2014 a season of that which could’ve been ends up # 9 both polls, 4-1 vs AP Poll Top 25 best win # 14 MO but 3 inexplicable losses 2 of whom are unranked for 2014 season either poll.

Lost to two teams who neither of whom were ranked and lost to another third team who recruited the average # 52 recruit to our # 9.  There is no way to look at 2014 except to say that it was a season of what could’ve been, but instead started out with 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off and ended-up # 9 in both polls.





4-1 vs Top 25 for the 2014 season with highest ranked AP Poll team we beat # 14 Missouri & # 15 Clemson, but lost to # 8 Georgie tek, and un-ranked South Carolina and un-ranked Florida.  If you beat a FCS team, it does not count in your won/lost record, but if you lose to them the loss does count.  Likewise then 2014 season shows us then 4-3 vs Top 25 with 3 excruciating inexplicable losses.


Wasted talent.

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