Mark Richt’s To-Do List :

(1) do not have only 72 remaining of 118 signed who with redshirt would’ve played last game.
(2) do not lose so many games against bowl teams after 2007 that our win % against them is only 54 %
(3) do not have 29 losses the latest 7-year period, an average of more than 4 losses a season.
(4) do not have so many games lost against less-talented teams who even with their win are unranked teams, 10 such after 2007 and 2 of those again in 2014.
(5) do not be 2-13 vs teams ranked AP Poll Top 10 for the seasons 2008 to current
(6) do not be 11-23 vs teams ranked for the seasons 2008 to current
(7) do not be 57 % win percentage in bowl games after 2007
(8) do not be 4-21 against teams higher ranked than us in the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the years after 2007.

3 thoughts on “Mark Richt’s To-Do List :

  1. Yep… nobody’s coming back for this one. Those 65 replies are the most you’ll ever get and you only got them because of the Senator. The guy you bashed. You really are a sad pathetic old man.

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