The average won/lost rank # 37 for UGA these latest 7 years here with our # 8 average recruiting ranking for Mark Richt.

Since we did not make the polls at all 2009, 2010 or 2013, three of the latest current 6, half the time, we have to look to something other than the final AP and Coaches’ Polls to determine what our average ranking for the latest 7 years of the Mark Richt era.


I choose the won/lost record because in fact we have averaged the # 8 recruiting rankings.  So, I shall put up our ranking in won/lost based upon our # 8 recruiting rankings to see if this Major Article   is correct or not.


Shall we ?

# 18 won/lost for 2008 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 53 won/lost for 2009 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 74 won/lost for 2010 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 27 won/lost for 2011 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 08 won/lost for 2012 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 56 won/lost for 2013 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 21 won/lost for 2014 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 37 Seven years’ worth of won/lost rankings based on avg. recruit rank # 8


We average the # 37 won/lost record these latest current 7 years despite our # 8 average recruiting rankings.


Mark Richt recruits well and coaches poorly.  Very poorly.




Mark Richt does a fine job of recruiting, and a piss poor job of coaching the recruits up.

Major Article, the 1st you see at the top of Google Search : Georgia Bulldogs’ Football. It says that Mark Richt must make legitimate his recruiting rankings by winning.

Mark Richt is NOT getting the job done, despite his recruiting.  He just isn’t.  I believe he does not care about winning, because this is exactly what he told us just a few scant weeks’ ago now.  Mark Richt said, here at Georgia we adhere to something more important than winning.  Bullshit we do.  Losing more than 4 games a season for the latest current 7-year period is totally unacceptable, and yet he’s done this with the average # 8 recruiting ranking.  These recruiting rankings are verified by 2 facts.  One, Mark Richt has 82 NFL Draft Picks, so the NFL agrees with the recruiting rankings, too, don’t they ?  And, two, while Mark Richt has languished here now his 15th season for us, the average national championship coach during Mark Richt’s tenure has averaged being there only 3 and one half years.  The national championship coach on the Mark Richt watch has also averaged the # 8 recruiting ranking.  So, why is it that we cannot and they can win the national championship ?  What is it we are doing incorrectly, that they are doing correctly ?

Mark Richt apologists do all they can do to censor any discussion of all this wasted talent here at Georgia.

But, the problems here will not be fixed by recruiting even better recruiting classes.  We waste talent here with Mark Richt.  All too often, we keep a guy on the bench while playing favorites, instead.  For example, this now wasted 2014-2015 season now over, we shall see that both Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park are both NFL combine talent.  Hutson Mason, # 88 nationally in passing 2014, certainly is not at the NFL Combine, is he ?

We got down to only 72 of the latest 118 signed scholarship recruits here at Georgia, who got to play in the bowl game against Louisville.  That’s deplorable, inexcusable, and the root of all of our problems here at UGA.  This loss of talent, our attrition rate, has caused us to lose to 10 teams who were not ranked these latest 7 years – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, if you will.

And, it’s not just the losses to lesser teams either.  We’ve beat these latest 7 years only 54 percent of the teams who even went to a bowl game.  It’s sad.

We cannot beat the average teams, stumble on our collective faces against the top teams, and lose to the lesser teams.

We no longer can win on the road against ranked teams away from Sanford.

We’ve beat only 4 of the latest 25 games against teams who ended up higher ranked than us these same latest 7 years – The 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.  In staunch contrast to what he did the 1st half of his career here at UGA 2001-2007.  After 2007 has been nothing like what he did his 1st 7 years here.

How else do you accumulate an average of more than 4 losses a season for 7 seasons and counting, with the average # 8 recruiting rank ?

So, here you have it once again, that the national media says Mark Richt must make legitimate his recruiting classes and get out there and get after it.  Not, just say, oh we were so close.  Yes, we were so close in…

2002.  But, in 2002, we let an unranked Florida team, a sorry ass team, beat us when Mark Richt could not calculate despite all his talent, how to make a single 1st down on 3rd Down Conversions.  0 for 13.  Close 2002 ?  Excuse the living hell out of me, that was excruciating.  Wasn’t it ?  We ended-up # 3 in all the polls.  Why was that ?  Because Mark Richt was unlucky 2002 ?  Come on.  You can say it.  What was it 2002 ?  The damned loss in Jacksonville to a horrid Florida team coached by Ron Zook no less.  Ron Zook outcoached Mark Richt despite Mark Richt’s superior talent 2002.

2007.  Give me a break we were so close 2007.  Where were you 2007 ?  Do you not remember what happened 2007 ?  We got our hats handed to us by a underwhelming vols’ team, beat us to a pulp by 3 TD.  And, we lost to unranked South Carolina who lost 6 games, should have been 7 losses for USCe 2007, and they did not even play in a bowl game 2007 season.  Shit, we blew it 2002 and 2007, didn’t we ?  We ended up # 2 in the nation in the polls.  Why was that ?  Duh.  Duh, bloody damn duh.

2012. Is this the year Mark Richt made his legitimate claim as great ?  Make the most of his talent 2012, did he ?  Coached well ?  Not just recruited well, but coached well 2012 ?  We lost to South Carolina 7-35.  Four (4) Touchdowns South Carolina beat us by.  Great Scott !  Then, we get to play Alabama, have the ball on their goal line with a few ticks remaining, and fling the ball toward the goal line on a do or die, one shot deal.  3 times Aaron Murray asked Mark Richt do we spike it ?

2005.  2005 was great year ?  Really ?  We ended up the # 3 SEC team in EVERY POLL.  We ran down to Jacksonville, and Mark Richt bragged to us that Joe Tereshinski III was our best QB.  He was, in fact, the only QB we could’ve played who could have lost to that hapless Florida team 2005.  We lost to Auburn.  Then, we go to the Sugar Bowl here at the Georgia Dome, and before we all could sit down in our seats still booing Mike Adam$ and his wife pre-game, it was 0-28.  Four Touchdowns again.  And, against West Virginia.  My God !

We’re not ready to play football.

We have loads of talent.

How in the hell does the # 9 team in the nation, with the average # 8 recruiting rankings lose to the average # 52 recruit rankings of Georgie tek ?  How in the hell ?

How did we lose to 2 more unranked teams in Florida and South Carolina ?  How does the # 9 team lose to any of these 3 teams in the season just ended ?  Let alone lose to all 3 ?  How ?

For starters, our QB was outplayed by their QB all 3 games.  All 3 games Hutson Mason LOST THE GAME FOR US.

You Mark My Words : Mark Richt wastes talent telling us we adhere here at UGA to something more important than winning.  Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey will BOTH be at the NFL Combine.  If we had played either 2014, we never would’ve lost to those 3 far less talented teams 2014.

It’s what we do.

Waste Talent.

And, this article this morning, says Mark Richt has to get after their asses.

And, when you go to the damned Mark Richt Apologists’ Dawgbone, what do you find ?

Not one freaking URL Link to this article.

Shame on you The Dawgbone.

Bullshit The Dawgbone.

Let’s look at the national champions, shall we ? CMR avg # 8 recruiting class same as the NC avg every year, but while their head coach has been there 3 and a half years before they win The NC, Mark Richt is starting his 15th season here without NC with the same talent they had. What does that tell you ?

2014 Ohio State. recruiting rank 2014 # 5, 2013 # 1, 2012 # 3, 2011 # 6, 2010 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Urban Meyer 3rd year as head coach.

2013 Florida State. recruiting rank 2013 # 16, 2012 # 11, 2011 # 1, 2010 # 8 2009 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 11.   Jimbo Fisher 4th year as head coach.

2012 Alabama. recruiting rank # 2012 # 2, 2011 # 7, 2010 # 4, 2009 # 1, 2008 # 1.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 3. Nick Saban 6th year as head coach.

2011 Alabama. recruiting rank 2011 # 7, 2010 # 4, 2009 # 1, 2008 # 1, 2007 # 22.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Nick Saban 5th year as head coach.

2010 Auburn. recruiting rank 2010 # 5, 2009 # 13, 2008 # 18, 2007 # 6, 2006 # 9.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 10.  Gene Chizik 2nd year as head coach.

2009 Alabama. recruiting rank 2009 #1, 2008 # 1, 2007 # 22, 2006 # 18, 2005 # 16.    5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 12.  Nick Saban 3rd year as head coach.

2008 Florida. recruiting rank 2008 # 10, 2007 # 1, 2006 # 2, 2005 # 11, 2004 # 8.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Urban Meyer 4th year as head coach.

2007 LSU. recruiting rank 2007 # 5, 2006 # 7, 2005 # 19, 2004 # 2, 2003 # 2.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Les Miles 3rd year as head coach.

2006 Florida. recruiting rank 2006 # 2, 2005 # 11, 2004 # 8, 2003 # 4, 2002 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 9.  Urban Meyer 2nd year as head coach.

Average recruiting ranking for all national championship coaches on Mark Richt UGA Watch : 8

Now, for Georgia Bulldogs. recruiting rank 2015 # 4, 2014 # 12, 2013 # 8, 2012 # 14, 2011 # 4, 2010 # 21, 2009 # 4, 2008 # 5, 2007 # 17, 2006 # 4, 2005 # 4, 2004 # 6, 2003 # 11, 2002 # 9.  15 years’ recruiting rank avg recruiting rank # 8.  Mark Richt 15th year as head coach.

National Champions averaged the # 8 recruiting class, while Mark Richt averaged # 8 recruiting class.  National Champion head coach averaged 3 and a half years as head coach when they won the national championship on Mark Richt’s watch head-to-head, while Mark Richt is starting his 15th season this year without.  In fact, Mark Richt has not even been in a single big bowl game at the end of the season on the National Stage everyone watching all this talent good enough to have won nc each year, but instead # 21 in won/lost record the most recent now 8 seasons and counting.

Mark Richt averages the same recruiting ranking as the national champions have and while their head coach averages having been there 3 and a half years before he won the national championship, Mark Richt is starting his 15th season without a national championship.  That is 5 times WORSE for Mark Richt.

If coaching is defined as getting more from less, then Mark Richt is as far to the other end of the scale as God could possibly put him.  Mark Richt has the most talent but produces the # 21 team while watching coaches of 14 other teams at other schools only be there at their school 3 and one-half years before they won the nc with the same talent as Mark Richt here.

You can verify this recruiting ranking by by checking it against NFL Draft Picks and what you find is that while Mark Richt has had MORE THAN ENOUGH TALENT here to win national championships by recruiting rankings, as you will find that the NFL also agrees with rankings with Mark Richt’s 86 NFL Draft Picks 2nd best nationally in the Mark Richt era – on his watch.

I am told I am a poor Bulldogs’ fan because well, I research this stuff we all know off the tops of our heads anyway, and put it down here for all to see that in fact Mark Richt is not going to win a national championship by recruiting better classes because he has by God had every bit as much talent as in fact the national champions have had, but while he has been here 5 times longer than they were there as their head coach on his same watch, he just has gotten less from his recruits – wasting talent.

We waste talent across the board.  Roster Mismanagement.  We have not been beating the top teams now in many years and we lose recently as well to far less talented teams than we have.  We cannot win away from Sanford, either against the teams making the AP Poll Top 25.  We’re horrid at it, when he once was so good away from Sanford.

