yellowjackets # 17 in 2015 pre-season Coaches’ Poll, Georgia # 9

10 of the 14 SEC teams got votes in the Coaches’ Poll today and 8 SEC teams are ranked in the Top 25 Coaches’ Pre-Season Poll for this 2015 season.

You might recall that Georgie tek has averaged the # 52 recruiting ranking while we have averaged the # 9 recruiting ranking.  # 9 recruiting ranking is the ranking of every National Championship team in the Mark Richt era.

But, Georgie tek yellowjackets beat Mark Richt because Mark Richt ahead by a FIELD GOAL in his infinite wisdom as our head coach, pooch kicked the kick-off, handing the Georgie tek yellowjackets the damn football at the 43-yard line with Mark Richt only ahead by only 3 points with 13 seconds on the clock.

The Coaches’ Poll is unimpressed.  Who cares that Georgie tek yellowjackets beat The University of Georgia, with the coaches across America making Georgie tek yellowjackets # 17 and making UGA # 9.

Teams we play this season in the Pre-Season Coaches’ Poll are :

vols are # 25

Alabama is # 3

Georgie tek yellowjackets # 17

Auburn # 7

South Carolina is # 36

Florida is # 48 tied with Georgia Southern University (GSU)

Kentucky is # 53

Mark Richt is one of the coaches, but he told all of us that he has an assistant who does the vote for him.

The AP Poll is a month away.


Bull Shit, Brian Jones Bull Shit BLEACHER REPORT, says Alabama, Auburn, and Missouri will NOT RUIN our 2015-2016 season. He does, however, point out : We LOST last season again to South Carolina when “the Bulldogs came up short because of a few questionable coaching decisions”

The Bleacher Report has some stupid blog design where you click multiple clicks to read one article.  You see nothingness on multiple WebPages. They also CENSOR blog replies so that ONLY THEIR viewpoint is presented.  Dissenting comments that point out the truth, are deleted because it MAKES THEM LOOK worse than they ALREADY ARE.

Brian Jones of Bleacher Report says today that “the Bulldogs came up short because of a few questionable coaching decisions” last season, again, against South Carolina.  This season the game is at 6pm ESPN.  It’s the only game we have the 1st four games.  One of the “questionable coaching decisions” last year was starting Hutson Mason against Steve Spurrier.  Another was calling for Hutson Mason who can NOT run to run around in the backfield, and throw the ball through the end zone if nothing is there.  Hutson Mason can not throw the ball from the 4-yard line through the end zone; he’s not capable of a pass that far, and everyone knew that about his floating passes before we used Todd Gurley II as a decoy 1st and Goal from their 4-yard line on the turnover, debris raining down from the South Carolina stands onto the field stopping the game to clean up because they knew that would be the end of the game for them, playing the wrong quarterback as they did, too.

It was a recurring theme for Mark Richt, again, 2014 making these bad coaching decisions Brian Jones refers to as : “the Bulldogs came up short because of a few questionable coaching decisions.”

He did the same against Georgie tek you recall, that Brian Jones does NOT POINT OUT with a couple of ticks left on the clock, us ahead, squib kicking the kick-off.

Mark Richt in our locker room after the Florida loss, told OUR PLAYERS – ALL OF THEM – TO SHUT UP and quit saying he took Florida too lightly.  You recall Florida having lost 10 of their previous 13 games, and firing their coach the week AFTER they beat Mark Richt again.  This left Mark Richt 5-9 against Florida.

But, the real story here by Brian Jones is that he says Alabama, Auburn, and Missouri will NOT RUIN our 2015-2016 season.

Sure they will.

We can NOT beat the top teams, barely win more than we lose against teams who go on to a bowl game, and throw in for good measure on top of all that, INEXPLICABLE LOSSES to lesser-talented teams every single solitary year.

Of of the last 24 teams to make the Final AP Poll Top 25 we’ve played, we’ve LOST 21.

Our win percentage over this same timeframe after 2007, when Kathryn Richt was diagnosed with Cancer, against bowl teams is only 54 %.

