What do we need to do to win our 7th national championship in football ?

(1)  I believe we must quit bragging on the program right now and get job done instead.  This is the number one problem and number one obstacle to us winning the national championship.  We have a fan base of whiners and excuse makers, not fans of the program telling it like it is.  We do not therefore work on that which we must to win our 7th national championship in football.  It’s our fans’ fault.

(2) We must start getting the most out of the 85 scholarship recruits, which means that if you are going to have 3 Top 10 Quarterbacks in the nation and another # 11 nationally, that you put them in the damn games and play them.  We do not need a 4 TD lead against Auburn with 5 minutes’ all remaining in the game.  We blow redshirt seasons on players that frankly only get to play the very least opponent we play all season long whom we beat by the way 30 out of the last 31 times anyway.  Get them in in the 2nd possession.

(3) We do a very poor job of preparing our back-up quarterback, and we must instead start playing our 2nd string Quarterbacks a LOT more than we have been.  When Hutson Mason went down with injury, it was patently obvious that we have once-again failed to properly prepare Brice Ramsey.  Not once, or maybe once, all season long did I witness proper footwork from Brice Ramsey back there.  A lot of heart and great potential, NFL talent, but he has to set his feet and follow through on every pass instead of the sling the ball from awkward positioning of his feet.

(4) We must recruit more OL than just 4 in a class bragging on that.

(5) We have got to get back to recruiting top fullbacks to this used-to-be fullback oriented offense, while we’ve recruited one in 7 seasons.  There are over 200 Top-Ranked Fullbacks nationally and idly stand by while our Rivals come into our Home State here and take them, while we do not even offer them.  Craziness.  It’s just like what we do on Special Teams, too !  Just play the worst guys on the team who cannot make offense or defense, and find one of those and make him the Fullback.  Bullshit.

(6) We sorely needed to update our old-style antiquated offense, which I presume is what Schottenheimer will do.  I only make this point # 6 because I heard a lot said about him being hired because he knows this exact offense we have been running for 14 seasons’ prior now.  Well, it’s not working !  We fail on offense and send the non-special special teams out there to bail out the offense.  And, we send back the tired defense again and again to bail out our failed offense.  We were # 89 nationally in passing 2014.  That sucks.  We had every reasonable defense stack the box and what did we do ?  Either passed into the teeth of those defenses with short 4-yard dink-downs.  It was all we did.  Our running back had the longest pass play of the season.  What the friq does that tell you ?  When you hear that we had 30 unanswered points scored against us, quit thinking it’s all the defense’s problem and begin recognizing that our offense failed to score while their offense put up 30.  Think we might lose those types of games ?  We either passed 4-yard passes into the teeth of stacked boxes against us, or we ran into the teeth of the defenses stacked against the short game.  We never passed the ball downfield.  Never.  Had we done that with Brice Ramsey throwing deep, the running game would’ve opened up and we would not have lost to 3 far less talented teams again 2014.

(7) We must maximize 85 scholarship recruiting slots which means giving more preferred walk-on scholarships as we did finally this season to special teams’ players.  We need to understand that we need minimum numbers of OL and DL every season, and not have holes such as Fullback.  We need to keep 85 Scholarship Recruits at all times.  Having only 72 is the pits, and it costs us games we lose instead as a result.  A lot of games

(8) Encourage coaching staff and recruits to win, that winning is most important to us

(9) We must get back to throwing to our TE like we did when we were great a decade ago

(10) Cease discussing 10-win seasons as meeting expectations or exceeding them in 15-game seasons for the top teams

(11) We have to keep up with other programs, especially in conference, in our stadium by spending large sums to upgrade Sanford.  We have fallen way behind our main SEC rivals.  This starts with us filling in the Bridge between the North Campus where I took 85 % of my classes and the South Campus while leaving a view of Baxter Street.

(12) Our Athletics’ Department has to do a far better job than has been done by Greg McGarity who started here several weeks before the 2010 season and thus has 21 losses in his 5 years’ here to-date, averaging the same as the program has now for the latest 7-year period too of OVER 4 LOSSES A SEASON.  Over 4 Losses a season for five (5) years’ time for Greg McGarity is pitiful.  He cannot stand pat.  He must upgrade our Program if we are to get competitive.

(13) We need MORE home games.  We continue to win higher percentages of home games than we do away from Sanford.  And, it is a widening margin all the time nowadays.  36-8 at home for latest 7-year period after 2007 to-date and only 28-21 away from Sanford.  This means that we are not lured into playing games at the new Peach Bowl/Falcons stadium – unless it is moving the JAX game there for the next hundred years.  All the time, the top programs put an absolute emphasis on maximizing the number of home games for their teams.  Some top teams schedule as many as Eight (8) home games in a single season !  Our home games have been too few, and even fewer of the top rival games.

(14) Get the damn game out of JAX where our coach says he is at a disadvantage and make it even Steven for us against a team who considers us their # 1 Rival.  Our coach is 5-9 there.  It has to come to an end.  Mark Richt loses down there where I’ve been to more than 25 games to way worse teams many times than we have.  Why is this ?  We must be committed to removing the game from JAX as we removed the Auburn Game from only in Columbus Georgia. And, as we removed the Georgie tek game from only in Atlanta.