And, so now, I turn you over now to your censoring and their blogs of bullshit of how well we’re doing and how this year’s recruiting class or certainly next year’s will get Mark Richt national championships like all these other coaches who do it 5 times faster than he has already with his same talent here.  Hasn’t he ?

We’re failing, and the national fans and national media know this intuitively off the top of their heads.

We’ve had the talent.

What we have as well is a coach long in the tooth here now 15 seasons this season, and he has zero prayers of winning the national championship 2015, either, does he ?

Mark Richt wastes talent.  Mark Richt recruits very well.  Mark Richt recruits national championship talent, and gets less from them than coaches at their schools 5 times fewer years than he has been here now already.  So, this bullshit of give him one more year is a fallacy. Isn’t it ?  Give him another year for what ?  Tell us that his goal is to GET TO The SEC Championship game and everything else will take care of itself ?  He has NOT WON that game 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and in 2005 he actually ended up the # 3 SEC team in every single solitary poll behind Alabama and LSU then him.

How can Mark Richt, with all this talent, have lost 21 of his latest 24 games against teams higher ranked than him for the season ?

How in the name of God ?

How can recruiting a better recruiting class be our Savior ?

He has failed with talent better than his opponents, and LOST.

Having more talent then is clearly not the answer.

We are on our 3rd longest streak of no SEC Championships in our history dating back to when The SEC was established in 1933.

This is 2015.

Frankly, his 2005 SEC is tainted, coming in 3rd in every single solitary poll for the 2005 season.

And, his 2002 SEC is tainted as well because The SEC was so bad 2002 season.  In fact, only a 4-Loss Auburn was ranked in the Coaches’ Poll for the 2002 season, besides us.  We played a 5-loss Arkansas for crying out loud who was not even ranked for the “2002 SEC Championship.”

It is exasperating to listen to the absolute bullshit of what a fine man Mark Richt is.

He is a dumbass coach, who the kids love, who is in fact 2nd rate in his actual Calling.

If God called this guy to be head coach football, He did not Yell very loudly for Mark Richt says if he is only known as a football coach, it would be a disaster.

He can NOT coach.

Can he ?

Great guy.

Nowhere near the coach make him out to be.

Is he ?

And, stupid.


Shacobia Barbee

Shacobia Barbee is such a great lady. I really hate this for her, and for all her teammates, as we dropped that game she broke her leg in, and every game since. Unfortunately, we cannot replace an irreplaceable piece. Shacobia Barbee does too much for us. Shacobia Barbee was shooting 44 % from the field for a team who shoots 37 %, and that has been the real problem, as no one has stepped-up their game shooting. We were not a good shooting team with Shacobia Barbee, and without her, we might actually miss the NCAA tournament. Unheard of. It’s a real possibility without Shacobia Barbee because those taking the shots this season, are not making them. Shacobia Barbee was leading the team in defensive rebounds, and without her, we are actually not winning the rebounding battle on the defensive glass. Shacobia Barbee was 2 to 1 assists for every turnover on a team that is one and a half turnovers to every assist. It’s glaring looking at the difference in the team with and without Shacobia Barbee, isn’t it ? And, at all the very weakest parts of the team. We’re exposed. Shacobia Barbee still leads the team in steals. What does that tell you ? Shacobia Barbee, future great WNBA player, leads the team in scoring. I am so sorry Shacobia Barbee for both of your injuries this season. The injury against Michigan State was brutal and now this injury against the vols has everyone realizing with your future, we would have to play the NCAA Tournament without you. Shacobia Barbee is a junior, and we all wish the very best for a thorough recovery. I really would’ve thought some of her teammates would’ve picked her up. But, just look at what I just typed-up here from the official stats 2014-2015 season ? Who could possibly do that ? There is not anyone ever before, and never will be again. I am trying to think of an analogy, but there just simply is not one. We love you Shacobia Barbee.

Larry Pope writes Bill King AJ-C asks if read Sports Illustrated showing UGA most NFL Draftees, high AVG recruit rankings, failure comparatively final poll results ?



“Larry Pope writes: Bill, forgive me if I missed it, but have you commented on last week’s Sports Illustrated college recruiting analysis, which shows (a) UGA has the most NFL draftees, (b) on average the No. 5 recruiting classes but only No. 15 AP poll ranking, and what that says about the state of UGA football?

No, I missed that one, but I’ve seen other analyses that compare Georgia’s recruiting prowess and reputation for producing NFL talent with its on-field results and conclude that the Dawgs have been underachievers. And you can make a pretty good case that Mark Richt’s final results haven’t lived up to expectations, particularly in recent seasons”


Junkyard Mail: Sweater Guy, hiring Hines Ward, Dawgs underachieving, recruiting, basketball and more! (Updated)


Speaking of recruiting, Steve Upshaw writes: Mark Richt has publicly stated a dominant offensive line isn’t necessary to win big. He said they won all those games at FSU without having great offensive lines. The Seminoles do not play in the rugged SEC. You have stated several times how the OL is a perennial problem with the Dogs during the Richt era.  As written in your most recent posting, once again there did not seem to be an emphasis on getting top O linemen signed.  Nine of the Top 10 and 17 of 20 top OL prospects in Georgia chose to leave the state. It’s pointless to despair over Mark Richt.  He is who he is, and that is a man who will never change nor adapt while everyone else around him is in constant adjustment mode and winning championships. So Dog fans, let’s get ready for another 10-win season.  I love my team and school.  That’s why I’ll be there again in section 137, row 60 hoping against all hope we’ll finally witness something different in 2015 — but I doubt it.

As I previously wrote, one of the areas I was most concerned about was offensive line, more with future seasons in mind than 2015, since those guys generally take a year or two to develop. And while Georgia did pretty well here in the latest recruiting class, it bothered me they didn’t really seem to put top priority on signing offensive linemen until after new coach Rob Sale was hired last month, when they suddenly launched on a frantic quest for prospects in that area. I think you may have touched on why this has chronically been the case under Richt — he’s convinced himself that a merely adequate OL is good enough”



“It’s hard to disagree with Thomas Brown on his point about Get The Picture blog being in fact nothing but a Mark Richt Apologists’ blog.”

Charley Trippi the greatest Georgia Bulldog All-Time


Charley Trippi lives in Athens, Georgia and is a proud graduate of The University of Georgia.  He is in both the College Football Hall of Fame and in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  He won MVP of the NFL Championship Game, after being selected # 1 in the NFL Draft.  He also is a Consensus All-America Football player (required to be in the College Football Hall of Fame) and won the Maxwell Award as the finest College Football Player.  He won one of our Six (6) National Championships in the Rose Bowl 1942, after then after having his college career interrupted by World War II, he returned here to us and won us another National Championship 1946 winning the Sugar Bowl undefeated.  He also is a tremendous baseball player.  We are all very proud of Charley Trippi.

Rightfully so.

This is his personal Facebook page.  He writes in it frequently and has wonderful pictures.  His first wife passed before I attended Georgia myself.  His degree is in Education.  BS degree.

This is the Official Charley Trippi WebPage.

Charley Trippi played for the Atlanta Crackers at the old Ponce de Leon ballpark across from Sears, Roebuck and Company where we used to go before the games every night and buy hot peanuts.

Charley was never the spokesman for the Roebucks, shoes Sears sold.

This is Charley Trippi’s Twitter contact information.  He is active on Twitter as well.

In fact, Charley Trippi is very well connected.

Charley Trippi is a fine Christian.

This is a wonderful photo of Charley Trippi here at Georgia.

He comes to our games.

We retired his # 62 Jersey.

Johnny Rauch of NFL fame, said that Charley Trippi is our Greatest Quarterback and a lot better than he.

Charley Trippi won the Rose Bowl for Georgia prior to World War II, and then after proudly serving this great country after we were attacked in such cowardly fashion in such a vicious manner, Charley returned to UGA and won us another national championship.  2 of our 6.

As a baseball player, there never has been an equal to Charley Trippi representing The University of Georgia.

Imagine ?

Professional baseball player and professional football player.

How many ever will do that ?

Charley is from Pennsylvania and one of the greatest recruits in the nation. Notre Dame had, you know, the reputation for playing in the big bowl games and winning national championships in football.  But, we never had.  Not until Charley Trippi.  Charley Trippi really started it all for Wally Butts and for Georgia.  And, Charley led our baseball team beating the shit out of Georgie tek.  This was a time when Georgie tek was good in football back then, but baseball they were not our equal.  This season just ended, Georgie tek won its first Major Bowl Game Win since 1955.  That’s how long they have suffered.

Charley Trippi’s over 2,500 yards passing in the NFL, over 3,500 yards rushing and over 1,300 yards receiving marks the only Pro Football Hall of Fame member to have achieved these numbers in all 3.

Charley Trippi is the player who won the MVP of the Rose Bowl, just as he won the MVP of the NFL Championship Game (preceded the Super Bowl but is the same exact game and distinction.)  Thus, I always have listed Charley Trippi with the Super Bowl MVP list here at Georgia by calling it NFL Championship Game MVP.  It is quite a shame to act like 49 games is the entire history of the NFL ignoring those with the same Award prior to the 49 Super Bowls.  You might not remember those games prior to Joe Willie Namath, but I certainly do.  For a long time, the NFL would never consider the AFL as up to their standards, you see ?

To the day, therefore as well, the NFL calls it the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Charley Trippi played for the NFL Chicago Cardinals.

Charley Trippi played for the Atlanta Crackers before we went to every game, every night.  His batting average is .334 as a professional baseball player.  The Atlanta Crackers were a huge hit in Atlanta and filled the stadium with star players.  We had a sign in right center field from C&S Bank which paid $ 1000 to any player who hit a home run into the large circular hole the sign had in it.  I saw several.   3 I saw hit through it.  Later, Charley Trippi came back when I was going to the games every night and coached our team.  We won 1st place every single year.  Always the Champions.

We had great players on the Atlanta Crackers.  Names I can recite to you, and their children they brought to the games too who played on the field pre-game, and later went into MLB too.

The NFL after 1 year on the Atlanta Crackers paid Charley Trippi $ 100,000 plus a $ 25,000 bonus to play with them instead and he did instantly being NFL Championship Game MVP and NFL Champion, after being selected # 1 over-all in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft 1945.  You could buy a new Packard for $ 500.

Charley Trippi also served on the coaching staff of the NFL Cardinals.

Quite a nice man, and fun to talk to, I have admired Charley Trippi all my life.  My Dad in World War II was stationed part of the time in the Pacific and part of the time at the Pentagon and he introduced me to Charley Trippi at one of our games, telling me in front of Charley how he had Washington Redskins seasons tickets as an orphan from Georgia and watched Charley Trippi return punts, kick-off returns, actually the punter as well, catch passes, throw passes, run, intercept passes and excel at all phases of the game.  Charley Trippi is so gracious.

Charley Trippi did not sell popcorn at half-time.

I believe one of the greatest quotes of all-time is his teammate College Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Johnny Rauch when inducted in the Hall of Fame said that truth be told, he preferred to pitch the ball back to half-back Charley Trippi.  Charley Trippi throws the ball better than I.

The Arizona Cardinals claim Charley Trippi, but I think with my background here, that I claim Charley Trippi.

