Jacob Park should be playing.

I have no idea what we are doing.  None.  Jacob Park is so much better a quarterback than Hutson Mason.  So very much better.  Jacob Park will be in the NFL Combine.  Jacob Park will play in the NFL.

We play favorites around here.

We did the same to Zach Mettenberger in 2009.  We should have played him against Okie State, as I called for pre-game.  But, we were told with a chronic shoulder AND the flu so bad he had to be flown out there on a private charter, that Joe Cox was the better quarterback.

I said all last year that Jacob Park is a better quarterback than Hutson Mason.  I said it ALL pre-season.  I said we could beat Clemson with any ole quarterback, since they had no offense, I said.  I said it AGAIN before South Carolina that Jacob Park would beat South Carolina and that Hutson Mason would NOT and the reason would be Hutson Mason.

We did the same in 2006, with Mark Richt telling us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better quarterback than Matthew Stafford.

We are buffoons continuously at choosing our Quarterback Starter.  We play favorites.

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Hutson Mason was NEVER better than Jacob Park, Faton Bauta, or Brice Ramsey.

Joe Tereshinski III was the ONLY Quarterback Mark Richt could start against Florida 2005 who could have possibly lost that game.

Joe Cox was clearly not the Quarterback for us out in Stillwater.

Jacob Park I hoped to be a 4-year Starter.

He was NEVER given a CHANCE even here.  The smartest player on the team, he made a 100 on the Play Book.

He threw the interception in the G-Day Game, and I said at the time, that that would be the excuse Mark Richt would use to jerk him around.

I am told we do not over-sign here.  That we do it the right way here.  That is a bold-faced lie.  We have signed 31 players this Summer.  31.  We do too over-sign.

Jacob Park is NOT the odd-man-out.

How in the hell did we Start Joe Tereshinski III in 2006, instead of Matthew Stafford ?

How did Zach Mettenberger not even get one single snap vs Okie State ?

How does Mark Richt live with himself lying to us about who is the better quarterback ?

He has FAILED to prepare Jacob Park.  That is ON MARK RICHT.

He has failed to prepare Brice Ramsey.  That, too, is on Mark Richt.  Brice Ramsey has not even been taught proper footwork.  He has not been set to make a throw here, yet.

Faton Bauta ?  Jerks him around too.  All season when we brought in Faton Bauta, we had a designed run called.  That is not preparing a back-up QB, but a running back.

Keith Marshall we never did get him out in space.

That is where he belongs too.

We tell Leonard Floyd he is a great QB sacking machine.  He is not.  He chases them around.  He hurries them.  He does NOT sack them.

We WASTE talent around here, like it is going out of style.

I hate this for us that Jacob Park perceives he is just the latest in the playing of Favorites, trophy for everyone, lose inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR because we play the wrong quarterback.

Why sign these guys if you are not going to prepare them ?  There is NO WAY Jacob Park was given an opportunity to play here.  No way.

He, like all the others before him here, will leave and prove the point again that we are buffoons at selecting our Starting QB.

This all reflects VERY POORLY on Brian Schottenheimer. He went running to the press just yesterday to say that he is not sold on our quarterbacks here and that is why we went after a proven no-good Quarterback as a transfer-in.

We are buffoons at this choosing our Starting Quarterback, aren’t we ?

Why have we lost 29 games these current 7 years ?  (More than 4 a season.)

Why can’t we beat the teams higher ranked than us in the Final AP Polls ?

Why can’t we win over AP Poll Top 25 teams away from Sanford ?

Why, likely as not these latest 7 years, have we LOST to half the teams making a bowl game ?

What do we need to do to win our 7th national championship in football ?

Why is our won/lost record compared to our average Scout.com recruiting ranking the worst in America ?

We waste talent.

We play Favorites.

Trophy for everyone.

We, at Georgia, have a higher – more important – objective than winning.

Best of Luck, Jacob Park, sir.  We will see in the NFL, too, sir.