I previously reported on this blog.  They are very close, and Terry perhaps one of the nation’s best football players.

Krista Donald did not miss a shot, and sitting there, we thought maybe you guys read my blog and were going to feed her, finally; but, you quit getting her the ball ?

Tiaria Griffin is our shooting guard, and she led all scorers with 16 points on 7 for 11 from the field, including five shots from behind the arc.  Impressively, she kept driving the lane for baskets, several after stealing the ball and running the length of the court.

Merritt Hempe kept driving the lane as well.  Everyone drove the lane.  Merritt Hempe would drive and score as well, adding 7 rebounds and 15 points, on only 2 turnovers.  Mighty nice.  Adding an assist, Merritt Hempe stepped-up to the free throw line and sunk 9 of 10 there.

Andy Landers had beat Alabama 23 straight times until last season, so we really wanted to win this game and it showed.

Andy Landers 856 wins just here at UGA, is undefeated at home thanks to his stifling defense he insists on.  At one point in the game, up by double-digits, he came out of his seat when they scored once.  He quickly called a time-out and really had at it about defensive feet work.  For the game, as always, The Lady Bulldogs held Alabama to only 30 % from the field, while hitting on all cylinders including the bench for 46 % from the field for us.

Next up is Missouri here at home for us at 7 pm Thursday 8 January 2015 on SEC Network channel 892 HD TV Comcast.

Andy Landers is far more likely to win the games than Mark Richt, although he has a less impressive facility contributing to not having as many top recruits as Mark Richt.  More with less, that is the definition of coaching.


# 16 AP Poll

# 18 Coaches’ Poll

# 44 RPI

Missouri is 10-5 on the season and # 133 RPI.




SEC East goes undefeated 5-0 in bowl games 2014-2015 Bowl Season, led by UGA’s victory over Louisville while we have 29 losses latest 7 years # 21 latest 7 years for us



Georgia beat # 21 Louisville who won at Notre Dame who beat LSU Music City Bowl

Florida beat East Carolina who beat Virginia Tech when they were # 17

South Carolina beat supposedly rebuilt Miami of Florida leaving ACC 4-7 in bowl games

Missouri beat Big 10 Minnesota in the re-named Citrus bowl

Tennessee beat Iowa who lost by 2 points to Wisconsin 24-26 who beat Auburn Outback Bowl by 3

 5-0 SEC East Bowl Games this season

The only conference who won more bowl games than The SEC East alone was the Pac-12 who has 6 bowl wins this season, and they had 2 losses !


Ole Miss got blown-out in Peach Bowl by 5 TD and 2 FG

Alabama defense blistered for 42 points in Sugar Bowl by team 12 previous bowls vs SEC never won

Miss St lost by 15 to Georgie tek in Orange Bowl for their 1st Major Bowl win after 1955

LSU lost to Notre Dame who still even after the win does not have a winning bowl record, even.

Auburn lost to Wisconsin in Music City bowl.

2-5 SEC West in Bowl games this season.

Only Texas A&M and Arkansas of SEC West even won their bowl games, while Georgia and Missouri beat Arkansas and while Missouri beat Texas A&M as well.


The mystique of the SEC West is shattered.  In fact, they have collectively shamed the entire SEC with their bowl performances this season, now over.


The SEC’s 7 Bowl Wins this season tops all conferences, thanks to The SEC East !


Hell, Ohio State had played 12 Bowl Games against SEC teams and never won even once, before beating Alabama scoring 42 points on Nick Saban.

Notre Dame does not even have a winning bowl record, even after beating LSU.

Nice job SEC West.

Instead of trying to tell us all how great you all are before you even play each other, how about winning other than over yourselves !

Bring on Alabama 2015 !  Lame Kitten’s play calling was horrendous and childish against Ohio State and their defense was lackluster.  Alabama does not have any more talent on their team than we have.

We have South Carolina at our house game 3 in 2015, then 2 games later welcome Alabama back to Sanford as well.  Then, we have the vols up there, followed directly by inviting Missouri back here.  Then, we have an open date, then Florida.  2 games after that, we go to Auburn where we more likely than not win.  And, then we have Georgia Southern University who was snubbed from a bowl game 2014 when they damn sure earned one, and then Georgie tek who has a QB, don’t they ?  We play them at Bobby Dodd Stadium 2015, where we own them – their stinking old stadium named for a college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at ObKnoxiousville.


