Lady Bulldogs impressive revenge win over Alabama who they had beat 23 times in a row, until last season, in 64-47 SEC Home Opener. Mizzou next up Thurs 1/8 at 7 pm SEC Network 792

Andy Landers emptied the bench in our SEC Home Opener, after having lost 2 games in a row – following our 12-0 start to the season.  Shacobia Barbee seems to be recovering from her injury 3 games ago when she was slammed to the floor in brute-fashion, knocking her out of that game.  The Lady Bulldogs began on a 9-0 run, and never looked back.  Marjorie Butler picked-up her game and drove the lane some in route to 4 assists to only 1 turnover – a fine showing; but she did take shots and missed them all again.  Need to work on that.  A smart gal, Marjorie Butler needs to dish once driving the lane.  A shooter, she is not.  Really no point guard is, not really.

4 January 2015

Mackenzie Engram had an impressive performance in front of the home crowd and national TV audience in HDTV, turning in 6 strong rebounds all on the defensive glass – seemingly looking for the ball on offense and not seeing many shots miss by The Lady Bulldogs this afternoon.  She also turned-in 9 points including a beautiful 3-point shot.  She should have had 2 assists and they were awesome looks underneath, and added 2 blocks.

Conspicuously missing was Erika Ford.  No word was given that her struggles recently are something that is bothering her.  She is mighty important to this team, and I look for a quick return to the line-up so all 13 can play maybe next game.

Halle Washington came in off the bench and turned in 67 % shooting from the field.  Wonderful.  She also had several rebounds, and an assist but did have 5 turnovers, before fouling out.

Jasmine Carter added 50 % from the field on 2 of 4 shooting.  This is exactly what our bench must do in league action.

Andy Landers fought loudly for Hannahkohl Almire‘s floater as the shot clock expired at 21 seconds to go in the game, but they spent several minutes and could not determine to put her basket up.  I thought the basket was good.  The replay didn’t show much.  It’s such an old gym.  The facility must be upgraded very soon.  Please.

Terry Godwin’s older sister got in the game.  Terryuana Godwin is on scholarship, as I previously reported on this blog.  They are very close, and Terry perhaps one of the nation’s best football players.

Krista Donald did not miss a shot, and sitting there, we thought maybe you guys read my blog and were going to feed her, finally; but, you quit getting her the ball ?

Tiaria Griffin is our shooting guard, and she led all scorers with 16 points on 7 for 11 from the field, including five shots from behind the arc.  Impressively, she kept driving the lane for baskets, several after stealing the ball and running the length of the court.

Merritt Hempe kept driving the lane as well.  Everyone drove the lane.  Merritt Hempe would drive and score as well, adding 7 rebounds and 15 points, on only 2 turnovers.  Mighty nice.  Adding an assist, Merritt Hempe stepped-up to the free throw line and sunk 9 of 10 there.

Andy Landers had beat Alabama 23 straight times until last season, so we really wanted to win this game and it showed.

Andy Landers 856 wins just here at UGA, is undefeated at home thanks to his stifling defense he insists on.  At one point in the game, up by double-digits, he came out of his seat when they scored once.  He quickly called a time-out and really had at it about defensive feet work.  For the game, as always, The Lady Bulldogs held Alabama to only 30 % from the field, while hitting on all cylinders including the bench for 46 % from the field for us.

Next up is Missouri here at home for us at 7 pm Thursday 8 January 2015 on SEC Network channel 892 HD TV Comcast.

Andy Landers is far more likely to win the games than Mark Richt, although he has a less impressive facility contributing to not having as many top recruits as Mark Richt.  More with less, that is the definition of coaching.


# 16 AP Poll

# 18 Coaches’ Poll

# 44 RPI

Missouri is 10-5 on the season and # 133 RPI.




