Richt’s decision to kick a squib kick to Georgia Tech after the Dawgs had taken the lead with 18 seconds remaining on the clock last season was an absolutely indefensible call. That allowed the Jackets to get the ball with good enough field position to tie the game up and send it into overtime, where they won.

“Richt’s decision to kick a squib kick to Georgia Tech after the Dawgs had taken the lead with 18 seconds remaining on the clock last season was an absolutely indefensible call. That allowed the Jackets to get the ball with good enough field position to tie the game up and send it into overtime, where they won.”

“As I wrote at the time, the squib kick, which probably will haunt Richt the rest of his career, ranks as one of the worst decisions I’ve seen a Georgia head coach make in five decades of attending games at Sanford Stadium. Even Richt called it “a poor decision on my part.”   ”

“It was the kind of call that indicated Richt didn’t have confidence in his kickoff coverage team. There’ve been other bad decisions in the past seemingly prompted by a case of the doubts, as when he chose to attempt a field goal against Central Florida in a bowl game rather than going for it and letting his young offense build some confidence.”

“And, last year against Florida, Richt electing not to go for it on fourth-and-short in the first quarter sent the wrong message.”

“Another controversial decision from last season, made by Bobo, was the infamous “first-and-dumb” play call against South Carolina. Bobo subsequently argued that having Hutson Mason roll out on a play-action pass that resulted in him getting called for intentional grounding was not a bad call, it was just poorly executed.”

Excuse me Bill, but Mark Richt said in fact that he Mark Richt should have pounded the ball with Todd Gurley II.

And, from my seats, I saw Mark Richt tell Aaron Murray all 3 times he asked Mark Richt should I spike the ball, no.  That too was Mark Richt’s call.

Mark Richt is the head coach.  Quit trying to blame the coach who has left.  We still have Mark Richt and he will still make these head-scratching decisions.


“I’ll give him partial credit on that one, but the fact remains that if you’ve got the best running back in the nation and he’s having success against the other guys, the smartest call is to give him the ball when you’re down close to the goal line. Even if everyone in the stadium expected Todd Gurley to get the ball, that was still Georgia’s best option. Richt candidly admitted after the game that Georgia should have run the ball.”

No sir, Bill King.  No sir.  Sir. Mark Richt said after the game, that if he Mark Richt had it to do all over again, that he Mark Richt would have pounded it with Todd Gurley II.

It was a mistake he said.

Just as he Mark Richt said it was a mistake against Georgie tek yellowjackets pooch kicking to give them the ball us ahead by 3 points with 13 seconds on the clock at the 43-yard line.

“More often, the UGA head coach has been hammered by fans for poor clock management, dating back to the Auburn game of his very first season at Georgia, when he called a running play from the Tigers’ 1-yard line, trailing 24-17 with 16 seconds to play and no timeouts. The Tigers stopped Jasper Sanks for no gain and there wasn’t enough time to get another play off, leaving Richt to admit he made a mistake in not taking a couple of passing shots at the end zone.”

“Unfortunately, after many more seasons, clock management continues to plague Richt, who has a tendency to not call timeouts when he should, or not call them quickly enough, and to call them when he shouldn’t, as in last year’s Tech game, when the Jackets looked likely to get a delay-of-game penalty on their key field goal attempt that tied the game as time expired, but were saved when Richt suddenly decided to stop the clock to “ice” the kicker.”

“Last season against Florida, some indecision on Richt’s part allowed the clock to run down before he finally called a timeout late in the first half. With the Gators facing fourth-and-2 at their own 45, the clock rolled down from 1:35 to 1:09 before Georgia called timeout. Down 14-7, Georgia just ran out the remaining time after finally getting the ball back.”

“As Richt noted after the game, “I did a bad job of deciding what to do. … If I was going to call a timeout, I should have called it sooner. As I’m processing the decision, the clock’s ticking. That was a poor job by me.”  ”

“And, returning to that fateful game against Bama in Atlanta in 2012, even before the point where you can argue he should or should not have had Murray spike the ball, Richt allowed a bunch of time to roll off the clock before calling a timeout, time that could have made the difference and allowed the Dawgs to score and wind up playing for the national championship.”

Mark Richt is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

He continues to prove that daily.

Willie Martinez.

Telling us Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.   He never was.

Telling us Hutson Mason is a better QB than Jacob Park, Faton Bauta and Brice Ramsey.  He never was either.

Telling us Joe Cox even with the flu and his chronic shoulder keeping him from practices every week, is a better QB than Zach Mettenberger who got not even 1 snap against Okie State.

The loss to Vandie for God’s sake who won 2 games all season.  Good Lord.

Telling us that here at UGA, we answer to a more important goal here than winning.

Mark Richt is a dumbass.

A very rich, dumbass, but a dumbass nonetheless.

Mark Richt recently has been labeled as “pulling a Richt” for his dumbassness.

Championship season key #2: Squib kick and its ugly cousins




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