Charley Trippi the greatest Georgia Bulldog All-Time


Charley Trippi lives in Athens, Georgia and is a proud graduate of The University of Georgia.  He is in both the College Football Hall of Fame and in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  He won MVP of the NFL Championship Game, after being selected # 1 in the NFL Draft.  He also is a Consensus All-America Football player (required to be in the College Football Hall of Fame) and won the Maxwell Award as the finest College Football Player.  He won one of our Six (6) National Championships in the Rose Bowl 1942, after then after having his college career interrupted by World War II, he returned here to us and won us another National Championship 1946 winning the Sugar Bowl undefeated.  He also is a tremendous baseball player.  We are all very proud of Charley Trippi.

Rightfully so.

This is his personal Facebook page.  He writes in it frequently and has wonderful pictures.  His first wife passed before I attended Georgia myself.  His degree is in Education.  BS degree.

This is the Official Charley Trippi WebPage.

Charley Trippi played for the Atlanta Crackers at the old Ponce de Leon ballpark across from Sears, Roebuck and Company where we used to go before the games every night and buy hot peanuts.

Charley was never the spokesman for the Roebucks, shoes Sears sold.

This is Charley Trippi’s Twitter contact information.  He is active on Twitter as well.

In fact, Charley Trippi is very well connected.

Charley Trippi is a fine Christian.

This is a wonderful photo of Charley Trippi here at Georgia.

He comes to our games.

We retired his # 62 Jersey.

Johnny Rauch of NFL fame, said that Charley Trippi is our Greatest Quarterback and a lot better than he.

Charley Trippi won the Rose Bowl for Georgia prior to World War II, and then after proudly serving this great country after we were attacked in such cowardly fashion in such a vicious manner, Charley returned to UGA and won us another national championship.  2 of our 6.

As a baseball player, there never has been an equal to Charley Trippi representing The University of Georgia.

Imagine ?

Professional baseball player and professional football player.

How many ever will do that ?

Charley is from Pennsylvania and one of the greatest recruits in the nation. Notre Dame had, you know, the reputation for playing in the big bowl games and winning national championships in football.  But, we never had.  Not until Charley Trippi.  Charley Trippi really started it all for Wally Butts and for Georgia.  And, Charley led our baseball team beating the shit out of Georgie tek.  This was a time when Georgie tek was good in football back then, but baseball they were not our equal.  This season just ended, Georgie tek won its first Major Bowl Game Win since 1955.  That’s how long they have suffered.

Charley Trippi’s over 2,500 yards passing in the NFL, over 3,500 yards rushing and over 1,300 yards receiving marks the only Pro Football Hall of Fame member to have achieved these numbers in all 3.

Charley Trippi is the player who won the MVP of the Rose Bowl, just as he won the MVP of the NFL Championship Game (preceded the Super Bowl but is the same exact game and distinction.)  Thus, I always have listed Charley Trippi with the Super Bowl MVP list here at Georgia by calling it NFL Championship Game MVP.  It is quite a shame to act like 49 games is the entire history of the NFL ignoring those with the same Award prior to the 49 Super Bowls.  You might not remember those games prior to Joe Willie Namath, but I certainly do.  For a long time, the NFL would never consider the AFL as up to their standards, you see ?

To the day, therefore as well, the NFL calls it the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Charley Trippi played for the NFL Chicago Cardinals.

Charley Trippi played for the Atlanta Crackers before we went to every game, every night.  His batting average is .334 as a professional baseball player.  The Atlanta Crackers were a huge hit in Atlanta and filled the stadium with star players.  We had a sign in right center field from C&S Bank which paid $ 1000 to any player who hit a home run into the large circular hole the sign had in it.  I saw several.   3 I saw hit through it.  Later, Charley Trippi came back when I was going to the games every night and coached our team.  We won 1st place every single year.  Always the Champions.

We had great players on the Atlanta Crackers.  Names I can recite to you, and their children they brought to the games too who played on the field pre-game, and later went into MLB too.

The NFL after 1 year on the Atlanta Crackers paid Charley Trippi $ 100,000 plus a $ 25,000 bonus to play with them instead and he did instantly being NFL Championship Game MVP and NFL Champion, after being selected # 1 over-all in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft 1945.  You could buy a new Packard for $ 500.

Charley Trippi also served on the coaching staff of the NFL Cardinals.

Quite a nice man, and fun to talk to, I have admired Charley Trippi all my life.  My Dad in World War II was stationed part of the time in the Pacific and part of the time at the Pentagon and he introduced me to Charley Trippi at one of our games, telling me in front of Charley how he had Washington Redskins seasons tickets as an orphan from Georgia and watched Charley Trippi return punts, kick-off returns, actually the punter as well, catch passes, throw passes, run, intercept passes and excel at all phases of the game.  Charley Trippi is so gracious.

Charley Trippi did not sell popcorn at half-time.

I believe one of the greatest quotes of all-time is his teammate College Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Johnny Rauch when inducted in the Hall of Fame said that truth be told, he preferred to pitch the ball back to half-back Charley Trippi.  Charley Trippi throws the ball better than I.

The Arizona Cardinals claim Charley Trippi, but I think with my background here, that I claim Charley Trippi.

The fine University of Georgia Baseball Program who has a national championship in the College World Series, also had Charley Trippi as our head baseball coach and for good reason as well.

Charley Trippi is a great hitting instructor.

We’ve had several 2-sport stars at Georgia, and we’ve had several really great football players and baseball players.

There never has been anyone who really stands the scrutiny of Charley Trippi – man without peer.

Charley Trippi was such a great football player that he played both ways, serving as defensive back.  In fact, when you look up his records, many list him at my position, db.

Pennsylvania is long known for their famous Italian-Americans, but perhaps none so highly decorated as this really good guy, Charley Trippi.

I have no idea why folks cannot spell his name.

I grew up on Charley Trippi in our home.  Charley Trippi is my hero.

Charles Louis Trippi.

Charley has a great family including a son bearing his name as well.

I do not bear his name.  I could never live up to it.

Charley Trippi was great for us prior to WWII.  And, then he returned home as Dad did here.  At that time, Charley Trippi won us a National Championship as MVP Rose Bowl 1942, then went to fight in the War, then came back and won us another national championship in football his final season here 1946 also winning the Maxwell Award as the nation’s best college football player, then went to the Crackers batting .334, then the Cardinals and instantly was # 1 Draft Pick, MVP NFL Championship Game (Super Bowl) scoring several touchdowns and therefore NFL Champion 1947.  Then, College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One of the greatest players of All-Time in The SEC.

I have been to several Charley Trippi Days at Sanford Stadium, and always love to see him on the field.  A more humble man, you’ll never meet.

Wish some of that would rub off on me !

At Georgia, Charley Trippi batted .464

What does that tell you ?

Charley Trippi played for us in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl.  How about that ?

I just thought you should know, since you do not know much about us. About all I ever hear here or any of the other Georgia Bulldogs’ blogs ever from you, is Ray Goff and how great Mark Richt is today losing more than 4 games a season average over the latest 7 years.  Yeah, Charley Trippi and I suffered through the Ray Goff years too.

Average over more than 4 losses a season for the latest 7 years here at UGA in football ?  Not on the same playing field as Charley Trippi – The Single Greatest Bulldog Ever.

Lives in Athens with his family and very active in technology as a Real Estate Business Owner.

So, as we tip our hats to deserving loved ones this Valentine’s Day 2015, I raise up Charley Trippi to you as my personal hero.

Have a great day Charley Trippi, sir.

You never settled for 2nd best at anything, ever.  Who is a real hero ?

Charley Trippi




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