The fine University of Georgia Baseball Program who has a national championship in the College World Series, also had Charley Trippi as our head baseball coach and for good reason as well.

Charley Trippi is a great hitting instructor.

We’ve had several 2-sport stars at Georgia, and we’ve had several really great football players and baseball players.

There never has been anyone who really stands the scrutiny of Charley Trippi – man without peer.

Charley Trippi was such a great football player that he played both ways, serving as defensive back.  In fact, when you look up his records, many list him at my position, db.

Pennsylvania is long known for their famous Italian-Americans, but perhaps none so highly decorated as this really good guy, Charley Trippi.

I have no idea why folks cannot spell his name.

I grew up on Charley Trippi in our home.  Charley Trippi is my hero.

Charles Louis Trippi.

Charley has a great family including a son bearing his name as well.

I do not bear his name.  I could never live up to it.

Charley Trippi was great for us prior to WWII.  And, then he returned home as Dad did here.  At that time, Charley Trippi won us a National Championship as MVP Rose Bowl 1942, then went to fight in the War, then came back and won us another national championship in football his final season here 1946 also winning the Maxwell Award as the nation’s best college football player, then went to the Crackers batting .334, then the Cardinals and instantly was # 1 Draft Pick, MVP NFL Championship Game (Super Bowl) scoring several touchdowns and therefore NFL Champion 1947.  Then, College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One of the greatest players of All-Time in The SEC.

I have been to several Charley Trippi Days at Sanford Stadium, and always love to see him on the field.  A more humble man, you’ll never meet.

Wish some of that would rub off on me !

At Georgia, Charley Trippi batted .464

What does that tell you ?

Charley Trippi played for us in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl.  How about that ?

I just thought you should know, since you do not know much about us. About all I ever hear here or any of the other Georgia Bulldogs’ blogs ever from you, is Ray Goff and how great Mark Richt is today losing more than 4 games a season average over the latest 7 years.  Yeah, Charley Trippi and I suffered through the Ray Goff years too.

Average over more than 4 losses a season for the latest 7 years here at UGA in football ?  Not on the same playing field as Charley Trippi – The Single Greatest Bulldog Ever.

Lives in Athens with his family and very active in technology as a Real Estate Business Owner.

So, as we tip our hats to deserving loved ones this Valentine’s Day 2015, I raise up Charley Trippi to you as my personal hero.

Have a great day Charley Trippi, sir.

You never settled for 2nd best at anything, ever.  Who is a real hero ?

Charley Trippi



3 wins in our latest 24 games vs teams higher ranked than us for these latest 7 seasons. Here are all of these 24 games these latest current 7 years, and our 3 wins in 24 games against teams higher ranked than us for the seasons after 2007 and our only 3 wins against those higher ranked than us for the seasons after 2007.

3 wins latest 24 games vs teams higher ranked than us.  Here are all of these 24 games these latest current 7 years, and our ONLY 3 wins in 24 games against teams higher ranked than us for the seasons after 2007 :


LOST UGA # 13 AP Poll 2008 lost to Alabama # 6

LOST UGA # 13 AP Poll 2008 lost to Florida # 1

LOST UGA unranked 2009 lost to Okie State Coaches’ Poll # 25

LOST UGA unranked 2009 lost to LSU # 17

LOST UGA unranked 2009 lost to Florida # 3

Won UGA unranked 2009 beat Georgie tek # 13

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to South Carolina # 22

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Arkansas # 12

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Missy State # 15

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Auburn # 1

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Central Florida # 21

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to Boise State # 8

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to South Carolina # 9

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to LSU # 2

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to Michigan State # 11

LOST UGA # 5 AP Poll 2012 lost to Alabama # 1

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Clemson # 8

Won UGA unranked 2013 beat South Carolina # 4

Won UGA unranked 2013 beat LSU # 14

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Mizzou # 5

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Vandie # 24

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Auburn # 2

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Nebraska Coaches’ Poll # 25

LOST UGA # 9 AP Poll 2014 lost to Georgie tek # 8

21 losses after 2007 by UGA to higher ranked teams these latest 7 seasons and only 3 wins.


24 games for us after 2007 against higher ranked teams these latest 7 seasons, and we won 3 of the 24 games – while all 3 of the wins against higher ranked teams were all 3 wins against higher ranked teams when UGA ourselves were unranked for that season.  Nice.  Really nice.


We are doing very well, our fan base tells us and we’re really close now to winning a national championship.  Oh, so close.  Just a couple of bad luck plays away from having already won several national championships with Mark Richt.


Uh, huh.





33-29 UGA vs teams who went to a bowl game after 2007. 54 % of teams going to a bowl game after 2007 we’ve beat. With # 9 Average Recruiting Rank. And, we have NOT been under-achievers these latest 7 years ? Bullshit. Michael Collins Fansided Dawn of the Dawg says today this is because he was just damned unlucky !

Every game by UGA after 2007 against a team who played in a  bowl game that season :


Won vs Central Michigan 2008, who lost their bowl game.

Won vs South Carolina 2008, who lost their bowl game.

LOST vs Alabama 2008, who lost their bowl game.

Won vs Vandie 2008

Won vs LSU 2008

LOST vs Florida 2008

Won vs Kentucky 2008

LOST vs Georgie tek 2008, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Michigan State 2008, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Okie State 2009, who lost their bowl game

Won vs South Carolina 2009, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Arkansas 2009

LOST vs LSU 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs vols 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Florida 2009

Won vs Auburn 2009

LOST vs Kentucky 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Georgie tek 2009, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Texas A & M 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs South Carolina 2010, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Arkansas 2010, who lost their bowl game OSU win vacated Arky Loss not vacated

LOST vs Missy State 2010

Won vs vols 2010, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Kentucky 2010, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Florida 2010

LOST vs Auburn 2010

Won vs Georgie tek 2010, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Central Florida 2010

LOST vs Boise State 2011

LOST vs South Carolina 2011

Won vs Missy State 2011

Won vs Vandie 2011, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Florida 2011

Won vs Auburn 2011

Won vs Georgie tek 2011, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs LSU 2011, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Michigan State 2011

Won vs Vandie 2012

LOST vs South Carolina 2012

Won vs Florida 2012, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Ole Miss 2012

Won vs Georgie tek 2012

LOST vs Alabama 2012

Won vs Nebraska 2012, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Clemson 2013

Won vs South Carolina 2013

Won vs North Texas 2013

Won vs LSU 2013

LOST vs Missouri 2013

LOST vs Vandie 2013

LOST vs Auburn 2013, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Georgie tek 2013, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Nebraska 2013

Won vs Clemson 2014

LOST vs South Carolina 2014

Won vs vols 2014

Won vs Mizzou 2014

Won vs Arkansas 2014

LOST vs Florida 2014

Won vs Auburn 2014, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Louisville, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Georgie tek 2014

33 wins vs bowl teams, 29 losses for 62 games vs bowl teams 54 % games vs bowl teams won after 2007.


I am sorry to report that after 2007, we’ve played 62 teams who played in a bowl game the season we played them, and that we won only 33 of the 62 games, for a miserable paltry 54 % win percentage after 2007 against bowl teams.


God Freaking Awful.


33-29 vs Bowl Teams after 2007 through to-date for 54% win % vs Bowl Teams after 2007.




I mean, just nice.  And, for the program who has recruited the average # 9 recruiting ranking every year.  33-29 vs Bowl Teams for 7 seasons now and counting.






Greatest ever.


Squirm in your chair and try if you can to come up with some damned excuse for all this ?


Why is it when we average the # 9 recruiting ranking every year, and that with 78 bowl teams each year, that for the latest 7 years now, the best we can muster is only 33 wins against that lot of the 62 teams who played in bowl games, 54 % win percentage after 2007 against bowl teams.


Dawn of the Dawg Michael Collins submits this morning that this is because we were just damn unlucky, and all these 62 teams we played were according to him, damn lucky against us.


Bullshit Michael Collins.  Total unadulterated bullshit.


Quit searching for excuses Michael Collins, for the OTHER teams were better than him.




DAWN OF THE DAWG MICHAEL COLLINS JUST NOW : “Georgia Football: Underachieving or unlucky program?”

2008 we were ranked # 1 Consensus by both AP and Coaches’ Polls, but played very poorly and were dropped from the # 1 spot prior to our Black-Out against # 10 game time Coaches’ Poll Alabama at home, where we fell behind on national TV 30 to nothing, losing that game by more than double-digits coming into that game # 6 ourselves in both polls.  The very night that for the 1st time in the then 116 year history of # 11 All-Time UGA Football Program in Wins, 22 players went out and celebrated.  We were in bar room brawls, all kinds of mayhem and ended up with one of our players even beating up St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens.  This night that both Coaches’ and AP Poll ranked us # 1 for the 1st time in our history, ever and only, was the beginning of what has been the most under-achieving program of the top recruiting programs in the United States of America.

We went on 2008 to not only lose to Alabama after bragging how we’d beat them, but we lost to game time # 7 Coaches’ Poll Florida 10-49.  It was so bad in this game for the Consensus # 1 UGA Bulldogs that when we finally did score a TD late in the game meaningless to the outcome against their 3rd stringers, we still playing our Consensus # 1 Starters, that the Florida players clapped politely like little old ladies at an opera.   You might not know that, since you were not there at the game, but I am sure you can find others like we who were there to verify this under-achieving 2008 team that started all this under-achieving for us.  It was embarrassing.

Then, this under-achieving 2008 UGA team Consensus # 1 lost to Georgie tek who was ranked # 22 in both polls for the season, a 4 loss team who should have been a 5-loss team.  A team made up of # 52 average recruiting rankings, beating us, the Consensus # 1 team in the nation pre-season 2008.  Our team has averaged the # 9 recruits 2001-2015.

Under-achieving ?

Or, just bad luck ?

Fulmer Cup National Championship 2008.  That is what we won.  For going out celebrating our # 1 Consensus pre-season.  And, for beating up a Hospital.

This 2008 season marked not only the demise of our program since, but was the penultimate under-achiever.

You do discuss 2009 season.  You said, setting that year to the side.  Well, let’s summarize that which we exclude to discuss the years you do discuss, shall we ?  2009, we started out losing to Okie State who would go on to a 5-loss should have been 6-loss season in which they even with their win over us, did not make the AP Poll Top 25 for 2009.  Then, we lost to one of the worst LSU teams in recent memory, a should have been 5-loss LSU.  Then, we lost to a 7-6 vols’ team 19-45 in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions. Then, we lost to Florida 17-41.  Then, 7-6 Kentucky beat us – matching two then 7-6 teams who beat us 2009 alone.

2010 there is no need to discuss since we had a losing record.

2011 then we lost to Boise State and to South Carolina back-to-back to begin the season.  I bought a Bust Boise T-Shirt prior to the game at the Georgia Dome.  Want it ?  I cannot even wear it to mow the grass in – so ashamed.  Then, LSU beat the crud out of us 10-42.  Coming back to you ?  SEC East Champions you refer to us as 2011.  You mean the SEC Championship Game 10-42 ?  That’s what we’re talking about.  As if that was not bad enough, then we lost to Michigan State – all this 2011.  Sweet, right ?  Not under-achiever, Heavens no.  Just bad luck.