And, we have lost inexplicable losses to lesser-talented teams, such as in just the most-recent season, losing to # 52 average recruiting ranking Georgie tek, losing to a hapless Florida squad firing their coach the week AFTER he beat us because Florida had lost 10 of their 13 most recent games before they beat the ever living shit out of us, and losing to a hapless talentless South Carolina.  None of those 3 losses had teams any where as near gifted as we were.  Coaching is getting more from less.  We do the opposite here at UGA because we play a trophy for everyone, bad coaching decisions, poor roster management playing a trophy for everyone instead of playing our best players the most like every other coach does, ever.

But, Alabama, Missouri and Auburn pose no threat to RUIN our 2015-2016 season, Brian Jones ?

Piss off, dumbass : That is pure unadulterated bull shit.  Sure they will, along with our annual do not give a shit games against talentless opponents every year, he always throws in for good measure every freaking season for our better talented players to lose because of coaching decisions where Mark Richt says here at UGA we do not care about winning, but something higher as OUR CALLING.

Bull Shit.

So, instead of taking his cue from the players, who all off-season have stated how they DID TAKE FLORIDA LIGHTLY, Mark Richt tells them to shut up about that, and tell us how great we will be when he has prepared NO QUARTERBACK to play this season again.  This is now, ten seasons in a row that Mark Richt has failed to prepare a back-up QB for us.  It has been his undoing every season.  Our players have also spent all off-season this off-season telling ALL OF US they are DOG-TIRED of LOSING and being mediocre.

Seems our coach and our players have 2 different goals for our team.

(1) Coach wants to have some OTHER GOAL OTHER THAN WINNING which he repeatedly states is not important to him.

(2) ALL our players are dog-tired of all this losing.  Losing to top teams away from Sanford, losing to any team who goes on to any ole bowl game, and throwing in for good measure every season losses to far less talented teams than we hand our coach.

Mark Richt stole the Georgie tek game away from our players last season.  We won that game only to have our coach throw it away because of his bad coaching decisions.  Brian Jones does NOT POINT THIS OUT.

He likewise did against South Carolina.  Brian Jones did point out that Mark Richt cost us that game with his bad coaching decisions.

And, he did as well against Florida.  Then, has the audacity to tell the players to SHUT-UP Mark Richt tells them ALL, all of our players saying Mark Richt took Florida too lightly.

Shit.  Alabama, Auburn and Missouri pose no threat to RUIN OUR 2015-2016 season ?

Bull shit Brian Jones, as per usual for your posts.

We have ALL THIS TALENT, waste our good players in this trophy for everyone sitting them on the bench and not playing them such as on special teams we still have no coach for.

But, WORST OF ALL FOR OUR PROGRAM after 2007, Mark Richt tells us again and again, at UGA we have a HIGHER CALLING than winning football games in this floundering program.

SUNSHINE PUMPING – fail to realize the reality currently and instead continue to ballyhoo a person and/or program when team used to win 60% games vs top teams 1st 7 years and now since only 29 %.

sunshine pumper

“One who fails to realize the reality of a situation, and instead continues to …ballyhoo a person [and/or] program…”

“The sunshine pumper sees that their team and coaches are playing hard equating to good, when in fact the players are not performing adequately and the coaches have failed to properly recruit/train/coach the team.”

Sunshine Pumping

“Noun or Verb. It’s the “Pollyanna approach” people…use to persuade others that things are better than they really are in order to get what they want… [People] often do this when describing their accomplishments… [These people] make these exaggeratedly positive or down right untrue claims to convince [others of their bias toward the topic.]  This sunshine pumping benefits only the pumper at the expense of the one it is erroneously poured upon.”

60 % win percentage against top teams 1st 7 years, and only 29 % since.

The build-up and hot air about how well we are doing, daily, is lambasted far and wide by every fair and honest increasingly scrutinizing person.

The players, the fans more and more, and all the media sources are all demanding that we do put asunder all this on-going hype about the program nowadays after 2007 and get after it.

Are we to have a built-in excuse for 2015 season, again ?

Why is it we can not win away from Sanford against teams who actually end up making the AP Poll that season anymore ?

