Field Street Forum admin has an interesting strategy. In today’s “forum” he says Keith Marshall RETURNS ! Exclamation point. That is not what Buck Belue says, sir. Or, anyone else. UGA “4-headed monster” at TB

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Excuse me sir, but if you have something say, then we are allowed sir to reply to your musings.  Get that ?


I am not against your site, or your opinions, or any of your articles.  I have read them all since you started.


We deserve to reply, and you need our input on what you are saying.


Either that, or you MISS everything we point out.


What ?


We are supposed to go to a one-sided site and study your every word ?


We are not to ask questions, sir ?


We are not to point out anything ?


I do not believe that the proper headline is that GURshall has returned.


I, for one, expected him not to have to endure all these four (4) injuries.  We all love the man and hope for his return.

Clearly, he is NOT back, sir.


He is this year like he was last year.  Isn’t he ?


He gets a medical redshirt year, and he will need it to go to the NFL.  I expected with his Dad and Mom, that he would be a shoe-in for the NFL.  Then, we began hearing about Todd Gurley II.  More and more, we heard about TGII.  Then, it was known TGII would surpass Keith Marshall, injuries or not.  Then, they hit the campus together.


Todd Gurley II is gone now.


Keith Marshall has a lot of years left for us yet.


Can we please cease sir with the pressure added to him to do more than play games for us ?


We have misused him since his arrival.  We force him to play the same plays TGII was going to run, if he were to have played that play too.  They are entirely different running backs.  There is really no similarity at all between them.


One more point sir.  We have an entire stable of running backs, and you left out significant proven great things expected of them here, running backs.  And, you did so in elevating others and completely left off our entire stable.  It’s just not right, sir.


Like your site with COMMENTS : OFF.  It is just not right, sir.


I have no idea what goes through your mind writing such a headline story as you do today sir.


It’s as one-sided as your site, sir.


If you have some aversion to hearing what others may say, close your site down sir.


If you do not like one of our running backs, then say it !


I truly do not appreciate for the players sir, that you left-off what you left-off, and that you emphasize your personal favorites to boot.  I believe that there are fans of every player on our team’s roster.


You list all these running backs for us, and leave off such significant others, sir.


Ones who have produced MORE than Keith Marshall.


And, Keith Marshall does not need to have you hurry him along and come back NOT READY AS HE CLEARLY IS BY ALL ACCOUNTS except for your headline today sir that he is back exclamation point.


You owe the other running backs, and Keith Marshall, an apology, sir.


Get your media guide out, sir.  Maybe that will assist you in naming a list of all our running backs ?


Or, come clean on what it is you ARE saying when you name all our running backs, and leave off others ?


Life, sir, is give and take.


I have no problems with you having an opinion.  Just be man enough to stand up and say it.


And, be man enough to encourage everyone to share their thoughts on your “forum.”


I have been on the Internet since I was a student at The University of Georgia.  The word forum connotates discussion, sir.  The idea sir, is that you speak, we read, and we reply to your reverie, sir.


Your ruminations in this case, sir, come across as well – just wrong.


We have a lot of areas for improvement to shed all these on-going inexplicable losses every year.  The salient significant one being that our fan base cease to believe that only their opinion matters, and they think they must say only the good, and disregard all these bad losses every year.


I believe we as a fan base, put too much emphasis on a player to his detriment and to our team’s detriment, and to the detriment of the other players at his position.


This brings us down as a program.


We have to fix this.


Your forced “4-headed monster” is a farce.  We have Nick Chubb, whom our coaches saw fit to really not even play until the others were doing nothing.  Then, we played him every play nearly every game.  Had we played him on all those numerous occasions when Todd Gurley II took the play off, Nick Chubb would have won the Heisman Trophy already, and you know it.  He is the only running back we rely upon.  There has been, and is no “4-headed monster,” sir.


“4-head monster,” my ass.


Forum my ass. !


A forum, sir, is an open place where opinions are shared, sir.  Everyone in one open public place, sir.


An Internet forum,  is an online discussion site where we all can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.  Sometimes in a thread on an Internet forum sir, you agree or disagree with that which is said.


And, sometimes you have something to add to that which someone has said.


Each new discussion started is called a thread, and can be replied to by as many people as so wish to, sir.


Your site is not a forum, sir.


Keith Marshall has not returned exclamation point, sir.


We have no “4-headed monster” as you define it, sir.


You sir, are just plain wrong.


Aren’t you, sir ?


