We’re installing the red zone offense, and STILL Mark Richt says today : “We still have a good bit of time before we have to figure something out.”

There is no sense of urgency in Mark Richt, ever, because as he has told us repeatedly, here at UGA we do not care about winning.  We have more important goals here than winning.

We play half a dozen games against ranked teams 2015-2016 season.  So, why worry that the offense is trying to install something as important as Red Zone Offense now and have been, when the goal here is not winning, according to the head coach.

Who gives a shit ?

The head coach obviously doesn’t.

“Oh, here at Georgia, we care about something more important than winning,” Mark Richt repeatedly has stated as his mantra.

“We still have a good bit of time before we have to figure something out.”  Mark Richt August 9, 2015 with kick-off less than a month away now.

Faton Bauta was inaccurate yesterday with the ones.

Today, Brice Ramsey gets to practice with the ones.

Next is some guy who has been nothing but inaccurate everywhere he goes, and everywhere he’s been.  Where is Jacob Park ?  He’s better than that.  He threw the interception that beautiful Spring G-Day, but inaccurate does that too.

Faton Bauta is rushing it.

Brice Ramsey has no confidence.

Mark Richt Apologists argue Howdy-Doody Greg McGarity has no confidence in Mark Richt.

Mark Richt has no confidence in ANY of his quarterbacks he recruited, he signed, he has had here ALL THESE YEARS to have them ready for kick-off less than a month away now August 9, 2015.

I actually have a lot of confidence in Mark Richt, as I know exactly who he is.  He is a fine man, and not particularly is he known for being smart – in fact, just the opposite.

You can count on Mark Richt “Pulling a Richt” every chance he gets.  This yet another such example.

Whomever it is Mark Richt will have as his Starting QB 2015-2016, will continue to get only 33 % of the snaps with the ones.  These are the ones he will be playing with.  They know the plays.  They have proven they are our best.  But, not at QB.  We do not have a one at QB.

The players lose confidence in the Starting QB watching him sit out or practice with the twos and threes.  Good Lord, the threes do not even know the damn plays.

And, we’ve been installing the Red Zone Offense.

Dumbass August 9, 2015 and he is installing the Red Zone Offense with the # 3 QB.


Is that stupid ?


Uh, yes.



The Red Zone Offense was installed with the Starting QB not on the damn field.





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