Why is it that the time of game or end of season teams who are ranked, are beating us when Mark Richt first got here for the 1st seven years here, he was 60 % win percentage against them and now since, only 29 % against them ?

Why is it we continue to every off-season hype the team only to be dumfounded and numb at the losses to far-lesser talented teams every year ?

We can NOT beat the top teams and lose to the lesser-talented teams after 2007.

We can not even barely beat even just the teams who go on to a bowl game at only 54 % win % after 2007.

What happened to us after 2007 ?

We have all the talent in the world, and all we spend our time doing is following the recruiting, like MORE talent or the RIGHT TALENT will finally get us over the hump.  Recruiting is not the problem, is it ?  So, it is not the solution either then, is it ?

We have been sunshine pumping this program nowadays every off-season for 9 long seasons now, and what has this brought you, our players, our coach, and our program ?

Not a damn thing.

Let’s try a different approach.

Let’s demand MORE ?



“I think the reason David is doing what he’s doing is he’s never had a problem just spewing stuff out.” Mark Richt told Chip Towers AJ-C UGA Sports Blog about David Pollack.

So, according to Mark Richt, all David Pollack has ever done is spewing stuff out.

Ten@10: QB competition will be decided on field, in classroom


Mark Richt is just pissed-off and embarrassed by the fact that he did not think much of David Pollack as a player and was not even going to recruit him but that Jim Donnan did and that the ONLY reason he was here – that once again, Mark Richt was WAY WRONG on his player evaluation.



“in the big room at SEC Football Media Days last week…a reporter asked Richt if he ever got tired of the constant criticism he receives for having come up short for a championship each of the last nine years” Chip Towers AJ-C UGA Sports Blog

“in the big room at SEC Football Media Days last week…a reporter asked Richt if he ever got tired of the constant criticism he receives for having come up short for a championship each of the last nine years”

Ten@10: QB competition will be decided on field, in classroom

Chip Towers AJ-C UGA Sports Blog this morning.

Coincidently, Mark Richt has failed to prepare a back-up QB each of the last nine years, as well.

Jason Butt of the Columbus Georgia Ledger Enquirer says Mark “Richt has seen his fair share of criticism over the years.” “thinking his teams have underachieved over the years”

“Mississippi talk radio host Bo Bounds, of ESPN The Zone 105.9, appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show in mid-June and lambasted Richt, saying, ‘He’s one of the most overrated coaches in the last decade of college football.’ “

Jason Butt says today in the Columbus Georgia Ledger Enquirer.  The Ledger Enquirer is one of the premier newspapers for Bulldogs’ coverage.

“Richt has seen his fair share of criticism over the years…he hasn’t led a team to a victory in Atlanta since 2005…thinking his teams have underachieved over the years.”

When you won 60% of the games against the top teams 2001-2007 and only 29% since, you get more and more of these type of articles.  Given that the level of talent has been the same all these many years now, it is pretty hard to ignore all the criticism Mark Richt gets for this, now.

Mark Richt 1st half his career here compared to 2nd half his career here NOW. 60 % win percentage vs top teams 1st 7 years and only 29 % since. BILL SHANKS

Mark Richt was MUCH BETTER when he first got here, compared to now.  His 1st 7 years here were outstanding.

Since then, he sucks.

65 % win percentage against ranked opponents (time of game) 1st 7 years

37 % win percentage against ranked opponents (time of game) since

56 % win percentage against ranked SEC opponents (time of game) 1st 7 years

33 % win percentage against ranked SEC opponents (time of game) since

55 % win percentage against Top 10 opponents (time of game) 1st 7 years

25 % win percentage against Top 10 opponents (time of game) since

60 % win percentage against Top 10 SEC opponents (time of game) 1st 7 years

25 % win percentage against Top 10 SEC opponents (time of game) since


Malcolm Mitchell is fed up “It’s time,” Mitchell told Edgar Thompson Orlando Sentinel Thursday. “We definitely have the talent. We need to break through.” Jordan Jenkins says “We’re tired of it. I know fans are tired of us making it all the way to right before that ceiling and just falling back down.”

