Brian Schottenheimer loves college football the most, and intends on being head coach at the right place. He’s turned down head coaching jobs in the NFL twice already because they were the wrong place at that time.  His dad is mostly famous in the NFL as a head coach for losing in the play-offs, and winning in the regular season; but Marty played linebacker.  Brian is a quarterback of some note.  He obviously sees the offense run here by Mark Richt, and believes that this will further his advancement – either here as Mark Richt’s replacement, or clearly at least to somewhere else in college as head coach at the right place and right time.  Connections remain the mainstay of this 41-year old.  While his dad is ESPN announcer we see on TV, his dad’s coaching tree is all connections.  His dad is only 71, so he was 30 when Brian was born.

Brian has seen it all both as a quarterback playing the game, and coaching including college and NFL.

He knows everyone.  His choices under him here will be future great coaches in their own rights.  Maybe better than Brian.  The book is not complete on Brian yet; but his lineage bodes well for his bright future in his prime now.

Jacob Park, Brice Ramsey, and Faton Bauta should do very well transitioning easily to the new OC, and this is now the 4th very good hire by Mark Richt.  Mark Richt is so tenured now that he is developing his own connections now because he is such a likable guy.

Mark Richt has surrounded himself with only those who recruit well.  Schottenheimer is another.  Future Quarterback recruits after 2015 season will see this as a huge big plus, while his success at offensive coordinator is solid and not spectacular.  He could use a spectacular but frankly you can seldom be head coach in college without being Offensive Coordinator.

Head Coach Brian Schottenheimer is around the corner now.

All-America Nick Chubb 2015, Sony Michel, and the stable of running backs 2015, are what brought Schottenheimer here.  That and the veteran 4-Starters Returning Offensive Line along with the great situation at both Tight Ends and Wide Receivers.

There is no question that he gets a jump-start being here January 7 with a month before Signing Day although many of our top targets are now already enrolled.  They all have to be thrilled.

I know I am.

There were times when Mike Bobo just did not get it.

He left me frustrated.

He made some nice calls, but too frequently left too much on the table, seemingly not understanding the objective was actually converting on 3rd downs – something he was particularly inept at – despite all the talent handed him.

This could not be a better position for Brian to be in.  It is a perfect fit.  It would be interesting to hear who called Mark for him ?

We should hire a lot more from the NFL at UGA.

The NFL is a different game than college and not as much fun.

And, this is where the water hits the wheel – not to be confused with the senior circuit’s huge success as the top fan-based sport worldwide.

If you are blinders on about the NFL, then you never do anything but look down at college football.  But, I have to share with you as a long-suffering Falcons’ fan and fan of other NFL teams before the Falcons got here in my youth, that there is something about the grind of the NFL that leaves you wanting something more, something better – something more exciting than being caught-up in the daily grind of the middling NFL clubs.

There is only 1 Super Bowl Champion.  Anything else, as Marty Schottenheimer attests, is really just going through the motions.  The money in the NFL is really little difference from that Brian can get in college.  He’s done both – back and forth.  This is what he prefers.

Me too.

In the NFL, if your team has poor draft picks, you might have no running back, no OL, and no defense.  How much fun is that ?  You get top picks each year, but that takes a long time.  Ask Detroit.

In college, if you hire-on to a place that has running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, OL, and lots of pieces on defense, along with a solid kicking game, you can make a name for yourself and achieve your ambitions.  Brian’s are to be college head coach.

How good a college head coach will Brian be ?

You have to surround yourself with connections and have in-fact a real staff.

For far too long here, Mark Richt did anything but.

That not only has resulted in not only consistently losing to mediocre teams with far less talent than he, but also recently – if 7 latest years is recently – this has also manifested itself with the utter lack of wins against top teams away from Sanford.

For the talent he has, he has to have this kind of a staff that he has now.

Not a prayer circle.

I think Brian knows a quarterback when he sees one.

# 58 on 3rd Down Conversions with all this talent

# 88 in Passing Offense

left us with 3 losses to far-less talented teams 2014-2015.


We could not continue with such a poorly-conceived offense – not with all this wasted talent on it.  Mike Bobo is at a bad place at the wrong time, a move Brian would never make.  Bobo gave-up a better job to take a demotion, while Brian is at the right place at the right time and has a far brighter future directly as a result.  Will Brian move on ?  Yes, but he might be back too.  In the meantime, we are a better football team this morning than we were at # 58 on 3rd Down Conversions because of our # 88 Passing Offense.  I expect Brian to decide which quarterbacks to play and when.  He backed-up Danny Wuerffel which means he saw good action for Steve Spurrier, and that is what I fully expect of him while he’s here, too.  Obviously.

I predict that Brian Schottenheimer will be the Offensive Coordinator of the Year, and that our Rivals hate that we have someone who knows which type of play to call based on down and distance for a damn change.

This is a fine staff Mark Richt has and he has great talent, lacking nowhere 2015.


Of course, if Mark Richt CONTINUES to make all the decisions herein listed as Brian Schottenheimer’s choices instead, you will blame Mark Richt for making the wrong hire !  And, say that he hasn’t done well as OC anywhere he’s ever been, as I say here too.  Mark Richt is so stubborn !