Shacobia Barbee

Shacobia Barbee is such a great lady. I really hate this for her, and for all her teammates, as we dropped that game she broke her leg in, and every game since. Unfortunately, we cannot replace an irreplaceable piece. Shacobia Barbee does too much for us. Shacobia Barbee was shooting 44 % from the field for a team who shoots 37 %, and that has been the real problem, as no one has stepped-up their game shooting. We were not a good shooting team with Shacobia Barbee, and without her, we might actually miss the NCAA tournament. Unheard of. It’s a real possibility without Shacobia Barbee because those taking the shots this season, are not making them. Shacobia Barbee was leading the team in defensive rebounds, and without her, we are actually not winning the rebounding battle on the defensive glass. Shacobia Barbee was 2 to 1 assists for every turnover on a team that is one and a half turnovers to every assist. It’s glaring looking at the difference in the team with and without Shacobia Barbee, isn’t it ? And, at all the very weakest parts of the team. We’re exposed. Shacobia Barbee still leads the team in steals. What does that tell you ? Shacobia Barbee, future great WNBA player, leads the team in scoring. I am so sorry Shacobia Barbee for both of your injuries this season. The injury against Michigan State was brutal and now this injury against the vols has everyone realizing with your future, we would have to play the NCAA Tournament without you. Shacobia Barbee is a junior, and we all wish the very best for a thorough recovery. I really would’ve thought some of her teammates would’ve picked her up. But, just look at what I just typed-up here from the official stats 2014-2015 season ? Who could possibly do that ? There is not anyone ever before, and never will be again. I am trying to think of an analogy, but there just simply is not one. We love you Shacobia Barbee.

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