“Longtime coach Mark Richt’s recent rosters have been stacked with talent, but have had a knack for bumping into”…inexplicable losses.

“…senior linebacker Jordan Jenkins said he hears the same thing every summer in Athens.”

“I know in past seasons everybody’s always said, ‘This is the year, this is the year,'” Jenkins said. “This is the year it has to be done. We’re tired of it. I know fans are tired of us making it all the way to right before that ceiling and just falling back down.”


“I feel like we did not respect Florida as much as we should have,” he said. “We looked down the season instead of looking at the opponent we were playing that Saturday.”


“This team’s talent level is as good as anybody’s,” Mitchell said.


“As recently as 2011, Richt was on the hot seat after a 6-7 finish in 2010. If his 2015 squad falls short, the 55-year-old expects to feel the heat again.”

For Richt and UGA, yet another inexplicable loss

“when something like this happens — and it happens more than occasionally to Georgia — we have to ask: Is this a reflection on Mark Richt?

The answer: Yes. He’s the coach. It’s his program, his players. For all the good Richt has done since coming to Athens, his teams have lost enough of these inexplicable games to keep them from playing for a national title…Maybe it was too much to ask of Georgia, playing …with a halting quarterback in Hutson Mason, to win it all, but the road was paved for them to give it a go. Instead they lost to one of the worst Florida teams of the past 35 years, and they didn’t just lose — they were routed. Holy mackerel”

Bill Shanks of gives Mark Richt hell.

“Now, I have been a loud critic of Richt the past few years. I think he’s a good but not a great coach. The love fest that follows Richt is ridiculous. When Georgia fans are asked, “What do you think about Richt?” and their response starts with, “Well, he’s a good man, but …” that’s all I need to know.”

“Richt’s time in Athens has actually been two very distinct seven-year periods. There is no doubt that in his first seven years Richt took Georgia to new heights. He won two SEC titles in his first five seasons. The Bulldogs were 24-13, a .649 winning percentage, against ranked opponents from 2001 through 2007.”

“What is that record against ranked opponents since 2008? It’s 14-21, a .400 winning percentage. Georgia hasn’t won a conference title in 10 years and hasn’t appeared in a BCS bowl since 2007.”

“Georgia fans deserve more and should expect more. Richt is a good coach, but Sallee’s article just proved once again what’s wrong with the perception of Richt’s tenure in Athens. It’s been good, but far from great.”


I have heard this bullshit every year about Mark Richt, now FIELD STREET FORUM brings it on again this off-season : NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 MARK RICHT he declares, quoting Christopher Smith Saturday Down South.

Excuse me Christopher Smith, sir, but Mark Richt is criticized for losing inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR multiple times every year, and having an attitude that he promotes that here at Georgia, we care about something more important than winning.

Yes, Christopher Smith, Mark Richt has a DESERVED REPUTATION for losing football games.  He has averaged MORE than 4 losses a season after 2007.

8 years’ worth of frustration.

This year will be 9 years’ worth.

“One of the most maligned power-conference coaches has a chance to make it right in 2015…national title in 2015 would be the crown jewel of Richt’s career resume and finally quiet for good the notion that he’s incapable of accomplishing things at the highest levels of college football. The coach could shed his “choker” label for good this fall.”


“No, Richt is not Nick Saban, Urban Meyer or Steve Spurrier. Heck, he may not be as good of a coach as Les Miles or Gary Pinkel.  After a Liberty Bowl loss in 2010, UGA fell to 6-7. Richt’s team has endured its share of negative headlines, usually in the form of arrests, and internal and external ribbing, usually when the team loses a game it is “supposed” to win. The Bulldogs also haven’t won an SEC title since ’05.”

Well, Mark Richt won an SEC Championship Christopher in 2002 when the only other reasonable SEC team was a 4-loss Auburn in the AP Poll that year.  Not exactly anything to brag about.  How is that an SEC Championship ?

He also won an “SEC Championship” in 2005 when The SEC definitely was NOT DOWN, but ended-up the # 3 SEC team in every single solitary poll.  How is that an SEC Championship ?