(15) Our Athletics’ Department has to cease talking about building a cheap indoor practice facility 4 miles away from Sanford.  That’s too far, and I do not care how much less it costs there.  We need to get this indoor practice facility and get us a new gymnasium built so that the scholarship recruits in-state in all sports WANT to come to UGA because of the facilities.

(16) Our fanbase absolutely has to cease and desist with the bullshit every off-season of (a) how great we are and (b) how we will win our 7th national championship in football this coming season, or certainly the year after.  It is counter-productive, and sends all the wrong message to a program who in fact is # 21 in won/lost nationally and # 5 in The SEC these long grueling 7 years and counting we are suffering through, after quite a great start by Mark Richt when he first got here of over 81 % win percentage going into the 2005 season – down to only 68 % win percentage after 2007.

(17) We have to demand more of Jere Morehead, who seemingly is a do nothing president.  He has not made one damned statement or even offered-up one damnable point to our Athletics’ Department since taking over.  He ultimately is responsible for all this, whether he likes it or not.  Our facilities are in shambles because it has no support from the top, or 1 would not have to go into restrooms at Sanford Stadium in the sorry state the men’s bathrooms are in.  We need someone with vision as president to get our Athletics’ Department back on track.

(18) Our head coach in football must explain himself a couple of weeks ago after losing to three (3) more lesser teams with nowhere near his talent on his team 2014, that here at UGA we adhere to something higher than winning.  Something more important than winning.  The freaking hell we do.  Winning is his Calling.  If Mark Richt thinks his Calling is OTHER THAN WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES, he needs to go do THAT Calling.  ImYourHuckleberry yesterday said that losing an average of 4 games a season is unacceptable, and we’ve been losing MORE than 4 games a season average for 7 years now and counting.

(19) We make continued mistakes in clock management and an Athletics’ Director who knew anything about clock management would insist the entire coaching staff take a course in clock management.  Routinely, we just do not get it, even against our biggest rivals.

(20) We make continued mistakes in basic simple football game coaching.  Basic choices.  We blow it.  We blow it again and again and whine to the press afterwards that we made a mistake.  Again.  Again, an Athletics’ Director who knows anything about basic football decision making as head coach would have long ago sat Mark Richt down and gone over the decision process in game decisions so that he can recognize them when they come up and implement what is the right choice.  We certainly have not done that.

(21) We must do something to get this Attrition Onslaught under control.  It has continued unabated for 7 seasons and has directly impacted our football team every single year for 7 years in a row, and counting.  While it sends the wrong message, and is not the problem but multiple incidents in drugs for a scholarship recruit here, we should nonetheless have an across the board equal policy to all other at least SEC teams.  If this is completed by forcing The SEC to have uniform drug policies, fine.  The 1st offender rule is too harsh in an open records’ state such as Georgia, when the student-athlete should be given proper counseling immediately even if he/she is suspected of drug abuse.  They are too young, and even in Colorado they would be subject to arrest based on their ages.  But, college is not to get high but to get an education.  And football scholarship athletes are not here to get high but to get an education and to win.  They and we cannot win if they are not on the field playing.


(22) We are down to 72 scholarship recruits of the previous 118 signed scholarship football recruits, who with a redshirt season would’ve played Louisville.  This is so unacceptable that not making it a separate point and goal of this down football program would be remiss.  We just signed another 28.  We must do a far better job from Jere Morehead and from Greg McGarity to get this under control on Mark Richt’s football team.  We send all the wrong messages from Mark Richt himself when he for example tells the players he just kicked-off the team that he Loves Them.  Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity must step in and make the points directly to the scholarship recruits that they must obey the rules.  Telling them that they are here to get an education and to win, neither of which can they do if they are not playing and that they will not play if they do not obey the rules here at UGA.

(23) We have to do better than for 7 years averaging more than 4 losses a season.  Obviously implementing these numbered items for improvement would do great wonders alone in reducing the number of losses to not MORE than 4 losses a season for 7 seasons and counting.  It’s ridiculous to consider this acceptable !


(24) Play our starters on Special Teams like the NFL does.  Stop this bullshit of playing every back-up and walk-on on Special Teams.  We have no clue on special teams, while we know that over 100 college 1-A FBS football programs have a Special Teams’ Coach.  We do not know what we’re doing on Special Teams.  Basic fundamental break-downs.  And, we have a general lack of talent on the field against the absolute stars of our opponents who have a Special Teams’ Coach and who practice their players who they do play on Special Teams to do what they do against us.  They are killing us at this phase of the game as direct results.


(25) We get way too much bad press here at UGA nowadays.  It is all we do get besides bullshit blog posts bragging on how well we’re doing and how great the recruits are.  The recruits have been top-notched in their rankings and this season is no better than the other years.  We are not a better program 2015 because of the caliber of players we just signed.  We have averaged # 9 recruiting classes and that is verified as the 2nd best nationally and we have 82 NFL Draft Picks – both in the entire Mark Richt era.  Both of these are 2nd best nationally 2001-2015.  So, talent has not been the issue around here, but the 24 other reasons listed above.