2011, you say we should have played for the national championship and not LSU who beat 7 AP Poll Top 25 teams that 2011 season.  LSU beat South Carolina and us, but we according to you should’ve played in the national championship and not LSU.  Who buys into that ?  LSU 2011 beat # 19 Texas A&M, # 4 Oregon, # 25 Mississippi State, # 16 West Virginia, # 17 Florida, # 19 Auburn, # 1 Alabama, # 3 Arkansas, and # 20 Coaches’ Poll 2011 UGA a 4-loss team we were 2011.  I am sorry, but our recruiting rankings were as good as LSU’s, who beat all these teams.  We under-achieved and they did not 2011.

Right ?

Under-achieved ?

Expected based on talent to contend.

Came in instead # 20 Coaches’ Poll a 4-loss squad while LSU beat the ever living daylights out of us 10-42.  Perhaps you were not there either at that game either ?  I was.  It was cold.  LSU folks let us share their jambalaya.  It was good.  The game was not, nor the ride home on Marta.   When did we have a year like LSU did 2011 ?  LSU lost to # 1 Alabama in the rematch in the NC game.  2002 ?  That the year we supposedly were as good as LSU 2011 ?  The year we lost to unranked Florida going in fact 0-13 on 3rd down conversions for the game ?  Losing to Ron Zook ?  That the year ?  Selective memory not to discuss that game.  Perhaps once again, you were not there as we ?  What a long ride home.

What an utter disaster.

We were better than Miami of Florida 2002 you say ?

Miami 2002 beat should have been 6-loss Florida 41-16.

At the Swamp, no less.

Miami beat # 9 FSU 2002.  Miami beat # 17 Pittsburgh, # 18 Virginia Tech, and lost to # 2 Ohio State 24-31 in the game in which Ohio State’s running back for that one season admitted that he made MORE money at Ohio State for, than he did in the NFL.

Georgia 2002 compared to Miami 2002 in fact shows that The SEC was down 2002.  Way down.  The only other SEC team besides us in the Final Coaches’ Poll 2002 was a 4-loss Auburn.

As for the it’s been a decade since we won The SEC Championship, saying SEC Championship 2005, well did you not also there too forget to point out that we ended-up in EVERY POLL the # 3 SEC team ?  We did you know ?  Maybe you were not at the Georgia Dome against West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl 2005 ?  We were just getting settled back in our seats after booing Mike Adam$ when the score was 0-28, losing that game and propelling both Alabama and LSU to both be higher ranked in the Final Polls 2005.  We were The SEC Champion ?  # 3 in EVERY POLL 2005.  2005, we had lost you recall to Florida another lousy horrible Florida team we’ve lost to. Florida should’ve been a 4-loss team 2005, but no.  No, they beat us 2005.  Then, we lost to Auburn in the next game.  Then, I bought us ticket to the Sugar Bowl and we lost to West Virginia.  I do not remember seeing you there.  Did I miss you at the game ?  2005 we won The SEC Championship ?  Really ?  That all you can say about 2005 ?  I have a better memory of 2005 firsthand, than you I do believe sir.

2012 we are up to now.  Well, 2012 got off to a rocky start losing to Nebraska to start the 2012 year off.  Then, we played South Carolina and lost 7-35.  Where did you mention that ?  Did I miss that in your summary fluffing over this ?

This was 1 of the most under-achieving performances in our storied UGA history now 123 years’ old.  7-35 blow-out of Biblical Proportions even does not begin to suggest the under-achieving of us 2012 against South Carolina.  LSU you say was lucky 2012 and we were unlucky.  LSU beat South Carolina 2012.  Why did you not in all fairness say that LSU beat South Carolina and that we LOST to them by 7-35.  We gave up .  Quit.  Folded the tent.  LSU beat the same team we lost to 2012, and not just lost to them but were embarrassed by them.  Weren’t we ?  Go ahead.  You can say it.  We all know.

National Press and our own fans label us as under-achievers ?


Then, 2012 we lost to Alabama.  To hear your rendition of the game again we were at, you might not have been to too, there is no mention of little Aaron Murray asking Mark Richt 3 times in front of me : Spike It ?  Spike It ?  Spike It ?  All 3 times Mark Richt said no.  Well, after the game he intimated that was a mistake.  Duh.  Rushed against # 1 Alabama then we threw a pass deflected by Alabama from little Aaron Murray.  Hit at the line.  Excuse me, we lost that game because of that.  Read your summary of that game and no mention of Spike It ?  How is that possible sir ?

2007 you discussed as well.  2007 we lost to South Carolina, again.  Again, LSU beat South Carolina 2007.  But, according to you, LSU was lucky and we were not lucky 2007.  South Carolina was a 6-6 team 2007 and did not even play in a bowl game 2007 season.  But, they beat us.  LSU beat South Carolina by two touchdowns.  The vols beat us 2007 in a yet again a Blow-Out for the ages 14-35.  They beat us to a pulp by 3 Touchdowns. LSU ?  Of course, LSU beat Tennessee 2007.  The vols were a should’ve been 5-loss team 2007.  But, we under-achieved.  To hear your rendition of 2007, no one would ever suspect that LSU in fact beat both the teams we lost to 2007.  LSU 2007 ?

2007 LSU beat # 9 Virginia Tech, beat South Carolina whom we lost to, beat # 16 Coaches’ Poll 2007 Florida, beat # 15 Auburn, beat Alabama who at time of game was # 17 AP Poll, beat the vols whom we lost to, and beat # 1 Ohio State by two touchdowns.  Us 2007 better than LSU, and more deserving ?

I am sorry sir, but that is just plain old B.S. isn’t it ?

2013 we’re up to now and you concede 2013 now we did under-achieve.  You think ?  We lost to Clemson, Missouri, Auburn, Nebraska and oh by the way we lost to Vandie as well 2013.  Under-achiever 2013.  Well, you got that one right.

5 losses 2013 and your summary of 2013 is that well we under-achieved 2013.  What was your 1st clue ?

2014 is not an under-achiever according to you.  How ?  On what planet ?  We played Nebraska to begin the 2014 year and lost to a unranked Nebraska team 2014 in the January 2014 bowl game.  Nebraska was not ranked in either poll time of game, and after they beat us, they STILL DID NOT MAKE THE AP POLL.  What does that tell you ?  Under-achiever 2014 for us or Nebraska ?  Then, with that back-drop all off-season, we go to South Carolina and lose to Steve Spurrier.  A South Carolina team 2014 who not only does not make the AP Poll Top 25 for 2014 season, but does not make the Coaches’ Poll either.  But, they beat us.  No discussion by you other than we did not under-achieve 2014 season; but again after the game Mark Richt again admitted if he had it to do all over again, he’d pound it with Todd Gurley II on 1st and goal from the 4-yard line after interception, losing by 3.  B.S. 2014 was not under-achieving year.  We had that game.  We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

If that was not bad enough, then we go down 2014 to JAX and play should’ve been 6-Loss Florida, another unranked team we lost to 2014.  And, we get blown-out of the water.  Florida out-scored us by 3 touchdowns.  Unranked Florida.  They had lost you might recall before we got in our vehicle to head down there losers of 10 of their previous 13 games.  But, they beat us to a pulp.  Recurring theme ?  Under-achiever ?  Us or Florida ?  Florida fired their coach anyway the week after he beat us.

Then, to add insult to injury 2014, we are playing at Sanford Stadium against a team who averages # 52 recruiting rankings to our # 9 and we lose to them.  Mark Richt again afterwards admitting on review, he should have kicked-off deep.

Just to set the record straight, if you allow a guy to write once a week and have his say to your comment that in fact for the latest 7-year period here at UGA that we are not under-achievers with our # 9 average recruiting rank, just unlucky.


If ever there ever was or ever will be a team who averages the # 9 recruiting ranking as we every year – all this talent – who has so under-achieved after 2007 with all this talent and who in fact has beat only 54 % of the teams that even went to a bowl game the entire period after 2007, it is us. Sir. With all due respect.


Unlucky.  What a load of bullshit.


Not under-achievers averaging # 9 recruiting class and beat only 54 % of teams even going to a damn bowl game after 2007 through to-date ?




Full of shit.


The Georgia football program has been tagged as an underachieving one by both local fans and the national media, but is it truly a fair assessment?” Michael Collins Dawn of the Dawg wrote 2 hours’ ago now.





What do we need to do to win our 7th national championship in football ?

(1)  I believe we must quit bragging on the program right now and get job done instead.  This is the number one problem and number one obstacle to us winning the national championship.  We have a fan base of whiners and excuse makers, not fans of the program telling it like it is.  We do not therefore work on that which we must to win our 7th national championship in football.  It’s our fans’ fault.

(2) We must start getting the most out of the 85 scholarship recruits, which means that if you are going to have 3 Top 10 Quarterbacks in the nation and another # 11 nationally, that you put them in the damn games and play them.  We do not need a 4 TD lead against Auburn with 5 minutes’ all remaining in the game.  We blow redshirt seasons on players that frankly only get to play the very least opponent we play all season long whom we beat by the way 30 out of the last 31 times anyway.  Get them in in the 2nd possession.

(3) We do a very poor job of preparing our back-up quarterback, and we must instead start playing our 2nd string Quarterbacks a LOT more than we have been.  When Hutson Mason went down with injury, it was patently obvious that we have once-again failed to properly prepare Brice Ramsey.  Not once, or maybe once, all season long did I witness proper footwork from Brice Ramsey back there.  A lot of heart and great potential, NFL talent, but he has to set his feet and follow through on every pass instead of the sling the ball from awkward positioning of his feet.

(4) We must recruit more OL than just 4 in a class bragging on that.

(5) We have got to get back to recruiting top fullbacks to this used-to-be fullback oriented offense, while we’ve recruited one in 7 seasons.  There are over 200 Top-Ranked Fullbacks nationally and idly stand by while our Rivals come into our Home State here and take them, while we do not even offer them.  Craziness.  It’s just like what we do on Special Teams, too !  Just play the worst guys on the team who cannot make offense or defense, and find one of those and make him the Fullback.  Bullshit.

(6) We sorely needed to update our old-style antiquated offense, which I presume is what Schottenheimer will do.  I only make this point # 6 because I heard a lot said about him being hired because he knows this exact offense we have been running for 14 seasons’ prior now.  Well, it’s not working !  We fail on offense and send the non-special special teams out there to bail out the offense.  And, we send back the tired defense again and again to bail out our failed offense.  We were # 89 nationally in passing 2014.  That sucks.  We had every reasonable defense stack the box and what did we do ?  Either passed into the teeth of those defenses with short 4-yard dink-downs.  It was all we did.  Our running back had the longest pass play of the season.  What the friq does that tell you ?  When you hear that we had 30 unanswered points scored against us, quit thinking it’s all the defense’s problem and begin recognizing that our offense failed to score while their offense put up 30.  Think we might lose those types of games ?  We either passed 4-yard passes into the teeth of stacked boxes against us, or we ran into the teeth of the defenses stacked against the short game.  We never passed the ball downfield.  Never.  Had we done that with Brice Ramsey throwing deep, the running game would’ve opened up and we would not have lost to 3 far less talented teams again 2014.