And, like you say, he has not had one otherwise.  In fact, he has a BCS Bowl win over 5-loss # 24 Florida State 2002 and over # 19 Hawaii.  That is it for BCS Bowl wins in the Mark Richt era.

He has NEVER been on the big stage.

He is horrible at clock management, roster management, demanding discipline although he punishes harshly – not to be confusing harsh punishment with discipline because the 2 are totally different, and he can not make usual calls as a head coach in-game.

He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and never has been accused of being smart.

He’s stupid.

He has a degree, and is not smart.

He is one wonderful man.

Not much of a coach.

He was not much of a player, either.

I look at players like Abby Wombach and say she will be a great coach.  And, Nick Chubb.  Mark Richt ?  Nothing there to indicate that.

As seen for 15 seasons now here this year.

Yes, he stays in the bad press.

For inexplicable losses and yes for not teaching his recruits he recruits here to obey the rules.

Those 2 are his job.

His “CALLING” if you will.

But, he thinks his calling is to be a preacher.

I say let him go do that.

Hell, let him do it as our team Chaplin.

But, 4 million dollars a year to be head coach ?  No.

You seemed confused about the 2012 season Christopher Smith, sir.  3 times we watched Aaron Murray ask Mark Richt “Down it?” All 3 times Mark Richt over-ruled Aaron Murray and said no.  Mark Richt has admitted to us that he thought he would catch Alabama off-guard.

He is a dumbass.

He thought that Alabama would be unprepared for him to call that play.  He really did.  They were all over little Aaron Murray in the backfield and batted the ball down before it even got to the line of scrimmage.  This is because WE WERE UNPREPARED.

Hell, we were still arguing with our dumbass coach that he was wrong – 3 times Aaron Murray demanded we should spike it to have 3 shots at the end zone.

3 times we argued with him pre-snap.

“Down it” Aaron Murray asked again.


Again, demonstrably now, Aaron Murray a third time, “Down it Coach?”

No, Mark Richt told him in front of me, yet for the 3rd time now.

We could have called 3 plays.  3 Aaron Murray passes to the end zone.  3.

But, no Mark Richt insisted – and, still does to this day – that we would catch Alabama unprepared and call an Aaron Murray pass to the end zone.


It never got there.

Would it have gotten there with 3 throws instead ?

The Aaron Murray stats prove it would have.


It was a stubborn dumbass call by Mark Richt, who was unrelenting to an ever-insistent Aaron Murray that he wanted to spike it.

We had the 1st Down and time for 3 plays.


Mark Richt had Georgie tek you mentioned beat too.  Miraculous win.  Then, Mark Richt tells the special teams he has no coach for to make these decisions, squib kick it with 13 ticks on the clock.

That one, Mark Richt says now he was a dumbass for calling.

South Carolina too Mark Richt says he was a dumbass for calling that play, too.  1st and goal at the 4-yard line and South Carolina fans so distraught over it that they covered the field with debris.

Hutson Mason, who proved he cannot run nor throw the ball farther than 4-yard soft floating tosses, Mark Richt demanded run around at the line of scrimmage and fling out the back of the end zone if nothing there.

He could do NEITHER.   A deer in the headlights.

Meanwhile 1st Round NFL Draft Pick and $ 15 million dollar tailback Todd Gurley II was used as a decoy.

Let me get this straight ok Christopher ?

Decoy with Todd Gurley II and really have Hutson Mason run around and throw it through end zone if nothing there.

Mark Richt again readily admits he was a dumbass not pounding it with Todd Gurley II, as the crowd knew we would and win.

Then there was Florida, who had lost 10 of their 13 games and who would fire their coach after the game anyway, dominates Mark Richt to send him 5-9 vs Florida now.

These are just in the most recent season Christopher Smith, sir.

It goes on unabated annually around here.

Both the inexplicable losses to far-less talented teams, and the dumbass roster management, wasting of talent, NFL Draft Picks, losses, bad decisions, clock mismanagement, and basic coaching decisions such as at Georgia, we answer to something far higher as a Calling than winning.

The Hell we do.

The Hell we will.

We will do what we’ve been doing.