We start-off with 2 easy games against cupcakes 2015, so we can have as many suspensions again this off-season as the guys want.

Have at it.

Party hearty.

The coaching staff is all given raises and extensions for losing to 2 unranked teams and a 3rd team whose average recruiting rank is # 52 and their coach now does not even have a losing record at Sanford.  Good thing we play them there !


Only 2 SEC teams played bowl games on days’ before us this season.

Our bowl record is 2-3 over the latest 5-year period.

We have 10 losses to unranked teams after 2007.


We have had 9 seasons of 14 with 10 wins or more, but only half of the last 6 years !


It would seem prudent to me to give raises and extensions to coaches when they are doing well.  You send mixed messages of what is acceptable to extend their contracts and give them raises to great fanfare when in fact after 2007,, we have won 2 games and lost 1 for 7 entire seasons  – a paltry 67 % win percentage when Mark Richt had an 81 % win percentage back when he was calling play calls for us as our Offensive Coordinator – which is what he told us he would do when Vince Dooley hired him December 20, 2000.


So, we usher in a New Year, and Happy New Year to all, while we spend our off-season bragging on our recruiting.  The only problem with that is that one we will end up the # 8 ranked class 2015.  And two, talent here has never been an issue.  Our issues are two-fold : First losing to lackluster unranked teams and Second losing to the top teams – none of whom did we play 2014.  We do this because of our roster mismanagement we’ve practiced every year !


2015 is a far more challenging schedule.  We lose only 1 of the OL starters.  We need a slew of players on defense.  We are way short of scholarship recruits, again.  We do not play starters on our special teams as we see all these top teams doing, who by the way over 100 of them now have a Special Teams’ Coach, which we do not have.  Brice Ramsey is concerned for his job and Jacob Park has kept quiet.  Faton Bauta has done everything asked of him, and more; but, could obviously play lots of positions for us – unlike the other 2 pocket passers.


We return our running backs, except for Todd Gurley II – when he was not on the field here more often than he was.


Here in this state where only 3 other states have more high school recruits who go on to the NFL, our fortune cookie for 2015 reads the same as it has all the previous 14 seasons.


We tell the coaches they are doing great.

We recruit well.

We still lose to less-talented teams.

We fail to beat the top teams.

We have been doing this for 7 seasons in a row now.

8th season in a row, shall be, no different.

Did I mention the off-season shall be marred by arrests/suspensions/kicked-off and that we completed 2014 with 16 such.

Maybe I did.

Maybe I stated clearly that Mark Richt not calling the plays and the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off have directly led to our demise 7 seasons in a row – 2014 included.


Now, give them all raises and extensions.  Tell them how great they are with 9 of 14 seasons 10-win seasons in what is now 15-game seasons for the top teams of which we have not been and are not now either, and disregard that half the latest half a dozen seasons have seen us NOT make even 10-wins.

It’s sad for what passes for great around here.  SEC West included.

29 losses latest current 7 years for Mark Richt including 10 to unranked teams, a lousy record away from Sanford, horrible record against top 25 teams even and anemic record against top 10 – but, boy do we have talent – all wasted.


I-A FBS Southeastern Conference East division

2014 at 10-3

2013 at 08-5

2012 at 12-2

2011 at 10-4

2010 at 6-7

2009 at 8-5

2008 at 10-3


2nd Half of the Mark Richt era


I-A Winning Percentage 2008-2014 (7 years) 2nd half his tenure

# 1   Alabama 84 -11

# 2   Boise State 81-12

# 3   Oregon 80-13

# 4   Ohio State 64-16

# 5   Florida State 74-21 distracted all year by Jameis Winston

# 6   Texas Christian 70-20

# 7   Oklahoma 71-22

# 8t Louisiana State 69-23

# 8t Georgia Southern 9-3

# 10   Michigan State 68-25

# 11   Northern Illinois 70-26

# 12   Stanford 67-25

# 13   Oklahoma State 66-25

# 14t Cincinnati 65-26

# 14t Southern Cal 65-26

# 16   Wisconsin 67-27

# 17   Nebraska 66-28

# 18   Florida 63-28

# 19 Missouri 64-29

# 20 Clemson 64-29

# 21 Georgia 64-29

I say give him a 4-year extension and pay him the # 21 best in the nation, while reminding him that NONE of these teams ahead of him in won/lost record the entire 2nd half of his tenure here had better talent than he did. Say something such as coaching is defined as getting more from less – not the opposite. Remind him too that his win percentage was 81 % when he was calling the plays because it kept his head in the game. And, ask him to teach his scholarship recruits to obey the rules for a damn change, ok ?