About everything in this pontification on Keith Marshall, whom it is you refer to as our “4-headed monster” and everyone you left off.


Aren’t you, sir ?


You have to fix this.


Ok ?


I have posted on the Internet daily since 1977.  I have run a BBS since 1977 with multiple access on a PC I built myself, sir.  There are always replies to these forums, sir.


I believe that Faton Bauta is a great running back for us, who also happens to have a good arm.  He has proven both sir.  He knows the plays, and is recognized as an Academic Genius.  He is a punishing runner who holds on to the ball, and has been misused by this staff.


Roster Management.


Brendan Douglas needs to hold on to the football.  Now that he has a running back coaching him, instead of wide receiver, I expect him to be taught this lesson.  It is a learned skill.  3 points on the football.  He played in 150% more games just last season 2014, than Sony Michel did, sir.  Brendan Douglas, sir, also the year before in 2013 had the most games played for us and was our most accomplished running back 2013 besides Todd Gurley II and J.J. Green whom we transferred to Georgie tek because of our poor roster management.  You left him off somehow, and the slight does not go unnoticed by yours truly, sir.


What are you saying about Brendan Douglas ?


He was 2nd on the Depth Chart 2014 season, sir.


“4-headed monster,” sir ?


Isaiah McKenzie is an accomplished running back for us, sir; and, while he too needs to be taught by our now running backs’ coach who in fact was a running back and knows how to hold on to the football as a running back, you cannot name today as you have sir Wednesday 8 April 2015, any “4-headed monster” at running back and leave him out either, sir.

Quayvon Hicks is another misused running back for us you left off as well.  We misuse him as we misuse Keith Marshall, forcing Keith Marshall to run inside the tackles when his expertise is out in space.  We do not play Quayvon Hicks at all.  We prefer a trophy for everyone in our roster mismanagement so we stole his job for us and gave it to a guy Merritt Hall, who is not in the program and did not play a single game 2014 after being named as a walk-on stealing Quayvon Hicks’ job.


We bungle talent everywhere every year now.


No more so than at running back.


While we brag on the coach making these decisions, and his decisions, and his greatness, while in fact his roster mismanagement is nowhere more evident than at this running back position, sir.


Sony Michel is certainly an accomplished running back, too.  He only played in eight (8) games and wasted his redshirt year for that.  His carries were all in mop-up duty.  8 of should have been 15-game season for the top teams, which this time last year, you declared sir we were one of.  Wasted talent.


A.J. Turman is a heralded running back whose talent also has been totally wasted.  He is the 6th best football player in the state of Florida, no less.  Not at running back, but A.J. Turman is the 6th best overall player in the state of Florida.  4-Star Running Backs of this stature come along very rarely.  He is the complete running back with bruising blocking, soft hands, and punishing style.  We witnessed for example last G-Day Game both score touchdowns both running and catching.  A. J. Turman was recruited by us in 2012 and signed with us in 2013 to great fanfare, and has yet to carry the ball once.  Bullshit, is all I can say about this roster mismanagement as well. All at just the running back position you highlight today for us all, sir.


We have so much talent at running back, wasted talent – every single man, that not one (0) nada running backs would sign with us this 2015 year until the night before Signing Date when really a wide receiver, Tae Crowder, was first recruited by us.  Our coach will jerk him around, like he did J.J. Green – moving him around too from position to position until finally his opportunity here, as with these others, has come and gone as well.


B.J. Emmons the 7th best running back in the nation, looking at all these who really none of them have even been given a fair shot at running back here, has said he fills the bill for next season for us.


And, I am quite certain his career here will also be marred by our coach’s roster mismanagement here too of him.  I welcome your reply here on this real forum where everyone who has ever said anything here is instantly heard by all worldwide Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Fans.

We do not value running backs.  We have a wealth of talent at running back, and not one of them was picked-out even to be The Man at Running Back.  Had we given Nick Chubb even a fair shot at it to begin last year while Todd Gurley II stood the sidelines, Nick Chubb would’ve already won the Heisman Trophy.


As for your bullshit “4-headed monster” at tailback for us, you sir are a poster of a site where ONLY your opinion is ever heard.


At least Buck Belue tells it like it is.


You sir can kiss my ass about your so-called “4-headed monster” at TB for us, your so-called “forum,” and about all those you left off your “4-headed monster” at TB for us, and especially proclaiming that Keith Marshall is you say only sir back.


You are full of shit.


admin Field Street Forum





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