2014 a season of that which could’ve been ends up # 9 both polls, 4-1 vs AP Poll Top 25 best win # 14 MO but 3 inexplicable losses 2 of whom are unranked for 2014 season either poll.

Lost to two teams who neither of whom were ranked and lost to another third team who recruited the average # 52 recruit to our # 9.  There is no way to look at 2014 except to say that it was a season of what could’ve been, but instead started out with 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off and ended-up # 9 in both polls.





4-1 vs Top 25 for the 2014 season with highest ranked AP Poll team we beat # 14 Missouri & # 15 Clemson, but lost to # 8 Georgie tek, and un-ranked South Carolina and un-ranked Florida.  If you beat a FCS team, it does not count in your won/lost record, but if you lose to them the loss does count.  Likewise then 2014 season shows us then 4-3 vs Top 25 with 3 excruciating inexplicable losses.


Wasted talent.


We should just move all of our games out of Sanford

We obviously do not have a good stadium and have no need to have any home games, so yes, we should just go have all of our games somewhere else.  Who cares about Athens anyway ?  We already have this silly series home only to Florida where they play the Gator Bowl every year.  Now, this AD is all hyped-up about playing yet another game away.  I presume he has not looked at the away record against ranked teams during the Greg McGarity watch, has he ?


26 % win percentage away vs ranked teams Greg McGarity era here.


We are fools.


Some schools, as I have been saying for sometime on this blog, have 8 home games.


We are talking about making our home games even 1 less than they already are – which is not competitive now.


We need, you see, a gimmick to get anyone to watch us.


Need to play away – Hell Greg McGarity just schedule all our games away from Sanford, what do you say ?


Dumbass Howdy Doody.

PAC-12 never won BCS National Championship out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts where no one follows football and where they have NO DEFENSE – Oregon Ducks

Oregon has never won the national championship, and their defense is the PITS.  Oregon # 82 on 3rd Down Conversion allowed by Defense, # 119 on 1st Downs allowed by Defense, # 108 on Passing Yards allowed by Defense.  The Pac-12 has 12 teams and only won 6 bowl games to The SEC who won 7 Bowl Games.  Pac-12 only had 8 Bowl Teams while The SEC had 12.  The PAC-12 is a damn joke, and always has been out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts.  Oregon.  My God Oregon.  My God PAC-12.


Colorado won the national championship in 1990 but back then they were not part of the PAC-12.  BYU won the national championship 1984 but they are an Independent.  Georgia won the national championship in 1980, but no PAC-12 team has won the national championship in football since.  In fact, you have to go back all the way to 1972 before you find a PAC-12 team winning the national championship in football.  Georgia has 6 national championships in football, but Oregon never has.  Oregon Ducks, what a joke from a joke of a conference in college football – the PAC-12.




The PAC-12 is nowhere in the same ballpark as The SEC.