I have heard this bullshit every year about Mark Richt, now FIELD STREET FORUM brings it on again this off-season : NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 MARK RICHT he declares, quoting Christopher Smith Saturday Down South.



Excuse me Christopher Smith, sir, but Mark Richt is criticized for losing inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR multiple times every year, and having an attitude that he promotes that here at Georgia, we care about something more important than winning.

Yes, Christopher Smith, Mark Richt has a DESERVED REPUTATION for losing football games.  He has averaged MORE than 4 losses a season after 2007.

8 years’ worth of frustration.

This year will be 9 years’ worth.

“One of the most maligned power-conference coaches has a chance to make it right in 2015…national title in 2015 would be the crown jewel of Richt’s career resume and finally quiet for good the notion that he’s incapable of accomplishing things at the highest levels of college football. The coach could shed his “choker” label for good this fall.”


“No, Richt is not Nick Saban, Urban Meyer or Steve Spurrier. Heck, he may not be as good of a coach as Les Miles or Gary Pinkel.  After a Liberty Bowl loss in 2010, UGA fell to 6-7. Richt’s team has endured its share of negative headlines, usually in the form of arrests, and internal and external ribbing, usually when the team loses a game it is “supposed” to win. The Bulldogs also haven’t won an SEC title since ’05.”

Well, Mark Richt won an SEC Championship Christopher in 2002 when the only other reasonable SEC team was a 4-loss Auburn in the AP Poll that year.  Not exactly anything to brag about.  How is that an SEC Championship ?

He also won an “SEC Championship” in 2005 when The SEC definitely was NOT DOWN, but ended-up the # 3 SEC team in every single solitary poll.  How is that an SEC Championship ?

And, like you say, he has not had one otherwise.  In fact, he has a BCS Bowl win over 5-loss # 24 Florida State 2002 and over # 19 Hawaii.  That is it for BCS Bowl wins in the Mark Richt era.

He has NEVER been on the big stage.

He is horrible at clock management, roster management, demanding discipline although he punishes harshly – not to be confusing harsh punishment with discipline because the 2 are totally different, and he can not make usual calls as a head coach in-game.

He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and never has been accused of being smart.

He’s stupid.

He has a degree, and is not smart.

He is one wonderful man.

Not much of a coach.

He was not much of a player, either.

I look at players like Abby Wombach and say she will be a great coach.  And, Nick Chubb.  Mark Richt ?  Nothing there to indicate that.

As seen for 15 seasons now here this year.

Yes, he stays in the bad press.

For inexplicable losses and yes for not teaching his recruits he recruits here to obey the rules.

Those 2 are his job.

His “CALLING” if you will.

But, he thinks his calling is to be a preacher.

I say let him go do that.

Hell, let him do it as our team Chaplin.

But, 4 million dollars a year to be head coach ?  No.

You seemed confused about the 2012 season Christopher Smith, sir.  3 times we watched Aaron Murray ask Mark Richt “Down it?” All 3 times Mark Richt over-ruled Aaron Murray and said no.  Mark Richt has admitted to us that he thought he would catch Alabama off-guard.

He is a dumbass.

He thought that Alabama would be unprepared for him to call that play.  He really did.  They were all over little Aaron Murray in the backfield and batted the ball down before it even got to the line of scrimmage.  This is because WE WERE UNPREPARED.

Hell, we were still arguing with our dumbass coach that he was wrong – 3 times Aaron Murray demanded we should spike it to have 3 shots at the end zone.

3 times we argued with him pre-snap.

“Down it” Aaron Murray asked again.


Again, demonstrably now, Aaron Murray a third time, “Down it Coach?”

No, Mark Richt told him in front of me, yet for the 3rd time now.

We could have called 3 plays.  3 Aaron Murray passes to the end zone.  3.

But, no Mark Richt insisted – and, still does to this day – that we would catch Alabama unprepared and call an Aaron Murray pass to the end zone.


It never got there.

Would it have gotten there with 3 throws instead ?

The Aaron Murray stats prove it would have.


It was a stubborn dumbass call by Mark Richt, who was unrelenting to an ever-insistent Aaron Murray that he wanted to spike it.

We had the 1st Down and time for 3 plays.


Mark Richt had Georgie tek you mentioned beat too.  Miraculous win.  Then, Mark Richt tells the special teams he has no coach for to make these decisions, squib kick it with 13 ticks on the clock.

That one, Mark Richt says now he was a dumbass for calling.

South Carolina too Mark Richt says he was a dumbass for calling that play, too.  1st and goal at the 4-yard line and South Carolina fans so distraught over it that they covered the field with debris.

Hutson Mason, who proved he cannot run nor throw the ball farther than 4-yard soft floating tosses, Mark Richt demanded run around at the line of scrimmage and fling out the back of the end zone if nothing there.

He could do NEITHER.   A deer in the headlights.

Meanwhile 1st Round NFL Draft Pick and $ 15 million dollar tailback Todd Gurley II was used as a decoy.

Let me get this straight ok Christopher ?

Decoy with Todd Gurley II and really have Hutson Mason run around and throw it through end zone if nothing there.

Mark Richt again readily admits he was a dumbass not pounding it with Todd Gurley II, as the crowd knew we would and win.

Then there was Florida, who had lost 10 of their 13 games and who would fire their coach after the game anyway, dominates Mark Richt to send him 5-9 vs Florida now.

These are just in the most recent season Christopher Smith, sir.

It goes on unabated annually around here.

Both the inexplicable losses to far-less talented teams, and the dumbass roster management, wasting of talent, NFL Draft Picks, losses, bad decisions, clock mismanagement, and basic coaching decisions such as at Georgia, we answer to something far higher as a Calling than winning.

The Hell we do.

The Hell we will.

We will do what we’ve been doing.

Playing favorites, trophy for everyone, and losing.

Christopher Smith, sir, check out our record after 2007 against teams who made the AP Poll Top 25 that season we played them away from Sanford ?  We do not beat these teams there now anymore.

Check out sir, our record against just teams who made it to a damn bowl game after 2007 the season we played them, sir ?  We lose as many as we win.  Look it up.

We signed 31 players this Summer.  We do not over-sign and do it the right way here ?  Really ?


We’ve all become numb to all this.

Great guy.

Poor coach.

Great recruiter.

Poor coach.

Lots of talent.

Poor coach.

How can he be 34-28 vs teams making a bowl game after 2007 ?  How ?

How can he be 3 wins 21 losses vs teams higher ranked Final AP Poll after 2007 ?

2012 ?

Did you forget what happened in 2012 ?

Good Lord, Christopher Smith, sir.  We got blown out by 4 touchdowns by South Carolina 2012.  How did you manage to skip over that ?

35-7 we got the shit kicked out of us by South Carolina 2012.

How the hell did you leave that out ?

So, we played a lame duck head coached Nebraska 4-loss unranked team in Orlando.  Orlando.

That is our bowl game 2012.

Despite all the Mark Richt signed talent leading the nation in average recruiting rankings and most NFL Draft Picks, but only # 21 in won/lost record after 2007.

Beat the national champions 2012 ?

Wake the friq up Christopher Smith, sir.

Smell the damn roses son.

Put the pipe down.  That shit is bad for you.

“If Richt and the Bulldogs ever wanted to serve up a giant middle finger to the detractors that insist UGA will never win a title with him as the coach, this is the season to do it.”

I’ve got a middle finger for you Christopher Smith Saturday Down South.




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