Alabama vs Lady Bulldogs 1 pm Sunday Jan 4, 2015 on Sports South Network channel 884 Comcast HD

Marjorie Butler, the worst 3-point shooter on the team, took 7 more 3-point shots last night in route to losing the game on the road at Starkville – a fine team in their own right and we knew that going-in.  For the season now, Marjorie Butler has taken 25 three-point shots and made 4 for 16 % shooting from the behind the arc.  Why ?

After starting the season 12-0, the Lady Bulldogs have fallen twice in a row now on the road against ranked teams because we cannot shoot the ball, and the people taking the shots are the ones least likely to make them.  Our Center drifted outside last night to take three more 3-point shots herself.  Merritt Hempe made none, and for the season now is 1-8 an even more paltry 12 % three-point percentage.

Between them they took 10 three-point shots and made 2, slightly better than their average for the entire season; and, exactly what they and everyone else besides themselves expected them to make of 10 three-point shots.  It cost us the game.


Despite out-rebounding Mississippi State 43-38, we shot 21 three-point shots – missing 16 costing us the game.

To compound our issues, Marjorie Butler refused to drive the lane and dish to Merritt Hempe – instead settling for long shots jacking the ball up like she is our best shooter which complicated the matters then when she also as a direct result never shot a single free throw.  This is exactly what a point guard does not do.


It is rare for a point guard to be able to also shoot the ball.  Her job is to drive the lane, get fouled, and dish – to create plays.  Instead, jacking the ball up like that, causes nothing but dissention on the team.  And, mounting losses with the tough SEC slate we face.

Erika Ford came in from the bench, and for the 2nd consecutive game – both losses – threw gasoline on the fire making only 2 of 12 shots from the field and nearly fouling out.  No offense, no defense, fouls, no assists and turnover.  This is unlike Erika Ford, and it has directly led as well to our 2-game losing streak now, going into tomorrow’s contest on Comcast 884 at 1 pm against Alabama.

This does not bode well for us.  It’s a shame we need to recruit shooters for a team who has shooters, but the ball hogs with the ball want to jack it up instead.

If it were a men’s game, someone would take them out back and settle it.

I am frustrated with the shooting not only from the 3-point line, but also both from the field and the charity stripe.

We, as a team, cannot shoot the ball because the ones who do get their hands on the ball, jack it up and miss.

It is going to be a long season, if we do not learn from now 2 consecutive losses from the wrong shooters taking all the shots and missing them, while failing to drive and dish the ball off to the big men underneath.  Krista Donald for example.  Get her the damn ball.

Or, dish it back after driving the lane to Tiaria Griffin.  If you are incapable of driving the ball to the lane and dishing underneath or back-out, then ask to sit down.  You’re embarrassing your teammates with your ball hog attitude, poor shooting, failing to do your duty, and losing us game after game.

I said this after the last loss, and instead of correcting any of it, bull-headed, you go right back out there and not only do it again, but worse this time – even more profound.

Surely, you can step back and evaluate your own game.  You don’t need me to tell you again and again.

You are on target to graduate.  You’re not stupid.

Pardon me for calling it like it is.

Andy Landers I am certain keeps telling you this ?