(7) We must maximize 85 scholarship recruiting slots which means giving more preferred walk-on scholarships as we did finally this season to special teams’ players.  We need to understand that we need minimum numbers of OL and DL every season, and not have holes such as Fullback.  We need to keep 85 Scholarship Recruits at all times.  Having only 72 is the pits, and it costs us games we lose instead as a result.  A lot of games

(8) Encourage coaching staff and recruits to win, that winning is most important to us

(9) We must get back to throwing to our TE like we did when we were great a decade ago

(10) Cease discussing 10-win seasons as meeting expectations or exceeding them in 15-game seasons for the top teams

(11) We have to keep up with other programs, especially in conference, in our stadium by spending large sums to upgrade Sanford.  We have fallen way behind our main SEC rivals.  This starts with us filling in the Bridge between the North Campus where I took 85 % of my classes and the South Campus while leaving a view of Baxter Street.

(12) Our Athletics’ Department has to do a far better job than has been done by Greg McGarity who started here several weeks before the 2010 season and thus has 21 losses in his 5 years’ here to-date, averaging the same as the program has now for the latest 7-year period too of OVER 4 LOSSES A SEASON.  Over 4 Losses a season for five (5) years’ time for Greg McGarity is pitiful.  He cannot stand pat.  He must upgrade our Program if we are to get competitive.

(13) We need MORE home games.  We continue to win higher percentages of home games than we do away from Sanford.  And, it is a widening margin all the time nowadays.  36-8 at home for latest 7-year period after 2007 to-date and only 28-21 away from Sanford.  This means that we are not lured into playing games at the new Peach Bowl/Falcons stadium – unless it is moving the JAX game there for the next hundred years.  All the time, the top programs put an absolute emphasis on maximizing the number of home games for their teams.  Some top teams schedule as many as Eight (8) home games in a single season !  Our home games have been too few, and even fewer of the top rival games.

(14) Get the damn game out of JAX where our coach says he is at a disadvantage and make it even Steven for us against a team who considers us their # 1 Rival.  Our coach is 5-9 there.  It has to come to an end.  Mark Richt loses down there where I’ve been to more than 25 games to way worse teams many times than we have.  Why is this ?  We must be committed to removing the game from JAX as we removed the Auburn Game from only in Columbus Georgia. And, as we removed the Georgie tek game from only in Atlanta.

(15) Our Athletics’ Department has to cease talking about building a cheap indoor practice facility 4 miles away from Sanford.  That’s too far, and I do not care how much less it costs there.  We need to get this indoor practice facility and get us a new gymnasium built so that the scholarship recruits in-state in all sports WANT to come to UGA because of the facilities.

(16) Our fanbase absolutely has to cease and desist with the bullshit every off-season of (a) how great we are and (b) how we will win our 7th national championship in football this coming season, or certainly the year after.  It is counter-productive, and sends all the wrong message to a program who in fact is # 21 in won/lost nationally and # 5 in The SEC these long grueling 7 years and counting we are suffering through, after quite a great start by Mark Richt when he first got here of over 81 % win percentage going into the 2005 season – down to only 68 % win percentage after 2007.

(17) We have to demand more of Jere Morehead, who seemingly is a do nothing president.  He has not made one damned statement or even offered-up one damnable point to our Athletics’ Department since taking over.  He ultimately is responsible for all this, whether he likes it or not.  Our facilities are in shambles because it has no support from the top, or 1 would not have to go into restrooms at Sanford Stadium in the sorry state the men’s bathrooms are in.  We need someone with vision as president to get our Athletics’ Department back on track.

(18) Our head coach in football must explain himself a couple of weeks ago after losing to three (3) more lesser teams with nowhere near his talent on his team 2014, that here at UGA we adhere to something higher than winning.  Something more important than winning.  The freaking hell we do.  Winning is his Calling.  If Mark Richt thinks his Calling is OTHER THAN WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES, he needs to go do THAT Calling.  ImYourHuckleberry yesterday said that losing an average of 4 games a season is unacceptable, and we’ve been losing MORE than 4 games a season average for 7 years now and counting.

(19) We make continued mistakes in clock management and an Athletics’ Director who knew anything about clock management would insist the entire coaching staff take a course in clock management.  Routinely, we just do not get it, even against our biggest rivals.

(20) We make continued mistakes in basic simple football game coaching.  Basic choices.  We blow it.  We blow it again and again and whine to the press afterwards that we made a mistake.  Again.  Again, an Athletics’ Director who knows anything about basic football decision making as head coach would have long ago sat Mark Richt down and gone over the decision process in game decisions so that he can recognize them when they come up and implement what is the right choice.  We certainly have not done that.

(21) We must do something to get this Attrition Onslaught under control.  It has continued unabated for 7 seasons and has directly impacted our football team every single year for 7 years in a row, and counting.  While it sends the wrong message, and is not the problem but multiple incidents in drugs for a scholarship recruit here, we should nonetheless have an across the board equal policy to all other at least SEC teams.  If this is completed by forcing The SEC to have uniform drug policies, fine.  The 1st offender rule is too harsh in an open records’ state such as Georgia, when the student-athlete should be given proper counseling immediately even if he/she is suspected of drug abuse.  They are too young, and even in Colorado they would be subject to arrest based on their ages.  But, college is not to get high but to get an education.  And football scholarship athletes are not here to get high but to get an education and to win.  They and we cannot win if they are not on the field playing.


(22) We are down to 72 scholarship recruits of the previous 118 signed scholarship football recruits, who with a redshirt season would’ve played Louisville.  This is so unacceptable that not making it a separate point and goal of this down football program would be remiss.  We just signed another 28.  We must do a far better job from Jere Morehead and from Greg McGarity to get this under control on Mark Richt’s football team.  We send all the wrong messages from Mark Richt himself when he for example tells the players he just kicked-off the team that he Loves Them.  Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity must step in and make the points directly to the scholarship recruits that they must obey the rules.  Telling them that they are here to get an education and to win, neither of which can they do if they are not playing and that they will not play if they do not obey the rules here at UGA.

(23) We have to do better than for 7 years averaging more than 4 losses a season.  Obviously implementing these numbered items for improvement would do great wonders alone in reducing the number of losses to not MORE than 4 losses a season for 7 seasons and counting.  It’s ridiculous to consider this acceptable !


(24) Play our starters on Special Teams like the NFL does.  Stop this bullshit of playing every back-up and walk-on on Special Teams.  We have no clue on special teams, while we know that over 100 college 1-A FBS football programs have a Special Teams’ Coach.  We do not know what we’re doing on Special Teams.  Basic fundamental break-downs.  And, we have a general lack of talent on the field against the absolute stars of our opponents who have a Special Teams’ Coach and who practice their players who they do play on Special Teams to do what they do against us.  They are killing us at this phase of the game as direct results.


(25) We get way too much bad press here at UGA nowadays.  It is all we do get besides bullshit blog posts bragging on how well we’re doing and how great the recruits are.  The recruits have been top-notched in their rankings and this season is no better than the other years.  We are not a better program 2015 because of the caliber of players we just signed.  We have averaged # 9 recruiting classes and that is verified as the 2nd best nationally and we have 82 NFL Draft Picks – both in the entire Mark Richt era.  Both of these are 2nd best nationally 2001-2015.  So, talent has not been the issue around here, but the 24 other reasons listed above.

Mark Richt after 2007 is 30-1 vs non-bowl teams and only 54 % at 34-28 vs teams playing in bowl game after 2007 these latest 7 years. Whoop-de-do

36-8 Games at Sanford 81 % win percentage Mark Richt after 2007

28-21 Games not at Sanford 57 % win percentage Mark Richt after 2007


I thought you bragged on Mark Richt being so freaking great away ?


No, he is not.  Is he ?


Not recently.


At the beginning – when he 1st got here, he was.


Not since.


2-14 Mark Richt after 2007 against teams ranked Top 10 AP or Coaches’ Polls for these latest 7 years


11-23 Mark Richt after 2007 vs teams ranked Top 25 AP or Coaches’ Polls for these latest 7 years


34-28 Mark Richt after 2007 vs teams who played in a bowl game the year he played them 54 % wins


30-1 Mark Richt after 2007 vs non-bowl teams  whoop-de-do


Let’s brag on his ass some more please, ok  about what a wonderful MAN he is ?


Through it all, his recruiting has been consistent as measured by average # 9 ranking every year with 82 NFL Draft Picks prior to his haul this 2015 NFL Draft as well.


And, all he has to show for all that is 34-28 against teams who even played a damned bowl game the latest current 7 years.


Damn it.

David Davis has his say on Mark Richt and National Championship for us on Bleacher Report today

ImYourHuckleberry Posted 21 hours ago “4 losses a season, is that acceptable? No”

“4 losses a season, is that acceptable? No”
Of course, it’s actually seven years now, and it’s not averaging 4 losses per season but MORE than 4 losses a year for 7 years and counting.
Or, to quote Todd Gurley II during the disappointing season last year, he’s sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.
64-29 over latest current 7-year period.  More than 4 losses a year.

LADawg has his say about Mark Richt

LADawg            7 hours ago

 “CJP is a breath of fresh air! His goal is to win championships and he is willing to work tirelessly to get it done, unlike his boss. He has the personality, desire, and ability to galvanize a program and a state, unlike his boss. He is going to be a championship HC in the future, unlike his boss.”

“Talent should never be a problem for the Dawgs. A head coach who can’t think straight when close games get into crunch time is a huge problem when it comes to having a championship program. I realize that all coaches make decisions that don’t workout at times. With Coach Richt, it’s routine! ”



How do you best judge UGA’s 2015 recruiting class?

Recruiting Signing Date 4 February 2015


Richard Seymour has moved to the plush Northern Suburbs but he was Mark Richt’s 1st NFL Draft Selection in 2001, of which he has had now 82 NFL Draft Picks in total.  He would go on to earn $ 76 million dollars in the NFL, and I felt he was robbed of the NFL Super Bowl MVP.  He was the highest paid DL in the NFL, and was defensive team captain winning 3 Super Bowl Championships for New England.  His career is over now.  He scored an NFL Touchdown.  He had 496 tackles, 57 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions, and 7 Pro Bowls, after being named on numerous 1st Team All-America Teams here at Georgia.

Richard Seymour’s adopted son Devondre Seymour is now already here at UGA, playing OL.  I remember Richard Seymour’s days here well.  Destined for greatness, he has done himself and us, proud.  His son is 6′ 6″ and 305 lbs., same as his Dad, who was by the way the # 6 overall NFL Draft Pick 2001.  New England’s Robert Kraft got a bargain for the boy from Gadsden South Carolina for the man with 3 Super Bowl rings – one I forever will say was because of him.

Super Bowl XXXVI Richard Seymour single-handedly won the game for New England, not Tom Brady Super Bowl MVP.  He sacked Kurt Warner and harassed him all day long.  He stopped the running game of the Rams, holding them to only 90 yards rushing.  He broke up passes, batting balls down, made tackle after tackle leading the Patriots in tackles, and caused the interception which won the Super Bowl.  Tom Brady, who completed 16 passes for 145 yards and 1 Touchdown Pass, was awarded the Super Bowl MVP, instead.  Anyone who watched the game, knows exactly who dominated the game when U2 played It’s a Beautiful Day at halftime.  But this is not Richard’s son so we shall see if being brought up by him teaches him anything that seemed innate to Richard.