SEC East goes undefeated 5-0 in bowl games 2014-2015 Bowl Season, led by UGA’s victory over Louisville while we have 29 losses latest 7 years # 21 latest 7 years for us



Georgia beat # 21 Louisville who won at Notre Dame who beat LSU Music City Bowl

Florida beat East Carolina who beat Virginia Tech when they were # 17

South Carolina beat supposedly rebuilt Miami of Florida leaving ACC 4-7 in bowl games

Missouri beat Big 10 Minnesota in the re-named Citrus bowl

Tennessee beat Iowa who lost by 2 points to Wisconsin 24-26 who beat Auburn Outback Bowl by 3

 5-0 SEC East Bowl Games this season

The only conference who won more bowl games than The SEC East alone was the Pac-12 who has 6 bowl wins this season, and they had 2 losses !


Ole Miss got blown-out in Peach Bowl by 5 TD and 2 FG

Alabama defense blistered for 42 points in Sugar Bowl by team 12 previous bowls vs SEC never won

Miss St lost by 15 to Georgie tek in Orange Bowl for their 1st Major Bowl win after 1955

LSU lost to Notre Dame who still even after the win does not have a winning bowl record, even.

Auburn lost to Wisconsin in Music City bowl.

2-5 SEC West in Bowl games this season.

Only Texas A&M and Arkansas of SEC West even won their bowl games, while Georgia and Missouri beat Arkansas and while Missouri beat Texas A&M as well.


The mystique of the SEC West is shattered.  In fact, they have collectively shamed the entire SEC with their bowl performances this season, now over.


The SEC’s 7 Bowl Wins this season tops all conferences, thanks to The SEC East !


Hell, Ohio State had played 12 Bowl Games against SEC teams and never won even once, before beating Alabama scoring 42 points on Nick Saban.

Notre Dame does not even have a winning bowl record, even after beating LSU.

Nice job SEC West.

Instead of trying to tell us all how great you all are before you even play each other, how about winning other than over yourselves !

Bring on Alabama 2015 !  Lame Kitten’s play calling was horrendous and childish against Ohio State and their defense was lackluster.  Alabama does not have any more talent on their team than we have.

We have South Carolina at our house game 3 in 2015, then 2 games later welcome Alabama back to Sanford as well.  Then, we have the vols up there, followed directly by inviting Missouri back here.  Then, we have an open date, then Florida.  2 games after that, we go to Auburn where we more likely than not win.  And, then we have Georgia Southern University who was snubbed from a bowl game 2014 when they damn sure earned one, and then Georgie tek who has a QB, don’t they ?  We play them at Bobby Dodd Stadium 2015, where we own them – their stinking old stadium named for a college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at ObKnoxiousville.


We start-off with 2 easy games against cupcakes 2015, so we can have as many suspensions again this off-season as the guys want.

Have at it.

Party hearty.

The coaching staff is all given raises and extensions for losing to 2 unranked teams and a 3rd team whose average recruiting rank is # 52 and their coach now does not even have a losing record at Sanford.  Good thing we play them there !


Only 2 SEC teams played bowl games on days’ before us this season.

Our bowl record is 2-3 over the latest 5-year period.

We have 10 losses to unranked teams after 2007.


We have had 9 seasons of 14 with 10 wins or more, but only half of the last 6 years !


It would seem prudent to me to give raises and extensions to coaches when they are doing well.  You send mixed messages of what is acceptable to extend their contracts and give them raises to great fanfare when in fact after 2007,, we have won 2 games and lost 1 for 7 entire seasons  – a paltry 67 % win percentage when Mark Richt had an 81 % win percentage back when he was calling play calls for us as our Offensive Coordinator – which is what he told us he would do when Vince Dooley hired him December 20, 2000.


So, we usher in a New Year, and Happy New Year to all, while we spend our off-season bragging on our recruiting.  The only problem with that is that one we will end up the # 8 ranked class 2015.  And two, talent here has never been an issue.  Our issues are two-fold : First losing to lackluster unranked teams and Second losing to the top teams – none of whom did we play 2014.  We do this because of our roster mismanagement we’ve practiced every year !