UGA Top 10 Wins’ Program All-Time should be WAY UP this chart of won/lost records his 2nd half of his career here. Ask him why recently, currently, the latest 7 years have been so mediocre – so inconsistent, so schizophrenic ?

I thought Florida was doing worse than us ?

I thought Clemson was doing worse than us ?

I thought Missouri was doing worse than us ?

I thought Southern California was doing worse than us ?

I thought Nebraska was doing worse than us ?

I thought Oklahoma State was doing worse than us ?

I thought Oklahoma was doing worse than us ?

I thought Stanford was doing worse than us ?

I thought Wisconsin was doing worse than us ?

I thought LSU was doing worse than us ?




In fact, none of them are.


I know they did not have the talent we have had these latest 7 years. I can tell you that.


But, none of these teams are doing worse than us, are they ?


Let’s brag on us all off-season.  We’re great !




Alabama vs Lady Bulldogs 1 pm Sunday Jan 4, 2015 on Sports South Network channel 884 Comcast HD

Marjorie Butler, the worst 3-point shooter on the team, took 7 more 3-point shots last night in route to losing the game on the road at Starkville – a fine team in their own right and we knew that going-in.  For the season now, Marjorie Butler has taken 25 three-point shots and made 4 for 16 % shooting from the behind the arc.  Why ?

After starting the season 12-0, the Lady Bulldogs have fallen twice in a row now on the road against ranked teams because we cannot shoot the ball, and the people taking the shots are the ones least likely to make them.  Our Center drifted outside last night to take three more 3-point shots herself.  Merritt Hempe made none, and for the season now is 1-8 an even more paltry 12 % three-point percentage.

Between them they took 10 three-point shots and made 2, slightly better than their average for the entire season; and, exactly what they and everyone else besides themselves expected them to make of 10 three-point shots.  It cost us the game.


Despite out-rebounding Mississippi State 43-38, we shot 21 three-point shots – missing 16 costing us the game.

To compound our issues, Marjorie Butler refused to drive the lane and dish to Merritt Hempe – instead settling for long shots jacking the ball up like she is our best shooter which complicated the matters then when she also as a direct result never shot a single free throw.  This is exactly what a point guard does not do.


It is rare for a point guard to be able to also shoot the ball.  Her job is to drive the lane, get fouled, and dish – to create plays.  Instead, jacking the ball up like that, causes nothing but dissention on the team.  And, mounting losses with the tough SEC slate we face.

Erika Ford came in from the bench, and for the 2nd consecutive game – both losses – threw gasoline on the fire making only 2 of 12 shots from the field and nearly fouling out.  No offense, no defense, fouls, no assists and turnover.  This is unlike Erika Ford, and it has directly led as well to our 2-game losing streak now, going into tomorrow’s contest on Comcast 884 at 1 pm against Alabama.

This does not bode well for us.  It’s a shame we need to recruit shooters for a team who has shooters, but the ball hogs with the ball want to jack it up instead.

If it were a men’s game, someone would take them out back and settle it.

I am frustrated with the shooting not only from the 3-point line, but also both from the field and the charity stripe.

We, as a team, cannot shoot the ball because the ones who do get their hands on the ball, jack it up and miss.

It is going to be a long season, if we do not learn from now 2 consecutive losses from the wrong shooters taking all the shots and missing them, while failing to drive and dish the ball off to the big men underneath.  Krista Donald for example.  Get her the damn ball.

Or, dish it back after driving the lane to Tiaria Griffin.  If you are incapable of driving the ball to the lane and dishing underneath or back-out, then ask to sit down.  You’re embarrassing your teammates with your ball hog attitude, poor shooting, failing to do your duty, and losing us game after game.

I said this after the last loss, and instead of correcting any of it, bull-headed, you go right back out there and not only do it again, but worse this time – even more profound.

Surely, you can step back and evaluate your own game.  You don’t need me to tell you again and again.

You are on target to graduate.  You’re not stupid.

Pardon me for calling it like it is.

Andy Landers I am certain keeps telling you this ?