We have many holes, but OL is certainly up there at the top with our aging OL now.  Seems we go too many years with top OL here now, seemingly happy in our ignorance not to recruit another 5 every year.  This is one of those years.


Many times, we’ve pulled this.  Not signing OL.

2015 no different on that.

We also make a concerted effort to not sign a single Fullback except once in 7 years now; yet as OL are plentiful, there are over 200 top fullbacks our rivals sign, instead.  Like OL.  And, we run a fullback oriented offense.  Crazy what we do on OL and at Fullback.

We also did not sign speedsters this season.  Usually, we do.  This season, this is a plodding group on the whole.

Devondre Seymour is not the only junior college 2-year signee this season.  We also signed a linebacker from JUCO, Chuks Amaechi of Arizona.  These guys fill-in a roster shortened by arrested/suspended/kicked-off players.  We are down to only 72 of the latest 118 signed who with redshirt would’ve played against Louisville, and there was not 1 Early NFL Draft Pick in the most recent NFL Draft.

This has taken a toll on us, as a program.  On and Off the field.

Giddy Bulldogs’ fans try to censor this discussion.  But, Mark Richt has been here a long, long, long time now.  His 1st NFL Draft Picks’ sons are here now.   Once 81 % win percentage, more recently the 2nd half of his career, he has been mediocre 68% and to quote Todd Gurley II believed to still be the top Bulldog NFL Draft Pick 2015, Todd Gurley II said in 2014 that he is sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  His contract will have a stipulation about being able to perform after his surgery.

The Giddy Bulldogs’ fans want to harp on :

(1) Great Recruiting of Mark Richt such as this fine class

(2) What a fine man he is, therefore doing it the right way.

What they fail to want to tie to that is that if he is responsible for the great talent you give him credit for bringing here today, then he by God Above is responsible for that which they do on and off the field representing him, then.

And, why lose so much ?


34 times Mark Richt has played teams higher ranked for the seasons 2008-2014, and he has lost 23 of them.

Mark Richt has also lost to ten (10) teams not ranked time of game or for the season AP or Coaches after 2007.

This is unacceptable that # 11 all-time in 1-A wins would be # 21 after 2007 losing not only to the better teams two-thirds of the time, but in addition losing to 10 unranked teams.  All of this is traced directly to the attrition, mostly arrested/suspended/kicked-off.  All of this is attributable to conflicting messages such as I love you said to those dismissed.   I believe it is Mark Richt’s Religion which holds us back therefore.  I do not love those who got so much bad press that they got kicked-off.  I tell them to obey the rules, instead, directly.  I love them ?  The hell I do.  I want to win football games against the top teams better than 1 out of 3 and I certainly do not want to lose IN ADDITION to ALL THAT, another 10 games in 7 latest seasons to unranked teams.

It is too much, and has got to come to an end.

But, it is good to see we got an Offensive Lineman, and fine young man like his Dad.  We also got on the OL another big boy in Sam Madden of Barnegat High School, which is one I had not heard of, even though I spent 2 years post-graduate studying at Princeton, nearby.  Pat Allen from Maryland joins our OL too.  Sage Hardin from Marist here joins our OL too.

Jonathan Ledbetter out of Tucker will be a force from his Defensive Lineman position.  Alabama really wanted him, so too did Auburn, Florida State, Florida, Clemson, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Stanford.  There is no reason he cannot be 1st Team All-America.  He teams up with Chauncey Rivers out of Stephenson and the duo will be a terror.   These 2 names will be household names if they can keep their noses clean.  Perhaps the best of the 3 might be Natrez Patrick out of Mays.  We also signed Michael Barnett out of South Carolina.  In all we got twice as many defensive players as you can see than we did Offensive.  Tae Crowder was going to go to Georgia Southern University until we offered him last night, and he joins us at RB.  He jumped on our offer.  I can appreciate that.  Justin Young joins the DL from Grayson here.  Daquan Hawkins from Westlake here as well on the DL.

It’s a haul.  28 and counting.  Wow !  I thought you could only sign 25, and that Mark Richt never over-signs ?  How many of these will be arrested/suspended/kicked-off ?


I mean it IS what Mark Richt does, isn’t it ?


He recruits them.

He gets credit for recruiting them.

They get arrested/suspended/kicked-off and well everyone else recruited them too.

Not Mark Richt’s fault.

He hasn’t lost control.


Nothing like that.

So when he got down to only 67 scholarships recruits who played in the last bowl game it looks like a third of the team are signed scholarship recruits for Mark Richt now February 4 2015.


Will it make a difference ?




Emphatically no.


Why ?

Because he can’t coach and he can’t teach his recruits he gets such great praise for signing here to either win the big games nor keep their noses clean.


Can he ?


Oh and he loses to unranked teams double-digits of them just after 2007.


1 every year.




Still you try to shut me up and brag on the recruits.


Talent has never been Mark Richt’s missing link, it’s been his lack of coaching, lack of detail, bad choices at Starting QB, lack development of QB in college where the QB is KING, and more arrested/suspended/kicked-off while losing to top 15 teams nearly every time now after 2007, barely able to beat more teams playing in a bowl game than he plays likely as not lose those, and oh yeah lose to unranked teams at least 1 a year sometimes MORE.


With all this talent.


I look forward to rooting these guys on, the ones who are not arrested/suspended/kicked-off and long for the day they are coached by a real coach who does NOT say that there’s something here at Georgia that is MORE important than WINNING.

All the press goes to the fine young man Trenton Thompson of Albany.  That’s pronounced Al Bany’.  What a great guy.

Rashad Roundtree of Augusta, should be a big help in our secondary even in 2015.  Jarvis Wilson will be too.  As will Juwuan Briscoe of Thomas Stone, which is Baltimore.  Rico McGraw joins Jeremy Pruitt’s secondary from Nashville 4 hours’ away. Highly recruited.   Johnathan Abram East Marion High in Columbia Mississippi. One would think with the resurgence of Ole Miss and Mississippi State that they could keep him there, but we really went out on defensive and signed top players from all over to get this defense back to Junkyard Dawgs’ style, like we all grew up on here. Erk Russell always took the most talented offensive players and put them on defense and the best of them then, at Rover.  Deandre Baker joins the db from Miami.   Kirby Choates, Jr. joins us from East Point to our db as well.

Terry Godwin’s older sister, who transferred in during his recruitment by us, has barely gotten on the court at all for Andy Landers, and she only has 1 more year after this one.  I have followed her for you on this blog since we gave her a Scholarship.

Gary McRae out of Randolph Clay is quick and will be a stand-out for us at his linebacker position, which has been one of our strengths now for a long time.  Even more heralded if that possible, is linebacker D’Andre Walker of Langston Hughes.

Jackson Harris out of Columbia Central Tennessee is a huge get at Tight End, but we have not thrown to Tight Ends recently.  Not sure what that was all about I wrote continuously, and I fully expect Jackson Harris to be a main target for Schottenheimer.

Michael Chigbu of Holy Cross  in New Orleans pronounced Na Or’lins will be a big boost to the depleted wide receiver corps for us, as will Jayson Stanley of Creekside.  Shaquery Wilson as well from Florida.

In all, 14 are recruited to here from out-of-state.  Half of the 28.  That is $ 50,000 each for the 14 per year.  $ 700 thousand dollars per year and 3 and a half million until they graduate.  For this, we’d appreciate they not add their names to the roll of those arrested/suspended/kicked-off.  Just imagine only 72 remaining today of the 118 signed with redshirt who could’ve been playing the latest game ?  The investment in their education for these 29 in total.  29 recruits, 14 out-of-state recruits.  Total investment just in their education here at UGA is $ 7 million dollars.  The impact upon each of the 29 lives is millions they will make their working lives.  I made $ 5 million after I graduated UGA.  They will probably make more.  Many do. Some will make $ 76 million like Richard Seymour.

We over-sign every year to try to catch-up.  It inflates our overall average recruiting ranking.  We lose way too many good football players because we do not tell them what I will now :

Go to class.  Study.  Exercise.  College is not to get drunk or high.  It is to get an education.  You are on full scholarship to my alma mater, recognized worldwide as a leader in many fields you might take classes in.  Work hard in the area of staying with the right crowd.  My college friends are my best friends today.  Cull the group when they act wild.  Tell them you have to study.  Put the book on your bed.  Buy a small lamp.  Put it at the head of your bed.  Fall asleep reading.  Wake up, and read more then fall asleep again.  Get outside.  Play basketball, ping pong, date the gals and ask them about their studies.

If you came here for a good time, you are wasting your one go around.

This is the time for all good scholarship recruits to understand why they are in college and why we give you this $ 7 million dollars – just those we just signed – to come to my alma mater and get an education that will make you $ 5 million as I in your career.  If you are Richard Seymour, that is $ 76 million.

You are setting yourself up for life.  Do it like I did.  I never stepped foot in the Red and Black.  Not once.  Never accepted the invitations.  I studied.  I practiced and ran of course, and had loads of fun mostly from getting all A in every class and being the # 1 student in every class I took.  I worked hard at it.  When I made a B, I took an incomplete and took the course again along with my regular load. I took one class 3 times, and graduated with 238 hours when 180 is all that was required.  I did it in 3 years, going every Summer. I never missed one class, nor ever was late to class.  I read every book BEFORE I stepped foot in any course I took.  I bought used books with no writing in them, or new if I had to.

I know how to read.  (1) Skim see what’s in it (2) Read 2nd time until you learn something from each page.  Learn anything, quit reading that page, go to next page.  (3) 3rd time through, this time for the 1st time, read every word.  (4) 4th time through, study each page and understand what is being presented; but, if you find a difficult passage, skip it (5) Go back now 5th time through, and this time, spend as much time as is necessary to be able when the Prof brings the subject up in class, to sit on 2nd row, raise your damned hand and say Sir, I read that passage and you are saying this now, but from what I read, it was attempting to make it sound like that instead.  I am confused sir, can you explain.  Ask to meet him after class and when he is available.  (6) When everyone else is off on the weekends partying and going home wasting time in the car to see high school buddies to party hearty, stay in the dorm.  Be boring. Damn it, study for 4 years.  Read the book a 6th time now, fully understanding it.  Keep the books for lifetime as I.  Refer to them.  And, when the others in the class come to you for help to cram or want to cram with them before the exam, tell them you are going to bed.  That you have done what they are going to try to do in 6 hours, all the time from the day you registered and bought the books for the class and want to be fresh.

I’ve got plenty of money.  I do not need to work.  But, I tell you what.  I do not hold Roquan Smith accountable for the lies he was told by the Falcons’ coach who tried to lure him to the Land of Fruit and Nuts, even though he was coming here to Atlanta.  Jeff Ulbrich was from out there where they have earthquakes.  And, he had already taken the job with the Atlanta Falcons as our linebackers’ coach here.  I wonder how the Falcons feel about his lies that he had TURNED DOWN THE FALCONS ?

Jeff Ulbrich, you are a piece of shit.

I am so happy to have Roquan Smith here with Georgia.  He is a fine man and I respect him a great deal for all this.  Even more so after he refused to sign any LOI.  Of course, it does not hurt that he is now a part of the greatest defensive recruiting class ever here at UGA.

