The average won/lost rank # 37 for UGA these latest 7 years here with our # 8 average recruiting ranking for Mark Richt.

Since we did not make the polls at all 2009, 2010 or 2013, three of the latest current 6, half the time, we have to look to something other than the final AP and Coaches’ Polls to determine what our average ranking for the latest 7 years of the Mark Richt era.


I choose the won/lost record because in fact we have averaged the # 8 recruiting rankings.  So, I shall put up our ranking in won/lost based upon our # 8 recruiting rankings to see if this Major Article   is correct or not.


Shall we ?

# 18 won/lost for 2008 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 53 won/lost for 2009 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 74 won/lost for 2010 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 27 won/lost for 2011 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 08 won/lost for 2012 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 56 won/lost for 2013 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 21 won/lost for 2014 season won/lost based on average recruit rank # 8

# 37 Seven years’ worth of won/lost rankings based on avg. recruit rank # 8


We average the # 37 won/lost record these latest current 7 years despite our # 8 average recruiting rankings.


Mark Richt recruits well and coaches poorly.  Very poorly.




Mark Richt does a fine job of recruiting, and a piss poor job of coaching the recruits up.

Major Article, the 1st you see at the top of Google Search : Georgia Bulldogs’ Football. It says that Mark Richt must make legitimate his recruiting rankings by winning.

Mark Richt is NOT getting the job done, despite his recruiting.  He just isn’t.  I believe he does not care about winning, because this is exactly what he told us just a few scant weeks’ ago now.  Mark Richt said, here at Georgia we adhere to something more important than winning.  Bullshit we do.  Losing more than 4 games a season for the latest current 7-year period is totally unacceptable, and yet he’s done this with the average # 8 recruiting ranking.  These recruiting rankings are verified by 2 facts.  One, Mark Richt has 82 NFL Draft Picks, so the NFL agrees with the recruiting rankings, too, don’t they ?  And, two, while Mark Richt has languished here now his 15th season for us, the average national championship coach during Mark Richt’s tenure has averaged being there only 3 and one half years.  The national championship coach on the Mark Richt watch has also averaged the # 8 recruiting ranking.  So, why is it that we cannot and they can win the national championship ?  What is it we are doing incorrectly, that they are doing correctly ?

Mark Richt apologists do all they can do to censor any discussion of all this wasted talent here at Georgia.

But, the problems here will not be fixed by recruiting even better recruiting classes.  We waste talent here with Mark Richt.  All too often, we keep a guy on the bench while playing favorites, instead.  For example, this now wasted 2014-2015 season now over, we shall see that both Brice Ramsey and Jacob Park are both NFL combine talent.  Hutson Mason, # 88 nationally in passing 2014, certainly is not at the NFL Combine, is he ?

We got down to only 72 of the latest 118 signed scholarship recruits here at Georgia, who got to play in the bowl game against Louisville.  That’s deplorable, inexcusable, and the root of all of our problems here at UGA.  This loss of talent, our attrition rate, has caused us to lose to 10 teams who were not ranked these latest 7 years – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, if you will.

And, it’s not just the losses to lesser teams either.  We’ve beat these latest 7 years only 54 percent of the teams who even went to a bowl game.  It’s sad.

We cannot beat the average teams, stumble on our collective faces against the top teams, and lose to the lesser teams.

We no longer can win on the road against ranked teams away from Sanford.

We’ve beat only 4 of the latest 25 games against teams who ended up higher ranked than us these same latest 7 years – The 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.  In staunch contrast to what he did the 1st half of his career here at UGA 2001-2007.  After 2007 has been nothing like what he did his 1st 7 years here.

How else do you accumulate an average of more than 4 losses a season for 7 seasons and counting, with the average # 8 recruiting rank ?

So, here you have it once again, that the national media says Mark Richt must make legitimate his recruiting classes and get out there and get after it.  Not, just say, oh we were so close.  Yes, we were so close in…

2002.  But, in 2002, we let an unranked Florida team, a sorry ass team, beat us when Mark Richt could not calculate despite all his talent, how to make a single 1st down on 3rd Down Conversions.  0 for 13.  Close 2002 ?  Excuse the living hell out of me, that was excruciating.  Wasn’t it ?  We ended-up # 3 in all the polls.  Why was that ?  Because Mark Richt was unlucky 2002 ?  Come on.  You can say it.  What was it 2002 ?  The damned loss in Jacksonville to a horrid Florida team coached by Ron Zook no less.  Ron Zook outcoached Mark Richt despite Mark Richt’s superior talent 2002.

2007.  Give me a break we were so close 2007.  Where were you 2007 ?  Do you not remember what happened 2007 ?  We got our hats handed to us by a underwhelming vols’ team, beat us to a pulp by 3 TD.  And, we lost to unranked South Carolina who lost 6 games, should have been 7 losses for USCe 2007, and they did not even play in a bowl game 2007 season.  Shit, we blew it 2002 and 2007, didn’t we ?  We ended up # 2 in the nation in the polls.  Why was that ?  Duh.  Duh, bloody damn duh.

2012. Is this the year Mark Richt made his legitimate claim as great ?  Make the most of his talent 2012, did he ?  Coached well ?  Not just recruited well, but coached well 2012 ?  We lost to South Carolina 7-35.  Four (4) Touchdowns South Carolina beat us by.  Great Scott !  Then, we get to play Alabama, have the ball on their goal line with a few ticks remaining, and fling the ball toward the goal line on a do or die, one shot deal.  3 times Aaron Murray asked Mark Richt do we spike it ?

2005.  2005 was great year ?  Really ?  We ended up the # 3 SEC team in EVERY POLL.  We ran down to Jacksonville, and Mark Richt bragged to us that Joe Tereshinski III was our best QB.  He was, in fact, the only QB we could’ve played who could have lost to that hapless Florida team 2005.  We lost to Auburn.  Then, we go to the Sugar Bowl here at the Georgia Dome, and before we all could sit down in our seats still booing Mike Adam$ and his wife pre-game, it was 0-28.  Four Touchdowns again.  And, against West Virginia.  My God !

We’re not ready to play football.

We have loads of talent.

How in the hell does the # 9 team in the nation, with the average # 8 recruiting rankings lose to the average # 52 recruit rankings of Georgie tek ?  How in the hell ?

How did we lose to 2 more unranked teams in Florida and South Carolina ?  How does the # 9 team lose to any of these 3 teams in the season just ended ?  Let alone lose to all 3 ?  How ?

For starters, our QB was outplayed by their QB all 3 games.  All 3 games Hutson Mason LOST THE GAME FOR US.

You Mark My Words : Mark Richt wastes talent telling us we adhere here at UGA to something more important than winning.  Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey will BOTH be at the NFL Combine.  If we had played either 2014, we never would’ve lost to those 3 far less talented teams 2014.

It’s what we do.

Waste Talent.

And, this article this morning, says Mark Richt has to get after their asses.

And, when you go to the damned Mark Richt Apologists’ Dawgbone, what do you find ?

Not one freaking URL Link to this article.

Shame on you The Dawgbone.

Bullshit The Dawgbone.