We should just move all of our games out of Sanford

We obviously do not have a good stadium and have no need to have any home games, so yes, we should just go have all of our games somewhere else.  Who cares about Athens anyway ?  We already have this silly series home only to Florida where they play the Gator Bowl every year.  Now, this AD is all hyped-up about playing yet another game away.  I presume he has not looked at the away record against ranked teams during the Greg McGarity watch, has he ?


26 % win percentage away vs ranked teams Greg McGarity era here.


We are fools.


Some schools, as I have been saying for sometime on this blog, have 8 home games.


We are talking about making our home games even 1 less than they already are – which is not competitive now.


We need, you see, a gimmick to get anyone to watch us.


Need to play away – Hell Greg McGarity just schedule all our games away from Sanford, what do you say ?


Dumbass Howdy Doody.


2 thoughts on “We should just move all of our games out of Sanford

  1. Lost to two teams who neither of whom were ranked and lost to another third team who recruited the average # 52 recruit to our # 9. There is no way to look at 2014 except to say that it was a season of what could’ve been, but instead started out with 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off and ended-up # 9 in both polls.


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