Playing favorites, trophy for everyone, and losing.

Christopher Smith, sir, check out our record after 2007 against teams who made the AP Poll Top 25 that season we played them away from Sanford ?  We do not beat these teams there now anymore.

Check out sir, our record against just teams who made it to a damn bowl game after 2007 the season we played them, sir ?  We lose as many as we win.  Look it up.

We signed 31 players this Summer.  We do not over-sign and do it the right way here ?  Really ?


We’ve all become numb to all this.

Great guy.

Poor coach.

Great recruiter.

Poor coach.

Lots of talent.

Poor coach.

How can he be 34-28 vs teams making a bowl game after 2007 ?  How ?

How can he be 3 wins 21 losses vs teams higher ranked Final AP Poll after 2007 ?

2012 ?

Did you forget what happened in 2012 ?

Good Lord, Christopher Smith, sir.  We got blown out by 4 touchdowns by South Carolina 2012.  How did you manage to skip over that ?

35-7 we got the shit kicked out of us by South Carolina 2012.

How the hell did you leave that out ?

So, we played a lame duck head coached Nebraska 4-loss unranked team in Orlando.  Orlando.

That is our bowl game 2012.

Despite all the Mark Richt signed talent leading the nation in average recruiting rankings and most NFL Draft Picks, but only # 21 in won/lost record after 2007.

Beat the national champions 2012 ?

Wake the friq up Christopher Smith, sir.

Smell the damn roses son.

Put the pipe down.  That shit is bad for you.

“If Richt and the Bulldogs ever wanted to serve up a giant middle finger to the detractors that insist UGA will never win a title with him as the coach, this is the season to do it.”

I’ve got a middle finger for you Christopher Smith Saturday Down South.



Women’s Football

It is really a lot worse than stated.  It is bad for the game of women’s football.  This has been the very worst officiating of ANY sport, anytime all this entire 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.  Even teams that did advance had horrible calls against them, and for them.  If we want equality in sports, and I certainly do, then we must have the 22 referees to be the very best 22 referees in the world.  Yellow cards were given where it was obvious it was not.  Penalty kicks awarded when the foul outside the penalty area.  Off-sides were missed.  Players not kicked off for being last man to goal who pulled the opponent to the turf plainly.  I simply can not stand by and not offer up how bad the 22 referees were for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015.  Specifics are not helpful to this understanding.  We all know how badly Women’s soccer needs all the good publicity it can get; and, these 22 referees were horrid.  I saw 1 or 2 who took control of the game, but even they blew obvious calls.  The inconsistency was rampant in every game.  The TV ratings were excellent, so everyone saw what I saw.  Shame on FIFA for not hiring the best 22 referees in the world, nor replacing those who blew more calls than they got right.

Pictured Lesbian Megan Rapinoe – my favorite player.

Kelley O’Hara and Morgan Brian are from Fayetteville and St. Simons Island, respectively.’Hara

We face Japan Sunday 5 pm Channel 804 FOX, who beat us last FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. Japan advanced to face us Sunday evening on an own goal by England tonight.  At least they got that 1 call right, albeit because FIFA did use electronic goal-line technology to determine just prior to the end of the game that indeed it will be Japan who will have to repeat their win again this next World Cup now against us, as the GLT showed as well that the entire ball crossed the goal line between the goal posts and underneath the cross bar.  In some countries, such an own goal could mean death.  Instead, FIFA has egg on its face so badly for the choice of these 22 women referees, that that instead is all that will be discussed.  It’s a shame really.  Mark Bradley AJ-C from Kentucky says his hero is Pete Rose still today.  Why does he always choose the wrong heroes ?  Is that because he parted his hair in the middle and plainly never played any sports ?  All I can remember about Pete Rose is betting on the game of baseball when he was coach and player.  That is no hero to me.  All anyone will ever recall about FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 is that these 22 referees stunk to high heaven.  I hate it for England who were about to go to the first of 2 overtimes and then Penalty Kicks, just moments later, because I would rather have faced England.  Instead, Japan faces us having not kicked the winning goal.

Only in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 over Canada could this be the resultant final.