Now, if we can just beat more than 3 teams out of the latest 24 games who end up higher ranked than us for the season.

The 3 wins ?  We were unranked all 3.  Georgie tek 2009 # 13.  And, South Carolina and LSU 2013.

We need to beat the top teams when we are a top team.

We also need to cease losing to crappy football teams.  Like Georgie tek did losing to us 2009, and like LSU and South Carolina did losing to us 2013.

Or, as Todd Gurley II said in the season just ended that he is sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  I’m ready personally for The Junkyard Dawgs’ Defense.  It will seem like Erk Russell is here again.

Stick around Jeremy Pruitt.  You certainly have got our attention with your recruiting prowess sir.

We have lost too many games around here, 29 in 7 years – unheard of in my day.  More than 4 a year the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

We lack role models to teach our youth to obey the rules and to be mature, which they are supposed to be, as I when I was in Russell Hall with my Scholarship roommate. He was not diligent.  College is fun, if you are making great grades and it is not fun if you came to party hearty.  Be a role model to the others around you.  I rubbed-off on many in Russell Hall who are my friends today in business and personally.  I am strong.

Be looked-up to not for being cool, but for being erudite.   Remember the reason why you get this $ 6 million from us is to win football games.  And, if you work on your education, you will have plenty of time to party later and win football games now.

There is nothing more important than winning football games, but you cannot do that if you do not obey the rules.  The # 1 rule is get your education WE invested this $ 6 million in for just this small group of lucky guys.  Me.

Here are all the games after 2007 us playing team ranked in AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons 2008-2014, all 34 games of which we lost 23 of them.

We LOST 23 of the 34 against teams ranked Top 25 AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons 2008-2014.


WON.  Louisville # 24 AP & Coaches’ 2014

LOST Georgie tek # 8 AP # 7 Coaches’ 2014

WON. Auburn # 22 AP # 23 Coaches’ 2014

WON. Missouri # 14 AP # 11 Coaches’ 2014

WON. Clemson # 15 AP # 15 Coaches’ 2014

LOST Nebraska # 25 Coaches’ 2013 unranked AP Poll 2014

LOST Auburn # 2 AP & Coaches’ 2013

LOST Vandie # 24 AP # 23 Coaches’ 2013

LOST Missouri # 5 AP # 5 Coaches’ 2013

WON. LSU # 14 AP # 14 Coaches’ 2013

WON. South Carolina # 4 AP # 4 Coaches’ 2013

LOST Clemson # 8 AP # 7 Coaches’ 2013

WON. Nebraska # 25 AP # 23 Coaches’ 2012

LOST Alabama # 1 AP # 1 Coaches’ 2012

WON. Florida # 9 AP # 10 Coaches’ 2012

LOST South Carolina # 8 AP # 7 Coaches’ 2012

WON. Vandie # 23 AP # 20 Coaches’ 2012

LOST Michigan State # 11 AP # 10 Coaches’ 2011

LOST LSU # 2 AP # 2 Coaches’ 2011

LOST South Carolina # 9 AP # 8 Coaches 2011

LOST Boise State # 8 AP # 6 Coaches 2011

LOST Central Florida # 21 AP # 20 Coaches’ 2010

LOST Auburn # 1 AP # 1 Coaches’ 2010

LOST Missy State # 15 AP # 17 Coaches’ 2010

LOST Arkansas # 12 AP # 12 Coaches’ 2010

LOST South Carolina # 22 AP # 22 Coaches’ 2010

WON. Georgie tek # 13 AP # 13 Coaches’ 2009

LOST Florida # 3 AP # 3 Coaches’ 2009

LOST LSU # 17 AP # 17 Coaches’ 2009

LOST Okie State # 25 Coaches’ unranked AP Poll 2009

WON. Michigan State # 24 AP # 24Coaches’ 2008

LOST Georgie tek # 22 AP # 22 Coaches’ 2008

LOST Florida # 1 AP # 1 Coaches’ 2008

LOST Alabama # 6 AP # 6 Coaches’ 2008


11 Won and LOST 23


Played 34 games against teams ranked either AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons 2008-2014.  Lost 23 of the 34 against ranked teams these latest 7 seasons.




We have won less than a third of all games against teams ranked in either AP or Coaches’ Polls Top 25 for the seasons these latest 7 years.


In addition to what we’ve done against Top 25 teams AP or Coaches’ Polls for the latest 7 seasons after 2007, we also have to consider what we’ve done against unranked teams :


(1) LOST Okie State unranked AP Poll for 2009 season

(2) LOST vols unranked AP and Coaches’ Polls for 2009 season

(3) LOST Kentucky unranked AP and Coaches’ Polls for 2009 season

(4) LOST Missy State unranked time of game 2010 both AP & Coaches’ Polls

(5) LOST Central Florida unranked time of game 2010 AP Poll

(6) LOST Missouri unranked time of game Coaches’ Poll 2013

(7) LOST Vandie unranked time of game both AP & Coaches’ Polls 2013

(8) LOST Nebraska unranked time of game both AP & Coaches’ Polls 2013

(9) LOST South Carolina unranked AP & Coaches’ Polls for 2014 season

(10) LOST Florida unranked AP & Coaches’ Polls 2014


If anything, we’ve gotten worse against unranked teams the more recent we look at it.  We’re trending toward losing more of these type games against unranked opponents.




No damn good against Top 25

Lose to unranked teams in addition, lots of them.




Andrew Hall who never played football, who I’ve been reading for many, many years – Dude, You’re crazy ! Andrew says he is “disappointed and frustrated” in Mark Richt’s 2014 season.



Andrew Hall :  Dude You’re Crazy !

Georgia Football: I Don’t Understand Why Everyone is So Damn Mad, I Don’t Even Know Who These Bulldogs Are Yet


Georgia Football: I Don’t Understand Why Everyone is So Damn Mad, I Don’t Even Know Who These Bulldogs Are Yet

37, 12

Above and beyond the ridiculous notion that a 9-3 regular season record and potential 10-win season is unacceptable, I’m struggling to sympathize with Georgia fans right now.


Well, Andrew, you are the Chuck Dowdle of Bulldogs’ fans, aren’t you ?  Lose in blow-out to Florida team who lost 10 of their previous 13 games and who fired their coach the week after to be now 5-9 vs them.  Lose to Georgie tek with the average # 52 recruiting rankings to Mark Richt’s # 9.  Lose to South Carolina as well, who like Florida, neither were ranked for the season by any poll whatsoever.  3 horrible inexplicable losses to 3 teams far less talented than our men.  And, this is a notion you don’t hold dear ?  You can kiss my ass Andrew freaking Hall, you little dipshit mother.

Let’s consider some crucial pieces of data regarding the Georgia Bulldogs in 2014:

  • Last year’s team finished the year 8-5.  Is this supposed to make us feel better?
  • That 2013 team graduated the Southeastern Conference’s all-time leading passer in Aaron Murray.  So, Aaron Murray wasn’t back in 2014.  In his place was a first-time starter. You like excuses don’t you Andrew friqin’ Hall ?  Whose fault, by the way, is it that no one was prepared to take over for a 4-year starter who lost the most games as a Georgia QB ever ?
  • That 2013 team was dismantled by injuries on offense.  More excuses.  Todd Gurley was hobbled in 2013 but missed even more time in 2014 thanks to an injury and a suspension.  You really should number your excuses, idiot.  Keith Marshall was hobbled in 2013 and missed even more time in 2014.  Malcolm Mitchell missed almost all of 2013 and was back in 2014 but accounted for 50 or more receiving yards just three times.  Justin Scott-Wesley missed the bulk of 2013 and returned in 2014 to the tune of two catches for 33 yards.  Starting fullback Merritt Hall was disqualified before the 2014 season began.  Running back Sony Michel missed five games to injury.  This year’s squad found just as much health-related adversity on offense.  I get it.  I get it.  Mark Richt is not to blame for 29 losses the current latest 7 years, an average over 4 losses a season, because Mark Richt had bad luck.
  • That 2013 team struggled defensively and in a fortuitous (long term) turn of events the entire defensive coaching staff was replaced.  Few would argue this transition as anything other than a net positive, but one would be hard-pressed to say this was the easy route to improvement.  What number excuse are we up to now ?
  • The 2013 team struggled primarily in the defensive secondary.  Starters Josh Harvey-Clemons and Tray Matthews were dismissed in the spring.  Starter Shaq Wiggins opted to transfer in the spring.  In the fall, Sheldon Dawson opted to leave the team, Rico Johnson was medically disqualified and Shaq Jones was dismissed.  A thin secondary got thinner.  Number what excuse is this ?
  • Did I mention the best Bulldog since Herschel Walker was suspended for four games and came back only to tear his ACL four quarters later?  I am glad you brought that up Andrew Hall, since you never played football while I was a 4-sport letterman and since I walked-on at UGA.  Tell us about that ACL for Todd Gurley II, Andrew, did you feel after 6 weeks’ lay-off back then for this game, with his most carries ever in a uni for us, with 5 minutes to go in a 3 TD lead game already trying to make it 4, that Todd Gurley II should have been taken out like CMR did the very next game with Nick Chubb, or left in – especially given that Todd Gurley II had already been injured in the game ?  Dumbass. 

Did I mention that despite all this adversity—rebuilding from a mediocre 2013 campaign while replacing a ton of coaches, a ton of defensive backs and a ton of passing yards and struggling to stay healthy and missing the best player in college football for most of the season—Georgia won nine games and lost three?  Put into context: Georgia finished the regular season with a .750 winning percentage.  That’s not bad relative to an all-time program winning percentage below .650.

And when extenuating circumstantial data is taken into consideration, those nine wins should be even more meaningful.  Georgia’s nine wins come at a time when the nation’s best conference—you know, the one the Bulldogs play in—has become so strong that it is threatening its own run of dominance and knocking on the door of the first ever implosion of power.  The SEC isn’t too big to fail.  The SEC is too good not to fail.  And Georgia won nine games during this knockdown-drag-out slugfest despite playing two ranked teams in out-of-conference play. What in the hell do you want to bring up now about The SEC when Mark Richt has not won The SEC in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 ?  What’s your bullshit excuse for this ?

Why the hell are Bulldog fans angry?

Disappointed: I’ll give you that, sort of.  Frustrated: Sure.  Wondering what could have been: That’s kind of what sports are for.  Wait a minute now, Andrew freaking Hall is disappointed, frustrated for sure and wondering what could’ve been ?  God Almighty you 2-faced sucker, make up your damn mind son !  Which the hell is it ?  You have a ton of excuses, or in fact, you agree with ALL the rest of us that 2014 was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT – as has been the 7-year period after 2007 with 29 losses ?  Which please ?  Just make a point and stick to it, ok ?