2015 is a far more challenging schedule.  We lose only 1 of the OL starters.  We need a slew of players on defense.  We are way short of scholarship recruits, again.  We do not play starters on our special teams as we see all these top teams doing, who by the way over 100 of them now have a Special Teams’ Coach, which we do not have.  Brice Ramsey is concerned for his job and Jacob Park has kept quiet.  Faton Bauta has done everything asked of him, and more; but, could obviously play lots of positions for us – unlike the other 2 pocket passers.


We return our running backs, except for Todd Gurley II – when he was not on the field here more often than he was.


Here in this state where only 3 other states have more high school recruits who go on to the NFL, our fortune cookie for 2015 reads the same as it has all the previous 14 seasons.


We tell the coaches they are doing great.

We recruit well.

We still lose to less-talented teams.

We fail to beat the top teams.

We have been doing this for 7 seasons in a row now.

8th season in a row, shall be, no different.

Did I mention the off-season shall be marred by arrests/suspensions/kicked-off and that we completed 2014 with 16 such.

Maybe I did.

Maybe I stated clearly that Mark Richt not calling the plays and the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off have directly led to our demise 7 seasons in a row – 2014 included.


Now, give them all raises and extensions.  Tell them how great they are with 9 of 14 seasons 10-win seasons in what is now 15-game seasons for the top teams of which we have not been and are not now either, and disregard that half the latest half a dozen seasons have seen us NOT make even 10-wins.

It’s sad for what passes for great around here.  SEC West included.

29 losses latest current 7 years for Mark Richt including 10 to unranked teams, a lousy record away from Sanford, horrible record against top 25 teams even and anemic record against top 10 – but, boy do we have talent – all wasted.


I-A FBS Southeastern Conference East division

2014 at 10-3

2013 at 08-5

2012 at 12-2

2011 at 10-4

2010 at 6-7

2009 at 8-5

2008 at 10-3


2nd Half of the Mark Richt era


I-A Winning Percentage 2008-2014 (7 years) 2nd half his tenure

# 1   Alabama 84 -11

# 2   Boise State 81-12

# 3   Oregon 80-13

# 4   Ohio State 64-16

# 5   Florida State 74-21 distracted all year by Jameis Winston

# 6   Texas Christian 70-20

# 7   Oklahoma 71-22

# 8t Louisiana State 69-23

# 8t Georgia Southern 9-3

# 10   Michigan State 68-25

# 11   Northern Illinois 70-26

# 12   Stanford 67-25

# 13   Oklahoma State 66-25

# 14t Cincinnati 65-26

# 14t Southern Cal 65-26

# 16   Wisconsin 67-27

# 17   Nebraska 66-28

# 18   Florida 63-28

# 19 Missouri 64-29

# 20 Clemson 64-29

# 21 Georgia 64-29

I say give him a 4-year extension and pay him the # 21 best in the nation, while reminding him that NONE of these teams ahead of him in won/lost record the entire 2nd half of his tenure here had better talent than he did. Say something such as coaching is defined as getting more from less – not the opposite. Remind him too that his win percentage was 81 % when he was calling the plays because it kept his head in the game. And, ask him to teach his scholarship recruits to obey the rules for a damn change, ok ?

UGA Top 10 Wins’ Program All-Time should be WAY UP this chart of won/lost records his 2nd half of his career here. Ask him why recently, currently, the latest 7 years have been so mediocre – so inconsistent, so schizophrenic ?

I thought Florida was doing worse than us ?

I thought Clemson was doing worse than us ?

I thought Missouri was doing worse than us ?

I thought Southern California was doing worse than us ?

I thought Nebraska was doing worse than us ?

I thought Oklahoma State was doing worse than us ?

I thought Oklahoma was doing worse than us ?

I thought Stanford was doing worse than us ?

I thought Wisconsin was doing worse than us ?

I thought LSU was doing worse than us ?




In fact, none of them are.


I know they did not have the talent we have had these latest 7 years. I can tell you that.


But, none of these teams are doing worse than us, are they ?


Let’s brag on us all off-season.  We’re great !