America had done so poorly under Jill Ellis this entire World Cup, seemingly uninterested in scoring.

I have no idea how FIFA will recover from this debacle, but it is clear it has set back Women’s Football Worldwide for years’ to come.

You either have an eye for soccer, or you do not.  This is a lot more than a sport.  A lot more.

That would be akin to saying that Georgia Bulldogs’ Football is just a game, when we all live, eat and breathe football 24 hours’ a day 365 days’ a year.

This would be akin to our football coach saying to him here at Georgia we care a lot more about something else than just winning.

I cringe when I look at any one of these 22 referees, and have no idea how the Finals will be correctly officiated.

But, I know this : I am as fed up with it, as I am with us losing 29 games largely inexplicable losses to lesser talented teams than we these most recent 7 years.

By the way the Canadian Crowds were sparse, and the artificial turf a problem this Summer at 120 degrees Fahrenheit on the turf and more.

Should we beat Japan, who are quite well in shape and adroit in tight places, this will be our 3rd and most won by any country.

Julie Johnston was our best player all this entire Tournament, but she got beat, allowed Germany’s Alexandra Popp unfettered entry into the box, and then pulled her down from behind only she between Alexandra Popp and Hope Solo, who froze Germany on the ensuing penalty kick – none of it with more than a yellow card only for Julie Johnston.

That left # 2 USA tied still 0-0 with # 1 Germany, and both teams at full strength 11 on 11 amazingly.

We have a good women’s soccer coach, Billy Lesesne, here at Georgia for our women, and we have better officiating here in The SEC than FIFA World Cup 2015 Referees by a long wide margin.  USA coach, Jill Ellis declined comment on the referees.

We advanced then when we made our Penalty Kick, unlike Germany.  And, then Georgia’s own Kelley O’Hara took a lead pass in by Abby Wambach to Carli Lloyd who centered it across the goal mouth for Kelley O’Hara to karate kick for the 2-0 USA win over Germany, following Carli Lloyd’s successful Penalty Kick.

The lousy 22 referees have so tainted this FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup that all the great publicity is instead concentrated only on how FIFA purposely chose the 22 worst referees they could find.  Never before was anything ever so evident, and I absolutely love women’s soccer, even though America had all the dolls.  Some of the teams looked like all men.

Field Street Forum – another gaffe – discussing our wasted top-talent here comparing average recruiting rankings to resultant won/lost record of 29 losses most recent 7-year period. Who lived up to the hype in 2014 Signings by Mark Richt, Field Street Forum asks today ?

All I see is a list.  Where are your comments, other than the obvious Nick Chubb ?  I have wasted minutes of my life I can never get back, now, looking here for your comments about our largely wasted top-talent here.  I say that we have largely wasted our top-talent here because using your composite rankings, we are at the very top nationally after 2007 in average recruiting rankings (second best average recruiting rank nationally verified by 2nd most NFL Draft Picks) yet marred results with disappointing losses every single year of endlessly inexplicable losses, leaving us with only # 21 in won/lost record for the same timeframe of these most-current results these most recent 7 years and counting, now.


Of the 21 Mark Richt signed last season, there is only 1 who was given any chance at all, really, and he was not given his shot until there was no one else to turn to at tailback.  Nick Chubb was given only 6 carries per game for the first 5 games, and then when no one else was left to turn to, Mark Richt gave him the ball 24 carries a game thereafter.


Who lived up to the hype of the 2014 signings by Mark Richt ?  Only Nick Chubb even got a chance, and he only because there was no one else to turn to.  Reluctantly, Mark Richt gave him the ball last season.  If it were up to Mark Richt, Nick Chubb would have had 6 carries per game, instead of the 24 carries per game he got the last 8 games of the season.

We are not very smart about recognizing the talent we do have, and putting them out there.  We’d rather give a trophy to everyone and brag to the press that here at Georgia there is a more important goal we have than winning.