But angry?  No way.  Oh, ok, you’re not angry about all the 29 losses after 2007 ?  You’re not angry about all the 25 games against teams who are ranked higher than us for the seasons after 2007, of which Mark Richt has won 4 of the 25 ?  Grow a pair and quit being 2-faced and admit that we are to quote the guy you tried to use as an excuse for Mark Richt’s 29 losses more than 4 a season after 2007 (seven years of futility) ?  Remember what he said ?  Todd Gurley II said in 2014 that HE was TIRED of LOSING and being MEDIOCRE here at Georgia.  You ?  You selectively choose that which you remember.  That is how advertising works as well Andrew.  You know your BBA ?  That is the degree you got from my alma mater, isn’t it ?  BBA ?  Like me ?  My BBA Top 5 % of Graduating Class Honors.  How about your BBA Andrew Hall, since you are all so fired a better University of Georgia ambassador than I, according to you.  How about it ?  BBA ?  You recall selective perception and selection retention ?  Probably not.    Since you said you made all C while I made all A.

In addition to the general misguided Georgia fan angst—the type that wants Mark Richt fired despite the fact that he wins at a higher clip than any Bulldog coach in history against tougher competition than any of those other men faced—two equally irrelevant forces are at play.  Excuse me ?  Mark Richt once had a 81 % win percentage here at UGA.  For the latest most recent 7-year period, it is ONLY  68 %.

The first false context has to do with what could have been.  If Georgia hadn’t lost to Georgia Tech on Saturday, the playoff picture could still be there.  If Missouri had lost to Arkansas the SEC East could still be there.  If Georgia hadn’t laid an egg against Florida or found ways to lose against South Carolina, where could the Dawgs be?  You friqin little liar.  There was not any damn play-off picture for UGA after having lost already to two (2) totally unranked teams in any poll.  The season was shot already.  You are so full of shit Andrew Hall, and always have been you little snot-nosed bullshit artist who, if Mark Richt stopped too quickly, would find your nose all brown.

Those questions are understandable and they merit conversation from fanatics.  Oh, I get it finally.  We’re ALL fanatics, but you aren’t about Mark Richt with his 29 losses the latest 7 years ?  # 11 All-Time in Wins in College Football our program is, but you wouldn’t know anything about all that.  Because you did not get out of your season ticket seats and go sit on the Railroad Tracks all those years, now did you you little twit ?  No.  You lived in friqin Tennessee then.  Did your Daddy, since you pick on mine, graduate Valedictorian ?  No.  Did he have seasons tickets before you to UGA games like mine either ?  No.  But, my Dad you can put shit on in public unprovoked ?  Friq you son, his Golden Gloves would stomp the shit out of you for picking on him in public like you’re some God Damn God yourself at sports and being a Bulldogs’ fan.  FU.  But those hypothetical scenarios lose credibility when they are used to imply that Georgia should have accomplished more.  Yes, Georgia could have easily defeated South Carolina and Georgia Tech and in doing so the Bulldogs would have clinched the SEC East without help from Missouri and Arkansas and Richt’s team would be an SEC Championship away from participating in College Football’s inaugural playoff experiment.  That could have happened.  But based on all that went against Georgia—much of which was nothing more than dumb old luck—one would be off-base to say that those fantastically favorable things should have happened.    You don’t even know what the friq you’re talking about Andrew Freaking Hall !  We could have beat easily South Carolina and Florida, you mean right ?  To have easily beat USCe and FU so that we had won The SEC East ?  That what you mean ?  You got something to say, please by all means, do so.  I have read your bullshit for at least a decade now online in the blogs, and you know exactly that I have.  I have lambasted your bullshit about Mark Richt for more than a decade every time you ventured where I was discussing his inexplicable losses.  Inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR.  All 14.  Year Number 15 is this 2015 season, and CMR will add to this list again making you MORE “FRUSTRATED” and “DISAPPOINTED” to quote YOU here in this blog today Andrew freaking Hall.

Equating what could happen with what should happen is a dangerous habit, and unfortunately it’s an age-old tradition for far too many Georgia fans.  In the short term, it vests itself negatively in diluting the accomplishments of this team and labeling their efforts not as disappointing but as a failure.  In the longer term, these sentiments will cheapen a national championship some day.  When Georgia wins one, with or without Richt on the sideline, the narrative will be partially one of celebration and partially an exasperated cry of “about damn time.”   Now, Andrew boy, you said it was a disappointing season 2014 to you, boy.  You said it right here above in this 1 post.  Now, you pick on ALL of us others who AGREE with you and say we and not you, are negatively diluting the accomplishments of the 2014 team.  I also represented UGA on our Debate Team.  I can tell you that you fare poorly in such arguments, but you wouldn’t understand.  Go party, get drunk, make bad grades, and act Holier Than Thou.  And, oh by the way, do not expect to get it back in your damned little face online where you act so high and friqin’ mighty.  Ok ?  You little punk.

The second lens which is adversely filtering this season’s campaign is who Georgia lost to.  Georgia didn’t just lose three games.  Georgia lost one game to South Carolina, one game to Florida and one game to Georgia Tech, and that is alleged to be much, much worse.  Georgia lost to three rivals.  Oh, the horror!   The furor in losing to USCe on 1st and goal from the 4 and Mark Richt saying that he was WRONG that he should’ve pounded it with Todd Gurley II, seems to have escaped you, again Andrew.  I presume you are not used to having folks challenge you on your bullshit ?  Pontificate from upon high and then run and hide like a little girl.  Well ?  Did Mark Richt admit he was WAY WRONG in USCe loss ?  Which is it ?  As for the Georgie tek loss, what about that one too ?  Again, CMR admitted he was wrong.  That with a miraculous come-from behind to go ahead by 3 with 13 ticks remaining that he should’ve kicked-off deep, not hand them the ball at the 43-yard line.  You ?  You here, take the cake and say shit on ALL of us Bulldogs’ fans that WE (and not you son calling it here disappointing) oh the horror you exclaim from your perch of your shit doesn’t stink to high freaking heaven.    While discussing all 3 losses, you failed to point out as well with your again selective perception and selective retention that Mark Richt told the press when they asked him his opinion of all the Bulldogs in the locker room afterwards saying that he took Florida lightly, when then Mark Richt blew-up and said tell all these UGA Football Players on the Team 2014, to shut up !

But this feigned outrage negates the very nature of a rivalry.  Georgia and Georgia Tech, for instance, never seems more like a real, meaningful rivalry than when the Yellow Jackets find a way to maneuver past their big brother Bulldogs.  This matchup hasn’t felt like a rivalry as of late, but for it to be one Tech was going to have to win some games.  Losing unexpectedly to a theoretically inferior Florida team is not an anomaly; it’s the Georgia Way.  And lest that read too much like an indictment, it’s the Florida Way sometimes too.  And could more have gone wrong against South Carolina?  Hell, the game didn’t even start on time because of lightning.  Sounds like a weird rivalry to me.  Excuse me, did you just say that the 3 losses were not losses ?  Let me roll my pants legs up if I ever come to read your bullshit on your damned blog again, ok ?

Georgia lost to three rivals this year.  That happens.  Yes, and it is NOT GOOD, and is disappointing according to you.  Georgia also defeated several rivals this year, but nobody seems to have noticed.  The Georgia/Clemson game is now rarely played but the two schools are bitter rivals and Georgia extracted revenge for a 2013 loss in this year’s season-opener.  Tennessee football has been down in recent years, but the Bulldogs still found themselves in a bloody battle with the Volunteers and came out victorious.  Georgia and Missouri have combined to win each of the last four SEC East division crowns, so a rivalry may be budding.  Georgia destroyed Mizzou on the road.  Georgia beat the living hell out of an Auburn team that was ranked in the Top 5 in at least one major poll for each of the season’s first 11 weeks.  And, Florida, who had lost 10 of their previous 13 games, beat the living hell out of Mark Richt again to leave him 5-9 against them.  Why can’t you say that ?  Auburn is a rival.  Florida claims us as their # 1 Rival.  Auburn certainly does NOT.

Nobody likes losing to rivals.  That’s kind of the nature of the beast, though.  But to suddenly ignore the success Georgia had against rivals while simultaneously looking beyond recent successes that Georgia has had against the likes of Georgia Tech, Florida and South Carolina (Georgia beat all three teams in 2013) is short-sided.  Furthermore, to take a loss to a team like Georgia Tech and extrapolate it to mean anything long-term or consequential for the future is ridiculous.  By the time kickoff arrived that game was damn-near meaningless for a Georgia program that had won 12 of the previous 13.  There’s no excuse for the loss, but that performance didn’t define this team.  The only point which is ridiculous is that you talk out of both sides of your same two-faced mouth calling 2014 disappointing to you.

And that question—What defines this 2014 Georgia Bulldogs team?—falsely adds to the frustration of the loss to Tech and other rivals and it lends validity to the missed opportunities storyline.  And that’s exactly my point.  In our rush to make a judgment of a team whose season isn’t even finished and whose coach is still reeling from the most recent hard-fought game, we’re making broad sweeping generalizations that are false and borrowed.

Truth be told, college football is a bit more residual in its nature than any of us want to admit.  We want to believe that anything can happen any week.  And anything can happen any week.  But that’s still not the norm.  In our haste we often overlook the fact that even seemingly transient talents stick around for three, four or five years and in doing so they build—both individually and collectively—on a host of experiences.

If you think about it, this residual build-up has never been more evident than it was (and is) with the 2014 Georgia Bulldogs.  The injuries from last year carried over.  The inability to find ways to win close games against Tech and South Carolina is understandable given five losses a year ago.  The defensive struggles were different than they were last year, but they were indicative of a work in progress.  Hell, even Todd Gurley’s autograph “transgression” dated back to a previous year.


The residual build-up is that we have lost to 21 of the most recent 25 opponents ranked higher than us in either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Polls for the 7 seasons after 2007.

In that regard, I’m not going to put a generic label like “disappointing,” “terrible against rivals” or “prone to missing opportunities” on this team.  Part of this refusal is because I find those labels to be inaccurate.  But the bigger part is because I don’t think we’ll know this team’s identity for another year or two.

Excuse me ?  Yes, you are labeling the 2014 season as disappointing.  Or, take the red letters here and edit them on your blog to say that you did not say what you did say that 2014 is a disappointing season to you, personally, you bullshit artist Andrew Freaking Hall !

Rest assured, Richt-haters.  In 12 months we may be looking back at a 6-6 2015 campaign saying, “We should have seen it coming.  Georgia couldn’t get past crappy South Carolina or Florida teams in 2014 and even Georgia Tech beat the Dawgs.”  Nobody is a freaking Richt hater,  so grow up.  We all love Mark Richt as a man, and as a freaking Christian you little piece of shit.  What we do not care for is ALL THE DAMNED LOSSES.  29 in 7 seasons.  You said you were disappointed.  So, get the friq off my back and all the rest of us about you also saying that you are disappointed in 2014 season for Mark Richt your own damned self !  That’s right Andrew Hall, Dude You’re Crazy !  You just said in this blog right here, right now, right above this statement also by you here now, that YOU son said that Mark Richt’s 2014 season was (1) Frustrating to you personally, and (2) a disappointment to you personally, son.  Didn’t you ?  Without a question ? 

That could happen.

Or, we may look back and recognize that a team of talented youngsters like Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Isaiah McKenzie, Jeb Blazevich, Dominic Sanders, etc. learned a lot from the resilience of Todd Gurley, the patient leadership of Hutson Mason, the wise tenacity of David Andrews and the versatility of Damian Swann.  And if that’s the case, those youngsters will likely have learned as much in defeat as in victory during the 2014 campaign.  That could be one heck of an identity for this team.


That’s all I got/