I suggest Nick Chubb, and no one else – and, he, only because Mark Richt had to reluctantly or he would have  continued to have gotten 6 carries a game instead of the 24 after the first 5 games when he had no one else to turn to but bragged he would stand pat at that running back position.  Note, too, please that this was in a season in which we patently could not or refused to throw the ball farther than 4 yards.  Jacob Park would have done a lot better than Hutson Mason at that and would not have lost as he either against Georgie tek, South Carolina or Florida.

Lorenzo Carter went 8 games before we finally recognized his talent.


5 games for Nick Chubb and 8 games for Lorenzo Carter.  That is how long it took to recognize their talent, and this after all the practices before the season began.  We do NOT evaluate talent well.


Isaiah McKenzie, Mark Richt started right out of the chute against South Carolina.  In fact, he started him 3 of those 4 games to begin the season.  Isaiah McKenzie then proved he has issues with his hands holding onto the football – and since that is a learned skill we have failed to teach many here, many whom we have started at their position despite failing to coach our players here the 3-points of contact on the ball skill.  This learned skill is learned before you get here, or you get BENCHED as Mark Richt did Isaiah McKenzie for the last 8 games of the season.  This is an example of Favorites around here.  We play Favorites and even Start them until proven otherwise.  But, by the then, the season is shot.  And, sometimes even after it is proven otherwise, we still play the Favorite ONLY.


Sony Michel went all the way to the last game of the season before he got one Start.  And, yet he proved he was fantastic.


Hutson Mason lost the South Carolina game for us, and he lost the Florida game for us and he lost the Georgia tek game for us, after having lost the Nebraska game to end last year for us; yet Jacob Park was never considered as an option.

No.  We play Favorites around here.  It is what Mark Richt does.  He never gives some highly-touted signings of his an opportunity at all.  You know what the players say about it ?  That Mark Richt turns his back on them as recruits, just when they need him the most.  That is what they tell us.

The season was over last year in Game 2 when Mark Richt not only only allowed Hutson Mason to play, but called on Hutson Mason, not Todd Gurley II on 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line, to sprint out and throw or if nothing there throw it through the end zone.  Hutson Mason had long-since proven he could do none of those skills.  Hadn’t he ?


Sir, we play Favorites around here, and always will continue to do so, while we give others no opportunity at all to succeed – despite the quite obvious proven inabilities of the Favorite – and, despite the quite obvious proven abilities of others never given even an equal opportunity to continue to prove their proven abilities in stark direct contrast.

And, so for Field Street Forum today, to write an article :

“Who Lived up to the Hype – 2014 UGA Recruiting Class”


and, not only say none of this, but fail to say anything about any of the 21 Signings by Mark Richt, is, absolutely criminal.

Why do we have so much Attrition around here ?


I saw one “approved blog” yesterday muse without relevant detail that Mark Richt since 2001 has done ok against ranked teams, comparing his record against a South Carolina team ranked in the Top 10 in Game 2, but UNRANKED for the season.

(1) Mark Richt is 3 wins 21 losses the LATEST 24 games against teams higher ranked than he in the Final AP Poll.

(2) What a team is ranked in Game 2 is not a proper measure of the team, which is why many polls do not even come out for such early rankings.

(3) What Mark Richt did do 2001-2007 against real ranked teams – teams that made the AP or Coaches’ Polls for  the SEASONS he played them – has been bragged about enough.  It is high time we looked instead what he has done more recently – after 2007 – instead.

(4) Only when our fan base gets up in arms about this, will stubborn Mark Richt do anything about our useless results after 2007 compared to what he once did do when he first got here 2001-2007.

(5) All of these results of 29 losses – more than 4 a season average – after 2007, largely inexplicable losses with the level of talent he has Signed here – are ALL a direct result of roster mismanagement, Attrition, and poor evaluators of talent handed them, while instead we play Favorites, a trophy for everyone, and pile up the inexplicable losses every season including 3 more in the most recent season.  Inexplicable losses to far less talented opponents than we.


It has gotten to the point that I know whatever the Hell comes out of his mouth, is a lie.


I have been bullied on the Internet and told my posts are not that of Bulldog fan and should not be allowed because of my viewpoint on Mark Richt the 2nd half of his era here at Georgia.  I will be vindicated.